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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  April 20, 2017 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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are pulling up to golden gate now. changes are in store this year. thank you for joining us. >> i'm kristin sze. this year's event that celebrates marijuana will be more controlled and less chaotic. abc 7 news reporter is live at golden gate park way new commercialism taking hold, amy? >> reporter: hi, kristin. look how different this event look compared to years past.
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there are sponsors, food trucks, and rules. the attendees don't like it. in fact, it was some of the vendors that caused this to get off to a rough start this morning. for the first time, it is fenced off and has an entrance gate. look at the people waiting to get inside. it was supposed to open at 9:00, but that did not happen. people were frustrated questioning why it it had to be this way, many insisting they should be allowed into the park saying they just want their 4/20 celebration to be left alone. >> it's a park. can't stop us. i mean, you can freely go into the park any time you want to. i don't know how they fence it and say you can't come in. makes no sense. it's our park. >> this is the hippy culture, getting together, being independent, caring for one another, yet corporate people want to shut that down. >> reporter: the gate finally opened at 9:40, some patted down
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and turned away. large coolers are not allowed this year. that was frustrating to people who packed their own food and didn't want to buy the food for sale here. that is why they were late getting opened. all the venn tdors were not in place yet. those who decided to sponsor the event are doing it to try to control it, try to keep everyone safe, and try to control the garbage situation, ten tons left behind as litter last year, eight arrests last year, and some people, though, think that all of this control is going to keep people away, that it weoect won't be the same, and they think that's the plan all along. aby 7 news. >> amy, thank you. new this morning, sky7 flew over canyon road after a person died in a head-on crash. no one else was hurt. it happened before 8:30 this morning. a blue jeep and large red truck
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smashed into one another. right now, cal trans allows traffic to pass the scene one direction at a time. the roadway will clear once chp officers finish their investigation. new details on the missing fisherman whose boat capsized yesterday. the coast guard said it recovered the body of 64-year-old last night. the good samaritan notified the coast guard yesterday about the capsized boat. the resident's wallet and car keys were found and the body was located in the water not far from the boat. concern growing about a 13-year-old mountain view girl missing now for 24 hours. she left the middle school at lunchtime yesterday. her parents called school officials hours later to report she never returned home. >> i mean, normally, she returns, you know, after school. i don't know if there's a boyfriend factor in this at all, but based on the fact that, you know, it was very out of character for her to not return
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home, she's not a perpetual run away. >> she's 5'1", 105 pounds, brown hair, brown eyes. may have taken public transportation out of the area. if you see her, call the police. new this morning, a missing teenager from tennessee has been located safely here in northern california. you can see 15-year-old elizabeth thomas on the left side of the screen. the deputies arrested the man on the right, her former teacher. cummins is suspected of kidnapping her. she feared him, and thomas was afraid to face reprecautions at school if she resisted him. they plan to release more details later today. video shows a confrontation between a man and sheriff's deputy now charged with felony assault. we do want to warn you. you might find the video disturbing. >> i'm just laying here sleeping. >> stand up. >> i'm not standing up.
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i'm in my house sleeping. >> i got you on video. taze me. he recorded the video last september in his hot spring home. deputies called by neighbor who heard he and his wife arguing. they broke down the door, and the attorney refused to stand and tazed two or three times and hit by a baton 15 times. the deputy is facing charges and scheduled for trial in june. he was taken into custody but cleared. the attorney filed a civil claim against the county. developing news, stanford police looking for a man who followed a student into her dorm and exposed himself. it happened midnight tuesday in a common area. the man took off. police say he's in his 30s, he's 5'10", heavy set with dark hair. he does not match the description of the man who groped two joggers two weeks
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ago. the coast guard and california dopt of fish and wildlife meet to finalize a plan to recover a sunken barge near the bay bridge. bart was using the barge for repairs on the tube earlier this month but broke loose in a storm and sank. it leaked fuel for two days before it was capped successfully. meet the new chief. same as the interim chief happening now. andrew r. greenwood sworn in as a permanent chief at the city much burkley police department. he's been with the department for 31 years and interim chief since last fall replacing former chief who resigned. anne coulter is coming to burkley next week although they can't find her a safe venue. the politically neutral student group signed and agreement with her without first checking to see if a venue was available. the university increased
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scrutiny of events involving high profile speakers after the incident surrounding the planned appearance by milo and clashes in nearby civic center park. >> we need to realize that berkley students are not the ones causing violence. radicals are coming in. we have to prevent that from happening other than labeling students. >> we can accommodate her, but we can't on short notice. >> a group called young america's foundation is paying most of her $20,000 fee. the group said she requests law enforcement not be told to stand down if people break the law. she also wants any students engaging in heckling or violence to be expelled. developing news, fox news severing ties with bill o'reilly and his huge payout he can expect. jessica? >> getting a staggering amount of money, reportedly paid tens of millions of dollars according to a cnn money report. after the sudden end to his
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prime time show, the o'reilly factor. former fox news anchor bill o'reilly could get sta whopping paycheck. days before the exit, he reportedly signed a new contract worth $25 million a year. that could earn him a massive payout according to cnn. after years of sexual harassment allegations and millions of dollars in payouts reportedly to at least five women, fox news ditched o'reilly. during the scandal, 83 ad buyers dropped out. >> bill o'reilly hosting this program for 20 years is leaving the fox news channel. >> reporter: the breakup quick. after yesterday's announcement, the show dumped the name and now it's called "the factor." >> they want their audience to know nothing changed. bill left the building, but nothing else is going to change. >> reporter: today, things are not quite back to normal. a slew of protesters still lingered in front of fox in new york, so what's next for the
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conservative network? >> one of the things that fox is always prided itself on is that it's not dependent on one personality. that it's the fox brand, that we can lose someone, lose another person, we still got fox. well, now this is the ultimate test. >> reporter: through all this, bill o'reilly maintained innocence. what will his severance package amount to? many speculate it could be in the ballpark of what roger ails left with last summer, and that was jessica castro, abc 7 news. >> thank you. a young immigrant deported in the middle of a nationwide controversy, how the case puts president trump to the test. former 49er's qb kaepernick may be without a team, but he earned a new honor. the elite list he landed on after the national anthem protest. hollywood comes to san francisco. how you can live out your own lala land story here in the bay area. as far as weather, let's
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open up the weather window and see all the sun that's developing after the rain fell during the overnight hours. temperatures couldn't be about any closer to average than they are. within a couple degrees. we'll talk about a warming trend throughout the weekend, and i'm tracking the next chance of rain next week.
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developing news, a family wants to know why a young man was deported although he was told he could remain in the u.s. as a dreamer. the judge hearing their plea has a history of dealing with cases
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involving president trump. abc news reporter tells us more. >> reporter: a 23-year-old dreamer deported. his family demanding answers. juan who immigrate the illegally to the country as a young child now suing to access for records to his deportation. >> we have to file the lawsuit because we don't know what happened to him. >> reporter: a twist, the judge now hearing the case, the same judge who presided over the suit against the now defunctdefunctdt university. >> it's hostility against me by the judge, tremendous, beyond belief. i believe he happens to be spanish, which is fine. his hispanic, which is fine. >> reporter: president trump previously promising dreamers would not be targeted. >> they shouldn't be very worried. i do have a big heart. we'll take care of everybody. >> reporter: a different tone from sessions telling fox news no illegal immigrant is immune.
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>> i don't know why this individual was picked up. everybody there the country illegally is subject to being deported. >> reporter: the department of homeland security admitted he's entitled ton in the country until early next year for deferred action of childhood arrivals, but left the country without permission resulting in the loss of the status. hundreds of thousands of dreamers granted protection under president obama now awaiting the outcome of this case, wobd wondering if it's wh to come under the trump administration. abc news, new york. new this morning, colin kaepernick was named one of "time" magazine's top 100 influential people after he sat out and began to kneel during the national anthem last season. they said kaepernick's left l e willingness to take a position at his personal expense is now
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the story. he's not been signed by another team. earth day around the corner, and two local entrepreneurs are putting a new spin on it. how to use your taste buds to prove how much you love the planet. cashing in on 4/20, big business coast to coast. a live look at emeryville, gorgeous to see the blue skies. our meteorologist is tracking dry
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if you are in san francisco this weekend, celebrate earth day by eating bugs. yeah, to be specific chips made be cricket flower. it's made in san francisco and
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featured on abc's "shark tank," there will be an attempt to break the world record for the largest serving the nachos. >> made with 2,000 pounds of chirpings chips. 1200 pounds of cheese, corn, and beans. it's not the other stuff. it's that cricket flowur. i had lollipops with crickets inside, did you discard it? >> the center of the lollipop? how many licks did it take you to get there? nevermind, something different. interesting. i drank the unicorn drink, that count? >> yes. >> that was okay. it was sweet and tart. you know, not for everyone. yeah. >> i'm interested to see who does that. i guess none of us. let's move on and talk about the weather. >> forget about the rainbow drinks, rainbows in the sky? >> not until monday or tuesday.
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hi, everybody. this happened while we silent. rain fell in the overnight hours. check it out. nasa released data yesterday after the show that this year snow pack is greater than the four previous years combined. wrap your head around that. impressive. showers, look at this, yes. work up this morning, sun up, showers ended at 7:00, and there's a lot of sun. the ground, a lot of moisture, sun warms it up, a few clouds are around. you will need the sunglasses all day today and couple days. the storm track is moving north. with the high, building warmth on top of us. the golden gate, nice day to be there. breezy after 3:00, but look at the view. look at the people getting ready to walk across. partly cloudy, seasonal highs, dry and mild friday through sunday, and next storm is tuesday. headed out now?
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57, 60 to 68 degrees. topping out at 64 in half moon bay, 66 in san francisco. upper 60s in oakland. rest of us at 70 degrees. the rest of the daybreaks down from 2:00 to low to mid 60s there. 50s with the breeze developing at the coast at 4:00. 6:00, and mid-50s at 8:00. in the mid to upper 60s at 4:00, main, inland, still comfortable to mid to upper 50s at 8:00. going to the game? mariners taking on the a's, 64 to 59 we have to get forecast to come up here, and what you'll see, warmest day, tomorrow, temperatures taper a little bit saturday, sunday, and increasing clouds monday, and then a light storm on the impact scale for tuesday. mike, thank you. on to the morning money report.
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today's nationwide 4/20 celebration is a big business for marijuana dispensaries including here in california. the ceo of marijuana incorporated in san diego told cnn today is like black friday for the cannabis industry. economists say dispensaries on average see a 30-40% increase in sales on 4/20 compared to other days throughout the year, and many places are offering discounts, some up to 50% off recreational marijuana in states where it's legal. and new this morning, the federal trade commission is tightening the rules on celebrities and brand endorsemnts on instagram demanding public figures disclose ties to companies and products they are paid to support including hashtags making it obvious so followers are not wondering if it's an ad or real. it applies to anyone receiving compensation in the form of money, products, or other gifts. okay. you want to live like you're in
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the movies? depends the movie, i guess, but you now can. how
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♪ sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside. crave those crazy squares. ♪ sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside. crave those crazy squares.
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new details in the fire in west oakland that burned a transitional housing facility. those who lost their homes tomorrow get money to relocate. according to the media partner,
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the east bay times, the oakland city counsel approved 615,000 in grant funding. for now, 54 people are eligible with benefits ranging from 6500 to $12,000. the facility located only san pablo avenue burned nar much 27th, killing four people. big changes coming r if a busy street in san francisco. they are proposing a total redesign of the vicente street. here's images of the two options. both add bike lanes and realign parking spaces. some blocks lose parking spots near intersections to mike it easier for drivers and pedestrians to see. changes are an effort to make the street safer. they have not said when construction would begin. at abc 7 news at 4:00, a cable car employee arrested for embnmbezzling funds makes a cou appearance today and how much money he's accused of stealing. got ink? not alone if you have second thoughts. tips on removing the regret tonight on abc 7 news at 5:00.
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all right, the film "lala land" is out next week, and a san francisco restaurant and lounge brings the movie to life. near union square, transforming into a jazz club, seb's, from the movie. they open up around the country tuesday night. there's live music, themed drinks, and it won six oscars including best director and best actress and best original score. >> great idea. if you want authenticity, make an emma stone appearance? >> yeah. that would be nice. >> live out the door. from us here, thank you for joining us. >> the next newscast at 4:00 p.m. >> outside to the beach, mike, why is it a great day for the beach? >> it is nice. sheltered from the breeze, dropping into the upper 50s by the time the sun sets. it's nice again there over the weekend too, though, a lot of sun, temperatures in the 60s. >> when's the next chance of
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rain? >> monday evening. up in the north bay, tuesday for the rest of us, a weak storm like we had last night. if you were not up early this morning, you probably didn't know it rained. >> we appreciate the dry weekend on the way. have a good one. bye bye.
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>> today on our show, another player will attempt to battle their way, one final answer at a time, to the million-dollar prize. will they make it? there's only one way to find out. let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ welcome to the show, everybody. you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] i hope you're ready. we're in the middle of a very special game. as a nanny, our returning contestant has been living paycheck-to-paycheck for the last five years. now she is only 4 questions away from a million dollars. so from brooklyn, new york, please welcome back kiki mikkelsen. [cheers and applause] kiki. >> thank you. >> you've played an


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