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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  KGO  October 10, 2019 3:30pm-3:58pm PDT

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tonight, breaking news as we come on the air. the homes engulfed in flames. the fires out of control at this hour. fuelled by winds. homes and properties burning right now. the images coming in and the horrific stories. the child running into her parents' room screaming, "the hill is on fire." we're in the fire zone tonight. also, the crippling blizzard tonight. the dangerous storm. treacherous driving. the sudden 60-degree drop. and the nor'easter targeting new york city and boston, whipping winds and blinding rain. what to expect tomorrow morning. rob marciano with the new track. there is also breaking news involving the president's person attorney. two men el-ing rudy giuliani investigate joe bidenn ukraine under arrest tonight. the two men taken into custody at the airport with one-way tickets out of the u.s. reportedly hours after hewgin y
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trump hotel what they're charged with tonight. their photographs with president trump and his son. and the president responding late today. the alleged gunman who drove more than 600 miles from outside > the death toll mounting for tonight. turkey's military assault on u.s. allies, on the kurds, who helped the u.s. fight isis. president trump pressed on this late today, as well. tonight, we learn of the americans inside that synagogue, the deadly attack. tonight, the gunman now charged. the bus driving facing charges tonts, cursing, getting physical with a child, slamming on the brakes. that child thenndshie windshield. what authorities are now saying tonight ch. good evening. it's great to have you with us here on a thursday night. we have several developing stories as we come on. and we begin tonight with the out of control fires right now. homes at thisou h r
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flames. here are the pictures coming in now, burning through a neighborhood near san san ber o bernardino, california. some homes reportedly already destroyed tonight, burned to th off, she's live right there in los angeles with the images. kayna, what do we know? >> reporter: yeah, david, we've been facing these extreme fire conditions all week long, with these santa ana winds and near zero humidity, so, if we take you to the sandalwood fire that is burning out of control just east of los angeles, firefighters are telling us, david, they don't know when they can get a handle on this fire. right now, cal fir telling us that numerous structures have been destroyed. many of them are mobile homes. what we know so far is 150 acres have burned and this fire is growing quickly. they are closing roads. they are evacuating areas as quickly as possible. the mayor, as you mentioned,
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saying that some middle school students are actually sheltering in place. that is something terrifying for every parent to hear this afternoon. winds are whipping through that area, again, through these incredibly dry conditions. now, this is unprecedented fire danger throughout the west. the most extreme conditions that we have seen out here in years. and david, right not, what we're experiencing this is what pictu san bernardino tonight. kayna whitworth, thank you. there is not the only fire burning in california right now. there is also a wildfire emergency to the north of where kayna is. homes now threatened in the hills east of san francisco tonighfamilies already forced t. evacuate there. reports of children racing into their parents' room, saying hef. kws millions have already been without power. we have reported on that, a preemptive move by the power companies so the lines will not spark anymore fires. abc's will carr on that part of the story tonight. >> reporter: tonight, diablo
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winds fanning fires across northern california. the merrill fire forcing families from their homes in the middle of the night. >> my daughter came runng into our bedroom, screaming, "the hill is on fire." >> reporter: another fire breaking out on san bruno mountain. >> look at all those homes that lie in wait. >> pg&e, after being held responsible for other blazes, proactivities shutting off power to hundreds of thousands across the area. including perry biestman. >> he's 90 years old, he's blind. >> reporter: and now, biestman is trapped in his home, unable to use his electrical-powered lift one day before his 91st birthday. >> it's just gone on too long. >> reporter: tonight, it's unclear how lock tng the power be off. tworthl carr and kayna whi from californiath. > ot t only weather emergency playing out as there is also a crippling blizzard. the national weather service calling it a potentially
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historic october winter storm. up to two feet of snow, dangerous driving already. take a look. multiple accidents tonight. a treacherous commute. that's i-25 in colorado. and a 60-degree drop in just the last 24 hours in denver. abc's clayton sandell from denver tonight. >> reporter: the season's first winter blast tonight causing a lot of slipping, sliding, swerving and smashing. snowy roads from rapid city, south dakota, to billings, montana. colorado commuters caught on interstate 25 needed help from firefighters. even their big trucks skidding on the icy pavement. the cold burst striking less than three weeks after the official end of summer. temperatures in denver nosedived overnight 50 degrees, from a balmy 80 to 30. at denver's airport, more than 100 flights canceled. more than 700 delayed. and david, blizzard warnings are now going up in the plains and it's still very cold. 15 degreee tomorrow and if that happens, it would be the largest two-day
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temperature drop in six years. david? >> whiplash in din verve and in the middle of the country tonight. clayton, thank you. so, how long will the red flag warnings last and what about this major winter storm? and we're following the nor'easter in the east. let's get to rob marciano, tracking it all. another busy night, rob. >> reporter: very much so, david. and this snowstorm very much connecting to those santa nd impressive storm, as clayton mentioned. huge temperature drops and record-breaking snowfall. ahead of it, severe thunderstorm watches for parts of texas, oklahoma, in through miarssniou going to remain up in north dakota, right through saturday. and the temperatures dropping potentially below freezing all the way into texas. so, we have a freeze watches and warnings there. that nor'easter still offshore and just east of here, they are really getting some ugly wetter. rain, wind and coastal flooding in the west, we the focus is going to be more on
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los angeles to san diego. candidates there are getting extreme, as we speak. david? >> all right, rob marciano, thank you. there is also a developing headline tonight involving the president's investigate joe biden in ukraine, they're now under arrest tonight. the two men taken into custody at the airport with one-way tickets out of the u.s., just hours after having lunch with giuliani at the trump hotel. tonight, what they're charged with, and their photographs with president trump and his son, and the president tressed on this nebed xt.y, asked if giuliani here's our chief justice correspondent pierre thomas now. >> reporter: the two american businessmen, who helped the rudy giuliani investigate joe biden in ukraine, were scheduled to appear before congress today and tommorow. instead, lev parnas, who was igor fruman, who was born in belarus, were arrested overnight by the fbi at dulles airport outside of washington. >> they were about to board an
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international flight with one-way tickets. >> reporter: "the wall street journal" reports that just hours earlier, they dined with giuliani at the trump hotel. the men now charged with illegally funneling campaign contributions, including some from russia, to a pac supporting president trump and other candidates, as well. federal prosecutors say they were doing it to "buy potential influence." photographs show them smiling with the president at the white house, at a table with his son, don jr. according to prosecutors, they were also hoping to force out the u.s. ambassador to ukraine, marie yovanovitch. >> they sought political uee no their own financial interests, but to advance the political interests of at least one foreign official, soukrahtin ia the dismissal of the tokr >> reporter: the other person frustrated she was blocking his efforts to get ukraine to investigate biden. yovanovitch waer
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st gankndgmores vefrd om he played a role. her name later came up in president trump's phone call with the ukrainian president. trump calling yovanovitch "bad news," adding cryptically, "she's going to go through some things." late today, the president saying he may have posed for pictures with the two men who were indicted, but he doesn't know them. >> maybe they were clients of rudy. you'd have to ask rudy. i just don't know. >> are you concerned rudy guiliani will be indicted in all of this? >> well, i hope not. >> let's get to pierre thomas, with us live on this dropping story in washington. and pierrehe t ambassador you spoke of there, she's expected to testify before congress tomorrow, but of course, the big question this evening is, will she actually be allowed to show up by thatste e department? >> reporter: david, marie yovanovitch is scheduled to appear first thing tomorrow morning. but david, the state department could try to block her testimony at the last minute. and tonight, we've learned lawmakers have also subpoenaed
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those two associates of giuliani indicted today. david? >> pierre thomas tonight. thank you. the impeachment showdown this evening and the president now lashing out after a new poll, this time from ne. 51% ant poll now believe the ached to supporters, from republicans on the hill to the president of ukraine, all being asked, is it right to ask a foreign leader, a foreign government, for help igd stveeg inat difficulty they answering that question. here's our chief white house correspondent jonathan karl. >> reporter: late today, president trump repeatedly defended his decision to ask the president of ukraine to investigate joe biden. >> we had an absolutely perfect conversation. >> reporter: but vulnerable republican senators, like cory gardner of colorado, are now facing tough questions. >> do you believe it's appropriate for the president of the united states to ask a foreign leader to investigate a political rival, yes or no? >> well, look, this is what we're going to get into.
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the senate intelligence committee is having an investigation. >> but the question is, is it appropriate for a president to ask a foreign government to ask a foreign government -- >> look, i think we're going to have an investigation and it's a nonpartisan investigation. >> but senator, it's a yes or no question. >> it's a nonpartisan investigation. it's an answer you get from a very serious investigation. >> reporter: president zelensky of ukraine has said he didn't feel pressured by the president, and today, he told tom llamas president did anything wrong. >> what do you think of a president asking a foreign nation to investigate a political rival? is that corrupt? >> i think that this is not corruption, because it was -- it was just call. >> jon karl live at the white houstonight. and jon, tonight you are also learning of yet another administration officials now being swept up in this impeachment inquiry. >> reporter: david, the h seintelligenceou committee has subpoenaed emergency secretary rick perry. they want informationbout his interactions with ukraine. just last week, perry said he would cooperate with congressional investigators, but a senior white house official tells me tonight that they will instruct him to defy that subpoena as they have all
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others. >> jon karl, thank you. next this evening, the deat military assault on america's kurdish allies inside syria. the kurds, of course, helped the u.s. fight isis and then they helped secure those isis fighters. well tonight, turkey releasing images of their jets taking off for air strikes. the kurds with their own images of what they say is the destruction in syria where they for their lives. late today, president trump was pressed on what the u.s. should do, knowing the president talked to the president of turkey right before all this army pounding kurdish targets in northern syria. the u.s.-backed allies who lost 11,000 soldiers in the war against isis are now fighting for their lives and homes, facing attack from the air and on the ground. turkish-backed militias seen barreling their way into syrian villages. at least 23 kurdish fighters onlled and now reports children
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among the dead. but the turkish president, defiant, tonight, warning europe that if it calls this an invasion, 'll open his boarders and send 3.6 million refugees their way. already tens of thousands are on the move. we met najat suleiman and her family. she says they fled after seeing civilians and children targeted in the strikes. she asks us, "why did the lost his voice after hours of screaming in fear. with a strained voice, he tells us he was afraid for his life. this is just the second day of bombing and already you're just seeing people by the side of the road. they were in a van, they've got no belongings with them. they've got nowhere to go. they've got nowhere to stay. we watched them clamber into say they'll sleep in the desert. after this assault was launched, the president called it a bad
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idea. but that came just days after the white house announced the turks were moving in and u.s. forces were moving out of the area. the president pressed again late today. >> i hope we can mediate, john. i hope we can mediate. >> would you support sanctions? >> i don't think we want to go back in. let's see what happens. we are going to possibly do something very, very tough with respect to sanctions and other financial things. >> reporter: the u.s. now moving a number of high value isis detainees out of the country, including two of the so-calledsi fo t ecutionf more than two dozen western captives. now local officials are warning daat the fighting here means an the alleged gunman, who drove more than 600 miles from outside dallas to el paso, he was in court for the first time. seen on surveillance images at the entrance to that walmart where 22 people wereil kdle abc's marcus moore from texas on
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what happened in that courtroom today. >> reporter: the man accused of murdering 22 innocent people stoic while being led into a packed el paso courtroom. wearg a ortct anglass, patrick crusius said little as some of the families of his alleged victims watched. >> do you wish to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty? >> not guilty. >> reporter: the allen, texas, native pleading not guilty to capital murder charges. >> run! >> go, go, go, come on! >> reporter: in august, police say the 21-year-old drove 600 miles to el paso, just minutes from the u.s./mexico border, we. panicked shoppers diving under tables for cover. r rrendering, el paso's police chief tteelling david th crusius was open about his intentions. w wat s asit your proximity to th border? >> i think both. i think both. >> what drove him? was it hate? >> apparently so. >> reporter: police say crusius told authorities he drove to this borde
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the alleged gunman is expected ben court on november 7th ico. and david, some of the victims are still in the hospital recovering from their injuries. david? >> marcus moore tonight. thank you, marcus. we have new details tonight after that attack on a german synagogue. we have learned there were ten americans among those barricading themselves inside. the gunman was seen firing down the street, reloading several times. and today, he was flown by helicopter to appear before a judge. prosecutors say he had nine pounds of explosives in his car. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this thursday. the images coming in now of the school bus overturning. a high s theay aamehend on i tts side. first responders on the scene right now. also, the pictures coming in tonight. the alarm near new york's times square late to dve faces charges tonight, seen cursing and then getting physical with a child, slams on the brakes. you saw the child go into the
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next the elementary school bus driver in mesa, arizona, now facing charges tonight, after what the driver can be seen doing on that bus. here's abc's marci gonzalez. >> reporter: tonight, this arizona school bus driver facing charges after a ride that left the parents of the children onboard outraged. >> you better get your [ bleep ] down here and pick that up right now. >> reporter: police say 50-year-old jamie tellez became upset when a boy threw a piece of paper and missed the trash can. tellez soon slamming the brakes. >> i'm going to [ bleep ] knock the [ bleep ] out of you. >> reporter: this 11-year-old boy flying into the windshield, cracking it. the driver then throwing him towards the back of the bus. >> if you were behind this seat, then you wouldn't be flying around the bus, would you? you are the biggest pain in the [ bleep ], you know that?>> teta s birth. >> jamie tellez, 12-8-68. >> reporter: tellez now facing charges that include child abuse and reckless driving.
3:50 pm
the boy who was thrown was injured but is okay. the driver was placed on leave. the school district calling the behavior inexcusable and recommending termination. david? >> marci, thank you. when we come back tonight, the concern late today near new york's times square. a manhole explosion. there are injuries reported. and more on that school bus carrying a high school football team, flip wi preure sing o ngpid racing.ver. this is also m that her doctor keeps in check, so she can find balance. this is mia's pulse, and now it's more stable than ever. this is what medicare from blue cross blue shield does for mia. and with over 80 years of healthcare expertise, imagine what we can do for you. this is the benefit of blue. our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition... for strength and energy! whoo-hoo! great-tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein
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square. at least two people urednjwe i e fighters responding to the scene there. the area around that manhole shut down to traffic tonight. authorities are investigating. we also have images of that school bus crash in richard, texas, tonight. the bus carrying a high school football team from huntsville to a game when the driver lost control. the bus flipping. first responders on the scene. several people transported to the hospital for j bn told autries said there were wn weome back, prince sowhme ed sheeran and
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characteristics in common. it might look like prince harry there, but it's harry who answers the door. it's singer ed sheeran. >> thanks very much for coming out. really appreciate it. >> thanks for having me, man. it's something i'm passionate for me, is a subject and a c veonnot talked about enough. i think people are really er ppl don't understand what it's like for people like us. >> what? >> the jokes and tanhe s i just it's time we stood up and said weir not going to take this anymore, we are ginger and we're going to fight. >> um -- okay. ah -- slightly awkward. in here rang he's there to stanokd up j a fight for everyo who likes like them. prince harry using humor, too, saying this is not about that, it's about standing up for mental health. >> this is about world mental health day. >> oh, yeah, yeah. f ah, yeahcose. o yeah, i knew -- no, no, i definitely knew that. >> reporter: of course, they're using humor to shed light on
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annish this you that prince harry ha been talking about for some time now. his own challenges after the death of his mother, and saying, we must all look out for one another and our mental health. and tonight, this message from both of them. >> reach out, make sure that your friends, strangers look out for anybody that might be suffering in silence. and we're all in t ge >> thanks for watching. >> cheers. >> reallm important causdavid m. i hope to see you right back here tomorrow. good flipping the switch. electricity is coming back on. it is the beginning of the end for power whthsh ic cssanboe notd s be a. we can't accept it as the new normal, and we won't. >> yeah, but many are worried itself. thanks for joining us. >> pg&e says power restoration
3:59 pm
po underway in areas. throughout the evening and into. breaking news in the east bay right now where power could soon come back on for residents in alameda county. that's according to the local sheriff's office. pg&e will first need to do inspections of the power infrastructure before this happens. the sheriff's office says that could take hours, and only during daylight. so that means power could remain off through the night. authorities are still warning residents to prepare for another night without electricity. that's some good news for east bay residents impacted by the outage. pg&e is telling the alameda sheriff's office it is giving the all clear to begin inspections toas o rfesreto the county affected by the power shutoff. >> those power outages are happening all across the state, and it's not just pg&e. southern california edison has more than 12,000 customers due to strong santa ana winds down south. >> and we have team coverage today as we have been having with crews spread out across the bay area to bring you the most
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up-to-date and comprehensive coverage of the outages, and we're holding pg&e accountable today. >>indeed 'larl e wgin withe abc7 news weather anchor spencer christian and a look at the red flag warning and the winds tonight. >> okay, good news, encouraging news weatherwise, that is that the wind advisory has expied. c. current wind gusts at the surface range from 10 to about


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