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tv   World News Now  ABC  July 9, 2018 2:30am-4:00am PDT

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good morning. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm maggie rulli in for diane macedo. phase two of a delicate mission is expected to get under way in thailand today to save the rest of the soccer team trapped deep inside a cave. the doctors are still evaluating the first four who made it out safely. we'll have a full report ahead. the president's latest prime time event comes up tonight. this time he reveals his choice for supreme court justice. staffers have been told to stay quiet to try to keep the selection under wraps. at least one person is dead and the pilot missing after a helicopter crashed in a townhouse complex in virginia. multiple agencies are probing what caused the crash. and leaps to honor a legend in las vegas no less.
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travis pastrana channels his inner evel knievel. those are some of our top stories on this monday, july 9. >> from abc news, this is world news now. we're going to start with the excruciating wait for the boys trapped in the cave. >> the same divers who rescued the first four are set to go back in because they already know their way around the dangerous tunnels. >> so each person brought to safety wore a full face mask and was escorted out by two divers. one in the front with an oxygen tank and one behind for support. >> now rescuers are facing another race against time to get nine others out before more monsoon rain hits the area. julia cho has the latest. >> reporter: the first critical stage of the dangerous rescue
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operation a success. we see the wild boars the governor announcing. the divers making their way through the flooded passageways. the first of the boys finally freed from the cave where they have been trapped for more than two weeks. >> how many are you? 13. brilliant. >> reporter: arriving at the hospital with a military escort. the entire eighth floor of that hospital dedicated to their treatment. rescue teams now continuing their work, resupplying the tunnels with oxygen so divers can bring more of those trapped boys to safety. these boys are strong, the governor said. they have been briefed on the plan and are ready to come out. rescuers have been bringing the boys food, water and medical supplies, hoping to build back their strength. >> to be without food and a lot of water for nine days makes you pretty weak.
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so it's a period of deconditioning which the boys need to overcome. >> reporter: the boys have been learning how to swim and practicing going under water, preparing for the difficult six-hour journey out of that cave. divers using the buddy system to guide the boys out. two divers per boy, a line tethering each team together, reducing the risk of the boys getting lost in the fast-flowing dark and murky water, officials hoping the mission can be completed over the next few days before monsoon rains intensify, possibly reflooding the caves and erasing all the progress that has been made. julie cho, abc news, chiang rai thailand. >> and of course those boys will be in the hospital for some time after this. they are in need of everything from possibly exposure to diseases to ptsd. and we're going to continue to bring you the very latest on the cave rescue mission in northern
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thailand throughout the morning. the other story we're following closely throughout the morning is of course the next supreme court pick. just after 9:00 p.m. eastern tonight we'll know who president trump wants to add to the supreme court. >> sources say the list to replace justice kennedy is down to four federal appeals court judges. you see their faces there. the made-for-tv moment has a level of intrigue because it's unclear who the president will pick. here's brad mielke. >> this is one of the biggest decisions that president trump will ever make. and he says he still doesn't know who he's going to pick. abc's john santucci is with us this morning, and he goes back and forth from the west wing all the time. really, no one knows? >> the white house has a full plan that they have been prepping, briefing books, documents, binders ready to go. they even cut television ads that they have a plan to run in several states to support the nominee.
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because the president -- >> but they don't know who the nominee's going to be. >> brad, that's just it. they cut four different versions of the ad, brad, come on. we are told, brad, that they are ready to go the minute the president says this is the person. >> one person who is back on the short list, thomas hardiman, remember last time he was considered the runner-up to gorsuch. hardiman serves on the third circuit with president trump's sister who is a federal judge. sources have been telling john she has been lobbying for him over the weekend. you can hear more on "start here." check it out on apple podcast or your favorite podcasting app. >> we'll have full abc news coverage in prime time as the president announces his pick at 9:00 p.m. eastern. a senate majority leader was confronted by a group of anti-i.c.e. protesters. mitch mcconnell ignored the protesters.
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they shouted vote you out and abolish i.c.e. hundreds of protesters and supporters held dueling protests. mike pompeo is pushing back against the "gangster" diplomacy. north korea had called their meeting regrettable and very concerning. the secretary described the talks as productive. but he also says that sanctions will remain in place until kim jung-un follows through on his pledge that he made during the summit to get rid of his nuclear weapons. surveillance video has died sunday. she and a male companion were exposed to a deadly nerve agent, the same substance that were used to poison a former spy and his daughter in march. the man in the recent attack
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remains seriously ill. back here on the home front, triple digit heat is fueling wildfires out of control in a dozen western states. this 500-acre fire jumped 580, forcing the highway shutdown in both directions. the latest video shows a frightening scene, drivers blocked by what appears to be a wall of smoke. you can see it right there as that highway was trapped. just imagine being on that highway and seeing that wall of smoke. >> terrifying. switching gears to a basketball game, but it didn't go the way most games go. maybe you are upset with the referee, but this one ended in mayhem when players, officials and coaches all got into a huge brawl. >> basket brawl. so this is the end of an aau game in georgia near atlanta, of course. reports say players on the team tettke oicial after he called a technical foul.
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referees from another court ran over >> video shows one player punching, oh, my gosh, a referee in the head while he's on the ground. when that official gets up, you see another player hits him from behind. local police are investigating. this is not just you're upset with the ref, this is a brawl. >> that got ugly quick. that is an assault. coming up, we'll have the latest on the rescue mission in thailand and also the man known as i.d. adam. now he's unemployed adam. the video of his tense encounter at the pool now costing his job. and the rare he occasion when drinking on the job is actually encouraged. and we'll go behind the scenes of drunk history. first, here's a look at today's temps. temps. if you have medicare parts a and b and want more coverage. guess what? you could apply for a medicare supplement insurance plan whenever you want.
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rescued four boys are expected to be sent back underground today because they are already familiar with the dangerous conditions. it could take four days to bring the remaining nine people out. and oxygen levels are running
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low where the boys are stuck nearly three miles from the entrance of the cave. and convicted killer jodi arias is asking an appeals court to overturn her murder conviction. >> she cites the judge's failure to control news coverage that turned it into a circus-type atmosphere. she is serving a life sentence for killing alexander. he was stabbed 29 times, his throat slit and shot in the head. arias says she acted in self-defense. harvey weinstein is due in court later today to be arraigned on additional criminal charges, including allegedly committing forcing a sex act on
2:43 am
a third woman. it could result in a life prison sentence if convicted. he maintains all allegations >>a man th carolina who called police on a black woman he suspected didn't belong in a private community pool has now lost his job. >> attorney for the man shamed as i.d. adam says his client has been getting death threats. here is zachary quiche. >> reporter: the man at the center of this viral video is now out of a job. >> where does it say i have to show an i.d. to use my pool. >> reporter: this is adam bloom confronting jasmine edwards, she was hoping to enjoy the pool on the fourth of july. but bloom has serious questions over whether they should be there. >> we have a non-resident that refuses to leave. we'd be happy to have her here if she just shows some identification. >> reporter: i.d.s aren't required for the pool.
2:44 am
ms. edwards says she was targeted because of her race. but bloom's attorney says the video is misleading. he approached her at the request of another resident. and that bloom is deeply regretful that the enforcement of the rules appears to be racially motivated. what it does prove is that edwards is a resident. >> turns green and unlocks. there you go, sir. all right? >> do you want to apologize, adam, for what you did? >> reporter: this just the latest incident of white folks calling the cops on every day things. here a woman called a little girl for selling water, and in this video, a woman called police over a cookout. >> that was permit patty. >> i.d. adam. >> on friday he was called pool patrol paul, just making it up there. these are tough.
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these sort of things have some consequences, as you've seen, many of these folks have lost their jobs, including that woman in san francisco who called the cops on the 8-year-old girl who was selling water. >> he has been receiving death threats, so bad that he had to move his family out of the house. he no longer has a job. it's repetitive of what we've seen before. coming up, behind the scenes of the boozy retelling of real events. >> drunk history, that's next on "world news now." "world news now." ♪ cleaning floors with a mop and bucket is a hassle, meaning you probably don't clean as often as you'd like. test test hed surfaces tile, laminate and hardwood. and it prevents streaks and hazing better than a micro fiber strip mop, giving you a thorough clean the first time. for a convenient clean, try swiffer wetjet with a money back guarantee.
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if you don't know much about history but would like to learn some and get a little laugh, this might be for you. >> the premise, it invites comedians to get completely wasted and talk about a moment in history for actors to later lip sync to. rebecca jarvis takes us behind the scenes and under the table. >> reporter: drinking on the job is typically frowned upon. but not at this workplace. ♪ i've only just begun >> reporter: here at this airbnb in manhattan while the crew is setting up and the lights are being adjusted, this host and comedian are having a drink and then another drink and, well, you get the point. equipped with plenty of alcohol, a breathalyzer, an oxygen tank and medic, we're on the set of "drunk history."
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it involves an inebriated narrated telling history, reenacted by actors who are completely sober. lip syncing to their drunken counterparts. >> he painted this painting. he painted this, he painted this painting of lisa in florence. >> reporter: the ever-changing cast of characters has drawn stars from will ferrell to octavia spencer. >> the first time i've allowed anyone to come see how we shoot drunk history. >> reporter: it originally started as a web series. how did you come up with this? >> it started in 2009 as a one-time idea. it was based on a friend of mine who is on "the new girl." >> reporter: how do you choose which stories? >> we have a great team of researchers who search for those stories hidden in history books and we feel like this is our
2:50 am
job. >> we're going to talk about the mona lisa heist. >> hey. >> reporter: it isn't too long before things start to take a turn. >> when energy's a little low from someone after drinking, like ten minutes with the oxygen mask, and it's like gloria estefan "coming out of the dark" song. >> reporter: he wasn't lying. >> vicenzo has just stolen the mona lisa. >> reporter: these immortal words will eventually make their way across the country into on the mouth of jack black. >> lip syncing is not as easy as it looks. there's an art to it.
2:51 am
there's definitely a silent skill. i never play it drunk, you know. i always try to play it as straight as possible. taking it real seriously, as if this is really the way history went down. >> reporter: and in new york, distractions were at an all-time high. some people in history, you don't necessarily see as humans. >> right, we see them as almost biblical and fables. we humanize everybody, including people who are really drunk. >> reporter: i'm rebecca jarvis, getting my drunk history lesson in new york. >> i like the concept. >> no one would ever have a problem with that. >> jack black. it is a silent artistry.
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♪ ♪ it's like the quiet storm. welcome to the quiet storm. it was a busy weekend for the news but some very happy news for those boys in thailand. >> we also got a glimpse of what can apparently happen if you have an american accent and you move across the pond. here's your weekend rewind. >> good morning. i'm dan harris alongside paula faris. we're breaking in to tell you that two of the boys from that cave in thailand have been brought out. and they are alive and they are brought to the hospital right now. we don't know anything about their condition, but we have seen this frenzied activity here outside that checkpoint behind me. but a thousand yards up that dirt road is the entrance to the
2:56 am
cave. >> we have talked about how the weakest have exited the cave first. but the families who have been waiting for days and weeks to see what the status of their children is are elated. the trump administration is scrambling for more than a hundred children under 5. the trump administration is asking for more time. among them, 16 children who have not been matched to their parents and as many as 19 others whose parents have been released from custody, their current whereabouts unknown. this has brought the department of immigration under sharp scrutiny. >> we will never abolish i.c.e. >> a tragic, visual reminder of what can happen while these fires continue to burn.
2:57 am
>> at least 30 fires burning in nine states, from california's sun-soaked terrain now a baking tinder box. >> in chicago, an antigun violence protest shut down a major highway. >> what's up with meghan markle? you may call her the duchess of sussex. she is getting rave reviews as the newest royal. but some are hearing something different. she's getting some grief for apparently starting to sound a little british. >> it's a typical valley girl accent. >> it's slight. >> it's sounding a little brit. >> you know what, whatever. she's a duchess. >> whether it's legit or not, the accent. that's the news for this half hour. >> thanks for watching. stay with us for more news coming right up. thanks for watching "world news now."
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this morning on "world news now," the race to rescue more boys from the cave in thailand. >> hope is high after four people were rescued in a daring operation. parts of the escape route are under water or pitch-black. today's operation is truly a race against time as water in that cave is expected to rise and oxygen levels have been dangerously low. also this morning, president trump is hours away from announcing his supreme court pick. he's set to make a prime time address. what he's saying about his short list to replace justice kennedy and democrats are getting ready for a fight. sizzling temperatures are not helping firefighting efforts in the west. the holiday fire has destroyed more than a dozen homes as the east coast deals with tropical storm chris.
3:01 am
and serena faces her next opponent at wimbledon this morning but also expressing sadness over what she's missing back home. plus, the reason why wimbledon may not be the only party in town. it's monday, july 9. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> we do say good morning on a monday, and maggie rulli is back with us while diane -- >> i like that. bring those slow claps. >> maggie monday. just another maggie monday. of course diane is on vacation. >> thank you. >> good to have you here. >> always good to be back. >> we have a very, very busy morning, of course we're going to start with the risky rescue operation in northern thailand. a team of navy s.e.a.l.s. and divers, including some americans preparing to pull more boys to safety. >> we have a live shot outside that cave in thailand. the whole world is waiting to see what happens here. members of the trapped soccer
3:02 am
team were rescued sunday morning, four of them. wnpours and the threore heavy rising water. a look at the scene here. we'll have more as we go throughout the day. but it may take up to four days for the divers to go in and save the remaining boys and their coach. these boys range from 11 to 16. the first group to make it out were guided through the dark, twisted and jagged passageways filled with murky water. >> those four people who were said to be the weakest of the crew were loaded into ambulances, rushed to waiting helicopters and airlifted in the dead of night to the hospital. matt gutman has more on the treacherous conditions inside that cave. >> reporter: that rescue operation full of pitfalls. trblg over slickoc like these
3:03 am
they've hauled away boulders and used underwater drills to chip away at the cave's jagged surface. air tanks on their backs. some of the caverns are nearly submerged. the most precious cargo, exhausting crucial oxygen supplies. those giant pumps still working full throttle to drain millions of gallons a day from the cave. the water level down below constantly measured. we traveled to a nearby cave with similar structure. imagine doing this under water. now the other issue is, if this thing is filled with water, finding the actual hole is nearly impossible.nghengig boys multi-national crew of rescuers guided by ropes and the light on their headlamps as they make
3:04 am
their way through flooded passageways and narrow tunnels, much of it under water. they choreographed it for days, even practicing putting full face masks on boys the same size as those stranded athletes. divers teaching the boys how to swim and preparing to go underwater. divers using a buddy system, two divers per boy. a tether holding the team together. the idea, to reduce the risk of the boys getting lost in the fast-flowing and dark waters. the exhausting trek as long as six hours to reach the boys and nearly the same time to get out. the risks punctuated by the death of a thai navy s.e.a.l. who ran out of air in one of the flooded caverns. the local governor saying he hopes the mission can be completed in three to four days before the monsoon rains intensify, possibly reflooding the caves, erasing the progress that's allowed them to attempt
3:05 am
this rescue. divers have told me it is so murky at times they cannot see the light in front of their face. the journey this is like climbing mt. everest. imagine having suffered 16 days of starvation and this being your first dive, remarkable. matt gutman, abc news, thailand. >> the biggest concern, the rains that could cause the water in the cave to rise. and the most dangerous underwater point is about 15 inches across, so narrow that the boys have to go through it along. you can see this is where the boys are located, a long three miles to where the cave entrance is actually located.
3:06 am
and over that distance there are many, many tight areas that they have to navigate. and some people are asking, why not drill from above. experts say they haven't been able to calculate where the boys' exact location is. they can find them underground. but they can't figure out where they are from above. maggie has more on the medical concerns going forward. >> the boys who have already been rescued are being treated for physical, mental and emotional issues, including ptsd. they were treated for minor cuts and scrapes when they were found. but now that they are in the hospital, doctors are looking for signs of waterborne illnesses. for the remaining boys, rescuers are focusing on rebuilding their strength for the long and dangerous trek to safety. our team in thailand is working to collect the very latest information and we'll bring you the latest developments as we get them. on the home front, president trump is preparing for his latest prime time event.
3:07 am
the unveiling of his second pick for the supreme court. >> the president stayed quiet about his choice to replace anthony kennedy ahead of tonight's big reveal. here's david wright. >> reporter: the president getting ready to board air force one says he hasn't yet settled on the pick. >> let's say it's the four people. they're excellent. you can't go wrong. i'm getting very close to making a final decision. >> reporter: sources tell abc news the short list is down to these four judges. one of them could tip the balance on the supreme court for a generation. >> we're in an extraordinary time. this next nominee will be the swing vote to overturn roe v. wade. >> reporter: the 1973 decision that legalized abortion is just one of many issues that hangs in the balance, but it's a big one. judge brett kavanaugh was asked about it at his confirmation hearings to the d.c. court of appeals. >> i would follow roe v. wade faithfully and fully. that would be precedent of the court. >> reporter: that may be one reason why mitch mcconnell says kavanaugh may have a hard time getting confirmed.
3:08 am
raymond kethledge has never spoken publicly about his views, neither has thomas hardiman. judge coney barrett says she has no interest in challenging the overall precedent but could envision the scope of abortion rights changing. she's a devout catholic with seven children, two of them adopted from haiti. >> my personal religious beliefs would not bear on my duties as a judge. >> reporter: whoever he picks must be confirmed by the senate. >> i do think the president has to think about who is the easiest to get confirmed here. >> reporter: once the president makes his final decision, it will be up to the white house counsel's office to shepherd it through. democrats' only hope would be to flip one or two moderate republicans, but they would have
3:09 am
to keep all democrats everyone the ones from red states from breaking ranks and that is a long shot. david wright, abc news. >> sounds like it will be a fun 60 days ahead. by the way, we'll have complete coverage on abc news later in prime time as the president announces his pick at 9:00 p.m. eastern. turning now to the dangerous weather threatening millions of americans on both coasts. triple digit temperatures are helping fuel wildfires across a dozen states. and the heat, well, it's not breaking anytime soon. with las vegas and palm springs both expected to hit 106 degrees today. meanwhile, in the atlantic, remnants of tropical storm beryl. and further north, tropical storm chris should become a
3:10 am
hurricane as early as today but it is still well off the coast of the carolinas, and the only impact to the u.s. should be high surf and rip currents. we're already in the middle of hurricane season. >> we're two months from peak hurricane season. it's been busy already. in the meantime, there is one couple who lost their home in that santa barbara wildfire and has found a little happiness. >> a wildfire destroyed their home on friday night. they went back to search for what was left of laura's wedding ring. not only did they find it in the destruction, but he drops down on one knee and proposed again to his wife. spoiler alert, guess what she said. she says yes, everybody. >> they've been married eight months already. >> that's true. she's still excited about it. coming up in "the mix," the global search for a missing stuffed animal. and a video of an officer pointing his weapon at children. and we're on top of this morning's big story, the rescue operation in thailand.
3:11 am
new details ahead. you're watching "world news now." thailand. new details ahead. you're watching "world news now."
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in. they are already familiar with the conditions inside. nine people are still waiting to be rescued from an area nearly three miles from the entrance of the cave. oxygen levels are running low, and it could take up to four days to bring everyone out. the first boys were brought to safety wearing full face masks. they remain in the hospital undergoing a battery of tests. back at home, at least one person is dead after a helicopter crashed into a condo complex in virginia. >> firefighters spent several hours battling the flames. authorities are working to locate and identify the pilot in that wreckage. no word yet on what might have caused the crash. the faa and ntsb are on the scene.
3:15 am
and in texas, a tense exchange between a group of teenagers and a police officer who then pulled his gun on them. it has sparked outrage on social media. >> the exchange was posted on facebook and it's already wracked up a number of views. here's kenneth moton. >> reporter: this disturbing video and the actions of this el paso police officer under scrutiny. watch a group of children shouting at an officer who was trying to detain a teenager, his knee buried in the boy's head. the officer then pulls his weapon on the kids. the viral video was posted, capturing the profanity-laced incident. a second officer helps drag the boy into the street. the group screaming more profanity when the officer whips out his baton to try to gain control. they initially received a criminal trespassing call. but it is unclear what led to this volatile situation.
3:16 am
>> what was most disheartening was to see the children labeled and discarded. this one incident. >> reporter: that one officer, four years on the force is now on desk duty. they are working to get to the bottom of what happened as quickly as possible. kenneth moton, abc news, new york. >> it's tough to watch it again and again now it seems. coming up in the next half hour, oxygen masks deployed to help this guy. and serena williams is back at wimbledon and expressing a common regret many working parents have. that's next on "world news now." and serena williams is back at wimbledon and expressing a common regret many working parents have. that's next on "world news now." 'y tough stains that nobody ever does ready? really? i didn't do it so when i heard they added ultra oxi to the cleaning power
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of tide, i knew it was just what we needed so now we can undo all the tough stains that nobody did dad? i didn't do it huh, he didn't do it introducing new tide ultra oxi; it's got to be tide
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woo! street ball championships. and that five-point play, the flying frenchman 6'3", but he uses every inch. >> how does he do it? oh!
3:19 am
under the legs, too. that's like the cherry on top. >> nice. absolutely. >> dunk it and go between my legs. who do you think would win, him or lebron james? >> that's like harlem globetrotters compared to lebron. >> apparently, the lebron james love fest in los angeles is over. after lbj signed with the lakers, a mural went up with his picture and the words "king of l.a." looks great, right? then a hit was put out on the artwork if it was vandalized. someone said we don't want this mural to look like this any longer. they said 3-6, referencing his record. >> oh, man. >> the mural has been fixed, but instead of king of l.a. it just
3:20 am
reads "king l.a." we've talked about maggie monday. but it's not even going to be manic monday later, it's going to be mama monday. serena williams is facing off against a fellow mum in what's expected to be a hard-fought match. >> when getting ready for the match, she shared something personal. she missed seeing her daughter walk for the first time. here's julia mcfarland. >> reporter: the queen is back in her court. dominating round four of wimbledon in straight sets. this, her second grand slam since adding a new title to her collection. mom. posting these videos on snapchat, showing her and olympia preparing for the match. williams gave birth to her
3:21 am
daughter in september and has been very open about the challenges she's faced returning to the court, juggling motherhood with life as a pro athlete, sharing behind the scenes moments in her special "being serena." >> i have been doing the right thing every day. with the exception of probably the main thing, which is breastfeeding. >> reporter: serena's return to the court hasn't come without some controversy, deciding williams would be seeded 25th in this tournament. >> every battle she's fighting and winning in terms as a mom coming back to the sport is going to make it easier for ros taking team off to have a baby. her rankings slid from number one in the world to 454th at the french open in may. williams talked to abc news before the decision was announced. >> i think, and i hope, and it
3:22 am
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♪ it is time for your monday mix, and with it, yeah, a quick note about the men's wimbledon bracket. the final is slated to be held on sunday, the 15th, at about the same time the world cup final will be played. >> who planned this? >> possibly england in it. if england makes the final, the stands at wimbledon will be empty, or they might look like this. [ laughter ] i love the guy in front who's trying to hold onto his beer. >> good luck. >> one of his friends already tossed it. his friends are like, no!
3:26 am
>> i hope that's what wimbledon looks like. that would be amazing. >> look at that. >> best of luck to them, then. >> they're hoping to have it come home to england. well, now we have sort of a big announcement on "world news now," because we're going to help a child find her lost stuffed animal. it has gone viral on social media. thousands of retweets all to find that missing animal. hornsy twigs. it was last seen at logan airport. we have a sketch of what it looks like. of course it's aged a couple days, a 9-year-old girl lost her favorite animal at logan airport. her parents went online calling it her lifetime favorite stuffed animal. everyone's searching for this animal. bring hornsey home. whoever is out there watching, if you are going through logan,
3:27 am
look for it. >> england's hoping to bring home the world cup and they're hoping to bring home hornsy. tv, you never know what will happen on tv. this was an interview being taped with a professor and his cat. and the cat kept crawling over him. he doesn't miss a beat. >> he's still holding onto him, though. he doesn't stop. >> he was talking really important stuff about the supreme court. >> making a cat mustache. we have to move on from cats to corgis. this is one of the largest corgi meets in vancouver. there were more than 150 corgis, they ran around, dressed in costume, it was a corgi fest. the queen of england probably wanted to be there. i wish i was there.
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
now," the race to get the boys out. today we could see more members of that trapped soccer team walk out of the flooded cave in thailand. a day after four boys were rescued, tense moments ahead as officials decide what to do next. >> the boys who have been rescued are now being treated. what doctors are most worried about right now. and new this half hour, channeling his inner evel. >> overnight, travis pastrana pulled off three epic jumps to break evel knievel record. and bieber is off the market. and was dad the one who originally introduced these two lovebirds in the first place?
3:31 am
we'll examine in "the skinny" on this monday, july 9th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> a busy skinny, so busy -- >> he is off the market. >> into two segments. bieber, are you saddened that he's off the market. >> this was my chance. i was going to be a real belieber. >> and a cougar while at that. >> he's totally within my acceptable age range, all right? >> we'll break that down a little later on, but we're going to start this half hour with the clock that is ticking as rescuers scramble to bring the rest of the team out of the cave. >> four boys were rescued after spending two weeks underground. the same divers are set to go back in. but for now, they are still waiting with replenished oxygen
3:32 am
levels. >> divers have replenished air tanks along the dangerous route for the next phase of the operation. but more monsoonal rain could hamper the effort. elon musk's spacex is working on a tool that they built in less than eight hours. james longman has more. >> reporter: four down, nine to go. the first critical stage of that rescue operation a success. this new video showing army medics loading the boys into an ambulance on a stretcher. teams urgently resupplying those tunnels with oxygen so divers can begin another trek to bring more of those trapped soccer players to safety. the first signs the day had come, a flurry of activity. we've seen more and more personnel arriving. moments later, the governor with
3:33 am
the word. 10:00 a.m., the mission had begun. divers had entered the cave for the first evacuations. these children are strong, he said. they've been briefed on the plan and are ready to come out. the frenzied preparations, helicopters in nearby fields. ambulances up the mountain, gurneys lined up. 18 divers making their way through that maze of rocky caverns and flooded passageways. the world watching this dirt road, listening for sirens. the first ambulances are moving forward. that is the first ambulance. the whole world has been waiting to see this. the whole country. we believe that the first boys from that cave are in that ambulance. 5:40 p.m. local time, the first boy emerging from the cave, transported quickly by ambulance to a waiting helicopter to get to that hospital 35 miles away. the second boy following minutes later.
3:34 am
that's now the third ambulance we've seen. this is moving at quite a pace. two more boys freed. word they moved the weakest boys first. bystanders applauding the tired rescue teams. celebrating the news, four members of that soccer team now safe. it's rained almost continuously since the first boys were freed. the young boys and coach who remain in the cave behind me, the whole process could take up to four days. james longman, abc news, thailand. >> james has been on the ground there practically since the beginning. the rescued boys remain in the hospital under evaluation for possible infections and other conditions that may have impacted them mentally and physically. >> they were in the cave for about two weeks. the entire floor of the hospital has been reserved to accommodate
3:35 am
the team. adrienne bankert is there. >> reporter: thai authorities race to provide medical treatment to those first boys pulled out alive. we're seeing police come through here. we've already seen one ambulance through, a couple more police vehicles right now. the four arriving at the hospital with a military escort. now inside this hospital with a floor dedicated to treatment, away from the cave they spent more than two weeks inside. >> how many of you? 13? brilliant. >> reporter: the boys found huddled together, surrounded by murky waters in complete darkness for ten days before the first divers reached them. since then, divers have been desperately working to bring them food and medical supplies. the boys given blankets to combat hypothermia. workers distributing iodine for their cuts and scrapes. >> to be without food and a lot
3:36 am
of water for nine days makes you pretty weak. so it's a period of deconditioning, which the boys need to overcome. >> reporter: oxygen levels inside that cave a dangerously low 17%. the risk of the remaining boys developing hypoxia all too real. the road to recovery a long one for the four now at the hospital, making sure the remaining inside are strong enough, the top priority before they embark on their dive out. they are going to be tested for cave disease which affects the lungs and water-borne illnesses and the ptsd. adrienne bankert, abc news. >> we'll bring you the latest on the rescue throughout the morning.
3:37 am
we are counting down to the prime time reveal of president trump's next supreme court nominee. the president is back in washington after consulting with family and friends and advisers over the weekend in new jersey. multiple sources tell abc news he's considering four federal appeals court judges to replace justice kennedy. they are brett kavanaugh, raymond kethledge and thomas hardiman and amy coney barrett. we'll have complete coverage in primetime as the president announces his pick. that is at 9:00 p.m. eastern. and president trump's personal attorney says his legal team is close to determining that the president will not sit down with special counselor mueller. rudy giuliani says there will not be an interview unless they have uncovered something. major headlines overseas as well where at least ten people are dead and dozens more injured by a train derailment in turkey.
3:38 am
more than 400 passengers were headed to istanbul when five of the train's cars came off the rails. heavy rain and a landslide may be to blame. and then there's japan. historic levels of rain, triggering floods and landslides. we're told the latest numbers killing at least 100 people. rivers overflowing, turning towns into lakes and leaving some people stranded on top of rooftops. dozens are still missing as cleanup efforts are just getting under way. parts of the u.s. are also facing extreme weather threats. >> triple digit heat is fueling active wildfires across nearly a dozen western states. but some relief may be on the way. accuweather's paul williams joins us now. >> thanks to mother nature, coming to the rescue and helping with the wildfires. monsoonal moisture and rain will kick off, but it's possibly
3:39 am
going to give us a flood risk. where we've had ground scarred with burning, we may have flooding because we have no more vegetation to soak up that water. we'll say warm throughout the northeast. look for storms from albuquerque, mississippi, alabama, going into florida. but as we go into looking what's happening with chris, it's going to create dangerous rip currents along the coast and upgrade to a category one hurricane as it heads out to sea. with beryl, watch out for isolated flooding and mudslides. >> it's a busy time in the weather department. the weather was beautiful for the most part in las vegas sunday, 106 degrees for the high. and that might have helped this. here's this motorcyclist dare devil who went to try out a record there. >> the record he was trying to beat was evel knievel. he pulled off pretty much every jump he tried.
3:40 am
three jumps. the first one, over 52 stacked cars. >> that's all? >> that's all? why not 53. >> the next was a leap over 16 greyhound buses, and he nailed it. >> the third was considered the most dangerous. he jumped over the fountain at caesar's palace. once again, made it. you're not excited. >> that was a jump evel knievel tried. and he was not able to do. i think he had more of a trajectory going up there. >> he could have done even more is when you're saying? >> it didn't impress me much. >> he was trying to use an old school bike as well as a tribute to mr. knievel. coming up, the latest from that operation in thailand.
3:41 am
also ahead, the bulldog that had an emergency. and we're trying to figure out why everyone's doing interpretive dance to drake's new album. and a bonus skinny coming up. a interpretive dance to drake's new album. and a bonus skinny coming up. feels? and a bonus skinny coming up. anif you've got a lifee. you gotta swiffer
3:42 am
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3:44 am
we're back with live pictures there from thailand where it is in the early afternoon hours. and divers are hoping to carry out a new round of rescues this monday, 24 hours after pulling the first four boys from deep inside that flooded cave. eight young soccer players and their coach still trapped inside with more heavy rain in the forecast, threatening to raise underground water levels that has already receded. the first mission took ten hours and the boys will to make their way through tight tunnels. they're still in the hospital being tested for everything from infection to ptsd. >> every time it's so hard to see those videos of those boys trapped there. we're also hearing for the first time from the actor who
3:45 am
was reportedly maimed in a violent kidnapping for ransom scheme. >> joseph capone recounted his story to abc news about the night he and his girlfriend, daisy mccracken, were abducted from their home last year. he was held in a bathroom naked and without food for 30 hours while mccracken was driven around to atms and forced to write a $10,000 check for his release. >> he grabbed me by the collar and dragged me outside and dragged me down the driveway, threw me in the back of a car. where daisy was already in the back seat, and they put bags over our heads. and then proceeded to drive. >> the indictment against the three suspected kidnappers alleges capone was pistol whipped and beaten, had his tongue, ear and nose cut. the suspects face life in prison
3:46 am
if convicted. we're switching gears to man's best friend getting a little helping hand and helping mask from flight attendants. >> it happened on a recent jetblue flight. look at this, a french bulldog named dorsey started having trouble breathing while in the air. >> that's when the flight attendants quickly intervened with an oxygen mask. darcy's owners are crediting them for saving her life. >> this is like a story we needed right now. when we come back, justin bieber pops the question. >> and the latest dance craze next in "the skinny." next in "the skinny." latest dance craze next in "the skinny." my gums are irritated. i don't have to worry about that, do i? actually, you do. harmful bacteria lurk just below the gum line. crest gum detoxify works below the gum line to neutralize harmful plaque bacteria
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and help reverse early gum damage. and, now there's new crest gum & enamel repair. it gives you clinically proven healthier gums and helps repair and strengthen weakened enamel. gum detoxify and gum & enamel repair, from crest. gums are good, so is my check-up! crest. healthy, beautiful smiles for life.
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[female narrator] foods rich in folic acid like white bread and leafy greens can help prevent some birth defects before you even know you're pregnant. ♪ skinny ♪ just give me "the skinny" ♪ skinny ♪ just give me "the skinny" te >> totally sarcastic.
3:49 am
>> morning skinny people, we're starting with heartbreaking news, beliebers, better stop be-liebing. >> both of you know who you are. justin bieber is officially off the market and engaged to haley baldwin. they reportedly got engaged this weekend in the bahamas at a restaurant where fellow diners were asked not to take out their phones for pictures. >> we don't have any video of this moment just yet because of those nice diners, but we do have this picture. here's justin directing traffic on long island, new york while haley watches safely from the road. what can't bieber do? >> maybe he has a future. long island by the way where baldwin has roots. her father is arguably the third-most-famous baldwin brother. and stephen tweeted his
3:50 am
congratulations and praise, sweet smile on my face, me and my wife kennya. always pray for good's will. he later deleted the tweet and replaced it with some bible verse. >> i thought it was sweet. this is the moment stephen introduced his daughter to her future fiance, but it was back in the good old days when justin still rocked the bieber bob. imagine you're meeting your future spouse and you have that haircut. >> love at first sight. >> she's loved you since day one, biebs. next to a record-breaking feat by drake. >> the first album to ever rack up more than 1 billion with a b streams in one week. >> that's really impressive. so scorpions, one billion. and easily smashes the record for post malone beer bongs.
3:51 am
and taking the spot for largest album debut so far this year. >> not just albums. they have estimated that he is responsible for roughly 5% of his home town's tourism. comes from toronto, it's estimated that he helps bring in $440 million for the city through things like his relationship with the restaurants, clubs and always referencing the fix. >> he's now inspired a new dance phenomenon to the lyrics of this song "my feelings." the social media comedian has spawned the shiggy challenge. >> and it looks like it's just really anything you want. really anything you want to do. >> russell in the background. >> should we try it? we're out of time. >> five seconds. >> we're out of time.
3:52 am
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3:55 am
♪ it's late at night, you're wide awake ♪ ♪ and you're not wearing pants so that is our friend, of course, william shatner, friend of the show. he has just become immortalized as a monument. >> he is star trek royalty already as he played captain kirk. and his future birthplace is on march 22nd, the year 2228 in the town of riverside, iowa. >> 2228 is the future, which is where they have just unveiled a life-sized statue of captain kirk. >> they're ready. >> the council member had the slogan changed to where the trek begins.
3:56 am
>> we'll come back in the future. >> in 2228. >> we'll be there together. >> all right. next to art influencing art. >> beyonce and jay z shot the visuals for the everything is love album inside the famed louvre museum in paris. now the museum is offering a 90-minute guided tour through the art collection based on the power couple's surprise music video. >> it featured 17 works of art. so now you finally have a reason to visit that little museum in france. what else would bring you there? >> that would bring me there. >> you've never been there? >> i've been, but i did it in one hour. the pro tip is go late at night at 9:00, and it's free during the week at night.
3:57 am
and finally, one of the best-named rappers of all time taking a tumble off the stage. >> you might know gorillaz's rapper. he's on stage and quickly off stage. >> they brought him to the hospital where he tweeted he's okay. >> one of the best-known rappers of all time. and finally, we want to bring the shiggy challenge to drake's song back. could this be the mvp? >> odell beckham, wide receiver of the new york giants. where is he? >> needs help. >> and i need you. >> i wanted to see this on air, kendis.
3:58 am
3:59 am
my name is eddie metcalf. i enjoworking in my yard and you know, i can't. i can't do that any more,'cuz i'm missing most of my lung. they did a cat scan of my kidneys, no more kidney stones. that's the good news. "but, we found a spot on your lung." that frankly scared the "hell" out of me. i hadn't smoked in 22 years. how could this happen to me? he said, "well, you know about radon gas?" we'll... you know, i heard about it. he said, "well, the second leading cause of cancer" "in america is radon, 22,000 people a year die from this." i literally left the doctor's office, got a test kit, put it in my house, and our result was 39.8. the upper limit is 4. we got to get this fixed. that was on a monday, and on wednesday, our mitigation system was up and running. well, i think everybody should have their house tested. we'd never know. we'd still be living there. i could get another tumor from it. right now, it's changing my life.
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making news in america this morning, the mission resumes to rescue the remaining nine people trapped inside a cave. the new video showing one of the boys being rushed into a helicopter after being pulled to safety. what rescuers are facing in that dark cave and the long-term health effects the boys could face. supreme decision. president trump set to reveal his pick for supreme court justice in a primetime announcement. >> i'm getting close to making a final decision. >> what we know about the judges on the short list and the big fight that lies ahead. caught on camera, a police officer points his gun at a group of children as he takes a boy into custody. what the police department is now saying this morning. plus, the midair scare for a family pet. >> i've been an in-flight crew member for 15 years. i've never


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