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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 8, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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tiler. thanks for joining us. let's get a quick look at the weather. >> good morning everybody. i'll take over for the rest of the morning. you can see there's a little bit of cloud cover developing along the coast on live doppler 7. nothing falling from the clouds. the thing you notice when you step outside, temperatures just a little bit cooler in some areas. look at san francisco, 8 degrees cooler. so where does that put us in san francisco about 55.
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60s around hayward, and 49 the cool spot in santa rosa. we have some late arriving clouds trying to take over but they won't get far in your accuweather 12-hour planner. you can see a lot of sunshine, even at the coast, where you stay mainly in the low 60s this afternoon. 74 to 80 arn the bay. almost as warm as it was yesterday and at 7:00 still 74 to 81. we'll talk about how long the heat is going to last coming up. >> developing news out of thailand, it is a race against the rain this morning as the operation to rescue those 12 boys and their soccer coach is now under way. this is a live picture of the road leading to the cave. the first boy could emerge in two hours around 7:00 this morning our time.
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abc news foreign correspondent james longman has the story. >> reporter: we're ready says the governor. today is d-day for our operation. facing a spleeted air supply and the threat of rains, after two weeks, rescuers have gun their operation to free 12 soccer players and their coach. it will take five hours to reach the boys and six to bring them back, including an hour's break. each of the boys will go on what's called a body do i haved, hauled one by one. crews have widened the tunnels and hope the boys can avoid putting their surface. the first leg will be the most challenging. the rest of the journey will be on foot walking through muddy areas. the first boy could emerge today around 10:00 a.m. eastern and the operation is likely to last
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for days. officials saying the boys know this is difficult time for the parents who have waited 16 days for their boys to come home. but the boys are not out of danger yet. james longman, abc news thailand. developing news now on the wildfires burning across our state. three of the largest and most destructive are burning in san diego county, siskiyou county and one in santa barbara county. here's the severity of the wildfire season so far. this map shows at least 12 wildfires are burning in the state. those fires combined have charred 199 square miles of land. the only one burning in the bay area is in napa and yolo
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countys. wildfires currently burning have destroyed 85 buildings, including several homes. and one push h push ha push ha s klamathon fire. cornell bernard has more on how bay area firefighters are assisting in the effort. >> reporter: a major fire fight is on in siskiyou county where the klamathon fire has burned more than 33 square miles marching across statement lines into oregon. >> active fire behavior yesterday and the fire more than doubled in size yesterday. so a significant amount of smoke. >> reporter: captain bill murphy is on the front lines along with resources from marine county. cal fire says one resident, still unidentified was killed in the town of hornbrook. 15 structures have been destroyed, hundreds of residents
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have been told to reevacuate. >> making a quick run north erly, that's why we're doing full evacuation notices. >> reporter: to the south, a wind driven fire erupted overnight, the holiday fire has burned and forced evacuations in the town of go lee a. in san diego county, at least five homes have burned in the county of alpine. these firefighters escaping to safety when they nearly became trapped by the flames. >> we tried to get what we could, we got some dogs, a couple tt the portant thin. >> reporter: firefighters say so many fires early in the season is a scary reality.
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>> the number of fires we've seen has become -- i won't say the new normal, it's just become normal. new this morning, fremont police released more imagines of a man they said is at the center of several indecent exposure cases. he's believed to be connected to crimes dating back to may. police say in some cases he drove off in a newer model cadillac four door white suv. a san jose man accused of luring and sexually assaulting a 16-year-old boy is in jail this morning. police arresd 34-year-old tongue -- then pushed him his van and sexually assaulted him. police say voe is a registered
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sex offender. day seven, protesters remain outside i.c.e. headquarters this morning. they're calling for the agency to be abolished. the agency has been around for 15 years, established after the 9/11 attacks. >> maybe things weren't perfect without it but it could go. >> similar protests popped up around the county, demonstrations occurred in kentucky yesterday. the san francisco protesters say they plan to stay indefinitely. the sonoma county sheriff's department is trying to figure out who planted a device yesterday at 11:00 in the morning. they called in the bomb squad to handle the situation, no one was
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hurt, the beach reopened an hour and a half later. we could learn wednesday when campmater would reopen. it's closed following a virus outbreak that left more than two dozen people sick. the camp is near yosemite national park. the department had to cancel one six-day camp session for a thorough cleaning, and on wednesday, county health officials will decide if it can reopen for a new session that starts in a week. today's your final chance to visit the alameda fair. the final concert features the band war. their hits include "why can't we be friends" if you're a member of the military you can get in free today, you just need proof of service. tickets are $15 for adults for everybody else. the fair is open 11:00 to 11:00. mike and i are friends and
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h he's here to talk about the weather. >> we'll talk more about how hot it's going to be at the alameda county fair. we have clouds creeping in and slightly cooler weather this morning. will it mean a dramatic drop this afternoon. we'll look at that coming up next. sun glass scams, michael finny explains what you need to know before buying your next pair of shades. oakland is in the spotlight in a new
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disabilities. john travolta's other brother runs the camp. we have more. >> reporter: welcome to a summer camp for extraordinary minds. >> this gets the juices flowing and it kind of brings everybody together and the kids love it. >> reporter: a 10-minute workout helps to improve their memory and thinking skills. dancing runs in the family. the founder of the camp joey travolta happens to be john's older brother. before getting into movies, travolta was a special education teacher. now during the summers he leads a camp called future explores. students spend two weeks making short films. this is tim's fourth year. this year he likes the animation studio. >> he's the best guy you will
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ever imagine. they have one of the one greatest animation they can put in. >> reporter: they learn about lighting, camera work, acting and voice. >> the social and life skills that come out of film making -- >> reporter: after this camp all of their work is shown at a red carpet event in liver more at the vine cinema. for these kids and young adults it's an unforgettable moment. >> the kids like seeing themselves on the big screen and it's a great night. >> reporter: they're now pushing for them to work as interns in the music city. >> they have the skills. >> reporter: they know educating people about what these young people can do helps open many doors. oakland's movie scene continues to surge with a new home grown film now in theatres. "sorry to bother you" is the
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name. it's a comedy about work life and privilege, an alternate uni verse of oakland. it's reached an incredible 94% on rotten tomatoes. it debuted in limited release friday night, earning $275,000. it's expected to approach $700,000 over all this weekend. that's not bad for a half dozen theatres. it goes nationwide next weekend. look at this video and a photo, the plaster county sheriff's office tweeted. a huge bare came out from under a house in lake tahoe. deputies say people ran after it trying to get a picture. the twitter post came with the warning, bears are wild animals. people are lucky this one did not attack. your accuweather forecast with mike nico.
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>> that would be scary. a little clearing here, this is some patchy fog across the south bay. you'll need the sunglasses and sun screen, 60s at the coast and 90s inland. low to moderate heat risk today. tracking some monsoon moisture later this week. let me show you that. you can see how it's going. there's high pressure over the central part of the country and you can see it trying to back that moisture into california. it'll do it down in so cal. it's when it makes it here. we're waking up partly cloudy in san francisco, 57. we'll hit the upper 60s in many neighborhoods around the coast. for the east bay, look at that
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sunshine to start. 60. we'll top out in the 70s in most neighborhoods. we could get to 82 in castro valley. about 85 in orinda. the opiniopeninsula -- >> this is an abc news special report. t thailand rescue, race against time. >> good morning i'm dan harris in new york. we're breaking into network programming to give you the greatewwof the boys from that cave in thailand have been brought out and they are alive t weakest boys out first. matt gutman was on the ground. what can you tell us about those two boys that have been rescued alive? >> reporter: we know they're in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. we don't know anything about their condition. but we have seen the frenzied
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activity here. about 1,000 yards up that dirt road is the entrance to the cave. those two boys coming out in separate ambulances spaced a couple minutes apart. a tremendous freen si here, especially among the reporters. you can imagine the feeling as we now know two of these soccer players are out of there. we saw another ambulance going in, so hopes are there is a third extracted soon. >> they're coming out in groups of four, can you tell us the protocol here? >> reporter: each one of the children, the young men, is being brought out with two buddy divers, they'll assist them throughout the entire journey. some of the way they have to dive and i suppose have dived, going underwater for short period of times. we know crews have been working
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around the clock to level out the top of the cave and give them breathing room and let them float. we know this is an arduous journey throughout the snaking cave that's three miles or thereabouts -- >> we may have lost the audio connection. so let's go to james longman. james, we were listening to matt talk there about this rescue in process. while it is great news that two boys, we have confirmed -- abc news has confirmed, have been brought out alive, what makes this news even cheerier, is we've been told that they're starting with the weakest boys. so if they're able to get the weakest boys out, doesn't that give us some optimism about the rest of the team and the coach? >> reporter: absolutely, dan. that is the thing that everyone here is thinking. i can't tell you the
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anticipation we have been feeling here in the jungle watching this road behind me. when those ambulances came out, the shock here was just extraordinary. we knew it was coming. but remember, when we first arrived here in thailand, we thought these boys were missing, presumed dead, now the weakest among them, as you say, have now been found. we watched as the ambulances flickered through the night, the first and second very slowly to in this case sure their precious cargo was okay inside. we understand they made their way to a hospitelicopter and te the hospital. we should urge caution, this is a long way to go. two out, but now the rest of the team and their soccer coach still waiting. >> two boys have made it out, we have ten more boyfriends and the coach remaining. the boys have been there for 16
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days. they're weak. but they said they're ready for the missions, the rains are coming, the monsoons are coming which is why they had to do this now. we know they were escorted out by navy seals but this operation is going to take quite sometime, correct? >> reporter: yes, the operation to begin this rescue began at 10:00 a.m. local time and we're well into the evening here in thailand. we understood the journey to get to where they were, some of them still remain, was five hours possibly. so the rescue divers have to get there, get them, get them ready, talk to them, get them in the right frame of mind and then bring them out. so we understand this could take three, possibly four days to complete. that tunnel, most of it, is still submerged in water. the big issue was always the water level. they've pumped out gallons of
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water to bring it down and now their hand was forced because of the bad weather but it seems the hope is alive because the weakest have been brought out and seem to be on their way to the hospital. we don't know their condition but we're all praying. >> just great news. we're hearing reports that there may be more that have made it out of the tunnel. let's go back to matt. matt, what can you tell us? >> reporter: i've just confirmed that there are going to be four of those young boys, they are the weakest of the 12 who are going to be brought out tonight. minues ago when we spoke earlier i saw a third ambulance go in and seconds ago another ambulance made its way up that hill, that is good news. there are a number of places and chambers inside the cave where the boys and divers can rest and get a medical checkup. the fact they are ready to transport them to a hospital is good news.
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in addition to that, the fact that they actually made it out is great because it tells us they are strong enough to do it and as you guys have all mentioned that the rest of them are more fit and able to finish this job. people are very excited here. we talked about the possible problems inside the cave, the complicatio complications, aside from the water and the ceilings, we're in a cave today, those rocks are incredibly sharp but in addition to that, there's been this decreasing level of oxygen in the cave. right now it's about 17%. the content of oxygen in the air you exhale, it's not something you want to breathe for too long. that's why they're eager to get them out as quickly and as safely as possible. >> a tremendous achievement. an enormous amount of planning involved here. let's go to the hospital now where the boys andheir coach
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will be brought once they're all out. the four boys we believe are out at this time are en route or at least some of them are en route. adrienne bankart is right there. what can you tell us? >> reporter: we have confirmed with a police spokesperson from the hospital here on scene, as well as the u.s. state department that two of the boys have been treated by field me digs and are on their way to want helicopter. we have crews there on scene. that held pad is about a 1 to kilometers trip. right behind us here the roads continue to be closed as they akuwait those ambulances. one ambulance is assigned to each boy. they'll arrive at one helicopter that will transport the two children heret e enth c for days and weeks here with
5:24 am
i'm sure tears of joy elated there's good news to report on this story that the world is watching. >> that is right. elation well deserved. i just want to clarify again, abc has learned the breaking news that two of the 12 boys have been taken out of that cave in thailand. we're hearing reports that two more may be close to making their way out. a great piece of news but much more to be done. >> we want to return you to your regular programming. which for many of you will bedn cover the story here throughout the day. thank you for joining us on this special report. >> annou special report from abc news. and as you just heard inws thailand, that very complicated rescue operation is under way to free those 12 boys and their
5:25 am
soccer coach from that cave. two of the boys, said to be the weakest, have been rescued. two buddy divers, navy seals, went in and helped them along this three-mile trek. they're out, in the blaambulanc on the way to the hospital. we don't know their condition but they are alive. two more boys are expected to be released from that cave, rescued later on today. we will be following this all morning long and
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recalling this splish splash baby wash because it may contain a bacteria that may make you sick. 814020 on the back of the bottle is the impacted number. if you have this, you can return it for a refund. still to come on abc 7 mornings, we are staying on top of breaking news, two boys rescued from that cave in thailand, 12 boys and their coach have been trapped for two weeks. we have the latest on the continued rescue efforts up next. also a hit and run investigation. what police are
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>> announcer: good morning east bay. let's get up and ge get up and e
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welcome back, everyone. we're starting with a look of the weather. >> let's look at the temperatures. quite a range this morning. from 49 in santa rosa to brentwood at 67. most of us in the mid to upper 50s when you step outside. a little bit cooler than this time yesterday. we have a little bit of a sea breeze developing. you can see at sfo the wind at 14, livermore at 12. and you can see the grayness along the coast. that is the cloud deck that is starting to spill across san francisco. as we look from sutro tower. you can barely see the sales force tower. we'll start off mostly sunny to mostly cloudy at the coast. mostly sunny everywhere else. notice we stay in the mid -- i say the upper 50s to lower 60s
5:32 am
at the coast. 73 to 79 manageable around the bay. 91 is going to be a little hot inland. we'll look at the cooling trend coming up in the accuweather forecast. great news this morning. breaking news out of thailand, two boys are now out of that cave that they've been trapped in for two weeks. this is video just in to our news room. two ambulances left the cave entrance moments ago. the rescue began last night. we're told two more boys are almost out. it could take two to four days to get all of them. there were 12 in all, plus their soccer coach, to safety. it's not clear what condition the boys are in right now. here is a closer look at how rescuers are getting the boys out. each of them will go on what's being called a buddy dive, especially divers hauling them through tunnels, sometimes only
5:33 am
as wide as manhole covers. >> reporter: can guarantee someone will have their hands on those boys every step of the way coming out of the cave. >> over the past several days, divers have been teaching the boys to dive, some are learning the basics of swimming for the first time. we'll bring you more on this breaking news as it comes in. two boys out of the caves and two more on their way. police need your help involved in a hit and run that has left a man in grave condition. the crash happened around 12:40 yesterday morning. police say the man was riding his bike when a car hit him and took off. witnesses describe that car as a dark four door early 2004 crown victoria, similar to this one. investigators say it could be a former police or security car
5:34 am
because it has police-style spotlights on it. oakland police are investigating a double shooting that's left one person dead. it happened after 10:00 last year in the area of 102nd avenue and international boulevard. police say the victims were adults, a man and woman, they have not said which one died. officers don't have any information about a suspect or a possible motive. an antiviolence rally in oakland, abc 7 news was at 34th and chestnut street as it happened yesterday. carol ferguson's son was shot to ray show support for other parents who have lost their children. >> it's not about my son. it's all about all kids. it's about all lives. it's about all it's time to make a change and the time is now. i'm tired, fed up, enough is
5:35 am
enough. ferguson is the founder of the moore foundation. you see the mayor hugging her there. no one has been arrested in the killing of ferguson's son. we're learning more about the two women shot and killed in antioch last week, a mother and her adult daughter. police are still looking for suspects. >> reporter: what was first thought to be fourth of july fireworks turned out to be deadly gun fire in antioch. >> it's been hard, especially at night to sleep, because it's kind of like still in the back -- back of your head knowingha someo awa fro round4:30 in the morning on july 5th someone shot and killed, 55-year-old valinda scott and her 28-year-old daughter, milan ardoin. >> they're quiet, nice people.
5:36 am
wouldn't bother anybody. >> reporter: a colleague posted on social media she's quite and helped everybody. he asked the police if the neighborhood should be concerned about safety. >> they said it was more like a family thing. >> reporter: the police are asking anyone with information to call them or text a tip to crimes, key word antiocantioch. we're waiting for an update on the condition of a 2-year-old boy who fell out of a second story window in antioch yesterday. firefighters say he was unconscious when they arrived a. a helicopter rushed him to a pediatric trauma center. it appears the boy climbed on a dresser, opened the window and
5:37 am
fell through the screen to the gound below. napa county officials have lifted some evacuation orders. the fire has burned 22,000 acres it's 22% contained. firefighters are battling 12 fires throughout the state. will carr has more on efforts to stop the growing flames. >> reporter: wildfires raging across a scorching hot west, at least 30 fires burning in nine states. california now a baking tinder box. the governor has issued a state of emergency in santa barbara county. the holiday fire incinerating everything in its path, destroying at least 20 homes and buildings. winds pushing embers from home to home. thousands forced to evacuate in the dead of night, some returning home to find nothing left.
5:38 am
others spared. >> the only thing we lost was our potting shed so we're fortunate. >> reporter: firefighters waging war against the blaze in triple digit heat. just to the west, the fire leveling homes, leaving those next door untouched. >> we decided to put it in trash bags if we tried to get what we could and get out. >> reporter: michelle mcdonald was supposed to get married in one of the homes, she managed to grab her dress but left everything else behind. in northern california, the fires turning deadly, killing one person and destroying at least 40 buildings. >> reporter: president trump expected to announce his next supreme court nominee tomorrow. trump adviser on judicial nominees and senate committee member will appear on this week.
5:39 am
you can watch "this week" with george stephanopoulos at 8:00 this morning. still ahead, something to bond over. the annual event bringing together dog owners, getting involved the special recognition for leaders in one east bay program. and here's a live look from our sutro tower, lots of fog there. is that the sales force tower trying to peak through all those clouds. we have some really warm, even hot temperatures recently. what does this week have in store? mike nico has the accuweather forecast
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the city of oakland recognized its ambassadors, the program is part of oakland promise, which trains students, teachers and other leaders to engage in the community. it also helps them grow professionally and comes with all kinds of little perks as a reward for their commitment paul manafort -- commitment. currently there are 60 ambassadors. celebrate your pup at the three-legged dog picnic. all dogs are welcome. they have created a space for owners and their dogs to meet others in the community. adoptable pets will also be there. the picnic starts at 11:30 this morning. >> i was in home depot yesterday, a three-legged dog comes rolling by just as happy and fun and spry as can be.
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he got all the attention. >> so cute. >> he looked like he was having a great time. do you want to talk about weather? >> a little bit, i think so. let's look and open up the weather window. let me talk about being outside today. going to the pool or the lake or somewhere, a little breezy on the bay, but no craft advisory. the beach hazard we had, it's gone. so the dangerous surf is not what it was yesterday. that's good news. >> that's very good. thank you, mike. also ahead what would you be willing to sacrifice to catch the foul ball ofglover.
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let's check out sports both bay area baseball teams are hoping to get a series win after today's game. the a's are up first against cleveland. the first pitch at 10:10 this morning. then the giants take on the cardinals at at&t park. the giants could not walk away yesterday with a win. mindy bach has the highlights. >> good morning everyone. the shark returned to the mound at at&t on saturday for his first start since unfortunatanik out. so alen hanson got the start at 2nd. spar ja worked through a tight shoulder, perfect in the first
5:47 am
two innings in the fourth, pain ya puts a flare over it. in the fourth, bottom of the inning, brandon crawford fouls it into the stands. what would you sacrifice to catch this ball? this fan was willing to lose one container of fries but able to keep the second. belt finally gets the giants on the board. but the giants can do no more. slater swings away to end it, every day prepared to play. and sometimes you hit teams with good pitching along the way and that happens. so our guys are going to keep playing, keep pitching too. >> he did a great job today. it'll be huge to have the guys
5:48 am
back in our rotation and next time around we can get them some run support. the a's in cleveland look out for the foul ball. smashed the camera lens. jed lowery doing smashes of his own. a two-run shot pulls the a's within one of cleveland. his 15th home run of the year. next up, the man they call crush davis. that's chris davis's first home run since june 14th. ties it up. the indians have the winning run on first in the ninth but lieu trevino getting the easy come back. we go to extra inning. cot to d damage. they take a 6-3 win. today see the country's best beach volleyball players here. it takes place at piers 30 and
5:49 am
32. 16 teams are competing for a $150,000 purse. plenty of players have ties taking part, including kary a cook. >> it means so much playing here already is amazing. and i look over and see everybody from santa cruz and hear people yelling about sanford, so i'm kind of like yay. it's awesome. >> looks like a lot of fun. the giants close out their series at home with madison bumgarner on the mound. we hope you will join us at 5:00. now your accuweather forecast with mike nico. starting with the golden gate bridge you see it's hazy but most of the cloud cover hasn't made that turn. it will become sunny and
5:50 am
seasonal everywhere today. patchy clouds tonight enter a cooling trend, and slight chance of showers as the monsoon backs up towards us from the middle parts to the weekend. we can use some showers. at 7:00 this morning you can see the cloud cover along the coast. maybe a if you have clouds lining up along the east bay shore. they don't last long. we'll see them dissipate greatly during the afternoon hours. start down in the second base we have 82 in mill pea's. 87 in san jose. 80 today in santa cruz. a 10 degree spread on the peninsula from 74 in mill bray to redwood city 84. along the coast, south san francisco about 74. going to the game this afternoon, take something to protect your eyes and skin from
5:51 am
the sunshine. mid to upper 60s as we try get one came off the cardinals. we'll have temperatures in the low to mid 90s. along the east bay shore in the 70s. a few exceptions in the low to mid 80s. and air conditioning weather continues in the east bay valleys mid to upper 90s. in brentwood, your they are mom tefr could hit triple digits. the alameda county fair starts in the upper 70s. good sleeping weather tonight, most of us in the 50s once again. some 60s out highway 4. you can see some clo lining up along the coast. let's look at the seven day forecast. you'll see the temperatures
5:52 am
remain pretty seasonal. maybe a little bit cooler, but it's also going to get a little more humid, remember how humid it was friday? we could have that same humidity hit us about tuesday into ens and thursday with that monsoon moisture. and then friday and saturday the sea breeze kicks in and that's going to bring our temperatures a little below average. >> i don't like the look of those 90s. >> no? >> no. that's not my kind of weather. towards the end of the week better. >> good thing you're in san francisco today. >> exactly. coming up next, netflix mixes a feature you may not have
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it's a desktop only feature. up next, new surveillance pictures of a man police think may be involved in more than one crime. what he's accused of doing and where. your final day to visit the alameda county fair, the band hitting the stage and who can get into the grounds for free.
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>> announcer: now from abc 7 live breaking news. breaking news out of
6:00 am
thailand this morning. four of the 12 boys trapped in a cave with their coach for two weeks have safe and on their way to the hospital. ambulances were seen pulling away from the cave entrance within the last hour. we have the latest on this and the continued effort to rescue the other boys and their coach coming up. again, four have been pulled to safety. good morning everyone, i'm carol carolyn tiler, thanks for joining us. we'll start with our meteorologist mike nico in for lisa. here's a look at what's going on. temperatures cooler thanks to dryer air to six degr


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