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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  October 1, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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tonight, the guilty verdict. the dallas police officer accused of murder after shooting and killing her neighbor, saying she walked into his apartment mistaking it as her own, found guilty of murder. tearful in court, as the shooting victim's mother puts her arms in the air. major new developments at this hour in the impeachment inquiry. that phone call between president trump and the t ide pr mike pompeo was on the call, too. and the breaking headline just in tonight. the violent images coming in from hong kong this evening. for the first time, an officer firing his gun at a protester, wounding him in the chest. riot police clashing with pro-democracy demonstrators. the tornado watches here at home across several states at this hour, and the record-breaking heat coming to the east tomorrow. ginger times this out. searching for swimmers
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missing off a new york city beach tonight. the frightening scene on home surveillance. a woman banging on a neighbor's door for help, a man seen dragging her away by her hair as she screams. tonight, where they found her alive. alarming video this evening in new york city. a visitor climbing in the lion's den, appearing to taunt the lion. hillary clinton on "gma" is asked today, what's the gutsiest thing she's ever done? and her eye-opening answer about her marriage. and prince harry and duchess meghan suing a british tabloid, and tonight, the stunning letter. what he says about his mother, princess diana, and now his fear for meghan. good evening and it's great to have you with us here on a very busy tuesday night. and we begin tonight with the guilty verdict in a dallas courtroom. a former police officer convicted of murder in the shooing death of her neighbor after entering his apartment. she had said she thought it was her own. the judge reading amber guyger's verdict aloud.
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the jury swiftly reaching a unanimous decision. the mother of the shooting victim then raising her arms.d . the former officer, amber guyger, weeping quietly, sitting alone in court. abc's marcus moore leads us off now from dallas tonight. >> reporter: it took the jury less than five hours to reach a decision. >> we the jury unanimously find the defendant, amber guyger, guilty of murder. >> reporter: a burst of emotion following the swift il verdict. botham jean's mother throwing her hands in the air. for her, a moment of victory in the face of a deep loss. amber guyger, a former dallas police officer, holding a tissue, her head dngpiip slightly. one officer appearing to console her afterwards. outside the courtroom, cheers and applause. >> this is a huge victory, not only for the family of botham jean, but as his mother, allison, told me a moment ago, this is a victory for black people in america. >> reporter: the diverse jury made up men and women of different ethnicities had three choices -- murder, meaning amber guyger, who testified she thought it was
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her apartment, in fact intended to kill botham jean seconds after she walked through his door. manslaughter, that she acted recklessly when she pulled the trigger. or acquittal. prosecutors said jean was sitting on the couch eating ice cream and watching tv when guyger walked in. >> he was yelling, "hey, hey, hey." and i yelled at him, like, "let me see your hands, let me see your hands." >> reporter: a key moment in the week-long trial where guyger wept at times may have hinged on whether she gave verbal commands to jean that night. >> not one of them heard you say that. >> well, it's because you didn't say it. >> reporter: the jury also unmoved by a late curveball from the judge. an instruction allowing them to consider the castle doctrine. the defense pushing throughout the trial that because guyger thought she was in her own home, she was allowed to defend it. tonight, the sentencing phase impact since she lost her son a
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year ago. >> i cannot sleep. i cannot eat. it's just been the most terrible time for me. >> marcus moore with us live from dallas again tonight. you've been following the case since the beginning. and marcus, that former officer facing now between 5 and 99 years behind bars? >> reporter: yeah, david. the jury has a wide range of time from which to choose, and they will consider everything from guyger's work history to text messages that some are describing as racially insensitive that were just entered into evidence late today, along with character witnesses. people who will testify in guyger's support. this phase of the trial could last several more days. david? >> marcus moore leading us off tonight. thank you. there are also major developments tonight in the impeachment inquiry. we learned today that secretary of state mike pompeo was also on that phone call with president trump and the president of ukraine. the secretary of state pompeo said he did not know much about the whistle-blower's complaint about that call in an interview with our martha raddatz just days before it was made public. tonight, the secretary of state himself now drawn into this
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investigation, and trying to block colleagues from the state department from testifying. democrats warn, that would be obstruction. and here's abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl. >> reporter: secretary of state mike pompeo, traveling in italy, dodged questions today about whether he was on the call that triggered an impeachment inquiry. >> mr. secretary, do you have any comment on reports you're on the july 25th call with president zelensky? >> reporter: in that call, president trump asked president zelensky of ukraine to, quote, "do us a favor" and investigate a debunked csponiry actheo about democrats. he also asked zelensky to investigate joe biden and his son, hunter.s withholding nearly $400 million in military aid to ukraine. the call was the focus of the whistle-blower complaint alleging abuse of power by the president. interview with abc news, secretary pompeo was evasive when asked about the call. >> what do you know about those conversations?
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>> so, you just gave me a report about a whistle-blower complaint, none of which i've seen. >> reporter: four days later, when the whistle-blower complaint was made public, pompeo suggested he was still in the dark. >> i haven't had a chance to actually read the whistle-blower complaint yet. >> reporter: but abc news has confirmed pompeo was, in fact, listening in on the president's call with ukraine.atl onar t tle- blower's complaint. he also alleges the president's personal attorney, rudy giuliani, was engaging in talks with ukrainian officials and that state department officials were trying to, quote, "contain the damage to national security." house democrats have demd d deao state department officialshis week. but today, pompeo rebuffed the request, at least for now, calling it "an attempt to intimidate, bully and treat improperly the distinguished professionals of the department of state."
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democrats say that amounts to obstruction, calling on the secretary of state to "immediately cease intimidating department witnessn iesorr deto protect himself and the president." >> to the best of my knowledge and from what i've seen so far, each of the actions that were undertaken by state department officials was entirely appropriate. >> reporter: tonight, many questions remain unanswered. giuliani has insisted everything he did was at the behest of mike pompeo's state department. >> i have uncovered corruption that this washington swamp has been covering up, effectively, for years. and his state department, you know, asked me to do this. >> repter: house democrats say they will also likely want giuliani to testify. will he agree to it? >> oh, i don't know. i'm weighing the alternatives. i'm -- i'll kind of, like, go through it. i'll get all my evidence together, i'll get my charts. i don't know if they'll let me use video tapes and tape recordings that i have. >> jon karl live at the white house tonight. jon, we do know tonight that rudy giuliani has hired a lawyer of his own, a former watergate prosecutor.
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and jo secretary of state mike pompeo, as i mentioned, trying to block house democrats from state depaeartngment officials, tonight, you're now learning one of those officials has decided he will sit down with lawmakers this week? >> reporter: the official is ambassador kurt volker. he was the state department's envoy to ukraine and he resigned abruptly last week, shortly after the release of the whistle-blower's complaint. we are also learning of a new development tonight, sources tell abc news that the state department's internal watchdog will ben capitol hill tomorrow giving what sources call an urgent briefing to house and senate staffers, a briefing, we are told, is related to the ukraine matter. david? >> several fast-moving developments. you'll follow it again for us rrow. thank you, president trump, meanwhile, tweeting he is entitled to interview the whistle-blower, while also dismissing that person's complaint as second-hand formation.
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even though the transcript of the phone call made public by the white house mirrors much of the complaint. and tonight, a leading republican saying the he oenwhisr tlwhe-itowe hobluser correspondent cecilia vega now. >> reporter: president trump today said not only is he entitled to know the whistle-blower's identity, he now also wants to interview the person. the president tweeting, "why aren't we entitled to interview and learn everything about the whistle-blower and also the person who gave all the false information to him." the president has been steadily turning up the heat. mr. president, do you now know who the whistle-blower is, sir? >> well, we're trying to find out about a whistle-blower, when you have a whistle-blower that reports things that were incorrect. >> reporter: but today, a public defended the whistle-blower, saying, "this person appears to have followed the whistle-blower protection laws and ought to be heard out and protected. uninformed speculation is counterproductive and doesn't serve the country." the president and his allies have attacked the whistle-blower's credibility, claiming the person relied on second-hand information.
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>> the entire whistle-blower complaint is based on hearsay. >> reporter: but the intelligence community's inspector general, who w appointed by president trump, says that is not true. he says the whistle-blower filed the complaint claiming to have erand/or direct knowledge of events or records involved," in addition to information from other people. the inspector general says that's one of the reasons he found the complaint "credible." and, indeed, the whistle-blower's own description of that conversation between president trump and the president of ukraine matches the record of the call released by the white house. >> and cecilia, you've reported the whistle-blower's lawyer has said the president's words are putting his client at risk. >> reporter: yeah, david, they say they have serious concerns for their client's personal safety. house investigators, you know, have reached a deal to meet with this whistle-blower. as democrats say they want to take every precaution to protect the person's identity. a date for this meeting has not yet been set, david. >> all right, cecilia vega, our thanks to you again tonight. and this evening, much of the east is now bracing for record-breaking heat tomorrow.
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record highs are possible from north carolina all the way up to new york. that heat ahead of a line of storms and tornado watches tonight. chief meteorologist ginger zee tracking it all again tonight for us. hey, ginger. dozens of cities have reached their hottest september on record, from dallas to dayton, it includes indianapolis and new orleans who, by the way, both had their hottest october temperatures ever on record today. so, the numbers just keep growing. and they're going to stick with us tomorrow. 98, nashville, 95, baltimore. but it is winter-like behind that front. we focus on the northeast because tomorrow, that's where the heat focuses. it's 98 for richmond. i think philadelphia could break a record at 93. let's go ahead and see what's happening along that front, because it's tornadic already. tornado warnings have been popping from kansas to iowa. flash flood watches from michigan back to new mexico. this front, as it slows down, could squeeze out two to four inches of rain. david? >> a nation of extremes tonight. ginger, thank you. to the alarming images coming in from hong kong this evening. pro-democracy demonstrators clashing with police. and today, for the first time,
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riot police shooting at a protester, hitting him in the chest, wounding him. abc's senior foreign correspondent ian pannell is right there. >> reporter: tonight, anger boiling over, as protesters in hong kong marked china's 70-year communist milestone with molotov cocktails and face-to-face combat with police. the clashes spilling into neighborhoods across the city. police are suddenly opening fire with rubber bullets, tear gas and a water cannon that's laced with pepper spray. some of the reets clubbed violently in broad daylight by multiple riot police. some officers beaten in return. police, bloodied, appearing to lose control, massively outnumbered at times. this officer firing at point-blank range, hitting a teenage protester stight in it marks the first time since this four-month struggle began that a protester has been shot with live ammunition. the scenes of violence here on the streets, petrol bombs being thrown, police replying with
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tear gas. they've even fired live rounds into the air. the citizens of this chinese territory were told not to march today, but they came out in droves. tonight, 25 officers recovering from injuries, more than 180 protesters arrested and millions in this city now wondering how this ends. president trump tweeted his congratulations to china today on its 70th anniversary, but he made no mention of hong kong. but the gulf between some of the people and the police is now so dangerously wide here, it's going to be hard to ignore. david? >> ian pannell in hong kong again for us. thank you. next tonight, the alleged kidnapping at a front door in california. home surveillance showing a woman banging on a neighbor's door, pleading for help. police say her estranged r away. they studied that video and where they rescued her. here's abc's kayna whitworth. >> no! >> reporter: tonight, the man in this video is behind bars. the terrifying attack captured
5:44 pm
on the neighbor's doorbell camera. police say the woman was running from her estranged boyfriend. she's kicking and screaming as the man grabs her hair, violently drags her away and threatens to kill her. >> get up or i'll kill you. >> reporter: it happened in this neighborhood in arcadia, california, just before midnight sunday. police got the video on monday and moved in, rescuing the womat michael mendez, who police say was holding the woman against her will in his home. the video was turned over to police by the homeowner in this case, but the company ring has o-deviinarshlag more than 400 police departments across the country. what they call the new neighborhood watch. and david, mendez was booked on charges including attempted murder, kidnapping and false imprisonment. the woman was so badly hurt she had to be taken to the hospital. david? >> kayna whitworth, thank you. prince harry and duchess meghan are suing a british tabloid tonight for publishing a
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private letter that the paper claimed meghan wrote to her father after he missed the wedding. prince harry and his words making news tonight about his mother, princess diana, and what he now fears for meghan. abc's maggie rulli traveling with the royals in johannesburg. >> reporter: tonight, prince harry is lashing out at the brish tabloids, as he and his wife, meghan, wrap up their african tour. issuing a blistering statement about how the tabloid press treats her, writing their behavior "destroys people and destroys lives. put simply, it is bullying, which scares and silences people." harry announced a lawsuit against associated newspapers and their publication, "the mail," on sunday, accusing them of unlawfully publishing a private letter sent by meghan to her father. >> for harry to launch this statement in the middle of a royal tour is an unprecedented moment for a member of the royal family. >> reporter: harry, who has evoked memories of his mother, princess diana, on this trip, on a tour through a mine field, also did so in his statement, referring to the night in paris when she died a car crash,
5:46 pm
chased by paparazzi, saying, "my deepest fear is history i lost my mother and now i watcc ." "the mail" on sunday says it stands by its story and will de >> maggie, thank you. and the developing headline involving north korea at this hour. they have reportedly launched short range projectiles towards the sea of japan. the lau com tamenc day the u.s. and north korea announced plans to meet this weekend to resume nuclear negotiations. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this tuesday. here in new york city, the urgent search at this hour for swimmers missing off of a beach. also tonight, alarming video li's den, appearing to taunt ta ge tonight.ngot. only this time, it was actually recorded, because the car had cameras. well, the father posting this, seen more than 100,000 times. now they are searching for that woman.
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we turn next tonight to the stunning moment at the bronx zoo here in new york city. a woman climbing into the lion's den. here's gio benitez. >> reporter: tonight, shocking video from inside the bronx zoo. a woman climbs into the lion's exhibit and starts dancing, taunting a male lion as it looks on from just feet away. >> she shouldn't be doing that. >> reporter: the dangerous incident happened saturday. a visitor at the zoo recording videos and posting them on instagram. >> it's pretty ridiculous. like, it's like you want to go into danger. even if they are taken care of, they're still wild animals. >> reporter: there was a moat between the woman and the lion, but the zoo says it was a "serious violation and ufuawnl l es resulted in serious injury or death." luckily, the lion did not attack. and david, tonight, we don't know who the woman is, but the zoo is filing a criminal trespass complaint with police, who are working to identify her. david? >> gio, thank you. when we come back, the
5:50 pm
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for your worst sore throat pain try vicks vapocool drops. it's not candy, it's powerful relief. ahhhhhh! vaporize sore throat pain with vicks vapocool drops. to the index. and the search for two missing swimmers off new york city. the teenagers disappearing near rockawayeach. police, firefighters and lifeguards are on the scene with helicopters, boats, scuba divers. a third swimmer has been rescued. the car vandal suspect wanted in broomfield, colorado, tonight.
5:53 pm
the father who said he parked his tesla at his daughter's school, but the car is equipped with nine built-in cameras, showing this woman appearing to key the entire car.. and hillary clinton's very personal answer this morning on "gma." secretary clinton and her daughter chelsea and their new collaboration, "the book of gutsy women." amy robach asking secretary clinton the gutsiest thing she's ever done. >> can i ask you, what's the gutsiest thing you've ever done? >> ah, boy, i think the gutsiest thing i've ever done, well, personally, make the decision to stay in my marriage. publicly, politically, run for president. and keep going. just get up every day and keep going. >> i love it. chelsea, how about you? >> oh, goodness. i think -- i'm so overwhelmed by my mother's answer that i'm a bit out of words. >> the moment this morning left chelsea moved. mother and daughter coauthoring that book, "the book of gutsy women." when we come back here tonight, the army vet with no surviving family -- until today.
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finally, america strong. the army veteran, the obituary and strangers answering the call. this is 80-year-old u.s. army veteran edward k. pearson, and his itua in e nepape ended with these words -- "this veteran has no immediate family, all are welcome to attend." and today, on the day of his funeral, we witnessed something extraordinary. hundreds came to celebrate a man who they did not know but who they wanted to honor. at the sarasota national cemetery in florida, this group carrying in american flags. others laying flowers. reaching out to touch the veteran's urn. the honor guard folding the american flag, and there was one man who perhaps said it best.
5:58 pm
>> it shows that americans still care. and we still have a special empathy for mankind. >> reporter: one by one, mourners stepped up to the podium. >> when i first heard about him on the news, that he had no family -- well, that broke my heart. >> i couldn't think of a better way to spend a day than to come and honor this veteran. thank you. >> reporter: and then, the veteran's neighbor who told all of the strangers who had gathered how proud ed would be. >> if ed were here today and saw all this for him, he would cry, he would laugh and he'd salute. >> we all honor u.s. army vet ed pearson. i'm davi
5:59 pm
it will be up to voters to decide. >> and you've heard the phrase life after death. well for one woman who lived on was the cost of the contract with her television company. 7 on your side michael finney helps her put the family at ease. >> announcer: now from abc 7, live breaking news. ou y where the breaking news happened. a hit-an-run crash that claimed a woman's life and sent her 4-year-old niece to the hospital. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm kristen zse. the aunt was walking her niece home from school when they were hit. oakland police are still looking for the driver responsible. >> lisa is live from the scene on foothill boulevard by 22nd avenue. lisa? >> reporter: dan, a family is in mourning at this hour. they're here at the intersection trying to just take in what happened. the crash happened in this
6:00 pm
intersection to my right and to my left over here is a small altar set up in honor of 45-year-old hon jung. incense and plate are laid out. a mother of two and a wife. she and her 4-year-old niece ali were walking home from garfield elementary school at the corner of 22nd and foothill boulevard when they were hit. the little girl is in stable condition at children's hospital and suffered injuries to h stomach and head. jung was pronounced dead at the scene. >> she was a very sweet person. she loved to cook and she was a stay-at-home mom so she cared about us every day she would be there and now she's not any more. >> reporter: she would often pick up ali from preschool at 11:00 a.m. and it happened around 11:20


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