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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  August 23, 2019 1:42am-2:12am PDT

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bathing suit reveal. >> she's about to take that cover off. why her man's face never looked so sexy. >> she's like -- think twice next time you write a bad review at a restaurant. the owner may have some feedback for you. >> no, no, no. no. >> get out of town. >> that's what they're trying to d do. >> this group of tourists were in albania, they finished a meet at the restaurant. the owner did not like their feedback. these guys are trying to get away. >> no, no, your service is great! >> this guy is insane. he's through the windshield now. >> he reaches in, grabs on to the dashboard. one of the guys fights back as the owner tries to work his way
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in. [ speaking foreign language ] >> we now see blood because his. they call the police. they bring the car to a stop. the driver parks it. it appears as though he's about to step out of the car. >> no. no. no. >> the man outside gets off the hood of the car. as they take off, the owner gets one more punch to the car. >> go! go! go! >> what a nut case. >> he has a long walk home. >> that's unreal. >> they eventually did find the police. the tourism minister met with them and apologized for this behavior. >> i would love to see the rating now. >> this guy already had pretty terrible ratings even before this incident. >> he could run with this, actually. the not so happy hour.
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the bacon me crazy sandwich. the knuckle sandwich. don't order the punch. surprises come in all flavors. >> you son of a [ bleep ]. >> that's a greeting. >> that's a friendly, hey, how are you doing? >> that's a big hug for a buddy that hasn't been seen for 40 years. >> i was blown away this man immediately recognized his friend. they both served together in the british armed forces so many years ago. that's maurice page visiting his buddy mark norris in canada. it starts off with a couple of, hey. he hey. >> man tears, huh? >> you can tell by the way he's standing back looking at him, just kind of gathering himself. they share a special
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a completely different surprise here. a bunch of guys, about 13 of them, doing some physical education. >> calisthenics. >> yeah. then suddenly they all just bail in different directions. the instructor has no idea at fist first until she turns around -- >> she didn't hear the steps running away? >> she's wearing the of the eve ears headphones, when she realizes what went on, she's like of course that happened. >> any ideas here? >> they pranked her? >> no, their fiy're firefighter. they got an emergency call right in the middle of class. a few guys are like should we -- no, let's just go. well, folks, we've got a bit of a problem. we're in argentina. we have some guys, a net,
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they're trying to set a trap. >> oh! >> are you kidding me? >> i take that back. we have a big, big problem. a problem that weighs between 88 and 110 pounds. a puma of a problem. these animals are incredibly fast. it got the heck out of there. >> this puma was hiding in a house under construction. locals spot it, they freaked out. >> i love the audacity of human beings. they thought they would roll up, catch a giant cat in a net. >> they weren't that cocky about it. they were freaked out. they tried to hop into action. when that didn't work, they called for the authorities. >> look at it as it's perched up there. >> i feel bad for the poor thing. >> i know. it's obviously scared and lost. can we get it back to the wild. >> he don't think it's lost as much as people built in its home. it has nowhere to go.
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>> reports are it did wander into the space. 're vespectful of the animal. it's clear they want to make sure it's safe. there it is, perched up on the roof. that's when the rescuers come. they bring out a tranquilizer gun so they can see date it. they take the first shot. it looks as though they miss. then a guy comes over with a large branch and pokes at it while others are down there with the net. they get it into the truck. >> kitty is stoned. >> that cat is high. >> they get it into the cage and release it back into its natural habitat. if we had ghoulish grandparents, we would be like absolutely, man, grandparents are awesome. turns out we're wrong. logan has the coolest grandparent. they're building a 350-square foot play house, if you will. it's work.
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it's work. it's harry >> wow. >> there's elements of hogwarts castle. there's a swing. there's slides. there's a wooden bridge that takes you to the owlery. >> how can i be her friend so i can come over for a play date. that looks like fun. >> i want to be adopted. i want them to be my grandparents so i can play there, too. incredible. >> you can see other features that you can enjoy. >> does it have a secret passage to hog lead? >> it does have a secret passage somewhere inside it. >> do we know anything about who these people are? frnlg>> fay and ruby dunlap. we can see how the children are thrilled. there you go. that's officially -- sorry, that's the coolest grandparents in the world. hope for paws spots a stray,
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but -- >> that dog has an injured leg. >> good girl. come here, there you go >> oh. stop it. and makeup made for a celebrity smile. >> they decided to give it a try. >> see if it can get their grill to glow. >> looking good! leave-in conditioner. our heat protecting formula, leaves hair 15-times stronger. ♪ in just 1 use elvive revives damaged hair. ♪ i feel, i feel golden ♪ i feel like glitter on my shoulders ♪ ♪ i feel like ♪ i feel, i feel golden ♪ i feel like, oh, i feel golden ♪ tees starting at four dollars, for every school list. well then chill your reese's, dessyou'll eat it slower.ast?
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closed captioning provided by -- hope for paws has been called to the hospital, that's where two dogs have been spotted. you see one of them. that dog has a set of legs, it's running for its life. >> this one's going to run. >> afraid, not knowing who these people are chasing it.
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it gets away from them in the parking lot. >> she's going to the residential neighborhood. >> running across the street, they thought we can corn ter in somebody corner it in somebody's yard. it runs across the street and then runs back. it gets closer and closer. he realizes he doesn't have a cheeseburger or his lucky leash. >> sit. sit. >> he has to use the power of his voice and kindness to get this dog to approach him. >> sit. good girl. there you go. >> oh, stop it. >> there you go it's okay. i promise. i promise. you're a good girl. >> he's like it's a she. she pets it, rolls over and says i'm showing you my belly. give me some rubs. loretta has a leash, they get her back to the center. that's when they give her an
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examination. she find she has ticks. they have to get those out. they were looking for two dogs. >> hey. >> how are you? >> the other dog, another pair of guys picked her up. that dog went to the home of one of the rescuers, fell off the couch and broke her leg. they realize that's tippy's daughter. the dog got treatment. they were adopted together. tippy is now little girl is sophie and they have a forever home. ♪ you know how the song goes, you take the high road, i'll take the low road, i'll be in scotland -- doesn't matter. we're taking the highest of roads here, a drone, to capture the beauty of didn't see nesscy cnessy in th.
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there is something i did spot. like right here. this waterfall. keep an eye at the bottom. >> the fish. >> fish trying to jump up, i guess. it must be that time of the year where they swim up the river >> very pretty video. still doesn't seem to satisfy our desire. >> this might want you to avoid switzerland. how angry does this river look? it's dark. it's muddy. there's lots of white water. this guy and his buddies are out there carving it up. sometimes it gets sketchy, like right here. oh. let's go for a quick roll. cooling down. that's what we do. >> cool. >> when they get it right, it's special. >> it all ends up right at the end. lets the staff know how he thought about it. okay, mate. you had a good time. has anybody ever heard of makeup for your teeth? >> teeth whitening strips.
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>> that's kind of what it is. not necessarily strips though. chris and chan tell decided to give it a try. >> it's lady like. we're trying makeup for teeth. >> if you have rhave yellow teeu don't want to do the whitening process, you put makeup on it? >> put whiteout on it. >> right. >> one is labeled natural shade. the other is celebrity shade. >> probably the really, really, really white one. >> that's why they went with that one. >> add two drops into the powder and stir until no powder remains. >> you will be left with the milk consistency. >> you have the activator, the powder, the mouth guard. >> oh. >> it's like that game. >> i love that game. >> it doubles as the game if you decide you don't ever want to do this again, which most people probably will. they put the solution in and they wait. >> i'm a celebrity! >> i'm a celebrity!
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>> 30 minutes later. >> wow. barely any difference. >> you'll notice it kind of leaves streaking. >> yeah. >> got lipstick all over her face there. looking good. she has icing stuck in her teeth. >> now that it's dry, i feel like up close it looks like i have heavy plaque on my teeth. >> same. >> how long is it supposed to last? >> they say it lasts a day and can be reapply whenever you want. >> seems so convenient. >> how do they say to take it off? >> i don't think they did. a speedy motorcyclist is maneuvering down the road. the terrifying moment he has to go for the brake. >> oh! and she sees her man's magical trick. >> she, too, is so impressed. >> why that doesn't last for long. >> get that out of here!
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we can point fing ers and sy man, aren't you stupid? >> yeah. >> would we be absolutely correct? >> bunch of them. >> there's a number of motorcyclists doing around 114 miles per hour crossing over into oncoming traffic. blasting past other cars. >> oh! >> amazing. >> oh, no. >> oh sheesh. >> the unbelievable part of this story is that rider had minor injuries. >> he's not going to face other consequences? >> not that i know of. so far reports are pretty minimal. here we have a piece of art. >> soccer ball. >> target. >> thank you, oli. >> how can you resist? >> they wanted to play car soccer. >> totally punts that piece of art, which is clearly some heavy
2:02 am
material. >> is this an accident or was someone genuinely trying to shoot that soccer ball? >> according to some translations t soundt it it it t accident. >> do they have to pay a penalty? >> some of you men will be luck wi enough to ge enough to ge ene keep it real this guy is showing us a magic trick. it's a floating cucumber in that moment his wife comes up from behind him. she's so impressed by his skills -- >> [ laughter ] >> get that out here! you need to see that. >> oh. >> i was like how is he doing that? >> they look out for each other. when somebody is trying to fool
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you, take 'e family and boyfriend in jamaica. she is standing right next to her man. she's about to take that cover off to reveal her sexy, oh so handsome bathing suit. >> yes. >> i was going to say you mean cute? no answer. >> no, i did mean handsome. on the bathing suite is a picture of her boyfriend. this is the best part. she's just playing it off like this is just my bathing suit. her man does notice there's a face on the suit but doesn't quite get it. >> she's like -- >> when he realizes it's his, he cracks up. look. it's not just in the front. it's also on the booty. >> i love this. i love this.
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this is cute. she's like, mm-hmm. it's a pops twist to
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hmm. [cell phone beeps] hey! [police whistle blows] [horns honking] woman: hey! [bicycle bell rings] turn here. there. excuse me. uh. uh. [indistinct announcement on p.a. system]
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so, same time next week? well, of course. announcer: put away a few bucks. feel like a million bucks. for free tips to help you save, go to ♪ feed the pig >> head over to marcello's youtube page if you want to check out more of his realistic 3-d art. if any of you have daughters, you already know this. this is billie eilish. this is "bad guy." ♪ >> the young ladies like billie eilish. she speaks to their soul. >> what about people like me? what about the dads? ♪ that red is taco sauce ♪ eating, just sitting on my phone ♪ ♪ picking gray hair out of my nose ♪ ♪ all day i ate my job
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>> oh! pedicure! pedicure! >> kirk conner is lamenting because -- ♪ used to be a tough guy, really rough guy, just can't get enough guy, a puff guy ♪ ♪ now i'm that dad guy, did you change your oil guy, buy your bag of chips guy ♪ ♪ i'm the dad guy >> you ready? >> this is pretty good. ♪ >> honestly, i'm here for it. finally a song for us. ♪ you ask, i said go ask mom ♪ ♪ check if you get wrong ♪ once there was a pair of sneakers i own ♪ ♪ wear them to everything ♪ used to be a tough guy, a really rough guy, just can't get enough guy can't waste a puff guy ♪ ♪ now i'm the gained a couple of
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pounds guy, feet over the sink guy, i'm the dad guy ♪ >> this is so good. you guys need to enjoy this entire thing. send it to your dad or mom. go to thanks for hanging out with us. will have more fun videos for you to watch and share and connect with us while you're there. we'll see you on the >> today's contestant stuart logan from redmond, washington, is a professional wrestler known as the intellectual heavyweight. if he can wrestle his way past 14 questions today, he'll have a chokehold on $1 million. so let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ how you doing? >> doing good.
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[cheers and applause] >> i was about to throw down with you right there. you are lucky the show started. >> you know, you're the host, so i'll say i'm lucky, yes, you're right. sure. >> welcome to "millionaire." good to have you here, stuart. >> it's good to be here. >> are you ready for this? >> as ready as i'm gonna get. let's say that. >> the intellectual heavyweight, i like that. >> that's what they call me. >> 14 questions between you and that $1 million. you got your 3 lifelines, are there if and when you need them. let's start this match. let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic musical flourish] ♪ round 1. $500. here we go. because they're distracting, some music artists now require concertgoers to put their what in a special pouch that stays locked for the duration of the show? >> oh, i wish it was d. i wish so badly it was d. but i'm going to have to say b,a >> and we would poke holes in
2:10 am
the bag so it would be okay for the kids to be in the bag. >> yeah, no, whatever. >> we're not animals. that's right. we're not animals. second question, worth 1,000. which of these common foods is actually made from the animal mentioned in its name? >> well, horseradish is a root. bear claw is a donut. if i ever ate a chocolate bunny that had bunny in it, i'd probably be mortified. so i'm gonna say c, chicken salad. >> final? >> final answer, yeah. >> there is chicken in chicken salad, usually. >> most chicken salad. >> all right, here's your $2,000 question. "a new life for an old-school couple" and "a match that's perfectly imperfect" are among the headlines you'll find in what matrimonial section of the "new york times"?
2:11 am
>> that is a very good question. i don't read the "new york times" 'cause i don't live in new york. so the question then becomes, which of these is actually a section of the "new york times"? and i'm leaning towards d, what were they thinking?! because if a match is perfectly imperfect, it cannot be a good match. >> you do have all three of your lifelines. >> i have all three lifelines. >> because the key is to stay in the game. >> the key is to stay in the game. this is rough. i see now why i see so many people use their lifelines early on things they know they know. >> or think they know. >> or think they know. think they know. >> do you want to be known as the guy that went home, or the guy that "oh, he used a lifeline early"? >> that is the question. i'm just gonna go with d, what
2:12 am
answer. >> stuart, what were you thinking? c, vows. vows. >> yeah, i knew that was gonna happen. >> stuart, no. i don't want you to be that guy. thank you for coming in. it was good to meet you. walking out of here empty-handed. head on up. ♪ [applause] you hate to see that happen, walking out of here with all those lifelines still on the board, stuart walking out of here empty-handed. i got a lot of money to give away. so our next contestant is a content developer from los angeles, california. please welcome jake freud. how you doing, jake? >> good, nice to meet you. ♪ >> we got to turn the tide around here. >> let's do it. >> bad mojo. but we got a lot of money left. >> perfect. >> in fact, i have $1 million to give away.


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