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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 30, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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undocumented immigrant. he was an issue in 2016 when president trump took issue with the city policy that kept local law enforcement from telling i.c.e. that he had been released from their custody a few weeks before the killing. >> my opponent wants sanctuary y cities. >> boo! >> but where was the sanctuary for kate steinle? >> jose remains in custody and faces federal gun and immigration charges. his attorney said he has a trial on january 13th. he says today's decision means san francisco prosecutors have the option of trying garcia gara again. turning to the north bay, among firestorm survivors, a clock is ticking as abc 7 wayne freedman reported earlier this summer, there are additional living expenses from insurance companies are about to expire and only a relative few have
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returned to their homes. >> wayne is live with an update to the story, wayne? >> good evening, dan. if you look around coffee park with the houses, they are in staggered state of recoveries. the owners had two years to rebuild, two years to received additional living expenses from insurance companies to pay for rent and furniture. tonight we learned in more than 2,000 cases, that money is about to run out. in sonoma county the rebuilding process is a race against time. houses go up, the clock winds down. >> it's real close. >> reporter: larry of coffee park owns one of 5400 homes that burned in the tubs fire. he's not one of the 831 completed. he's one case among 2,100 facing an insurance deadline for additional living expenses provided by his homeowners' insurance policy. those checks will stop coming in october. >> i think the right thing to do is take care of the people
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paying bills for the past over 20 years. >> reporter: that's allen williams of fountain grove. when we first met him. allen said two years later the house would be several months from being finished. those living expenses cover some $5,000 a month. liberty mutual declined to extend benefits. >> the humanity is gone. they don't treat us like human beings. they treat us like a dollar sign. >> they are retraumatizing our fire survivors right to the time when we're coming up on the second anniversary. >> reporter: california has passed new legislation requiring three years after additional living expenses not two after disasters but that measure is notitas atwo-sto. >> reporter: she filed a petition with companies that have not n has begun.
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state farm denied her request and delay the rebuilding by cycling her through nine different adjustors. >> this is a state of emergency. we should not have to prove i lost my home due to a state of emergency. we should not have to prove we have good cause. >> reporter: there is no more money after october as larry says at least he's cutting it close then again. >> close only counts in >> reporter: we heard prom state farm insurance late. let's show you the graphic on the screen. it says often times the company does need more than one adjustor to look at a case and cannot comment on individual cases, ed especially not at this time. some companies extende payments, cub, farmers insurance and csaa. wayne freedman, abc 7. >> wayne, thank you. in the south bay new developments tonight in a fatal
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hit and run car accident in san jose. >> it happened yesterday at the intersection of story road and south jackson avenue. abc news ansar joins us. >> reporter: i got an email from plus, they said no arrests have been made and a search for their suspect continues. the sisters of the victim came out this morning to pay respects at the intersection where their brother was killed. the family wouldn't comment on camera but said their brother jesus was originally from mexico. san jose police say on thursday afternoon a driver of a gold chevy suburban hit a chevy silverado and hit jesus in the cross way with his my sickle:the driver took off running. >> do you see the yellow and i start crying because i say, oh, maybe that's a customer for some
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work here for a long time. so i know my customers so i feel so sad. >> reporter: this gas station employee did not want to be identified heard the crash. she says drivers running red lights and speeding are always a problem at this intersection. >> because that's crazy. that's crazy. >> reporter: a lot of speeding? >> yes. >> reporter: people running red lights? >> yes, yeah. crazy. >> reporter: san jose city council member johnny has been working on vision zero, it's a city-wide initiative to reduce the number of accidents on san jose's most dangerous streets. story road is identified as one of them. >> there is no way to 100% prevent accidents from happening. if someone is running a red light, that's not something the city can stop from happening. >> reporter: the city says the changes are making a difference adding more bike lanes, widening existing ones and creating bufferer zones is what vision zero is about like these new
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ba bike lanes. they say the bike lanes are happening. >> for me it has helped because i noticed it and i try to be more careful. i don't know if it's working for other people. >> reporter: now, that bike lane might be hard to see right now but a lot of drivers are actually using it as a turning lane, which is drawn criticism from bicyclists and city residents, as well. for this lafatal hit and run, n arrests have been made and their search continues. reporting live, abc 7 news. >> thank you. new developments today that could be a huge game changer for the nation's gig economy. a proposed california law seeks to offer greater protections to people whose work depends on ride hailing and delivery apps. by considering them employees. companies say it would upset their business model and they are willing to spend millions on a ballot measure if they can't reach a deal with lawmakers. abc 7 cornell bernard is live
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with the story, cornell? >> reporter: dan, lots of pickups and drop offs here at the ferry building today. tey are ready to take their case to california voters if they can't reach a deal with lawmakers. >> working so hard. >> reporter: igor has been traveling for uber for two years. he often works ten hours a day on the road because he's got a family to support he likes a proposed california law that could turn him from independent contractor to employee with benefits and protections. >> it's very important because i have no benefit so far. i work only here and i have no other jobs. >> reporter: rider andrew praw was headed to sfo. >> they deserve it. they bust their butt day in and out. why wouldn't they deserve a benefit? they are human. >> reporter: the company fiercely opposes saying it would topple their business model and destroy the flexibility of their business and workers rely on but
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igor isn't sure about that. >> i like to ask people about me, management to do everything for us. >> reporter: uber, lyft and car dash are threatening to spent $90 million next year if they can't reach a deal with unions and lawmakers. lyft said we're working on a solution that provides drivers with strong protections. we remain focused on reaching a deal and are confident about bringing this issue to the voters if necessary. >> the economy has to work for everybody. >> reporter: many labor unions say drivers and delivery people need better protections. >> it calls to mind how this gig economy is working for whom and what needs to change to make sure everybody has a fair shot at the american dream because that's what we're talking about here. >> reporter: the company says the passing could make ride hailing more expensive. the bill could see a vote in the senate next month. cornell bernard, abc 7 news. >> thank you. what happened to the
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mavericks surf competition today amounts to a wipeout. >> the event sponsor pulled out pulling the contest into chaos. >> dion lim is live in pacificia with the >> reporter: when it runs, the maverick surf competition is watched by 30,000 people in real life. online that's the millions. that may no longer be the case. to most surfers, the maverick surf competition is only a pike dream. the invitation only event was first held in 1998 and draws in competitors from around the globe. >> it's pretty amazing to watch. it's amazing to go down there and watch all the surfers go on the huge waves. it will be a shame if it's not there anymore. >> reporter: this is the fourth year it hasn't happened. this time it's not because of weather conditions. the world surf league that held sponsorship rights for the competition decided to pull out sending us this statement saying
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mavericks will not continue as a big wave event due to various challenges and the inability to run the event the last two seasons. >> not various, a huge logistic l alcohchallenges. >> reporter: jeff clark found t the competition and held the first one in 1998 and despite his love says even he understands weather isn't the only challenge. >> it seemed like everybody, all the agencies that thought they could get some money from it started to require permits. finally the red tape is not worth cutting. >> reporter: jeff estimates the cost alone to total more than $80,000 and unless another sponsor steps up to take on the challenge, the future of the competition is in limbo, something jeff says is okay for this reason. >> there is going to be the biggest wave, the best wave but it is going to be a judgment of
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your peers and no one else's. i think sometimes that is success. >> reporter: back out here live according to jeff, the world surf league holds the sponsorship rights to the competition for the next several years. now, if a new sponsor were to come in, they would have to first get permission from the wsl to proceed. i'm dion lim, abc 7 news. >> boy, hope they find a way. thank you. in the east bay, under ground preparations for when the big one hits. >> the upgrade to water mains to make sure water keeps flowing after the shaking. i'm spencer christian, if you're hoping for a sunny warm day, that's what you're going to get. i'll have the accuweather forecast coming up. >> thank you. the biggest hunting day of the year in california is this sunday. the new regulations that have some hunters scrambling to get ammo. one of the most important things you can do is to make sure you call 811 before you dig. calling 811 can get your lines marked.
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right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. one of the biggest concerns after an earthquake is whether we'll still have water. >> anne east bay water districts installing flexible water mains. >> crews worked all day on a new pipeline above the fault. leslie? >> reporter: well, that's right, dan. usgs predicts if there were a 7.0 either quake to hit along the fault, there will be hundreds of water main breaks and people would be without matter for as little as six weeks but perhaps as long as six months. to address that scenario, they are busy tearing out getting rid of the old cast iron ridge pipes
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that date back to 1927. >> we are right in the middle of the hayward fault zone. we could be standing right on the fault right now. >> reporter: east bay mud overseeing the pipe replacement is excited about the materials they are using. >> we're putting in pieces of pipe that are ten feet long. at every joint, the joint can move three inches back and forth so when you add that up over 1,000 feet, you get quite a bit of movement that the pipe can with strand during a seismic event. >> reporter: it's laborious and expensive. there are 4,000 miles of water pipes this year tackling 17.5 miles of it using money from july's 6.5% rate hike. >> this rate dollars make infrastructure improvements like this possible. so that we can strengthen our system and make it more reliable. >> we're prepping our water system for a big one.
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>> it's a hassle but i want it to be done so we're safe in the future earthquakes. we have problems with pipe leaki leaking. >> 11 crews are replacing the old pipe with the flexible pipe mile by mile. east bay mud says the pipes should be able to with stand a seismic pressure of a major earthquake with a life span of 120 years. that means they won't need to be replaced until 2140. pipeline is being replaced all across the east bay richmond and oakland, castro valley and east bay mud says next year they are amping it up a bit aiming for to miles of new pipe. reporting live, i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. new at 6:00, police are looking for a man who robbed a credit unyin. >> it happened just after 1:00 yesterday. police provided this video hoping someone will recognize
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him and give him a call. the entire robbery plays out in 15 seconds. the man passes a note to the teller demanding money. he's then envelope with cash and walks out. no weapons were seen during the robbery. dove hunting season starts sunday. it's the biggest hunting day of the year in california as you may know but hundreds say they are having a hard time buying ammunition because of the state's background checks and regulations on certain types of ammunition. eric thomas has that story. >> it's the busiest single hunting day of the year in california. thousands of hunters will wake up early sunday morning, grab their shotguns and go dove hunting but buying the ammunition is going to be a lot different this year. >> you have to fill out the same paperwork basically if you were purchasing a gun. >> reporter: bill morgan owns guns, fishing and other stuff with stores in dublin. they are just about out of steel bird shot because of a last-minute buying frenzy for the state's ammunition laws. first up, you have to bring i.d.
6:18 pm
and agree to a background check. >> it's $19. takes ten days and then you come pick up. >> reporter: it used to be grabbing a box of shells, taking it to the register and pay for it. but the proper paperwork is key as this customer found out. >> had to take a trip out to the car, get the proper credentials. >> reporter: christopher was buying handgun ammunition, not shotgun shells but the rules are the same. he was lucky having registered a gun within the last five years, he's on the state's preapproved list. the background check was $1 and a five-minute wait. they approved proposition 63. backers hope it would cut down on mass shootings like the one at the gilroy garlic denying sales to flooelons and meantally ill. they are rejected if they move
6:19 pm
to a different address on the id. >> if their address is not correct, it will deny it. >> reporter: if you haven't bought ammo before today and are not on the preapproved list, there is always next year. >> all right. no matter what your plans for the weekend, it will be pretty nice around the bay area. >> if you like this. let's bring on a few more days. checking in with spencer christian. >> a long holiday weekend don't always deliver the kind of weather pattern that's most popular. this one will. here is a look at live doppler 7. just a tad bit of fog forming on the coastline. it's breezy in some spots now 21 mile per hour winds in san francisco. 16 across the bay and oakland gusts to 18 at half moon bay and we got fairly wide range of temperature changes over the last 24 hours. many inland yaareas are warmer. 90 degrees warm ersan to rosa and concord and livermore and many locations are several
6:20 pm
degrees cooler than they were at this time yesterday. that's why we call them micro climates. here is a look from the tower out over san francisco. currently under mainly sunny skies it's 64 here in the city, oakland 70, 79 and san jose 75 and 90 gilroy and 64 half moon bay. you can see the marine layer developing there off in the distance. it's 84 in santa rosa and napa 76 and 91 fairfield, 88 concord. here is a place more populated over the weekend than now. santa cruz beach and these are the forecast features. warmer weather coming our way for labor day weekend. mild conditions at the coast. hot conditions inland over the next three days and a cooler pattern developing by the middle of the next week but we'll wait for that. forecast animation showing the development of some coastal fog, maybe a patch or two of low clouds. 8:00 tomorrow morning still already be mostly sunny inland and around some bay shore
6:21 pm
locations, as well but probably be some patch dhee liy lingerin clouds that will bring back to the coastline in some areas giving use mainly sunny day on the first day of the three-day weekend. lows will be mild as they have been all week long. generally upper 50s to 60s. 58 at half moon bay and some will top out at 70 or above. upper 70s to lower id 80s near the bay shoreline and lots of low to mid 80s inland. warm to hot in most of the inland locations and as we look at the max temperature trend, you can see that on sunday, it will be just as warm if not warmer or hotter you might say in some inland spots. highs of 97 and fairfield 96 at antioch and 94 concord and 92 at santa rosa. temperatures taper off on monday, which is labor day. lovely weather for labor day and cooling begins in full force on
6:22 pm
tuesday. here is the seven-day forecast. beautiful, lovely, warm good for grilling weather through labor day and start to cool down little bit around the middle of next week. wednesday will probably bring us temperatures below average for this time of the year and p t s temperatures will bounce back up for thursday and friday. first week of september looks good. >> good grilling weather. what time would you like us over? >> we were going to invite ourselves over to yours, dan. >> that's what i was thinking. >> security researchers identified the worst general security failure yet that affected apple devices. >> how hackers were accessing your data.
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at at&t we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected
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than the internet. we've created access from at&t california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits. may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit, to learn more.
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another bay area apple store was targeted by a group of thieves. last night a group of seven men between 16 and 21 walked into this store and grabbed about $50,000 worth of merchandise off the tables. it's the third time the store has been hit by this broad day theft in the past year. the suspects drove away in a gray volkswagon sedan and a gray suv. the worst general security failure yet. google researchers announced the discovery yesterday but say they -- apple fixed the vulnerability in february. >> they say hackers used malware to put spyware on iphones and
6:26 pm
believe thousands of iphone users were exposed over two years. >> the researchers did not say who is behind that spying. >> hurricane dori nrks dori nrks category four storm. >> residents scrambling to prepare before dorian is expected to make landfall. a marriott employee staying at the chain's hotel said a thief stole
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let's give you a live look at the coast of florida as hurricane dorian makes its way towards the state churning that way. it strengthened to a category four and expected to get worse. >> people are rushing to stock up on supplies and board up their homes. megan has more as landfall is days away. >> reporter:. >> reporter: we seen a measurable change in the last 24 hours as the storm gains strength. the entire state watching closely where and when hurricane dorian will hit.
6:30 pm
>> if you're in an area that flooded in -- assuredly going to experience flooding. act accordingly. >> reporter: florida's governor working with fema to fuel the shortage. half the gas stations in miami empty. >> hope nobody gets hurt. just a little more patience. >> reporter: amtrak suspended select service into florida. airlines offering traveling waivers for those wanting to change flights floridians trying to get back. >> at home to be ready. now that i see we're at category four, i'll gm getting worried. >> reporter: crews taking precaution moving the mobile launcher indoors. if dorian lives up to the current forecast, the biggest threat could be flooding. >> we want everyone to know if they live in a storm surge zone,
6:31 pm
so that if we do issue that order you can move immediately. >> reporter: even those inland at risk orlando's mayor joining coastal cities and declaring a state of emergency. >> it could be the most significant storm we've had in a couple decades here in orlando. >> reporter: president trump just approve the emergency decoloration, for florida thousands of soldiers and airmen from florida's national guard have been deployed, thousands more are on stand by. reporting from daytona beach, florida, megan, abc 7 news. >> spencer is tracking the storm close closely. >> it just grew in strength. >> incredible. from a category one to a category four. it's a powerful and dangerous storm. here a closeup look. sustained winds of 130 pilmilesr hour or higher. the storm is moving towards the west northwest at 10 miles per hour. it may weaken slightly to a
6:32 pm
category three or bounce back to category four by sunday morning to slam through the bahama islands on sunday and monday as a category four. it's expected to maintain that intensity as it likely if it stays on this path to the east coast with florida on monday as a category four storm. here is what you can expect from the storm. i showed you wind speed or gust, the greater concern is flooding from the heavy rain. bahamas could get 15 inches or more in some spots, dangerous storm surge could bring flooding and damage, as well. we'll have to keep watching this and hopefully people can get out of the way of the most intense elements of the storm, dan? >> spencer, thanks very much. you can keep track of hurricane dorian with the abc 7 brks krrb. download the app and get push alerts to get breaking updates as they happen in realtime. >> actress valerie harper has died. harper is well-known as the funny brash character on the
6:33 pm
"marry tyler moore" show. she's one of america's most well-known cancer survivors battling lung cancer since 2009 and brain cancer since 2013. brandi hitt has more. >> happy taco day. >> it's not today, it's tomorrow. >> reporter: valerie harper captured our hearts as mary tyler moore's lovable neighbor. >> the tonsil fairy comes and wan yanks out your throat. >> reporter: the pair had a bond to last decades. harper said her break from broadway to one of the biggest sitcoms of all time was thanks to moore. >> i was so privileged to be cast in that. i mean, what an extraordinary event. >> hey, taxi. >> reporter: harper would go on to do the spin off series "roda" winning four emmies while continuing to work in theater
6:34 pm
and film. in 2013 came a shocking diagnosis. harper revealed she had a rare incurable form of brain cancer. she remained positive during her battle. >> i feel great. >> reporter: with the same heart felt candor as her character, harper was strong, unafraid and hopeful for a cure. >> i love that not a shred but a possibility. we all need to live in infinite possibility. >> reporter: at age 74, still in the throws of the disease that inspirational turn on "dancing with the stars" pushing through to week four. her bravery reducing everyone to tears. >> i don't think i've had the chance to tell you how courageous i think you are. >> thank you. >> reporter: during a reunion with her cast mates, harper said there were some tears but she refused to let life pass her by. a life she says was influenced by "roda" in so many ways. >> join a club for divorced people? >> sure, why not?
6:35 pm
>> she taught me to thank your lucky stars for a fabulous friend. >> reporter: brandi hitt, abc news, los angeles. >> she was wonderful. one of my favorite shows of all time. all-time classic. coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> a hotel guest at a major chain says a thief stole items from his room.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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a former marriott employee staying at the chain's hotel said a thief stole items from his room. >> what did he do? he contacted michael finney to get to the bottom of it. >> this guy really knows the business inside and out working seven years of marriott, this antioch man says he knows how the hotel business works. the thief it turns out picked the wrong man to target. david ward took time to trim his beard the way he likes it. he has an elaborate shaving kit and brought it with him during a recent hotel stay. these are just some of the clippers he had at the hotel. david has a different use for each one of these clippers. a day or two after checking out, he notices something wasn't right. >> i'm about to cut my hair,
6:39 pm
it's that time again and those -- my spray, the spray, which i still haven't released and close clippers where they cut off at the end was gone. >> reporter: also missing were his ear buttds. he suspect someone took a key and took what they could get. >> don't do it to me. i know the hustles and i can detect it fast. >> reporter: he contacted marriott's oakland location to express his concerns. it promised somebody would get back to him. after a week of not hearing anything, david contacted 7 on your side. >> me being a former employee, i know you can get to the bottom of this and made the report who made the last key and look at the cameras. >> reporter: we contacted marriott and david immediately heard from the hotel's general manager. he compensated david for all his missing items and gave him a certificate for a free two-night stay. >> michael finney, you're the best. channel 7 on your side is the best. you ever need me to speak on your behalf.
6:40 pm
i got you. >> marriott declined to comment for this story siting privacy concerns. >> this is the best. let's hire him. >> that guy knows what he's doing. i want to hear from you. my 7 on your side hot line is open monday through friday from 10:00 to 2:00. you can reach me on my facebook page. >> excellent. >> thanks, michael. did you know today is national mai so that early retirement we planned. it's going ok? great. now i'm spending more time with the kids. i'm introducing them to crab. crab!? they love it. so, you mentioned that that money we set aside. yeah. the kids and i want to build our own crab shack.
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happening today, national mai thai day. >> some say the day is in june but a restaurant wants to set the record straight. >> trader vehicles was even given an oakland city counsel proclamation making the day official. abc 7 journalist melissa took a visit to trader vehicles to learn the secrets of their famous mai thai. >> happy national mai thai day. who would thought it was from the east bay. we'll learn how to make the original mai thai. >> probably supremely known for is being the home of the original mai thai.
6:44 pm
our cocktails have been influential worldwide. when vehicle stoictor started ia saloon style trip with his wife to explore. he came back ex and decided we' changing this. he put up tropical decor and ded wife said you're known as the trader so it's trader vehicles. he had friends visiting from tahiti. he loved to get behind the bar and try new things. that's what he was doing. he whipped up this concoction and she took one sip and said out of this world, the best in tahiti. >> let's start with the fresh lime. >> lime number four. >> sounds good. >> and then we'll use our amb ab
6:45 pm
run. >> dump it right in. perfect. >> remover. >> going to use the second one here. >> the best. [ laughter ] >> scoop ice cream. kind of lock it in place. shake it up. perfect. there you go. you want to slap it a little bit. release the oil to get a nice can she not and place it up and there we're set. >> never slapped a mint before. and there is your original m mai thai. >> we're excited to be celebrating our 75th birthday.
6:46 pm
on august 31st, we're having a huge event here. it will be a really fun event. we'll have different food stations and live music, a d.j., photo booth. we'll have vendors and designs available. we will have lay making and rum tasting. it will be a really good time. >> those look fun. >> it does. cheers. i think melissa did a good job there. >> excellent. it's the weekend, maybe a ma mai thia weekend for you. >> i got my tie on now. >> oh my goodness. >> what a cheap line. st sunny skies, overnight upper 50s to low 60s. tomorrow hot inland and mid-90s, maybe sliding into the upper 90s in some spots in the inland areas. around the bay upper 70s to low and mid 80s on the coast pretty much the same picture on sunday. just as warm. just as hot. on monday, labor day, it will be
6:47 pm
mild to warm and couple of locations and generally less warm. cooling' cross the region on tuesday. here is the seven-day forecast. it will be a lovely mild and cooler weekend. neck week temperatures below average for this time of year. mid to upper 80s, wednesday, thursday, friday and 70s around the bay and mid 60s on the coast. enjoy the weekend. >> mai thai is better than tongue tie. >> let's talk a's baseball. >> action involving the a's. >> yeah, oakland versus vallejo in the bronx. a's taking on cc sabathia who
6:48 pm
6:49 pm
6:50 pm
good evening. a's swept the yankees in oakland last week. the rematch began in the bronx with the a's opening a three-game set against the team with the best record in baseball. start with paul simon at the game shades on. top two no score. deep off the pride. cc sabathia and this ball is just fair. a's up 1-0. check out cc after he strikes out marcus in in would leave with discomfort.
6:51 pm
down 2-1 in the sixth. seth brown is a guy up from aaa. he doubles in bring in matt olson tied at two. two batters later again whatever he's eating, i want some. that's in the park but two more score. a's up 4-2. right now they have extend ted e cushion 6-2 athletics. giants host the padres tonight. heading into a new season the raiders made center rodney hudson a deal he could not refuse. a three-year extension reportedly worth $11 million a year. hudson becomes the highest paid center in the nfl. this is cut down weekend teams turning their roster down to 53 and one of the casualties for the silver and black, brandon marshall whom the raiders signed five months ago. the expectation is marshall would be a starter on the defense but the former bronco has been bothered by a knee injury. for the 49ers, they have to decide what they will do with mckinnon. h signed a four-year $30 million deal before last season
6:52 pm
but he's yet to play a single regular season game for the red and gold. best guess is mckinnon goes on injured reserve. the question is whether they bring him back after eight weeks. they let him rehab for another full season. this is the first big weekend of college football. stanford schedule is so brutal. david shaw welcomes northwestern to the farm tomorrow afternoon. this is the start of a cupcake free slate for the cardinals. sanford quarterback k.j. knows they got to come out of the gates ready to roll. >> thinking about our schedule and how every week, our pr preparation doesn't change because every game is so big in our lives. >> i have an idea of what our team is but you never know until you play real football games. got a bunch of guys we'll rule out on saturday that didn't play a lot of college football. we expect them to play hard and fast and do their job and do it
6:53 pm
well and excited for saturday and can't wait to get going. >> the cal bears open up at home in strawberry canyon tomorrow afternoon against u.c. davis. during the years, the bears were known for basically a ton of points but no defense at all. now they are being toted for one of the best in the country with a lot of the same guys. the secondary is spectacular. justin wilcox glad to see the progression but knows every year is different. >> those guys have done really nice job kind of taking their next step, so to speak but it's a new year. it's a new group. the chemistry is different. our strengths and weaknesses are different. i'm excited and they are too to go out there and toast oest our for the first time. college football is back and so is after the game. chris alvarez will join me. we're following the oregon auburn game. complete highlights from the top local and national games. little tennis.
6:54 pm
great athlete finishing up the second match at the u.s. open. 360 spin. and slam so finish off the match. no dunking in tennis, is there? that's like vince carter with a tennis racket and i do like the nest nestee plunge. kids remember that? it used to be a commercial, guys. on to round three. let's enjoy music, shall we? that percussion player is kind of tall. look, it's bill walton. the hall of famer. he played all five hours at a show at the tweet water music hall last night. the deads bob owns the salt water. he's on a book tour in reality. he's just wondering the country being bill walton. >> rhythm there, too. >> i'm not sure anybody has a better time day in and day out in bill walton. it's great. he had so many injuries from his
6:55 pm
nba days and went through excruciating back pain and had surgery and obviously better and doing great. >> that's great. thanks, larry. >> join us tonight for abc 7 news at 1 11:00. i'm in pleasanton where a mom says her 5-year-old son was able to squeeze through a fence and get off campus unnoticed. we're speaking to the school district. more at 11:00. coming up is "american housewife" and "fresh off the boat" followed by "what would you do" at 10:00 and "20/20" and stick around, jimmy kimmel live comes on at 11:35. a few thoughts about what really matters. i'll watch my language but i'm about to do trash talking. calling people out for a serious problem that is completely unacceptable and yet, we've become so used to it we hardly notice anymore. the trash talking i'm talking about is trash. it's everywhere and an eyesore and a blight in our communities.
6:56 pm
i've done reporting recently on abc 7 here and on my facebook page, as well. most recently the 98th avenue exit off 880 on the way to the oakland airport. it's lined with garbage and one of the last things visitors see before they fly back home. i called oakland 311 anonymously and reported it, but it's still a mess as of a few days ago. now, i'm not picking on oakland. it's a huge problem, as well in san francisco and san jose and so many of our smaller commune tips in cities, as well. you see garbage all over the place these days and it's easy to blame those who are charged with cleaning up the trash and they do need to do a better job but what matters is they wouldn't have to do so much better job and deal with so much litter if more people would act right and stop dumping their trash all over one of the most beautiful areas on the planet. it's a shame to see. i always love to hear from you.
6:57 pm
let me know what you think on twitter and facebook at dan ashly, abc 7. >> you care about this so much you went back and you'll stay on top of that, right? >> absolutely. it's too bad. it's all over the place. it's a shame to see. >> it's good you reminded us of our individual responsibility. >> can't litter, of >> iappreciate your time. we'll see you again at 11:00. ...6, 7, 8 ♪ ♪ ♪ big dreams start with small steps... ...but dedication can get you there. so just start small... start saving. easily set, track and control your goals right from the chase mobile® app. ♪ ♪ chase. make more of what's yours®.
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six captains. ♪ twelve teammates. eighteen of the most celebrated "jeopardy!" players have been invited back to play again... but this time, as members of a team. and now the $1 million... here is your host--alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny gilbert. and thank you, ladies and gentlemen. good to have you with us. i'm not going to begin today's program by telling you that this tournament is a rather complex affair. let me just say it this way. welcome to the second round of the first half of match number two. [ laughter ] yeah, i think i got that right. a little while ago, just before we came on the air,
7:00 pm
our teams gathered backstage to develop their strategy for today and to determine which players will come out and play the double jeopardy! round. for team julia... [ cheers and applause ] representing team austin... [ applause ] and for team ken... [ applause ] gentlemen, you were watching the jeopardy! round yesterday. matt, you saw your team captain get off to a good start. he dazzled austin rogers with the speed on the signaling device. seth, team julia, you guys came up with $5,600. roger, team austin, is at $2,800. matt, you have a bit of an advantage, don't you, at $9,800? we'll see if it carries through in this round. we'll begin it right after this. ♪


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