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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  July 13, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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tonight, several breaking stories as we come on the air. the sweeping indictment from special counsel robert mueller on the eve of the president's summit with vladimir putin. 12 russian intelligence officers have now been charged by name. what they are accused of doing starting eight months before americans headed to the polls. tonight, calls for the president to cancel the summit. also breaking tonight, the massive protests paralyzing parts of london. our team on the streets as the president meets the queen. and just hours after the president took aim at the british prime minister, theresa may saying she wrecked brexit and he could have done it better, he was then standing by her side. as a reporter asks the president, is that what an ally or a friend does? how the president answers. tonight, the video and now the outrage. officers flipping a coin to
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decide whether or not to arrest a young woman after she was stopped for speeding. you see her sobbing. the man allegedly masquerading as a police officer. stopping a vehicle with the men inside. what he doesn't know. an unmarked car, two troopers waiting for him. and the rescue late today. the pictures coming in right now. and your money tonight. the major deals just hours away. amazon prime day is coming, and how you can get in on the big savings even if you are not a member. good evening and it's great to have you with us here on a very busy friday night. protests in london amid the president's visit, but first that bombshell indictment from the special counsel, robert mueller, charging 12 members of russia's top intelligence service, and tonight what they were accused of doing for eight months leading up to the moment americans voted. deputy attorney general rob rosenstein alleging the suspects secretly targeted more than 300 people with ties to the democratic party and to hillary
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clinton and her campaign, out to damage her. this all played out on tv just as something else did, the very moment president trump was in england meeting the queen. tonight those major demonstrations in london and calls in this country now to cancel the summit with vladimir putin. abc's chief justice correspondent, pierre thomas, leading us off. >> reporter: on the eve of the president's meeting with vladimir putin, special counsel robert mueller out with his most sweeping indictment yet. accusing current members of putin's own government of disrupting the 2016 election. >> the indictment charges 12 russian military officers by name for conspiring to interfere with the 2016 presidential election. >> reporter: the new indictment charges russian intelligence officers with engaging in widespread hacking, targeting the clinton campaign and the democratic national committee. they allegedly started it as early as march, 2016, eight months before the election targeting at least 300 people. putin had disdain for hillary clinton after she stood up to him about free elections.
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>> there was one unit that engaged in active cyber operations by stealing information and a different unit that was responsible for disseminating the stolen information. >> reporter: the russians accused of posing as a hacker known as guccifer 2.0 to pass that stolen information to wikileaks. prosecutors allege wikileaks sent guccifer 2.0 a private message saying, send any new material here to us to review, and it will have a much higher impact than what you are doing. mueller also claims guccifer 2.0 reached out to someone close to the trump campaign, believed to be his longtime strategist roger stone, writing, do you find anything interesting in the docs i posted? and then, please tell me if i can help you anyhow. stone himself was not indicted, and insists that he has done nothing wrong. mueller described the russians as nimble, noting they went after clinton's campaign on the same day this appeared from president trump. >> russia, if you are listening, i hope you're able to find the
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30,000 e-mails that are missing. i think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press. let's see that happens. >> reporter: apparently that very day according to the indictment, the conspirators attempted after hours to spear fist for the first time e-mail accounts used by clinton's personal office. they also targeted 76 e-mail addresses and the domain for the clinton campaign. authorities also claim the russians tried to infiltrated a number of state election offices. >> russian gru officers hacked the website of a state election board and stole information about 500,000 voters. >> reporter: special counsel mueller's list growing. 32 people charged so far with more than 100 criminal counts. >> when we confront foreign interference in american elections, it's important for us to avoid thinking politically as republicans or democrats, but to think patriotically as americans. >> reporter: the deputy attorney general says he briefed president trump about the new indictments earlier this week.
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but this morning, the president seemed more concerned with the damage the investigation was doing than what putin had done. >> i think that we're being hurt very badly by the i would call it the witch hunt. i would call it the rigged witch hunt. i think that really hurts our country and it really hurts our relationship with russia. i think that we would have a chance to have a very good relationship with russia. >> reporter: but the president says he will press putin about allegations of russian meddling. >> i know you'll ask about will you be talking about meddling and i will bring that up. i don't think you'll have any gee i did it, i did it you got me. there won't be a perry mason here, i don't think. >> let's get to pierre thomas and he joins us from the justice department, and some democrats tonight are calling on the president to cancel the summit with putin and now a leading republican is adding his voice too? >> reporter: that's right, david. democratic senator mark warner said there should be no meeting,
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and he said he is afraid of president trump being alone with putin. and this blistering statement from john mccain. if president trump is not prepared to hold putin accountable, the summit in helsinki should not move forward, david. >> pierre thomas leading us off on a friday night. this all came as the drama unfolds in london and across the uk. protests paralyzing much of london as the president visits. look at this. a searing interview with the british newspaper blasting prime minister theresa may, saying he essentially wrecked brexit and he could have done better, and hours later, he was side by side with her at a news conference answer questions with her. a reporter asked, is that what a friend does? abc's terry moran tonight. >> reporter: for a moment, they were holding hands again, like old friends, as president trump and prime minister may arrived at their press conference. but right out of the gate, a question from the british press about the president's blistering interview criticizing the prime minister. >> you publicly criticized the prime minister's policy and her
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personally for not listening to you this week. is that really the behavior of a friend? >> i didn't criticize the prime minister. i have a lot of respect for the prime minister. >> reporter: but listen to the tape and what the president said about may's plans for brexit, that's britain getting out of the european union. >> i actually told theresa may how to do it, but she didn't agree, she didn't listen to me. i would actually say she probably went the opposite way if you really look, she probably went the opposite way that's fine you know she should negotiate the best way she knows how but it's too bad. >> reporter: that interview rocked britain. may is fighting for her political life on this very issue. and president trump acknowledged he did tell her to go another way in britain's thorny negotiations with europe. >> as far as the advice i gave her a suggestion, i wouldn't say advice, and i think she found it maybe too brutal. i could fully understand why she thought it was tough. and maybe someday she'll do that if they don't make the right deal she may do what i suggested that she might want to do, but it's not an easy thing.
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>> reporter: the british press was in a latter about trump's interview. so he says he did something when they met this morning that's rare for him. he offered to apologize. >> she's a total professional because when i saw her this morning, i said, i want to apologize because i said such good things about you she said, don't worry, it's only the press. they've been doing it to me and i do it to them. >> reporter: and in the end he completed his mea culpa endorsing her leadership. >> whatever you do is okay with me. that's your decision. whatever you do is okay with us, just make sure we can trade together, that's all that matters. >> reporter: on one issue, they differ sharply, immigration. their strong words here today crystallizing a heated debate so many are having around the world. >> i think they better watch themselves because you are changing culture, you're changing a lot of things. you are changing security. it's a very sad situation, very unfortunate, but i do not think it's good for europe and i don't think it's good for our country. >> the uk has a proud history of welcoming people who are fleeing persecution to our country. overall, immigration has been good for the uk.
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it's brought people with different backgrounds, different outlooks here to the uk and has, and we've seen them contributing to our society and our economy. >> reporter: one thing from his controversial interview the president did not back away from, his praise for may's political rival, boris johnson. he said johnson would make a good prime minister. today he repeated that. >> he's been very nice to me and has been saying good things about me as president. i think he thinks i'm doing a great job. i am doing a great job, that i can tell you. just in case you haven't noticed, but boris johnson would be a great prime minister. i also said this incredible woman right here is doing a fantastic job, a great job and i mean that. >> reporter: and finally, this may be what president trump was most looking forward to. he becomes the 12th u.s. president to meet queen elizabeth. donald and melania trump, their hands over their hearts, the band playing the american national anthem. >> a lot of pomp and circumstance there.
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or the terry moran again with us tonight. you just showed us there, terry. boris johnson would make a great prime minister, with theresa may standing next to him. that was really something, and after telling the paper she didn't take his suggestion that he could have done better on brexit, he repeatedly said it over and over again before the cameras today that maybe one day she'll take my suggestion, but he never revealed it? >> reporter: he never told it. that's part of the art of the deal for president trump. but the real concern so many in britain have isn't is kerfuffle over this interview. it's whether this crucial alliance is based under president trump as it always has been on shared values and trust, david? >> terry moran. i'll see you for the summit with vladimir putin in a couple of days. in the meantime, you saw the queen may have welcomed president trump, but as terry alluded to, thousands of others did not. protesters shutting down the center of london, and abc's ian pannell was right in the middle of it. ♪ >> reporter: massive protests
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flooding the streets of the capital, forcing central london to shut down. carrying signs to dump trump and a personal slap in the face, a 20-foot balloon depicting the president as a baby in diapers. tens of thousands of people, possibly more than 100,000 have now gathered in central london to voice their opposition to it not just president trump, but his policies too. president trump said he would stay clear of london. >> when they make you feel unwelcome, why would i stay there? i'm talking about government because the people of the uk agree with me. >> reporter: but there is little evidence that the people of london are in trump's corner. >> the power that we have is to protest and demonstrate our absolute disgust and outrage at the language that donald trump is using. >> reporter: david, these were some of the largest protests britain has seen in years. now tonight, the crowds here have dispersed, but more protests are expected as the president visits scotland.
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a sign of the strength of feeling not just about president trump, but also his policies, david. >> thanks to you as well, and back at home to the outrage over a highway arrest. a young woman pulled over for speeding and you can see the officers then flipping a coin after they decide whether to charge her. she sobs. abc's victor oquendo tonight. >> reporter: that's sarah webb, sobbing in the back of a squad car in roswell, georgia, this april. arrested for reckless driving. what she doesn't know at the time is that officers decided to take her into custody because of a coin flip. >> a head, r tail. >> okay. >> reporter: minutes earlier, webb, apologetic on police bodycam she was speeding. >> do you know how fast you were just going, ma'am? >> i'm so sorry. i'm late for work. >> reporter: but back in the patrol car officer courtney brown and her partner discuss that they didn't even record her speed before deciding whether to arrest or release webb by using a coin flip app. >> this is tail right?
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>> yeah, so release? >> 23. >> reporter: but they decide to arrest her. >> we got -- let me write this down. too fast for conditions. is it reckless? >> yeah, you can do reckless. >> do me a favor and step out of the vehicle for me. >> reporter: up and taken to jail, but tonight webb says she feels better now knowing where why she was arrested. >> this really was all over nothing. it was a game. >> reporter: all of the charges against webb were dropped. both officers involved are on administrative leave an internal affairs investigation is underway. david. >> victor, thank you. next tonight, a police impersonator now under arrest tonight after allegedly trying to pull over a car in phoenix with two undercover state troopers who happen to be inside. instead of pulling them over, the troopers turn on their flashing lights. that suspect who was armed at the time facing charges tonight. we turn next to the extreme weather we're watching as we start the weekend. the severe storm threat in the upper midwest, monsoon rains in the southwest and now the heat. look at the flooding forcing some 200 tour terrorists to be
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some 200 tourists to be the grand canyon. part of the road washed out in beaver county, utah, and this weekend will now bring extreme heat for much of the country. let's get to senior meteorologist, rob marciano live there right near the dw bridge here in new york. hey, rob. >> reporter: hi, david. we're looking at mid to late july. it's our big time for heat, and we'll see that in the north and central u.s. sending it right over kentucky and feeding storms into the monsoon and southwest. that is in full swing. we have got flood warnings out in palm springs and las vegas tonight. the humidity builds in the central u.s. where heat is in. memphis, st. louis, some of the landlocked locations, no escaping the heat tomorrow, david. >> rob marciano, thanks. overseas tonight from pakistan now. isis is now claiming responsibility for a devastating suicide bombing that targeted a political rally in the southwest province. officials now say a candidate for the state legislature was killed along with at least 128 other people.
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tonight, isis has given no other reason for the attack. and the pentagon has now identified the fallen soldier we first reported on last night. sergeant first class christopher celiz died from wounds sustained during a combat operation in afghanistan. he was 32 years old, hailed from summerville, south carolina. he was assigned in the 75th ranger regimen in georgia. there is much more ahead on "world news tonight" this friday. the major rescue effort under way. a climber stranded in the summit of mount hood. the pictures coming in on a risky rescue late today. also, the officer dragged. the suspect hitting the gas. you'll see what happens next. and your money tonight. the major deals just hours away. amazon prime day almost here. tonight, what we didn't know, how you can get in on those big savings even if you are not a member. the tips right after the break. burning, of diabetic nerve pain these feet... ... made waves in high school... ...and built a career in construction. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica.
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abc's chief economic correspondent, rebecca jarvis, out to help you save big money. >> reporter: tonight, it's countdown to prime day, kicking off monday, amazon's biggest sales day of the year. promising prime members 36 hours of deep discounts. >> where are the real deals? >> the real deals on prime days are if you plan ahead. go shopping right now, and put all you want in your shopping basket. then wait until prime day and see if they have cut the price. >> reporter: the bona fide bargains, experts say, on amazon-branded goods. everything from electronics, to clothing, to accessories and furniture. but experts suggest skipping luxury goods or high end beauty products on prime day. >> alexa, what are your deals? >> i have several exclusive deals. >> reporter: for those who order through amazon devices like the echo, special discounts. and consider looking beyond amazon. rivals like best buy, macy's and walmart, are offering their own black friday in july promotions.
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finally tonight here, ou finally tonight here, our person of the week. the young girl who is suddenly the mvp no matter which baseball stadium she shows up in. >> we'll send it down to the field for our ceremonial first pitch featuring hailey dawson. >> reporter: hailey dawson, 8 years old, from henderson, nevada. on the pitcher's mound at fenway park. hailey pitches, just a bit outside, but it didn't matter. because she had accomplished something that had everyone cheering. she is setting to be the first person to ever throw out the first pitch at all 30 major league baseball stadiums across the country, and with good reason. there was last week's mets game. yankee stadium. >> a special moment about to happen. hailey dawson, that's hailey right there, born with poland syndrome. >> reporter: a rare disease, born without a right pectoral muscle, and she was missing three fingers on her right hand. hailey and her family began working with the engineering team at unlv.
5:58 pm
taking a mold of hailey's hand and using a 3-d printer to make a robotic hand. physical therapy. learning how to write her name. already a natural on the field, now learning how to throw a ball. and then coming up with a home run of an idea with her family. dad greg, mom yong, big brother zach, setting out for every baseball stadium in america. >> hi david, this is hailey dawson. >> reporter: a message to everyone at home -- >> i want people to know that if i can do it you can do it. >> reporter: right over the plate, hopefully right into the record books, with a custom 3-d printed hand for every team. >> and so we choose hailey dawson tonight. she wants to raise money for those who need hands as well. much more on our facebook page. i'm david muir. good night. hands as well. much more on our facebook page. i'm david muir. good night. good night. it was supposed to be a four-minute ride, but it turned
5:59 pm
into something much longer and much more scary when the oakland zoo gondola broke down, leaving passengers stuck in midair. a 15-year-old girl in the central valley could be the youngest person murdered by the golden state killer. new at 6:00, a look at the unsolved case. my favorite part is seeing all the customers and all the regulars that come in every day. >> can you help? a nonprofit palo alto cafe that hires adults with disabilities is hoping someone will say yes and help them keep from shutting down. >> live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> i had four kids up there. it's scary. they were scared. >> midair fear high above the oakland zoo when the gondola breaks down for first time. i'm ama daetz. thank you for joining us. >> and i'm dan ashley. the oakland zoo just added the gondola last year. it's the main transportation to the california trail exhibit which officially opened yesterday. >> abc 7 reporter leslie
6:00 pm
brinkley joins us live from the zoo with today's story of the experience. leslie? >> dan and ama, around 80 people around 2:00 and 2:30 today were stuck up in 16 of those gondolas dangling above the oakland hills. some kicked back and said they enjoyed the view. others were terrified. >> scary. it's absolutely scary. it's up there, and you know it's windy here in oakland today. so it's swinging. >> teresa mitchell of fairfield was shaking and crying as she exited the oakland zoo with her children. she was up in a gondola at 2:00 today. the gondola runs from old original zoo up a hillside to a cafe and brand-new california trails section that just opened yesterday. when the gondola stopped, stuck riders started calling the zoo on their cell phones, they say oh, the fire department is here. don't worry. we're going to evacuate you. i say how are you going to evacuate us? oh, we got ladders. we're at the top. we're over three stories. and i got a daughter in a


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