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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  March 4, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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meeting came one day after oakland teachers narrowly voted to ratify a new contact, giving them a 3% bonus and 11% raise over three years. >> unless this board reduces the budget for next year, there is not the funding to give a raise. >> look at this. this is the city of oakland. we're united. we don't want any more cutbacked. >> reporter: after of the cuts will come at the central office and including reduction to libraries and services to asian-pacific islanders and foster youth and the restorative justice program. >> the programs ground us and make us -- relationships between us. if you don't want to see violence in schools, keep these programs. >> you are taking away from these students and y'all should stand for and not against students and protect our amendment. >> i don't like this for me and for district seven. >> motion is adopted. >> reporter: in the end the board went ahead with the vote to approve the budget cuts much
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to the dismay of these students. [ crowd [ yelling ] >> and now to those two young humboldt county sisters found safe and sound after missing for nearly 48 hours. rescue crews found 8-year-old laya and 5-year-old caroline carrico yesterday morning and cold and scared and uninjured in the moods a mile and a half away from their home in the town of benbow and they went on a walk and got lost in a head illy wooded area. and today they described what happened with carolyn explaining how they got lost in the first place. >> we i wanted more -- >> we found shelter at a tree branch close to the ground and we had my sister's rain jacket
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to keep us warm. we turned it sideways so each of us had a arm hole that we stuck our arms into. my sister cried the whole night so i told her to think happy thoughts. >> i thought of going to the park with mommy and daddy and i thought of going to the ocean. i thought everything that i remembered but it didn't work. >> that is a habit. i started crying the first time i felt -- i saw my brother. >> tell me about what happened -- >> are they not just the sweetest girls. they used survival skills losed in movies and 4-h. deom limb will have more on the story coming up at 5:00. >> they're parents have to be relieved. and more rain coming this week. a live look outside from our
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tam and exploratorium forecast. spencer christian is here. >> it is going to be wet nt today -- in the foreseeable future. no rain in the bay area but not far after. here is a wider satellite radar image and the storm off shore kicking clouds in our direction and moisture is headed our way. overnight conditions as the clouds increase, there may be a couple of light spotty showers mainly in the south bay overnight. overnight low temperatures will be in the upper 40s. and the approaching storm ranks only one on the storm impact scale coming in tomorrow to bring us scattered showers and n brief downpour and it will intensify to level two and i'll give you a close look at the timeline and path in a few minutes. we'll see you then. the clean-up is under way in sonoma countries following the devastating floods. thousands of homes and businesses were damaged
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including the guerneville post office which will remain closed until april 1st. wayne freedman is live with a look at the clean-up. wayne? >> reporter: and there is a lot of cleanup to be done. this is main street in downtown guerneville. hard to believe last week it was under water. you would hardly know by looking at it. all you have to do is walk this way or that way or that way or this way and you'll see quite a mess remaining. the mud on the sign outside of guerneville said much more than letters ever can. the residue of last week's flood lines the streets and highways as waters recede and piles rise >> that is what we do. you get used to it and learn every flood. >> reporter: this man spent the day knocking out drywall turned wet and he has four buildings in town and he doesn't have flood insurance and hasn't paid a premium since 1995 and feel as
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head of the game. >> i knew how much it was going to cost and i elected to be self insurance because flood insurance for most people is prohibitively expensive. >> reporter: he is one of the lucky people here. at emergency management office we found jennifer harwood who moved here on valentine's day and before that she lived in -- coffey park. >> i lost everything this time that i held on to from my childhood -- from being little. >> reporter: as we come back to downtown guerneville. jennifer harwood, hard to believe three major disasters in her life since 2017. now she's here. she's looking for another place to live once again. the other question here right now, will fema declare this a disaster area? fema was in the region today
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looking and assessing but there is no word yet. live in guerneville, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> thank you. if you are looking to help some of the people affected by the flood, gofundme has set up a page to find fundraisers and we have a link on our website at he was often called the warrior of the underserved say mem at city hall for the late jeff adachi who served five terms as san francisco public defender. and leeann has a look at his memorial. >> reporter: there were people from all walks of life im -- impacted by jeff adachi. he had another sign, a filmmaker who embraced his japanese heritage and we were told he was a huge collector of godzill godl dolls. the sea monster awakened and empowered and many say that was
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adachi. [ singing ] >> reporter: from the dignitaries in the front rows to the ordinary san franciscans filling the balcony of city hall, they all came to remember jeff adachi as a man who fought for a more just and equitable san francisco. >> there are a whole lot of important people here today. but we all know, jeff, everybody was important to jeff. >> reporter: he was the only elected public defender in california. it was the people of san francisco who put him in that position for five consecutive terms. that was something he was proud of. adachi and his chief attorney matt gonzalez worked closely on a number of cases. >> most people want to measure the accused at their worst moment. but jeff wanted to measure people by their potential. >> reporter: adachi died on february 22nd from an apparent
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heart attack. he was 59. >> we cannot help but feel that he should have had many, many more years of life to fill. >> reporter: today his co-workers wore t-shirts with his picture on them. mayor london breed remembered a younger adachi coming to her predominantly black neighborhood to offer legal aid to those in the community. >> everyone justl -- just let hm do his thing because everyone knew jeff was there to help. everyone knew he cared about our community. >> reporter: his parents and grandparents spent time in a japanese internment camp that also led to a passion for film making which he used to expose social injustices. >> he loved life completely. and he lived it intensely. >> reporter: adachi is survived by his wife and daughter and his parents. now since his death, matt gonzalez has led the public
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defender's office and now it is up to the mayor to officially appoint someone. when gonzalez came up to the podium this morning, he received a loud round of applause from co-workers. they did this to say, mayor breed, that is who we want to follow in jeff adachi's footsteps. in the newsroom, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. san francisco giants ceo larry baer is taking an immediate leave of absence after an altercation with his wife caught on camera. [ yelling ] >> the video obtained by tmz shows baer reaching across his wife pam to reach a cell phone in san francisco. pam well to the ground with her husband wrestling the phone away. the statement on the giants ownership group said he will take personal time away from the giants starting today and said, quote, mr. bhaaer has acknowledd that his behavior was unacceptable achd apologized to
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the organization and is committed to taking steps to make sure it doesn't happen again. they hold themselves to the highest standards and both major league baseball and the san francisco police are investigating. still to come here at 4:00, relation -- reaction to the death of luke perry days after a stroke. [ crowd chanting ] a call to action today at san jose state. new demands to address the growing number of homeless students. and want to get away? southwest begins selling tickets to hawaii and wait until you see the deals that thousands took advantage of. 4:10 in the afternoon. live look at the afternoon commute. this is the emeryville section of the commute. this is interstate 80 eastbound as what is all bottled up. that is the oncoming traffic toward brookly, on the
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right-hand side it looks like a little bit of a
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♪ new wok fired shrimp, another american chinese creation from panda express. former "beverly hills, 90210" star luke perry died today from a massive stroke from last week. his publicist said his friends and family were with him when he died. including his children. >> we have a look at his life and tributes to him. >> i'll see you around. >> reporter: actor luke. >> maybe you were right. i think we need to see other people. >> reporter: best known as dylan
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mckay from "beverly hills, 90210" died monday morning in los angeles. the 52-year-old passed away after suffering a massive stroke last week. he had been hospitalized since wednesday after paramedics were called to his sherman oaks home. his pub listist said he was surrounded by his two children and fiance and family and friends. making the mark on the big screen starring in "buffy the vampire slayer." he recently gained a whole new generation of followers starring as fred andrews on cw "riverdale" on the archie comic stories. the show's executive producers wbtv and the cw saying he was a caring and consume at professional with a giant heart and a true friend to all. and an outpouring of stars mourning his death on social media. his 90210 co-star eye an zeroing
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saying i will bask in the love we shared over the last 30 years. and molly ringwald tweeting my heart is broken. i will miss you so much. >> riverdale is shutting down following the news of his death. dania backus, abc news, los angeles. and as we continue to help try to build a better bay area, students are trying to find a solution to the homeless problem at san jose state and had a noon rally to urge the students and faculty to call the president's office. >> david louie joining us live at san jose state with a list of their details and their demands. david? >> reporter: how big is thisime california state university chandler office that as much as 13% of students have been homeless at some point during their academic career. on this campus that would translate into 4300 students who at one point didn't have a permanent place to sleep. [ crowd chanting ] >> reporter: students are pushing hard to get the
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university to agree to three demands to dress what they consider ann intolerable situation. >> students are spending long cold nights in their cars and sleeping in the library during the week days. and couch surfing. >> reporter: they have a meeting on tuesday with the president to set aside 10 parking spaces where students can park and live safely. at least a dozen dorm beds for up to 60 days and emergency grants of $2,500 to help students to remain in housing if they can't afford the rent. >> we have gathered over a thousand signatures in support of our demands and i'm sure the support of the community and students and faculty will resonate to the leaders of san jose state university. >> reporter: the university already implemented some ideas they recommended, such as a one-stop clearing house to get help and to outline help to incoming students each fall when they arrive on campus.
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san jose state said this is a community wide issue but wanted to focus on taking care of their own students since they are trying to get an education and improving their lives. >> we want to find long-term sustainable solutions. it is not opening up a pandora's box but what are the real ones we want sitting there at the table discussing and exploring and then implementing. >> reporter: the meeting with the san jose state president is scheduled for 2:00 tomorrow. now as we try to build a better bay area, there is another solution from mark berman of palo alto. he is introduced a bill to allow students on community college campuses to sleep in campus parking lots overnight. but that would not apply to schools like san jose state. in san louie, abc 7 news. >> david, thank you. today the california supreme court court uphold the rollback of retirement benefit to allow
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workers to pay for more years of service for more lucrative pension when they retire. the justices upheld the law in a unanimous vote but they avoided ruling on the larger issue of whether promised retirement benefits could be taken away. it is known as the california rule and is observed in roughly a dozen states. i hope you jumped on these quickly. southwest airlines began selling tickets for flights from the bay area to three destinations in hawaii starting at just $49 each. >> whoa! >> for available on flights for tuesday and website sold out in a matter of minutes. a handful of bargain at $79 and $99 are still available. heads up, you may still have a chance at southwest service from sacramento, will be announced in the coming week and i just checked in honolulu, 73 and cloudy today. >> was i supposed to do a remote
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from there today. >>? i don't think that got scheduled. >> it is not so bad. cloudy here but not that warm. we have rain coming our way so be prepared. a look at live doppler 7, clouds are increasing. let me give you a live view looking out doors from sutro tower over san francisco. you see clouds of various levels of the atmosphere. looking dreary out there right now. current temperature, 55 degrees at san francisco. mountain view and san jose. only in oakland 56. only 53 in half moon bay and 57 in morgan hill. from the east bay hills camera, westward, the sky is brighter looking in that direction toward the golden gate. it is 58 at santa rosa, napa 57, petaluma 55, and fairfield 59 and concord 56. downtown san francisco along the bay bridge and these are our forecast features. light rain arriving tomorrow. that storm is going to grow stronger tomorrow night into wednesday. it will be elevated to a level two storm and we'll have an
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unsettled pattern for most of the week. so let's take a look at the first wave of the storm. ranking only one on the storm impact scale so for tomorrow look for scattered showers. maybe some brief downpours and breezy and now to the forecast animation at midnight going into the early morning hours. we'll see a few light showers moving into the south bay in the early part of the day. a little bit of a break and later in the day we have a surge of stronger showers moving into the north bay. and then spreading late tomorrow evening and overnight into other parts of the bay area. overnight lows tonight will be mainly in the upper -- well these are highs for tomorrow. highs for tomorrow are in the upper 50s to around 60 and then farther south milder, about 62 down in san jose. notice the rain coming in to the north bay in the midday hours tomorrow. so let's talk about the second stage of the storm, which is more intense. a moderate storm ranking two on the storm impact scale. so for a wednesday morning, commuters will be greeted -- i don't foe if you call it a greeting, met by showers and heavy downpours. we're keeping our eyes on small
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creeks for possible localized flooding. at 3:00 wednesday morning, heavy downpours indicated by the colorful areas of yellow and orange and heavier downpours still as we approach 5:00 a.m. which is the beginning of our morning commute but the heavier rain will push out rather quickly. by mid morning to midday wednesday look for just widely scattered but heavy downpours will dampen the roadways and they will be slippery. by 3:00 p.m. wednesday look for rainfall over an inch in the north bay and farther south and east you'll see lesser rainfall totals but so still a drenching coming our way. and in the sierra it is snowing. a winter storm warning in effect from 4:00 p.m. tomorrow and above 6,000 feet look for one to four feet of snow snt central sierra. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. light wayrain tomorrow and tapeg off to lighter rain on thursday and friday mainly dry although there could be a -- a left over
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shower or two in the early morning. don't forget to spring forward on sunday and that will bring us more showers. so we have an unsettled pattern and we don't expect rain to be heavy like last week but localized flooding because the ground is saturated. >> thank you, spencer. women making history. we'll take you inside the san francisco kitchen where it all started. and protect
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to take care of yourself. but nature's bounty has innovative ways to help you maintain balance and help keep you active and well-rested. because hey, tomorrow's coming up fast. nature's bounty. because you're better off healthy. among the bay area chefs nominated for a james beard award last week are two women who got their start at la cocina in san francisco. >> nominated for best chef are up for best new restaurant and both are taking part in an event to show case women in the food
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industry. >> kristen zse has a story of another chef who started at la cocina. >> for hang tran, food was a comfort from a early age. >> when i was eight, we had a restaurant so i was the one who picked up the noodle for my mom. >> reporter: she grew up in the vietnamese sit of delot and moved to the united states. but she could not get her mother's soup out of her mind. >> i miss my mom so very much. and i went to different restaurants and tried to find a taste that i used to eat but i never can have the same as my mom's cooking. >> reporter: she dreamed of opening her own restaurant but did not get serious about it until her husband became ill with cancer. >> they did not do anything and i was thinking about the nutritious soup and i thought about it. >> reporter: after her husband died she began selling her super
4:26 pm
nutritious fa and she revealed secrets from the recipe. >> cinnamon [ inaudible ]. and then simmer for 18 hours. if you are not feeling well, you could release a lot of congest and and good for the stomach. >> reporter: hang now selled her healthy take on vietnamese comfort food at the student union. five businesses opened last august including hang's noodle girl. so why noodle girl? >> we cook every sunday at church and every time that it is my turn i only cook noodles so they call me noodle girl. >> repri, abc 7 news. >> looks good. >> yeah, it does. a week of women in food, pairs rising chefs with more established restaurateurs and find a link to the dinner events at >> still to come, the battle
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over high-speed rail. the trump administration wants its money back and california officials say that would be disastrous. and devastation across alabama after nearly a dozen tornados tou to simone, i leave the van gogh. to harrison, the wine collection. grace, you get the beach house, just don't leave the lights on, okay? to mateo, my favorite chair. to chris, the family recipes. to craig, this rock. to jamie, well, let's just say, enjoy the ride. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. the almonds to walter. the beaches to the bums. and the fog to, who else, karl. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition.
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that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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>> announcer: live where you live, this is abc 7 news. and here are the stories making headlines at 4:30.
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dignitaries joined the public at san francisco city hall to celebrate the life of public defender jeff adachi. he was remembered as a man who fought for a more just and equitable san francisco. mayor london breed and former mayor willie brown were among the speakers. adachi died on february 22nd from a heart attack. he was 59 years old. a group of students voiced their oppositon today to nearly $22 million in budget cuts for the oakland unified school district. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony tweeted out the video. students marched to the school board meeting today to protest cuts. in san jose, neighbors left flowers in a home where a woman was killed. we are on the story and posted this picture. we'll have a live report on the murder mystery at 5:00. in the national headlines, deadly torn aids tore up alabama, storms blamed for a dozen deaths. we are joined by rachel scott
4:31 pm
from alabama with the latest. rachel? >> reporter: yeah, well crews have blocked off this area here behind me as they continue their search and rescue efforts well into the night. but this small community is just heartbroken. homeowners say they're not only mourning the loss of their property, they're also mourning the death of their neighbors. search and rescue teams sifting through rubble for survivors in alabama today. >> this is the worst natural disaster that has ever occurred in lee county. >> reporter: a 170 mile-per-hour tornado ripped through lee countries last night. the trail of destruction at least half a mile wide. drones now flying overhead equipped with heat-seeking devices to help look for survivors. >> it is just bad. it is a blessing ae talk about it because there are people missing. >> reporter: homeowners are returning to see the scope of the catastrophic damage. this homeowner tells me what is left of her home is now scattered on both sides of the street. >> one day you got everything and the next day you ain't got
4:32 pm
nothing. >> reporter: this family was grateful their 72-year-old grandmother somehow walked away from this home. >> hail god. thank you. >> reporter: at least 40 reported tornados across four states. with all of alabama now under a state of emergency. president trump taking a moment to address the situation in washington, d.c. >> and i directed fema to provide immediate assistance to the great state of alabama. they're in there if full force and whatever we can do, we're doing. >> reporter: residents whose homes were spared reaching out to help in any way they can. >> we got 20 pizzas. >> we were the lucky ones that didn't get sick and we were about two miles from where the tornado hit and we wanted to help everybody that did have damage. >> reporter: and this tornado was upgraded to an f-4. it is the deadliest tornado to hit this area in several years. reporting live in beauregard, alabama, rachel scott, abc 7 news. >> do we know how many people
4:33 pm
are still missing there in alabama? >> reporter: well officials say dozens are still missing. but they plan to search through every single piece of rubble until everyone is accounted for, larry. >> rachel scott live in alabama. thank you. civil rights activist joins stephon clark's family in demanding that the california attorney general prosecutor the officers that killed the father. they hand delivered a letter to xavier becerra after a body camera captured the enkouptser between two officers and clark. officers saw a object in his hand that turned out to be his cell phone. local prosecutors said they will not charge the prosecutors. >> we're hoping that attorney general xavier becerra does what nobody, even sacramento district attorney ann marie shub ertd would do and that is prosecute the two officers.
4:34 pm
>> becerra hopes they could finish the probe into the death. a southern california man is accused of setting off an explosion that killed his girlfriend. and b aef l said were found in his home and the list of presidential race con -- candidated get longer. hick ep looper is standing tall and seen as a socially progressive pro-business democrat and called himself an extreme modder at. the 67-year-old just finished serving two terms as colorado governor and in denver before that. the field of democrats running in 2020 so far to 14 candidates, including six senators. the leaders of california high-speed rail project told the trump station its plans to take
4:35 pm
back $3.5 billion in federal money is legally indefensible and disastrous. they say terminating the money would cause massive disruption and endanger the future of high-speed rail in any state. california is attempting to build a high speed rail line between san francisco and l.a. last month the u.s. department of transportation threatened to withhold a $929 million federal grant and explore taking back $2.5 billion in federal money the state has already spent. a $1.5 billion lottery winner has stepped forward with less than a month left to claim the jackpot. the person who bought the mega-millions ticket from a south carolina store in october, they chose to receive the lump sum of $878 million. it is the largest jackpot ever won by one person in the u.s. and get, this the winner let another customer in line, that customer bought a mega-millions ticket right before him which the lottery said led to this
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amazing outcome. >> no way! >> oh, man. >> it goes to show that you're -- >> nice to be gracious. >> good karma. >> i wouldn't have waited five months before collecting my billions. >> privacy and security are a big deal online. but just what can you do to protect yourself in the latest effort to keep your personal information private just ahead. i'm spencer christian and here is a nice view of the sky from our east bay hills camera. clouds are thickening, nice sunset but rain is on the way. i'll have the accuweather forecast coming up in just a moment. [music playing] (sashimi) psst. hey, you! the one with the designer dog collar. wondering how i upgraded to this sweet pad? a 1,200-square-foot bathroom, and my very own spa. all i had to do was give my human "the look". with wells fargo's 3% down payment on a fixed-rate loan and a simpler online application, getting into my dream home was easier than ever. get your human to visit what would she do without me?
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a big week for security here in san francisco. the rsa conference and thousands of cybersecurity experts in town including peter galvin the chief marketing officer at encipher. what is everybody's biggest fear and consumers concerned mostly about identify theft or other things. >> well certainly identity theft is the number one issue that consumers are facing. we did a survey of about a thousand different people and 68% of them said that identity theft was the biggest issue. the second thing most fearful of was their personal information being leaked that would embarrass them. that is the other thing they were concerned. >> interesting. what can companies do to try to assure consumers that their information is being kept private and they don't have to -- it seems like we were
4:40 pm
talking during the break there are hacking attempts constantly. >> companies need to be more transparent and communicate better with consumers and provide consumers more control. one of the issues they need to be able to do is tell consumers how they're using their data and information. if you want to know at a website or logged into one of your favorite social media sites, how is that important being used our your data being used and think part of the issue is that consumers and you and i, we don't know how our data is being used and how to take care of it. >> is there a bigger concern over the facebook information or more your accounts online somehow being accessed. >> i think the most important data is your name, your social security number and credit card information. anything that gets you to that information is what is more critical. because once -- there are certain things you can't change. you can't change your birth date. you can't change your social security number. so once they get out on the dark
4:41 pm
web, they can be used to steal your identity and then create new bank accounts or do some other type of fraudulent activity. >> and then it is big trouble. the california data protection law going into effect in 2020. i'm not even sure people realize this is happening but how much will that help protect everybody? >> that will help a lot. one of the things it will do is what we've seen is putting in some kind of regulation and putting penalties against it will force companies to pay attention. so there are many companies and we talk about financial institutions and banking, they are very vigilant against hackers but there are other companies that aren't so vigilant and so having a data protection act and having regulation and having some teeth associated with it will help drive more security and have security take a much more important part of any kind of decision that those business people with making. >> for the average person, what can they do to protect themselves? what do you say? do this or don't ever do this. >> yeah. so don't ever click on a link that you're not familiar with.
4:42 pm
don't give your user credentials or user name and password to someplace that you're not comfortable with or not familiar with. take good care of your passwords. good password hygiene. >> password hygiene. >> just like you keep track of things in your house and have a key to your house and make sure you have the same type of key to your information. >> i guess 123456 will go. >> or "password" is another popular one. >> thank you for joining us. >> thank you very much for your time. now your accuweather forecast with spencer christian. >> clouds getting thicker and the atmospheric river is aimed at the california coast but most of the energy is going into southern california. however, we are going to get some rain out of this approaching plume of moisture. our storm coming ranks 1 on the storm impact scale and we've see brief downpours and breezy and overnight conditions as clouds
4:43 pm
thicken and a few light showers into the south bay. overnight lows in the upper 40s and tomorrow showers coming from the north later in the day as well. those may be heavier. highs tomorrow will be in the upper 50s to around 60 degrees. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. so the storm that begins as alevel one will intensify tomorrow night into wednesday morning and taper off to showers and a level one storm on thursday. friday we may see a leftover shower or two in the early morning and dry on saturday and another light storm comes in on sunday which, by the way, marks the first day of daylight saving time which is one of my favorite times of the year. >> it is kind of nice. i like that evening daylight. >> me too. >> thanks, spencer. building a better bay area by using less fabric. >> the zero waste clothing boutique that is changing the fashion industry one garment at a time. i'm 7 on your side michael fnney. more and more of us are falling behind on our car payments. why? and what can you do to stay
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alwould you like a desk chair, weekends off, or the bathroom code? yes, please! which one? it's time to get more. lower fares. better service. sweeter rewards. alaska airlines.
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one san francisco woman is doing her part to help build a better bay area one item of clothing at a time.
4:47 pm
this is initiative to examine and tackle some o issues facing our region including how to help the environment. the woman's zero waste boutique sells clothes made from discarded fab lick like this. dion lim visited her shop to show you how it is hoping to change the way clothes are manufactured all over the world. >> i like this fabric because it has that sleek urban look to it. >> reporter: one look at the rich fabrics and colors and textures on display in tonle boutique in the district -- and you would never guess all of the clothing is made out of trash. >> we take these scraps that are being discarded by larger factories and create our own collection. >> reporter: rachel fowler began a journey after a trip to cambodia in 2007 and notices a disturbing trend in fashion manufacturing. >> i would found piles of scraps and i would look at them and tell they were cut waste from factories and we could take this
4:48 pm
material already produced and make really beautiful stuff out of it. >> reporter: in just the past five years, rachel estimates her company has diverted 35,000 pounds of fabric that would have ended up in a landfill or worse. >> a lot of it is dumped and winds up in the ocean and there is a -- a lot of off gasing of these chemicals that go into the fabrics. >> reporter: america's hunger for fast fashion means in brands crank out 52 collection and adding more waste. >> and more things get cut incorrectly because they are in a hurry so the factories are ordering more fabric. >> reporter: known as the eco warrior for her podcast called this ground breaking. >> how we used to think about sustainable fashion which is -- a brown sag or something that hippies wore back in the '70s. everything has changed so much. >> reporter: while the boutique is still small with 50 employees there are 500,000 garment
4:49 pm
workers in cambodia alone. miami if factories there embraced the ideas. rachel hopes that make an impact even if it is on a much smaller scale. >> i hope that we're doing in having the zero waste mission will inspire other people to think about their waste as not something to be thrown away but as a pract -- but as a product to be made into something beautiful. >> reporter: and they can keep costs competitive. items range in price from $40 to $200. learn more about their boutique at and we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. what issues do you see where you live. and what would make them bet sner do you know other people taking building a better bay area into their own hands. use the hashtag and join the conversation. consumer news now. there is a new report out that said people are falling behind in making their auto loan payments and the question is how can you avoid that before you buy a car? >> 7 on your side michael finney
4:50 pm
is here with the details. it is very interesting. >> it is a real window into the economy, because a credit card you could pay less or over here, but a car you have to make a statement. so when you are falling behind, our economy is falling behind. so despite the booming economy, and positive job numbers, many are seeing this troubling trend. consumers are falling behind on auto loan payments. >> 7 million americans are 90 or more days behind on their car loans. that is according to recent data released by the federal reserve bank of new york. the bank said this is the highest number of people in delinquency since it started taking this data 19 years ago. so with the strong economy and labor market, why are delinquencies rising? economists say the data shows not everyone is benefiting from the current financial situation. and say auto loans offer a more accurate measure of financial burden. when it comes to credit card debt, people can dial back on their payments. that is not the case when it
4:51 pm
comes to car loans. payments are fixed and there is no wiggle room in case you're low on cash one month. experts say to avoid falling behind, be smart during the buying process. one tip, make a good down payment to get a lower monthly payment. and then this is an obvious one, new cars depreciate quickly so consider buying a used one instead. -- the most with car loans and that is normally the way it is because they want that nice new car. have a hard time affording it. >> and then reality sets in. >> and a window in how many people are paycheck to paycheck. >> very good point. >> thanks, michael. general motors said the first of five north american assembly plants will end production this week. gm confirmed the production of the chevy cruz will come to an end on wednesday in youngstown, ohio. that plant employees 1400 hourly workers down from 4,000 a few years ago. the closings are part of a major
4:52 pm
restructuring that is underway for t for the zoet-based automatic. a young basketball star made her tv debut in september for amazing kids week. >> this is fantastic. this is video of 10-year-old carolina ramirez from stewart, florida. she has the two handed steph curry down pat and showing off. she is a huge steph curry fan and her dream is to meet the golden state warrior, two-time mvp. >> she's all business. >> yes. >> and listen to what she told kelly and ryan and what they announced on the show today. >> just the other night she went down there and abc 7 and the warrior/magic game and here comes stef and there she is. can't believe it. it is so cute. she didn't know what to say. she got shy. [ applause ] >> that is so cute. >> that is awesome and they
4:53 pm
reached out to the warriors and this arranged for her to arrange in orlando for free and sit courtside to watch steph and company. >> she's a wnba hopeful that wears number 30 when she plays in honor of steph and see more stuff like this, watch live with kelly and ryan week days at 9:00 a.m. only on abc 7. >> i love kelly's face on the show doing her skills. she was just floored. >> what is amazing, kids see all of the stuff that steph does on the internet and they are practicing it. and everybody wants to shoot from 35 feet. >> well a taste of good fortune. >> i can make at least 15,000 a day. >> the san francisco company that lets you see how fortune cookies are made. and right now kristin is here with what is coming up at 5:00. >> yes. thank you, larry. new at 5:00. >> welcome aboard. thank you for riding.
4:54 pm
>> a little kindness goes a long way. sometimes the sights and sounds of b.a.r.t. are enough to put a smile on your voice. saving california, the new deal that will cost only $100 billion. only. and the world's worst tourist trap, yep, it is in california. those stories and more when i
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they say you should always listen to your heart.
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then stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. abc has a new brand called localish and this afternoon we look at golden gate fortune cookie factory in a small alley in the san francisco chinatown. take a peek inside of this tiny factory to see how fortune cookies come to life. >> when they come to san francisco, they think of golden gate cookies. we can make 15,000 a day. one by one. by me. this is like a museum. like a factory. you can walk in any time and get a treat. get a cookie and see how they're made. what else can you get? the golden gate fortune cookie factory established here since august 5th, 1962. my mom and uncle started and my mom had the recipe that i don't even know yet. i don't want to learn it because i want to get -- to have something to do. because she will be very bored. thr hth cookies. people love fortune cookies
4:58 pm
because we have the original machine and our own recipe. >> these are great. very good. >> the professor fortunes and i love the way he writes it. it is perfect. i'll show you how we make. the batter from here and pumps from the tube and then goes around. baking four and a half minutes and when it comes out it is cookie and get it down in four seconds. if you don't make it in time in four seconds, it goes to here. do you want to try them? >> how many can you do per minute? >> one -- >> you're fired. >> there you go. >> there it is. >> people love here and i love you guys. i serve you guys with a piece of cookie, right? >> that was our katie making them. she may have a second career there. that is going to do it.
4:59 pm
thank you so much for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00 and check out the abc new brand at on facebook and instagram. i'm ama daetz, abc 7 news at 5:00 starts now. when i turned around and both of my girls were gone. >> we tried to follow the same deer trail but took a wrong turn. >> and they they did everything right. a story of survival after two sisters were lost in the wilderness of humboldt county. and how did a san jose mother die. police look for clues as a neighborhood is on alert. the oakland teacher strike is over but the hurt feelings and bad blood have not gone away. after a terrible accident, students come together to show support by winning big. >> announcer: live where you live, this is abc 7 news. we were behind a little creek and we kept on going up that mountain and then we took a
5:00 pm
right turn and that is when i realized we'd gone in a circle. >> these two are adorable. but fortunately they did not panic. she and her little sister has gone through 4-h and so they knew something about wilderness survival. and the little sister wanted a little bit more time outside. >> i just wanted a little more adventure but i went a little farther. >> and that was a little bit too far. good evening. thank you for joining us, i'm larry beil. >> and i'm kristen zse. the girls were lost for two days before being found huddled under a bush. but first abc 7 news learned police are looking for a person of interest in the murderch a mother who lived in south san jose. >> she was found dead in her own home. jobina fortson talked to people who


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