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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  August 19, 2019 11:35pm-12:37am PDT

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that's our report. appreciate your time. dan ashley. >> ama daetz, for larry and sandhya, thanks for being here. >> see >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight, billy eichner, from the l.a. rams sean mcvay, this week in unnecessary censorship, and music from spoon. and now, to set things straight, jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i appreciate that. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. [ cheers and applause ] wow, that's very nice. i know, listen, i know you're mainly here for the air conditioning, but i do appreciate it. it was very hot in america today. a massive heat wave is on the way this weekend.
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they expect the heat will cause the usual problems. blackouts are possible. driving is more dangerous. people who netflix may be unable to chill over the weekend. so here's a little advice. i've lived in some hot places. i lived in vegas. i lived in phoenix. what i do, i put my clothes in the fridge overnight, and you'll thank me in the morning, just -- the president put on a real scorcher of a show last night. i don't know if you saw any of it, but trump held a rally in north korea -- i mean north carolina last night. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] and i don't know if someone over there at the rally has a sense of humor or what, i doubt it, but this is the song they were playing last night before mike pence came on stage. ♪ macho, macho man ♪ macho man ♪ i got to be a macho man ♪ i got to be a macho ♪ i've got to ba macho >> jimmy: i want to be a macho. mother, i want to be a macho.
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moments later, the macho man himself, captain space force, took the stage. he was summoned there to introduce his master, donald trump, who took time to do an introduction himself of a local area candidate for congress. >> i want to introduce the next member of congress, from north carolina's 3rd congressional district, just won a great race, dr. greg murphy. greg is a winner. >> jimmy: no, greg is not a winner. [ laughter ] greg is a seal is what he is. [ laughter ] the president put on quite a performance. he did 90 minutes with no intermission, no information. he started the rally saying he had plenty of time because he nothing to do. that might be the first factual statement he's made since becoming president. he lashed out again at the four non-white congresswomen he's been going after this week.
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he called them socialists who hate america. he especially targeted congresswoman omar of minnesota who was born in somalia and moved here when she was a kid. once he started in on her, the crowd, clever bunch that they are, came one an all new version of the popular chant "lock her up." >> obviously and importantly, omar has a history of launching vicious anti-semitic screeds. [ crowd chanting "send her back" ] >> jimmy: isn't that lovely? leaders lead i guess is the message there. so there was outrage today from democrats and even some republicans over that chant. not mitch mcconnell, though. that spineless reptile, not only did he not condemn the chant, he actually said, and this is for real, he said "i think the president's on to something." [ laughter ] he may be on something, but he's not on to something. [ laughter ] the "new york times" reported that ivanka had to have a chat
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with dad this morning to tell him this was bad, and so the president, who seems to only listen to her, did his best to distance himself from the chant, claiming quite unconvincingly that he tried to stop it. >> why didn't you stop them? why didn't you ask them to stop saying that? number one, i think i did. i started speaking very quickly. it really was a loud -- i disagree with it by the way. but it was quite a chant, and i felt a little bit badly about it. but i will say this, i did, and i started speaking very quickly, but it started up rather fast. >> you will stop them if they tried to do it again? >> well, i didn't like that they did it. and i started speaking very quickly. i could have -- excuse me, really? if you would have heard, there was a tremendous amount of noise and action and everything else. i started very quickly, and i think you know that. >> jimmy: so four times he said he started very quickly. so let's go to the tape now and find out how very quickly he started.
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[ crowd chanting "send her back" ] >> she talked about the evil israel. >> jimmy: see, you can tell how upset he was by how he paused to allow the chant to fill the stadium while he basked in it. trump also said that if these congresswomen don't love america they can leave it. guillermo, bring in the scroll for a second. because i want to talk about this new phrase of his he's been saying. "america, love it or leave it." okay. according to the bill of rights, a document the president reads about as closely as everyone else reads the apple terms and conditions, an american citizen has the right to feel and say anything he or she wants about the country, and if you do love america you want it to be as great as it can possibly be. does that mean you have to love every single thing about it? obviously not because if that was true all those people screaming "love it or leave can"
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would have left when obama was president or when the supreme court ruled in favor of gay marriage or -- [ cheers and applause ] or for that matter when they made a lady "ghostbusters," they would have all got on their nina, pintas and santa marias. but to love america means to love what the country stands for. it means you respect the right to free speech, even if the speech differs from yours. and here this is from a guy who faked an injury to get out of vietnam. right, guillermo? >> guillermo: that's right. >> jimmy: he's my fact checker. [ laughter ] here comes a guy who trashes american war heroes, who kisses communist dictator ass, who makes most of the crap he sells on his website in china. to hear him say someone else doesn't love america and they should leave is crazy. it's the constitution. it's not the don-stitution. [ cheers and applause ] guillermo wrote that. >> guillermo: i did, yeah. >> jimmy: and i tell you something, mr. president. if you don't understand that, then yes, maybe you should leave. go be president of whatever --
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[ cheers and applause ] go be president of whatever country supplies you with your next wife. i'm sure they'll welcome you. and take that little poodle, mike pence, with you! [ cheers and applause ] the real hero here is guillermo, who worked all day on that scroll. >> guillermo: yeah. that's right! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: this, to me, represents the best of america. this is from yesterday's baseball game between the cubs and the reds at wrigley field where during the seventh inning stretch matt nagy, who's the head coach of the chicago bears, gave a rousing rendition of "take me out to the ball game." listen very closely here. >> a one! a two! a three! ♪ take me out to the ball game ♪ take me out with the crowd
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♪ buy me some peanuts and crackerjack ♪ >> jimmy: did he say what i -- let's listen in again real quickly. ♪ buy me some penis and crackerjack ♪ >> jimmy: maybe it's one of the stadiums that bought peanuts. i don't know. while we're on that subject i want to show you something because this is a real warning that was put out by the food and drug administration this week. we did not make this up. this is on the fda website right now. the food and drug administration is advising consumers not to purchase or use big penis, a product promoted for sexual enhancement. [ laughter ] has an official warning from the fda ever had the words "big penis" in it? [ laughter ] this may have been a first. this is the stim lantd in question. according to the fda, these pills have a hidden ingredient that could have dangerous side effects including a sharp decrease in blood pressure and freaking out at a long island bagel shop. [ applause ] and products like this, there have even been deaths attributed to them.
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the product is called big penis, usa. but i'm not sure it's from the usa. because i did a google search. this is one of the ads i found. okay, so this is the -- can you zoom in a little bit on the thing? now it looks like i'm the spokesperson for this. [ laughter ] all right. so this is how they sell this supposedly american product. it says "improve male sexual capacity, effective treatment impotence, premature ejaculation, improve sexual life quality, hearing speed solution, men of secret sorrow." [ laughter ] "according to united states expert john doctor of research, proved man and woman reach climax of time it does not as of boast exist must time poor. man as long as can shot must reach climax. women may time to time as they
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needs long time strongly stimulate needs continued long time passion campaign. 68% of female average need time up 8 minutes above to reach climax and 45% of women average need 12 minutes to reach climax. but 75% above male they too hot tempered." [ laughter ] [ applause ] now, i'm having some doubts about whether the product was actually made here in the usa. so we reached out to the company, and with us, joining us live via satellite tonight is the ceo and founder of big penis usa, vince durfin. let's say hello. hello, mr. durfin. thank you for joining us. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you, jimmy. please, it's not mr. durfin. call me big penis. >> jimmy: what? >> well, i own big penis, and the company is named after me. >> jimmy: oh. how about i call you vince? >> fine. >> jimmy: i just read a
11:46 pm
statement off the big penis usa website, and it seemed like it has been translated badly from another language. are you guys really an american company? >> you bet your engorged washington we are. we are as american as apple soup. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: so do you agree with the fda's assessment that you were misleading customers? >> i do. >> jimmy: oh, you do? >> yes, and we are sad that we didn't disclose the active ingredient in big penis. that was an oversight and does not in any way represent traditional big penis values. >> jimmy: that's good. what are traditional big penis values? just out of curiosity. >> it's a commitment to give you an mvp e-n-i-s. >> i see. i founded this company to give men a raging meat monster, so big and full it could block out the sun. [ laughter ] all i wanted to dos with give the fellas of the world a big muscular ding-dong. a one-eyed trouser troller so
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big you could strap it into your passenger seat and ride with it in the carpool lane. [ laughter ] now that is big, jim. good lord, what a wonderful time to be alive. >> jimmy: it really is, yeah. >> by the way, i'm not sitting on a chair right now. >> jimmy: oh, my goodness. [ laughter ] but just to get back to the dangers, products like this they say could cause serious health problems, possibly even death if people don't know what's in it. >> they can? >> jimmy: yeah. >> well, that's no good. but i say it's a small price to pay for big penis. we give men a chance to have an elephant in their pants. >> jimmy: i see. >> penises so big they were reading at the sixth grade level. something you'd have to carry around in a duffle bag. a duffle bag! >> jimmy: oh, yeah. yeah. >> good lord, what a wonderful time to be alive. >> jimmy: yeah, you said that. >> it's worth repeating, james. let me ask you something. does your penis have abs?
11:48 pm
[ laughter ] >> jimmy: no, it does not. >> can you claim it as a dependent? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i don't think so. >> well, i can. >> jimmy: you can? >> yes. >> jimmy: oh, my goodness. is that -- >> a satisfied customer. i once saw it eat a whole baby pig. >> jimmy: oh, my god. >> isn't he magnificent? >> jimmy: this has taken a bit of a turn. i thought you were going to apologize. my goodness. [ laughter ] [ applause ] i really thought you were -- >> excuse me, what do you apologize for when you have a five-star banana condo like this? >> jimmy: good-bye, vince, thank you for of your time. bye to all of you. that's vince something or other. all right, we've got a good show for you tonight. we have music from spoon. the coach of the rams, sean mcvay is here. and we'll be right back with billy eichner. so stick around.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪
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>> jimmy: tonight, he is the head coach of the l.a. rams and an interesting guy too. sean mcvay is here with us. then their new album is called "everything hits at once: the best of spoon," spoon from the mercedes-benz stage. and if this isn't enough tonight, you can see spoon on tour with beck and cage the elephant tomorrow night in fabulous las vegas. next week, we are back at it with quentin tarantino, casey affleck, danny mcbride, senator bernie sanders and many more including rascal flatts and the raconteurs. so please join us for that. our first guest tonight began his career stalking unsuspecting
11:54 pm
new yorkers like a lunatic with a microphone on "billy on the street." now he rubs elbows and knees with no less than beyoncé herself. he plays the meerkat timon in "the lion king." it opens in theaters tomorrow. please welcome billy eichner. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ you look nice. i like it. >> thank you. >> jimmy: you look very nice. >> thank you. >> jimmy: how are you? are you all right? >> i am great. i am in "the lion king." >> jimmy: i know. and by the way, you're not just in "the lion king." you are the number one star of "the lion king." >> that's not true. >> jimmy: in my opinion. >> oh, well thank you. >> jimmy: you may not be the most famous person in "the lion king," but you are the best one in "the lion king." >> oh, my god. >> jimmy: you are. and people will see that and they will agree en masse. >> thank you. i'm just so excited because -- [ cheers and applause ] that was very nice. beyonce's going to hate you now.
11:55 pm
i'm mostly excited because i'm going to be so rich after this. [ laughter ] in just a matter of days, jimmy. >> jimmy: did they record you for toys and that kind of stuff? >> i'm a happy meal toy. >> jimmy: excellent. >> i'm like two different 12u6d animals. >> jimmy: nice. >> and i'm in the movie. it's pretty great. >> jimmy: you landed like an hour ago. >> this is how much i love you. yesterday morning we had a huge "lion king" premiere in london. and then yesterday morning i was in london. i flew to new york yesterday. i was live on "good morning, america" and kelly ripa this morning in new york, flew here, came right from the airport, and here i am. >> jimmy: i'm glad you made it. i really am. [ cheers and applause ] i was worried. i worry about this kind of stuff. >> yes. >> jimmy: we almost medevaced you here, and you got here with plenty of time. >> i'm here. i'm just thrilled. yeah. >> jimmy: you were in london for the royal premiere. >> the royal premiere. >> jimmy: which means the royals came to the premiere. >> yeah. prince harry and meghan markle
11:56 pm
came. and beyonce was there and sir elton john was there. and i was there randomly. [ laughter ] and it was great and we were all kind of nervous. even beyonce. you know? >> jimmy: really? >> yeah, because the royals. >> jimmy: they should be bowing to her. >> well, that's true, actually. she's our american royalty. >> jimmy: yes. >> what makes you nervous is in the days leading up to it they e-mail you a protocol of how you're supposed to greet prince harry and meghan. and they are very intense about it. >> jimmy: i bet. >> i'm not kding. you're supposed to say your royal highness. you can't speak until your hands are like in a handshake with his. my plus one, my guest i brought with me, my very good friend jared, they said he had to stand behind me and not speak unless he was spoken to. [ laughter ] i'm not kidding. i was like, does that same rule apply to jay-z? [ laughter ] i have a feeling it doesn't. >> jimmy: no. >> and i got really nervous because what do you say? i was with seth rogen. me and seth rogen played timon
11:57 pm
and poomba in "the lion king." he's wonderful. >> jimmy: yes. [ cheers and applause ] he's great in the movie too. not as good as you, but very good. >> well, thank you. so we got, i got nervous, because your royal highness sounds a little weird and bowing feels weird. i don't even know what they want you to do. and in my head, i'm like what do you call her? i keep thinking she's princess markle, but that sounds like a character on super mario brothers. they don't even call her that anyway. i was completely freaked out. although they were very, very nice and very chill and down te h. lovely. >> jimmy: did you exchange phone numbers with them or anything like that? >> no, not quite. but -- >> jimmy: did jared get to speak? >> i think he got to say hello. what's strange is meghan and i went to the same college here, we both went to northwestern, we were both theater majors. and we were there at the same time. i didn't know her when we were there. so we ended up having this very casual conversation about our acting teachers at northwestern.
11:58 pm
>> jimmy: yeah. >> and she was really cool. and harry was great. harry, by the way. [ laughter ] harry. harry. harry was great, too. they were very nice, lovely, beautiful-looking people. >> jimmy: yeah, sure. and have you now become friendly with beyonce? because i know this is a big thing. >> yes. >> jimmy: you sing with beyonce. >> i am on a song with beyonce. >> jimmy: which is crazy. >> yes. seth and i start singing "can you feel the love tonight" and then her and donald glover take over. we're on itunes now, we're like on the pop charts. >> jimmy: i said this to my wife and she said it right back to me. like wow, billy's got a great voice, like a real singing voice. >> thank you. i started off thinking i was going to be on broadway as a kid. that's the truth. i opened my mouth as a kid and had a good singing voice. and i took singing lessons. and then i got older -- >> jimmy: did you go to auditions and stuff? >> i went to auditions. i really wanted to be a child star on broadway, right? but i was a big fat sweaty gay
11:59 pm
jewish kid. right? [ laughter ] shout out, i know some of you are watching. [ applause ] i really was, though. proudly. and there's not much for a big fat sweaty gay jewish 12-year-old to do on broadway. and all the other boys are trying to play like gavroche in les miserables, the little sprightly thin european boy. and i'm like belting songs out like mama rose. >> jimmy: and there you are singing with beyonce. >> i am singing with beyonce. >> jimmy: it was a little delayed but i think of you know as a big child star. [ laughter ] >> thank you. thank you. >> jimmy: you got you a little present. i know this is a major thing in your life and i wanted you to have something to commemorate it. i think people will obviously know you sing with beyonce but this could really help. you mind if i open it? because otherwise it's not much of those talk show gifts. this is, i don't know if you're an overalls kind of guy. >> uh-huh. >> jimmy: but this is for you.
12:00 am
this is a -- >> oh, my god! >> jimmy: "i'm on a song with beyonce." [ applause ] that's yours. >> by the way, this would have fit me perfectly as a sweaty, gay, fat 12-ar-old. this would have been perfect. >> jimmy: billy eichner is here. "the lion king" opens tomorrow. we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ wherever you are... whatever you're craving... and whenever you're craving it... doordash has the restaurants you want. delivered to your door. wherever your door happens to be. download doordash. the most restaurants across america. first order, $0 delivery fee.
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oh, no, it's a little lion. >> that is not a lion. >> well, then go check it out. what is it? >> that is not a lion. it's a furry bird. >> it looks like a lion! >> let me get a closer look. excuse me. let me see what we're dealing with here. it's a lion! run for your life! >> timon, wait. it's a little lion. >> it gets bigger. >> jimmy: that is billy eichner and seth rogen in "the lion king." [ cheers and applause ] it's a fantastic movie. >> thank you. >> jimmy: it really is great.
12:06 am
no one's going to dislike this movie. everybody is going to love it. >> thank you. jon favreau did an amazing job. >> jimmy: he really did. >> they worked on this movie for years. it looks unlike any movie you've ever seen. you saw it. you were at the premiere. it's just gorgeous. and it looks so real and -- >> jimmy: i heard they killed like 100 animals to make this movie. >> they did. they had to, but it was worth it, because it's going to make a billion dollars! [ cheers and applause ] they didn't kill any animals. >> jimmy: no animals were harmed. >> they're all fake animals. >> jimmy: no animals were even in the movie. >> exactly. >> jimmy: when was the first time you sang in public? >> ever? >> jimmy: yeah, ever. >> oh, man. i think i was actually in kindergarten, i swear, there was a talent show, and i got up and i sang. >> jimmy: what did you sing? do you remember? >> yes. i sang "karma chameleon" from boy george and culture club. [ applause ] because of course i did. shout out to boy george, by the
12:07 am
way. icon. >> jimmy: did you play the harmonica? >> i didn't play the harmonica. >> jimmy: you have to for that song. while we're on the subject of music, you tweeted something a few weeks ago @taylorswift. you direct td to her attention. i want to know the back story. you tweeted, i guess i was too gay for the taylor swift video. >> okay. that sounds harsh without context. taylor swift made this lovely, very pro-lgbt video. she's a great ally, and literally, every gay person on television was in the video except for me. [ laughter ] i'm not kidding. neil patrick harris, all the "queer eye" guys, rupaul, laverne cox, billy porter. they dug up liberace and put him in the video. [ laughter ] and i was never called. >> jimmy: really? >> i wasn't angry. i was just hurt, you know? because i've been a proud gay man all my life until this video. [ laughter ] i mean, you know. >> jimmy: you felt excluded. >> i felt a little excluded.
12:08 am
it's okay. >> jimmy: you want to put that out there because you want people to know i didn't say no to this. i just wasn't invited. >> no, i would have loved to have been in the video. >> jimmy: has taylor responded swiftly to this? >> she has not. >> jimmy: maybe she's saving up to do a video with just you. >> with just me. about what, how great straight people are? i'm not doing it. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: she had her chance. >> i'm going to do a video about how great straight people are with brooks & dunn. just to level the playing field. the band liked that joke a lot. >> jimmy: are you in a relationship right now? >> i'm not. i've been single for a long time, unless something terrible happened to me recently. >> jimmy: what happened? >> no joke. this is true. was banned from tinder. [ laughter ] you're laughing. but i am going to die alone. do you understand? first of all, i was banned from tinder. i've been on tinder for like seven years, and i'm very nice. i don't do anything naughty or weird.
12:09 am
you know, i'm a normal person. and they banned me all of a sudden, and i say why. they didn't give me an explanation, they just said you violated the terms of use. and i said i've been single for seven years, you violated the terms of use! i didn't violate anything! [ applause ] >> jimmy: that's a really good point. >> i was furious. >> jimmy: did you call any -- can you even call tinder? >> you can call them, you know. i guess you could sext them. i don't know. >> jimmy: has this been resolved? >> it's been resolved. it was finally resolved. thank you, tinder. but yeah, i'm back on tinder, everyone get excited. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: why did they kick you off in the first place? >> what was that? >> jimmy: did they explain why they kicked you off? >> well, i guess because i'm a public person maybe people thought it was a fake profile. >> jimmy: oh. >> which actually happened to my friend andy cohen. they kicked him off. or maybe they just don't like gay people. i don't know. no, they don't, they're very nice to gay people.
12:10 am
it had nothing to do with that. but yeah, i guess someone reported me as being fake, but it is really me. why not? why can't i be on tinder? >> jimmy: if someone's in this area, that's how tinder works, right? >> no, that's grinder, jimmy. [ laughter ] and i'm surprised you know how that works. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: be cool, man. billy eichner, not only is he here, he's on tinder, and he's in "the lion king." it opens tomorrow. we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ] we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ and clearer skin. 2: proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis... woman 2: ...with humira. woman 3: humira targets and blocks a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both joint and skin symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain, stop further irreversible joint damage and clear skin in many adults. humira is the number one prescribed biologic for psoriatic arthritis. announcer: humira can lower your ability to fight infections.
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>> jimmy: welcome back. sean mcvay of the rams and music from spoon is on the way. but first, it's thursday night which means it's time to bleep and blur the big tv moments of the week whether they need it or not. it is it "this week in unnecessary censorship." [ cheers and applause ] okay. i want you to imagine this. having to [ bleep ] your husband over 20 times a day. >> what did you think when you heard the tweet? >> i'm dealing with the biggest [ bleep ] i've ever had to deal with in my lifetime. >> so i think the public's interested in how you're going to [ bleep ] donald trump. >> i'm not going to get down in the dirt with him. that's the only place he knows how to [ bleep ]. >> he is a racist, trying to [ bleep ] the american people up. >> new york is a city that never sleeps. that is, unless there is a massive black [ bleep ]. >> caroline, is it time for a
12:17 am
woman to [ bleep ] on the moon? >> of course it is. it's long past time. >> we want to just [ bleep ]. i abandon the chair. >> is he going to jump on my face? oh, no, he's backing up. you smell my [ bleep ] breath, i'm sorry, buddy. >> oh, can you believe it again! oh, he can't believe it. >> jimmy: sorry, woody. we'll be right back with sean mcvay. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
12:18 am
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hey there, welcome back. we have music from spoon on the way. earlier this year, our next guest became the youngest head coach ever to lead his team to a super bowl. he is only 11 years old. [ laughter ] he's ready to go again. he's from the nfc champion los angeles rams, please welcome sean mcvay. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ thanks for coming! >> 11 years old, i haven't heard
12:23 am
that joke before. >> jimmy: well, the beard is coming in nicely, how are you doing? >> so is yours. >> jimmy: thank you, i appreciate that. you are a young man, no question about it. you should be proud of the fact that you got there so young. >> i am. >> jimmy: you should not be ashamed or insulted by any of that. >> no. >> jimmy: and the fact that you can grow hair on your face is a good thing, too. >> i can grow hair other places, too, jimmy. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: well, i'll do a full inspection after the show. [ laughter ] but as we mentioned, you went to the super bowl. it didn't go the way you hoped it would have gone, but it was pretty exciting to take the team to the super bowl, or do you look at it that way? >> you know what? it's one of those things where it didn't end the way you wanted it to clearly. but you can't help but be appreciative, of, it's the best season i've ever been a part of. and couldn't be more thankful for the players, the coaches but it certainly gives you a motivation and drive to do better if you get that opportunity again.
12:24 am
>> jimmy: how often do you think about that game? >> every minute. no, it's something that, you know, you say you can't allow it to hijack your ability to move forward, but to say it's something that doesn't come up. i mean everywhere i go i'm seeing patriots fans and whether they say thanks for the super bowl or something, i hear somebody from the fans right here that probably love tom brady, i like tom brady, but not that much when i'm playing against him in the super bowl. >> jimmy: when you say you're thinking about it a lot, like i know you just got engaged. >> sure. [ cheers and applause ] i did, i did get engaged. that's, yeah, and you know what, i'm so thankful, what a wonderful girl she is. and all the jokes came in. sean mcvay did get the ring after all. you know. >> jimmy: oh, you got that, too, although you really didn't get the ring. she got the ring. you got nothing again. [ laughter ] >> touché. oh, man. i'm outta here.
12:25 am
>> jimmy: do you ever have that thing with your girlfriend where she looks at you in bed or whatever and she goes what are you thinking? and are you thinking about the game at that time? [ laughter ] >> it depends on when that time of the night is. >> jimmy: your girlfriend, your fiance is a model who's on instagram. is it, to say instagram model is it different than model on instagram? >> she's a very beautiful girl. she's not really a model, but the first time she came around the players, in our first year here we played against the cardinals in london. that was one of the first trips that she traveled with us, and a corner who's got a great personality, kayvon webster says hey, veronica, that's my fiance's name. he says veronica, has yothat's cousin? i say you stay the hell away from my cousin. >> jimmy: are they able to follow them? >> i know who's dm-ing her. >> jimmy: how did you meet? >> so we met through -- you
12:26 am
know, it was a great guy, mutual friend of ours, and he kind of made me feel like he was introducing me to a girl that he had a chance of dating. and as soon as i met her i kind of realized that he was probably a little in over his head. and i'm a loyal friend, you know. i would never do that. but as soon as i realized, you know, that this was something that i don't think you really have a chance, i'm going to shoot my shot instead. so i ended up doing that, and, you know, he was, he extended congratulations text, but. >> jimmy: will he be invited to the wedding? >> you know, he's a nice guy. that would be up to her. but. >> jimmy: don't let him give a speech if he's there, you might not like to hear what he has to say. >> he won't be giving any speeches. he can tell the truth. he can say i was a little in over my head and sean -- >> jimmy: closed the deal. >> came in. exactly. >> jimmy: you are known, i saw you on real sports. you were talking to bryant
12:27 am
gumbel and he started quizzing you just saying like game 12, third and 11, you're on the 40 yard line, what happened? talking to you about games that had happened. and you seemed to remember the circumstances of every single play. like a photographic memory. >> it's definitely been, let's put it this way, we go over it over and over and over again, so it seems like it's -- you're drawing from memory, but that's something that we constantly go over. i can't even remember what i had for breakfast this morning. >> jimmy: so it doesn't apply to your personal life. >> not in the least bit. if i can remember the things that i remember football related, i would have a lot less problems. >> jimmy: i see. you forget like flowers on the anniversary or something. it's like oh. but you can remember fourth and 12. >> i feel like i'm at home. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: there's a lot of nfl coaches seem very grumpy, but you are not. you don't seem -- are you a grumpy kind of -- >> i would say this.
12:28 am
i would like to think that i'm a pretty happy, engaging guy, unless it's a tuesday when we're game planning and we're trying to figure out how to move the ball or how to stop the opposing offense. >> jimmy: what if it's a taco tuesday? would that elevate your -- >> i haven't had a taco tuesday yet. maybe we should explore that. >> jimmy: you're going to go wild. they're so much better on tuesday. [ laughter ] so i heard you played a prank on a buddy of yours. >> i did. >> jimmy: it's an excellent prank. would you care to share that with us? >> i would love to share that with you. >> jimmy: please do. this is a good one. >> so the now head coach of the cardinals, cliff kingsbury. we met each other -- did i hear a whoo for cliff kingsbury? he's gotten to be a friend of mine, and we met through a mutual buddy of ours, this was back when i was coaching for the buccaneers, and he was coming in town. he coached patrick mahomes, the nfl mvp, kansas city chiefs quarterback, who was a guest of yours last week. >> jimmy: yeah, last week. >> and he said hey, i'm going to dinner with patrick at catch.
12:29 am
and so have a group of people, wanted to see if you and your fiance, veronica, would want to join us. so we go out there. our mutual friend, i told him, i said why don't you put your -- i'm going to put your name in my phone as roger goodell, the commissioner of the nfl, and send me a text saying i can't believe you don't know better, you and kingsbury are out to dinner with mahomes. you guys are both in violation of tampering, you can't talk to other nfl players if they're not on your team, you guys are in big trouble. you're both losing picks. and the cardinals had the number one overall pick. and he knew they were take kyler murray. and our buddy sends me the text. i show him the text, it says hey, you know better than this, you and kingsbury are tampering with mahomes, you guys are both losing picks. i said you better call steve kind, you why general manager, right now. he looked like he was going to
12:30 am
throw up. and so it was obviously -- >> jimmy: how long, how long did you let it go? [ applause ] >> honestly, he's such a good guy. i couldn't let it go more than 30 seconds, but i'm telling you, we spent the rest of the night together, he never recovered from it. he still says he's going to get me back for that. but i was proud of that one. >> jimmy: that's going to be a tough one to top. congratulations on a great season. we look forward to -- how's gurley doing? >> he's good. >> jimmy: 100%? >> i think he's feeling great. one of the things about todd, great competitor. i think he's earned the right to be able to have the plan that we had this off-season. and can't wait to get him back going. and i know he's ready to go. and it is going to be fun for the rams this year. >> jimmy: if you want to see the rams or go to training camp, you can get tickets and all that stuff at the sean mcvay, everyone. thank you, sean. we'll be right back with spoon. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by the all new 2020 gle. mercedes benz, the best or nothing.
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12:33 am
and fred willard. apologies to matt damon, we ran out of time for him. "nightline" is next. but first, this is their album "everything hits at once: the best of spoon." here with the new song "no bullets spent," spoon! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ the master returns there's always some kind of war ♪ ♪ and counting his steps you know it's him at the door you picture yourself ♪ ♪ a star in the furthest sky escape from the mess it's gone ♪
12:34 am
♪ when you close your eyes ♪ the master returns there's always ♪ ♪ some kind of war and counting his steps you know it's him ♪ ♪ at the door you picture yourself a star in the furthest sky ♪ ♪ escape from the mess it's gone when you close your eyes mm-hmm ♪ ♪ what we need now's an accident no one to blame ♪ ♪ and no bullets spent all we need now's an accident no one to blame ♪ ♪ and no bullets spent, oh ♪ don't know what you got till you find it gone ♪
12:35 am
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12:36 am
♪ all we need now's an accident no one to blame ♪ ♪ and no bullets spent ♪ ♪ no one to blame no bullets spent ♪ ♪ no one to blame no bullets spent ♪ ♪ don't you wanna ♪ no bullets spent ♪ don't you know ♪ no one to blame no, bullets spent ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
12:37 am
this is "nightline." >> tonight, free the curls. rocking natural hair and making waves. >> can i show up to the interview with my hair the way that it is? >> inside the growing legal battle over regulating black hairstyles. a choice to live proudly sometimes met with discrimination. and the hair movement celebrating black locks in all of its curls and glory. plus, next enterprise. >> enterprise is gone. >> "star trek's" sulu, george takei, on a dark chapter in america, internment camps during world war ii. >> barracks of a concentration camp with the american flag flying over it. >> from then to now.


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