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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  August 17, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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now news to buildte bay area. >> a major construction job on bart is not only impacting trains, it is slowing traffic as well. there is currently no train service due to better bay area. >> shuttle buses are replacing
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those trains. bart riders can expect 30 to 40 minute delays. >> cornel bernard is at the station with a look at the impact and how people are dealing with it. how are things moving along? >> reporter: it really depends who you ask. from our per spespectiv seechls -- seems to be moving pretty well today. for drivers, that's another story. it has not been moving well today, impacted by bart's major construction project. >> to your right, thank you. >> reporter: bart workers were telling riders the way from buses to trains. bus bridges are running this weekend between the walnut creek
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and arinda bart station. >> we're replacing about 5,000 feet of rail, rock and a whole lot more is going on. >> reporter: old platform tiles are getting replaced at lafayette. bart has put the word out to riders telling them to expect about a 40-minute delay. some folks never got the message. what's your plan here? >> text my boss and tell hem imm going to be late. >> reporter: but drivers are also feeling the pain. two lanes are closed to make courtroom for this giant construction crane. it all accounted for this headache, traffic for three miles. >> avoid going eastbound. the way traffic is moving in the region, highway 4 is a good option for motorists. >> we almost didn't go to san francisco because it was going
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to be such a long time to get here. >> some avoided the bridge altogether but parking spaces were vanishing fast. >> we know about the bridge and all that before picking up some friends who were out of town. they know to come this way. >> now, bart says its construction project is on schedule. should be done in time for the monday morning commute. late this afternoon cal trans opened another lane to provide traffic relief. beware, it all happens again labor day weekend. live, abc 7 news. >> he mentioned the impact on highway 24. here is a live look at traffic in the area. you see it from arinda, it's
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moving about 14 miles an hour. you see another red zone there from meadow on towards the boulevard. so be aware if you're traveling eastbound on 24, it's going to take a while. you can see all the stories on our web site at abc 7 building a better bart is part of building a better bay area. >> now one of the concerns is public safety. a neighborhood group in san francisco will hold a rally tomorrow to support a woman attacked in front of her kondo complex. the incident was all caught on camera. yesterday the judge ordered the suspect to wear an ankle bracedlbrace bracelet. the mayor was critical of what happened when we spoke with her friday night. >> the fact that he was released without a real plan around how
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we're going to get him the help that he needs to not do what he did again, that's what i'm concerned about. >> reporter: tomorrow's rally by the group starts at 10 in the morning in front of the water mark building. the group is against a new proposed center for the homeless in their naked. -- neighborhood. we want to hear your eye teaidet building a better bay neighborhood. >> and there was a rally by right-wing groups and protesters. >> you sidewalk and out of the street. president trump tweeted today that antifaantifaantifaantifaani terror group but didn't mention
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other groups. >> they're white nazis, they're violent. it's not true. we love our country and that's okay. >> police confiscated metal and poles. >> and a group gathered in response to the recent shootings in dayton, el paso and gilroy. >> it's heart breaking. no young person deserves to lose their life, you know? at any age especially, out doing every day things. >> reporter: they then called on the senate to pass a federal red flag bill to keep some people from owning guns. >> bay area rescue teams are helping in the search for a
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missing hiker. crews are assisting in the effort in the trinity alps just about 75 miles northwest of reading. daniel went on a solo hike last saturday and he was last heard from six days ago. he is an experienced hiker expected to return home last wednesday. the search for him resumed today. >> recycling playing a role in building a better bay damian men dolmendola shared tho saying this is just a fourth of the length of the line. earlier this month we reported that replanet closed all of its recycling centers in california due to a drop in prices for recycled materials. go to to take
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action and a complete list. >> coming up, a dramatic encounter unfolded on camera. see how one man single handedly stopped them. >> and a look at a nasa mission that's helping get to the bottom of of a major environmental challenge that will affect us all. >> a look from our emeryville camera shows you the fog
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take a look. you are about to see an attempted robbery go wrong in santa monica. you can see the man run into the
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store that's actually named heist. the owner there pushes him out of the store and a second suspect hits him with another sledge hammer. police say the pair jumped into a getaway car. the store manager, who did not want to be on camera, said they did not take anything. >> a customer of ours saw them running up the street. he followed their car and was on the phone with the police entire time. >> a fourth suspect who police say missed the getaway car was also caught. three of them are under the age of 18. >> heather locklear will spend 30 days in a treatment center following a no contest plea to battery charges. she faces is a 120-day sentence if she does not complete the treatment.
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they say she became extremely uncooperative and physically combative at her home. she was also placed on three-years probation. >> and a massive meltdown. >> and parents thanked people who helped save the tinniest lives. >> and temperatures this afternoon some 10 to 20 degrees cooler compared to this time ye
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nasa scientists are on a mission to discover exactly what is causing melting ice in greenland. greenland has seen two of the biggest melts on record since 2012. scientists say global warming is the chief culprit of warmer air and water. scientists and engineers are driving probes into the ice to
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help figure out which is the bigger cause. >> we're watching the ice disappear right before our very eyes. this is having an impact around the planet. a billion tons of ice lost here affect sea levels all across the world. >> it could mean seas will rise even faster than expected. >> meantime an unprecedented heat wave this summer in alaska is killing large numbers of salmon. scientists say a recent die-off coincided with the heat wave and they believe heat and stress is the cause of the mass death. heat increases the temperature of the water causing salmon to suffocate. the deaths from vaping is ii increasing. at least 31 cases have been confirmed as of friday.
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dozens more are under ves. it's not clear whether patients will recover. symptoms are difficulty breathi breathing, shortness of breath and chest pain. >>ivers reunited with parents during a nicu graduation ceremony. many families spent quality time with their infants right after birth, but when there are complicatio complications, the baby's first few weeks or even months are spent at the hospital. today families brought along their toddlers to say thank you to the people who made sure they were healthy and happy. >> we made friends and family out of the nurses and the doctors that work here. we were here for eight and nine weeks and it was the most incredible experience that i've personally ever had inside of a hospital. >> one in eight babies b
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and require a longer hospital stay. >> i know this really smart, knowledgeable meteorologist who says it 20 degrees cooler in some spots today. >> oh, did you hear that? smart and knowledgeable. >> oh, that's me. >> that's you! >> finally widespread relief from our intense heat last week arrives today. some spots nearly 20 degrees cooler. it feels really nice to start out this weekend. live doppler 7 showing you the follow cover, bumped up right along the coastline, mainly sunny skies. santa cruz cameras, we have overcast skies. the live look not the greatest right now. a lot of folks on the sand enjoying the first half of the weekend. on the coast upper 50s, lower 60s. it's refreshing compare to that heat the past couple of days. right now 88 degrees, san jose coming in with a current
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temperature of 79. compare these numbers to this time yesterday and we are 24 degrees cooler in livermore right now. so much cooler today than yesterday. 23 degrees cooler in brentwood, 12 degrees cooler in napa and 13 degrees cooler in nevada and that cool trend will continue tomorrow as well. live doppler 7, we are tracking the clouds along the coastline. we have an area of low pressure, a trough situated over california and that's keeping temperatures in check and that's not moving over the next 24 hours. what it will do tonight, it will enhance our marine layer once again. it's a pretty foggy night for all of us. temperature-wise mid to upper 50s over the next 12 hours let's time out that fog for you first thing in the morning sunday morning, widespread coverage around much. region, a lot of us waking up to cloudy skies first thing. the cloud cover will evaporate
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around the bay and pull back to the coastline. away from the coast a lot of sunshine but it looks cloudy once again. 82 tomorrow in south bay, 81 for cupertino. temperatures slightly below average for this time of year, 73 in redwood city, cooler in half moon bay. afternoon sunshine and a high of 66 degrees. for the north bay, beautiful tomorrow. 80 in vallejo. the east bay upper 0s, 72 in oakland, 79 in fremont and inland, this is going to feel very nice compared to the triple digit heat of last walnut creek, 81 the high in
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livermore. the next seven days are cool for your august tomorrow. monday we'll find morning coastal drizzle again and then we'll begin to turn things up. tuesday is warmer, fog will take a break mid week and we do turn hot once again. 100s return thursday, 80s around the bay. and then the second half we turn hot once again, guys. >> are you sweating already? >> who, me? >> no, he's enjoying this right now. >> all right. this is the first time we're all together on the weekend. >> hi yourself. welcome. the band is back together. >> we have a new drummer. >> drew's introduction was a little better than mine. >> yours was equally as great. >> new favorite co-worker. >> coming up, with the way the a's are
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now sports from abc 7 news.s >> the a's most likely path is wild card. there is a chance they could challenge for the a.l. west. fans rocking and rolling at the coliseum. robbie grossman with a single. matt chapman, walk this y. matt olesen, rbi single to right center, green and gold 3-2. mark caps off a five-run inning
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with a two-run michael brantley with a grounder. look at corbin joseph. a's are now six and a half back from the >> i would just chalk it up to having confidence in the game and trust in ourselves and believe in the work we put in. >> the raiders will put their passports to use when they travel north of the border to take on winnipeg on thursday. antonio brown looked good in warmups before the preseason game. coach gruden is celebrating his birthday today and wanted all of us to k wn you see hi on "hard
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excited. >> i have a lot of passion for this. i get way carried away sometimes. >> i'm not getting yelled at as much. fun for me to watch it on tv and for him to say he needs to stop cussing and all this kind of thing. i said good luck, man. >> you'll see the 49ers here onn abc 7 monday night. last week they held dallas to just nine points. richard sherman likes what he sees. >> it's years ahead of last year. it's just young guys being veterans this year, they experienced a lot of guys playing a lot of downs last year, gave them the experience and confidence to take the next step. that's why you see our pros and threes way ahead of last year. >> i like the players and how they're really playing aggressive and things like that. if you want to be one of the
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best, you have to be very detailed in what you do also. >> hey, did you see this? home runs up in baseball and on display the past few nights. last night giants and diamondbacks with two home runs. the ball is flying out of the ballpark. a lot of home runs the last couple of days. oddly enough the a's won today and didn't hit a home run. >> i'm an amateur when it comes to baseball but you might want to keep those fastballs down a little bit. when they come in here, they go there. >> if you ever wanted to cuddle >> if you ever wanted to cuddle withcalifornia phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones. - ( phone ringing ) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. visit right now
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new on abc 7 news at 6, rising from the ashes as we return to paradise as students head back to school. >> and look closely. this bald eagle may look injured, but it's really in a fight for lunch. see how nature's drama played out. >> there is new hope for people who love our furry feline friends but can't be around them because of allergies. >> a biotech company in sweden is working on a vaccine called
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hy hypo pet. >> they hope to have the vaccine available tonight, the developing stories as we come on. severe storms strike. hail and blinding rain sweeping the midwest and the plains while scorching heat and wildfires punish the west. the apparent lightning strike caught on camera. rob tracking it all. mass shooting threat. the man taken into custody, accused of making detailed threats to commit mass murder. what he's accused of texting. the latest scare for a nation on edge. on the brink. escalating tensions on the streets of hong kong with chinese tanks looming just across the border. what's china's next move? breaking news -- deadly wedding attack. the explosion overseas shattering a packed wedding hall. dozens killed, many of them women and children. challenging the autopsy. the new details about jeffery epstein's suicide.
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what we are learning about his


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