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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  October 11, 2019 5:30pm-5:59pm PDT

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6:00 p.m. see you in a bit. tonight, the emergency evacuations. the wildfires now exploding in size. the fires turning deadly tonight. 100,000 evacuated. entire communities forced to leave. many driving out through tunnels of fire. homes burned to the ground. and we're on the scene live tonight. the dramatic day on capitol hill. facing pressure from the state department not to testify, the former ambassador to ukraine shows up. what she says about president it comes 24 hour after two associates of rebecca jarvis who helped investigate joe biden in ukraine were arrested with on e-way tickets out of the u.s. tonight, is rudy giuliani part of this investigation, too? what we've learned. just in tonight, president trump says he's reached a deal with china, the first phase. what the chinese are saying tonight. the horrific attack at a shopping mall.
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the man with a knife on a pam page at a starbucks in the uk. late today, the explosion near u.s. special forces in syria. turkey saying the strike was in response to terrorists firing mortars near those u.s. special forces, saying turkey was not targeting u.s. troops. we have the latest. here at home, the school district taking action after one of its middle school teachers is recorded going on a racist rant. after a fender bender in the school parking lot. the abduction from the playground. tonight the fbi hunt under way now for a remarkable moment, a 3-year-old girl found alone in a church. and longtime fox news fixture shep smith reveals he's leaving the network. what he said today on his last day. good evening. gat you aery busy friday night. binht emergency evacuations under way right now. 100,000 people on the move. the wildfires exploding.
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at least eight burning across california, two near los angeles. they've turned deadly tonight. the saddle ridge fire in the san fernando valley bursting across 7,500 acres. fire officials calling it a major emergency. flames destroying about 800 acres as hour.f hos burned to t ground. many fleeing through tunnels of fire. the escape routes filled with blinding smoke and flames. and strong winds up to 6miles abc's chief national correspondent matt gutman is on the scene. t ighthe. >> reporter: tonight, los ia whirlwind of fire. the saddle ridge fire explodg overnight. more than 1,000 firefighters in multiple departments in an all-out battle against apocalyptic flames. fueled by those howling santa ana winds. so powerful up here. massive firestorm. look at the inferno down there.
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we've watched hundreds of acres burn. about 100,000 people ordered to evacuate. many driving through tunnels of fire. >> i can't even see. let's ge >> reporter: fire crews scrambling to save homes. spread thin. they're standing guard at this basketball court. the last line of defense. firefighters using saws to hack into gated properties. is that your house? >> hail mary, full of grace. >> reporter: this woman, suitcase packed, on her knees praying firefhtigers c save her home. those stayed behind using anything, even garden hoses to fight the fire. authorities saying one man died as a result of this fire, suffering cardiac arrest. by sunrise, the fire scorching more than seven square miles. hocks and air tankers in a full-out assault. >> that's 11,600 gallons of retardant. when the fire line hits that, it just stops.
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>> reporter: residents comforting one another. some losing everything. east of san bernardino, the sandalwood fire incinerating dozens of structures in hours. sounds like a machine gun going off. those pops? that's ammunition insi house popping off. dehe t that fire apparently caused by burning trash from this garbage truck. >> the trash load was dumped off to the side of the road. ignited the vegetation. >> reporter: at least one person there did not survive. >> let's get to mt gutman. he's we know the winds have been driving the fires all day long, gusting more than 60 miles per hour at some points. and there are still red flag wa really been the story. red flag warnings expected to persist through the night and tomorrow night. with gusts of 30 feel it. those fires going to be kept alive. it was embers from across the valley you just saw that
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ignited this house, incinerating it in minutes. all that is left is this chimney. the owners said they only got out with their passports and their lives. >> thinking about all those families matt, thank you. as red-flag warnings are being extended in california throughout tomorrow night now. and we're also following the blizzard warning, and we're tracking a nor'easter on the east coast. rob marciano tracking it all for us. hey, rob. >> reporter: hi, david. the cold front of the blizzard is slicing through louisiana riw.not thunderstorms, in part creating the santa anna winds, creating another rough night nor firefighters. extreme fire danger from ventura to san diego. and there will be pockets of really bad stuff. blizzard warnings up. freeze warnings tomorrow chicago, back to oklahoma city. and there's the nor'easter. now a tropical storm melissa will continue toast sfla new en.
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more lightning here. got to get going, david. >> rob marciano, get back inside. rob, thank you. we are going turn now to ths she had been told there was no wrongdoing on her part, but the president wanted her out. and tonight, 24 hours after two associate of rebecca jarvis were arrested, is giuliani a part of this investigation? what we have now learned. and here's abc's mary bruce. >> reporter: up until the very moment a defiant marie yovanovitch walked up to the capitol it wasn't clear if she was coming at all. the state department told her not to appear. but facing a subpoena, the former ambassador to ukraine showed up anyway. behind closed doors yovanovitch told lawmakers she was forced out under pressure from president trump. according to her opening statement obtained by "the new york times" she was told to come back to washington on the next plane in april. saying it was explained to her that the president had lost
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confidence in me, and that there had been a concerted campaign against mer me, even though i was assured i had done nothing wrong. >> i heard very, very bad things about her for a long period of time. not good. >> reporter: in the july phone call with the ukrainian president that sparked the impeachment inquiry, trump called her bad news. later saying she was going to go through some things. today, yovanovitch who served in six administrations called idea that she was disloyal to president trump fictitious. incredulous that she was removed from her post based on unfounded and false claims by people with clearly questionable motives and placed blame squarely president's attorney rebecca jarvis, who claimed yovanovitch was blocki ing i trump's politicalponent i. >> it stems around the ambassador and embassy being used for political purposes. >> reporter: the former ambassador also points a finger
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at joo giuliani's two business trying to leave the country. here they are laughing with giuliani at the trump hotel. >> see you in ukraine soon. >> reporter: she says these businessmen may have believed their personal financial ambitions were stymied by our anti-corruption policy in ukraine. today abc news learned federal prosecutors are investigating the business relationship between giuliani and those two men. >> lets get to mary bruce, she's live on the hill tonight. the former ambassador, while testifying, describing the state department as attacked and hollowed from within. and we know tonight, house democrats are holding a call at the end of a very busy week >> reporter: david, democratic h leaders feel they are building a strong case against the president especially now that they're able to question witnesses like yovanovitch. especially after the ambassador
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warned they're selling baseless conspiracy theorienyone as who will listen. she said, quote, sadly, someone was listening and that our nation was worse off because of it. >> mary, thank you. late word in the white house tonight -- president trump now saying he has reach t prahadese. tonight, what the chinese are now saying. and the president announcing this deal before leaving for a rally in louisiana. 24 hours after launching one of his most vicious attacks yet on joe biden. what he said overnight. here's abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl. >> reporter: sitting in the oval office with a high level chinese negotiating team, president trum announced awa >> it's a great deal for china. it's a great deal for us. >> reporter: it's not a done deal. it's not in writing yet. the president called it phase one. the chinese vice premier said it's progress towards a positive direction, but the new tariffs planned to come next week are now on hold. and the markets sure liked it. the dow closing up more than 300 points.
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there weren't many details, but the president said china had agreed to take steps to protect intellectual property and had promised to buy more than $40 billion in agricultural products. >> there's a question as to whether or not our farmers can produce that much, and i think they can. but they literally -- i said it jokingly. i think they mean it. they're going to have to buy more land. >> reporter: when the president announced the meeting last week, suggested he may ask the chinese to investigate joe biden last week. >> china should start an investigation into joe biden. because what happened in china is just about as bad as what happened with -- with ukraine. >> reporter: can you assure the american people that you did not bring up joe biden in these negotiations? with the chinese? >> i have not brought up joe biden. china can do whatever they want with respect to the bidens. >> reporter: china ra-- trump railed biden last night, calling
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him a loser. >> and your father was never considered smart or a good senator. he was only a good vice president because he understood how to kiss barack obama's ass. >> jon karl with us live at the white house. president trump with reporters a short time ago, attacking the impeachment inquiry. and there's news tonight about the whistle-blower, whose complaint launched this inquiry. and i know the democrats want to speak with them. they have some time. what is the whistle-blower's team now saying? >> reporter: we're told lawyers for the whistle-blower have informed the congressional committees their client wants to answer request as in writing and not in person. they have cited concerns for the whistle-blower's safety. david? >> thank you, jon. late today, the explosion near u.s. special forces in syria. turkey sayitas in response to terrorists firing mortars near the u.s. special forces, saying turkey was not targeting u.roag ts.n tos.opnight.
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>> reporter: tonight a narrow miss for a u.s. special forces post in syria as a turkish shell lands close by. the troops uninjured. bu citt jesom usthhoe pentagon promised turke knows where all the american bases are. >> the turkish military is fully aware down to explicit grid coordinate detail of the locations of u.s. forces. ep r>>orr: also landing near one of the prisons holding isis militants, raising fears of a breakout. and further proof of the ongoing threat from isis when a massive car bomb exploded in a kurdish border town. thereatin sanctions, calling on turkey to halt the military operation. but tell that to the 100,000 people now on the move. homeless, hungry, and scared. one voicing his anger at america. trump said we're allies. no, we're not allies, if they're
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allowing turkey to bombard us, he said. turkey is now saying it was fired on from near the u.s. base, and it responded. but at no point did it target u.s. forces. but this underlines the grave dangers faced by american forces and civilians across northern syria right now. david? >> ian pannell with us tonight. ian, thank you. even as u.s. troops have been pulled back from the border of northern syria, president trump is sending an additional 2,800 americans to saudi arabia. the pentagon deploying aircraft to bolster saudi defenses. now to the attack in manchester, england, tonight. a man stabbing three people, injuring two more at a mall during a busy lunch hour. officers rushing to the scene. the shopping center on lockdown. store owners closing their doors. everyone sheltering in place. the police arresting the suspect on suspicion of terrorism . tonight. back here at home, and the author of the new book "catch and kill," ronan farrow, right here tonight.
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in the book, the new allegation clvolving matt lauer. oai on farrow to stop reporting on harvey weinstein. farrow says spies were hired to follow him during all this. here's linsey davis. >> reporter: in his new book, ronan farrow takes aim at nbc. alleging the company was aware of claims of misconduct by matt lauer years before the bombshell allegation that lauer raped a former staffer,ion a lauer staunchly denies. lauer was then fired in 2017, 24 hours after the accuser went to h.r. at the time, nbc said it was the was the first complaint ab lou matt in over 20 years. you're saying that's a lie? >> the evidence in this book, the documentation and paper trail of settlements reveals there were multiple arrangements to keep women quiet, who had ma years one that got him fired.bes rehi t >> reporter: farrow claims nbc halted his investigation into
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weinstein because of intimidation by harvey weinstein. nbc saying it lacked because the story lacked accusers willing to go on the record and have their names used. in his book, farrow says it too claiming weinstein hired private investigators who followed him and other reporters and initiated smear campaigns against weinstein's accusers. >> when you start to suspect you're being followed, you start to see the same people behind you on the street, you're looking over your shoulder me at seeing a car parked ou atslle hours, and you're ultimately moving out of your home to try to stay safe,s th that is an upsetting and alarming situation. >> reporter: farrow says one of the same spies who was allegedly paid to hack his phone and follow him ultimately ended up developing a conscience about it and he says they came forward and told him what allegedly
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happened. >>moh ucon mre >> that is correct. >> all right, see you then. in other news, president trump suffering a gal setback over his tax returns.le the d.c. court of a peels upholding a subpoena f houserothe oversight committee, demanding he turn over eight years of financial records. president trump will likely appeal. this could go to the supreme court. still ahead on "world news tonight," the teacher's racist rant on video. the confrontation with a black father after a fender-bender in the middle school parking lot. the school district taking action more on that in a moment. longtime fox news fixture shep smith revealing he's leaving the network. whnthe e epted tonight. residents told to get out. we do have a lot more news ahead on a friday night. i'll be right back. ave a lot more news ahead on a friday night. i'll be right back. fr access to every platform. mhm, yeah, that too. i don't want any trade minimums. yeah, i totally agree, they don't have any of those. i want to know what i'm paying upfront. yes, absolutely. do you just say yes to everything?
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pennsylvania middle school teacher has been suspended after her racist rant aimed at a african-american parent dropping off his child in the school's parking lot. >> you're probably on welfare, too. >> not even a little bit. six figures a year, ma'am. just because i'm young and i'm black is the reason you would say that. >> that's right, it's because you're black. >> reporter: the parent saying it all stemmed from a minor fender-bender. in the apartment of drexel hill middle school. in the video you see the teacher come out from around the back of a truck and yell derogatory statements and a racial slur toward the parent. [ bleep ] tonight, the superintendent speaking out. >> this is not the appropriate way to interact or communicate with anybody in the public. >> reporter: as for the parent involved, he commends the district for how they're handling everything, adding that one teacher does not represent the entire school. >> thank you. when we come back, the gas leak. there are injuries.
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they're looking forr, be you the little gheirl is okay toni. and long time shepherd smith is leaving the network. smith at the network for 23 years. saying the opportunities afforded to this guy from small town mississippi have been many. we wish him well. ene come back moment that left teachers speechless. who is our person of the week? ♪ limu emu & doug and now for their service to the community, we present limu emu & doug with this key to the city. [ applause ] it's an honor to tell you that liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. and now we need to get back to .[ applause and band playing ] so you only pay for what you need. only pay for what you need. . liberty. liberty. ♪ muai l to aonn waelectric toothbrush.
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roman deleone. he has cerebral palsy, and uses a wheelchair. there was a surprise waiting for him in the library in arvada, lo >> you ready to take it off? adre >> reporter: a school resource officer devoted to roman decide to help roman walk. >> all right, go ahead. you got it. >> good job, buddy. >> reporter: there were teachers quietly watching in that library as roman begins to walk. the school resource officer capturing the video. who had the idea. hene t ohe >> the design came almost immediately into my head of what i wanted to do. and i went into a home improvement store and got the pvc pipe and other stuff and went home and built the contraption. >> reporter: roman does physical therapy. it's remarkable, how far he went on his own. >> all by himself.
5:58 pm
look at that. if he can get up and build his leg muscles, hopefully have the opportunity to walk or have less assistance and walk later in his life. >> reporter: his health aide and those teachers watching. >> he was so proud of himself. so proud of himself. gh. every adult in the room was filled up with tears. >> reporter: tonight, roman's family sending uthis. video of the railing runway that helps him walk. he's now walking at home, too. everyone at school never ting t rgfo >> that eight feet back, his face just had determination on it. th o d ou it>>n wase' are proud, toaminoz so we choose roman and officer will be giving an update on the restoration process after that
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week's power shutoffs. let's look at the podium w.set. a little public safetynld ihapp people should go. as soon as we get to theehitche e starting now.loik llet's listen in. >> i want to start by saying that our hearts and support go out to the people in southern lifornia experiencing the significant and deadly wind-driven wildfire. the pain and devastation they're experienced is all too familiar to the people of california. and we know the risk of wildfires ever present, particularly in these dry, ys idy winfa. forur part, pg&e, this risk is decided to do an event this week of major proportions.
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what is the biggest cause of rei ours in these conditions? what does that risk look like? by far the biggest risk of our equipment is vegetation contacting distribution lines which esuscan a causes a spark and can lead to a fire. so did we experience that risk during this psp event? yes, we did. the winds we experienced like the winds happening in southern california with such speed that blew branches and trees into our power lines bringg about this risk of ignition. if those lines had an energized we had the potential numerous conditions but those lines were not energized.


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