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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  July 25, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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sheriff is calling for immediate evacuations in the area. so far, at least 50 acres and two structured have burned. >> and sky 7 is live over the scene right now. you can see the hilly area, lots of trees rg lots of dry grass and brush and the flames are burning about 50 acres of those. you can see the red area from the retardant being dropped right there. now we're going to show you a map. of the area where the fire evacuations are taking place in marsh creek near leon drive and morgan territory road. >> abc 7 news reporter leslie brinkley is live at the scene for us tonight. >> reporter: this is a smokey and dangerous fire from what we understand, southeast of clayton. i'm here off marsh creek road at the detention facility. on the hill behind me there you see a houseir retardant. they are making numerous air o hoping to contain this fire. one home downhill from that home, wersnd, was totally
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consumed. there are seven to eight homes behind a line of trees back there that they're worried about protecting. joining me live, come on in here, sure, this is roger harris. his daughter is at work in oakland. >> right. >> and that's her home, covered in the retardant up there. >> right. >> reporter: tell me what you know. >> not anything more than that. she is on her way here. they allowed her to come through the roadblock. so she should be here momentarily. >> reporter: what have you heard about the fire drop, her home, the area around it, what are you worried about? >> i haven't heard anything. i don't know whether there's a fire truck up there, or not. >> reporter: you said her driveway is very steep? >> it's a very steep, very narrow driveway. >> reporter: how do you feel seeing all these planes and firefighters out here? >> well, i'm feeling a little comfortable, i wish they'd drop more water on the fire that's going up the hill there. >> reporter: there's a lot of smoke and flames you can see there.
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>> oh, yeah. >> reporter: thank you, roger. >> sure. >> reporter: all the best to you rage out he.ghteai tfionties t we don't have an acreage count for you. we're on a roadblock here. the fire is -- the wind is roaring through this valley, and 101 degrees. i'm sure that's not helping efforts. a parade of tankers and trucks coming through here. we'll have more for you here as this story progresses, reporting live outside of clayton, leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm kristen sze. we want to show you this, matthew hodging driving to walnut creek when the flames nearly overtook his car. >> we parked with our hazard lights on to help stop traffic behind us. that's when we saw the fire come around the corner. one of the fire trucks pulled up, i think it was one of the first two trucks over to the left, and we just saw the flames
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get bigger and bigger and it was windy. so i just saw something i had never seen before. it looked like a fire tornado moving through away from some of the fire trucks. they did -- we were -- we were just waiting for it to hop across the road. it was really neat to see how well the fire department worked. those guys are the real deal. >> did you hear what he said? it looked like a fire tornado as he described it. let's check in with abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel for a look at the weather conditions in the east bay. they could have had localized winds which caused some rotation of the smoke there. let's take a look at the conditions now, not helping the crews, the hot conditions. 103 right now, relative humidity is 14%. so it is dry. the winds have increased just a little bit, gusting to 4 miles an hour, hot day inland today, and because heat illnesses are possible, inland areas are under a heat advisory until 8:00 p.m. friday. this includes the diablo range and the east bay hills along
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with lake and mendocino county. i'll be back to howho'sotten so this fire, of course, but we'll move on to the fatal stabbing at an oakland bart station. a delayed court hearing for the man accused of murdering a teenager still brought him face to face with the victim victim's family. abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow was there. >> reporter: dozens of grieving family members wearing pictures of nia wilson. >> i'm just so sad for my baby, that's all i know. >> reporter: alysha gracen says nia was her youngest. >> she was smart e energetic. she loved doing her makeup. her makeup, her makeup. her makeup got on my nerves, i'm going to miss that makeup. >> reporter: wilson's got a chance to see him face to face. >> i don't want to hear he was crazy. he ain't crazy. he's playing crazy.
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>> it's a brutal, horrific murder and aat the present timed murder. >> reporter: the district attorney wouldn't comment on the evidence, but says she believes cowell will be competent to stand trial. according to the charging documents, cowell discarded his backpack with items that had his name and date of birth. she says her office is investigating about whether it was the hate crime. >> there has to be evidence to suggest it was motivated by hate, motivated by gender or race. >> justice, whatever it is, i don't know, but he still get to breathe. >> my daughter was everything to me. she was so beautiful. so inspirational. had dreams. i'm supposed to be planning her graduation, not her funeral. >> reporter: the family is calling on bart to do more. >> they need to -- my baby died on a slab, man.
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i don't want that to happen to nobody else. >> reporter: the arraignment was moved to august. if convicted, he faces a life sentence. in oakland, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. we've put together a list of things you can do to try to stay saf while raiding bart. find it on our app at as well. a dead body discovered in santa clara's central park last week has now been ruled a homicide, and the victim's co-worker is arrested. the body of rainard hyde was found near the duck pond at central park last friday. santa clara police say initially there were no obvious signs of trauma. they learned hyde was with a co-worker at the time of his death. mccartney was arrested and booked ito jail. the heart of yosemite is now closed, as is the main route into the park. highway 41 is shut down at the southern end. visitors at the valley floor were told to be out by noon
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today. the national park service says smoke from the ferguson fire is simply too thick. and when you see this, you can understand why. more now from reporter natalie granda from fresno. >> reporter: the gates are quiet. visitors forced to leave. this family came from texas and planned to stay until thursday. as the deadly ferguson fire inches closer they now have to make new plans. >> they closed yesterday, and they said the lodge will be closed as well. we'll have to vacate by 12:00. so everyone has to leave the park by 12:00. >> reporter: park rangers announced a large portion of highway 41 would close by wednesday afternoon. hotels and campgrounds also shut down. fire crews from all over the state are going to be back setting fire breaks along the highway as the ferguson fire moves closer to structures near yosemite west.
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visitors are left wondering what to do now. the nearby mountain communities that thrive on tourism are also feeling the burn from the closure. >> the impact is cancellations, definitely quieter. >> katherine potter with the hotel and fish camp says 25% of the guests have either cancelled or checked out early, mainly because of the heavy smoke and falling ash. >> we're very dependent on tourism like the rest of the community. this is our peak season. we have a lot of international guests, you know, that have planned their route throughout california to experience on a iconic world wonder of the national parks. >> reporter: the closure will last until sunday. officials are reassessing the road to determine if it's safe to open. now, the closure of yosemite is a big disappointment to a lot of tourists in the bay area looking forward to visiting that popular and stunning national park. >> the height of the season right now. abc 7 news reporter vic lee has
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the impact it's happening on our tourist industry. >> reporter: the peak of the tourist season, yosemite is blanketed by a thick haze of smoke, fire closing large s.e.c.s of t sections of the park, including the valley. campgrounds and many hotels have closed. tourists are leaving. others are not going. >> yesterday we saw on the news there was -- there was fire. >> reporter: yosemite tours have cancelled. this tour is not one of them. >> because we're so big, we're still going to yosemite parks. >> reporter: it takes about 5,000 visitors to yosemite. instead of cancelling -- >> yesterday, we invented an alternative tour that explores the wilderness in the northern part of the yosemite valley which is still open. >> it wasn't hard to find tourists who had to cancel their trip. most understood why. susan and graham mcdonald are fromst
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e'o fires happen. cancelling was tough for this family and their little ones. >> somebody was crying in tears last night. >> logan told me why. >> there are bears and wolfs. >> reporter: maybe a good reason to stay put in the city. voo vick lee, abc 7 news. what should you do if you need to cancel because of the fire? >> michael finney is here with answers. >> it gets complicated. listen up. lodges and campgrounds within the evacuation zone are offering refund for visitors booked today through sunday or just choose to rebook. however, lodging and activities outside the evacuation zone remain open. and the regular cancellation policies there, well, they still apply. the popular yosemite valley are evacuated and will be closed at least until sunday.
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guests can get refunds for bookings inside the evacuation zone, including majestic yosemite hotel, yosemite valley lodge, big tree lodge, half dome village and housekeeping camp. park service campgrounds outside of the evacuation area. also, we'll allow you to cancel without penalty if you're concerned about the smoke. however, outside the evacuation zone, activities and lodging remain open and operating. they include white wolf lodge, high sierra camp and fish camp. the seven-day cancellation policies remain in effect for those areas. now, by the way, if you were planning to climb half dome this week, forget it. permits are cancelled until further notice as is the daily lottery for permits to hike up the big rock. now, the bottom line is, you're going to have to keep track. things keep changing. >> thanks, michael. much more ahead for you today on a very busy day, including why a santa rosa
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family is fighting to allow cannabis in schools. plus, facebook's free fall to the tune of $140 billion. also here, 49ers qb jimmy garoppolo is talking about his date with a porn star. >> live pictures of that brush fire in contra costa county near clayton. homes have burned. by living off the grid. completely. or... just set the washing machine to cold.
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do your thing. with energy upgrade california. facebook lost nearly a quarter of its value in afterhours trading today. >> about $150 billion lost in just two hours. in a conference call with investors, facebook reported over $5 billion in revenue this quarter. >> but shareholders were spooked when they heard the company projects growth to slow down in the second half of the year, data privacy controversies also may be to blame here. user growth in the u.s. and canada is flat this year. while european users actually
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declined. >> a north bay family is challenging a school district's recommendation to prevent their daughter with a rare disease from attending school. the problem is the medication she needs. a warning, this video you're about to see is incredibly difficult to watch. it shows the young girl having a sei seizure. they want them to see the heartbreaking position they're in. abc 7 news reporter carlos saucedo explains. the video is difficult to watch. 5-year-old brook adams having a seizure on a recent family vacation. mom administers medicinal cannabis oil into her mouth. minutes later, the trembling stops, the oil has helped treat her life threatening condition. >> thc oil comes from the marijuana plant, has been able to stop her prolonged seizures in minutes.
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>> she started giving brooke cannabis-based medication after other prescribed drugs were having a negative side effect. but it's keeping brook at home, not able to attend public schools. >> why does any parent send their kids to school? i want that -- the same thing for my daughter. >> the the school district is adhering to state and federal law which bans illegal drugs like marijuana. they propose home schooling instead. brooke's mom is fighting the district's policy of not allowing cannabis on campus, even for medical purposes. a judge is now stepping in. that judge is holding a two-day hearing behind this door to get both sides. >> this is a lovely little girl. we have two different laws, and we're stuck in the middle. >> reporter: the ruling will be specific to brooke's ut thstct sayshey're fully committed in implementing any decision that the judge rules, that ruling is set to come down next month. a decision that will affect brooke's life. in santa rosa, carlosreingew
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in the east bay, a large grass fire in the marsh creek springs area tat's forced some people out of their homes. we know at least two buildings have burned. we are joined on the phone by cal fire spokesperson pam themmerman. are you there? >> caller: yes, i am. >> thank you for coming on. we appreciate it. give us an update on personnel and tactics you're using? >> caller: the strategy is to attack this from the air and on the ground. currently we have five air tankers over the incident, along with three helicopters. the strategy behind the aircraft, of course, is to drop retardant. we want to put retardant lines around the fire. and then we'll use the helicopters with the water to dump it in the area of where the fire is currently burning. along with that, we've got engines and firefighters in the
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area that are working the ground, and putting out all the fire they can find, and any hot spots. >> pam, initially we were hearing 50 to 60 acres burned. but we're getting word it might have doubled in size. what is the latest in terms of the acreage burned right now? >> caller: yeah, the latest right now is about 30 minutes ago about 125 acres. i do know that one residence was lost along with i believe two outbuildings. unfortunately besides those happening we've not had any reports of injuries. i think the other big thing that folks need to know about also is the evacuations in the area. so the sheriff's department has put evacuations in along marsh creek road running between marsh creek springs and leon drive. so if you are in that area, you needo evacuate. i cannot tell you important please don't stay. if you are not in that
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evacuation area, and you feel unsafe where you're at. i would urge you to go ahead and leave anyways and go some place you feel safe. >> why not? why take the chance? get out of the way if you suspect you might be in danger. we're seeing active flames here. pam, very quickly, what happens in the next few hours in terms of trying to race against time while you still have daylight? what do you try to accomplish before the sun sets? >> caller: the biggest thing we want to accomplish while we still have daylight is to make sure the aircraft continue to work the incident itself, and that they get the retardant lines down around the fire. once we get to a point where it gets dark out, the aircraft can't fly anymore, that includes the helicopters as well. that is of importance. once we hit dusk though, the firefighters, the engines, of course, are going to stay there and continue to work through the night. and they're going to make sure they get everything out. >> pam, no reports of injuries
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right now, right? >> caller: no reports of injuries, and i do not have a percentage of containment yet either. >> well, pam, you're terrific to come on with us. cal fire spokesperson pam temmermand talking about this fast moving fire in the clayton area. you can see flames close to some homes there and two structures burned. >> the weather always a factor in fueling these fires, and let's check in with meteorologist sandhya patel tracking some really high temperatures in that area. >> announcer: now your accuweather forecast. it's in the triple digits in that area. highs so far around the region, you'll notice 100 in fairfield, concord, 102 in brentwood, 94 in san rafael, oakland -- with this heat is coming worsening air quality. so we do have a spare the air alert up for tomorrow. air quality will suffer for your thursday. the worst of it is inland east
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bay and santa clara valley. any respiratory issues, limit the amount of time you spend outdoors. live picture from the east bay hills area. see how dirty it is. live doppler 7 showing you some fog near the coastline. it's not going to go very far. we have a beach hazard statement for the entire coast until 11:00 p.m. so eight to eleven foot breakers, southerly swell, a rip current, and sneaker wave risk if you are spending time at the coast. right now south beach camera showing a mix of sun and wispy clouds. oakland, 68, san jose, 84. and cooking in gilroy, 97 degrees. emeryville camera, showing the wispy clouds. temperatures, feeling the heat around fairfield, concord, livermore, still in the 90s right now. good place to go, santa cruz to escape the heat. but watch out if you're at the beach.
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limited fog at the coast overnight tonight. hot inland again tomorrow. temperatures will moderate into the weekend. mildest readings will be inland in the morning, clear, upper 60s, around the coast and bay, mostly in the 50s, except redwood city and san jose in the low 60s. fog is thick in some spots. watch out during the morning commute. hot in the south bay once again, 97 in gilroy, 95 in morgan hill, 87 in san jose. mid-70s around san mateo. along the coastline, refreshing breeze and the fog keeping you in the low 60s. downtown san francisco 68, 61 in daly city. north bay communities, triple digits around cloverdale and lakeport again. 93 santa rosa, 85 in vallejo. 95 in concord, 97 livermore, getting you up to 98 degrees in fairfield tomorrow afternoon. we're not the only ones dealing with the heat. look at the statewide
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temperatures, 113 in so definitely a statewide event as well. the accuweather seven-day forecast still hot inland, next couple days mid to upper 90s. we will notice the heat eases heading into the weekend. along the coast, keeping you in the comfort zone. so we'll drop you down to the low 90s by sunday. you'll feel the difference around here. dan and kristen? >> sandhya, thanks very much. a quarterback's antics off the field, it sure
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the 49ers opened up training camp this afternoon. expectations running high after year. garoppolo's strong r >> chris nguyen has the story. >> reporter: day one of 49ers training camp in the books. >> people have talked highly about us. that's what comes with the territory when your last five games after starting so bad. but, i mean, we all know that doesn't mean anything. >> but there's a level of
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excitement that hasn't been seen in years. even jimmy garoppolo's dating life was up for discussion, sort of. >> commented on a player's date in july. not starting today. because i don't think it really pertains for matters to us. >> reporter: head coach kyle shanahan offering his take. but the quarterback himself had this to say. >> my life's looked at differently, under a microscope. kyle said it's a good learning experience. take it in stride. it is what it is. >> reporter: garoppolo handling the spotlight and getting brotherly advice from richard sherman coming back from an achilles injury. strengths and weaknesses, certain defenses, passes that he likes, people that he likes to take on dates. >> reporter: on a more serious note, the 49ers say they're keeping a close eye on talks between the nfl and the players association regarding the league's halted national anthem policy. the protests started with former quarterback colin kaepernick nearly two years ago.
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shanahan says the focus remains on football and what's ahead. >> we know it's going to be hard and we know we're going to face adversity. and what's going to separate us is hopefully how we respond to adversity. >> the 49ers opened the pre-season against the cowboys at home on thursday, august 9th. in santa clara, chris
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superior accuracy in the palm of your hand. >> the new accuweather app from abc 7 news. minute by minute forecasts, plus realtime radar and alerts. keeping you safe. search accuweather in your app store and download now. i'm ama daetz, coming up at 6:00, take you back live for team coverage on the brush fire that's burned two structures and threatening others. last night's massive mega millions drawing created two new millionaires in the area. one of them didn't even buy a ticket.
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coming up in a half hour. well, finally, tonight, a young girl's love for lemonad has sparked a very special road trip. >> abc 7 news was outside the menlo park police department as 5-year-old teresa ann babcock served up lemonade to police officers and firefighters. >> she's so cute. her family set out nearly ten days ago to sell lemonade outside police stations with one purpose in mind. >> to raise money for the fallen police officers. >> it's better to give than to receive. she's taken that upon herself, she's always giving to the police officers. >> teresa got inspired after watching a disney channel show. she will be selling lemonade tomorrow say south san francisco and san francisco police departments. >> her families love with lemons campaign has raised thousands of dollars for families with fallen officers. what a nice thing to do. >> terrific. "world news" is next.
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i'm kristen sze. >> i'm dan ashley. see you again in a half hour. tonight, the deadly flash flooding as we come on the air. the water rescues under way. bystanders can be seen forming a human chain in the east. and the new warnings just issued rtheast.s afternoon here in the authorities tonight say take this seriously. and meteorologist rob marciano is standing by in the middle of it all. also, the mudslides in the west. the car swallowed into a sinkhole. the evacuations at yosemite. and the new fire that just broke out now raging outside los angeles. the police video sparking outrage tonight. the man with a gun appearing to run from police, shot in the back and killed. what police now say happened beforehand. president trump under pressure after his own tariffs, many believe, igniting a trade war. several countries retaliating. american farmers paying the


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