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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  October 8, 2019 3:30pm-3:58pm PDT

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tonight, breaking news as we come on the air. the itwhe late today, theydseai stakes. they're refusal, now, to cooperate with the impeachment inquiry. and the witnesslo bsw feredckin. and today, we have new reporting here, the person on the inside. the white house official on call with t tukraine. the whistle-blower saying that i rspepresident's call as, quote, crazy and frightening. also tonight, troop movement already as president trump defends his sudden decision to withdraw u.s. troops from a key part of syria. and tonight, signalingtuey an the kurds, our u.s. allies in fighting isis. the headline late today. sentenced together in the college admissions cheating scandal.
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how long they'll serve now in federal prison. and after felicity huffma tonight, the prosecutorn, and t rare interview. his message now to actress lori loughlin. the arrest in dallas tonight. the hunt for others after a key trial is shot andwh police have here in new york city, the first vapg ain 17-year-old. the cdc tonight now alerting airline passengers after a flight attendant possibly exposed them to several flights. and the otherviio headline. authorities tonight looking at this video obtained byn a jet b. members of a flight crew in a fight. and tonight, the moment seen by ellen and fmeorr president george w. bush at a cowboys game. what happened on socialiat,ed md good evening and it's great to have you with us here on a tuesday night. anwed ineg bit
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headline. the white house just a short time ago raising the stakes in tonight, the wte hou clg ilotse cooperate with the impeachment investigation, and they claim why. and all this comes on the same day the administration testifying. the u.s. ambassador to the european union, who had been working behind the scenes on ukraine. and take a look at this tonight. the new poming on all of this. 58% of americans now support opening the impeachment inquiry. but what was this late move by the white house today, this letter just a short time ago? abc's mary bruce leads us off from the hill tonight. >> reporter: tonight, the white house declaring they will not cooperate with the impeachment inquiry, writing in a letter to house speaker nancy pelosi that the investigation is "dangerous, illegitimate and a violation of fundamental ." it comes just hossurs affater te state department blocked a key witness from testifying just minutes before he was scheduled to appear. u.s. ambassador to the eu,
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w.>>ho-s the failure to producer additional strong evidence of obstruction. >> reporter: on twitter, the president insisted he would love to send ambassador sondland to testify, but "unfortunately he would be testifying before a totally compromised kangaroo court." trump's top defenders quick to echo his words. >> what we see in this impeachment is a kangat, and chairmuran schroifcof iso like a malicious captain kangaroo. >> reporter: text messages turned over to house investigators show ambassador sondland worked behind the scenes to facilitate the president's push to get ukraine nv itogatiesteis 2020 rival, biden.e jo when titmp in military aid, america's top diplomat in ukraine told sondland, "it's crazy to withhold security assistance for help with a political campaign." but sondland stood up for trump, responding, "the president has
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been crystal clear -- no quid pro quos of any kind" but then added, "i suggest we stop the back and forth by text." in a statement, sondland's lawyer said he is "profoundly disappointed that he will not be able to testify today." noting the ambassador had agreed to appear voluntarily, and had already traveled from brussels to washington. >> mr. secretary, why did you instruct ambassador sondland not to testify? ha t>>nkr:a emocrats accuse the state department of stonewalling. if there is no wrongdoing here, isn't that all the more reason why he should be allowed to come up and testify? just answer all of your questions? >> yeah, there is no wrongdoing. the two guys on the call, noev. >> mary bruce on the hill again tonight. and as you reported there, the white house late today dngrila this icheampntme where do house democrats go from here? >> reporter: well, david, just moments ago, democrats issued a subpoena more ambassador sondland. they have to make a decision, do theyigsgohe ttraight to impeach?
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democrats want to move quickly here. some feel they already have sufrt evidence. and democrats have made it very clear, they feel the president is obstructing and that could be another article of impeachment. david? >> mary bruce leading us off again tonight. mary, thank you. and there is one more note all of this tonight. new reporting here on that triggered the impeachment investigation. the insider at the white house, the official who listened in on the president's call with ukraine. the whistle-blower saying that that person then described the call as, quote, crazy and frightening. here's abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl. >> reporter: tonight, abc news has learned a white house official who listened in o thepresidf ukraine described it as crazy andinto whistle-blower at the heart of the impeachment inquiry. the wacall wast. ukrainian president, "i would like you to do us a favor" and asked him to investigate a
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debunked conspiracy theoryutbo a stolen democratic emails and joe biden and his son.cording to th, the white house official on the call reached out to him the next day and was quote "visibly shaken." the whistle-blower says the official told him the call was ncmpletely lacking in e bs .ty cthon to national ricuse versation in a two-page memo and turns it overe intelligence communitthy'so t inspector general. >> so, let's get to jon karl, live at the white house tonight, as well. jon, what are you learning from your sources inside the white house? are they trying to figure out who this person is on the inside that spoke with the erprowblesident has made it per clear that he wants to know who was talking to the whistle-blower. he's even suggested that person is effectively a spy who should be severely pu.edsh i've spoken to several senior this, none of them say they know of any effort to actually find out who that person was, iusn official a few minutes agoe and said they have no evidence they
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are trying to find out who was talking to the whistle-blower, despite the fact the president would clearly like to know who that person is. >> jon, thank you. now, to fast-moving developments after president trump suddenly decided to pull out u.s. troops from a key region of syria, which would leave kurdish fightersdefend for themselves against turkey. tonight, turkish troops are already grothering at the syrian border, refddy to move in. and this evening, the turkish president has indicated an operation is imminent.he whlsit a'se house. s c'aborse correspondent ian pannell from istanbul. >> reporter: tonight, turkey moving its war machines into place. long convoys of military hardware up to the border with syria. r sionare geagstng tmihe kurfod. president trump now facing fierce backlash forac eric topstraiulghngt alifter a phone call with president of erdogan of turkey. abandoning a key partner in the
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fight against isis. >> at some point, we have to d o >> it's always a firm decision. >> reporter: the president standing by his decision, today insisting in a tweet, "in no way have we abandoned the kurds, who are special people and wonderful fighters. we are helping the kurds financially/weapons." but without the close protectio kurdish forces are far more vulnerable to a much stronger turkish army. for years, we've folweiglodht t isis, here battling street by street to liberate the city of raqqah. the u.s. coalition is the foot soldiers, and we're moving up to their forward base. this kurdish woman was leading a band of soldiers, no body armor, no tanks or humvees. that very night, she was killed in battle, one of 11,000 kurds who paid the ultimate price defending their homeland and protecting america and europe from isis.
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tonight, more than 10,000 isis militants sit in syrian prisons under the watch of kurdish guards. so, what happens if those kurds are forced to leave those prisons and fight the turks? david on the ground asking about the threat of those fighters. >> there are reports, up to 10,000 isis fighters are being held by american-backed forces right now. what do you do with those fighters? >> it's a really good question, and it's a tough question. so, we've got to get the countries to take ownership of their folks who came here into the battlefield, take them back and figure out how to bring them to justice. >> now even bigger questions about those fighters. ian joins us. and as you pointed out there, one of the major concerns are the thousands of isis fighters being catwatched by our kurdish allies. some of the prisoners there telling us, if they get out, they want to go after america. what's the concern on the ground there tonight? >> reporter: absolutely, david. a very real danger. th what makes out even worse is heat saying that if turkey crosses
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over the border, then they're going to pull back their troops from the areas the prison, other newly lib rated areas, to try to reinforce the front lines. and also this evening, the former head of american forces in the middle east writingtha t threatens to undo five years worth of fighting against isis >> a lot of moving parts on this, as well. ian, thank you. back here at home tonight, a new sentencing in the college admissions scandal. the first mother and fatherer how long will they serve in federal prison? and tonight, the prosecutor speaking about felicity huffman and his message tonight to actress lori loughlin. here's eva pilgrim. >> reporter: tonight, a jail sentence for greg and a month behind bars after pleading guilty to paying $125,000 to boost their daughter's college test scores. it comes just days after the lead prosecutor in the varsity blues scandal talked to our affiliate wcvb about
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sentence of two weeks behind bars. >> she took responsibility almost immediately. she was contrite. did not try to minimize her handledt i a vy assy way. >> reporter: the actress pleading guilty to paying a $15,000 bribe to have her daughter's s.a.t. scores altered. >> i think it sent a clear message to the other parents involved that there really is a good chance if you're convicted of the offense, you will go to prison for some period of time. >> reporter: huffman is one of 15 parents who've pleaded guilty. so far seven have been sentenced to prison time, ranging from with the weeks to five months. actress lori loughlin and her husband, accused of paying a half million dollars to get their two daughters into usc, ce fighties.ngrgheha >> if she is convicted, we would probably ask for a higher sentence for her than we did for felicity huffman. i can't tell you exactly what that would be. >> reporter: and that prosecutor signaling a deal is still on the table, but saying he's pushing
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for jail time no matter what. if they can't make a deal and this case goes to trial, w hle a er tntence.ou david? >> eva pilgrim, thank you. ghdanitollas in the murder of ay guyger murder trial. the hunt continues for others. and tonight, what authorities are now saying about this. and the judge in the case is now spe speaking, too. abc's marcus moore again tonight. >> reporter: an urgent hunt tonight for two suspects wanted for the murder of joshua brown, a key witness in the trial of former dallas police officer amber guyger.brown was killed during an alleged drug deal gone bad with three men, one of them shot and in custody. and they're pushing back agains tied to his testimony. >> i assure you that is simply not true. >> reporter: and tonight, the judge in that trial shedding light on this moment. please?i give her a hug, please? >> reporter: and why she allowed the brother of botham jean to hug his killer.
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>> when he said the second "please," i just ftel could not deny him this. >> reporter: judge tammy kemp also facing criticism for the hug she gave guyger, too. >> when i looked at her and saw how she was hurting, of course i agreed to give her a hug. >> reporter: she also received backlash for giving her a bible. wiping away tears, judge kemp says she would do it again. at least one group hasedil f ethics complaint over the judge giving amber guyger that hug and bible. david? >> all right, >nd next this eve the most prolific serial killer in american orsthiy. here last night, and tonight, the fbi is now asking for your help in idenfyc'g sinteve osunsami with video tonight of the killer's chilling confessions. >> north little rock, tell me what the girl looked like. >> reporter: he is now . considered the most murderous serial killer this country has ever seen, and tonight, federal authorities are posting his jailhouse confessions online,
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hoping to jog memories and diti .erovsc >> she was like partially concealed by vegetation. >> reporter: samuel little has n between 1970 and 2005 and the fbi believes all of his confessions are credible. some of the bodies were never found. he was already serving a life sentence for three murders in the 1980s. on 0 minutes," he was not shy about what it felt like to kill. >> she was fighting for her s d rean, >> reporter: he remembered many of the details like it was yesterday and has even drawn s imfopictures of hictvis littleex knsilaiplled sex workers or people with drug addictions because he thought they wouldn't be missed. david? >> all right, steve, thank you. china d aear tonight is now strongarming the nba. all of this after a tweet from the general manager of the houston rocketsrting hong po sup kong's pro democracy protesters.
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china is now refusing to air nba games. here's tom llamas. >> reporter: tonight, china putting the full-court press on the nba. their main broadcasting network refusing to air two preseason nba games and appearing to threatening their billion dollar plus contract with the league. it all started with this tweet from houston rocts gm daryl morey. "fight for freedom, stand with hong kong." morey showing support for the pro-democracy demonstrators battling the chinese-backed leaders of hong kong. >> ryl's tweet has hit whatda i would call a third rail issue. >> reporter: china castigating the rockets for the tweet, demanding they correct the error. >> we apologize, you know? we love china. >> reporter: that sentiment outraging many american fans and lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. but today, nba commissioner adam silver trying to balance the league's $4 billion interest in china with american values.
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>> we are not apologizing for daryl exercising his freedom of expression. >> reporter: the chinese state broadcaster firing back saying, "we bel ciehall tenges l sovereignty and social stability is not within the scope of freedom of speech." david, commissioner silver will be in china on wednesday for those preseason games. he hopes to meet with government officials to help diffuse this conflict. david? >> tom llamas, thank you. and there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this tuesday. the alarming surveillance just in. authorities now looking at this video tonight obtained bymbersl fight. here in new york city tonight, the first vaping death. this time, a 17-year-old. and tonight, the moment seen by millions. ellen and formerdesire nt cowbo game.wh ap hat after, and tonight, ellen and the bushes now responding. a lot more news ahead here. i'll be right back. t day? that day you met your hero? - ms. bird, do you think i could be a champion like you?
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change. massive glaciers visited by millions shrinking and far faster than expected. abc's james longman takes us 12,000 feet up mont blanc. >> reporter: it's the tallest mountain in western europe and a tourist destination for millions, but tonight, mont blanc and it's massive glaciers are in the crosshairs of climate change. where i am right now, this is france. behind us over there, behind mont blanc, that is italy, and switzerland is over there. this mountain sits on three countries, it is truly vas the glacier on that italian side is breaking apart ten times more quickly than anyone expected, nearly 9 million cubic feet of been risk of llseone below has evacuated. we went up for a closer look. if this part of the glacier cracks off, there would be a he dmoten mountain. >> yeah, exactly. >> reporter: why? a warming climate, say
3:50 pm
scientists. this frozen ocean, one of many melting glaciers around the world. you could lose two-thirds of the gave shes? >> almost everything will disappear by 2100. >> reporter: and that's just 80 years. >> yeah, yeah, it is. >> reporter: david, everywhere glaciers. take this one. you can see where ice was, and where it is now. it is normal for glaciers to move, but the point is they're shrinking at an alarming rate. david?>> james longman tonight. mes, thank you. when we come back, the first ear-k old. h here in new ycity,y and passengers on several flights now possibly exposed to ems like it's frozen. but not here. with capital one, you can open a new savings account in about 5 minutes the national average. openne fm he. her- in a cap. plus, ther on savings or checking accounts.
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ask about prevention. ask your doctor or pharmacist about prevnar 13®. to the index of other news tonight. the airline crew fighting. this leaked security investigated by police showed two republic airways employees fighting. they no longer work for t he vaping-related death, a 17-year-old died from a severe lung condition linked to e-cigarettes in the bronx. the 23rd death. and the hepatitis scare for passengers. a flight attendant may have exposed them to he tie tils a several flights. 18 passengers vaccinated last month. they are now notifying passengether flights who o rsn o also may have been exposed. when we come back, ellen and former president george w. bush, ense tonight, they're both responding now to how others responded. e ups and downs of frequent mood swings
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finally tonight here, ellen and president bush. it's the image making headlines tonight, ellen and former president george w. bush at a cowboys game. >> president bush up there with some pretty good company. >> reporter: ellen posting on instagram and showing her audience her own video. she also talked about what happened after they were seen together. social media in a divided country. >> during the me, they showed aga shot of george and me laughg together and, so -- people were upset. they thought, why is a gay hollywood liberal sitting next to a conservative republican president? dibr'td dn enen w ipvehone 11.
3:58 pm
mad and theyha pe d id when they're mad, they tweet. but 'sllrehe a tndne o twege b fur. faith in america again." >> here's the things. i'm friends with george bu e fthe in beliefs that i have. we're all different and i think that we've forgotten that that's okay that we're all different. just because i don't agree with someone on everything doesn't mean that i'm not going to be friends with them. when i say be kind to one another, i don't mean only the people who think the same way you do. i mean, be kind to everyone. doesn't, president and mrs. bush saying they really enjoyed being with ellen and portia. adding, they appreciated ellen's comments about respecting one another. and that they respect her, too. >> valuable words from ellen with the former president. i'm david muir. hope to see you right back here tomorrow. good night.
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now fmro in the interest of do consider the power safety shutoff a necessity to keep our community and customers safe. >> pg&e makes it official, it will be cutting power to 800,000 customers because of the extremely high fire danger. >> weshi t extremely seriouy.ou for joinin. the power outages are expected to begin in theor h neth compl show you who's affected and what you need to know if your power is going off. >> the reason for this high fire danger is a weather pattern that is extremely windy and extremely dry. i'm going to have the complete forecast in a few minutes. now, here's a look at the locations. just a few hours ago said the power would be shut off to
4:00 pm
marin county and statewide 34 counties will be affected. >> pg&e will h resource cente stadium in san j. the location of those centers are rolling along the bottom of the screen. people who don't have power can go to those centers to use the restroom, maybe get bottled water and charge electronic devices like your phone. it's notwnno k power will be out. >> not every customer who lives in a city that's listed will be impacted. we understand how important it is for them to have electric service. we want to ensure that we keep our customers and community safe. >> we have a list of all the community resource centers posted att a n bcout. we have live team coverage for you today. leslie brinkley is looking at the plan for some schools. >> reporter: chris win is looking at some of the effects in the health industr. >> and drew tuma is on the rooftop.


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