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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  July 24, 2017 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>> great news. hopefully something will come of that. >> new this morning, president trump's son-in-law and adviser jared kushner said he did not collude with any foreign issued at, including russia. statement over contacts between russia and the trump campaign. he admits meeting with russian officials on four separate occasions but insists nothing happened. emily has the latest. >> jared kushner will meet with the senate intelligence committee this morning behind closed doors. abc news has obtained the statement kushner plans to read to committee giving his version of contact with russians during his father-in-law's campaign. firmly denying any wrongdoing or collusion. >> i'm confident that tomorrow when jared kushner speaks and i'll keep my fingers crossed in saying this to you, it will probably be the last time he has to talk about russia. >> over the weekend, he revised his financial disclosures again after he inadvertently
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77 assets. ostrying to steer the talk away from presidential pardons. after the president tweeted, all agree the u.s. president has the complete power to pardon. but by sunday night, his tweets turned to health care. a warning, if republicans don't repeal and replace the disastrous obamacare, the repercussions will be far greater than any of them understand. and meanwhile, democrats preparing for a big reveal of their new economic agenda today. it does not address health care, but instead promises a three-pronged economic booster for working families. >> a better deal for working families. higher wages, less costs, tools for the 21st century. >> jared kushner's statement also touches on that meeting between donald jr. and the russians at trump tower during the campaign. kushner claims he did not read the e-mail chain from don jr.
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and had no prior knowledge of who would be in that meeting. abc news, washington. a grass fire that burned near gavilan college in gilroy is 50% contained this morning. the fire raced across 150 acres in 3 1/2 hours after it broke out yesterday afternoon. quick action by fire crews stopped the flames from spreading. the fire is burning near castro valley road and santa teresa boulevard. no structures are threatened. calfire called helicopters and airplanes in the first few hours. they're lucky to have the manpower available. >> three firefighters are recovering from minor injuries in southern california. the l.a. times reports they were hurt while battling a brush fire in loverne. it has now burned 40 acres. firefighters say the fire is about 50% contained and voluntary evacuations have now been lifted. this morning, milpitas
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police are searching for a man who reportedly exposed himself at a park. it happened thursday afternoon around 4:30 at augustin park. according to our media partner, two minors saw the man walking around with his pants open. the man then took off running. he was last seen getting into a four-door dark sedan. he's described as middle eastern, 30 years old, 5'10" with brown hair and a beard. >> good samaritans are among the four people injured in a chain reaction crash involving at least five cars. all becan when a car crashed into a wall on a shoulder of northbound 280 near mclaughlin avenue in san jose early yesterday morning. >> another traffic collision occurred where a honda accord came and hit the vehicle. just prior to that second collision, some people had pulled over to try to assist the first collision and gotten out of their cars and were then hit by the car that was involved in
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the second collision. >> and if that wasn't enough, after that, yet another car crashed into some of the vehicles in the first accident. two of the people injured are in critical condition. the pilot of a single-engine plane is recovering from injuries he suffered after crashing at the reed hillview airport in san jose. the piper cherokee took off from one runway and crashed moments later onto a parallel runway. the pilot was the only person onboard. that plane heavily damaged from the impact. the faa and ntsb now investigating. >> southwest airlines says its operations are back to normal at oakland international airport this morning following a weekend computer issue. networking problems caused lelthy delays for flights yesterday. passengers told abc7 news check-in slowed to a crowell and they were not happy about it. >> we should be compensated. we're not sure if we're going to make our flight. after this interview, we're going to sprint to our terminal to see if our plane is still
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here. >> a southwest spokesperson said the problem was fixed after a few hours. >> a warning for those who take san francisco's muni subway. tonight is the first week night muni is going to shut down to test new trains. before the new trains can go into service, they need to go through rigorous testing to make sure they work properly with the subway's automatic control system. muni is going to close the subway at 9:30 tonight and on weekends until august 20th. let's open up the weather window on the san mateo bridge and talk about what to expect this morning during your commute, at least weather wise. on the roads, clouds and then sunshine by the afternoon hours. milder temperatures if you're taking mass transit, and on the bay, breezy north of the bay bridge all day today. we talk about cooler weather. yeah, look at that. up to 7 degrees cooler in some neighborhoods this morning. here's a look at the inland east bay temperatures. 58 in san ramon.
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danville and pleasanton right behind it, 59. along with concord. 58 in pittsburg. everybody else in the low to mid 60s. how about around the bay? we're in the upper 50s to near 60 like hayward and mountain view. san francisco, 56. novato and santa rosa 54. here's a look at today's temperature. green are the 60s. the yellow, the 70s. the orange, the 80s. we're going to see significant cooling in our inland neighborhoods. steady pattern for tomorrow and the 90s are back again wednesday. we'll see how much hotter in your seven-day forecast. how are we starting? >> very, very quiet, which is how we want it on a monday morning. a live look at walnut creek. southbound 680 as you head towards highway 24 last week at the end of the week, we had major lane closures and significant backups too. nothing like that this week. things are looking light so far today. westbound 580 tracy to dublin, 34 minutes. southbound 680 in the green at 14, and northbound 85, 101 to
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cupertino, just 16 minutes. i have a mass transit note to pass along. that's up next. >> thanks. their dream of coming to the u.s. takes a tragic turn. what we're learning about the smuggling operation that left nine people dead. and former vice president al gore comes to the bay area today. the strong message he's delivering about climate change.
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a florida man will be charged in federal court in connection with the dyscovery of nearly 40 people inside a brutally hot semitrailer in texas. as a result, nine people died. authorities say they were hot to the touch. here's melanie woodrow. >> officials are calling it a deadly case of human smuggling. at least 39 people inside a big rig truck parked in this texas
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walmart parking lot. nine men died. >> the air conditioning was not working. so everyone was removed. >> 30 people are being treated at area hospitals. at least two of the victims are under 18 years old. >> we triaged each one of these people. it was a mass casualty situation for us. we treated it like you would do an airline crash or any major incident. we utilized helicopters to fly patients out, at least seven area hospitals. >> authorities found one person in a wooded area new the wal mart. it's believed many other people escaped before authorities arrived. it wasn't until someone inside the trailer asked an employee for water that the employee called police. the u.s. attorney's office in the western district of texas say investigators have identified the driver as 60-year-olds james matthew bradley jr. of clearwater, florida. bradley, who is in custody, and anyone else found to be involved, is expected to face state and federal charges as early as monday.
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officials say they will not release the identities of the victims or where they're from until their families can be notified. from the live desk, a university of montana senior is free this morning after being held for a week by chinese authorities for allegedly injuring a taxi driver. guthrie maclaine told a montana newspaper besides being sleep deprived, he was in good health. he was arrested july 17th in the central china city after intervening in a dispute weeks earlier between a taxi driver and his hearing impaired mother over a fare. the driver claimed maclaine hurt his leg. with the help of montana senator steve daines, he was released at 2:00 monday morning. that was sunday noon our time. he said he will be back in school next month. happening today, the final stages of the case of a british
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family hoping to bring their terminally ill child to the u.s. lawyers for the family of charlie gard are back in the high court in london. the 11-month-old is dying from a rare genetic condition. the hospital arguing to take him off life. the family wants to bring him to the u.s. for experimental treatment. this is usually decided by the courts. >> former vice president al gore is in san francisco continuing the fight against climate change. he's going to be at the marines memorial theater at noon to talk about a new movie premiering tonight. an inconvenient sequel, truth to power. the film is a follow-up to his inconvenient truth which was released a decade ago. it focuses on the importance of renewable energy. gore will attend the event tonight. the screening begins at 7:30. >> excited soccer fans here in the bay area filled levi's stadium to watch two of the world's best men's teams go head to head. abc7 news was at levi's stadium for the big matchup between
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manchester united and real madrid for the international champions cup. the tournament was established four years ago to bring the top teams from tharnd world to north american. some fans felt disappointed because it seems like players did not give it their all since it was an exhibition match. many say watching the best in the world was still worth it. >> they only come every two years or so so it's important. >> it's really amazing, like the vibe and i don't know, it's incredible. like almost surreal. >> pretty cool. madrid, that was my team when i lived there. manchester united came out on top, beating real madrid 2-1 in penalties. levi's stadium will get a chance to host an even bigger event wednesday night. the u.s. soccer team won its game against costa rica over the weekend so the team will play jamaica in the gold cup final wednesday night, and that game begins at 6:30. pretty cool. >> so we had a really sunny, warm weekend.
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and i think it's going to be a little cooler today. am i right? >> we're going to bump down for a couple days and then the heat is going to return and stay longer this time. everybody. here's a look from the east bay hills. you can see it looks different this morning with the cloud cover filling in the bay. slower sunshine. cooler breeze. all of us are going to be milder this afternoon. mild tomorrow also, but the warming begins wednesday and that late week heat will hold for the entire weekend. here's a look at the small craft advisory. one of the reasons why we're cooler today. the cooling sea breeze will reach all of our neighborhoods. it's right now. this morning, you'll notice it's breezy. if you get on one later today, it will still be breezy. temperature, 85 in concord. get close to 90 in livermore and antioch at 88. up in the north bay, 78. more comfort, a little breezy. santa rosa, 78. san rafael, 75. vallejo at 73. then the south bay, we have 81 in san jose. the heat escaping us today.
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as we'll have 80 in cupertino and morgan hill, the long spot along with gilroy at 82 and 83. on the peninsula, sunny. 75 in san mateo to about 77 in palo alto. cloudy on the other side. pacifica, 59. half moon bay, 60. we'll go to oakland and the east bay. 71, becoming sunny by noon. 78, i should say, in fremont. 76 in hayward. downtown san francisco, lingering clouds and breezes, 65. mission, 64. south san francisco, 66. here's a look at my seven-day forecast. tomorrow, we'll drop a couple more degrees. look at the 90s to 100s, wednesday through sunday inland. 70s to 80s around the bay. even some 70s could reach the coast thursday and sunday. hey, alexis. sounds like you have more good news for us. >> sure do, we're nice and quiet to kick off the monday morning commute. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights yet. one mass transit note to pass
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along for today if you are riding the san francisco bay ferry from vallejo, we have this rider alert. extreme low tides means an alternate morning ferry schedule at the afternoon schedule will not change and they are going to be doing some emergency dredging at the vallejo ferry terminal in september. we'll take a look at the south bay in less than ten. >> thank you. an animal rescue is asking for your help in the return of a puppy that went missing in san rafael. the milo foundation shared this picture of a spaniel/beagle mix on facebook. adorable. they say the puppy named may disappeared, though, at an adoption event saturday at terrapin crossroads in san rafael. may is only lev weeks old, weighs less than 30 pounds. she is microchipped. we have the center's contact information on our website. the milo foundation is offering a reward for may's safe return. people lit up social media
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overnight, apparently surprised that michael phelps didn't actually race next to a great white shark. spoiler alert. phelps lost by two seconds. swimmer michael phelps raced a computers simulated white shark to kick off shark week. to even the swimming field, phelps won a monofin. the shark swiped through ten seconds faster than the men's world record. did you think it was going to be an actual shark swimming next to him? >> i was hoping it wouldn't be. that sounds incredibly dangerous. >> a lot of people really fooled by that. >> that's monday. that's your news flash. not real. >> popular brand of beans is under recall this morning. why a problem with the container may be putting your health at risk. >> a big stretch of one of the bay area's most used roads now getting a makeover. that change that you have to see. and we're going to take a look at that next. >> draymond green locked in another social media war. the post that has a ufc fighter
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all riled up. >> first, this morning's tech bites. >> in today's tech bites, record spending on lobbying by major tech companies. >> google alone spent more trying to influence elected officials than any other corporation, nearly $6 million in the second quarter. other big spenders including amazon, apple, and uber. >> next, call at pokemon no. a sold-out event in chicago celebrating the game's one-year anniversary turned into a disaster when technical snags prevented gamers from logging on. >> so the creators gave $20 for refunds of the tickets, but many paid scalper prices, close to $400. >> no more pizza pie for a mom. something was missing. >> tomato sauce and cheese. somehow she managed to order somehow she managed to order without
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i'm dr. regina benjamin, united states surgeon general. go to learn how to make our next generation tobacco-free. if you have a can of bush's baked beans in your house, you definitely need to check it out because the manufacturer issued a voluntry recall of three flavors of the popular beans because of cans that may have defective seams. that means they're not air tight, and the product inside may be spoiled. the flavors are brown sugar hickory, country style, and original. all three have different lot numbers and use by dates. to find out what those are, going to our website,
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>> neighbors will have a chance to help shape the future of sunnyvale. they'll plan to restretch a four-mile stretch of el camino real. they're going to convert it to a vibrant mixed use corridor including roadway improvements and a better environment for small business. the public hearing starts at 7:00 tonight. >> pedal power ruled this weekend. we were at the tenth annual shiny side up. it attracts bicycle enthusiasts of all kinds. this year, people brought their bikes from as far away as poland. >> today, throughout the day, we have at least 1,000 bikes. we'll have anything from custom bikes, vintage bikes, we have bmx stuff going. we've got people selling old bike parts, swap meet, pinstripers. a little bit of everything for everybody to see.
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>> all sorts of things and a bike from poland. they had to get that thing on a plane to get over here. okay, the festival gets its nay from the phrase, keep the shiny side up, a parting expression for riders to be safe. this is one of the longest running bicycle shows in the united states. >> this morning, china welcomes a newborn panda. the cub was born in a nature preserve in the central part of the country. here it is. you can see the mother carrying the cub in her mouth after giving birth yesterday. the baby girl weighs just five ounces. crazy to watch. this is themotor's third cub. she gave birth in 2010 and 2015. the giant panda was removed from the endangered species list last year thanks to conservation efforts in china. i know this is just nature doing nature's thing, but it's fun to watch that. >> yeah. in the mouth, it's kind of creepy looking. >> be careful, girl. >> hi, mike. >> gentle giant right there. >> i hope so. >> no doubt about it.
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hi, everybody. all right, pirates in town to take on the giants. look at that hat. are those snowflakes on the hat? yes, christmas in july tonight at at&t park. break out your uglay sweaters. you'll need them. 60s at 7:15, dropping down to 58 with breezy conditions. and have fun. let's take a look at lows tonight. comfortable sleeping weather once again from 53 in santa rosa to about scoin antioch with the cloud cover becoming extensive tonight, and even drizzle possible along the coast. we have some heat, several days coming up in the accuweather seven-day forecast. how about this morning's commute? >> not too much happening so far. a live look at 101 and 880 in san jose. a short time ago, we had reports of a wrong way driver on 880 just to the north of 101 interchange. it has cleared from the board. looks like it was a nonissue. hopefully it was just some misinformation or they're totally off the roadway. in any case, it should not be an
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issue for you. also, a look at oakland, 880 between 980 and high street. we had overnight lane closures that could last until 6:00 this morning. i'm not seeing delays so i don't think we have significant lane closures left this morning. starting to ramp up on the tracy super commute. we'll check on that at 5:00. >> thank you. >> warriors star draymond green is sparking a new feud on social media. he posted this picture on instagram showing irish ufc fighter conor mcgregor wearing an old school warriors jersey with draymond's number, 23 on it. draymond wrote, we're rocking with floyd, take that off. he apparently likes floyd mayweather in an upcoming fight. mcgregor said his number 23 jersey is from former warriors player cj watson. he went on to say, quote, i don't know who you are. keep hustling and stay in school. >> oh. >> it may not be coincidence.
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back in 2010, mayweather was convicted of domestic abuse against his former girlfriend after she exchanged text messages with watson. >> there's nothing cute about it, there are no first pets for the first family. president trump may be the first president without a four-legged side kick since the 1930s. a spokesperson said the family is still getting settled in and still has no plans to get a pet. so president obama had two dogs. sunny and beau. if the trump family stays pet-free, they'll break a long held tradition dating back to roosevelt's presidency. >> that's assuming they don't get a pet. there's still time. >> maybe they can get the panda with the baby panda in its mouth. >> please don't do that. >> serious note, we're following breaking news in san jose where police are investigating gunfire. we'll be live on the scene. >> also, dog lovers stepping up
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their battle against dog leash laws at some popular recreational areas. >> he's already the highest paid mayor in
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we begin with breaking news in san jose where police have surrounded santana row after reports of shots fired. >> matt keller live for us near the scene. this is at olson and winchester. matt. >> reporter: reggie, a lot has happened since i saw you about a half hour ago. about five minutes ago, san jose police took down the crime scene tape. they're now opening this up for people to come down. they do have a section that i


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