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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 28, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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ordered those homes dismantled because they are directly under the bart tracks. that was supposed to happen today, but thanks to some negotiations, they have been given a two-week reprieve. that's how long residents will decide or have to decide on their next move. >> medicine, that's it. >> reporter: for cesar his self-built structure is the only home he's known for the past eight months but his makeshift house and a dozen others between 81st and 85th will be torn down after the oakland fire marshal declared them a danger. >> it is far less safe than a tent. there is no egress window or fire code. there is no sheet rock. these are things that building officials look at and fire inspectors look at. >> reporter: we first showed you the row of tiny homes tucked under bart last month. some stretched all the way up to the tracks themselves, more than
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two stories tall. there have been several fires in encampments underneath bart tracks before and last year a man who live in a wooden shed in west oakland died in a fire. still, advocates say the city's plan to destroy these streak tou -- streak tours is not the solution. >> a lot of residents put sweat equity in them. some have concrete and tile flooring and decorations and roof. everything. it's a big blow to lose the structures. >> reporter: the oeast oakland collective is raising money to buy tents that will go right where the structures are now, underneath the bart tracks. cesar said the city may tear down his home but he plans to stay right in this spot. >> that's all i got. >> reporter: this is all you have? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: what if they take it away? >> i have to sleep in outside.
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in the street. >> reporter: now city officials here acknowledge putting those tents in the same spot directly underneath the bart tracks is not an ideal solution. they are saying they will take a little bit of time hopefully to find a better location, a longer term solution. in oakland, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> thank you. in san francisco city officials are considering a different kind of short-term housing fix. >> yeah, converting a parking lot near the balboa park bart station into a safe overnight parking place for people who currently live in the cars or rvs. >> abc 7 news reporter is live from the parking lot with details of this proposal. >> reporter: dan and kristen, this is the parking lot considered for this pilot program. the city picked it one, because they own the land and two, since it's already a parking lot, it will require very few modifications and plan to put up security screens making space
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for 33 spots for safe and secure parking. each day jocelyn hernandez gomez walks home from the bart station. she sees this rv parked on the street. >> just trying to look for a place to sleep. >> reporter: the city knows that, as well. this supervisor has one solution, to convert this parking lot near the bart station into a parking area for homeless residents. those who currently live in their vehicle. >> the idea is you're less likely to get someone that owns a vehicle to give that vehicle up to move on. so this is a way to have a space where they can be safe. >> reporter: according to a new report, there are more than 8,000 homeless people in san francisco. that's up 17% since 2017. about 7% of them live in their car or rv. >> people need to understand that those that are living in their vehicles aren't the hard, hard core homeless that people think about drug addicted mental health issues. >> reporter: if approved, 33 spots would be made available
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for people to park for up to 90 days. but only for residents who have been vetted and recommended by the city's department of homelessness. he says the parking lot will be monitored 24 hours a day by security cameras and security guards. the city will also provide bathrooms and social services like employment training. some local residents think it's a good short-term fix. >> if your phfamily and you're t on drugs and lost everything. where will you park and think it's safe for your kids. >> the planning commission tomorrow. if it goes before the board for a vote, if it passes there, this parking lot could open as soon as november. reporting live in san francisco. >> we'll see soon. thank you. we want to hear your ideas. share them at bay better group. breaking news, a wildfire has spread to at least three buildings in eastern contra
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costa county. firefighters may be dealing with downed power lines they have not said yet buildings are damaged homes. the man accused of attacking a woman outside a san frncisco condo building will be back in court tomorrow. a judge will decide if austin james vincent should remain in jail. he's accused of attacking a woman outside her apartment building near the embarcadero in san francisco. residents are holding a community meeting right now in opposition of a navigation center that's being built close to the apartment building where this attack occurred. >> i think that it's wrong to put 200 people, many of whom are mentally ill and active drug users into a residential area where there are 10,000 people. >> the meeting will provide time for public continue and it's expected to last well into the evening. today police arrested a third person involved in an i
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san francisco. [ gunshots ]. >> one person suffered a non-life threatening injury in the shooting. the third suspect, a 13-year-old boy was arrested in oakland today. two adults were arrested earlier this week, one of them 18-year-old simpson pleaded not guilty to an attempted murder charge today. he's being held without bail and will be back in court tomorrow. travis air force base went on lockdown today. after there were reports of shots being fired but that report turned out to be false. sky 7 flew above the base's main gate after military police stopped all traffic. the air force tells us this morning's false alarm took place during a planned training emergency exercise for airmen stationed at travis. also in fairfield, a swat team used tear gas to drive six people from a home that had been sure rounded by federal agents. sky 7 flew above the home on the court. that's when secret service and
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u.s. marshals attempted to capture a man outside the house but he refused to come out. officers tried negotiating before firing tear gas. nobody was hurt. secret service tells us the man was wanted in a fraud case. in the south bay, a huge milestone in the on going effort to protect santa clara county from flooding as officials broke ground on a multi million dollar project. >> it's been a long time getting. getting to this point is no easy task. >> chris nguyen explains. >> reporter: for residents in this community. flood relief can't come soon enough. >> whenever it rains, we're always worried that it's, you know, that it might get in the house. >> reporter: linda has lived here for nearly 25 years and seen the worst of it. >> we can't get our cars through f we'ree can't get back and if we are home, we can't even leave. because it's that deep. it would go about to the middle of the cars. >> reporter: by next week,
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construction will finally begin on a four-year flood protection project for the creek. nearly seven decades in the making. >> we're never going to give up on the people of south county. the people whose property and lives will be protected by this project. >> reporter: at a cost of $180 million, the nearly 14-mile long project will include creek channel widening and deepening, a high water flow by pass and has be habitat improvements. it will provide flood protection for 1100 homes, 1300 acres offingof agricultural land. they came together for the ground breaking. >> we're pleased that though these people are here to champion the effort that the entire community has been waiting for. >> reporter: county, state and federal funds are making it possible. once the project is certified, officials say it could save residents and businesses
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thousands of dollars on flood insurance each year. >> everyone is taking ownership and addressing the problem and we're looking forward to clearing it up. >> reporter: protection many neighbors say is long over due. chris nguyen, abc 7 news. >> pg&e launched a new online tool that can help you find out if an emergency power shutoff could affect where you live and work. the site describes what factors play a role in determining when power can be shut off. pg&e shared a video showing how it looks at the weather conditions that can lead to emergency power outages. the potential of power being turned off follows the transmission lines. one of the bay areas most scene roads got a makeover. they brought it to a ten-mile stetch along the city. the work included a new pe pedestrian bridge. the project was paid for with an
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increase in the gas tax approved back in 2017. the mayor of pacificia is glad to see the potholes finally >>hen the highway is smooth and black and has beautiful white lines going down the middle, it makes a difference. you feel better about where you are. >> this is just the beginning or landscaping, signage and traffic signals that adjust with road conditions. coming up at 6:00 a twist for the homeowners in that leaning tow near san francisco. the construction and legal fixes that could be on the way. i'm spencer christian. cloudier and breezier and cooler now that we arrived at midweek. what will labor day weekend bring us? >> spencer, thanks. livestock running a muck. the effort underway now to return them to their homes. stay w
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a tentative agreement may finally fix san francisco's leaning and sinking ma letower. they were set to go to trial over the building's defect. it includes 100 million dollars to stabilize the foundation. they will be drilled 250 feet down into bedrock. that's three times deeper than the piles currently used on the building. the developer and joint powers authority agreed to compensate the homeowners for the loss in value of their homes. the homeowners claim the construction of the sales force tower and transit center next door caused the building to shift. >> after the developer started,
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the >> details of the payment to homeowners will not be close did until approved by a judge. mission street development said the deal will release all claims of the condition includingown's construction of the chance bay transit center and sales force tower end of statement. diagnosing a concussion may be as simple as a quick inexpensive drug test. >> that could change everything. doctors hope it could one day replace extensive ct scans and mris. >> eric thomas has more. >> reporter: this is cell phone video of sean sanford who writes about skateboarding for a magazine and loved the sport since he was 13. but two years ago, doing a trick he had done dozens of times before, his great love nearly
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killed him. >> i hit my head on the corner of the ledge on my way down and was knocked out. >> reporter: friends rushed him to the hospital where he was diagnosed with a skull fracture and taken straight into the operating room. this is the first piece of diagnostic equipment many people suspected of having a concussion will see, a ct scanner. problem is it doesn't always tell the doctor very much. >> a negative head ct and by negative, we mean we don't see any blood or acute injury. >> reporter: neurosurgeon is showing sample head imaging. the ct scan that shows nothing then a more sensitive mri of the same patient showing tiny black dots indicative of bleeding caused by traumatic brain injury. an mri takes an hour and thousands of dollars. in the future a quick inexpensive blood test may be the same thing. >> the excitement of this study, we have a protein only expressed in the brain when you have injuries, even more subtle than injuries on a head ct that one
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can pick them up on this test. >> reporter: manly co-authored a study in the latest edition of a british medical journal. he says such a test can take the stress off crowded emergency rooms and diagnose concussions on the football field within minutes of contact. >> because i think we're definitely missing people by only using a heat ct. >> reporter: the test is still in the experimental stages. eric thomas. in the south bay, livestock on the loose. animal service crews are in south san jose tonight trying to get to the bottom of this big problem. yeah, that residents there have been complaining about actually for two months. abc 7 news kris reyes tried to get answers for us. >> kris? >> reporter: good evening kristen and dan. two words, cow poop. right there. i'm saying it so i don't actually have to show you. trust me, they are all over this neighborhood and residents say they
6:17 pm
video after video taken by residents of this neighborhood in south san jose of their daily visitors. these videos get passed around through a neighborhood text chain, a kind of cow watch to help warn residents. >> we're tired of it. they shouldn't be here. they are trespassing. >> reporter: they come to hang out at night and by morning, all that's left behind is a big mess. >> you can tell where they have torn up the grass. there is little parts up and they left their waste. >> reporter: we're k llooking a cow poop all over the lawn. this is your everyday reality. >> it's everyday reality and i don't know what to do with this. i was not expecting this kind of fertilizer. >> reporter: it's been happening for two months and residents have had it. they repeatedly called the city with no response so we went to san jose animal care for answers. why has it taken this long? >> i'm only aware of it for this week. >> reporter: he says his team has been busy with other calls this summer but he now has units
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patrolling airport ya follthe a >> we suspect we know who the owner is so we've been in communication with the owner and the owner is volunteering to remove some of the animals. >> reporter: residents say this situation is an urgent matter because it's starting to get dangerous. >> i was going to the airport to pick up my husband and went up the street and a cow ran out in front of me. >> reporter: the cow ran and i had to apply brakes and i was scared not to hit the cow. >> reporter: all right. so we've spent all day in the neighborhood trying to find these cows. apparently, they come out mostly at night but here is more evidence of their visits. divots on the lawn. animal services is asking re residents to report cow sightings to the office. the phone number is on our website. in san jose, kris reyes. >> an interesting problem. kris, thanks so much.
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onto the weather forecast, cooler out there. >> definitely. also a little humid, too. >> it is. help me get over my amusement. here is a live look. weather has taken a turn for the cooler, breezier side and cloudy. low clouds and fog at the coast beginning to push out over the bay now. it's also quite breezy out there. surface wind from 15 to 20 miles per hour generally with stronger gusts up to 30 miles per hour at fairfield right now. i mentioned that it has turned cooler this shows the 24-hour temperature change 14 degrees cooler in concord now than this time yesterday and virtually all locations are a bit cooler. this is a view from mount tam down into the bay. you can see makings of a little marine layer pushing out. it's 64 here in san francisco. oakland 70. 80 redwood city. 83 gilroy. 64 at half moon bay. and at the golden gate we see partly cloudy skies and temperature readings up in the north bay over the inland east
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bay are narrower. 72 petaluma. upper 70s, napa, concord, livermore and fairfield and from the rooftop camera, these are our forecast features. fog and patchy drizzle overnight near the coast and bay. below average temperatures will be with us for the next few days but warming up for labor day weekend and warming up over the weekend. here is the forecast animation showing at 5:00 tomorrow morning as the commute gets underway, lots of low clouds and fog at the coast and bay and in some inland areas and offshore there will be some areas of showers. we may get spotty drizzle. we'll see low clouds pulling back to the coastline giving us a mainly sunny afternoon. let's take a look at our overnight conditions. lots of low clouds and fog once again chance of spotty drizzle but it will be mild once again overnight lows in the upper 50s and low 60s. it won't drop much lower than upper 50s.
6:21 pm
here is the 12-hour planner. we'll start the day with lots of lingering clouds and there will be slow clearing going into the midday hours by mid to late afternoon, mostly sunny finally and mild to slightly warm. highs will range from 64 at half moon bay to 68 in san francisco tomorrow. low to mid 70s for the most part around the bay shoreline up in the north bay, mainly upper 70s to low 80s. 81 santa rosa and inland east bay, mid 80s or low to mid 80s and the south bay, low to mid 80s, as well. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. you can see that thursday and friday will certainly be cooler than average with highs inland only in the mid or mid to upper 80s. starts to warm up a bit over the weekend. not a lot but just up into a zone that looks more like summer. i see 90, 92 inland saturday, sunday and monday. up to 80 around the bay and mid 60s on the coast and that pattern will hold to the middle of next week. >> i love when we get lovely days in september. >> looks like a great labor day.
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>> great september. it's considered the oldest department store chain in the u.s. and now lord and taylor is getting bought up by an internet company. >> the plans revealed by a
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after come plarchplaints an
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harassment, the company says it's 2,000 franchises to training. it will begin in october. mcdonald's says the training will cover harass the and bullying and educate employees on how to report it. a san francisco based internet rental clothing company is planning to buy lord and taylor. company l arka tote announced t $100 million deal today. the parent company will get two seats on the board and will be a minority shareholder. they will take over dozens of stores and web operations. the deal is expected to close this fall. >> pinterest wipinterest wipinti related websites for the centers for disease control and prevention and world health organization. the company is trying to combat
6:26 pm
misinformation. it will not showwww posts. the preparations underway as her kin dorian picks up speed. a couple visiting the bay area gets their car broken into but among the things taken, a custom engagement ring and the man hadn't even gotten to propose with it yet. the search now to get it back. plus, a bear and its cub break into a home. how the couple inside fought the be
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dorian became a category one hurricane as it struck the u.s. virgin islands and can grow to three strength as it nears the mainland as early as the weekend. >> residents are rushing to stay safe and prepare. abc maggie rulli has the latest. >> reporter: dorian continues to gain power. upgraded to a hurricane expected to make landfall on mainland as a strong category three storm.
6:30 pm
with time running out last-minute preps are underway throughout the caribbean. >> just praying for the best. everyone is well prepared. >> reporter: dorian is hitting the u.s. virgin islands with winds topping 75 miles per hour. >> you can't control mother nature, i guess. >> reporter: many grocery stores are already closing down. shelters are being prepared as te governor declares a state of emergency on the island. memories of hurricane maria's devastation just two years ago are still fresh. that storm killing nearly 3,000 people. nearly 30,000 are still living in homes covered be blue tarps and the island's power grid remains vulnerable. fire crews from in saying this time they are better pri pepared. >> it's the first system of the year and we understand the island is still fragile. >> reporter: further north in the path, florida is under warning. residents are filling up sandbags and stocking up on
6:31 pm
supplies supplies. >> the governor is urging eveni everyone to get what they need. >> many counties are asking residents to be in the ready phrase. it is impacting travel cruise ships and cancelling flights ahead of this weekend's rulli, . we're tracking this storm. >> spencer is here to look at the timing. >> here is another look at the hurricane dorian. we just saw maximum sustained winds at 80 miles per hour. plowing through the virgin islands and hurricane warnings in effect there and keeping track of the storm. tomorrow in the open waters in the south atlantic and on friday
6:32 pm
category three and of course a hurricane warning is in effect for the east coast of florida. the storm is landing between myrtle beach and jacksonville but it may go further north and make landfall on the georgia coast. we'll give you an update on the changing aspects of the storm. dan? >> spencer, thanks. president trump will raise money next month when he visits the bay area for the first time since taking office. president trump's campaign has not revealed where the fundraiser will take place on september 17th. the website shows tickets are available for 2800 or $5600 respectively. a protest erupted the last time president trump visited the bay area when he campaigned for the republican nomination in 2016. mr. trump and his entourage walked around freeway bayerers to speak inside the hotel. president trump has refused several requests to turnover
6:33 pm
both his personal and business tax records. well, now a congressional committee has subpoenaed some from a bank. adam schiff talked about that with me today on "midday live". >> we subpoenaed deutsche bank. they were essentially sued by the trump organization to stop them. that was heard in the district court and we won. they appealed to the court of appeals. the court of appeals just heard that argument. that's how we learned they have tax returns among -- >> congressman hopes the appeals court will work quickly to reveal the returns. the southern california democrat and east bay native grew up and went to high school here in sanford and talked about his efforts to create laws to prosecute domestic terrorists including suspects motivated by hate speech. four immigrant rights organizations will provide legal services to undocumented students, staff and faculty at california state university campuses. the bay area, the immigrant legal defense group will provide
6:34 pm
legal help at local csu campuses. the system received $7 million from the state department of social services to implement legal services for immigrant matters and estimated 9500 csu students are undocumented. scientists are celebrating a mayor discovery tonight, a skull of an ancient human ancestor. the skull discovered in ethiopia is nearly 4 milliond. it was reed today in e urna of natu. th first time a skull from a human ancestor this old has been discovered. it's a group of creatures that came before our own branch of the family tree. until now, scientists had only found remains of jaws and teeth belonging to this species. all right. a colorado couple survived a night of terror after fighting off a family of bears which broke into their home. surveillance footage shows the bears wondering around the second story porch making themselves comfortable on the
6:35 pm
bottom of your screen. you can see the mother sliding open the screen door followed by two cubs. john johnson went to check out the noise when he came face-to-face with a bear. >> she took a swipe here and swatted me in the nose and i turned around and punched her in the nose. >> as john was trying to fend off the bear, his wife sprung into action swinging a baseball bat and hitting the mother bear at least three times. as this big brown blob tly in front of me, and i whacked that bear as hard as i could, both hands, you would have thought i was a louisville slugger. >> johnson was badly injured with deep scratches to his stomach and arms and nearly losing his nose, wildlife officials tracked down the mother bear, which was sadly euthanized. his wife saved him. >> scary. coming up. >> proving your own identity cob harder than you think.
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how do you prove that you're you? >> well, sounds like a silly question but it's actually not. it baffled a daly city man trying to claim his unclaimed property. >> michael finney stepped in. >> it started with a letter our viewer received telling him he could have some money coming. good news it turned into a real challenge. he is used to fixing things, he volunteered for the non-profit rebuilding together, which offers free home repairs. however, there was one problem he couldn't fix. his own. his trouble started when he lost track of a cashier's check. >> i moved a couple times and the time period since, so it was just kind of out there in the nev never. >> state's unclaimed property division said they had a check from wells fargo with his name on it. if it was his, he was encouraged to file a claim so he did. the check was seven years old
6:40 pm
but the bank's records only went back five. his claim was denied. >> the state by their communications told me that wells fargo was unable to go ahead and document that i was the actual owner of the property. >> he appealed and was asked to submit the original document as proof the check was his. >> the unclaimed property division was asking me to provide the very they said they had. >> he appealed four times and he was denied each time. he reached out to 7 on your side and we contacted the controllers office. >> the notion that 7 on your side was, you know, on board kind of kicked things into gear. >> he received this letter from the controller's chief counsel who said, the denial was an error and is here by reversed. the counsel said we've been hit with fraud claims to give an
6:41 pm
additional layer of scrutiny to each claim. he received a check for more than $4,000. >> not a small amount of money, you know, to anybody. >> no, it is not. there are services offering to file unclaimed property forms for you. so the question is, are they worth the 10% fee? we're going to talk about that tomorrow right here at 6:00 p.m. >> great. excellent. thank you. a couple is -- we're going to have -- >> more coming up for you on abc 7 news. >> i'm wayne freedman in san francisco. coming up, the beautiful plan for an engagement. foiled by a car burglary. that's coming up.
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a couple is really hoping someone returning their engagement ring stolen from their car before the proposal could happen. >> it's an unfortunate situation many others know. between january 31st and july 31st, the police department reported 13,676 thefts. that's 65 a day. >> that's hard to even m mimagi. that's a 10% drop compared to
6:45 pm
2018's numbers. wade freed mman spoke to a woma that was supposed to receive the ring. >> reporter: this should have been the center piece of a proposal everyone saw not so much as an if but when. how long have you been dating? >> 14 years. >> reporter: 14 years? >> yes. since we were in high school. >> reporter: helen is back in philadelphia now with nothing but sad memories of san francisco. she and allen wong had just flown in, they had an hour to kill. but their walk in that park ended badly when they discovered that while away, someone had stolen their luggage from their car. allen knew what he packed inside. >> he was super distraught and i was trying -- he was sitting on the curb with his face in his hands. >> reporter: it's the case san francisco people report too often and car break-ins are reportedly down from last year. let's put that in context. this year thus far from january
6:46 pm
to the end of july, 13,676 cases. >> we investigate all these crimes ultimately want the suspects who committed these crimes in custody. >> reporter: our city cannot continue to thrive if people are afraid to leave their car unattended. >> that was mark ferrell in april of 2018. as san francisco announced a crackdown against automobile break-ins. too many diamonds in the street they said from automotive glass. the city promised signs like these on the streets, on buses and even in rental cars and printed in at least four different languages. 16 months later. >> the rental car company didn't say a single thing about the car burglaries. they didn't issue any kind of notice about the issues that are happening in san francisco. >> reporter: the only good news is that helen and allen continued on their vacation. he had planed to propose at
6:47 pm
yosemite. he do so anyway with a piece of costume jewelry. he's having the original ring remade. >> all we need is each other. >> reporter: and that is a story for their grandkids. in san francisco, wayne f m fre freedman, abc 7 news. >> san francisco's soon to open chase center will sport a breath-taking collection of art. i joined rick for a tour of the new chase center art collection today. chase center teamed up with adobe to build 87 original pieces of art, 250 photo exhibits and nine museum quality graphics. >> from day one it was really a belief that art could make a fundamental change in the time they have and visit. >> they really accomplished that. it's a beautiful space and represents everyone. i got to emcee the event. the warriors really did go out of their way to reach out to local bay area artist and groups
6:48 pm
to make sure they are well represented. >> outstanding. today is national red wine day which in some parts of the bay area may be every day. humans have been making drinking wine for thousands of years. the first vineyard in california was planted in the late 1600s. spencer christian is a regular wine expert. you can check out episodes of his show sips with spencer. it's terrific on our website this is a very important holiday for spencer. >> oh, yeah, yeah. i think we should just call it spencer day. >> i plan to sit with spencer tonight. [ laughter ] >> tonight? >> yes. right after the news. here is a look at the live doppler 7. we have clouds advancing, low clouds and fog from the coast that will push well inland overnight with low temperatures dropping only to the upper 50s to low 60s. it's going to be mild. then tomorrow, look for a breezy day and mostly sunny afternoon after lingering morning clouds. mild. highs from mid 60s to the costa
6:49 pm
mid 80s inland. here is a look at the seven-day forecast. pleasant but cooler than average and will warm up appropriately over labor day weekend with high temperatures back up to about 90 or 92. up to nearly 80 around the bay and mid 60s in the coast. monday will be a fabulous day for us to come in here and labor and -- >> we will. >> no. >> and sip with spencer. >> at the same time. >> of course, i do that regularly. >> all right. thanks. >> all right. kind of a serious item in sports to talk about tonight. >> that's true. larry beil is here with more. >> scary moment for the a's in chance chan kansas city. chapman got drilled in the at at&t we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world.
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good evening. the a's heating up at the right time. he made four starts since joining the a's giving up seven earned runs in the games. a's fans got the royal treatment. marcus siemian leading off you can't start a game better than this. his 24th of the year. look out, next batter matt chapman took a jacob pitch off the ear flap of his helmet. seemed to be okay and stay in to score a run and left after the second inning. second inning here, two on. a line drive to center got robbed by a diving brett phillips. terrific play. still 2-0 until hunter doser
6:53 pm
ties it up with one swing of the bat. two-run blast. hit a bomb, a two-run bomb and right now in the fifth and the a's are leading 4-3. former warriors center foyle founded the kerosene lamp foundation in 2003. the golfs to employer youth to grow into healthy, well-educated leaders and he works for us here at sand recently held recently l annual charity event. >> lots of laughs and smiles and golf swings here good and bad. the celebrity golf tournament here in alamo. >> how is your golf game? >> erratic. >> really average. my body is not real conducive. >> 50/50. i hit 50 good shot and 50 bad. >> tkih steph and then me. oh! [ laughter ] >> worse than charles. [ laughter ] >> former warrior foyle's golf
6:54 pm
game is somewhere between that have ocho ststeph curry and cha barkley. [ laughter ] >> golf is using a driver for good all while raising money for kids. >> giving kids bad pack to school and making sure it's it needs. seems like a simple thing but so much of what we do is to empower the next generation of young people. >> he's big on education and i like giving back to the kids and education, when you have knowledge, you have power. >> legendary bay area athletes like blue, mullin and jeremy newberry came out to support the cause. >> a big part of it, there is not enough resources for these youngsters and his deal is he's helping kids, my deal is helping these kids. you know, with only a limited number of us in the bay area, you got to do that. family, friends and coaches wv and all different type people. if you're in a position to give
6:55 pm
back. >> money was raised to fund programs and initiatives for the kerosene lamp foundation into next year. >> i think a lot of people feel connected because they feel like they are making a difference. you want to share that vision. you want to share the word with people and the more you do that, the more encouraged they get. >> i'm told about 150 golfers participated in this charity event as they look to continue to grow and grow year after year. here in alamo, chris alvarez. >> thank you. bad sign for the 49ers running back jared mckinnon had another set back with that knee. he's yet to play game for the niners after signing a big contract last season and tearing his acl. unclear when he'll be able to play again. the 49ers will play the final preseason game, preseason action from a year ago. final preseason game tomorrow night against the chargers. cal football team kicks off the season saturday hosting uc davis. they have some new digs former golden bear star aaron rogers kicked in a seven-figure
6:56 pm
donation to renovate the team's locker room. guys getting a look at it here. rogers green bay packer star these days says his years at cal were some of his best in his life and he's excited about the direction of the team. they are excited about that locker room. steph curry two-time nba champ and best shooter on the planet isn't perfect and his wife was happy to remind him of that on social media today. check out this clip. >> what did you just say? you were just -- >> five minutes looking for my freaking headphones in a full panic. >> and they are on your head. [ laughter ] >> ayesha set him up because she had to get her phone out to record that. let him keep looking, let him keep looking and then documented for the universe to see now. [ laughter ] >> certainly he's grateful for the document. >> such great ball awareness and poor headphones awareness. join us tonight for abc 7 news at 11:00.
6:57 pm
>> i'm at the bart station in san jose where the vta is expected to make a significant announcement about transportation in the south bay. that story at 11:00. now do you find yourself tossing and uturning at night? how they could help with insomn insomnia. >> i'm dan ashley. >> for all of us here, thanks for joining us. >> we'll see you again at 11:00.
6:58 pm
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six captains. ♪ twelve teammates. eighteen of the most celebrated "jeopardy!" players have been invited back to play again, but this time, as members of a team. ♪ and now, the $1 million... here is your host, alex trebek! [ applause ] thank you, johnny, thank you, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the deciding game of match number one. i'm very excited to be here today because we are going to play all three rounds of "jeopardy!" in this half hour. we welcome back david, alan, and jennifer, who today play for their teams in the "jeopardy!" round. the dollar figures you see indicate the amounts won by their teams yesterday.
7:00 pm
those totals will be added to today's to determine the winner of the match. but for now, we get rid of those dollar figures and i direct your attention to the board, and show you the categories from which you will make your selection. we start off with... next... we'll deal with... and... each clue will require two words in a correct response. jennifer, start us off, please. things in museums for $800. now at the louvre, this sculpture was found on the greek island of samothrace. - jennifer. - what is nike? "nee-kay"? nike--nike or winged victory, correct. things in museums for $600.


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