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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  October 6, 2019 7:00am-7:59am PDT

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tickle my elbow! no thank you. try my really big chicken sandwich combos. starting at $4.99. good morning, america. president trump lashing out at his critics calling for senator mitt romney's impeachment. the president saying his own impeachment inquiry is a fraud as he takes aim at the utah senator while democrats launch on the campaign trail their own attacks. essentially what we've got here is a walking indictment walking in a red tie. >> what mike pompeo is promising from the state department and the depositions from top diplomats scheduled for the week ahead. breaking news, at least nine people shot with at least four dead in a bar shooting in kansas city, kansas. detectives gathering evidence as they try to figure out how this all started. breaking overnight oktoberfest explosions.
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a transformer erupting into a fireball. >> you could see the fire roll up from the sides of the building.t plrt sent running for the battle royal. a british tabloid pushing back after the duke and duchess of sussex file a lawsuit with meghan's dad now revealing why he went public with his daughter's very personal letter. and survival tale. the dog trapped under rubble from hurricane dorian pulled out alive weeks later. >> how he has survived is a miracle. >> how he was spotted in the massive destruction. all right. i kind of want that dog. >> what a story that is. >> how cute. rob marciano has that story coming up. good morning, happy sunday. just to be clear our show is only one hour today. we're now on for two hours on saturdays. but until further notice sundayo
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pack into this one hour. we're covering the latest on the fast-moving impeachment story. president trump taking to twitter defending hims ing th impeachment of a member of his party? >> and that is coming up. but we want a shooting at a kansas city bar overnight leaving four people dead. others rushed to the hospital. abc's stephanie ramos is here with the very latest. stephanie, good morning.orr: wh. this is all unfolding as we speak. investigators are currently on the scene. authorities are searching for a suspect. they say agents with the atf are also joining the investigation. the search is on for a killer after police say a man walked into a kansas city bar overnight and opened fire. at least nine people were shot. four of them killed. >> we went inside. we found four hispanic males that had been shot and were deceased. outside we located five more victims who were all transported to local hospitals. >> reporter: first responders racing to save the injured who
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were rushed to the hospital. all are in stable condition. police say the chaos unfolded just after 1:00 a.m. at the tequila kc bar. located at tenth and central. investigators are now interviewing witnesses and searching for any surveillance video. again, guys, no one is in custody at this time. we'll be following this throughout the day. >> stephanie ramos, thank you. we want to bring in abc news consultant and ex-fbi special agent brad garrett. good morning, brad. >> good morning. >> this investigation is just starting. the police are waiting to get into the bar. no suspect as you heard stephanie mention in custody. what are police doing to i.d. the shooter? >> two things. one, interviewing the people that survived, were in or near the bar. the second is to pull all the surveillance video in the bar, outside the bar and the surrounding streets. because obviously the shooter either arrived in a car or he walked. >> historically shooters don't flee the scene of mass shootings like this. what does this tell
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investigators about this particular shooter? >> maybe a different motive. if you look at mass shootings across the board, a large percentage either shoot themselves or the police shoot them. nikolas cruz at parkland was an example of somebody who did plea the scene. we'll have to see what his motive is. but clearly in shooting and then escaped. so maybe a whole different mind-set potentially as to what drove him to commit the shooting. >> brad garrett, thank you this morning from washington this morning. the impeachment battle not taking the weekend off. president trump firing off a series of angry tweets attacking both the democrats and a prominent member of his own party. matt dodd is standing by with analysis. but we're going to begin our coverage here with abc's david wright who is right there at the white house. david, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. we begin with some news. abc news confirmed the existence of a second whistle-blower prepared to corroborate the story of the first whistle-blower. that person's lawyer tells abc
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news that this second whistle-blower has direct knowledge of some of the allegations contained in the complaint. the complaint which, of course, touched off this impeachment inquiry. the existence of a second whi with direct knowledge of the president is significant because it challenges one of the main assertions trump has repeatedly made in his own defense. >> if you look at the whi's complaint is totally inaccurate because the conversation i had is absolutely perfect and most people who read it say the same thing. the whistle-blower never saw the conversation. >> reporter: the lawyer representing both whistle-blowers tells abc news his new client was interviewed by inspector general michael atkinson who followed up on the initial complaint. atkinson told house investigators last week the second whistle-blower's story corroborated key details. that's one of the reasons the initiaet mmentebu the president
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continues to lash out at his critics. this weekend that includes a member of his own party. calling mitt romney pomp mouse with a capital including this, he is a fool who is playing right into the hands of the do-nothing democrats. #impeachmittromney. romney's offense, calling trump out for this comment thursday. >> china should start an investigation into the bidens. >> reporter: romney had tweeted, the president's brazen and unprecedented appeal to china and to ukraine to investigate joe biden is wrong and appalling. he's the first republican senator to criticize trump's conduct directly. last night susan collins of maine cautiously joined romney. collins, who faces a tough re-election fight, called the president's appeal to china completely inappropriate, but wouldn't say whether trump was
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out of line pressuring ukraine to investigate the bidens. members of congress in both parties have been lying low during this recess trying to see which way the wind blows but now they're being pushed to take a stand. democrats want to exploit the fact that many republicans are reluctant to criticize the president. they hope to use that in their effort to retake the senate. meanwhile, the white house is pushing for a full house vote on impeachment in part to force democrats running in trump-friendly districts to go on the record supporting impeachment, dan. >> it is very tricky bring in matthew dowd. some wavering republicans may think i don't want to go through what mitt is going through. >> it has been his strategy all
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along any time anybody goes against him, i saw where mitt romney's response to this attack, this trick or tweet by the president was sending out a picture of him and his wife and his grandkids in a pumpkin patch in the course of this. i think the problem donald trump has with this, if the house impeaches, it goes to the senate and mitt romney literally is a juror in the senate to decide his fate. and my thought is always you don't attack the jurors in such a way. they're going to make the decision on your case. >> let's talk about secretary of state mike pompeo. we saw him speaking a little bit in david wright's piece there and he came out yesterday and said essentially, yes, the president did request that the leader of the ukraine investigate joe biden, but it wasn't about politics. we don't care about biden so much. it's about fighting corruption. let's take a listen to what he said. >> we know exactly what we were doing there. we were trying to create a situation where it wouldn't be a corrupt government. right?
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we wanted to make sure that they didn't interfere in our election for 2016. we wanted to make sure that if we underwrote javelin missile systems, something that the previous administration refused to do, we wanted to make sure that we werehis with a government that was straight up. >> they're saying it's about corruption, not politics. do you buy that? >> no. i mean, it strains total credibility on this. first they asked the president if he's ever wanted to investigate anybody else other than his political opponent. he said we'll have to look into that. i'll have to get back to you on that. and keep in mind one thing, dan, the president's campaign chairman is a convicted felon. the president's vice chairman is a convicted felon. his head of the nsc is a convicted felon. and his lawyer was a convicted felon, so if he really wanted to attack corruption, you would think he would start it in his own camp. >> if you look at the five thirty eight polling arm, average, the president's approval rating hasn't gone down that much in the wake of the ukraine story. is there a way in which being attacked by his base could this help him with his base? >> the fascinating thing about donald trump since inauguration
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day is his job approval has been exceedingly stable. it doesn't rise very much or doesn't fall very much. stays around 40%. improving economy, it doesn't go up. when all these controversies hit him, it doesn't go down. he has a very stable level opp carries into 2020. the democrats need to be careful about that because it's solid and stable support throughout. >> matth dodd, great to have you on a saturday on a saturday and sunday this morning. >> great to be here. >> thanks again. tune in to "this week" later on. george stephanopoulos is going to speak with two of the house leaders deeply embroiled in this impeachment battle. democratic hakeem jeffries and republican jim jordan. plus, the powerhouse roundtable of which matthew dowd is a part will discuss impeach and the 2020 race all coming up on "this week" later this morning on abc. whit, over to you. >> we want to turn to breaking news overnight. oktoberfest celebrations turning into chaos when a transformer blew sending a fireball into the sky. abc's kayna whitworth joins us from huntington beach, california, with more. kayna, good morning. >> reporter: hey, whit, good morning.
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so you can see behind me workers are trying to actually replace that trants former that explodes shooting some 70 feet into the air during the oktoberfest that was happening right here. now, i spoke with these festival hall owners. they said they had to evacuate some thousand people and it was really the quick thinking of the restaurant owner that saved them. overnight a california oktoberfest celebration rocked by an apparent transformer explosion, sending that massive fireball into the sky in huntington beach. >> you could see the fire roll up from the sides of the building. >> we could feel the heat of the flame like on our foreheads. >> reporter: festivalgoers say they saw multiple explosions. and people started running. >> that man pulled me out of the booth. and then that's where the final explosion was. >> reporter: the owner of the festival hall alerted people to a strange smell and immediately started evacuating people. his sister speaking exclusively
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with "good morning america." your brother escorts the fire department down to look at the transformer. and that's when the explosion happened. >> because the minute he went to go open the door and said it's right over here and turned right when that happened, that first explosion hit him. he caught on fire. >> reporter: the first calls coming in just after 8:00 p.m. local time. officials rushing to the scene. [ sirens ] >> affirmative. we have several of our crew members burned. give me five ambulances for now. >> reporter: pat brassis was at the festival describing to "gma" the shear moment of panic. >> throughout the chaos as people were running by and the security guards were screaming at people to get towards the nearest exit, so i just grabbed my fiancee's hand. we started heading out the door of the event center. that's when the second explosion happened. >> reporter: officials now investigating what caused that underground electrical vault to explode. >> they were guided to an underground vault by a security
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guard. when they went to open to access to see what's going on, one explosion. electrical fires, vault explosions, they create a lot of energy. there's a lot of energy potential, a lot of heat. >> reporter: this really could have been so much worse so right now the restaurant owner is in the hospital with second and third degree burns. that's to his torso and his head. he was taken to the hospital along with two other civilians and two firefighters. and, eva, right now power is still out to this entire area. >> lucky it wasn't a lot worse. kayna whitworth for us there. well now to the latest on the campaign trail. democrat bernie sanders says he looks forward to getting back to work following a hospital stay for a heart attack. abc's rachel scott joins us from washington with more on the questions on how this could affect his run for president. good morning, rachel. >> reporter: good morning, eva. yes, senator bernie sanders still sidelined from the campaign trail, but on the road to recovery this morning. he says he's feeling great and is just very happy to be back
7:14 am
home. the senator now out of the hospital after suffering from a heart attack. his family giving him a warm welcome as he arrived back home in vermont. but it was at a campaign event in las vegas on tuesday where sanders started complaining of chest pain. he was hospitalized. and doctors performed an emergency heart surgery inserting two stents to clear up a blocked artie. the sanders campaign is looking to push past this. the senator will be on the stage for the next democratic debate on october 15th. and his campaign has already resumed a milln dollar advertising push in iowa. sanders is the oldest candidate in the race at 78 years old. and i can tell you, i have caught up with the senator on the campaign trail. he often packs a lot into the day. it's unclear at this point if that pace can continue when he returns back to the trail. dan. >> that is a big question. rachel, thank you. really appreciate it. . we're going to turn now to some horrifying surveillance video
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released by police in san diego. it shows a mother allegedly threatening to blow up a church and pointing a gun at parishioners while holding her baby. the video shows anna conkey clutching her 10-month-old son with one arm and holding a gun in the other while shouting threats during easter sunday mass last april. churchgoers tackled the mom, safely taking the baby and then holding the woman until police arrived. conkey has pleaded not guilty to several charges including child abuse and making criminal threats. in maine a man and three children have gone missing off the coast of kennebunkport. the four of them were reportedly aboard a 14-foot boat yesterday morning and were seen wearing life jackets. the u.s. coast guard receiving a mayday call from that boat in which the man describes what is happening. >> mayday, mayday, children are in the water now and i got to bail out. and we're just all going to
7:16 am
huddle together and i'm going to try to get us back on the top of the jon boat. the jon boat is flipped over at this time. >> terrifying call there. the u.s. coast guard and crews from nearby towns spent saturday searching for those boaters. now to a tragic development following the trial of a former dallas police officer convicted of murdering her neighbor. a man who lived across the hall from the victim and testified at the trial was shot dead. abc's kaylee hartung is here with this story. good morning to you, kaylee. >> reporter: good morning, eva. so much emotion ran through the courtroom during amber guyger's trial. joshua brown, he testified through tears describing what he heard of the confrontation and the gunshots that killed his neighbor. now police are searching to find his killer and anyone who witnessed it. >> be advised that this looks like we have one on the ground. >> reporter: this morning, investigators searching for the gunman who killed a key witness in the trial of former dallas police officer amber guyger who was convicted last week of
7:17 am
murdering her neighbor botham . anthen a double tap after that. i looked outside and we saw the victim right there laying down and that was it. >> reporter: 27-year-old joshua brown gunned down in this dallas parking lot. >> mr. brown, please have a seat. >> reporter: just days ago, brown provided critical testimony for the prosecution during guyger's trial getting emotional at times as he remembered his neighbor jean. the accountant was killed while he washiayn ig arshaps e t tm thought jean was an intruder. >> i thought it was my apartment. i thought it was my apartment. >> do you recall ever hearing someone saying, hey, put your hands up in a loud tone? >> no. no, ma'am. >> or show me your hands? >> no, ma'am. >> looks like it was a silver sedan that looks like it was fleeing from the locate. >> reporter: dallas police now focus on finding brown's killer in a community already reeling in the aftermath of botham jean's death. guyger was sentenced wednesday to ten years in prison. it's well short of the maximum 99 years that she could have received. an attorney for botham jean's
7:18 am
family now saying brown deserves the same justice that he sought to ensure the jean family.d not this point. kaylee, thank you. really appreciate it. . we're going to switch gears now and check the forecast. for that our friend robert is here. what's going on, man? >> glad to be back. eva you're a legend down there in gator -- >> oh, yeah, right. >> florida gators winning over auburn. >> it was a stressful game and it was homecoming. they needed to win. >> big deal. good to be back. i want to share some video. it's that time of year. we want to show the fall foliage. the aspens are aglow there. we speed it up and here are the aspens all aglow there in telluride, colorado. it won't be long before the lifts will be running with some white on the ground and we'll be shredding the gnar as we like to say. little bit of snow expected in the mountains of northern rockies perhaps, not like we had last week. this front pushing towards the east. this is going to throw up some rain and some showers, rumbles of thunder as well from missouri up through pittsburgh later on today and then slowly make its
7:19 am
way towards the east. this will impact some of the commutes during the morning hours tomorrow and in the afternoon. pretty slow-moving fronts. the i-95 corridor will be wet going all the way into tuesday. as far as how much rain we expect to see, not a whole lot on the east coast but more intense, i think, through the tennessee valley. so this will be two to three inches of rain expected in these areas, and that is ushering in some much needed cooler air especially in the southeast. an unprecedented heat wave for fall. temperatures finally getting out of the 90s in baton rouge and birmingham and atlanta into the 70s. that's going to feel nice. that's a quick check across the ed. good sunday morning. i'm lisa argen. waking up to clear and calm conditions at the lower elevations, but gusty winds continue for the next several hours. our red flag warning for the north bay hills through about 10:00. another warm to hot day with temperatures well above average and a spare he air alert. east bay and south bay
7:20 am
communjose, 91 in >> my shoulder is a little tight from doing that gator chomp. >> you got to rotate sometimes. >> oh really? okay. >> by the way, "gameday" is heading to baton rouge as they take on the tigers, also undefeated. i hear rumors i might be there again. >> should be fun. >> it was a lot of fun yesterday. >> do they have some sort of move that doesn't require so much deltoid work? >> i hope so. i'll be researching that over the next six days. >> thank you, rob. great job yesterday. fun to have you back. simone biles wowing the world yet again, and janai is here with or on that. what's going on? >> we know she's amazing. she wowed the crowd in germany. making the almost impossible look way too easy. the 22-year-old nailing her beam routine with her signature dismount wi
7:21 am
dismount, the double double. ists now commonly known as the biles. on the floor once again showing why she's considered the greatest gymnast of our time. that's her other signature move, the biles two, a triple double which is a double back flip with three twists. yeah, count them right there. >> you need to slow it down to count them. >> needless to say, biles came out on top in floor and beam. those are two moves that are commonly now known as the biles and biles two. >> it's amazing. >> how many people get multiple moves named after them? >> right and so they're not officially named after her yet. the governing body of gymnastics has to approve that but why wouldn't they? >> i had the pleasure of watching her and covering her in rio, 2016. it's just amazing to see in person. slo-mo is cool. in person is even better. she's incredible. all right, thank you, janai. still ahead on "gma," the death of a young man in a car crash has now become an international incident. how an american woman's diplomatic immunity is playing into the case. a dog buried three weeks in the rubble after hurricane dorian in the bahamas, now
7:22 am
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"abc 7 mornings" all news all morning. >> good morning. i'm kate larsen. it's very exciting the official start of fleet week here in san francisco. the blue angels scheduled to arrive this ening at oakland international airport at 6:00 p.m. fleet week includes art exhibits and navy band concerts around
7:28 am
the city and then finishes, of course, with those amazing air shows we all look forward to that will happen next weekend in the marina. we have a complete schedule of fleet week events on our website and lisa, it always seems like so o weaerom just inet tf a l ooa70s and 80 camera. you don't see the wind here in the upper elevations, 51 redwood city, look for upper 70s at our beaches to near 90s inland with a spare the air alert. kate. >> thank you for joining us. the news continues now with "good morning america."
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7:30 am
wow. >> i know, crazy, right? welcome back to "gma." take a look at these frightening moments as a deer comes crashing through a hair salon in long island. it doesn't look like a deer. that's a hair salon. the deer hitting a customer. you see her, she was sitting there on the couch. just sitting, boom. before it comes out and goes again, this time using the door for an exit. the woman on the couch was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. thankfully she's not more hurt. >> you can see the guy has the cape on trying to be heroic. >> got to be a superhero. >> the deer is like give me a curling iron. >> more like a flat iron. >> anyway, yeah, crazy video there. now to some of the other big stories we're following this morning.
7:31 am
rap be right now, a deadly bar shooting in kansas city overnight. at least nine meme were shot. authorities say the five injured are now in stable condition. . also happening right now in much lighter news, the pun not intended, the 48th annual albuquerque international balloon fiesta has begun. as you can see, there's a lot of fog there that kept a lot of the 580 plus balloons grounded on saturday. some of the smaller balloons did make it up. the fiesta attracts pilots and tourists from all over the world. it will go on until next sunday. >> they can blame rob for the bad weather. >> i've always wanted to go to that fiesta. it looks beautiful. >> tell the bosses. maybe they'll send you next year, right? >> careful what you wish for. >> yes, exactly. we start this morning with the outrage in britain, the wife of a u.s. diplomat is reportedly expected in a fatal car crash and now she's left the country claiming diplomatic immunity. abc's stephanie ramos is here with more. good morng, stephanie. >> eva, good morning. british police say they were about to arrest and formally interview the american woman
7:32 am
accused of crashing into the young brit, but police now say that woman has left the uk and is believed to be back here in the u.s. >> reporter: this morning a grieving family in the uk is at the center of an international diplomatic incident. the parents of 19-year-old harry dunn killed in a head-on crash this past august say they can't believe the suspect, a 42-year-old american woman, the wife of an american diplomat claimed diplomatic immunity leaving the country legally while in the middle of an investigation. >> how is she living with herself doing this? how can you just be like that. just get on a plane and go. >> reporter: british media reports the woman, who has not been identified, was driving out of an american spy base in the uk on the wrong side of the road when she crashed into the teen who was on a motorbike on the correct side of the road on his way to meet his father. british police say they were about to arrest the woman, but now she's gone. the teen's parents devastated.
7:33 am
>> i'm just utterly broken inside and out. everything hurts day and night. >> reporter: the state department telling abc news we express our deepest sympathies and offer condolences to the family of the deceased. any questions regarding a waiver of immunity with reg otod ur diplomats and their family members overseas in a case like this receive intense attention at senior levels. >> once a claim of diplomatic immunity is made and the person has left the country, there's very little that can be done to bring them back. >> appreciate police say they tried to block the woman from gaining diplomatic immunity but that request was declined by the u.s. embassy. they say they were told she already left the uk. the uk officials confirmed they called the u.s. ambassador to express the uk's disappointment with their decision urging the embassy to reconsider. >> tricky development for the relationship between these two countries. stephanie, thank you very much.
7:34 am
let's switch back to rob. another look at the forecast. what's happening? >> we'll start it off with a change of the seasons again. we went fall. let's go winter. big sky, montana, bringing in some snow. here it is. there's some pictures for you. the ski slopes will be again waiting for our boy whit to shred it, gnar it and do all - >> gnar it. >> looking at red flag warnings out across the west. no real precipitation expected here in the west for the next few days. then we'll see another front come across the pacific northwest. redding, california might see some red flag warnings today. rain across parts of the south trying to get into dover, good sunday morning. a quick warmup today as temperatures warm through the 70s and 80s throughout the afternoon. a few high clouds and numbers will be near 90s in our inland valleys. no fog tonight and a spare the air alert.
7:35 am
this weather report has been sponsored by l.l. bean. now to a remarkable story out of the hurricane zone in the bahamas. rescuers saving a dog that spent more than three weeks buried under the rubble. >> reporter: a tale of survival. concluding in a real-life miracle. >> we got you. >> reporter: that's right. this is miracle, the 1-year-old dog who was nearly crushed under a collapsed building in marsh harbour, bahamas, after dorian came roaring ashore with wind speeds of 165 miles per hour. the team at big dog ranch rescue says a heat signature was detected under a pile of debris using a drone, and when rescue workers raced over they found a malnourished male dog whose only way of survival was drinking rain water. miracle rightfully earning his live name like the fighter he is. >> this little guy was trapped underneath an ac unit and he's been there for three weeks. how he has survived is a miracle.
7:36 am
>> reporter: the foundation has been searching the island since the cat 5 storm for any signs of dogs who were separated from their families. in a statement to abc news, the organization's president and founder crediting the technology for discovering miracle saying the drones played a life-saving role. miracle's discovery is a symbol and signal of hope to everyone as the bahamas recovery and rebuilding effort begins. this morning, miracle is receiving treatment, therapy, food and water with a full recovery expected. all right. miracle couldn't be cuter. 139 dogs have been rescued by the organization so far so hats off to big dog ranch rescue. of course, there's a lot of other animal rescue organizations that are getting the dogs and animals back to their owners or having them adopted elsewhere. >> such a beautiful dog. you could see miracle's little tail wagging. >> three weeks. >> and so calm even still to have been under all that. >> yeah. coming up on "good morning america," how a boy was run over by his own school bus.
7:37 am
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welcome back to "gma." on a sunday morning. a school bus driver is charges this morning after police say she ran over one of the students she was taking home. the student is coming out to describe what exactly happened as his mother is accusing the driver of negligence. abc's trevor ault is here with more. trevor, good morning. >> dan, good morning to you. this was a brush with death for this north carolina boy. he was on his way from home. he was steps away from home and he gets dragged and run over by the school bus that he was just riding. this morning a north carolina mother furious after her son's harrowing after-school accident. ioe epped f s d my son to school ended upndneath it. >> he could have died. ledly closing the door on for ten feet and then running him over with the back tire. >> there were tire marks on my arm.
7:42 am
my veins turned red. grave dangr exiting the school bus. in 2015 thishoes shredded. >> her shoe and her sock were damaged. her foot didn't have a scratch on it. i was completely shocked. i really was. >> reporter: that same year this 7-year-old in kentucky getting her backpack stuck in the door, dragged screaming down the street. the driver unaware. >> people were all yelling trying to hit the bus. >> reporter: the bus only stopping after that red camaro chased the driver down. >> a bus driver is supposed to make sure all her kids are safe. >> reporter: today zion's mother says she thinks her son's incident was an accident but alleges the driver was negligent. >> you can't tell me you thought my kid made it over safe. >> reporter: so the bus driver has been charged with careless and reckless driving in this case. zion was taken to the hospital, with an injured wrist and elbow. he was released. he's lucky to be alive. >> looking at that video,
7:43 am
it's incredible the driver didn't notice this was happening. >> in so many instances you don't understand h trevor, thank you. still ahead on "gma," america -- that's "good morning america" -- added the extra america. since we're talking about britain here, prince harry and meghan escalating their legal battle against the british tabloids. who they're reportedly targeting now. now. ntly targeting now.
7:44 am
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oh, yeah. it feels even better when you find it for less. at ross. yes for less. i don't care where you're from, we're all just people. we want people to feel like they spent time with family. we want to create a place for more than just ourselves. we want people to feel like they spent ti♪e with family. my doors are always open. ♪ welcome back to "gma." prince harry and meghan made headlines when they launched lawsuits against the british tabloids. now an outspoken figure and possible target of a lawsuit himself is taking aim at the royal couple as meghan's father seeks to set his record straight. >> reporter: this morning a british tabloid pushing back in
7:47 am
its fight with prince harry, "the mail" on sunday publishing an interview with thomas markle live in wnds giving the now infamous letter to theaper he ga the t was the publication of that letter that led meghan to launch a lawsuit against the tabloid for breach of privacy and copyright infringement. the couple are now in legal disputes with owners of three of the major british tabloids. >> between them these newspaper groups own a huge percentage of the print titles across the country and, you know, for them to be taken on at the same time by members of the royal family feels like we're in unchartered family. >> reporter: it's not yet clear how the other tabloids caught in harry's cross fire will respond. buckingham place confirmed friday that the prince is suing the owners of both "the sun" and "the mirror" for the illegal interception of voice mail messages. but details of those lawsuits slim. representatives for both papers refusing to comment and the palace tight-lipped.
7:48 am
>> the way that meghan has been covered in the media, he's clearly furious about that and we know that he sees parallels with the way that his mother was treated by the media. >> reporter: harry's move courting controversy and criticism. piers morg, a former editor of "the daily mirror," and possible target in this lawsuit sarcastically tweeting yesterday, let's all give them the privacy they purport to crave and spare them the torment of having their myriad causes get huge beneficial publicity. and piers morgan has been a vocal critic of the royal couple. he also rights for "the mail" online. the royals versus the tabloids could get even more personal. >> this has been going on for a while now. >> we'll see if they have to go actually end up going to court. >> we were talking about that yesterday. that could be unprecedented. keep it here, everybody. we'll be right back with "pop news" with janai norman. news" with janai norman. t here, everybody. we'll be right back with "pop news" with janai norman.
7:49 am
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7:53 am
"good morning america" is sponsored by geico. 15 minutes could you save you 15% or more on car insurance. all right. it's "pop." janai, what's going on? >> all right, guys, so we're going to start with the "joker." you know it came out this weekend. loads of fans at the box office. >> when you bring me out, can you introduce me as joker? >> ooh. the movie starring joaquin phoenix broke new records for an october opening. the movie is a big hit with fans. receiving an audience score of 90 on the site rotten tomatoes but critic, they're a little more divided. 70% giving it a thumbs up. still looks like a hit. >> i read some savagely negative reviews. >> the critics were bad on this one. >> but fans like it. >> joaquin's performance i heard was pretty awesome. >> i didn't read further than don't see the movie. >> that was enough. right?
7:54 am
all right, so prince george, more royal news, is growing up right before our eyes. and he just couldn't be any cuter. his family's official instagram sharing video of what's believed to be the little guy attending his first official soccer game. check that out. so excited, that adorable toothless grin as he attends the game with his mummy and daddy and sister charlotte. looks like prince william is an astin villa team. his dad's favorite team. >> looks excited. >> way too excited. >> no way around that. now to a "pop news" update. so yesterday we told you it was caturday. meow. we had three adorable kittens up for adoption in our studio. well, north shore animal league america tells us one of them, charlie, has been adopted. you remember that little guy, right, whit? >> do i? >> you were in pain. >> yep. >> the tabby was described as very chill but you may disagree. he was a little -- >> he was scared of dan's booming voice. that's what it was.
7:55 am
yeah, yeah. >> is that it? >> i don't know how i'm being blamed for this. i was not the -- >> you were a good cat dad. >> i like cats. >> charlie was adopted. but jameson and jasmine still up for grabs. >> if you're interested still contact north shore animal league america. >> cute kitties. >> jasmine was so sweet. >> the other two were happy, whit. irelects e ony heso hoing the ca >> t>> just sayi. crl energ so what will you be handing out to those little ghosts and goblins. according to, the number one favorite halloween candy, of course, reese's peanut butter cups. >> yes! >> snickers, twix and kit kat followed up behind. >> my vote. >> the most disliked goes to candy corn. >> absolutely agree. >> can you believe it? >> the only person sitting here who eats candy corn. >> no, i love candy corn. >> you do? >> yeah. >> you want some? >> rob and i both like it. >> it's like eating a vanilla flavored waxed candle. >> exactly. >> i don't know why that's a bad
7:56 am
thing. you want some? >> here we go. >> here we go. >> janai, great job. thank you. we'll be back next weekend. stay tuned for george. stay tuned for george. stay tuned for george. s. "abc 7 mornings" all news all morning. >> i'm kate larsen. your last chance to check out hardly strictly bluegrass in golden gate park. there are noticeable differences this year. extra fencing has been put up at the music festival and in order to get in visitors must go around and through for security checkpoints. restrictions are in place as to what you can bring inside the
7:57 am
event. all of the changes are in response to the deadly shooting earlier this year at the gilroy garlic festival. >> today is the san jose rock and roll half marathon. thousands of runners will hit the pavement this morning. the course runs through downtown japan town at the rose garden neighborhood and ends at plaza cesar chavez. it benefits st. jude research hospital and the money goes to help kids with cancer and other life-threatening diseases. runners step off at 8:00. good luck to everyone. lisa argen is here with a look at our very warm weather forecast. >> hey, kate, good morning to you. from mount tam a little hazy out there, the camera shaking, the upper elevation winds, the red flag warning in effect for the next several hours above 1,000 feet. 55 in san jose, nice and cool for the runners, look at the golden gate bridge. the winds are flat and later on today we will see temperatures very warm quickly. in fact, by midmorning, in petaluma. chilly out there but won't be long until we see numbers in the
7:58 am
70s around the bay. we're talking 15 to right o through about 10:00 above 1,000 feet. and that's allowed for the relative humidity to drop below 25% in the north bay. so we're watching that. we have a spare the air alert. upper 70s at the coast and the accuweather seven-day forecast, still hot tomorrow. kate? >> all right. thank you so much, lisa. hope you're having a great morning. this week with george stephanopoul in the human brain, billions of nefor people with parkinson's, some neurons change their tune, causing uncontrollable tremors.
7:59 am
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>> announcer: "this week" with george stephanopoulos starts right now. fast track. >> this is about the facts. >> we're not fooling around here. >> the impeachment inquiry intensifies. new whistle-blowers, new documents, new subpoenas. >> we've been treated unfairly. >> the president doubles down. with a new demand. >> china should start an investigation into the bidens. >> raising questions for his defenders. >> you're asking me a hypothetical. that i would rather not get into. >> the president is going to say what the president is going to do. >> a rare concession for t president. >> the democrats unfortunately have the votes. >> the investigation proceeding at a break-neck pace. will the white house delay by defying subpoenas? what new evidence will the investigation reveal? is impeachment in the house inevitable?


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