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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 31, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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scaramucci unloaded on several senior white house officials in the "new yorker" last week calling reince priebus a bleeping paranoid schizophrenic, lobbing a crude threat against steve bannon and threatening to fire essentially the entire white house staff, saying they'll all be fired by me. i fired another guy the other day. telling cnn at the time -- >> the white house is already deeply factionalized. putting scaramucci in that job is like throwing a grenade in an ongoing ward. >> he felt his comments were inappropriate for a person in that position. >> reporter: sarah sanders took over from sean spicer the same day scaramucci was hired. >> general kelly will bring discipline and strength to the white house and we're excited to work with him.
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>> reporter: sources inside the white house said scaramucci asked to be moved to a position at the export/import bank. he does not have a role there. megan hughes, abc news, washington. breaking news push alert as abc confirms scaramucci's firing. be sure to enable push alerts. developing news out of san francisco. all-day police standoff with an armed man is finally over. the suspect in custody. the man's mother is dead. it began after midnight last night near 15th and beaver street. new details from police. melanie? >> reporter: this was a more than 14-hour standoff that involved no use of force by san francisco police. we did hear what may have sounded like a flash bang at one point. this all got started last night after officers received a call for shots fired at about 11:45
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p.m. a male suspect who shot an elderly female. sources tell abc 7 news that was his mother. she later died at the hospital. the suspect would not come out of the home for more than 14 hours. we saw here hostage negotiators, a s.w.a.t. team and other specialized units. people that live in the area of 15th and castro were told to shelter in place. there was also an evacuation center set up at mckinley elementary school at 14th and castro. around 2:00 today, the suspect surrendered. that suspect surrendered with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest. he was taken to san francisco general hospital for treatment. san francisco police say there was no use of force by sfpd. >> this clearly is the direction of the department's in, a direction we've been in for some time. but greater emphasis has been placed on it in the last number of years relative to putting as much time as possible into
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resolving these matters, where there isn't an immediate threat to the public by simply exercising a lot of patience. >> reporter: san francisco police have told us that they are hoping to lift this shelter in place, as they wrap up their investigation, and clear the scene here. live in san francisco, melanie woodrough, abc 7 news. melanie, thank you so much. a 35-year-old woman was killed after she was hit by a car in pittsburg this morning just east of railroad avenue. the driver stopped at the scene and is cooperating with investigators. a man accused of shooting two loss banos police officers after reportedly getting ahold of one of their guns has died. the officers were responding to a report of a man breaking into an apartment early this morning. police said there was a struggle, and the officers and the suspect were shot. they were flown to the hospital in modesto where the suspect died. >> it's sad anytime any of our officers are injured. it's sad anytime there's a
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shooting in our city, whether our officers are involved or not. our hearts and prayers are going out to our officers, their families. >> police have not yet updated us on the condition of the officers. this is the first officer involved shooting in los banos since 2013. hayward city leaders demanding answers from immigration officials after would undocumented immigrants were detained last thursday. a 35-year-old and 42-year-old were on their way back to work when i.c.e. agents took them both into custody. family members say the officers arrived at the rainbow apartments to find two other men but arrested the two neighbors instead. >> we have a lot of concern about making sure that the rights of these two individuals are respected, and upheld. and that they are reunited with
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their families as soon as possible. >> the two men are being held for possible deportation. an i.c.e. spokesperson said one had been deported three times to mexico. the other was arrested for charges of lewd agents with minors. a live look from the east bay hills camera. get ready for triple-digit temperatures. >> oh, yeah. spencer christian is here with the first look at the forecast. >> we just had a typically warm summer day today. it will be hot the next couple of days. we have sunny skies across most of the bay area right now with the usual low clouds and fog at the coast. the finger fog drifting out through the bay, and over the bay, i should say, over san francisco. 63 degrees in the city right now. oakland 69. 76 in mountain view. 65 at half moon bay. looking westward as the fog begins to build at the coast. santa rosa 83 degrees.
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napa 88. fairfield 85. 94 in concord. those two places will be hot spots over the next couple days. we have a heat advisory in effect until 9:00 p.m. wednesday. this advisory covers all the higher elevations of the bay area and the inland valleys. here's what we can expect in the next few days. cool conditions at the coast. intense heat inland. increased fire danger. i'll give you a closer look at the seven days ahead in just a few minutes. >> thank you, spencer. be careful if you're hitting the beach today because it might hit back. ocean beach where the national weather service said they will have hazardous conditions. sneaker waves will last until 11:00 tonight from sonoma county down to monterey county. necropsy is expected to get
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under way on a whale that washed up near pebble beach, first spotted saturday near bird rock point. marine biologists think the whale is a humpback. dozens of humpbacks have been seen in that area recently. >> one of the south bay's most popular breakfast spots is still closed today after a woman turned the restaurant into a drive-through with her suv. abc 7 news reporter matt keller has a look at when it's expected to reopen. >> reporter: customers looking to eat at the los gatos cafe. >> the best. yes. one of our favorite breakfast spots. >> reporter: a big mess still sits at the entrance to the popular restaurant. this is the red suv that caused all the damage early sunday morning. the co-owner of the cafe was called around 2:00 a.m. >> took out the fire hydrant and straight into the building. >> reporter: police told robert the woman broke her nose, but was okay. she passed a sobriety test and blamed the crash on her brakes going out. >> we'll be back in a couple
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days. like it never happened. >> reporter: in the meantime, regular customers at the downtown location have options. the other los gatos cafe is about two miles away. >> usually have diced ham and scrambled eggs. i'll tell you, the best thing they have here is the potatoes. if you haven't had them, they're awesome. >> reporter: potatoes, eggs benedict, or supersized cinnamon rolls will keep the regulars coming back to this location, at least until the downtown entrance is fixed. >> it should only be out of commission for a little bit. that's why we have this one ten minutes away. >> reporter: the owner told me the contractor is coming out today, and hopes to have this all back open by thursday. reporting live in los gatos. police discovered a stolen trailer in walnut creek today. sky 7 was near interstate 680 this morning as the authorities searched a trailer taken from a parking lot over the weekend. the trailer carried a train that was supposed to be one of the
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main attractions at the bay view hunter point carnival. the owner said his daughter posted a picture on facebook and then the tips came pouring in. >> the nice lady who is a teacher at the yoga studio, she actually posted -- re-posted it on facebook. this morning, she sent us a picture with the license plate on it. is this your trailer? and that was pretty much the end of it. >> power of facebook. the owner said the trailer was slightly damaged but the train is still intact. big change for commuters. new effort to control traffic and parking near the alameda bay terminal. plus, we've seen definitely a spike in service requests, or complaints. >> from trash to graffiti, the new effort to clean things up in san jose, and how technology is lending a hand. and what you can expect with the new iphone 8. some of the sneak peeks coming up.
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following breaking news out napa county. live over the scene of a grass fire. and this is northeast of
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downtown napa near the silverado country club. you can see the smoke there in the distance. the fire was first reported off of atlas peak road. several acres have burned so far. abc 7 has not heard of any structures damaged or threatened at this point. we'll keep monitoring the situation and bring you live updates as soon as they become available. a big change goes into effect tomorrow for fairy riders in alameda. >> it's all about who should be allowed to park their cars near the ferry terminal. live from alameda, with who's in, and who's ot, lonnie. >> reporter: hi, larry and ama, you can see the demand for parking here. all of these spaces are taken. anyone still determined to come here, park, and then hop on the ferry are requestigoing to have some plotting and planning. it's become to become a major inconvenience for some commuters, those who travel by ferry from alameda to san francisco, may need to rethink
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their parking plans. >> it was more an issue of just wanting to have people over, and no parking. or, you know, coming home from work or school. and not having anywhere to put your car. >> reporter: katy edison lives in the freeport neighborhood. her private streets no longer allows public parking. in columbia and headlands, four-hour parking restrictions begin august 1st. >> we thought, well, you know, you're paying all this, you should be able to park. we were running into there was nowhere to park during the commute hours. >> reporter: edison said her hov fees and tax dollars help maintain streets where she cannot find parking due to the demand. edison and other homeowners pressed alameda city council to relieve the situation. >> we're not going to start enforcing in regards to giving tickets, we will be giving warnings initially until september 1st. >> reporter: alameda spencer said the goal is to encourage
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biking, busing or walking to the ferry terminal. she thought the move would make parking a little easier, not the case. >> it doesn't matter if you live here, live in the marina, on the island, parking is a nightmare wherever you go. >> reporter: you see the empty lot near the terminal. it would probably make sense to expand the parking lot to the lot. the water emergency transportation authority looked into that, and it's too expensive. so no changes in terms of expanding here, and it's free to park here now. the mayor says that's going to change. they're going to start charging people in the future. live in alameda, lonnie rivera, abc 7 news. >> lonnie, thank you. business is booming for san francisco based lyft, the ride share company reported it carried more passengers through june of this year than it did in all of last year. that's more than 162.5 million rides. the gains come as lyft's larger rival uber deals with sexual
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harassment allegations. uber said it's given more than $5 billion ride since 2010. iphone lovers, we have clues today on what the next generation iphone may offer in new features. >> ironically super secretive apple may have leaked the design itself by accident. >> yeah, right. they did it on purpose. all the time. >> kristen sze is here with more. >> larry and ama, could this be the new iphone? the icon representing the iphone 8. a developer discovered it in the code apple pushed out for another upcoming product. what does this tell us? the new phone could look dramatically different from previous iphones, which have all had a home button and a frame. now, let's go back to what could be the iphone 8. the front is all screen, right? you can see there's no home button. and no frame. but there does look to be a cutout at the top for a speaker and a front camera. okay.
4:17 pm
now, i want to show you, if you can't imagine it, it's similar to a high-end competitor hitting the market soon, the essential phone. created by the mab behind android. the leaked code also suggests the new iphone will have facial recognition technology to unlock the device. the infrared could scan your eyes or your entire face. now adding to the rumors or photos just posted on chinese social media. the user claims this is a prototype. now, many believe it's fake. they often are. but this does seem to show the same shape, with the speaker and camera and facial recognition sensors. tim cook will likely unveil the new iphone in september. that is apple tradition. the next device will be the test anniversary iphone. so expect hoopla to continue. larry? >> kristen, thank you. don't take away my home button. >> i'm attached to it. >> i'm very attached. i fear change. the global temperature, it's going to be changing, likely to
4:18 pm
rise more than 3 1/2 degrees fahrenheit by the end of this century, according to two different studies in the journal "nature climate change." one used statistical analysis showing there's a 95% chance of temperature rise. the other study looked at past emissions of greenhouse gases. scientists say a global temperature rise could trigger rising sea levels, massive extinctions and intense hurricanes. we are heating up around here this week. >> yeah. triple digits. >> coming up in the next two days. hot inland and pretty warm in other places. a look at live doppler 7. mild to warm conditions today. sunny skies around most of the bay area. a little bit of fog forming around the coastline. pushing a little beyond the coast right now. in fact, a little bit out over the bay as you can see, pushing through the golden gate rye now. happy to report traffic is flowing freely. these are the forecast features, hot inland the next two days. tomorrow is spare the air day.
4:19 pm
and heat advisories in effect through wednesday. we also have a beach hazard alert in effect until 11:00 tonight. the wave hikes don't appear very high at the moment. only three or four feet. there is still the possibility of strong rip currents in the south base facing beaches like stinson beach and santa cruz. right now, looking at temperature readings of 59 degrees at half moon bay. 63 at san francisco. 74 across the bay. hayward, upper 80s. danville is 98 degrees right now. and it's going to be even hotter this time tomorrow. overnight, look for mild conditions generally. low temperatures in the upper 50s low 60s inland. near the bay it will be cooler on the coast with lows in the mid 50s. starting in the south bay, low 90s at san jose. 92 in the city of san jose, but 101 farther south in morgan hill. in the peninsula, highs in the mid-80s from redwood city to
4:20 pm
mountain view. upper 60s in some locations like half moon bay, which will reach 68 degrees. downtown san francisco will top out at 72 tomorrow. 74 in south san francisco. up in the north bay, look for 9 # at santa rosa. 103 at cloverdale. napa 88. east bay highs 79. oakland 83. hayward 84. and the inland east bay is just going to sizzle with virtually every location there at or above 100 degrees. let's move along to air quality as i mentioned tomorrow is the spare the air day. poorest air quality in the east bay and in the santa clara valley. it won't be greater quality anywhere for a while as the heat settles in. wednesday will be just as hot tomorrow most locations. warm around the bay with the temperatures in the mid-80s on wednesday. inland areas upper 90s to low 100s. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. a little bit of a break on thursday as inland temperatures reach only mid-90s.
4:21 pm
we'll still see low to mid-80s around the bay, though. mid-60s on the coast. further cooling later in the weekend. not until the weekend will we see temperatures reach a more seasonal range and probably more comfortable range inland. 60 to 62 degrees on the coast. we have a couple of days to, pardon the expression, sweat the heat. are okay, no pun there. >> weighs that the punch line? that was it? >> i'll think of a new one later. >> all right. thanks, spencer. >> all right. we already knew the olympics will be returning to california. now we know when. today's announcement coming up. cracking down on airlines, why the government could soon force them to give you more room on these planes.
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oscar nominated actor sam shepherd that is died. the 73-year-old died on thursday after complications from als.
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shepherd is known for films like the right stuff and steel magnolias. he also wrote 44 plays, including fool for love, and buried child. many were originally staged, and produced at the magic theate in san francisco. creative director loretta grego believes the breadth of shepherd's work was unparalleled. >> he was 73 years old. i saw him in april. he was still writing. he published a book of fiction in january. his latest play just was published a month later. this is somebody who wrote 40 plays, dozens of screen plays, song lyrics. i think six collections of fiction. beautiful fiction. so he never stopped. >> shepherd's family said funeral arrangements will remain private. women, hispanics and people with disacts are some of the most underrepresented groups in
4:25 pm
hollywood films, a study released by the university of southern california. the report looked at the top 100 grossing films over the past decade. less than a third of speaking characters were women. only 3% of speaking roles were hispanic. and just 2% were characters with disabilities. the report said the industry will not change unless companies adopt new policies to stop exclusionary casting practices. just about 30 minutes from now, the mayor of los angeles is expected to hold a news conference to announce the holding of the olympics. the committee planned to announce in the fall which city would host which games. but paris wanted 2024, saying public subsidies wouldn't be available for them four years later. the last time the summer olympics were in the u.s. was in 1996 in atlanta, l.a. hosted in 1932 and 1984. more sports news. giants and a's battle it out for
4:26 pm
bragging rights. a's without sonny gray. he was supposed to pitch tonight, traded to the yankees earlier today. babe ruth series will kick off tonight at the coliseum. the series moves across the bay to at&t park for the final two games. 7:05. this is interesting. the infamous steve bart has a series ring. fans vilified him in 2003, reached out for a foul ball in game six of the championship series. cubs were five outs away from the title in 58 years. they went on to lose the nlcs. and everybody blamed bartman. he had to go into hiding. they didn't end their championship drought until last fall. bartman released a statement saying he's deeply moved, adding my hope is we can all use my experience as entertainment and prevent harsh scapegoating.
4:27 pm
the guy's whole life was ruined because he reaches up for a foul ball. it's really unfortunate. >> certainly. rising tensions in the korean peninsula. >> reliability equals credibility which means we have to take this threat seriously. >> the u.s. is flexing its muscles and laying blame. can you tell what this boat is doing right here? how the
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we want to get back to the breaking news out of napa county. sky 7 over the scene of a grass fire northeast of the town of napa. you can see the puffs of smoke there. that fire was first reported off of atlas peak road. it seems to be pretty well contained. except you do have that smoke there. new video from the ground now sent to us by the owner of lobo wines. several acres have burned but no structures damaged or threatened at this point. and no evacuations have been ordered. we'll keep you posted. sky 7 was over this scene a few hours ago. the suspect is accused of fatally shooting his mother before midnight. abc 7 news said the suspect also
4:31 pm
shot himself and taken to the hospital for a mental health evaluation. abc 7 news reporter janine dele vega is covering the arrest of a man videotaping his roommates as they had sex and threatening to release the tapes if they didn't pay him thousands. janine will have the details on abc 7 news at 5:00. after less than two weeks on the job, anthony scaramucci is out as the white house communications director. abc news learned he offered his resignation to newly sworn-in chief of staff john kelly this morning. in the wake of north korea's latest and most powerful missile test, the u.s. military is flexing its muscle. this morning president trump spoke on the phone with japan's prime minister about the escalating tensions. elizabeth herr has the details. >> reporter: the leaders of japan and the u.s. now fully agreeing they need to take further action, after north korea's latest icbm missile test. north korea launching their
4:32 pm
second intercontinental ballistic missile in the last month has experts sounding the alarm about pyongyang being able to strike anywhere in the u.s. >> two successful tests in a row, reliability equals credibility which means we have to take this threat seriously. >> we'll handle north korea. it will be handled. we handle everything. >> reporter: north korea's latest missile test launched some 2,300 miles into space, flying higher, and longer than ever before. and according to experts, north korea could angle that missile to now travel as far as washington, d.c. or new york. >> any military action we take would probably trigger a war unlike anything we've seen since world war ii. >> reporter: in a show of force, u.s. bombers flew with allies over the korean peninsula in a ten-hour military drill. the u.s. also conducted a previously scheduled test of the thaad defense system detecting, intercepting and shooting down a test missile with another
4:33 pm
missile, as seen in this pentagon video. on twitter, president trump is blaming china, accusing them of doing nothing for us and issuing a warning that we will no longer allow this to continue. elizabeth herr, abc news, new york. vice president mike pence is overseas, he left estonia after meeting three nato allies. the vice president said russia remains an unpredictable threat. he also said the u.s. will defend the baltic states if they're threatened. russia plans to hold large-scale military exercises near that area with its ally belarus next month. tensions between the russia and u.s. are rising this after president vladimir putin ordered the u.s. to dramatically reduce its diplomatic staff in russia. putin said 750 american diplomats must leave as more than half of the current number in the country. the move in response to new congressional sanctions against russia, and reminiscent to the
4:34 pm
expulsion of diplomats during the cold war. today the white house hit venezuelan president nicolnt nit maduro with sanctions. venezuela's election body says more than 8 million people voted. but an independent analyst said the turnout was less than half of that. the sanctions freeze all assets that matureo has in the u.s. and prohibits americans from any dealings with him. more raids in australia after four men were arrested in an alleged plot to bring down a commercial airliner. they removed items from at least one apartment earlier today. the country's airports have increased security. the australian broadcasting company reports the suspects plan to hide a bomb in a kitchen meat grinder to smuggle it onto the plane. firefighters in british
4:35 pm
columbia continue to battle more than 150 firefighters. about 6,000 people are still evacuated. fire officials say hot, windy weather is fueling the flames. more than 800 wildfires have burned in british columbia since april 1st. prime minister justin trudeau plans to visit one of the hardest hit areas today. also, in canada, a couple used their boat to help put out a grass fire yesterday. you can see that smoke there. and a boat comes closer and starts spinning around, splashing water onto the fire. firefighters appeared shortly after to fully put out the flames. no injuries were reported. a new way for residents of san jose to get action on illegal dumping, graffiti and abandoned cars. >> it's hoped it will lead to a cleaner city. david louie is live in san jose ho show us why it works and why it's needed. david? >> reporter: ama and larry, every day vehicles sort of slow down on this spot to avoid or
4:36 pm
straddle a big pothole. well, this is something we have to live with every day. but we don't have to take it anymore. san jose has launched a new app that will take care of this, and many other problems. the fine is $2,500 for illegal dumping in san jose. a whopping $10,000 for a third offense. but the trash, furniture and even couches keep piling up. >> if these aren't being reported, we don't know about it. in order for us to respond, these items need to be reported. >> reporter: so in addition to calling in, residents have a new smartphone app to report not only illegal dumping, but also graffiti, and potholes and other complaints. >> we've had crates of mannequins found, mangled atm machines. but for the most part, it's large items like mattresses, couches, refrigerators, furniture. >> reporter: over a six-month period the rapid response team picked up 2,000 mattresses,
4:37 pm
1,200 couches, 900 shopping cars, 680 tons of debris, 498 gallons of motor oil and 189 gallons of paint. the mayor said the complaint on the app will get to the right person at the appropriate department. some issues can be resolved quickly while others will take longer. >> a street light problem may be the simple we placement of a light bulb. it may be that someone has stolen copper wire. it takes several weeks. >> reporter: these couches sat on the street for two weeks. she hopes people would use the app or call in, because blight hurts the neighborhood. things tend to multiply. >> it starts off small, and the next thing you know it's tall as that stand. going up the street, it's trash here, trash there. and it's gross. >> reporter: as more people start using the app, the city is expecting the number of complaints has risen dramatically.
4:38 pm
live in san jose, david louie, abc 7 news. >> david, thank you. a veteran receives the nation's highest military honor today. >> he gave it his all. and then he just kept givin >> what this war here ro did to deserve the medal of honor. i'm michael finney. i'm taking your questions on twitter and facebook, just post them with the #ask finney and i'll answer right here in just a little bit. i'm spencer christian, making the push over the bay right now. but enjoy the cool weather while but enjoy the cool weather while it lasts, because h food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. we just want fast internet for one, simple rate.
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>> a vietnam war veteran received the nation's highest military distinction today for his repeated acts of valor. elizabeth herr has more from the white house ceremony. >> reporter: president trump honoring a hero, presenting his first medal of honor to an army medic from michigan for his bravery and sacrifice while serving in the vietnam war. >> today we pay tribute to a veteran who went above and beyond the call of duty. >> reporter: specialist 5 james mccluen receiving the highest military recognition according to the white house for putting his own life on the line despite being wounded himself to save
4:42 pm
the lives of ten wounded u.s. soldiers in care for countless others over two days. >> specialist 5 mccluen, we honor you. we salute you. and with god as your witness, we thank you for what you did for all of us. >> reporter: in michigan on sunday, the now 71-year-old retired high schoolteacher, and coach, was among about a dozen local vietnam veterans all honored for their service. mccluen known to his battle buddies as doc, said he prefers to be called jim and this honor from the president is a tribute to all his men. >> to have these guys here, and to be in this setting, you know, as opposed to being in the rice paddies and jungles of vietnam and not knowing from one minute to the next what the fate of your life is. this is -- you couldn't get much better than this. >> in all, there are now nine
4:43 pm
medal of honor recipients in the u.s. and president trump said mccluen's devotion to duty earned him this honor to stand among legends. abc news, new york. now, your accuweather forecast with spencer christian. >> here comes the fog along the coastline, beginning to push out locally over the bay which it will continue to do overnight. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s in some locations, just in the 60s as lows. it will be mild overnight. this is the fog pattern as you see. tomorrow morning 10:00 the fog beginning to retreat to the coastline. by midday it will be down along the coastline where it will be pretty mild. inland areas will be heating up to mid-90s by early afternoon. we'll probably end up with several locations in the inland east bay topping out at 80 degrees. the accuweather seven-day forecast. tomorrow and wednesday, we expect highs to be around or
4:44 pm
above 100 degrees in the warmest inland spots, mid, maybe mid to upper 80s around the bay. temperatures will start to moderate as the weekend approaches, settling back into a more seasonal range and more comfortable range by saturday and sunday. >> that will be nice. thanks, spencer. buckle up here. some dizzying heights in switzerland. this is the world's longest pedestrian suspension bridge now open to the public. it's more than 1,600 feet long, and it is pretty narrow. imagine the bouncing there. that would make me nervous. just over two feet wide. the bridge took only ten weeks to build. that makes me even more nervous. replaces one shut down in 2010 because of unstable terrain and rock falls. now to the incredible shrinking airline seats. the faa is going to take a closer look at seat size on
4:45 pm
airlines and why it's not just about your comfort. i'm "7 on your side's" michael
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if you ever felt like a
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sardine squished into your seat on the plane, help may be on the way. regulators are considering setting minimum standards for the space that the airlines give passengers. >> reporter: we're seeing more images like this. >> oh, my god! look what you did to him! >> reporter: cabin confrontations, and stressed-out passengers in what could be considered the not-so-friendly skies. on top of it all, fliers are also losing legroom. >> stuff us into airplanes like we're a bunch of sardines. >> reporter: now the u.s. court of appeals has ordered the faa to take a look at the amount of space passengers have on commercial planes. after advocacy group rights say cramped planes are a safety hazard and the government needs to do something about it. >> it does not appear people can get out with the smaller seats. most recently, there was an evacuation for a burning engine in an aircraft, and it took
4:49 pm
about five minutes instead of 90 seconds. >> reporter: according to fliers rights, seat widths have decreased about an inch and a half, measuring up to 17 inches. the space between seats has also decreased, going from an average of 35 inches to about 31. with some bargain airlines having just 28 inches of legroom. >> that's almost inhumane. it ought to change. the new evidence of safety gives the faa the opportunity to look into this. >> reporter: comfort is something the faa does not look at. but they say they do consider it when testing and assessing the safety evacuation of the aircraft. the faa is now studying the ruling. abc news, los angeles. united airlines is considering a new way to bump passengers from an overbooked flight. it's called the flex schedule program. if a flight is overbooked or looking like it might be, passengers who have signed up for the program will be contacted five days before the flight.
4:50 pm
you can then choose to switch to a less popular flight on the same day, in exchange for a travel voucher worth up to $250. other airlines are considering launching similar programs. time now for ask finney, michael finney here answering questions sent in via facebook and twitter and e-mail. one question, when they say unlimited on the wireless services, does that really mean unlimited? is there one you'd recommend over the others? >> that's a good question. wireless companies say in the contract they've got to stick to it. they say unlimited data or unlimited minutes and you agree to pay for it. that's what you're supposed to get. but this is always a contract. always a case in a consumer contract, there is small print. if you check it out, you'll see that the unlimited minutes is only for personal use, not business use. now, many people try to use their phones as a business
4:51 pm
utility, and that's when they get caught. that's when they come to me and then they say, they said unlimited. i go, yeah, but it says personal. but it was personal. when we look at their bill, it turns out they're going 24/7. like every day. so that's how you get caught. but if it's you personally, they've got to give it to you. >> kristen from novato, i've been getting the irs scam calls. i want to know how to report these calls. >> you're one of the millions of americans getting these phishing calls, e-mails. don't answer unknown calls. let it go to their voicemail. don't open any suspicious e-mail attachment. somebody claims from the irs, they aren't. you would only get a call from an irs agent if you were already in the middle of a very long drawn-out situation with the irs. don't worry about it. now, if you want to report it, i want you to go to my website and i'll list all the information you need. it will be and some other resources as well. >> okay. jimmy asks, my trash bin in alameda county went missing. they said they would give one free replacement, but said i had
4:52 pm
to pay for it next time. can they do that? >> absolutely. otherwise people would be taking one of those a week. and selling them at a flea market or something. so here's the deal. almost all of the companies in the bay area will replace one trash bin in a 12-month period. in alameda, that's exactly what they'll do for you there. other than that, you'll have to pay for it. but it probably won't be sold again. >> is there a hot market for trash bins? >> there would be if they were going to give you a free one. >> probably. >> if you have a question, i want you to record a 10 to 15-second-long video and share it on social media using the #ask finney. and you can also reach me through facebook and young airline passenger helped his fellow travelers smile while waiting to take off. >> say hi to everyone. >> hi. >> hi. >> that's so cute. >> this is a 2-year-old guy, he
4:53 pm
went down the aisle making sure to fist bump as many people as he could. the guy's mother shared the video as they prepared to fly on a southwest airlines flight from kansas city to chicago. she says he first learned about fist bumping while on a flight a few months ago. he's been obsessed with it ever since. funny how everybody's like, yeah, i'll fist bump you, and i'll fist bump you. hey, bud, you in the orange, let's go. everybody's happy. everybody's having a good time. ama, you should take note of this. when a 2-year-old is determined to do something, better just let them do it. >> just let them do it? >> otherwise the tantrums aren't worth it. an emotional ceremony today with a lot of meaning. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america. >> the pledge took on a very special significance today for some bay area children. now kristen's here with a look on what's coming up on abc
4:54 pm
7 news at 5:00. coming up, the hostile housemate, the man accused of secretly recording a couple and then trying to extort them for money. the sinking tower of san francisco, still moving. but its stability is a lot more grounded than some people thought. saving the salmon industry. the financial net that could sink those livelihoods sustained by the sea. those ♪ the sun'll come out tomorrow... ♪ for people with heart failure, tomorrow is not a given. but entresto is a medicine that helps make more tomorrows possible. ♪ tomorrow, tomorrow... ♪ i love ya, tomorrow in the largest heart failure study ever, entresto helped more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine. women who are pregnant must not take entresto. it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren. if you've had angioedema while taking an ace
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coming up at 8:00, two hours of the bachelorette, followed by to tell the truth at 10:00. stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. children's fairy land in oakland is one of the happy places for kids. today the storybook theme park hosted 15 children from 11 countries who were sworn in as american citizens. >> leeann melendez shows us the adorable, emotional ceremony. >> reporter: they came to america for different reasons. now these families want a better outcome for their children. >> i want them to be happy and healthy. and to get very good foundation here, and to get educated, and to flourish. >> -- of the united states of america. >> reporter: because their parents became naturalized citizens, it automatically gives these children the right to also become u.s. citizens. >> to be a citizen now, we're grateful. very grateful for that.
4:58 pm
>> i pledge allegiance to the flag -- >> reporter: today she was asked to say the pledge of allegiance. >> saying the pledge of allegiance in front of everybody made me feel happy. because showing that i have a voice, and i can use it. >> reporter: she used that voice today to ask oakland's mayor libby schath to improve school lunches. the mayor said she would work on it. >> we want to make sure everybody who calls oakland home feels protected and honored. >> reporter: as a welcome treat, fairy land invited these families to spend the day here. to, in their words, create new memories as americans. ♪ >> reporter: in oakland, leeann melendez, abc 7 news.
4:59 pm
>> wonderful. >> yeah. all right. thank you so much for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm larry beal. abc 7 news at 5:00 starts right now. they had a video of the couple engaged in sex acts. >> a roommate's worst nightmare, a man living with the couple is busted in a sex tape extortion scheme. and fremont police say there may be other victims. firefighters taking no chances with a grass fire burning right now in wine country. end of a police standoff in san francisco. neighbors can finally go back to their homes 14 hours later. also here, it may be sinking, but at least it's stable. some good news tonight about the millennium tower and the next big earthquake. >> announcer: live, where you live, this is abc 7 news. we begin this evening with a terrible invasion of privacy. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm kristen sze.
5:00 pm
a couple recorded in the most intimate moments and threatening to release it until they paid up. >> janine is at police headquarters with the story. janine? >> reporter: dan, the authorities tell us that the suspect is out on bail and is expected to be charged very soon. now, the couple -- police say 33-year-old adama, lived with his wife in an apartment in this complex on pennsylvania avenue. which they shared with a couple in their 20s. the young couple moved out after two months and started receiving disturbing e-mail from an unknown address. >> he had a video of the couple engaged in sex acts, and if they didn't pay $5,000, they were going to release it to facebook and tag them and send it to family members. and then it turned to the suspect was saying, well, i won't release the video if you have sex with me for one night. >> reporter:he


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