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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  KGO  April 20, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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a stunning announcement from north korea tonight when it comes to nuclear and missile tests. it comes weeks before the face-to-face meeting before kim jong-un and president trump. martha raddatz standing by. also breaking tonight the faa ordering immediate emergency inspections of hundreds of boeing 737s after the deadly midair explosions. tonight what they're looking for. the deadly police ambush. two sheriff deputies gunned down. the gunman walking into a restaurant and opening fire. on this day of national walk outs. the school shooting. the gunman walked into the school just as students were preparing for their demonstration. james comey's memos now made public. what we never knew and tonight which side does it help? the video of prince in his
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final hours revealed looking frail as he entered his doctor's office. the major question now being asked tonight. the fugitive grandma on the run accused of two murders. the audio, you'll hear her asking how to get to the next state. >> is that the way to go? diane sawyer here tonight, her investigation, the me too movement. we ask about the women across the country working in restaurants and hotels. tonight their stunning and honest description of what they endured. good evening on this friday night. as we come on the air in the west we begin with breaking news north korea with that announcement. kim jong-un saying he'll freeze nuclear and long range missile tests and shut down a nuclear test site. president trump tweeting just a short time ago it's very good
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news for north korea and the world. let's get right to martha raddatz. martha, this headline if true is significant. >> it is david. this is one of the conditions the u.s. insisted on and the north according to those reports says it will comply, suspending all nuclear and intercontinental ballistic missile tests. the north has gone further saying they'll shut down a nuclear test site. to prove they vow to suspend the nuclear tests. the u.s. believes the north is close to if not capable of launching a missile that can reach as far as washington. it's all in preparation for the potential meeting between donald trump and kim jong-un next week kim is meeting with south korea's president as a first step. this comes after cia director mike pompeo made that secret trip david to north korea on easter weekend. >> they kept that trip under wraps. martha, you took note the president said he reserves the right to walk out of the room if
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it's not going well. >> he certainly does and he said that and insisted on that. they're trying to set this up for success. i think the news tonight shows you that. >> martha raddatz leading us off. with the breaking news this friday night. thank you martha. in the meantime we move on to the other developing story. the faa ordering emergency inspections of hundreds of 737s after the deadly explosion on a southwest flight 1380. linzie janis on what they're looking for. >> reporter: tonight the faa issuing a rare emergency directive requiring airlines to inspect fan blades on 737 long service engines within 20 days. it comes after a broken fan blade on the left engine of the southwest flight 1380 caused the deadly explosion killing jennifer reardon who was nearly sucked out of the plane. >> everybody breathe, we are almost there! >> reporter: cfm international which makes the engines says the directive affects 352 engines in
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the u.s. and 681 worldwide. airlines say they inspected more than 150 already. the manufacturer says those inspections should be repeated roughly every two years. after a similar incident in 2016 also on a southwest jet the faa originally proposed inspecting 220 of the heavily used engines. they never finalized that directive. >> finally after 20 months the faa found a reason to unclog this but ro -- mess. it's the death of ms. reardon that did it. >> reporter: meanwhile, southwest releasing this video overnight showing it's already accelerated its own inspections of the engines ahead of today's announcement. >> putting out their own images. linzie janis with us live. you have a copy of the directive there. the faa is worried this could happen again. what are they looking for? >> wear and tear on the fan blades similar to what they saw
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on flight 1380. the faa saying they're calling for these inspects because they believe the problem could exist or develop on other engines of the same type. david. >> linzie janis on this story tonight. thank you linzie. we're learning more about the deaths of two sheriff deputies in florida. shot while on duty and killed as they ate lunch in a restaurant. victor oquendo on the scene for us tonight. >> reporter: tonight, our first look inside the restaurant where two florida deputies were gunned down. cups and napkins still on the table, two bullet holes in the window, blood stains too graphic to show. >> both deputies were on duty they were in uniform. those two heroes walked in there to have a meal together and they were ambushed. >> reporter: investigators say they still don't know why the shooter entered the ace china restaurant and opened fire. identified as 59-year-old john highnote. police say they found him dead inside his car from a self-inflicted gun shot wound. investigators say the shooter parked around the corner, walked up to this restaurant went inside and opened fire. authorities today at his home searching for a motive.
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the windows boarded up, the garage door apparently blown out. police say they don't believe either deputy had a relationship with highnote. >> the gilchrist county sheriff's office had no idea what drove this man to this cowardly act. blue flags honoring the two fallen officers flying throughout trenton, florida. 29-year-old veteran sergeant noel ramirez, leaving behind a wife and two children. and 25-year-old deputy taylor lindsey on the force for more than three years. the sheriff calling them the best of the best. >> victor joins us outside the restaurant. where the shooting took place. victor, i know it's a very close-knit community and they want answers tonight. >> the gilchrist sheriff has less than 30 deputies on the forest. they're taking it hard. we're told they weren't enfielding calls today. neighboring law enforcement agencies have stepped into help. >> thank you victor. when national walk outs were planned students demanding help on gun violence in schools,
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another school shooting. students barricading themselves in classrooms. s.w.a.t. teams arriving to free them. tonight our first look at the 19-year-old suspect and all of this came just as they were preparing to demonstrate at that school. here's abc's steve osunsami tonight. >> put your hands up, put your hands up. >> reporter: listen closely, and you can hear the panic today as police cleared classrooms. >> you're safe. everything is fine. >> is anybody hurt? >> reporter: students at forest high school in central florida were just about to join their peers across the country, walking out of school to protest gun violence, when the issue hit home. just after 8:30 a.m. police say 19-year-old sky bouche who didn't attend classes here, managed to get into the main building with a gun and open fire on a 17-year-old student. >> anything you want to say to him or his family? >> sorry. >> reporter: school resource officer deputy jim long was there in three minutes and took the accused gunman into custody. >> that man in my eyes was a hero.
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>> reporter: in classrooms across the school, this was not a drill. they piled everything they could find against doors. >> forest is on lockdown right now. >> reporter: parents were told to pick their children up at a nearby church. mothers and fathers were crying. police report that the student who was shot did not suffer life-threatening wounds. again, this is happening on a day when students were walking out of school to protest gun violence. david. >> steve osunsami, thank you. james comey's controversial memos now made public. many details we hadn't heard before. among them the president's concern about his first national security adviser michael flynn, that he lacked judgment. here's jonathan karl tonight. >> reporter: 15 pages of meticulous description, written in real time, detailing the interactions of a president and an fbi director. james comey wrote the first one the day he met the president-elect, briefing him at trump tower. >> i just wanted to get it done
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and get out of there. >> reporter: as soon as he got back to his car, comey started typing. noting, "i wrote this less than five minutes after the meeting and have tried to use actual words spoken." he recounts briefing trump on the so-called steele dossier that claimed the russians had videotaped trump with prostitutes in moscow. comey writes, "trump interjected, 'there were no prostitutes. there were never prostitutes.'" in a later meeting at the white house, comey writes "the president said 'the hookers thing' is nonsense but that putin had told him 'we have some of the most beautiful hookers in the world.'" the russians deny that conversation ever took place. the comey memos also recount the now famous meeting in the oval office where the president allegedly urged his fbi director to go easy on fired national security advisor michael flynn, telling comey, "i hope you can let this go." but in another memo, comey writes that trump "has serious reservation about mike flynn's judgment." he says trump was infuriated flynn waited days to inform him
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that a foreign leader, who's name is redacted, had called to congratulate him on his inauguration. >> let's get to jon karl from west palm beach. jon, you reported the name of the foreign leader who called to congratulate president trump was redacted. tonight you've learned who it was. >> i'm told it was vladimir putin. because of the delay he didn't get a call back from president trump for six days. according to comey the president told him if he had to wait six days for a return call, he would be very upset. david. >> jon karl, thanks to you. meantime the democratic party with a new line of attack to hold russia and others accountable for meddling in the election. their own lawsuit claiming the conspirery, is russians, the wikileaks and the trump campaign that conspired to hurt their party and their candidate hillary clinton.
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tonight the president's team firing back. here's mary bruce. >> reporter: the democratic party tonight is launching its own legal attack against the president. alleging that russia, the trump campaign, and wikileaks conspired to damage hillary clinton and tilt the presidential election to donald trump. >> wikileaks, i love wikileaks. >> reporter: calling it "an act of unprecedented treachery," the dnc lawsuit pieces together previously known reports. ranging from contacts between close associates of the trump campaign and russian officials, to wikileaks' hack of the dnc's emails and their leak of damaging information. >> it's been amazing what's coming out on wikileaks. another one came in today. this wikileaks it's like a treasure trove. >> reporter: the multi-million dollar suit does not name president trump, but it does go after his inner circle, including his son and son-in-law. if the case moves forward, the president and his top aides could be forced to answer questions under oath. >> so let's get to mary bruce live in washington tonight. mary, the trump campaign and now the president responding moments ago. >> the trump campaign tonight is calling this a sham lawsuit and the president just tweeting saying this can be good news in
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that he will counter. democrats clearly eager to have their day in court. many of these trump aides are tied up in the special counsel's probe meaning any depositions could be a ways away. >> mary bruce live tonight. mary, thank you. overseas tonight what could be a glimmer of hope for a journalist kidnapped in syria six years ago. two senior officials telling abc news tonight that new intelligence suggest that austin tice may be alive. we have reported he was kidnapped in 2012. while covering a military group that opposed the assad regime. the fbi tonight offering a $1 million reward for information leading to his return home. next here to a diane sawyer investigation. we've been reporting on the me too movement in the country. for months diane's team asking what about the women across the country working in restaurants and hotels and the jobs that keep this country going. tonight hear their eye opening and honest descriptions of what they've endured.
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>> housekeeping. >> reporter: there is a silent, invisible force of workers tonight. messages from room cleaners, housekeepers asking us to tell their story. >> every time that i'm going to the room, i say, "oh my god, what's going to happen today?" >> reporter: one and a half million of them, 88% female. they tell us for every one who speaks, so many more are just too afraid of getting fired. >> completely naked and told me welcome. >> he took off his robe. >> reporter: we met esthela, who says we have no idea what housekeepers face. telling us about one male guest who asked her for extra towels. >> i ring the bell many times. nobody. i was like he's not here. i get the towels, fold them nicely, put them in the bathroom. >> reporter: he was waiting there. >> he was nude. i said what? my legs were shaking. >> reporter: she said she got a sense some people thought she was overreacting. >> the problem is the guests
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think we're included in the hotel price. >> reporter: this is jetmira, who shows us the daily athletic challenge. >> we have to do 14 rooms a day and 14 bathrooms. it's very, very hard work. >> reporter: she follows her training to knock three times, speak loudly, never surprise a guest. she admits to being wary on what's on the other side. >> you have a guest half naked and is just waiting behind the door, and you don't know -- >> reporter: and it was not an accident? >> no, it's not an accident. >> reporter: jetmira now has a new tool for protection, a panic button. and says now she feels safe. >> we can put it in our pocket, and nobody can see it. >> reporter: we found out it works. in minutes the security chief barrels up to the door.
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>> we were just testing it. >> okay. it works. >> it worked. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> reporter: but as of tonight only about 2% of hotel workers have panic buttons. >> this is one powerful hour. later tonight diane peeling back a middle america, a special edition of "20/20" right here. much more ahead, the stunning headline the famous performer dying at the age of 28. also the fugitive grandmother we've been reporting on. tonight hear the audio asking how to get to the next state and where she was captured. new images of prince in his final hours. the major question being asked tonight. honoring the life of barbara bush. hundreds of mourners paying their respects. the surprise they did not expect. you can see former president george h.w. bush waiting to greet them. we'll be right back. we'll be right back. ♪ for all the noses that stuff up around daisies.
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we'll turn to the fugitive grandmother possibly facing the death penalty. she's wanted in two murders. lois riess leading police on a nationwide manhunt for nearly a month now. tonight you'll hear the audio and where she was captured. here's abc's marcus moore. >> reporter: you'd hardly know from her smile, but lois riess was one of the most wanted fugitives in the country. on the run for nearly a month. last night, a manager at a restaurant in south padre island, texas spotted the 56 year-old grandmother. u.s. marshals cuffing her without incident at this neighboring restaurant. and that smile? barely diminished. >> she looks like anybody's mother or grandmother, yet she's an absolute cold-blooded murderer. >> would you take 35 south just to keep going on down to the next state? >> reporter: riess' initial getaway plans seemingly captured at this gas station, right after, police say, she shot and killed her husband, david, in minnesota. later spotted at this iowa casino, authorities believe the alleged gambling addict then drove to fort myers, florida,
5:49 pm
befriending pamela hutchinson. allegedly murdering the 59-year-old who police described as a look-alike and taking her credit cards and id. police say riess also stole hutchinson's white acura seen in this surveillance video. allegedly using it to travel to south texas where a deadly cross-country run from justice came to an end just miles from mexico. and tonight, as the charges mount against her, riess could end up facing the death penalty. david? >> thank you very much. when we come back the major headline tonight. the famous performer dying at the age of 28. and newly released video of prince walking into his doctor's office less than 24 hours before his death. tonight the new question. honor barbara bush. so many lining up. right there with them her husband of 73 years, the former president. her husband of 73 years, the former president. bush. so many lining up. not caused by a heart valve problem. but no matter where i ride, i go for my best. so if there's something better
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24 hours before his death. his body discovered the next morning dying from an overdose. authorities believe he didn't know he was taking counterfeit vicodin laced with fentanyl. they still don't know who provided the pills. >> a passing to note, a famous performer, the d.j. avicii has died. at 28. ♪ >> the swedish d.j. was known for his electric dance music. he was known all over the world. his publicist said he was found dead. his real name was tim bergling. he was just 28. celebrating and honoring barbara bush. her casket at st. martin church in houston. there with so many former president george h.w. bush greeting the mourners as they paid respects. many women mothers and daughters wearing her signature pearls as a tribute to her. the funeral for barbara bush takes place tomorrow. we'll cover it right here on abc. when we come back tonight a
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you'll ask... what pain? with advil finally tonight our person of the week. a fourth grade girl and her call for help. >> reporter: this is 10-year-old cassidy from scranton, pennsylvania. this is the video she posted online. she writes i'm in fourth grade i started getting bullied in first grade. she said she told the school, but the bullying hasn't stopped. kids don't want to go near me. when i sit at a lunch table the kids get up. even spilling their milk on here. she writes i feel so alone. i feel like i have no one. it hurts. soon after posting the video she was no longer alone.
5:58 pm
people began reaching out to her from all over the country, all over the world including the yankees with their own messages. players finishing each other's sentences. we may be older than you, taller than you, we want you to know we look up to you. aaron judge saying you're not alone. count the new york yankees among your friends. aaron hicks you can sit next to us at lunch any time. tonight cassidy and her family telling us since the yankees posted that video, the bullying has subsided. all those players saying we've got your back. tonight cassidy with a message to the new york yankees and everyone else who cared. >> thank you so much. it means a lot to me. >> reporter: after the yankees and the invite to lunch to meet the team the manager saying see ya soon. we are all rallying around
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