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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  April 23, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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someday. an lgbt governor. and i want to signal what's possible. >> jackie speier first led the way with a conference in 1989. tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. the controversial body cam just released tonight. after days of protests, the officers who demanded a driver get out of his car. he appears to get out and put his hands up in the air, and then officers open fire. what authorities are now saying tonight. also breaking tonight, amid the exploding opioid crisis in this country, a first tonight. the former ceo of a major drug distribution company arrested. tonight, criminally charged. the urgent manhunt under way tonight. after the horrific terror attack, americans among the dead. and now, the new fear. were more bombs planted? and the new surveillance right here. authorities looking at the men wearing backpacks in this elevator. james longman is on the scene. for the first time tonight,
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the 911 call revealed in the case of the 5-year-old missing boy. the dogs only picking up his scent inside the home. and now we hear his father calling 911. jared kushner tonight saying robert mueller's investigation did more harm to america than the russian efforts to sway the election. hillary clinton on that same stage just moments later. the major news on joe biden tonight. the announcement now coming and the first plan right out of the gate. the well-known nba coach tonight accused of sexually assaulting a former reporter. what she says he did to her. and the stunning rescue tonight. the details just coming in. the missing mom, gone for five days, discovered trapped in her car. no food, no water, no medicine. and where they found her. good evening. it's great to have you with us on a very busy tuesday night. we begin with the police body cam just released, after a police shooting that led to outrage and protests for days.
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officers pulling over this car, ordering the driver to get out with his hands up. the video appears to show the driver getting out, putting his hands up, and then the officers open fire. no weapons found in the car, a passenger was hit. what authorities are now saying tonight. linsey davis leads us off. >> reporter: newly released body cam video is providing more clarity tonight in this police involved shooting in new haven, connecticut, that's prompted massive protests. watch again. the driver opens the door, within seconds his hands go up, and the officers open fire. >> was he ordered to open his door? >> there are indications that he was told to open the door, yes. or, come out with his hands up. >> reporter: a surveillance video obtained by abc news shows another vantage point again appearing to show paul witherspoon being shot at by police while his hands are in the air. >> i thought i was already dead because he pointed it right at me. >> reporter: investigators say
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his girlfriend, 22-year-old stephanie washington, who was in the passenger seat, was shot in the torso. both were unarmed. >> we did not find a gun in any locations, so there's no gun found. >> reporter: police say this began when a hamden and yale police officer were investigating a report of an attempted armed robbery and spotted this red honda which allegedly fit the description. the officers involved claimed the driver made an abrupt movement and ignored commands which this video appears to contradict. outrage has ensued, including hundreds of yale students calling for the two officers who fired their guns to step down. >> linsey, we know there were two officers involved in this. both fired shots, but only one body cam was activated? >> reporter: right, david. for some reason, the yale officer didn't have his body cam on, or the dash cam. the other officer only turned it
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on seconds before the incident. the police commissioner says he has many concerns about how this case was handled. an investigation by the state's attorney office continues. >> linsey, thank you. also tonight, a former ceo of a major drug distribution company arrested, and criminally charged. opioids killing more americans than car accidents every year. here's gio benitez. >> reporter: tonight, a former ceo and his company face federal criminal charges for their alleged role in the deadly u.s. opioid crisis. >> any remorse? >> reporter: led in handcuffs today after turning himself in, federal drug agents charge former ceo lawrence doud, and rochester drug cooperative, with conspiracy. prosecutors saying they ignored red flags, and provided
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narcotics to pharmacies which were filling prescriptions of people who did not need them. >> it shipped tens of millions of highly addictive oxycodone pills and fentanyl products to pharmacies they knew were illegally dispensing narcotics. >> reporter: the opioid crisis is gripping the nation. according to the national safety council, opioids kill more people in america than car accidents. >> why did they do it? the answer is greed. >> reporter: david, doud faces two counts of conspiracy. if convicted, the 75-year-old will face a mandatory minimum of ten years in prison. his lawyer says he will fight the charges. >> gio, thank you. a major manhunt under way in sri lanka. amid new fears after that deadly terror attack. are there terrorists still on the loose? and police are examining this new surveillance, men wearing
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backpacks. suspected bombers. the death toll growing tonight. more than 300 now. 45 of the dead are children. james longman is in sri lanka. >> reporter: tonight, soldiers in the streets of sri lanka, new fears of bombs planted in cars and motorcycles. the government now warning more terrorists are on the loose. >> there are a few people on the run. some are on the run. >> reporter: isis now taking responsibility for the easter attacks, posting this picture of the men they claim were the suicide bombers. sri lankan officials do believe the highly sophisticated, coordinated bombings were planned with outside help, perhaps in retaliation for last month's deadly assault on mosques in new zealand, where 50 worshippers were killed. the fbi assisting in the investigation, as police pour over new surveillance images. these pictures broadcast on sri lankan tv. two men with backpacks in an elevator of the shangri la hotel. then they walk through its bustling restaurant where american matthew linsey tells
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cnn he was meeting his teenage children, daniel and amelie. >> they went down to the buffet before me and got the food for me and filled up my plate and then i wanted a little bit more to drink and i was going to get it and my daughter said, no, i'll get it, and then the bomb went off. >> reporter: the explosions upending chairs, blowing out the windows. matthew linsey's children, killed. outside st. sebastian's, cameras capture another suspected bomber approaching the church. he weaves through the crowds and along the pews, before detonating his explosive. it was here that most people died in a single attack. more than 100 people, in fact. just around the corner today, a funeral for a mother and her children. the family invites us in. these are the bodies of the dead. there are two children lying right in front of me here. the youngest, just 7 years old. 45 children killed on sunday. the death toll at 321.
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>> just a devastating scene in sri lanka. james, back with us tonight. authorities there are now searching for other possible bombers, and the threat is far from over? >> reporter: definitely not. police are appealing to the public to help find a van, three cars, and six motorcycles all laden with explosives. curfews in place everywhere. security is tight. there is certainly the potential for more attacks here. >> james, thank you. back home to the search for a missing 5-year-old boy. for the first time, we hear the father's voice calling 911. reporting his son is missing. the mother has stopped cooperating with police. as police dogs, looking for the boy's scent, only find it in the family's home. here's alex perez. >> reporter: six days after a.j. freund vanished, we're hearing his family's first call to 911. >> we have a missing child. >> reporter: a.j.'s father telling police he last saw their
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5-year-old son in their crystal, illinois, home. >> when was the last time you've seen him? >> last night, probably 9:30, when he went to bed. i had a doctor's appointment this morning. when i got back from the doctor's appointment and i checked in on him, say good morning, and he wasn't there. >> reporter: andrew freund also describing where the family searched for a.j. >> do you know where he might have went? >> no. we've canvassed the neighborhood, went to the local park, local gas station where we sometimes take him to buy treats. i have no idea where he would be. >> reporter: for days investigators have scoured the area for the boy. they do not believe he was abducted. and say k9s picked up a.j.'s scent only in the home. not outside. police calling the home a crime scene. >> i just want my kids. that's my life. they're my kids. >> reporter: a.j.'s mother maintains her innocence, but is refusing to cooperate with police. both are trying to regain
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custody of their younger son after he was taken into protective care after a.j.'s disappearance. authorities are asking neighbors to check their home surveillance cameras for any footage that may help them figure out what happened to a.j. david? >> alex, thank you. next to the major new headline in the race for 2020. former vice president joe biden will announce he's running this week in a video thursday morning. let's get right to terry moran. a lot of speculation surrounding biden. for a long time now, it's not been a matter of if, but when. >> reporter: he's clearly raring to go. in that thursday morning announcement, declaring he's running, he will be the 20th candidate in the crowded democratic field so far. he will do some media, and his first campaign event monday at a teamsters hall in pittsburgh. emphasizing the lunch pail, labor union politics he's always championed. the third time he's been running for president, the first, way back in 1987.
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>> terry, many of the national polls show biden is leading among democrats. but this poll in new hampshire, showing sanders leading, then biden, then buttigieg. did the team sense they needed to get in, and fast? >> reporter: it was time. they've laid this plan out. in a crowded field, they know he has to get in. and given his long history, which can be a plus and a minus, elections are generally about tomorrow. he has to make his argument that whatever he's done in the past, he can serve this country going forward. david? >> terry, thank you. this evening, jared kushner making headlines with rare public comments. blasting the mueller report as more harmful to america than what the russians did in the 2016 election. just a short time later, hillary clinton was on the same stage. here's jonathan karl tonight. >> reporter: jared kushner today seemed to downplay russia's
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meddling in the 2016 election, suggesting investigations into what happened have been more damaging than anything done by the russians. >> you look at what russia did, you know, buying some facebook ads to try and sow dissent, it's a terrible thing. but i think the investigations and all of the speculation that's happened over the last two years has had a much harsher impact on our democracy than a couple of facebook ads. >> reporter: russia's actions amounted to much more than buying some facebook ads. special counsel robert mueller's report called them sweeping and systematic, including spreading disinformation on social media, and hacking of the dnc and clinton team. but today, kushner suggested the russian effort didn't amount to much. >> if you look at the magnitude of what they did and what they accomplished, i think the ensuing investigations have been way more harmful to our country. >> reporter: today, speaking at the same forum, hillary clinton, the target of russia's interference, said their efforts amounted to an attack on democracy. and she was asked about robert mueller's other focus,
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obstruction of justice. >> did donald trump obstruct justice, as you read the incidences, as mueller lays them out? >> well, i think there is enough there that any other person who had engaged in those acts would certainly have been indicted. but because of the rule in the justice department that you can't indict a sitting president, the whole matter of obstruction was very directly sent to the congress. >> jon, nancy pelosi was just asked about impeachment a short time ago. she said congress must first go down the path of fact-finding. hillary clinton saying pelosi is right to be cautious. but there is also news developing on the president's tax returns. the deadline is tonight. but the treasury department refusing?
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>> reporter: secretary mnuchin says he is questioning the legality of the request. he said he needs to talk to the department of justice before saying whether or not he will turn over the president's tax returns. he says he will give the answer by may 6th. meanwhile, democrats are weighing their options, including a possible subpoena to force them to turn over the president's tax returns. >> jon, thank you. next to the well-known nba basketball coach accused of sexually assaulting a sports reporter. what she says he did to her. and tonight, the lawyer for luke walton is now speaking out. here's will carr. >> reporter: tonight, high-profile nba coach luke walton is on defense after an allegation of sexual assault. in a civil lawsuit obtained by abc news, sports broadcaster kelli tennant is accusing walton of assaulting her inside a santa monica hotel while he was an assistant coach for the golden state warriors. tennant, who asked walton to write the forward for her 2014 book, says she was giving a copy
5:45 pm
to walton when he allegedly invited her into his hotel room. >> he got on top of me, pinned me down to the bed, kissed my neck, face, and chest. and as i kept asking him to please stop and to get off, he laughed at me. i thought he was going to rape me. >> reporter: an allegation walton's attorney flatly denies, calling tennant "an opportunist, not a victim," saying, "her claim is not credible." the date of the alleged encounter is unclear. police tell abc news tonight the alleged assault was never reported to them. walton, seen here with his wife in this tmz sports video, is the son of legendary nba player bill walton. he just parted ways with the lakers to coach the sacramento kings. >> on a date with my wife, so i'm not talking basketball. >> reporter: both the warriors and kings say they're looking into the allegations. david? >> will, thank you. there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this tuesday. the stunning rescue. the missing mother, she had been gone for five days. discovered trapped in her car. no food, water, or medicine.
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where she was found. also, chalking your tires in order for authorities to later give you a parking ticket. where police can no longer do that. and the "jeopardy!" champ. he did it again last night. it's not just about the trivia. it's about the science, the math behind his moves. what he's now revealed. and is he going to be around for a while? a lot more news ahead. with chantix you can keep smoking at first and ease into quitting. chantix reduces the urge so when the day arrives, you'll be more ready to kiss cigarettes goodbye. when you try to quit smoking, with or without chantix, you may have nicotine withdrawal symptoms. stop chantix and get help right away if you have changes in behavior or thinking, aggression, hostility, depressed mood, suicidal thoughts or actions, seizures,
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plan your financial life with prudential. bring your challenges. and back pain made it hard to sleep and get up on time. then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid, plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am. now to that mother who had been missing for five days. found trapped in her car. here's steve osunsami tonight. >> reporter: this was the moment when 49-year-old robin fancher was rescued from a ditch in the woods. she'd been missing since last week, wednesday. her family worried she'd been kidnapped and called the police, who put out this missing persons report. but the entire time she was right here, trapped in her crushed car that flew off this county road. asd mitsubishi deep in the brush and called the sheriff in
5:49 pm
dothan, alabama. even first responders had trouble finding the car. >> the main challenge is going to be where the car was and where the victim was pinned against the driver's door. it was off the road and it was difficult to get the car to pull around her. >> reporter: police say when they found her, she was awake, and was pinned to the door in such a way that she couldn't get out on her own. she was on her way to the post office. investigators say they don't think weather had anything to do with the crash. police say she's in stable condition tonight. she suffered multiple injuries, but her family says they're of course happy she's alive. david? >> steve, thank you. when we come back, the killer sentenced for killing a jogger. what he said before he was sentenced. and where authorities can no longer chalk your tires to give you a parking ticket. to give you a parking ticket. irus i knew widespread hpv is and while hpv clears for most,
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where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. woman: help stop the clock on further irreversible joint damage. talk to your rheumatologist. right here. right now. humira. the killer sentenced for the to the "index." the killer sentenced for the death of a jogger here in new york city. chanel lewis spending life in prison without parole. convicted at his second trial for strangling karina vetrano. saying, "i'm sorry for the family's loss, but i didn't do this." a partial victory against parking tickets tonight. a federal court in michigan ruling it's unconstitutional for police to mark your tires with chalk to determine how long your vehicle has been parked. the court calling it an illegal search in michigan, ohio, kentucky, and tennessee. america's newest millionaire tonight. manuel franco winning the $768
5:53 pm
million powerball jackpot. he said he saw the surveillance camera. >> i felt so lucky, i wanted to wink at it, i had that lucky feeling. >> he's taking the lump sum, $477 million. when we come back, the "jeopardy!" champ, and what he's now revealed. and here's what's coming up later this evening, the abc news special. >> when i think about the year 1969 -- >> it's something special. >> it's the birth of pop culture. >> it was freaky. a big blur. >> everybody could let their freak flag fly. >> it was shocking. >> outrageous. >> phenomenal. >> terrifying. >> divided. >> scary. >> today is a mirror image. >> "1969," the stunning docuseries event, premieres tonight at 10:00 p.m. on abc. tonight at 10:00 p.m. on abc. t 10:00 p.m.
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finally tonight, he did it again. so now the question, is he going to break the bank? he did it again last night. 13 wins in a row. >> unless you've been living under a rock for the past two weeks, you know about our current champion, james. >> reporter: he's a 34-year-old professional sports gambler from las vegas. >> what is oxidized? >> yes. >> what is c.s. lewis? >> right. >> reporter: but it's not just the trivia he has down, it's the math. the science behind betting. wagering big, going for the high value clues first. >> $1,000, please. >> reporter: and then there's the buzzer. he revealed on espn, the contestants now ask him how he does it. >> some of them, i think, are pressing me, how did you get so good at the buzzer? i don't think there's enough time for them to practice.
5:58 pm
but i tried offering them some tips. might help, might not. >> reporter: what are the tips? >> try not to have any extra motion, look at the lights on the board, try to wait for the lights, and buzz right away. it's not rocket science. just some of us are better than others. >> reporter: the average winner takes home around $20,000 a night. he's averaging $71,000. >> you had $52,126. did you come up with the correct response? dare i ask? yes. and hi, zach, emma, and lily. family members or friends? >> friends. i'm running out of family members. >> reporter: running out of family. and is "jeopardy!" running out of cash? we'll see. he could break $1 million tonight. has "jeopardy!" met its match? i'm david muir. i'll see you right here tomorrow. good night.
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tourng down turning down a raise. why does the mayor refuse more money to do his job? >> reporter: record breaking heat. how long it sticks around in the forecast ahead. a small shift that makes a big difference. part of the bay area is making national headlines for seeing home prices go down. and you are looking live at just some of the record setting spots in the bay area. oakland and sfo are seeing the hottest temperatures ever on this day in history. good afternoon and good evening. this is ama daetz, thanks for joining us. >> i'm dan ashley. feels like summer outside, doesn't it? it's the warmest week of the year so far. in some cases, we're seeing temperatures we haven't seen in 200 days. >> some of us are not prepared. they had to rescue a 20-year-old man having a heat-related emergency. >> he's in serious condition and
6:00 pm
taken to the hospital. it's a reminder to hydrate before going outside when the weather is this warm. >> maybe don't be wearing a big coat because it's hot outside. drew tuma took his off to head to the roof. >> reporter: the first hot day of the year is always hardest on our bodies. we're not used to the warmth. take it easy. find frequent breaks in the shade. those highs were 20 degrees above normal. 93 in santa rosa. 88 at sfo. we hit a record high of 91 in gilroy. those numbers are very warm at this hour. but our microclimate are in full effect. look at the peninsula. 59 in half moon bay. 9 miles to the east, redwood city, 30 degrees warmer. you are sizzling at 89 degrees. much of the region is seeing very warm temperatures at this early evening hour. at 80 at oakland right now. the same in san francisco. a warm 85 in san jose. concord and vallejo, it's down right hot at 90


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