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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 2, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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tomorrow is the start of a new era for the trump administration. the democrats take over the house with nancy pelosi returning as speaker. good evening. thank you for joining us. >> earlier today president trump met face to face with congressional leaders from both parties. they were hoping for a shutdown break did you through but that didn't happen. the president has asked leaders from both parties to return to the white house on friday. >> reporter: as the partial government shutdown entered its 12th day, president trump with this warning. >> it could be a long time or it could be quickly. it is too important a subject to walk away from. >> reporter: congressional leaders walked away wednesday where the president hosted a
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bipartisan briefing on security. both sides said negotiations went nowhere. >> both sides can sit down and find a compromise that secures the border. >> we're asking the president to open up the government. we are giving him a republican path to do that. why would he not do it? >> reporter: the president publicly rejecting a $2.5 billion compromise proposed to democrats by vice president pence. >> no. we're asking for $5.6. this is national security we're talking about. >> reporter: but democrats standing firm. >> every democrat is for border security. what we dispute is the means the president is trying to do, to recommend to effect those objectives. >> they are now feeling the heat. it is not helping the president. it is not helping the republicans to be the owners of the shutdown. >> reporter: the shutdown's effects literally piling up. mountains of trash along th mall, 800,000 national workers
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furloughed or working without pay. when democrats take control of the house thursday, they promise to pass bills that will reopen government but not fund president's border wall. >> one partisan vote in the house tomorrow will not solve anything. >> reporter: abc news, washington. >> the impact of the shutdown being felt widely here. as you get ready to prepare your taxes, will the irs be ready? and local bay area mom and pop shops that rely on federal workers as customers are also feeling the pinch. carlos is live with that part of the story. >> reporter: we don't know when the government shutdown will be over but the longer it continues, the more impact it will have on small businesses. and then there's the issue of your tax returns. for city cafe right across from the federal building in downtown oakland, it has not been business as usual. >> very badly.
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it is going down more and more. >> reporter: he relies on federal workers. business is down nearly 60%. >> people live there. >> reporter: normally the pastries are all gone by the afternoon. >> it is like a ghost town. usually you can smell the food cooking and there's a line and people are just waiting to get their food, their coffee. >> reporter: and then another consequence of the shutdown. your taxes. as we enter tax season, don't think you can put off filing your taxes if the government grid lock continues. >> the biggest concern is where is my refund? when am i going to get it? >> reporter: over at jackson hewitt tax service, they've been
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gettings abo busy filing taxes. tax experts say your refund could be delayed if the government shutdown extends past mid-january. so we'll have to wait and see. in emeryville, abc7 news. >> okay. thanks. the trash bins are overflowing around the area. piles of garbage in san francisco. it is so bad, the public works department is considering picking up trash in federal parks in the city. >> take a look at this new interactive map. we're calling at this time trash tracker. you can click on parks in the bay area. they will give you photos of what they look like. oakland police really need your help to find a driver who hit a teenager on a bicycle and drove away after dragging him several blocks. the teenager is fighting for his life tonight. witnesses saw it near the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station. the driver made several turns
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before the boy fell off the car. police are urging that driver to come forward. >> accidents happen. we understand that there is panic. that there is often not sure what to do in a critical situation. do the right thing. turn yourself in. >> crime experts are now reviewing the video. a man died when a fire broke out inside his apartment. the fire started in the rear the building near border with berkeley around 6:30 this evening. no one else was hurt. another very crisp evening around the bay area. here's a live look from our east bay hills camera. >> spencer christian is here. we're talking freezing temperatures tonight. >> and below freezing. so crisp is a pretty mild word
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to use. oakland, mountain view, 39 in morgan hill. and looking down at the city, look at this. mid 30s, santa rosa, napa, 36 in petaluma. going into the overnight hours, we'll see all inland locations dropping into at least the mid 30s by 7:00. we'll be looking at upper 20s and low 30s. then another big change. >> okay. thank you. san jose' mayor is recovering at home tonight. he was released after getting struck by an suv while cycling. yes, they did give a citation for feeling on yield to another motorist.
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the mayor is glad to be coming back to work. he will be wearing a back brace for four to six weeks but he is happy to be walking. the wheelchair and back brace gave it away. the san jose mayor's high spirits this afternoon weren't really what you would expect from someone who had been hit by an suv. the mayor was released from the medical center wednesday. he was hit at salt lake drive and mabury road while on a bike ride. >> the wonderful neighbors who came out of their homes to help me get back on my feet. >> we found that woman tuesday night. she didn't initially realize the man she was helping was the mayor. the driver told her, he didn't see mthe mayor who now has a fractured vertebrae and sternum. he is an advocate for traffic
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safety. he's been leading it. plus, bike lanes have been popping up all over the city. >> he said it will take time. >> i think you'll see me on a bike in a few weeks. reporting live, abc7 news. the man accused of shooting and killing a police officer will underago mental health investigation before the case against him continues. he was formerly known by an alias. he was charged in the death of the corporal a week ago. dozens of people showed up in support of the fallen officer. the sheriff says there was one authorized fund that has been set up. we have a link to it on our website. we have learned of a second
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injury in the bay area due to celebratory gunfire on new years eve. it happened on east 14th street in san leandro near the oakland border. the victim was visiting from mexico. he said he was in the backyard when he felt something hit his hand. it was described as an abrasion. the other involves a 6-year-old girl in east oakland. she was hit in the head and remains in children's hospital tonight. an historic first. who just landed on the far side of the moon tonight. >> yeah. clearing up the confusion. what steph curry is saying about the big bash in oakland. from the salt brine and to the smoker. coming up, how a new california law is helping home cooks bring them to bacon. and gobbling up the
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steph curry fans waited in line for his free party in oakland only to leave empty handed. he gave a clarification on social media about when people can get tickets. >> you can go down to my pop up store in oakland tomorrow, thursday, it opens at 12:00 noon. >> curry first announced the party yesterday. but he never said when the tickets would be available. so the fans lined up at the store which never opened. >> i'm really disappointed. i came down with such like joy and excitement and like gratitude. >> curry says his party friday at the fox athleter is intended for young people and students. tickets are free. no purchase is necessary.
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there are hundreds of new laws in california as of the start of the year and one is cooking up excitement for people hoping the cash in on their kitchen skills. as abc7 news reporter laura reports, you may not grab your apron just yet. >> as he single dad with a seriously side hustle. >> bacon with a maple glaze. >> by day he runs a bakery of whole foods. by night, he smokes meat. >> i started making some for friends. we want more. we'll pay you. we'll buy some. >> which is not exactly kosher according to california law. >> i've extensively looked at how to do this legally. it is like not really feasible without having a lot of capital to put up front. i was kind of big aing underground. >> thanks to a new bill called the home made food operations act, small scale food operations can legally make food and sell
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it to the public. >> individual laws still need onment on into the permitting process so home cooks can get started. >> this is a real positive thing for californians so we can see at least a large percentage of counties this year offering permits. >> matt has spent years drafting the new law. he lives in oakland and is the author. >> one of the best ways for people to deal with cost of living increases and stay in their homes. >> home businesses will be allowed up to $50,000 in gross sales and home kitchens will have to pass inspection. abc7 news. >> if you want to look at the laws changing this year, we have an extensive list on our website. >> one half of the captain and tenille died today. ♪ do that to me one more time
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>> he usually wore a captain's hat. they met in 1971. they married in 1975. their top hits included love will keep us together and muskrat love. >> mean jean died today. he interviewed many wrestling legends over the years. he was connected to the most iconic moments. >> and bob einstein also passed away. he played the super dave osborn. younger viewers will remember him from hbo's curb your enthusiasm. he was 76. a pioneering landing tonight by a chinese spacecraft. the government-run television reports china made the first ever landing on the far side of the moon which faces away from earth, of course. and is relatively unexplored. it is the first moon landing since the apollo 17 mission in
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1972. >> interesting. it is another chilly, clear night out there. just look at the incredible sunsets we captured tonight. >> the skies are clear right now. in the low to mid 40s around the bay. it will be cool. it will be rainy is that windy on saturday and that will be the beginning of a wet pattern into next week. so overnight, look for lows in the low 20s and 30s. we'll see mainly upper 30s, broebl 40 in oakland. then tomorrow, another sunny and bright day with a few high
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clouds around. as we look at our rain chances, zero chance through friday. but look at substantial chances of rain through saturday and through the middle of next week. so let's look at the series of storms. moderate intensity, expected to produce a half inch of rainfall. down pours are possible, as are thunderstorms and it will be gusty. the winds gusting 30 to 40 miles per hour. it will be rainy throughout the day on saturday with snow developing in the sierra. then a little break on sunday but not for long. another storm late sunday into monday. it will be raining probably into the afternoon hours but it may not interfere with the big college championship game monday
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afternoon. dry the next few days. very cold. that will keep the temperatures down. then periods of rain sunday, monday, tuesday and wednesday. each of those days, it will rate only a 1 on the impact scale. so still light though. at least at the beginning of the big game at alabama and clemson at levi stadium. it could be a dream job for some. get paid to live on an island but there's a catch. >> there is always a catch. tomorrow, good morning actor aidan guillen is going to t
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there's a six figure job in the bay area unlike any other. >> and you'll never be stuck in traffic during your commute. that's because the job is overseeing a bed and breakfast in the strait. >> the successful candidates, we're told, will be a couple. one must have a commercial boat operator's license. that rules all of us out here. the pay, $130,000 a year along with room and board. >> interesting. >> how long does it take on get a license? >> i'm an island guy. immune eekly qualified. i just got back from an island. calendar says 2019 so we have to be closing in on a boogie cousins
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good evening. the nhl all-star game will be held later this month, january 26th. the sharks will have three players in that game. joe pavelski, brent burns and erik carlson all named to the stars today. meanwhile, pavelski entered the day leading the pacific division with 23 goals. he didn't waste any time adding to that total. the one timer off the pass. two-man advantage. look at carlson burns exchange position and burns rips it. 2-1 sharks. through second period. evander kane.
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steel, thank you very much. the sharks up 3-1. and look at the effort here by jonas donskoi. sharks cruising up 4-1. the avs rally late. in the final second, martin jones with the save on nathan mckinnon. right on the doorstep. and the puck. 5-4, team teal hangs on for the win. we don't have any media because the media isn't allowed. trying to come down from a torn achilles'. still no projected date on his return. the task is to get his conditioning up. quinn cooks said the doves don't want them to take it easy in practice. >> it seemed like a real game. you can see how much better. just running and up down.
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i'm trying to attack and he's getting better. >> the long time raider, greg papa replacing ted robinson. the a's, warriors, raiders and now, niners. the home of the niners. living on a billboard. trying to win seats to the alabama clemson game. they were visited by championship eater joey chestnut. welcome to the chicken wing eating competition. >> he is just going pick and pick like a little bird. >> so do you think you can take him? >> my gosh. he definitely has technique. down.finitelm slow him down a little. all right. 13 for alabama. and this is life on the billboard, people. >> life on the billboard. like living in a van down by the
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river. >> sponsored by chicken rock casino. >> with chicken wings. and the carrot
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see? we're already well into 2019. it's going well. >> we appreciate your time. >> for all of us, thank you for being with us. right now on jimmy kimmel live.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- will ferrell and john c. reilly. chef matty matheson. and music from rita wilson. and now -- calm down -- jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi, there. welcome, welcome. hi, everyone. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching it. thank you for coming to see it. ry ne.pplause ] welcome. i have a question. you know, i have a question for the group that i'm hoping you're going to help with.


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