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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 17, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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>> announcer: live, where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> a tragic crash on one of the busiest travel days of the year, blocks drivers wi s at the heig rush hour with this result. >> the crash happened just before 4:00 on southbound highway 101. >> the response and clean-up took more than four hours as drivers were funneled through just two lanes. lonnie rivera has the story. >> reporter: from sky 7, traffic barely moved for hours along highway 101, the back-up began at 4:00 in the afternoon, when a dump truck flipped on its side and struck a bus. >> we know the collision involved the far two right lanes. we are trying to figure out of the sequence of events. >> reporter: the driver of the
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truck died on scene, at least five passengers on the bus suffered nonlife threatening injuries. drivers heading home or out of town spent two hours in traffic. the grid lock backed up in to san francisco and east bay cities. >> use 280 to possibly the airport and expect that also, even after the lanes are open, there's going to be delays. >> reporter: even drivers that left early made it to sfo late. >> it was bumper to bumper pretty much from 580 in castro valley all the way through until we got off on the exit here on 101. >> reporter: the freeway was packed with vehicles. chp investigators talked to the drivers that saw the crash. they are hoping they can help in the investigation. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> a man and woman are in the hospital recovering from a vicious dog attack in oakland. nicole kennedy suffered terrible dog bite wounds to her head and
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face and had a broken leg after getting attacked by two pit bulls. the dogs mauled a man who came to help her. they escaped their yard and killed her dog before attacking her. the dogs have been >> reporter: the police are looking for a truck that was stolen from a fire victim. they posted the pictures of the truck . it belongs to a man whose home burned down in santa rosa last month. they say it was taken from a hotel in windsor where the man is staying. and this is the last thing he needs in his life. the truck has a california license place, 7 e 88349. >> the busy holiday shopping season is on us. it's a make or break time of year for small business owners. but shoplifters are biting in to profits and as we explain, business owners are not going to take it anymore.
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>> reporter: a good 10% of loss every year. >> brook ramirez said that was probably an understatement, she owned bottom shell boutique for 11 years and said shoplifting is on the rise. lately she has been enkoubterring professional thieves. >> a lot of them befriend you and are sweet to you, and you would think, you would not do it to a small business owner. >> reporter: no matter how blatant the threat, they told employees never to confront the shopt li shoplifters. >> i confronted people and i said, look, we have you on camera, you can give us back the item now and don't come in again. >> reporter: in two years of businesses they have had thousands of items stolen, he has gone after people in person and he posts photos of shoplifters on social media. he hopes it sends a message. >> we do not want to be seen as
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an easy target. >> reporter: the saturday after thanksgiving is small business saturday. abc 7 news. the trump administration is threatening to close the palestine office in washington, d.c. in 90 days unless they negotiate a peace deal with israel. a law said that the office can be closed if they try to get the international criminal court to prosecute israelis for crimes against palestinians. >> president trump said he is reviewing more facts, to allow big game hunters to bring trophies back to the united states. he said that he wants to talk it over with the interior secretary who hunts. >> people in puerto rico still need basic supplies nearly two months after hurricane maria hit and you can help in san jose this weekend. >> the supplies and the relief has been slow going, and they
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are still recovering. >> abc 7 news visited fire station 6 in willow glenn, that is one of the places you can donate items tomorrow and sunday. we have a full list on abc 7 news doiskt. local leaders are appealing for donations in a youtube video. >> santa rosa residents are holding a city wide graj sale for north bay fire survivors tomorrow and the incredible part of it, it's all free. we have the story. >> reporter: the idea is simple. >> i bet every house in santa rosa that survived this has things we can help those in need. >> reporter: her home was spared in the north bay fires. >> my home is full of, you know, 40 years of buying and collecting. and i thought, well, how could anybody, where would you even start? >> reporter: she is holding a
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garage sale for fire survivors and the items are free. >> to me, it was easy, it's the least we can do. >> reporter: monica joined the effort and hundreds are now participating. >> there's a lot of new and gently used items and organizers want to make it look nice. like a retail experience. so they are asking people to donate tables and shopping bags. >> neighborhoods all over santa rosa will have give aways, junior college, montgomery village and more. they realize people are living in temporary housing and hotels without much storage. >> something to make you feel like you have a home, etven art we have people that doe that itted art. >> reporter: the plan is to do it again when the homes are rebuilt. it will be based on an honor system that those taking items are fire survivors. >> that's a nice effort. to find out what streets are taking part in the garage sale. go to our website, abc 7
11:08 pm >> commuters took the first rides on the newest light rain trains. they cut the ribbon before the newest train entered service. they say, you will be more comfortable riding aboard the new trains and they will make less noise than the current feet of 20-year-old lrvs. >> now you will have cleaner, more reliable, it goes from kind of an average of five years before major maintenance to some 49 years. >> they will eventually have more than 250 of these cars. siemens is building them in sacramento. tey will gradually replace all the existing lrvs and they will have a larger fleet than now. >> a cal professor is leading the fight against killer robots. he released shocking video that went viral to help show what he believes technology unchecked is capable of. >> and it's beginning to look a
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lot like adoption season at macy's. the best window shopping in the bay area coming up. >> and it's beginning to look a lot like the holidays as you can see. i will show you who is going to get near freezing as we hit the weekend coming up. >> thanks, and all of it is ahead, first a look at what is coming up on jimmy kimmel live. show tonight. >> okay. no. >> i'm on the show. >> how does that even work? >> huh? >> i hacked in to the
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the holidays begin here at the disneyland resort. (♪) (♪) it all starts with a wish. the lincoln wish list event is here. sign and drive off in a new lincoln with zero down
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and a complementary first months payment. a uc berkley professor is
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behind a scary killer robot video that went viral. it's a serious effort for them to show the danger of weapons that operate without human control. they say the technology is coming soon and they are urging the united nations to take action. i will warn you the video is violent and you may find it disturbing. >> reporter: you are looking at a dramatization, of of of off weapons. >> that is enough to penetrate the skull and destroy the contents. >> reporter: the video has more than 4 million online views. >> take out your entire enemy risk free. a $25 million order now buys this. enough to kill half a city. >> the video was made by a production studio but some of it looks like real news coverage of deadly attacks. first, on the u.s. capitol. >> they flew in from everywhere
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and attacked one side of the aisle. >> reporter: one of the brains behind the video is stewart russell. a top expert on artificial intelligence. russell and hundreds of other scientists and tech leaders are pushing for an international ban on what many call killer robots. russell was in geneva, where there was a conference on autonomous weapons. we talked with him via skype. >> we wanted to show visually what what we were talking about. what it means for autonomous to be weapons of mass destruction. and the fact that an attack can happen and no one would have any idea where it came from. >> reporter: russell said that the weapons could be made now by combining and miniturizing technology that already exists. make enough of them, and you could kill a lot of people fast. with no direct human control. >> we showed the video to fwlor i can't duffy, the president of the common wealth club in san francisco and a former defense
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debt official. >> it's a very important tool to give people a real living feeling for how the weapons would work. they are clearly moral and ethical issues here, issues of weapons that are being developed poe potentially for the good gu being used by the bad guys. >> let's watch the weapons make the decisions. >> reporter: it was funded by a nonprofit, funded in part by elonmusk, he has repeatedly warned about artificial intelligence used for weapons. >> who could have done it? >> anyone. >> reporter: the last words you hear are from professor russell. >> we have the ability to prevent what you saw, but the window is closing fast. >> more than seven countries were at the meeting. but no action was of taken.
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we have posted the full future of life on our website. let us know what you think about it. >> now, san francisco' skyline is shining brightly thanks to a familiar holiday the fi17,000 bulbs outline the towers. it's a beautiful tradition. >> it sure is. and olympic gold medalist, christy yamaguci helped to open downtown ice. the rink will remain open through mid january. >> and abc 7 was in union square in san francisco for the unveiling of a holiday tradition, a furry one. pets up for adoption will capture the hearts of the shoppers in the windows of macy's. over the decades, people have adopted 9,000 pets in the windows of macy's and donated a
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hundred thousand to the spca. >> i will take them all. >> right. >> it's the weekend. >> this just in. >> and we have great weather to boot, right? >> that is right, news definitely breaking. it's going to be a dry weekend for a change. let's take a look at live doppler seven right now. skies are clear and if you are making your weekend plans, here is one thing that you need to watch out for. frost advisory for the coach. mendocino coast. it is definitely getting cold outside right now, ukia 39, and look at the temperatures around santa rosa and napa, down to the upper 30s. you know it will be a chilly morning ahead. near freezing in santa rosa and napa, you will drop down to the mid 30s. 37 degrees in morgan hill and places like san jose, and richmond, low 40s there. 39 in vallejo and concord, so,
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definitely a morning to bundle up tonight. extra log on the fire. perhaps an extra blanket will come in handy santa rosa temperatures. as you look for tomorrow, 34 degrees, dropping to 36 sunday morning and much milder air coming your way as we head towards next week. the temperatures in the mornings will be milder and in the afternoons as well. here is a live picture now from the emeryville camera, eastern span of the bay bridge, stunning. you see san francisco in the backdrop and here is an equally beautiful view, visibility is terrific as we look across the bay. chilly morning. patchy frost. we are expecting dry conditions this weekend. and light rain arrives monday morning and a warmer pattern is setting up in to thanksgiving. bright and sunny, upper in thes to mid 60s, any plans tomorrow afternoon will be fine and if you are going tomorrow night to the cal stanford game. they are hosting, yeah, i think kristin will be there, 5:00, 58 degrees. great looking weather for all of you going.
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53 by 8:00 p.m. we know who she is rooting for. all right. let's look at the activity planner for this weekend. if you are biking, mild and sunny. if you are sailing beautiful weather, light chop. and hiking, comfortable conditions expected. looking good all around. if you want rain, it is looking good for monday. light rainfall, scattered and very scattered in nature. a level one system is coming our way. under.4 of an inch of rain. it will be breezy at times and some of you may not see showers. here is the hour by hour look. monday morning, november 20th. 5:00 a.m., not much happening but by 10:00, you will see showers happening. they will slide to the east bay and try to make it to the south bay by afternoon. you may not see anything for parts of the bay area. you can download the app and keep track of the changes. here is your planner, clear and comfortable, 7:00 a.m. on thanksgiving. sunshine, milder weather, 60 and is 70s, beautiful weather for
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the holiday. the models are agreeing it will be dry. patchy morning frost. increasing clouds sunday and a dry weekend really. light showers, level one system monday. clouds tuesday and warming it up beginning tuesday. low to mid 70s through the latter part of the work week. thanksgiving included and cooler for your friday. >> great for the big game. thank you sof. >> absolutely. >> you want to forecast the score? >> no, not going there. >> all right, thank you. >> all hail the cameo, two well known faces will be hid had
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power, harry will be one of the storm troopers. >> well, excitement is building for the american music awards, check out pink rehearsing her opening number on the side of a building in downtown los angeles tonight. we mean the side of the building. the american music awards ayers sunday night at 8:00, right here on abc 7. >> as if the singing is not hard enough already. >> i know, can you imagine. >> that can't be easy. >> no, i don't think so. >> he knows. >> not on the side of a building. >> spooking of things that are not easy, winning games. if you were the giants who do you give up
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good evening after losing 98 games the giants are swinging for the fences. they are trying land a guy that routinely clears the fans. giancarlo stanton, they have made a formal offer to the marlins. don't know the specifics, but it's the first of several offers. he won the mvp award. hit 59 bombs and the reason he is available is they want to shed the $295 million on his deal t cardinals, red sox and dodgers may make offers. it's believed that stanton wants to be on the west coast. long time giant became an oakland a, the new third base coach, he played third base for 17 years. giants love him. he was the manager of the year in 2014 with the nationals. the winner of the big game getted the e-- gets the axe, it
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120th big game with cal trying to capture a trophy they have not touched for seven years. it's a 5:00 p.m. kickoff. and a battle of two quarterbacks that have yet to take a snap. and everyone knows what is at stake in the rivalry. >> i know the axe is on the line. i know we have not won in a while. tat stuff is great. and it's a great opportunity, it makes it, you know, better for the fans and stuff. and for us, it's the same old same old. that's how we are going to try to treat it. >> the title of the game is cool, but at the end of the day, every week is a big game. for me, dream come true, playing college football, every week is a big game. >> nba tonight, thunder and spurs. okc down three in the final seconds. they cannot buy a three-ball. there's a miss. russell westbrook to paul george and miss. turn, around the screen and rises up and this is for the tie, yes, but no. toe on the line. thunder down one after spurs
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free throws, thunder one last shot and westbrook, they can barrel get a shot off. spurs hold on, 104-101. >> lebron and the cavs hosting the clippers under a minute to go. down three. that is from way out. kevin love with the rebound and reload for lebron. take your time. money. tied in overtime. and the clippers decide, defense. optional. that was j.r. smith, just right down the lane. cavs win it 118-116. finally serena williams got married to her fiance on thursday, look at her holding her little baby. and the entire wedding party. look closely at the groom, he is holding a little dog and even he has a top hat. everything perfect. >> that's right. >> abc 7 sports. >> that's a great picture. >> i'm happy for them. >> thanks, larry. >> we continue now online, on twitter and facebook and all the
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>> all right, that is our
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report, we appreciate your time. right now, on jimmy kimmel, >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, chris hemsworth. whitney cummings. and music from vance joy. and now, with feeling -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: that's very nice. thank you, everybody. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for visiting us. very kind. i don't know if you thought about this but we're now three weeks away from halloween which is a tricky thing for parents of young kids. halloween is one of the rare times a toddler gets to make a


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