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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  May 8, 2019 11:35pm-12:37am PDT

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our entire news team, thank you for joining us. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- rebel wilson from "catch-22" kyle chandler and music from bruce hornsby & the noisemakers. and now, more than ever, jimmy kimmel! ♪ [cheers and applause] >> jimmy: welcome! thank you. welcome, everyone. thank you. i'm jimmy. i'm the host. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. i'm glad you made it. everyone's on time, which is nice. i appreciate that. [cheers and applause] today was a -- i don't want to
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bring you down, but it was another, another day of crazy in washington, d.c. today. you know, congress may not be able to get donald trump's tax records, but somehow the "new york times" did, and what they got is nuts. i don't know if you saw this, but according to tax information reviewed by the "new york times," between 1985 and 1994, trump's businesses lost $1.2 billion. he lost more than [cheers and applause] $100 million a year for a decade. he's like a one-man fyre festival, this guy. so one of the journalists who reported this story stopped by anderson cooper's show last night to break it down for us. >> we're talking about a billion dollars over a decade. >> that's just for his core businesses. every year that we looked at he lost money, and the losses grew as he went further into the casinos and the losses that
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happen there. but it's unbelievable. we would have thought at least in one of the years that we saw, maybe the year he wrote "art of the deal" he would have made money, he didn't. owe was just bleeding money every year that we looked at. >> jimmy: you know, i'm starting to think that maybe he's been lying to us. so the times says year after year. look at this quote, year after year mr. trump appears to have lost more money than any other individual taxpayer. so not only is he not a good businessman. he is not a bad businessman. he is the worst businessman in america for years. the worst. [ applause ] between 1995 and 1984, he lost money more than any american taxpayer. and those years include the fall of mc hammer. in 1990 and 1991, the losses claimed were $500 million.
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the president lashed back and wrote real estate developers more than 30 years ago were entitled to massive writeoffs and depreciation. you always wanted to show losses for tax purposes. almost all real estate developers did. additionally, the information is highly inaccurate, fake news hit job. that's right. o he says it was smart to lose money back then and that it's fake news. it's like bragging about your hang-gliding accident because now you get to park in the handicap spots. but here's the thing, trump's father fred was also a real estate developer and made lots of money. so which one is the idiot? and which one is smart? not the guy in this photo. that guy is obviously rich. and that is trump's first wife, ivana. she had his hairstyle before he
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did. [ applause ] i don't know. maybe he won it in the divorce. but, anyway, the president's fox friends did what they could to put a smiley face on the fact that their artist of the deal lost more than a billion dollars in ten years. i'll warn you in advance, you're about to see someone spin so fast it will make you throw up. >> it is an interesting look at how real estate developers worked in the '80s and '90s. >> you read this and you think, wow, it's impressive what he's done in his life. >> jimmy: she almost couldn't say that word. there's a word for someone who can lose hundreds of millions of dollars year after year after year. i'm trying to remember what the word, what is that word again? >> loser. >> jimmy: loser, that's the word. but of course,he you get newsli where did we ever get the bone
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headed idea that donald trump was good at business in the first place? >> i built a great, great business. i made a lot of money with luxury. i have a very, very great balance sheet. so great. incredible, iconic assets. some of the boaest assets in th world. tremendous net worth. very little debt. tremendous cash. if and when i file, you will see my numbers are phenomenal. i invested my money. casinos have turned out to be tremendous. everything i've done virtually has been a tremendous success. nobody's ever run for president, did what i did in terms of business and things. i make good deals. i have a store that's worth more money than mitt romney. i've made billions and billions of dollars. billions and billions and billions of dollars. money, money, more money. i made a tremendous amount of money. tremendous, it's ridiculous. i don't even believe it myself. you want to know the truth?
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i don't even believe it. >> jimmy: that makes two of us now, that's a lot of us. [ applause ] the sad thing is this probably won't slow the trump train at all. fox and friends went all the way to a diner in mill wawaukee thi morning to meet a voter who has a lot more on his plate to worry about than the president's tax returns. >> do you care about trump's tax returns? >> no, i don't really give a rear end about it. that's what i'm doing, i don't care. >> how ma >> jimmy: how many eggs is he eating? johnny, dinosaurs didn't eat that many eggs. yeah, i'd like a carton of eggs and a whole pig of bacon i guess. so also today the house judiciary committee voted to recommend holding the attorney general william barr in contempt for his refusal to share the unredacted mueller report with
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congress. the chairman of the committee, jerry nadler says he wants to seat whole repo see the whole report, but the white house is saying they'll use executive privilege. donald trump is claiming executive privilege because they don't want us to see the report they did about him, the report he claims declared him completely innocent, and on top of that, the president's son, donald jr. got a subpoena from the senate, richard burr. but his committee wants to ask djtj questions about his testimony in the russia investigation. according to reports, junior is considering pleading the fifth or possibly not showing up at all, which, what is with these guys in the not showing up? it's the u.s. senate. it's not an open table reservation. yeah, we're just going to eat in tonight. but the fact that a republican-led committee --
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[ applause ] -- is questioning trump's son must feel like such a betrayal to the president. it's like if he got diarrhea from a kfc double down. that kind of betrayal. and while all this is happening in congress, the situation tat the cia could be bigger. jennifer hernandez visited four times in the last few weeks. she insisted she had meetings with the recruiter. she asked to speak with agent penis, then refused to go board a bus to go. >> jimmy: did she say agent penis? [ applause ] he must be the one responsible for all the leaks, i guess. thank you, everybody. [ applause ] thanks, goodnight. [cheers and applause] >> jimmy: in happier news, the world got its first glimpse of the royal baby today. meghan markle and prince harry revealed their newborn son to
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the public and revealed his name, which is archie harrison, which is weird because my cousin sal has a cousin named archie and another cousin named harrison. we're looking into suing these people. harry and meghan strolled out. who looks like this two days after they have a baby. my wife and i, we looked like we'd been in an alley smoking crack all weekend. and then they showed off their, the royal baby. they showed to journalists there. and we will get a look at the baby. there we go. oh, you know, he looks a little bit like the queen if you, you know what i'm saying? we had a big unveiling of our own here at abc. last night they put photos and bios of the 30 gentlemen who will vie for the bachelorette, hannah's affection. it's a crowded field and still early, but so far, the front runners are connor s and joe
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biden. i do know who she should not pick. >> when they said it was you, this was a pleasant surprise. now i stand here and look you straight notice ice. all the other guys got me feelin' so stressed so i say all aboard hot mess express. >> jimmy: yeah, he goat on tt o show. how many times have i got to say this, don't rap, it's not good. but here is some of what they call fun facts about the men that are competing. that guy cam says "the notebook" is his favorite movie. and he can freestyle rap about anything and play the harmonica. jonathan loves sparklers, and scott is an admirer of kris jenner. so some of these guys go pretty deep. when i see the pictures of the new crop of guys on the bachelorette, i feel like i'm shopping for v-neck sweaters at
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tj maxx. > we've learned kim has helped get the sentences of people commuted. the lengths she will go for more instagram followers is really something else. kim is following in the proud kardashian family tradition of getting people out of jail. imagine waking up from a coma after five years, hearing kim kardashian is now one of the nation's leading advocates for prisoners' rights and donald trump is the president who helped to make it happen. i mentioned this last night. the united nations released a report that says nmore than a million species of animals and plants are facing extinction. if pizza was in danger evof goi
11:47 pm
extinct we'd go nuts. but this is something we need to act on, to raise awareness. we went on the streets and asked if they're worried about one species in particular, homo spai homosapiens, which is us, humans. this is what we got back. ♪ . >> it's a big hot button issue, are the homo sapiens worth saving? what's your take? >> yes. >> why's that? >> just because there's a lot of animals that are extinct now that were amazing back in the day, but like dinosaurs, they extinct, and some day we can look back and say oh, we didn't save them, the homo sapiens, right? so we can save them. the dinosaurs hunted, they killed each other and other
11:48 pm
creatures, so. >> so you're saying let's not let the homo sapiens become like the dinosaurs? >> kind of. >> we need to learn how to live s so that they don't effect us. >> if they're going extinct it's very sad, but at the end of the day, i don't care. >> it's not the fact that i don't like homo sapiens. it's just that we've always lived without them, so we don't know anything at all. >> what would you be willing to give up to save the homo sapiens? >> next question. >> i think get with your heart, get with your feel. >> would you do $100 a month? >> i would say probably 50. >> have you ever seen a homo sapiens? >> yeah, i saw one once at the zoo. >> describe it. >> furry. >> yep. >> big.
11:49 pm
>> mm-hm. >> gorilla-looking. he was picking his what-a-dilly. >> really? i've never seen that. >> i did. >> is it worth saving them with our tax dollars? >> no. like railroads or streets or the communities and homeless shelters. much better than the homo sapiens. >> homo sapiens, let them die. save the humans. [cheers and applause] >> jimmy: maybe that's the best plan. we have quite a show for you. music from bruce hornsby & the noisemakers. kyle chandler is here. and we'll be right back with rebel wilson. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] abc's jimmy kimmel live, brought to you by tj maxx. this year, get more for your...
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[cheers and applause] ♪ >> jimmy: tonight, from "catch-22," which premieres next week on hulu, kyle chandler is here. then, his album is called "absolute zero" bruce hornsby & the noisemakers from the mercedes-benz stage. tomorrow night, the cast of "spider-man: far from home" will be with us. jake gyllenhaal, zendaya, cobie smulders, jacob batalon and tom holland will be here. and we'll have music from vampire weekend too. so please join us tomorrow night. seven years ago, our first guest acapella'ed her way into our lives in the movie "pitch perfect." starting friday, she stars alongside anne hathaway in "the hustle." please say hello to rebel wilson.
11:55 pm
[cheers and ♪ [cheers and applause] >> jimmy: welcome, welcome. you make a good entrance, you know? >> yeah, it's a big nod tonight. >> jimmy: it is. >> i'm here, then i've got my premiere down the street. >> jimmy: who did you bring with you, your friends? >> i brought a new bra. because when you have a super big night, you want a new bra, because when you wear it and you wash it a bit, one might be awake, one might be asleep situation. >> jimmy: did you go to the store to buy the bra or did you
11:56 pm
buy it online? >> like i cash in my credit card points for e-gift vouchers. >> jimmy: oh, you do? >> and then i go online. >> jimmy: is there a party or anything after the premiere? >> probably, that's why i's two burritos before i came, just to have something like in there. >> jimmy: yeah, because you won't get any food. >> yeah. >> jimmy: everyone will be talking to you and you won't be able to eat. >> most actresses, they don't eat all day, and i'm like, nah. double it up on the puburrito. >> jimmy: is your family here with you? >> they're all in australia right now. >> jimmy: so will you go back to australia this weekend? >> no but my mom is going to take my grandma to see the movie "the hustle." >> jimmy: for mother's day.
11:57 pm
>> she was in hospital, and i was like, i can break you out. and she's like, i want to, but i might die. >> jimmy: so your mom's going to risk it. >> she's going to come. >> jimmy: oh, that's nice. >> that will be sweet. it will be interesting to see what they think about the movie. >> jimmy: are they honest with you? >> they're kind of pretty harsh critics. >> jimmy: oh, they are, really? >> like the christmas before, we were all sitting around the dinner table, and my cousins go, ah, yeah, i didn't see "pitch perfect three", because i heard it was [ bleep ]. and i'm like, it's christmas! >> jimmy: how nice. >> that gives you an example of my family. >> jimmy: what about your mom? >> she kind of judges on how pretty the characters are. so, if my prettycharacter's rea pretty, she will aeb li'll be l that.
11:58 pm
or if my belly's hanging out or you see pubic hair, she will aeb lik like you could have worn a nice dress or something. >> jimmy: she has to like the cover of "in style". do you have any idea what was going through jury led at this moment when this photo was snapped? >> i was, it was my birthday. >> jimmy: oh, it was. >> and someone had brought in some meringue cake, which is like cake with meringue. >> jimmy: mm-hm. >> and so i was probably thinking meringue cake. just like looking off to where the cake was. >> jimmy: where did you shoot this? >> in a house in paris. it was the most glamorous way to spend a birthday. >> jimmy: oh, very fancy. >> you know a company called givenchy? >> jimmy: yes, although i've
11:59 pm
always pronounced it wrong. >> yeah, it's not like givenchy. they flew me over and put me in the ritz paris. which is like the classiest place. >> jimmy: yes. >> and every day they put me up in this charlie chaplin suite, which i thought appropriate, both in comedy, you know? >> jimmy: uh-huh. >> and then every day they would bring a whole cake to the room. and it was part of the room, it was free. so like -- >> jimmy: wait a minute, a whole cake? was it sliced? >> and french cakes are like the best in the world. so i can't be rude. >> jimmy: right. >> so every day, that's why i look quite a bit fatter than in that photo shoot right now. >> jimmy: because of all the cakes. how many cakes did you end up eat being? >> so i was there for four days.
12:00 am
>> jimmy: a four-cake trip. were you working on the photo shoot all four days? >> i went to my first-ever fashion show, paris. >> jimmy: first one. >> yeah. i didn't think i'd ever get invited to something like that. >> jimmy: what was that like? >> it was very interesting, because i got to sit like front row, and there's anna wintor and all the famous people next to me, like wonder woman. >> jimmy: oh, gal gadot. >> and i was like, how do you behave? because i always behave in the wrong way. and they would cross their legs, but i find it quite difficult to do that. so i was like, the whole time, i was like, yeah. and then you just get out your phone. >> jimmy: uh-huh. >> and certain models walk past, you go hmm.
12:01 am
mm. and then that's what you do, i found out. >> jimmy: really? that's what the people were doing? >> yeah, i didn't stand out. i just looked like super fashionable like everyone else. >> jimmy: and you evaluated people as they passed? >> yeah. it was just like mm. yeah. it was really fun, though. kind of like going to a theater show. >> jimmy: sounds great. we're going to take a break. when we come back we'll see something from your new movie. your new movie is called "the hustle", rebel wilson is here. [cheers and applause] >> dicky: portions of jimmy kimmel live are brought to you by serta, not just sorta comfortable, serta comfortable. everything you love to eat. anywhere you happen to be.
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i'm present here, move, move! move! yeah. oh, pardon the intrusion, but could somebody tell me if there is an empty chair at this table. >> no, ma'am, the table is full. >> oh, thank you. >> miss, miss, you can have my chair. >> it's not necessary, perhaps if this person scoots over we could just squeeze in another chair. do you mind, sir? would you mind? mind? mind? min?
12:07 am
>> jimmy: that is rebel wilson and anne hathaway. so this movie, is it a "dirty rotten scoundrels"? >> it's a story told in a few different versions. we're like the girl version. it's myself and anne hathaway, just bringing the fun, the funny. >> jimmy: playing con artists. mind in that particular instance. >> that con, i played blind penny, which is not to be confused with blind, drunk penny, which is a different one. but it was kind of interesting playing blind but for comedy purposes. >> jimmy: was it? >> i watched a richard pryor movie, have you seen that movie "see no evil"? that was my research. i'm going full daniel day-lewis. i'm going to research this. i watched one movie.
12:08 am
and then played blind. >> jimmy: richard pryor, didn't he end up in a hotel or something and he's pretending to be a doctor? >> yeah, yeah, yeah, awesome. it's awesome. >> jimmy: it is. >> but yeah, the fun part is i get to play different characters within my character, depending on the con we're pulling. >> jimmy: yeah, that's how they did it in "dirty rotten scoundrels" as well. >> a classic. >> jimmy: when you put your hand on anne hathaway's breast, is that something you discussed before hand? >> oh, yeah. >> jimmy: was that rehearsed? >> like i should have told her about it. jm. >> jimmy: mm-hm. >> because there's a thing like actor's etiquette. >> jimmy: tell us. >> if you have to kiss somebody you have a breath mint and you don't eat like fish for lunch, that kind of thing. and if you're going to touch somebody inappropriately, you tell them before the take and say is it all right if i do this to you?
12:09 am
>> jimmy: yeah. >> but i forgot. >> jimmy: in that case. >> maybe like deliberately forgot. i've done it before. not just to anne. >> jimmy: oh, who did you do it to? >> do you know tom hardy? >> jimmy: of course. >> one of my first movies in america, which i actually was cut out of. this was called "this means war", with tom hardy and reese wits witherspoon. and the director said i want you to stick your finger up tom hardy's butt. really surprise him. >> jimmy: was this steven spielberg? >> no. and so i was too junior, i didn't know, you shouldn't do that, so i just did it. >> jimmy: and how did tom react? >> he gave a really, realistic shocked expression. he was like, what? and then he like didn't really talk to me.
12:10 am
but i was wearing pants. i wasn't, i couldn't go all the way up, like, you know. >> jimmy: and you got along well with anne i presume. >> yeah, oh, yeah. she's awesome, guys. academy award winning actress. so versatile. i mean, i don't know whether she'll like me saying this, but, you know in the movie, she wears a wig. >> jimmy: mm-hm. >> but it looks exactly like her own hair, but it cost $30,000. >> jimmy: what? >> i'm like, yeah. but guys, she is great. she is great. but i will say this, though. [ applause ] >> jimmy: yeah. >> one time she accused me of being late to set. and then the next day she slept through her alarm and was like an hour late. but guys, she is the best. she's the best. she's the best. [ applause ] like okay. like my outfits in the movie, i just know all this stuff because i was also the producer of the
12:11 am
movie. >> jimmy: okay. >> so my outfits were like $400 max. hers were like $10,000. >> jimmy: oh, really? >> yeah. she's so down to earth. >> jimmy: rebel wilson, everybody. the movie with anne hathaway is "the hustle". it opens friday. we'll be right back. ♪ lverado. the bed is huge. it offers a built-in 120 volt outlet. man: wow. plug that in for me. various: whoa! holy smokes! and the all-new silverado has more trim levels than any other pickup. whoa! (laughter) oh wow! woman : there's something for all of us. man 2: it's time to upgrade. get 0% financing for 72 months on this all-new silverado. or get a total value of over $9,000 when you finance with gm financial. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. ♪ pan pan pan paaaan what makes digiorno crispy pan pizza different than delivery?
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traveling lighter. getting settled. rewarded. learn more at >> jimmy: welcome back. kyle chandler and bruce hornsby & the noisemakers are on the way. but first, mother's day is this weekend, and our friends at serta are honoring all the moms out there with a special new offer, which guillermo learned about >> hi, i'm buying a mattress, and i'd like a special offer please. >> special offer? >> it says you can get a discount if you bring your baby into the store. see, my baby is my coupon. >> your baby is a coupon? that is the cutest thing i've ever heard. >> you want to watch him while i pick one out? >> hi, my little cupid. >> i brought my coupon. >> sure. >> will you hold her while i
12:18 am
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♪ >> jimmy: you know our next guest from "friday night lights," from "bloodline" and from some pretty good movies, too. he plays colonel cathcart in "catch-22." it debuts on hulu a week from friday. please welcome kyle chandler.
12:24 am
♪ [cheers and applause] >> jimmy: very good to see you. >> good to see you as well. >> jimmy: how's life? are you being haunted? is everything okay? did you see a ghost back there or something? >> i was walking out, some girl back there stuck her finger -- >> jimmy: she's got a history of that. my, i apologize. >> that's all right. >> jimmy: are you still living on the ranch outside of austin? >> yes, i am. >> jimmy: how's that going? >> yeah, they haven't kicked me out yet. >> jimmy: how many acres do you have? >> 33 acres. >> jimmy: is it hard to take care of all that property? >> not too much. the wife does the work. >> jimmy: she goss the work. >> she's got a strong back. she works hard. right now we've got rain.
12:25 am
the other night, what'd we have in they said five inches in four or five hours. it was a hundred year rain. >> jimmy: that's a lot of rain. >> oh, you have no idea. we were in the house. the water started coming in by the den because the french drain didn't work properly. >> jimmy: those french, they got us again. >> right? so we spent the night, i'm talking lightning, the kind of lightning where you're looking at each other and you see each other's bones, like x-ray lightning. >> jimmy: bugs bunny style. >> we're bringing towels. all our arms were tired from wringing. frogs were drowning in the front yard. >> jimmy: that is apocalyptic. not for the frogs it isn't. but you should probably move, it sounds like. >> never. >> jimmy: how old are the kids now? >> the kids are 17 and 22. >> jimmy: oh, wow, so you're, yeah.
12:26 am
is college on the horizon? >> yeah. the first one's graduated. and the second one, she's a junior, so she's got next year and we're starting to look at colleges. >> jimmy: will you go on those tours with her? >> yeah. she's almost like, we want her to stay close to home. we're in texas. ive course sheof course she's l the northeast, europe. >> jimmy: i wonder when she goes with your older kid, have they ever asked you to speak to the football team. >> i have. >> jimmy: i didn't realize until today that you were actually on the football team when you were in high school. >> that's right. >> jimmy: there you are right there. who's guy next to you right there? [ applause ] >> coach? i believe that was coach lingner, and he was an airline, an airline pilot. >> jimmy: uh-huh, wow. >> i believe so. >> jimmy: he seems to be wearing the headphones from the plane. >> his problem was that when you get your head shaved, a lot of
12:27 am
different things happen. i had a pretty good bald head. he had knots, a terrible-looking bald head. >> jimmy: the whole team shaved their heads. which one is you here? >> oh, there i am right there. >> jimmy: it looks like some kind of a punk band. a right to beat up the rest of the school. >> we won the state championship that year. that was the first year i ever played football. there's one of the holders, the holder brothers, they were tough as could be. we won the state championship, incredible. the day i got my head shaved, i went outside. my pop was picking me up. and he said what the hell did you do. >> i just got you a haircut yesterday. >> jimmy: that's what happens when it rains after the car wash. where was your high school? >> that was in monroe, georgia, journal walton academy. >> jimmy: is that where you're from? >> buffalo, illinois, california, texas. >> jimmy: all over the place. you were in italy with george clooney shooting "catch-22".
12:28 am
he said you guys had a lot of fun together. i can imagine you guys having a lot of fun together. >> it was a great experience. it's a great show. >> jimmy: it is a great show. i actually saw it, and it's really good. and i loved that book to start with. it's a very faithful adaptation, and it's shot beautifully, and all the acting is great. >> chris abbott's great. >> jimmy: he is really good in it. >> the way george and grant set it up, they like to have a good time. it was hard work, but it was so worth it. it just looks so good and being in sardinia. >> jimmy: where do you stay? are you on like the premises? >> it's like a holiday inn. no, it's not. it's this little one-story hotel, it's beautiful, right on the mediterranean. sipping my coffee in the morning and the mediterranean, watching the sailboats come by. my wife comes over one time. around the corner you have the gold coast, that's where they
12:29 am
have some big boats up there, and i come out of my hotel room, and i go in the grass, and i'm thinking, what the hell is that? kath, get out here, i tell her, i say look at this idiot. some guy parks his boat right in front of our hotel, about 500 yards out. you can't see the mediterranean anymore. i looked up the boat name, it's the second-largest private yacht in the world by volume. >> jimmy: great. >> you couldn't see anything. >> jimmy: this is where you get george clooney to get one of his pranks going and torture the people on the yacht, you know? next time you think about that, yeah. your wife, when she, now i'm imagining her out, like kind of scooping up after the animals on the ranch and all that, and then she shows up in italy, and you're in this hotel, complaining that the yacht is blocking your view. how does that go over? >> that's testy. it's a testy situation, yeah. it makes me wonder, once the
12:30 am
kids leave the house what the empty nesting situation's going to be like. >> jimmy: yeah, no kidding. you better start bringing her to all the good spots or at least let being h letting her know a lot about the bad spots. they're not always so great, are they? >> no. >> jimmy: kyle chandler! "catch-22" debuts a week from friday on hulu. and we'll return with music from bruce hornsby & the noisemakers. ♪ >> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
12:31 am
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>> jimmy: i want to thank s rebel wilson and kyle chandler. apologies to matt damon. "nightline" is next. but first this is his album it's called "absolute zero." here with the song "cast off," bruce hornsby & the noisemakers! [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪
12:33 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i guess it's terrible but it don't feel so bad i abide and i may hold a key to being gratefully glad ♪ ♪ you smile in my face but all the time you want to hold my place because my back was stabbin' ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i'm gonna make it ♪
12:34 am
♪ won't wait it up i won't weigh you down won't crave it up i will stand down ♪ ♪ i won't taint it up i will stand down when you cast me off ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i'll be i'll be your cast-off i'll ♪ ♪ be your discarded toy i'll be i'll be your cast-off be your maybe sometime choice ♪ ♪ self-loathing never felt so good and so it should i'll be your cast-off i'll be your discarded toy ♪ ♪ be your rejection foil
12:35 am
♪ ♪ won't wait it up i won't weigh you down won't crave it up i will stand down ♪ ♪ i won't taint it up i will stand down when you cast me off ♪ ♪ ♪ i'll be i'll be your cast-off i'll be your discarded toy ♪ ♪ i'll be i'll be your cast-off be your maybe sometime choice ♪ ♪ be your rejection foil ♪ ♪ i kinda eat --
12:36 am
but i embrace it i can be okay i'll take what i can get ♪ ♪ and like it and like it well ooh ♪ ♪ i'll be your cast-off be your discarded one discarded toy discarded chew toy ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ smile in my face and all the time you want to take my place here's my back for stabbin ♪ ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause]
12:37 am
this is "nightline." tonight, inside the shooting. >> i'm not a victim. i, i refuse to be a victim. >> the heroic classmates, confronting one of the gunmen at a colorado school. >> if i could trade places with him, i would do it. >> the stories of survival amid a sea of panic. >> i just want to get to my son and hold him. plus, royal reveal, the first glimpse of a new age. the duke and duchess of sussex the world. >> he has the sweetest temperament. he's really calm and -- >> the visit to the queen and the noble name fit for royalty. and


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