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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  February 8, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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checking on reports of damage. first, let's check ahead with spencer christian to see how we need to prepare, spencer? >> more heavy rain will surely elevate the flooding concerns. here is a look at live doppler seven and widely scattered showers but of course, we have flood warnings in effect in the north bay on the russian river. flood warnings effective until 1:30 a.m. tomorrow and in sonoma county, flood warning on mark west creek until 8:30 tomorrow morning and the approaching storm is hours away. it ranks three on the storm impact scale. storm of strong intensity and highest impact santa cruz mountains and gusty wind and downpours hitting all parts of the bay area. coastal flood warning or we will have it in effect from 7:00 a.m. to noon. flooding along low-lying areas is likely and 9:43 a.m. will heighten concerns for flooding. here are the main storm concerns
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for the north bay in the first colu column. high to very high concerns for stream and creek flooding, trees down and hydroplaning and high concern in some areas for power outages and river flooding. i'll have a closer look at the forecast coming up, ama? >> thank you, spencer. with the north bay expected to be hit hard again today officials are putting together a plan to deal with mudslides and wind damage. abc 7 news reporter lyanne melendez is live with the precautions being taken. >> reporter: people are taking this storm very seriously here. it's not going to be a massive storm, but the north bay has been punched hard. you know, the ground is overly saturated. it can't hold any more. it's done. crews took advantage of the light rain to quickly put up this on a hillside that collapsed. >> the tarp keeps the water off the slide and mud to keep it from eroding more and coming
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down the hill. >> reporter: the street was only open to local residents and even they were having a hard time getting around some of the large equipment. >> now i got to get down to sir francis drake, go about three or four blocks, go up the top of the hill and hope everything will let me get home. >> reporter: there is more to come as another storm is expected to hit the north bay hard. >> anywhere from four to six inches of rain and we're expecting flood advisories and wind warnings in effect, also. >> reporter: at 3:30 administrators had a conference call meeting to discussion a plan of action for more mudslides. >> additional water rescue teams to be on stand by if we have a mudslide or water rescues, so we can keep the 911 system active and available for anyone that needs it. >> reporter: one of the main concerns are the roads. >> stay home. it's not good to be on the road during the storms and if you don't have a real reason to, stay inside and stay warm and
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dry. >> reporter: i'll tell my boss that. >> sounds good. >> reporter: most of the rain is expected to stay in the morning and last through the afternoon. no ma marin county. >> a couple districts that announced closures include kentfield. many private schools cancelled classes. we have a come please liplete l including private schools on our news app and website. we just got this video of a blue van that crashed into a huge gap on skyland road last night. in the santa cruz mountains, look at that. >> wow. >> geez. greg and dana shared these images with us. the van driver was not hurt. well, three families near lo los gados watched as a mudslide damaged their house but they
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couldn't call for help because their land line and cell service wasn't working. their lifeline, facebook. david? >> reporter: this mudslide happened so quickly, the residents inside the three houses had little time to react. with satellite internet connection, the only pathway to the outside world, one of them quickly jumped on social media and launched a live video feed to call for help. jennifer ray and her family were in trouble with no land line or cell service in the mountains, she turned to facebook live to get help from a massive mudslide. >> some of the cars are getting washed away. if someone can call caltrain or whoever and send them up to hour house. >> reporter: it was 6:45 in the morning and a mudslide just knocked a house off the foundation and threatening two others. the mud had already destroyed a shed, a kid's playground and lifted vehicles until they crashed into each other. >> everything is just being destroyed. >> reporter: the five-acre property is a family compound
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with three houses occupied by three generations. the home was the residence of a pregnant woman. she managed to get off safely. nine people, eight dogs, two ducks, a rabbit and chicken were at steak. the loss at the playground hurts the most. >> my son has autism and it's hard to go to parks and stuff like that. that was our safe place and my son's safe place and it's gone. >> reporter: with the mud thigh high, the family's vehicles were immobilized and the fear the danger hadn't subsided. >> it kept coming and coming and coming. it wouldn't let up. >> reporter: relatives have taken in the families, friends have set up a go fund me page and jennifer believes social media saved them. >> thank god for facebook because i wouldn't have been able to get ahold of anybody. it really was a lifesaver. >> reporter: david louie, abc 7 news. >> now we have a link to the fundraising page david mentioned on the abc 7 news app and at
6:06 pm, as well. in the santa cruz mountains, a mudslide has shut down highway 17 in the same place twice in the last month. right now only one lane is open in each direction. cal trans engineers thought they did their job after the last slide but there are things you can't stop from happening. >> there was no way to prevent this is what you're saying? >> no, this is definitely close to an act of god type of slide areas. >> drivers were caught in each of the mudslides. one of them is an abc 7 news photographer. for the first time we're seeing what it looked like inside his truck moments before the crash. listen. >> yes. the whole mountain came down on top of me. yes! >> that's moments after the crash, i would say. at 6:30 here our friend and colleague ian babcock explained what he was thinking as the mud and rocks destroyed his truck and he sat and watched it
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happen. it was quite terrifying. >> certainly was. to new details just surfacing on the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire coming out in hundreds of pages of newly released documents. >> this as the fire that killed 36 people a week after thanksgiving last year. they were listening to music inside a warehouse in oakland's fruit vail neighborhood. a lot of questions surround that building and what was or wasn't supposed to be going on inside it. >> abc 7 news reporter laura anthony dug through the documents and joins us live with new information they revealed, laura? >> reporter: hi, ama. we received 500 pages of new documents but some things are with held. any reports related to the investigation into the fire itself. still, we did receive some new information. especially about the many calls opd answered, calls for service at the ghost ship. the oakland police department was a frequent visitor to the
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ghost ship warehouse according to newly released documents. between 2007 and december 2016, opd officers responded to 35 calls for service to the three addresses directly associated with the warehouse. on about a dozen occasions, officers went inside the building, which was being used illegally for housing. among the crimes, opd invest gated, a stabbing, assaults, burglaries, thefts and narcotics. in march of 2015 officers even responded to a quote illegal raid with drug and alcohol sales at the ghost ship but the officer writes quote, i did not cite, detain, handcuff or search anyone. >> there were many calls. there were many responses. >> reporter: city counselman thinks city agencies need to communicate better with one another going forward. >> the communication, the cooperation sometimes is not there like it should be and this is an example as to what happens. >> reporter: in a statement with a document released major lib
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lee schaff i strongly believe sunshine helps to light the path forward. our impact m down mighty deserves to know all the facts about this tragedy. the fire chief is on leave. reid has been under fire for what some consider lacks of inspection protocols in her department. in the meantime, the small business administration opened an office across from the ghost ship offering low-interest loans to residents and businesses impacted by the tragedy. >> for the residents, we'll offer renting loans up to $40,000 for a 1.5% rate and business owners 3.12% rate and loans up to $2 million to help them repair and recover the disaster. >> reporter: rcriminal charges are still possible but no decision from the alameda county district attorney's office. in oakland, laura anthony, abc 7 news. new at 6:00, we're learning more about the deadly officer-involved shooting in fremont sunday afternoon. an employee from a business told
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police a man came into the store a short time later, an officer detained someone matching that man's description. the suspect then attacked the officer. the officer determined he couldn't use his taser so he deployed the police dog but the k-9 attacked the officer instead. at the same time, the suspect punched the officer in the face. the officer apparently felt he was losing consciousness and he fired three shots at the suspect killi in ing him. the entire incident was captured by the patrol car camera. the video has not been released. four suspects in custody following a police chase. the pursuit kale to an end when the suspect's car crashed head on into a policeman right outside the news studios. the four young men tried to run away but were captured. the chase took place 20 minutes after officers received a report of a violent purse snatching. the victim wasn't hurt. red light cameras are legal in california. speed cameras, however, are not at least not yet.
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the two bay area cities want a pilot project that supporters say will save lives. digging deeper, what happens under ground to cause a pothole and how you can get someone else to pay for your car's damage. if you think your natural gas bill is high now, wait until you hear about the next price hike. i'm michael finney. ahead on 7 on your side, watch behind the sudden spike. >>
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several north dakota pipeline protesters were arrested for blocking access to the federal building. the demonstrators were taking part in a nationwide last stand against the pipeline. tuesday the u.s. army corps of engineers announced plans to move forward with the final f e
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phase right away. the tribe says they will sue the government because of it. cameras are already used to nab red light runners, maybe they have gotten you and may be used to catch speeders, as well. several cities are looking at installing speed enforcement cameras. vic lee is live and one of those cities, san francisco with who is endorsing this concept. vic? >> reporter: fully support this camera that catch speeders and that's because of his vision zero mission to eliminate all traffic deaths and now, he's getting some help from assemblyman david chu pushing a bill in sacramento to make these cameras possible. victims of traffic accidents spoke out in support. julie mitchell's son died when he was ran over by a garbage truck. >> all hopes and dreams for his future were destroyed because of a crash that could have been
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prevented. >> reporter: this is an automated speed camera. it operates like a red light camera. you speed, the camera shoots your license plate and your fine comes in the mail. some 140 cities around the country have the cameras. state assemblyman david chu says they made a difference. in washington d.c. a city with similar density as ours, 82% drop in speeding and 70% reduction in fatalities. >> reporter: it's not legal in california. if chu's bill passes, it will be. san francisco and san jose will be the pilot cities. >> slow down. and we need to enforce that and make it a big deal and this will help. between 40 and 60 fatalities occur every year in the city of san jose. >> reporter: reaction from those we spoke with in the streets was mixed. many compare them to red light cameras. >> they were given a lot of tickets, where it wasn't 100% accurate. so i'm kind of upbeat about it.
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>> i think they are a horrible idea. >> stop the accidents at least or help mitigate them. >> reporter: some critics say it's a money-maker for cities. chu says no, a ticket will cost only $100, all of it going to the camera program and not to city coffers. there is no chance of speeding tonight on westbound 580 in livermore. look, a giant pothole that backed up traffic to tracy this morning is still causing problems. look at the lights there. this was no ordinary pothole. it was 8 feet long and had exposed rebar. you're seeing it there. caltrans crews have been trying to repair it all day and while that happens, two lanes are closed. the pothole is expected to be fixed by 9:00 or 10:00 tonight and many people are asking how exactly do potholes form? why is this the season for potholes? christian is here with some answers. >> ama, you know driving over a pothole can do a lot of damage
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to your car and wallet but why do they form? let's take a look, here is a slice of a road. we have the top layer, the pavement that you drive on and underneath it, you have the rock base and the soil. so during the summer, heat causes tiny cracks to form in the pavement. now, when winter comes like now and it rains, water seeps into the cracks and that creates what? air gaps inside the pavement that washes out the base layer there. so then, the softened asphalt breaks up under the weight of passing cars, which squeezes for water into the pavement and then drivers drive over that weakened spot over and over again and a pothole is born. so what can you do if you hit a pothole? if it is a road maintained by cal trans, you can file a damage claim. we have a link to the claim form
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at and remember, most claims need to be filed within six months of the incident. that is the form there. go to dan and ama. >> thank you. sky 7 flew over the regional park today. the park is closed because of flooding from storms last month and the east bay region park district doesn't expect to reopen until at least monday. look how green the hills are from all of this recent rain. absolutely lush. well, all this rain is not enough for california to lift water conservation efforts, however. just over an hour ago, the state water resources board extended drought regulations. you can't water your lawn after it rains or wash down a sidew k sidewalk. the board says it's better to wait and see if the rain continues. it also sites depleted ground water supplies. water companies that can prove they can with stand three years of drought don't have to follow the state mandated water conservation efforts.
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let's prepare for the next storm. not much happening now. live doppler 7 scattered showers and matter of hours, a strong storm will be arriving. right now we not only got a few scattered showers but very mild 60s and won't drop much overnight. here is a live view from emeryville. it's cloudy right now and these are the forecast features. we'll see rainy and windy conditions tomorrow and scattered showers friday and sunny and dry, a string of them on saturday. the current storm this evening storm is a light one ranking one on the storm impact scale. it will produce scattered showers into the late night hours. it will be turning breezy tonight and hours away from now and we'll see the second storm, a powerful strong storm ranking three on the storm impact scale. it will produce heavy downpours, gusty wind, flooding is likely and the highest impact will be felt in the north bay and santa cruz mountains.
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here is the forecast animation starting at 7:00 this evening. taking us into the late night hours, light and widely scattered showers but a waive of moderate to heavy rain by 8:00 tomorrow morning and points south to the golden gate parts of san francisco and the peninsula covered by moderate to heavy rain. by 11:00 in the morning cover virtually all of the bay area and a line of very heavy downpours right through the central part of the bay area from the peninsula across the bay to the east bay and will continue into the midday and afternoon hours. the morning and evening commutes tomorrow will be really, really challenging because of the heavy rain, ponding, the chance of flooding and strong gusty wind. the areas of highest impact once again, north bay and santa cruz mountains, we'll see rapid rises on streams and rivers. up to four inches or more of rain will fall. rock slides, mudslides and downed trees are a possibility. those same areas are covered by
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a flash flood watch from tonight into friday morning. again, rapid rises streams and rivers and rock slides are possible and the potential for rainfall two to four inches in the north bay and two to four in the santa cruz mountains and three quarters to an inch and a half in the central bay area and south bay. a wind advisory is in effect for all the bay area. we'll see winds out of the south generally 15 to 30 miles per hour with gusts ranging from 45 to 60 miles per hour. downed trees and power outages are possible under those conditions. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. once again, rainy and windy tomorrow and strong storm ranking three on the storm impact scale. scattered showers and friday that system ranks one on the impact scale and then beginning saturday we start drying out. we'll have a string of mainly sunny dry and mild days finally. >> nice. >> we'll need it. [ laughter ] >> thanks, spencer. well, any research grant is
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a gift but when it comes from mark zuckerberg, it is. >> dub nation is your home for the warriors' showdown saturday with o.k.c. from the comfort of your living room. that's after the game with larry be beil, mike shumann and warrior's preand post game
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a new way to find what you like. one is called lens, users open up pinterest, take a picture of something they like and the app works on finding similar styles. the san francisco based company offers a tool to help users find related ideas and an option that makes it easy to tap and buy clothing items. ways completed the expansion of the carpool program across all nine bay area counties and has three new partners. it is working with kaiser permanente and the transportation commission to encourage those employees to carpool to work. ways to carpool launched last year. it matches drivers that live and work near each other and drivers are limited to two trips per day. a medical research program started by facebook founder mark
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zuckerberg and his wife just named the first individual grant recipients. f faculty at uc berkeley are among the 47 researchers receiving up to $1.5 million each. this money is unlike other grants in that researchers are free to pursue a topic of their choice and can change their minds. zuckerberg's foundation doesn't focus on a particular disease. researchers pursue projects to help the program reach the goal of curing, preventing or managing all diseases. a state senator is asking for an investigation into a topic that 7 on your side's michael finney has been digging into. >> he's trying to help dozens of news viewers find out why their pg and e bills jumped so dramatically. what he found out isn't good news. plus. >> could have been deadly in the same spot where an abc 7 news photographer was trapped by falling rocks a month ago. i'm jonathan bloom as he tells
6:27 pm
his story on abc 7 news. >> stay tuned for that. we're doing the math now. wait until down hear the
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well, they say lightning does not strike the same place twice. that saying does not apply to mudslides. twice in a month a mudslide spilled on the same place on highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains near scotts valley. both times drivers were caught in the debris. now, we are going to say at least both of them are okay. >> yes, one of the drivers is our friend ian babcock. he's a photographer here at abc 7 and on his way to work last month when the hillside came down on his truck. >> it was really terrifying. we were scared when we heard the news. for the first time, ian feels ready to talk about it and show us with video he recorded moments after the mudslide. >> he shared his story of survival with jonathan bloom. >> god, my air bag went off. jesus christ. yes. the whole mountain came down on top of me. >> reporter: these were the first terrifying moments after
6:31 pm
abc 7 news photographer ian babcock found himself trapped on his vehicle. >> we need chp badly. >> we have chp, fire and ambulance on route. >> reporter: it was 3:00 in the morning and he was on his way to work. >> the whole mountain exploded on me like this. it didn't come down in front of me, it came straight sideways and crash. that was it. i hit a boulder at 45 miles an hour. >> reporter: chp video shows what became out van he was driving mangled but the impact was just the beginning. for the moment a world went black but then. >> i could feel the truck getting raised up on two we'hee and the sound was deafening. i'm getting pushed across the highway and boulders coming in and branchs and i thought this is it. i'm done. >> reporter: the slide stops. >> are you all right? >> i'm bleeding from here. >> reporter: the driver saw wires across the head so ian decided to wait for authorities. >> be careful.
6:32 pm
i don't want you to get ele electrocut electrocuted. >> reporter: fors pried open the door. highway 17 is a major artery for commuters who those who drive it every day know landslides are there. not a month after, it happened again in the same spot. >> it floored me. it really did. i just was thinking i knew that was going to happen. >> reporter: that driver also survived perhaps the only person who knows quite how ian felt the moment the earth came crashing down. >> it became the story i really didn't want to. i'm just glad i'm alive. >> reporter: in santa cruz, jonathan bloom, a bbc 7 news. >> we are, too, ian. glad you're okay. it's rained every day this month after january set some rainfall records. abc 7 news drew tuma has a look at the numbers that shocked, even you? >> yeah, it's been a wet winter but when you dig into the numbers, you realize how soaked
6:33 pm
we have been this rainy season across the entire region, we are running a rainfall surplus. from oakland to san francisco more than half a foot above normal but santa rosa and this is not a typo. almost two feet in excess of the normal rainfall to this date. this is why we've seen so many storm related issues and will likely see more tomorrow. spencer christian will be back with an update on the strong ranking a three tomorrow in accuweather, ama? >> drew, thank you. just a couple hours ago lawmakers confirmed trump's nominee for jeff sessions. the senator from alabama served five vocal push by democrats to derail the nomination and question his commitment toindepe president. the vote was mostly along party lines. >> we don't play! >> sessions' nomination sparked this protest.
6:34 pm
demonstrators stormed the county sheriff's office while the sheriff was in washington meeting with president trump. protesters were angry the sheriff had met with senator sessions. >> i'd be comfortable meeting with somebody that isn't openly r racist and openly has an agenda to send people to an unknown land. >> the sheriff says that meeting was not meant to show support for sessions. he says quote, my meeting with senator sessions was not a political meeting or endorsement. i spoke about public safety and the help the federal government can make our community safe. the reverend jesse jackson was talking about the confirmation process. jackson is also recommending tactics from the civil rights movement of the past for the present. abc 7 news anchor eric thomas has the story. >> reporter: many members of the audience were too young to remember when jesse jackson
6:35 pm
marched with dr. king in the pioneers of the civil rights movement but former nba great and current usf official wants them to learn. he helped arrange this visit. >> like he was right there at the forefront so to have him here is special. >> reporter: jackson shared a key lesson he learned from martin luther king. >> our future is based upon learning to co-exist and not co-annihilate. >> it wasn't history. the reverend jackson was critical of president trump's nominee to be attorney general and alabama senator jeff sessions. >> it's his mission to further null fieify a vote as it took courage to register, it will take courage. >> he was critical of senate leadership for silencing elizabeth warren when she tried to read a letter from coretta scott king. but today senate leader mitch
6:36 pm
mcconnell said she violated a rule against criticizing colleagues in the senate. >> she was warned. she was given an explanation. nevertheless, she fpersisted. >> reporter: jackson cautioned the audience not to be silent when they oppose a policy from this administration. >> while we suffered a great loss for a moment, i'm still convinced the best is yet to come. >> reporter: one thing reverend jackson said that resonated with everyone is failing to vote is about voting for the side you don't like. at usf, eric thomas, abc 7 news. president trump held a round table today with 13 sheriffs from across the nation. president trump talked about the soaring number of homicides in chicago and made a claim about the nation's murder raid that contradicts further data. >> the murder rate in our country is the highest it's been in 47 years, right? did you know that? 47 years. i used to use that -- i'd say that in a speech and everyone was surprised because the press
6:37 pm
doesn't tell it like it. >> the latest fbi statistic shows the rate jumped more in 2015 than half a century but lower than it was 45 years prior. another topic mr. trump discussed, his immigration executive order. he says he had a right to enact it insisting the country's security is at risk. the federal court in san francisco made no decision over the president's travel ban. yesterday judges of the ninth circuit court of appeals heard arguments on both sides. it's unclear when the court will decide whether to reinstate the ban. coming up next, a classic game show gets a bay area twist that you'll only find in san francisco. and here is a live look outside from our camera as we enjoy a brief lull in the constant storms. spencer is tracking
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you realize the match game has been on and off television for over 50 years? >> the show launch aid lot of popular parties and one of them isere in the bay area. ♪ ♪ >> the match game debuted in the
6:41 pm
1960s. had its hay day in the 70s and lives on through the internet with some old shows getting hundreds of thousands of views. an update the match game is in the second season of abc and like old times, spoofs of the show are up and running, too. >> we are playing match game with six drag queens. >> this version of the show is at the doug bar in san francisco. >> san francisco in a lot of ways is performance drag mecca. >> it turns out game shows fit the formula perfectly. contestants fill in the blanks of funny phrases hoping to hatch what the drag queens say. >> when it's raining cats and dogs, trade your umbrella for a blank. i said pooper-scooper. >> he has a been a match fan his whole life. >> i used to skip school to watch game shows. >> the idea started 15 years
6:42 pm
during a party. >> drag queens pride themselves on being funny and whitty. some more cutting than others. it plays into our sassy style. >> a racist homophobic uber driver with a sob story. >> this is not a show for the prim and proper. there is a lot of obscenity. festive [ bleep ]. >> the audience really gets into it. [ cheers ] >> awesome. >> loving every minute of it. >> the performers love it, too. >> we have multiple other drag queens who are like please let me do it next time so hopefully we get to do it over and over and over again. >> the next match game drag show is february 16th at the edge in san francisco's castro district and you can watch tonight's episode of "match game" at 10:00 followed by abc 7 news at 11:00. michael finney is digging into complaints about pg and e
6:43 pm
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7 on your side is investigating reports of big gas customers. >> his office launched an
6:46 pm
investigation. some customers in the bay area and sacramento valley say their gas and electric bills went up significantly in just the past few months. >> michael finney joins us now with news that will not make these people happy. >> i have heard plenty about it. these are some of the e-mails i've received, more than 40 complaints consumer hot line about pg&e bills and an additional rate increase in the making. it's already been approved. these homeowners met each other while venting about utility bills on the social network next door. he initiated the conversation. >> we started realizing that our bills are going up increasingly anywhere between 50 to 80%. >> reporter: pg&e confirms rates went up 21% in the last year alone with the bulk of the increase coming in august. >> this time the increase was dramatically high. >> reporter: but the utility says customers didn't notice until they turned on their heaters this winter. >> we have had several rate
6:47 pm
changes over the course of last year, and that is primarily to fund projects that will benefit safety and reliability of our gas and electric systems. >> reporter: the rate increase was originally proposed in 2014 and ultimately approved by the california public utility's commission last year. the utility reform network says that decision also includes another rate increase in 2018 of at least 5%. >> it's money we have to pay out of our pockets. >> it's infuriating. it's absolutely ridiculous and brings me back to the question, who is looking out for the consumer. >> reporter: the commission approved an $850 million fine against pg&e related to the san bruno fire and explosion back in 2010. that fine will be used to negotiate any increase in 2017. >> it's really the body who is responsible and for those of us
6:48 pm
who are upset about high utility bills, we really have to get involved. >> the cpuc is holding a meeting at 9:30 tomorrow morning in san francisco. now, those who are concerned about the rate increases can comment during the public comment period. that's at the beginning of the meeting. now, i'll be inside serramonte center this friday from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. to meet you. be sure to bring your questions and any paperwork you have and you may be able to actually ask your questions live on abc 7. you can also ask those questions right now on social media, just post them with the hashtag ask fin knee. we're taking this show on the road. >> nice. [ laughter ] >> thank you, michael. >> sure. it has been raining all month long and some of us like it that way. >> yeah, check it out. hadley shared this picture of a golden retriever looking pretty happy about being out in the rain today. >> look at that sweet face.
6:49 pm
this picture has the #abc 7 now that helpsed us find it. to another adorable face, spencer christian. >> thank you. i'm happy to be anywhere. here is a look at live doppler 7. we have widely scattered showers but heavier rain is coming. the next storm ranks three on the impact scale. a storm of strong intensity with heavy downpours and gusty wind. here is the animation at 8:00 tomorrow morning over the north bay and spread and continue to produce moderate to heavy rainfall for the entire bay area throughout the day. the morning commute and evening commute will both be quite challenging before the storm winds down. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. friday leftover showers and light rain and friday system ranks one and beginning on saturday, not for the weekend, we'll be getting string of sunny, dry mild days and boy, will we love those? >> certainly. thanks, spencer. >> all right. on to sports.
6:50 pm
warriors in action. >> larry beil is back. >> yes, i'm about 50/50 here. warriors playing the bulls tonight. are they thinking about chicago or looking ahead to this saturday night. the showdown in okc and we'll hear from k
6:51 pm
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good evening, the warrior host the bulls tonight. as much as steve kerr wants them to focus one game at a time, everyone is looking to saturday night. kevin durant returning to oklahoma city. warriors played the thunder twice this season, both of the games at oracle. this will be the first time as the enemy in okc and for a guy that did so much in the community, there was beloved for eight years, he'll be booed constantly after his decision to leave for golden state. mark sign of espn spoke with durant who knows it will be loud. >> i know they will be rowdy in there. i've been part of the loudest nights in that arena so i know it's not going to be the friendliest welcome. i can't wait to see the people that really 3wibuild relationsh with over my time. >> there i can't imagine what it
6:54 pm
will feel like for k.d. that's a different level. it's one thing to be a role lawer but super star in one town and have the place adore you and city to go back is going to be obviously very emotional for him. >> he grew up there pretty much into a man so that's hard to turn off. >> it's probably a mixed reaction. you'll hear boos and some cheers. i mean, they can't forget how much he did for that city. >> if it's huge for him, it's huge for us. obviously, we have a couple games to take care of before that game but like any other time, we always have one that you have circled on the schedule. >> bizarre scene in madison square garden tonight for the knicks and clippers. charles oakly was arrested after shoving a security guard. he was apparently trying to talk to the team owner. security intervened and he had to be dragged away. did you see this kid lamello ball score 92 points in a high school game in southern california last night? yes, 92.
6:55 pm
lamello is a sophomore. no doubt, this kid is a great talent but half-court cherry picking not even bothering to play d. only 15 years old. i don't blame him at all but the coach, come on, trying to run up the point total? coach turned this game into a complete joke. you can't have that. 49ers will formally introduce the new head coach tomorrow arrived in the bay today. probably a good thing that kyle has got a major rebuild on his hands where he spent every second of the off season wondering how falcons blew a three touchdown lead in the super bowl. shanahan toured the 49ers locker room today. this video provided by the niners. shanahan and new gm will be at tomorrow's news conference streamed live on the website and the abc 7 news app. all right. i know spencer christian but i saw there is 100% chance of rain tomorrow at pebble beach and sounds high to me. 60% chance of precip as they call it on friday. they trained me up in the
6:56 pm
weather department. don't know about round one at pebble beach tomorrow. got in the million in one hole. former pro colt ford, this sablt to be money. he just missed it. he's also a country singer, ford ends up winning the contest, which takes place on the par 37 but nobody hit the 1 million for charity. giants bullpen will have a drastic new look this season. javier lopez announced his retirement. it's time as the situational lefty helped the giants win three world series titles and while lopez is leaving, brian wilson is trying to come back as a knuckleball. fear the beard. he's trying to throw the knuckler. we'll see if that works out. >> thanks, larry. join us at 9:00. coming up then an airport alert, more than 2500 flights cancelled and not just because of the big storm we're expecting. >> an upside down car, water
6:57 pm
gushing inside. on abc 7 news at 11:0 0, the good samaritasamaritan. >> look for breaking news on twitter at abc 7 news bay area. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> the entire abc 7 news team, thank you so much for being with us. >> have a nice evening and we'll see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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this is "jeopardy!" let's meet today's contestants -- a graduate student from austin, texas... an immigration attorney from new orleans, louisiana... and our returning champion -- a retired postal clerk from las vegas, nevada... whose one-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, folks. thank you, johnny. hi, everyone. welcome to our show. it seems as if in recent weeks on "jeopardy!" we've had more women qualifying than men.
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