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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  April 6, 2018 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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tonight, breaking news. on the brink of a trade war. president trump's threats against china, sending shock waves around the globe. the news rocking the stock market and your 401 k. plus the new sanctions on russia. targeting those close to putin. the storms. the tornado watch at this hour. snow, rain and record cold for most of the country. backstage brawl. conor mcgregor charged with assault. video footage showing him throwing a dolly at a bus full of fighters. crashing through a wall. why authorities say this was no accident. reunited. the menendez brothers, lyle and er erik, convicted of killing their parents, face to face for the first time in more than two
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decades. and nightmare at sea. the vacation outrage. we'll take you on board a cruise ship that passengers say felt like a floating construction zone. and good evening. and it's great to have you with us on a busy friday night. i'm tom llamas in for david and we begin tonight with the growing fears of a new trade war. the u.s. and china back and forth with threats of tariffs on one another. with american farmers, tech companies and manufacturers caught in the middle. after the first round of tariffs from each side, president trump now threatening import taxes of $100 billion goods of china, and secretary mnuchin admitting a trade war could be real, and americans could feel some pain. the dow losing nearly 600 points. jonathan karl starts us off from the white house. >> reporter: a brutal day on wall street.
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stocks tumbling after president trump escalated his threats toward china. today, the president acknowledged his trade policy may cause pain. >> i'm not saying there won't be a little pain. but the market's gone up 40%, 42%. so we might lose a little bit of it, but we're going to have a much stronger country when we're finished. >> reporter: global markets have been battered since the president first announced plans to hit china with $50 billion in tariffs. >> if they charge us, we charge them the same thing. that's the way it's got to be. >> reporter: this week, china fired back, threatening $50 billion in tariffs on american products, everything from soybeans to cars to airplanes. it could cost thousands of american jobs. american farmers could be hit especially hard. as markets tumbled, the president's new top economic adviser set out to calm nerves. >> we're not running a trade war. if you read this thing you'll see, this is just a proposed idea.
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>> reporter: that reassured wall street, but just hours later, president trump turned up the heat yet again, announcing $100 billion in additional tariffs against china. enter today, the treasury secretary -- >> there is the potential of a trade war. and let me just be clear, it is not a trade war. the president wants reciprocal trade. >> reporter: so, what now? well, just last month, the president himself said the united states had been treated so badly for so long on trade that, quote, trade wars are good and easy to win. >> does the president think that trade wars are easy to win? is that still his view? >> i think the president feels like if he is in charge of those negotiations, absolutely. >> and jon karl joins us from the white house tonight, and jon, the president's top economic adviser calls the tariff just a proposed idea, but you're not hearing that kind of language from the president himself. >> reporter: well, tom, it is true that tariffs have not gone into effect yet. the process could take a couple of months leaving time to
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negotiate, but the president sure seems dug in on this, and so do the chinese. as a chinese government spokesman said today, we are not afraid to fight a trade war. tom? >> jon karl starting us off tonight. jon, thank you. next to the white house, divided over the fate of epa chief, scott pruitt as a cloud of scandal is growing about him. he denied knowing anything about big staff raises and tonight, sources in the epa dispute that. but only one person can ask him to go, the president. and tonight, he is standing by pruitt. abc's mary bruce is at the epa tonight. >> reporter: mired in controversy, epa administrator scott pruitt sat down with president trump today in the oval office. but the white house refuses to say what comes next. >> no one other than the president has the authority to hire and fire members of his cabinet. it's a decision that he'll make. >> reporter: tonight, new questions about why two of pruitt's top aides got hefty raises, even after the white house refused to sign off. in a contentious interview with
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fox news, pruitt claimed he knew nothing about it. >> i found out about that yesterday and i changed it. >> so who did it? >> and there would be some accountability. >> a career person or political person? >> i don't know. i don't know. i don't know the answer. >> you don't know? you run the agency. you don't know who did this? >> i found out about this yesterday and i corrected the action. >> reporter: but now, epa officials tell abc news that's not true. they say pruitt knew about and supported the raises. one aide receiving a nearly $57,000 salary increase. no cabinet secretary in recent memory has been the subject of so many ethical concerns on so many fronts from his penchant for luxury travel on the taxpayer dime to spending $43,000 on a secure phone booth for his office, to questions about his relationship with a d.c. lobbyist and that alleged sweetheart real estate deal that let him pay just $50 a night for this d.c. apartment. pruitt says the scrutiny is all part of an effort to sabotage the trump agenda. >> any time you do transformational things, there are critics and there are people that come against you.
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>> reporter: tonight, sources familiar with the thinking inside the west wing, tell us white house chief of staff john kelly wants pruitt out. the president is still standing by him. >> and mary bruce joins us from out in front of the epa, and mary, president trump tweeting today that scott pruitt is doing a great job, but is totally under siege? >> reporter: tom, pruitt has long been one of the president's favorites. he is carrying out the tough work here that trump wants, rolling back regulations, but sources tonight tell us the president is growing frustrated with all this controversy, tom? >> mary bruce with that new reporting tonight. mary, thank you. next, let's turn to weather and there is severe weather watches tonight, and we're pr bracing from storms from coast to coast. ground crews using snow blowers to clear the fields there, and heavy rain expected at yosemite. campgrounds close to visitors, and the heavy rain as sub freezing windchills take hold of
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the country. rob marciano is in washington, d.c. where the cherry blossoms are under threat of snow. good evening. >> reporter: good evening, tom. the same system that could bring snow here in d.c. tomorrow is bringing it across the south to dallas and northern louisiana. we have a tornado and thunderstorm watches that are posted and they are up until midnight tonight. watch as this thing makes its way across the cold front, and another three inches of spring snow, and across parts of virginia and more storms across the south. behind this record-breaking cold, windchills will be below zero in parts of the country on saturday, and much of the east, including the deep south below freezining mark, and with wind d rain, tom. >> rob marciano for us. rob, thank you. next, professional fighter conor mcgregor now has a court battle on his hands. he was charged in a brooklyn court today for a violent attack on a bus load of other fighters. take a look. injuring two of them whose battles are canceled because of this.
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abc's adrienne bankert on what might have set mcgregor off. >> reporter: tonight, one of ufc's biggest names in court. facing a judge after a may lie outside the barclays center in new york. police say mcgregor committed assault, tossing this hand cart into a bus full of other fighters, who are watching stunned. the glass shatters. you can see mcgregor try to get in, stopped while attempting to throw a metal railing. >> what's wrong with conor? >> reporter: as another irish fighter throws a chair at the bus, and assaults an employee who tries to stop him. it stems from bad blood between mcgregor, his friends and a russian fighter trying to take the title mcgregor was stripped of prior to the incident. >> whoever the argument was with, is not injured.
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>> reporter: he has been charged with three could wants of assault and one count of criminal criminal felony mischief. he now awaits consequences from the ufc. two of the fighters on board that bus suffered cuts due to the broken glass. in fact, three of the matches scheduled here on saturday are canceled because of what went down. tom? >> adrienne bankert for us. adrienne, thank you. and tonight, facebook announcing new transparency steps to let users know who is behind the political and issue ads they see on facebook and on instagram. those posts will be clearly labeled and will show who paid for them. posters of that ads will also have to prove their identity. at the time, facebook confirmed today they secretly deleted messages from the inboxes of people that mark zuckerberg sent to them citing corporate security. that's raising new questions about breach of trust. on tuesday, zuckerberg is slated to testify on capitol hill. and the treasury department issuing a new round of sanctions on russian interest for meddling
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in the 2016 election. the oligarchs, the companies they own and 17 senior russian government officials. all of them close to vladimir putin. the treshty citing malign activity in crimea and syria as well as the election meddling. next, an abc news exclusive from the russia investigation. new questions tonight about the testimony of eric prince, a major trump campaign supporter, about a meeting he had with a russian banker just before the inauguration at an exotic resort in the seychelles. the congressman said it was a coincidence, but there is evidence to suggest it was planned. here's abc's pierre thomas. >> reporter: this is erik prince, the founder of the security company blackwater. he is also the brother of education secretary, betsy devos. he was also a lee sayson between the russian transition. here, prince is leaving a closed session with congressional investigators clearly annoyed.
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>> i've already wasted four hours of my life. >> reporter: but tonight, sources tell abc news the special counsel has obtained evidence that may conflict with prince's sworn testimony. at issue, a meeting prince attended at this exotic seychelles resort just two weeks before the inauguration. also there, a russian banker with ties to the kremlin. prince has said his meeting with the russian banker was unplanned, a chance encounter while on business trip. >> i happened to be there, and i met a russian, some fund manager. i can't even remember his name. we didn't exchange cards. >> reporter: prince remembered the russian's name when speaking to those congressional investigators several months later. prince said he traveled to meet with some potential customers, and they, quote, mentioned a guy i should meet who is also in town to see them, a kiril kirill dmitriev from russia, who ran some sort of hedge fund. so i met him in the bar. we talked for 30 minutes over a beer, and that was it. but there is another version of this story. and it involves george nader, a lebanese-american businessman
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who sources say is cooperating with the special counsel. interviewed four times by mueller's grand jury. those sources say he set up the seychelles meeting between prince and the russian banker specifically to launch conversations between the trump transition and russian government officials. >> people talk about there was a back channel or all of that? you're saying no, off the table? >> complete hogwash. >> reporter: prince has said he was not a representative of the trump transition and his spokesman told us he stands by his testimony before congress. but sources familiar with special counsel's investigation tell abc news his team has obtained evidence from nader that suggests he met with prince at the pierre hotel in new york city a week before that seychelles meeting. sources say that evidence documents that within hours of the new york city meeting, nader started sending messages to prince with the bio of the russian banker. showing he was a powerful putin ally. just a week later, prince was in the seychelles having a beer with that russian banker. a meeting he said was unplanned. he says he was not representing the trump transition and he says
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he stands by his testimony before congress. tom? >> pierre, thank you. the fbi and other federal agencies shutting down the classified ad website, ba authorities blocking access to this website. it has been under fire for years for allowing adult ads for sex workers, and for allegedly enabling the sexual exploitation of minors. next, the menendez brothers reunited in prison. they made national headlines. the two seeing each other for the first time in more than 20 years. here's abc's whit johnson. >> reporter: tonight, the menendez brothers convicted in the high profile slayings of their own parents reunited behind bars. their 1996 interview with barbara walters, one of their last times together. >> i'm just a normal kid. >> oh, erik, you're a normal kid who killed your parents. >> reporter: back then, a detective arguing the partners
3:44 pm
in crime might conspire to escape. now prison officials allowing the infamous brothers to both live inside this san diego prison. >> lyle burst into tears, and erik burst into tears, and they hugged each other for several minutes. >> reporter: lyle and erik testifying they were molested by their father. >> he would fonded me. >> reporter: but prosecutors would argue they were desperate for their parents' fortune. their only communication over the years, letters. >> it's marvelous they are able to look at each other and love each other. >> reporter: lyle's move to be reunited with his brother in san diego comes after five failed attempts, tom. >> thank you. much more ahead on "world news tonight" this friday. misery at sea. passengers posting pictures of their two weeks at sea complaining their cruise ship was under construction the entire time. tonight, the cruise line responding. plus, the driver crashing into a police station.
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most pills only block one. and 6 is greater than 1. start your day with flonase for more complete allergy relief. flonase. this changes everything. next tonight, from dream cruise to misery at sea. hundreds of passengers on board the norwegian sun complaining their trip from miami to l.a. was anything but smooth sailing. here's abc's gio benitez. >> reporter: this may look like a heavy duty construction site but look again. passengers aboard a two-week norwegian cruise from miami to los angeles say it's their vacation. >> i want to know what the heck we were exposed to. it was a full blown construction going on. >> reporter: after departing miami, and traveling through the panama canal to l.a., passengers aboard the norwegian sun posted image after image. claiming they smelled the chemicals used to resurface multiple decks, covered their faces to protect themselves from thick dust and then there's the noise.
3:48 pm
>> but remember to smile. you're on the norwegian sun. >> reporter: some of the 2,000 passengers even creating a facebook group, detailing the ordeal and the aftermath. like this post, i'm still coughing. my lips with still cracked and sore and i'm still getting some nasty stuff out of my sinuses. >> they could have simply stopped work and accepted the fact they would lose four or five days or six or seven days of construction on that vessel. >> reporter: and in a statement to abc news, norwegian cruise line apologizes to the passengers and is offering them a free cruise, but some of the passengers say what they really want is a refund. tom? >> gio benitez for us. gio, thank you. when we come back, the driver crashing into a police station. what police have now revealed skpnkts the police officer accused for beating a man stopped for jaywalking. the headline tonight. and the big rig hanging from a bridge. part of the highway shut down for hours. we'll be right back. we'll be right back. cactus,
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time now for the index. let's head to miami where a car crashed into a police station there. police say the driver intentionally rammed his car into the station this morning. the police chief says the driver plowed through the gate and then into that wall. authorities allegedly found a rifle and a safe in his car which prompted police to call the bomb squad as a precaution. the driver was the only person injured. and news tonight about the man beaten by police for jaywalking, settling his lawsuit. you may remember this video. it showed a man being punched several times in the face last april. a verbal confrontation escalated after he was stopped for jaywalking. he settled for $550,000. the deal also includes a series of police reforms. and a fiery collision on a highway in dallas. take a look at this. the driver of a tractor trailer killed in this trash. an explosion on interstate 30. his rig dangling from a bring.
3:53 pm
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finally tonight, america strong. and the videos that are being seen by millions. the college admissions process, the anxious moments, the buildup and the answer about the future that's one click away. >> reporter: if getting into college isn't stressful enough, now so many recording the torture and the triumph. [ cheers ] >> reporter: in the bronx, celebrating with a classroom full of friends. in washington state, a friend clicking for him. a celebration, going nuts because he just got into harvard. across the country, it's becoming an annual tradition this time of year. and it's not just teens. colleges getting in on it too.
3:58 pm
asking high school counsellors to surprise their students and record it. some of these videos even going viral. millions watched from harvard and stanford. in houston, senior michael dame brown jr.'s life is about to. change. he got into every school he applied to, but his top choice? stanford. let's watch. a rite of passage with the world watching. >> and a big congrats to all those seniors. so much to be proud of. thank you so much for watching on a friday night. i'm tom llamas. i hope to see you right back here tomorrow. for david and all of us here, good night. we are tra tra tra
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storm on live doppler 7, you can see the rain represented by all that green, still coming down and more is on the way. we want to give you a live look from our mt. tam and golden gate bridge camera. >> it's great. >> we do like the rain, so there's great news there. >> rain is pummeling the north bay, roadways are flooded in west marin. in the fire zone, there's real concern of mudslides. >> roadways that weren't flooded over are really hard to see. people had to use their windshield wipers just to see through the mist there. >> drivers need to be careful, there's been dozens of accidents all over the bay area this afternoon. >> we have team coverage. >> let's begin with spencer christian with a look at what's
4:00 pm
expected tonight, spencer? >> you already mentioned the drenching, the north bay is getting rain in san rafael, his rain gauge measured six inches between last night and this afternoon. most of what is falling has been light to moderate rain, there's been numerous reports in the north bay as heavy rain and localized flooding, this storm ranks 3 on the storm impact scale, it's a strong storm and through tomorrow morning it's expected to deliver heavy downpours, flooding a possibility, winds will gust 30 to 40 miles an hour. forecast animation starting at 5:00 this afternoon, shows an area of surge of moderate to heavy rain will occur just before 8:00 p.m., and that will continue through the midnight hour, into the early morning hours, and that means the evening commute is likely to be a hazardous


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