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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  March 26, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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thank you for joining us. >> health officials stay threat can be traced to one person. a trav tre >>haer wen to at least 19 places. all of them filled with people. the traveller, we don't know if it is a man or a woman, started at t-mobile in sunnyvale. then went to ihop in san jose. >> then to hoover tower, had some lunge, went shopping at walmart in mountain view landfall meal at the fish market in santa clara and then went to macy's. >> that adds up to seven cities. you see how many people could have been exposed. >> officials say this is not a public health emergency. they stay vast majority in the county are vaccinate.
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sf our message is if you're not one of the majority protect, and you might have been exposed, to know what the symptoms are and watch for them. >> it includes a rash, fever, red eyes and it can develop 7 to 21 days after exposure. >> kept on officials say there are no known cases. we have a list of all locations online. and we've just learned >> san jose will pay an undisclosed amount to his mother. they say he refused to drop a knife. >> the district attorney declined to file charges then hopefully today's settlement will bring closure to all involved. abc 7 news is dedicated to
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building a better bay area. one of the biggest challenges is housing affordability. today the governor laid out his plan to help. >> that includes $500 million in incentives to build more housing. with holding state gas tax funds from those that don't neat housing and production goals. >> and suing cities like huntington beach in orange county which is illegally blocking building. today, california is struggling. >> live from sacramento with what the governor is proposing. >> reporter: he talked today about a really interesting idea. he said he had just received what he called a detailed list of excess state properties. tens of thousands of parcels of land that could be used to build affordable housing given land
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swaps and development teeso m w some of thosen the ver front lines in the affordability crisis. the governor said the california dream is in peril. >> when you have a third of households spending over 50% of their paycheck on housing, that puts the entire economy at risk. >> reporter: so the governor spent time with a 27-year-old struggling to pay rent. >> i'm formerly homeless of he know the struggles. >> and the senior trying to live a fixed income. >> i couldn't afford the deposit. not just the rent of the. >> this is a huge issue. >> the talk turned to housing. >> every tool is either being marginalized, minimized or eliminate. >> the point is a sense of
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urgency on the rental side, prevention side, and continuing to make sure we do everything on the prevention side. wove got to quadruple to have housing equilibrium. you can't build your way out of this overnight. you can't cap your way out of it overnight. he said they'll be learning more about the state parcels of land that could be made available. abe 7 news. >> thank you. just this week a survey found 44% say they want to leave the bay area because of high housing costs. 51% of people say traffic congestion makes them consider relocating out of state. finding shoogss to the bay area's issues can come in many
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forms. we invite to you share your ideas and see what your neighbors think by joining our better bay area group. crab lovers are in for a disappointment. the commercial season is ending early to help whales and turtles. this means it will end april 15. it usually goes until june 30th. beginning next year, it will go from november 1st to april 1st. david is live on the peninsula getting reaction from crabbers. they'll take a big hit. >> reporter: indeed they are. they have lots of long faces here. they're estimated to be taking a $50,000 hit each as a result of this new settlement to save whas and sea turtles. environmentalists are saying they've found six whales entangled so far this year. it is getting close to the end
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of the june season. many have started hauling in their crab pots as they get ready for the next season. >> boat payments, you know. slip fee payments. a lot of fishermen are having a hard time making ends meet. >> an environmental group filed a lawsuit over crab gear. crab pots are set with two buoys. it is believed that climate change has lured them closer to shore. >> we try to force common sense management reforms and that's what this does. it gets gear out of the water when the whales are here. when they need our waters most. >> it is part of a an agreement.
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the largest of the fishermen's groups. it will be april 15th but april first in subsequent years as stake holders work on how best to reduce entanglements. i think you will see people being a lot more care have. >> they buy their crabs right off the boat. fresh local crab won't be vab for long. calfians can no it is a hot more environmentally friendly than it was yesterday. >> rt starting next season, the local dungeoness crab will be available for thanksgiving but it may not be available for easter if easter few after april
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1st. abc7 news. >> thank you. in the south bay, two parties that have been at odds are coming together in a may know land deal. they have agreed to swap two parcels of land. now under this deal, big creek will require 617 acres of second growth redwood forest. the deal will protect the land from development and mandates sustainable timber harvesting practices. it will receive 320 acres of mature redwood forest, ajason ento the state park. they say it is critical habitat for an endangered sea bird. >> 18 hours from now, an amber alert style earthquake warning system will be tested in oakland. >> it will test near lake merritt. they say could it give people at least five seconds of advance
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warning. >> that could be enough to prepare. >> reporter: had there been a way to warn people of the loma prieta earthquake 10 to 20 seconds before it hit, how many lives would have been changed? they say the technology is finally here and ready to be tested. >> think of it as getting information out at the speed of life. >> in the case of an earthquake, there are more than 1,600 seismic stations sending data to the u.s. geological survey which then alerts the california office of emergency services, which in turn will send warnings by push notifications to your cell phone. >> that message will probably look and sound like an amber alert. tomorrow's test will target 60 square blocks east of lake merritt. >> the part we want to know, how
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quickly it will be delivers once the usgs hands it off? >> for that, people who get the alert tomorrow are being asked to record the exact time at which the alert first arrived on their phone. the results from the test in owing will help a usgs deliver this technology statewide. in this case, size matters. >> when it comes to the size, we're focusing on very large earthquakes. it is set at alerting at a magnitude 5. >> we asked people how they would react. >> i would call my family. >> only one person said they would follow the state's recommendations. >> run out in the middle of the street away from anything that falls off a building. if you're in a building, get under a table. >> oakland was selected because it is a dense area on the hayward fault.
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abc7 news. >> stay with us. new fallout for larry baer after he was caught in a public altercation. accusations flare after a surprise mma retirement. california's war against the swamp rat heats up. our next storm will bring us more than rain. and how does your garden grow? >>
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in the north bay, an annual event that writes a whole new meaning to the phrase, gilding the lily. >> reporter: hey, dan. not just gilding the lily.
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how about painiting the lily? this is an original, well, an original work of art. imagine a hundred yards of lilies like this. >> in a neighborhood where spring is busting out all over, here she comes again. in an alley in napa. no. this is not graffiti. and this lily, not exactly a natural bloom. blame this woman who views each white lily as a canvas. >> at the peak of the season, i could have as many as 250 painted at one time. >> she does this every year. >> what is her name? >> i don't know. >> so we meet ginger, the lily queen of napa and maybe anywhere. >> they come out really nice. they hole their color a long time. >> it is environmentally safe and it doesn't hurt the plant. it doesn't hurt the bees that come sit on the plant. >> you've been asked this before. >> i have.
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>> she lives just across the way. look inside and check the walls and this begins to make sense. she loves water colors and flowers. >> one dawe it looks like this and the next day it is something entirely different. >> and then you get your hands on it. >> i help it along. >> within one month it will be filled with painted calla lilies and crowds of people. be careful. jenk ginger may be watching. >> what if they come out with scissors? >> i would probably come out and chase them away. >> what they call calla lily valley in napa. now you know why. >> all i'm doing is remodeling the insects' homes. >> it is a lot more than that. it is a neighborhood thing. >> and here's one of those remodeled insects' homes. she said no two lilies have ever
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turned out the same. and we're warning you, don't come out here with scissors. >> they are stunning. >> i have calla lilies but nothing leak that. that's amazing. a good time for flowers. it is getting a little wet again. >> we have a storm that's coming that could bring us some thunderstorms. right now we're seeing some moisture ahead of that system of so we are tracking some isolated showers right now. let me get you into street level radar around chinatown, richmond district. you will notice mission street. don't be surprised if you run into a sprinkle this evening. i want to show you the forecast for the giants at park hosting the a's. not expecting a rain delay like
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yesterday. there might be a sprinkle and then we're expecting some rain. the temperatures will be dropping from the upper 50s to the mid 50s. make sure you grab a sweatshirt before you head out to the ball game. here's a live picture from our roof camera. the road is dry along the embarcadero. we have the same picture from our tower camera. low to mid 60s. san jose a mild day. 60 in half moon bay. plenty of clouds are stacked up. 61 in santa rosa. 67 in concord. it is starting to feel like spring. we look at this view. isolated showers. down pours, possible thunder it and it will be dry for the weekend. do not leave home without your rain gear tomorrow. we are going to see the rain tomorrow. allow extra time for the commute. you will need that. mid 40s to the mid 50s.
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tomorrow afternoon, hang on to the braes. 50s, 60s, a cooler day for your wednesday. it is a level one system tomorrow on our exclusive impact scale. showers heavy at times. a thunderstorm possibility and the wind gusts, 20 on 30 plus miles an hour. hour by hour we go. a few showers. we'll be seeing some heavier rain. 10:00 a.m., we may see some thunderstorms developing into noontime shifting. be prepared as we head into tomorrow. in terms of rainfall totals, we are going to see a tenth of an ink to .6 of an ink. the winds will pick up with this
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system coming in. tomorrow morning, expect winds . you bet it is a pretty high likelihood. up to three feet expected. you can download the app and track doppler 7. it will be a level one system tomorrow with heavy rain, gusty winds, possible thunder and then lingering showers going into thursday. a level one. look what's coming. low to mid 70s in our inland areas. >> you are always keeping us on our toes. >> remember the poppy motion is?
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it's happening again. so are the problems. coming up, the emergency landing. the engine scare with the jets grounded, why was it in the air? and all charges dropped against smo smo. >> thank you. the number of car break-ins around the bay area is staggering. a look at the changes made in one city that is lowering the number dramatically.
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new developments in nasa's plans for an all female space walk of it is not happening because of space suits. both needed a medium size suit but there's only one available at the international space station. the mission itself will go on friday but will now include one
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female astronaut and one male astronaut. back here on earth, the port of owing is switching to some prius style power. they plan to convert 13 diesel powered cranes. they say the change will cut 45 tons of pollutants every year. the cranes are the work horses rae of ports around the country. they straddle rows of could not takeners, historyilifting boxes on. officials say 417 of these t south american roadents have been killed. the state department of fish and wildlife say they've trapped them in five counties in the san joaquin copy.
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super bloom of poppies is drawing huge crowds in lancaster. people say the journey is worth it. >> reporter: it is lake elsinore meets griffith park. kind of. when you add this kind of spring time scenery, would you expect to get these crowds as well. specially on spring break. >> we were hoping there would be less people. we forgot it was spring break. >> i thought it would be a little bit less. it's pretty crowded. >> reporter: many of the parking restrictions in place near the super bloom on weekends are not in place right now. no need to pay $10 to take the shuttle to take in this incredible view. >> lots of pictures. it's beautiful. >> it's amazing. unexpected. i didn't realize how beautiful. >> the flowers are great. i love them. ?
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even little abigail didn't think too much of the lien ne of cars waiting to get in. >> it wasn't so good on the way here. >> we also saw a medical call this afternoon. one visitor taken away by ambulance for what we were told were only person who injuries. despite the crowds, some people we with said was that the that bad because perhaps they were expecting it to be even worse. >> it is not as bad as i thought. >> it's beautiful. worth the trip. >> officials had to chose off access to a super bloom after the city got overwhelmed with visitors. a foodie m
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coming up, trash is buying
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up in a bay area city and no one is coming to pick it up. the red tape that is keeping the unhealthy mess. also -- the elite college consultant dealt firsthand with the man at the central of the college bribery scandal. coming up at 6:00. >> thank you. finally expect big crowds at the marin country mart. shake shack is opening in the north bay. >> abc7 news got a sneak peek this popular food chain. >> we were the first to enjoy burgers, fries, shakes and more. >> we're very excited about this. this is a great opportunity for to us serve our community. we were waiting for this for a long time. and we are very, very happy to be here serving everyone. >> the bay area's first shake
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shack opened in palo alto in december. >> thanks for joining us. >> we'll see you at 6:00. tonight, breaking news. the emergency landing here in the tonight, breaking news. the emergency landing here in the u.s. one of those new boeing 737 max jets, the major engine issue. what was the emergency? and with those jets grounded, why was it in the air? also developing tonight, the unexpected decision. all charges dropped against actor jussie smollett. the move blindsiding the mayor in chicago and the top cop there. their furious words tonight. new reporting just in is this evening. the first major clue -- when will congress and perhaps the american people see the mueller report and not william barr's summary? what we've just learned tonight. also tonight, the major move by the president and the justice department to try to overturn obamacare once and for all. what would this mean for 52 million americans covered


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