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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 16, 2019 1:07am-1:42am PDT

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offices in the bay area closed after a fired employee
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made a threat about guns. i'm kate larson in san francisco, what police say coming up. >> people in fairfield are learning what to go in an active shooter situation. >> cooler weather is on the way. >> a group of young girls from around the globe are tackling real world problems with technology. abc7 news starts right now. now, news to build a better bay area. abc 7. >> you are looking at the bay bridge tonight and prepare for come up torrow. >> relief way from the heat wave. sandy will explain about it, we are looking forward to it. >> enough. let's take a look at the temperatures today. and the records. 100 degrees, both records for today, 109 in fairfield, now,
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that is brutal heat. 99 san jose, and 103 in santa sa rosa, it was hot in other areas, concord, livermore, and comfortable around 85 in san francisco and 68 in half moon a bay. we have an excessive heat warning until 10:00 p.m. tomorrow night. notice the fog along the southern california coast. well, i'm tracking it, it is going to be working its way up towards the bay area. let you know when it will arrive and when you will feel the difference in terms of our heat coming up. >> cal train restricted the speed of the trains because today's hot weather caused the rails to expand. trains ran at a top speed of 69 miles an hour. >> and you can cool off for free at seven publicyou can find a f
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francisco swimming pools open to the public for free on our website, abc7 >> don't forget, you can download the abc7 news app, our app will let you customize our foreca forecast. >> to a fast developing story and an abc7 news i-team exclusive. >> offices are closed after a fired employee made a threat about guns. >> kate larson spoke with police and employees and live with the story in downton. kate? >> well, dan, with we are here at the red fin san francisco offices in washington and montgomery. they were closed on monday and tuesday. but have since reopened. however, three east bay red fin offices remain closed and police that i spoke to tonight sayer they are still investigating. an anonymous source said that
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this is why people bring shotguns to work after getting fired. police say the fired employee, who made the alleged threat worked out of the dublin office. and the redfin vice president of communications sent a statement saying, that a redfin contractor made concerning comments over the phone and we took swift action and work closely with our law enforcement to ensure our bay area employees were safe. out of caution, we closed four bay area offices. had they will not describe who the former employee is and refuse to communicate the threat to the extended workforce. this is another example of the poor corporate practices, putting dollars on over the health and safety of their workforce. it's frightening. while, three east a bay offices repla -- remain closed, thursday employees leaving the office said they were aware of the threat. >> i'm not too frightened,
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people get upset all the time. >> jason is a redfin software engineer, because of the incident, there was a securitier guard on his floor and with counselors. >> i feel safe, i think with the attention and our management has given us -- >> they have been in touch with the fired employee, they tell me that they checked and have no reason to believe that he has access to any weapons. at this point, no criminal charges have been filed. i'm told the investigation is still ongoing. meanwhile, redfin said that they will reopen their eastbay offices early next week. with additional security. live in san francisco, i'm kate larsen, abc7 news. >> following the mass shootings in gilroy, and el paso and dayton. local law he enforcement is encouraging everyone to be prepared for the worse. a capacity crowd came out to find out what to do in an active
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killer situation. it was a pre-planned event, but all the more important in light of recent events. we have more from solano county. >> talk about it before hand, you have a game plan in place. >> communication is key. when dealing with an active shooter situation. tonight, nearly 100 people in fairfield, gathered to learn what to do if they find themselves in another gilroy, dayton, ohio, or el paso, texas, situation. >> it's -- so many lives were disrupted. >> people have been asking what to do in an active shooter situation. run, hide, and if necessary fight. >> run to get out of the area safely, to hide, barricade, as best possible, or if they have to, they are going to have to fight. >> the majority of the time fighting back will lead to fewer casualties. as was the case at is a have a tech in 2007, people took notes and asked lots of questions.
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>> we want to know if we, like play dead or something, or hide under a table, or where do we go? what do we do? >> we are really pushing a run, hide, fight philosophy. >> many worried an active shooter could target the city of fairfield. >> the odds it won't happen, but if it does, they will have a background and something will click and they will say, i remember that and that's what i do. >> the toe a may -- the vine festival will draw people out. >> tonight, the san francisco police officer's association is weighing in on the attack of a woman in san francisco. they are calling for the judge in case to be reassigned to traffic court. they sent a statement to the presiding judge and wrote in a statement that van aken should not be allowed to reside over criminal cases and a catastrophe
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as a criminal judge. the governor is weighing in and we will explain why. we have been showing you this video of an attack on a woman trying to get in the building. the suspect was released back in the public by judge christine van aken, governor called for more resources. >> your mayor is going to need as we all do, more support. >> tensions ran high today during a protest outside the indian consulate in san francisco. >> it happened when demonstrators who want a second region, they rushed to preserve the flag. and deliberations in the ghost -- >> she is a prosecutor witness who lived in the ghost ship wearhouse. she said no one complained of
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the stairs but there was talk of the need for a fire sprinklers. she said in herrer testimony from may 28th that they just did not have $50,000 that was needed to put in sprinklers, they were not the owners of the building. democratic presidential candidate marianne williamson, campaigned in san francisco tonight, she spoke to a packed house at mannys in the mission district as part of the cafe's presidential townhaul series. williamson, a author and political activist, she has talked about increased funding for early childhood development and reparations for slavery. sl. she feels that the people are ready for her brand of politics. >> where the american people stand, it's okay, it's that the government has hijacked -- >> she has been the 15th
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candidate to speak at mannys. >>. new at 11:00, a man arrested after trying to snatch a 11-year-old girl on her way to school. the man approached her and grabbed her and placed his hand over her mouth. a passer-by stopped it. >> for the technovation challenge, 50 young girls from around the world are pitching apps for a change. that subpoena next. >> jon gruden had to be happy with what he saw from the raiders in the second preseason game, they were all over arizona, highlights coming at you, later on in sports. all that is ahead and first a look at what is coming up on jimmy kimmel live, right after abc7 news at 11. >> jimmy. thanks spend a few moments of your life on this.
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and you score the you knperfect outfit?at ross ooooohhhh! game on! now, that's yes for less. nothing beats getting the latest trends at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less. technology and innovation are critical tools to help build
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a better bay area. a group of girls from around the globe is combining the two and tackling real-world problems with tech. abc7 news reporter is in santa clara. >> countries connect through tech. 12 groups of girls, ages 10-18 are using phones to fix things at home. >> if you want to create technology that will change the world, you want to listen to people from all around the world. >> each group pitched to a panel of judges and investors and the challenge of the group of girls is identify an issue in their own community and then create an app to solve it. the task uncovered topics like many issues. >> it was not just girls, it was boys and kids everywhere, so we felt it would impact a lot of people. >> in front of a packed house, they detailed how use ers maneuver through the cloud 9 app to help with mental clarity and
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other teens had team prove it. to model their business plan around the homeless people in the country. >> a lot of country is, um -- so, homeless people, the number is growing. >> their meal for will app will connect those with a left over food in restaurants to have a local food source. >> where else do you have an opportunity to listen to youngs girls from all around the world, to countries that never thought of technology and leading innovation. >> they will receive up to $15,000 in scholarship money. >> now, to see all the winners on of the technovation challenge, go to our web side, we want to hear your ideas too about building a better bay area. share them by joining the better bay area group on facebook. >> and new developments, months after concrete started to crumble on the richmond be san
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rafale bridge, repairs are complete. back in february, several chunks of concrete fell from the bridge. one hit a car. the bridge was forced to closed but no one was hurt. caltrans replaced all of the joints on the bridge, including the one that led to the cracking concrete concrete, did fall again in april and officials said that was because some came loose had in the repair work. >> a 15-year-old girl celebrated her birthday with a special twist in san francisco. today, also marked the anniversary of a life-saving bone marrow transplant. she blew out the candles on her cake on what her family called a rebirth celebration day at ucf medical center. and thanked those that helped her beat a rare form of leukemia. >> they were supporting me, and those that donated and wanted to help other people that need a bone marrow. >> her family hopes more people of asian american descent will
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region as bone marrow and stem cell donors. >> she is doing well. >> what a great young girl. so, a little bit of relief coming? >> let's hope so. it's too much. >> i know. i am done with this heat as well. i have heard all the complaints, so, i tell you what, we are going to start to notice changes beginning tomorrow. right along the coastline and around the bay, we are already starting to see it, so, temperatures are in the 50s. to the 80s right now. across the bay area. inland areas you at least have the ac, notice the drop in temperature, right around the coast and bay, a few degrees cooler. we are heading in the right direction. here is a lovely view looking a san francisco tonight, the heat eases tomorrow, it will be cooler coast and bay. much cooler weather this weekend and it will be warming up again, especially toward the middle of next week to where you will notice. so, let's check out what is ahead as we look at the temperature trend for liver
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hadmore. average high is 87 and we have been above average for two days in a row. . and tomorrow, 100 degrees. i'll not expecting round three of records. much cooler, you will notice in the 80 and is dropping below average by sunday, monday, before those temperatures recover again going in to next week. want to show you a live view from emeryville, skies are clear, live doppler 7 starting to notice a patch of fog beginning to form around point reyes, air quality has been deteriorating. moderate to poor air quality across the bay area. winds of change coming that will help to clear out the air and tomorrow morning the winds will be really variable. we will have a drop in the temperatures, most noticeable coast and bay tomorrow in inland areas will shave off a few degrees as well. >> another thing that i want to show you, 5:00 a.m. friday.
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everyone is waiting for that. the fog will work its way up the coastline tower its area by tomorrow afternoon and evening and that will certainly help bring about changes as well. tomorrow morning, low 50s. to the upper 60s . and definitely a mild morning, tomorrow afternoon in the south bay. 93 san jose, 89 in gilroy. and upper squs to low 70s at the coast. you will feel the difference. downtown san francisco, 74, and north bay temperatures mid 90s around sonoma, and santa rosa, and 90s in san rafael, and 88 in fremont. you will have a few triple digits, 100 in fairfield and livermore. and 97 in walnut creek. heat moderates tomorrow, sharp drop in temperatures as we go in to the weekend, and then, next week, we will bring back heat. but nothing too extreme. i have are to tell you, it's been taxing on people. and i don't want to field more complaints. >> that would not be from us. >> no, not at all.
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abc7 sports. good everyoning, raiders could not have asked for more tonight. they destroyed arizona in a second preseason game. sore feet and all, antonio brown, made cuts on the sore feet. derek carr, one series, led a six play, 75 yard drive, ryan grant, a 13 yard td and the raiders take a 7-0 lead. carr, 2 for 2 and his night was
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gone. rico gaffert, streaking and a 53 yard strike. 17-0, glennon, trying to lock up. 175 on the yardage. 24-0. the defense blitzed kyler murray. and the raiders go 2-0 in the preseason, 33-26. go to baseball now, crazy game. a's and astros. mike fiers the ace. >> two-run jack. and a three-run spot, 3-2. a's. corbin joseph. to xfinity and beyond. two more houston homers tie it again and then matt to mat jackson and chapman and olson. his 25th. 6-4. two more. houston astro homers, tied again and then chappie, his 29th comes in the eighth. ten total homers hit and the a's prevail. we are not worthy, 7-6.
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get your had hot dogs here. who wants a hot dog. giants and d-backs in the desert. and all giants starting in the first. bases loaded for longoria. they are happy to see him and his bat back. 2-0 giants and giants desperate for starting pitchers. seven scoreless struck out four. longo, goes longo, off of alex young and it a two-run bomb. he has four rbis in the game. and giants win 7-0, finally just terrible news for ex warrior, big man, demarcus cousins. tore the acl, working out in vegas. and boogie signed with the lakers this summer. coming off of a torn achilles, and a ruptured quadand now he is looking at another long replay. feel so bad for him. abc7 sports. sponsored by river rock casino. >> that could be career
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that is our report, we appreciate your time. >> for all of us, thanks for being here. jimmy kimmel live, gerard but r butler. tv's number one daily viral video show "right this minute."
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>> it's hard to believe that was a dogging. >> caught in a tar pit up to its neck. >> see the miracle transformation off a grateful pup. cameras catch a guy greeting. >> a complete stranger outside of a club. >> the friendly hug that's anything but. >> that's slick. >> if you want this cinderella carriage. >> you are going to need a few skills. how to make a dessert cart that's a real show stopper. and look who's back playing the role. making him jump through hoops at the festival. >> no, i don't work here. >> i feel so bad for her. >> just look at this picture. you're thinking this is some guy warding off a tar munster or some kind of bear. you'll be surprised to find out that was a dog. that dog had been caught in a tar pit up to its neck for
1:41 am
nearly a full day. it was finally able to get it out because it grabbed on to that stick and aiding in its rescue. when they pulled it it out, they realize they have to start cleaning. they start to slowly get all the tar off of this dog. >> when you start, how do you do that? >> just get a little bit of soap. that's what they show on the soap commercials. >> they a actually do use soap that's got degreaser in it. >> got to do a lot of it. >> you see the dog isn't black. it's brown maybe but we don't know yet. >> pure white for all we know. >> after giving it a bath and got a lot of the stuff off but not all of it, they're looking to if the dog had an owner because they want to make sure it gets back into someone's care. it's in serious but stable condition because it had been in
1:42 am
the car. that's just the first round getting through. this one is tan. typically one bath iugh mul haveple, multiple bathings. >> it was desperate to get out of there. with its mouth, clenching to the stick. that shows how desperate this dog was. it's one thing to watch your back when you're out and about but it's another one to keep an eye ball in your pocket because watch very can closely to this guy in the black shirt as he is greeting, according to reports, a complete strangerer outside of a club. >> that was slick. >> you pulled him off


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