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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  June 8, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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. now from abc 7, live, breaking news. >> that breaking news begins with people in parts of northern california who spent most of the day without power, in an effort by pg and e to prevent wildfires. they announced an hour ago they're beginning to restore service in those areas, but now it will turn off power in five other counties. hi, i'm eric thomas, we're working hard to keep track of pg&e's proactive power outages.
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they are starting to restore power to the areas affected earlier, parts of unincorporated napa county and lake berryessa and areas near vacaville and yolo county. we have live team coverage, including a look at weather conditions. but first, cornell bernard is live with details on a new outage impacting nearly 27,000 pg and e customers. >> reporter: we've just learned that pg and e is about to shut down power to areas in the sierra foothills, and those include butte, yuba, nevada, placer and el dorado counties. power was shut down in napa and solano counties. that power is slowly being restored. but i have to tell you, it's been a very long day for people living there. >> you know, the elderly and
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it's not okay they stay here. >> reporter: margarita sanchez is picking up her parents because their home nearak berryessa has no power. >> no power, no internet, no nothing. so they >> reporter: they cut power due to red flag conditions. >> i'm pretty sure they know what they're doing. >> reporter: the pool at this mobile home community is closed. resident jesse hague is worried about losing all the food in her fridge. >> we're doing the best with what we can. you have to buy a generator. i can't afford to buy a generator. i'm on a fixed income. >> reporter: last year, residents were forced to evacuate. pg and e is shutting the power down as a precaution. the equipment has been blamed for sparking wildfires, including the camp fire.
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the generator is keeping the lights on and food cold here. >> we were able to prepare by getting our generators ready. i don't think you're ever as prepared as you want to be for a power outage. >> reporter: they will start turning the power back on but it could take a while. >> we have our crews on the ground doing in-person live safety patrols to make sure that it is all safe before we turn the power back on. >> reporter: and pg and e says restoring all the power to the north bay could take up to 24 hours. more outages are possible this weekend. cornell bernard, abc 7 news. we have more breaking news from yolo county where a wildfire is spreading rapidly near ramsey. the fire has jumped highway 16 and is reportedly burning towards buildings.
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the fire has grown to at least 125 acres, and we'll bring you updates as soon as we learn more. in the east bay, firefighters quickly snuffed out a fast-moving grass fire in contra costa county earlier today. you heard the gusty winds which helped fan the flames in dry brush near marsh creek and deer valley roads. cal fire crews quickly responded to contain that fire to around 10 acres. now drew tuma has the latest details on the red flag fire warnings for this weekend. >> unfortunately, this time of the year where those strong, dry winds heighten our fire danger, and that's what we're seeing, especially in the north bay. so red flag warning continues for much of the north bay hills. areas shaded in red, the winds will be racing out, gusting well over 40 miles per hour through sunday morning, and that will bring in dangerously low humidity levels. look at the low humidity route
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right now. it is bone dry. and those winds are picking up as we speak. look at the wind gusts in the hills. cranking anywhere from 20-40 miles per hour. let's go hour by hour and show you the winds. they will continue to remain active through the evening. 10:00, 11:00 at night, we still see winds gusting over20 miles per hour. then thankfully we will see those winds begin to back off. but as the fire danger lessens, we have another problem. the heat will be increasing tomorrow. a heat advisory will go into effect for much of the bay area for some of the hottest temperatures we have seen this year. we will go city by city and show you how hot you will get tomorrow and when the heat will get out of here in a few minutes. >> thank you. we'll see you then. during a red flag warning and anytime, trust our app to keep you safe. download it now and customize
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the forecast and alerts for the area where you live. first responders in san francisco today worked on their skills in responding to active shooter situation. the training was designed to simulate the chaos that police officers and firefighters would face in a real mass shooting. first responders learned new tactics to help respond to violence and fire inside a high rise. new technology includes real time access to floor plans. >> if there is a mass shooter, you're able to track the mass shooter quickly, ascertain where the victims are located and contain the entire event as quickly as possible, reducing the losses as much as you can. >> the fire department recently implemented an active shooter policy. in the east bay, a mural honoring oscar grant was dedicated at the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station in oakland. family, friends and community members gathered to remember the
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22-year-old african-american man who was fatally shot at the station new year's day 2009. grant's mother fought to get the mural up, and the b.a.r.t. board approved it unanimously in february. >> the hurt is still there. the pain is still there, but it lets me know that through oscar's death, that his life will be remembered for years and years and years from now. >> along with the mural, a previously unnamed street was also named and dedicated in grant's honor. developing news now, tachers in the new haven unified school district are set to vote tomorrow on a tentative contract deal. it includes a 1.5% salary increase and 2.5% bonus. next year teachers would get a 3% pay bump. they initially wanted a 10% increase over two years. if they approve, they could return to the classroom monday. that strike gap on may 20th. a popular downtown street in the north bay is closed today.
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coming up, the detour part of a project to improve the commute and get more cars off the road. and warriors fans aren't the only ones a little dazed,
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happening now, detours are in effect along busy third street in down town san rafael because of construction to extend the tracks to the larkspur ferry terminal. it is closed through heatherton treat through 4:00 monday morning. it will terminate so shuttle buses are taking riders the rest
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of the way to san rafael. well, it all comes down to game five with the dubs down three games to one in the nba finals. abc 7 news was in oracle arena where fans leaving the game were much less optimistic in comparison to fans after game three. some were taking pictures in front of oracle just in case that was the last warriors game there. some still have hope that golden state can pull out they more wins despite last night's 105-92 loss at home to toronto. and the rop tors are giving mcdonald's a run for its money. restaurants agreed to give away orders of french fries when the raptors hit 12 or more three pointers in a row this season. mcdonald's estimated 700,000 orders. so far they've given away about 2 million orders at a cost of about $4 million. and abc 7 is the only place to watch the warriors in the nba finals. game five, two or die is monday
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in toronto. min mindy bock will report. the pregame show is at 5:00, and game five of the nba at 6:00 p.m. followed by "after the game" with larry beil. a mom and pop shop is celebrating tonight. >> it's unbelievable. unbelievable. >> the owners just changed somebody's life forever. up next, the lucky sale that has a small market in california getting national attention. as a warm start to the weekend, but i am tracking even hotter air arriving tomorrow, some of the hottest air so far this year. a heat advisory goes i
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yolo county where a wildfire is spreading rapidly near rumsy and gwenda. we'll bring you any updates as they come in here on abc 7 news at 5:00. one of the biggest pride celebrations of the west coast is in full spring. >> welcome to pride 2019! >> tens of thousands from around the world are in west hollywood for this weekend's pride celebration. this weekend's event is taking a serious tone. organizers want a safe zone that promotes toll raerance and inclusion. it caps off with the parade. 1 million lottery tickets matched all six 27, 40, 68, and the mega number
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is 2. the owners of sorrento deli and liquor will get a check for selling the winning ticket. >> all the united states, it comes to this spot? it's unbelievable. unbelievable. >> it's god's grace. that's all i can say, thank you, jesus, a million times for our families to be able to bless other people. >> another winning ticket worth $1 million was sold in orange county, it was one of three tickets nationwide that matched all numbers except the mega number. got some mega numbers coming too, that's one of the reasons the fire danger's so high. >> that's true. we're not only tracking the fire danger in the north bay but tomorrow it turns even hotter area wide. this is not just an inland event, the coast and bay will be sizzling on our sunday. it is completely clear, and it is completely dry.
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it's all about the numbers out there on this saturday afternoon. and it is warm across the board. we're at 76 in the city right now, 78 in oakland, 84 the current temperature and the warm spot at 91 degrees. so overnight tonight we're going to hang onto a lot of this warmth over the next 12 hours under clear skies. we'll see some spots holding in the low 60s, but we'll also trap those windy conditions as well in the north bay where winds could gust over 30 miles per hour keeping the fire danger high overnight tonight. those numbers, once the sun gets up tomorrow morning they will be off to the races. by 9:00 on your sunday, spots are already into the 70s and lower 80s at that early morning hour. so by midday, with total sunshine we see those numbers getting very close to 90 degrees in our hottest spots by lunch time. tomorrow is going to be a hot day. highs starting in the south, some of the hottest air we have
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seen so far this year, 96 96 966 high in san jose. the peninsula will feel the heat. 90 in san mateo. even along the coastline, very close to 80 degrees. downtown san francisco. a forecast high of 87. into the north bay where we have the highest fire danger we'll see some of the warmest temperatures. 96 in santa rosa, 95 in napa. it is hot in wine country, 94 the high in san rafael. it is hot tomorrow, 92 in oakland, 95 in fremont, 95 in castro valley. inland we're getting very close if not hitting the century mark. 100 in livermore, 97 in walnut creek and 98 in brentwood. it's for that fact that the entire region will be feeling
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this heat that we have a heat advisory that will go into effect starting at 10:00 tomorrow morning lasting through 9:00 tomorrow evening for the increased risk for heat-related illness. it's a good idea, a reminder the difference between heat exhaustion and heatstroke. heat exhaustion, your skin becomes pale, you're nauseous, dizzy. you want to move inside, preferably to ac, drink cool water to cool off your body. when your body stops sweating that's heatstroke. that is when your body is running extremely hot, and that is when you want to call 911. drink plenty of water. if you're outside a lot, take frequent breaks in the shade because our body has not felt this type of heat so far this year and it's always hardest the first heat wave we have. the spare the air alert is in effect tomorrow. not only hot tomorrow, it's hot on monday as well. cooling then begins midweek, and then we'll see more typical temperatures by thursday and friday. we're back to where we're shou
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be. take it easy tomorrow with the hot temperatures in the afternoon. >> good advice, thank you very much. this is a test of character. >> yeah, the warriors definitely feeling the heat after going down three games to one. the warriors are facing a must-withmust must-win situation the rest of must-win situation the rest of the way ♪ ♪ must-win situation the rest of the way ♪ this is how driving should feel. the tech-advanced nissan leaf. the best selling electric vehicle of all time. this is nissan intelligent mobility. ♪
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back to back losses at
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oracle has the warriors on the brink of elimination in the nba finals. now the dubs are headed north of the border for a must-win game five against the raptors. steph curry loading up on some fuel. kevin durant is on the trip. you can see kd there walking to the plane. he hasn't played since hurtingist calf a month ago against the rockets. even if kd does play, the warriors face a huge challenge. only one team has ever come back from being down one game to three. that was cleveland against the dubs in 2016. >> you got to do it one time. it sounds cliche. for us, that's the only way we're going to get back in the series. give everything we've got for 48 minutes. >> we got to win one game. we win that and we'll build on that. i've been on the wrong side of 3-1 before.
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so why not make our own history. >> the as hitting the diamond for a double hitter deep in the heart of texas. oakland down. and his eighth of the season made it a 5- 2 ball game. nick hundley would get hurt on this swing. he'd leave the game because of back spasms. in comes josh josh josh josh joh that's as close as the as would get. rangers score more and this is the first game he's played this season in the majors. as lose 10-5. rough start for the g-men's outfielder. tyler austin hurts his knee chasing this foul ball. he would stay in the game on the very next pitch.
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max muncy will hit it to right center. kevin pillar runs into him. now top of the third with the sacks packed. cory seger delivers a single. 1-0 dodgers. right now they are tied 1-1 in the fourth inning. to the pitch, the earthquakes hosting fc dallas. wondolowski has scored the last seven goals, make that eight in a row. he gets the team on the board in the 47th minute. this time it was someone else. magnus eriksson's shot appears to be stopped by the defender, but replays show it went in. however, they could not hold onto the lead. it's tied in the 65th minute and this game ends in a 2-22-2 sir winston has moved to the center of the track to take the
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lead! on the inside, he fights on. on. and the attacsir winston has wo! >> sir winston came in at 10-1 odds. joel via, a 21-1 long s he also trained war of will who won the preakness three weeks ago. and game two of the as rangers doubleheader gets under way at 6:05. and getting back to the warriors, although they haven't come back from a 3-1 deficit, they did it against oklahoma city. we have the confidence they can get it done. sizzling temperatures hit the bay
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and i'm meteorologist drew tuma. just going to give you an update on the heat. highs will be some of the highest we have seen this year area wide. 99 in concord, 100 in livermore, 96 in san jose. 95 in napa. so a good idea, drink plenty of water. if you're outside for a prolonged period you do want to take frequent breaks in the shade. because the first heat wave of the season is always the hardest on the body. of course we'll get an update on
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the red flag warning coming up at 6:00. as well as that fire burning in yolo county, 125 acres, there is damage to tonight, several developing stories as we come on. fires and floods. the out of control wildfire, the battle from the air and on the ground. plus, relentless rounds of rain drenching the southeast. 18 million bracing for more flash floods. tariff turnaround. president trump striking a deal with mexico, backing off his plans to impose tariffs on one of america's largest trading partners. but did he get what he wanted when it comes to the border? desperate search. a police chief knocked off his fishing boat, and not wearing a life vest. now missing for more than 24 hours. his wife's urgent call to 911. the search now expanding. deadly hate crimes. the major arrest in a gruesome series of murders.


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