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tv   Action News  ABC  May 12, 2019 7:01pm-7:30pm PDT

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ryan from new york city, and next sunday for the finale. good night, america. tonight on abc 7 news a stunning turn of events in the oakland case that led to an amber alert. why police have arrested the girl's father zbh. a pilot pulls off the perfect emergency landing. and we now know the warriors' opponent for the next round of the playoffs. it's going to be a family affair. the a's scored a dramatic win this weekend. but off the field their bid to build a new is tomorrow. >> it's the a's field of dreams,
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a sparkling state of the art waterfront ballpark near jack london square. >> the team has been trying for years to get a new stadium. now comes the big pitch that could reshape oakland for years to come. kate larson went to the oakland coliseum today and good a variety of opinions. >> reporter: oakland a's fans and employees have a lot to say, good and bad, about the a's plans and hopes tol leave the coliseum and build a new stadium. the oakland port commission is set to vote tomorrow. if approved the a's would have four years to complete environmental reviews and land use approvals to lease the 50 acre howard terminal. >> since the raiders are moving to vegas, it's going to be strictly baseball. why build another one? >> the coliseum has live add lo -- lived a long life. i think a waterfront ballpark
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would be wonderful. >> reporter: the a's will be sharing information about the proposed ballpark. oakland port workers, their union and businesses are also holding a press conference tomorrow at the port of oakland headquarters. in the east bay there's been a stunning turn of events in the suspected carjacking of a vehicle in oakland with a 3-year-old girl inside. the case prompted an amber alert for the child. oakland police have now arrested the girl's father because they say he lied to officers and the child was never even in that car. >> reporter: check out this surveillance video from saturday night that you'll see only on abc. new a suspected car thief getting into a mercedes. seconds later the mercedes drives off, the owner seen running after the stolen car into traffic. the car's owner told police his
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3-year-old daughter was in the back seat. in the confusion the child was initially identified as a boy. >> the victim's 3-year-old son may possibly be in the vehicle. >> reporter: the case prompted an al bmber alert. the car was recovered. the suspect taken into custody but the child was not inside. police say that's because the child was at home safe with her mom. the father arrested for making a false police report in hopes police would recover the stolen mercedes quicker. >> i don't think that's right. i fe i'm glad the baby's safe. that's really the most important thing that the baby was not in the car. it's sad that he lied about it just to get his car back. >> reporter: everyone is happy the child is okay. still, a lot of questions here.
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it is unclear if police contacted the child's mother on saturday before issuing that amber aherleralert. >> we have been sending out alerts about this story through the abc 7 news app. disturbing new developments in the case of a missing 4-year-old girl in houston. authorities are charging the mother's exfiance with tampering with evidence saying the girl's blood was found in his apartment. >> reporter: the man last seen with maliah davis before her disappearance under arrest, facing a judge this weekend charged with tampering with evidence namely a corpse. >> i'm glad someone finally charged and people need to tell the truth and tell what really happened. >> reporter: new surveillance images show malia walking into
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the family's home in houston on april 30th, reportedly the last time she was seen alive. images from that same camera show him leaving three days later carrying a laundry basket with a black garbage bag inside. he initially told investigators malia was abduct when he pulled over to the side of the road and when he woke up, malia was gone, his car stolen. he was seen entering a hospital telling investigators he walked there. but surveillance images show someone else driving his car, dropping him off. his car eventually found in a parking lot, a laundry basket and a gas can in the trunk. there canines picked up the scent of human decomposition. police found blood inside vince's apartment and it is lengthed e linked to malia. he is being held on a million
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dollars bond and is expected back in court monday morning. in the south bay, a crash in the dark of night chased people out of their home. take a look. the santa clara county sheriff's office tweeted this photo of a tree nearly split in half. deputies say a 50 foot tall section of that tree about 10 feet in indictmediameter fell o house in cupertino. nobody was hurt. the rain held off for mom. >> the timing was kind of excellent. this weekend it was beautiful out there, afternoon sunshine. but changes are on the horizon. the fog, that's the first thing you'll notice overnight tonight. east bay hills camera time lapse from moments ago, you can see the marine layer bubbling along our coastline ready to take over overnight tonight. when it comes in, we'll have some coastal drizzle to contend with. numbers in the mid 40s to low
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50s tonight. major changes during the week ahead. we're dry up until wednesday and then you can see a series of rain chances with your highs coming toward the end of the week on thursday and friday. we'll detail these storms hour by hour, show you what you could see on thursday and friday in the full forecast. the renewed trade war with china was the hot topic on all the sunday morning political talk shows. negotiations in washington ended without a deal and president trump is now planning to raise u.s. tariffs. trump's chief economic advisor was asked on fox news sunday whether he expected china to retaliate. >> the expected counter measures have not yet materialized. we may know more today or this evening or tomorrow. i reckon they will. we'll see what they come up with. >> the u.s. began raising tariffs on 200 billion dollars in chinese105% on friday.
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larry kudlow says he thinks it will take months for the full 25% increase to go into effect. the trade war could cost american foom families $567 a year. back to school shopping will likely cost you more as well. when it comes to furniture, if that leather couch you want is made in china, it too could be more expensive. an airplane landed on its belly after the front landing gear failed and no one was hurt. these are pictures of the myanmar national airlines plane after the pilot pulled off the emergency landing in mandalay. the pilot twice circled the airport so air traffic controllers could see if the gear had come down and locked. he then followed emergency procedures and burned off fuel and came in safely with the nose tilted down. there were 82 passengers on board. olympic dreams are alive this weekend in the bay area. the sport looking for some young
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and daring teenagers who someday could represent the stars and stripes on the world stage. it's been a little more than six months since the deadliest and most destructive wildfire hit california. how nature is slowing down the cleanup. "avengers: end game" has dominated the box office and set records the past two weeks. could a new movie with
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environmental concerns with slowing the camp fire cleanup in paradise. on friday state officials released a list of endangerered species believed to live in the area, frogs, birds, bats and fish. crews are not allowed to touch streams or waterways as they remove debris. the state is expected to finalize a plan to help speed up the process. it has been little more than six months since the fire roared through, killing more than 80 people and destroys thousands of homes. abc 7 news is committed to building a better bay area. one of the prime issues we're focusing on is traffic and public transportation as we look for solutions to tin crea s ts congestion on our roadways. caltrain has proposed sales tax
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that would be vote on in san francisco, san mateo and santa clara counties. voters would consider a sales tax which would generate from 100 million to 2$200 million a year. the agency has been doing some polling and the tax is chose to the 2/3 majority it will need to pass. build a better bay area, we're dedicating this whole upcoming week to stories focused on your safety, both at home and in public. it all begin on abc 7 ne tools an increasing number of people are using to combat crime at home is surveillance cameras. tonight we take a look at how bay area police departments are responding to this new slew of crimes all caught on camera.
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stay tuned all week long for more stories covering everything from car burglaries to keeping your kids safe at school. in moving the 1860 lathrop house the house is relocating across the street just outside the san mateo county history museum to make room for a new county office building. moving the mansion about three feet an hour could take up to five days. we'll take you to a special celebration for some bay area mothers hard at work to get back on their feet. and meteorologist drew tuma
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limited availability. may not be in your area. more for your thing. that's our thing. call 1-800-call-att. team usa is looking for the next generation of lugers hoping to one day become olympians. >> luge coaches and athletes slid into palo alto today for its off season slider search. they set up a course and replaced the sleds' steel runners with wheels to allow boys and girls ages 9-13 to try
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out the sport. they're looking for kids who are coachable, can naturally drive the sled and have enthusiasm for the sport. meantime some aspiring professional baseball players got to hear from an mlb pro today in san francisco. it was little league day with the giants at oracle park. pint-sized players got to take part in a question and answer session featurie ining brandon crawford, his wife, his mother and giants broadcaster dave fleming. players also got to walk around the field before catching today's game against the cincinnati reds. here is a rather creative mother's day greeting from the gilroy fire department. firefighters used their own equipment. you can see a hose spelling out happy. not a bad way to let mom know you're thinking of her. a record $25 billion is expected to be spent on mothers this year according to the national retail federation.
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most of the money will go toward greeting cards or flowers. high on the list is a special outing like a spa day, gift card, clothing or jewelry. this is also the most popular holiday to dine out. 87 million people will go to a restaurant. last year americans spent $23 billion for mother's day. speaking of dining out, homeless moms and their families enjoyed french cuisine this mother's day thanks to family services in san francisco. >> the organization helps homeless and at risk families. this is the second year they celebrated moms in their care with a special meal. they also cook home backpacks full of donated gifts like spa and beauty items and grocery gift cards. >> grateful, blessed to be here and to be a mom. >> it's really, really perked up our moms that are in our shelter programs. it gets them a chance just to catch their breath and come and enjoy a nice meal instead of having to make it for themselves and their families.
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>> what a treat. more than 100 parents and children participated in today's luncheon. >> the weather cooperated as well for moms out there. >> we're going to see some major changes as what we saw this weekend is not what's going to be ahead this week. a lot of sunshine over the weekend, saturday and sunday. that means we're going to see that marine layer return tonight. the cloud cover along the coast beginning its trek toward the east right now. the picture outside our east bay hills camera showing you fog. it's a blend of sun and clouds out there right now for a lot of us as the sun beginning to set. a beautiful evening for a lot of us on the way. as we take a look at the accuweather highlights coming our way, we are tracking again coastal drizzle in the morning but that fog retreats back to the coastline. it's a mainly sunny and dry
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monday afternoon on the way. you'll first notice cooler air moving in especially on wednesday. those numbers in the afternoon go below average for this time of year. then we'll find may showers not just for one day but thursday and friday. you'll need the umbrella as we are tracking a pair of storms moving through the region. numbers out this right now, it's a mixed bag. 57 in the city, 76 right now in brentwood, 69 in gilroy and napa right now the temperature is at 68 degrees. tonight we'll track that cloud cover moving in from the coastline. numbers mainly in the mid 40s to lower 50s with that drizzle along the coastline once again. as we go hour by hour on future weather, we'll time out that marine layer for you. 7 in the morning it's a mostly cloudy start for us near the bayshore line. partly cloudy for our cities in the north bay. as that fog retreats back towards the coastline, we will have some high thin cirrus clouds streaming in from time to time in the afternoon. we'll call it partly cloudy on monday afternoon.
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temperatures a little bit cooler tomorrow than we were today. so numbers, 65 for a high in oakland tomorrow afternoon. cool in the city tomorrow, barely hitting 59 degrees. 69 the high in santa rosa. 74 the high in san jose. and san mateo up to 68 degrees. then we'll fast forward later into the week as we track that wet weather returning. we do get showers in the month of may. this could be a pretty decent may storm we have coming in on thursday. look at the rainfall potential, anywhere from a quarter to three quarters of an inch of rain. that's probably near normal for a lot of cities for the month of may in terms of total rainfall what we see this month. add on another storm moving in on friday and we could see some cities in the north bay likely exceed an inch of rainfall. so you'll notice it's fool cool first this week and then the wet weather returns. fog to plaartly cloudy skies
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tomorrow. temperatures stuck in the 60s with the chance of a sprinkle in the north bay. widespread rain on thursday with a light storm that continues into friday as well. even over the weekend, chance of an isolated shower on saturday. you can understand if the warriors had brunch with their moms in front of the tv they'd find out who they would play in the western conference finals. nuggets had the best record this season. we're going to pick it up in the forth jokic had 29 points and 13 boards this this one. cj mccollkocullum driving,draining. game over. trailblazers win and advance to their first championship since
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2000. >> i've been in that position before with oklahoma city. this is definitely the most special one. >> everybody we see every day, everybody's invested in what we've created. i think when we come out on top in a game like this in a tough series like this, you see it in everybody's celebration. you know, everybody's excited because we all play a part in it. >> the a's going for the sweep over cleveland at the coliseum. they trailed 2-0 until the third. p profar with a base hit. biscotti, another base hit. this game is tied at 2-2. sixth inning perez unties it. that swing of the bat is a three-run home run. ru the'sot allbad. the a's lose 5-3. giants and reds, pablo
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sandoval a two run home run. that is his fourth of the season. madison bumgarner, puig. the giants tie it in the seventh thanks to brandon belt. this one nearly lands in in in n cove. kevin pillar with the base hit. here comes a rumbling,
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tto harrison, the wine tcollection.. grace, you get the beach house, just don't leave the lights on, okay? to mateo, my favorite chair. to chris, the family recipes. to craig, this rock. to jamie, well, let's just say, enjoy the ride. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. the almonds to walter. the beaches to the bums. and the fog to, who else, karl.
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i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california. all right. that's it for abc 7 news. >> well ewe'll see you right bak here at 11:00.
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