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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 14, 2019 1:07am-1:42am PDT

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i'm kate larson in san francisco where the school board
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took a vote that left few happy about a controversial mural that some feel is racist. i'm amanda del castillo in santa clara. people started noticing overgrown weeds and unkempt conditions. i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. i'm tracking a summer scorcher. >> i'm lisa amin gulezian. here in front of this cafe. "abc7 news" starts right now. now news to build a better bay area, from abc 7. good evening, everyone. get ready for a sweltering conditions inland tomorrow. concord reaching 106 degrees. it's going to be 105 in fairfield. livermore, 104. santa rosa 100 degrees. walnut creek, 105. excessive heat warnings for these counties until 10:00 p.m.
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friday. heat stroke and lease exhaustion possible. heat advisories for areas shaded in orange, including santa cruz county and in effect starting at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow running until 8:00 p.m. thursday. temperatures soaring. there is an increased risk of heat related illnesses. i'll be back to let you know how long this hot weather is going to last. >> sandhya, thanks. several bay area cities are opening cooling centers because of the heat expected in the next couple of days. find the latest list on our website, >> and don't forget, download the "abc7 news" app to get alerts about the dangerously hot weather about where you live. you can allow push alerts for weather and news updates sent directly to your mobile device. the heat raises concerns that we could see wildfires. a grass fire is under control tonight, but not before it did slight damage to two homes in vallejo. it started just before 6:00 p.m. in the hans park area and grew
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to four alarms. people were evacuated from their homes for about an hour. firefighters contained the flames to four acres and had it under control a couple of hours later. the fire was right up against creek view drive. no word of a cause, but the fire department says there are several homeless camps nearby. facing the international outcry about destroying art, the san francisco board of education reversed course tonight on a controversial mural at washington high school. >> kate larson is live with the decision that hasn't left many happy. kate? >> reporter: that's right, dan and ama. the mural has been here inside of washington high for 83 years, and after tonight's vote, it will stay. the school board actually reversed course, saying they're going to cover the mural with panels rather than destroying it with paint, which they voted to do in june. and with that yes, the san francisco board of education voted 4-3 to obscure this mural
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inside washington high school that has ignited an emotional debate about racism censorship. >> and i can't imagine him walking into that school, being told -- >> reporter: the mural painted in the 1930s was meant to show george washington in a critical light, as a slave owner and killed native americans. but the images have offended many students. >> i remember feeling very hurt. the one person that looked like me was dead. >> it has to make us feel uncomfortable. >> reporter: actor danny glover compared covering up the murals to book burning. >> i think it's absurd. >> reporter: the compromise left both sides disappointed. >> it's being covered.
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but when is the next time that they are going to uncover it. >> if they're that upset about images, about names, why don't they consider changing the name of the school? >> reporter: estimates to cover the mural have been in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. the school says they will digitize the images to be available to see. there were discussions about possibly trying to move the mural to another place in san francisco school starts next week. kate larson, "abc7 news." >> kate, thank you for that latest update. in the east bay, a show of support for the victims of our nation's recent mass shootings. along call taction. congresswoman barbara lee led the event. it mobilized people to stand up against white supremacy and gun violence.
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>> we must demand that congress support legislation to ban assault weapons and get these weapons of war off of the streets of america. >> the rally was also an opportunity to take a stand in solidarity with gilroy, el paso and dayton. new details on the mass shooting in dayton. the gunman left the bar, went to his car and ducks into an alley and puts on body armor. moments later he opens fire. the vimddeo indicates he acted alone. hs sister were among the nine that died. at this point, investigators say it's inconclusive whether he shot her. a man this week decided he wasn't going to be the next victim. two cell phones were stolen and he went after the thief.
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lisa amin gulezian tells us the decision not recommended by police. >> reporter: it happened this morning south of market. the man was ordering coffee at the hotel when his phones were swiped. the man chased the thief across howard street to a delivery ramp, where the phones were recovered next to the enter continent hotel. >> i did two stupid things this morning. number one, i left these unattended. number two, i chased the person who took them. >> reporter: mike huckman is in san francisco for business. he was grabbing a cup of coffee, when someone snatched his phones and took off with them. >> aale kicked in, and off i went. >> reporter: mike teaches a weekly spin class, which helped this morning as he chased the thief throw blocks while yelling the entire time. >> i kept saying "dude, they're locked, they won't work, please put them down." then he turned left here, and he crossed the street. >> reporter: for a second, mike thought he had lost the suspect, but he kept running until he spotted him again and yes, he
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was still yelling. >> dude, they're locked! >> reporter: something must have registered, because the thief did something very unexpected. >> i see him dart off that day, and i can't see him any more. then i peek around the bend here and i find the phones just like that. that's exactly how i found them. >> reporter: police meantime say it's never a good idea to confront a suspect. as things could escalate fast. >> i created the opportunity. i did a stupid thing. >> reporter: in san francisco, lisa amin gulezian, "abc7 news." >> turned out well. part of building a better bay area involves properly maintaining public spaces. a couple visiting family at a cemetery in santa clara found overgrown conditions at mission city memorial park. as reporter amanda del castillo explains, there's now a big push to clean it up. >> reporter: mission city memorial park is one of two city
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cemeteries maintained by the city of santa clara. on saturday, a gut feeling guided this couple here. >> we could see other raised tombstones, but the ones that are on the ground, it was just all grass and weeds. >> reporter: no luck with locating dave's grandparents grave saturday. they returned sunday morning. >> we came determined with a string trimmer. we weren't going to leave until we found the grave. >> reporter: hours later, the gravestone they had been searching for. dave spent some time cleerg overgrowth and notice the difference here. the city says t tngs inorder. finished. >> this is distinctly this area behind us is the war veteran area. and it's the worst kept in the entire property. >> reporter: the city says in part --
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>> reporter: the toxic chemical was used to control weeds and grasses. the couple questions how can grave sites can untouched for so long? >> they have all paid money to the city to be laid to rest here. and to have these areas maintained. >> reporter: the city is reaching out to the community for volunteers to keep it in order. v i'm amanda del castillo, "abc7 news." now, we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. share them by joining our better bay area group on facebook. kong airport. the chaos and impact on local bay area travelers. >> i was trying to get into my hotel. should never happen to anyone. >> a truly frightening attack as a woman tries to enter her
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building. how it could affect a homeless navigation center in san francisco. a warning f
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san francisco international airport, although a few have been delayed. protesters clashed with police for a second day in a row at the airport in hong kong. hundreds of flights were canceled as chaos took over the terminal. plastic bottles were thrown at airport officials and police in riot gear came in, as you see. protesters grabbed a reporter from a chinese state owned newspaper and accused him of being a spy and tied him to a baggage cart. just steps away from her home, a woman in san francisco got into a frantic struggle with an attacker. you see it here, because her building security camera captured it all. she wasn't seriously hurt but was shaken up. here are the details of what happened and what's being done about it. >> reporter: it's supposed to feel good to get home after a long day. but instead of relaxing, this woman fought for her life. you can see her trying to get
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through the front door of her building, when a man, believed to be homeless, grabs her, pulling her away from the door and onto the ground. >> the only thing that was going through my head was, you have to save yourself. you have to save yourself. >> reporter: she struggles to get away, finally being able to crawl inside as the man grabs her legs. he tries again to get inside but they close the door. even after his arrest, his words still haunt her. >> he kept saying, what you are you going to do, call the cops? they don't care. he kept repeating that. he had no fear of the city or the cops. and that to me, a new level of fear for me. because if the cops aren't here to protect us, what is protecting us from getting hurt? >> reporter: what could you say to her and the residents that don't feel safe? >> if you don't feel safe, call 911 and legal us know. give us a description and we'll
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take care of it. >> reporter: she said it took officers 30 minutes to arrive. but sfpd says it was a lower priority call because it was reported as a man standing outside. when things escalated, they got an office they are in three minutes. this is the building, just steps away from the site of the embarcadero center. she says when it goes up, she's afraid more incidents might happen. sky 7 flew over the site. they are suing the city to stop it from happening. >> this should never happen to anyone. i was trying to get into my own house. >> reporter: police tell me when that center does open, they will have additional security measures in place, but right now it's too far out to detail that. in the north bay, a boat went up in flames. look at this, firefighters had
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it out within 30 minutes. it's not clear how the fire started. it put off a lot of thick, black smoke. dog owners are urged to be cautious after toxic algae killed three dogs in north carolina. >> the ones in this map are off-limits due to algae. >> other lakes in san jose have warnings posted. the algae canlon fre and mane>> > now to the weather. a really extreme heat coming starting tomorrow. >> sandhya? >> that's why you'll want to hit the coast to stay cool. take a look at this live picture from our santa cruz camera right now. i want to show you the
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temperatures, because they are going to quickly rise. tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m., 60s to 80s already. as we head into the lunch hour, well, let's just say you might want to take your lunch indoors, because it is going to get hot, especially inland valleys. by the time we head into the afternoon, getting up into the triple digits. and then topping 100 degrees for some of our inland valleys. i want to show you right now some of the heat risks associated with it. you could get heat illnesses. so definitely an excessive heat warning until friday night, and the areas shaded in orange, under that heat advisory, in case you missed this at the top of the show, going until tomorrow evening. dangerous heat inland. so stay cool and hydrated. don't forget about the pets and the kids in the cars. it can get hotter and the fire danger will be elevated. not just tomorrow but the opplerwi you clear ar.. as a matr fa ,e troeepri g er
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parts of the bay area. anywhere from the 60s to 80s. i want to show you this beautiful time lapse of the waxing gibbous. nice and clear, allowing us to grab that time lapse. we look at the golden gate bridge, here's a look at the forecast. intense heat the next few days. afternoon highs between 100 and 106. the heat eases starting on friday. it is back-to-school time. gilroy unified tomorrow. 104, time for the shorts. san jose unified, 95. triple digits for santa rosa, martinez unified, walnut creek. 97 in petaluma. air quality will suffer, spare the air for wednesday. everyone in the moderate to poor category, except near the coast and central bay. mild start tomorrow morning, fog possible, patchy at the coast. low 50s to upper 60s. tomorrow afternoon in the south bay, 103 in morgan hill. 95 in san jose.
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93 in sunnyvale. low 90s from redwood city and mountain view. 74 in half moon bay. 78 degrees, north bay temperatures, 100 degrees there in santa rosa. 96 in san rafael. 92 in fremont. sizzling inland, 105 in walnut creek. livermore, as you look at the seven-day forecast, still simmering in the heat on thursday. the coastal areas will be comfortable. temperatures will back off a bit on friday. it is much cooler for the weekend. at least by the weekend, we'll have more low clouds and fog and temperatures that we can deal with. >> thanks, sandhya. well, tomorrow on "good morning america" john travolta talks about his new dramatic thriller.
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coke is introducing two new flavors. one with the holidays in mind. starting next month, you can pick up a cinnamon flavored version. there was a version available in the united kingdom last year and did pretty well. coke is also launching a winter spiced cranberry version of sprite.
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that could be good. the flavors will be around until the beginning of next year. on to sports. >> larry's here. >> this was fun tonight. bases loaded in the ninth, a one-run game, battle of the bay goes down to the wire, jinltds
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good evening. you could feel the tension this the air. on top of the natural rivalry, two teams clawing for a wild card playoff spot, facing each other tonight. game one of the bay bridge series. and this girl is ready to make a play. glove on, in her stance. love it! no score in the evakes this fastball deep to left. i hope the little girl gets this. the only run that mad bum allowed. to the sixth, evan longoria, lin liner. buster posey scores, tied at 1-1. next batter, another rbi double.
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longoria scores. giants up 2-1. two-run giants lead to the ninth. mike chapman loads the bases. and will smith is in a very tight jam. two outs and smith walks, forcing in a run. 3-2 game. chad pender now, struck him out. and the giants cling to victory. it was a 21-minute ninth inning. 3-2, giants the final. >> yeah, i think we just always expect a win, you know. if we're in a position to, you know, have a chance to win late in games, until they get the last out, we feel like we have a good shot. >> it was a good all around ball game for us. every little thing we did paid off in the end. >> the last inning, they were definitely loud and cheering real loud. so yeah, it was a cool feeling out there. >> antonio brown says it felt like his feet
1:37 am
after a cryo therapy. he went to social media asking if anyone had a shut air advantage helmet. he may be able to wear it instead of the newer models the nfl wants to see. jon gruden believes his receiver will be good to go in the regular season. >> we'll work him back in. it's great to have him back. we've had a pretty good understanding, if spite of what people think. we've had a pretty good understanding of what is going to happen, and now we're ready to get rolling. >> all the talk, these guys are doing a good job >> brown got help from social media. everybody contributing to find that helmet. that helmet. >> unusual.
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video show right this minute. an athlete on his way to workout spotted something in need of some help. >> the rescue that's all about right place, right time. >> he's a nominee for the dumbest criminal of the year. >> what to do when you break in and can't break out. >> mountain bikers are sending it down the trail. why hope might not be enough. and mother's unite. >> the different types of moms testing a teacher's patience. >> just make sure that none of these moms talk to me, >> this video comes to
1:42 am
malaysia. this fellow might use a wheelchair to get around but it's not going to stop him from helping out. in this case, you can see he knows what he can get down to the edge right here. >> how did he spot it to begin with? >> they were on their way to training. they must have seen it going across this bridge and see this shot. this guy is able to find out where it is and reach down and get it to safety. >> oh, i love that. >> why didn't they get involved to help? >> well,


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