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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 14, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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because even one attack is one too many. breaking news in america this morning, crisis in syria. hundreds of isis prisoners escaping as turkey marches deeper into syria. gruesome reports of mass atrocities by arab militias. the former u.s. allies, the syrian kurds, now striking deals with vladimir putin and bashar al assad as american troops pull out. the biggest concern right now. also breaking overnight, new information about the woman shot and killed by police in her own home. >> put your hands up. show me your hands. >> what she was doing the moment police responded to the report of an open door in her house.
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hotel collapse disaster. >> oh, my god. >> the urgent search in the heart of new orleans' french quarter. the new video of the rescues. engineers now being brought in. what we've learned overnight about that hotel. plus, the school bell ringing later. one state makes the historic move requiring schools to push back the start of classes. million of children being allowed to sleep in. and from the vertical car crash to the herd of moose at the mall to the dog missing for 12 years finally found, all the trending stories to start your monday. good morning, america. i'm elizabeth hur in for janai norman. >> and i'm kenneth moton. we begin with the crisis in syria growing worse by the hour. one senior official in the trump administration describes it as total chaos. >> we have reports that hundreds of isis prisoners are escaping as militias backed by turkey
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push deeper into syria, and in a major development the former u.s. allies, the syrian kurds, have now struck a deal with the syrian dictator bashar al assad as u.s. forces withdraw. >> the other major concern is the report of mass atrocities including the killing of civilians by those arab militias which include fighters with ties to isis and al qaeda. abc's megan tevrizian is here with the latest. megan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, kenneth and elizabeth. defense secretary mark esper is calling president trump's decision to pull u.s. troops out of the region deliberate. despite backlash from both republicans and democrats, many saying the u.s. betrayed their longtime allies the kurds. this morning the violence continues to escalate in northern syria as turkey's military operation targeting america's kurdish allies grows deeper. in just one week hundreds reported dead. that number expected to soar. [ speaking foreign language ] this woman saying, i have four children. two girls and two boys. where should i go?
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where can i go? president trump now ordering the withdrawal of all 1,000 u.s. troops out of northern syria. defense secretary mark esper on "fox news sunday" saying the situation there gets worse by the hour. >> we now know, we believe, that the turks now intend to go further south than originally expected. it puts us in a terrible situation. >> reporter: roughly 200,000 kurds who spent years fighting isis alongside the u.s. forced to flee. some leangarngprons. abc news confirming dozens of those isis prisoners were high value detainees. meantime, the kurds have struck a deal with syrian dictator bashar al assad's military to fight against turkey. people gathering in the streets to celebrate. abc's ian pannell on the ground near the syrian border. >> so bizarre the events of the last seven days being that we're now looking at bashar al assad and the syrian military with the blood of hundreds of thousands
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of syrian civilians on their hands accused of war crimes, rape, mass detention as a savior of syria's kurds as american troops pull out of the area but for turkey, if they stand and fight, then president erdogan's men are fer fight than they ever anticipated. >> reporter: turkey calling the kurds terrorists refusing to negotiate with them. the trump administration now saying they're ready to impose severe sanctions on turkey. >> these sanctions could be starting small. they could be maximum pressure, which would destroy the turkish economy. >> and over the weekend, a 35-year-old female politician was shot in the head by what is believed to be an al qaeda linked group backed by turkey. the united nations estimates at least 130,000 people have been displaced from the fighting. kenneth. >> megan, thank you. we turn now to the impeachment investigation. lawmakers are prepared to hear from more officials about president trump's interactions with ukraine. today the house committee leading the investigation will question fiona hill, the president's former top adviser on russia.
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meanwhile, gordon sondland, the u.s. ambassador to the european union is set to testify on thursday against the wishes of the white house. sondland declared in a text message that there was no quid pro quo in the decision to withhold military funding to ukraine, but sondland is now expected to say he was only relaying president trump's words and did not know if that was actually true. >> as president trump steps up his attacks on joe biden and his family, biden's son has announced he will step down from the board of a chinese company. hunter biden is also pledging not to work on behalf of any foreign owned companies if his father is elected. the former vice president came to his defense's sunday. >> no one, no one has indicated of any consequence that anything was done wrong or illegally by me or by my son. no one in my family will have an office in the white house, will, in fact, have any business relationship with anyone that
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relates to a foreign corporation or a foreign country. >> that's an apparent jab at president trump for enlisting his daughter and son-in-law as top advisers. meanwhile, some bad news for biden. a new poll shows elizabeth warren has increased her lead in new hampshire and has now pulled even with biden in iowa. there is growing outrage this morning in ft. worth, texas, over the fatal police shooting of a black woman in her own home with her young nephew inside. the officer who pulled the trigger is going to be interviewed about the shooting today. this as the victim's family and many others are demanding answers. a large crowd gathered last night at the home of 28-year-old atatiana jefferson mourning the woman killed early saturday while she was reportedly playing video games in her bedroom with her 8-year-old nephew. we are now learning more about the series of events leading up to her death beginning with the 911 call from jefferson's neighbor, jay smith, who thought
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something was unusual in jefferson's home. >> what's going on there? >> well, the front doors have been open since 10:00, and i haven't seen anybody moving around and it's not normal for them to have both of the doors open this time of the night. >> reporter: police responding. this body camera footage shows an officer walking through a gate to the back of the house then turning to the window and shouting a command. >> put your hands up. show me your hands. >> reporter: the officer firing one deadly shot through the window, jefferson died at the scene. police say the officer perceived a threat, but they suggest that proper procedures may not have been followed. >> the officer observed a person through a rear window in the residence and fired a shot at that person. the officer did not announce that he was a police officer prior to shooting. what the officer observed and why he did not announce police will be addressed as the investigation continues. >> reporter: police say they recovered a firearm on the scene but they have not said whether or not it was near the body. meanwhile, local activists and religious leaders are demanding justice.
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>> let's tell it what it is, she was massacred in her house. >> well, the officer who fired the fatal shot has been on the force since april of last year. he is currently on administrative leave pending the investigation. a new development in the diplomatic tug-of-war after the wife of a u.s. diplomat was involved in a car crash that left a british teenager dead. the british foreign secretary says the u.s. is now agreeing that diplomatic immunity no longer applies to anne sacoolas because she left the country. the family of the victim, 19-year-old harry dunn, has traveled to the u.s. today demanding. a lawyer for the diplomat's wife has stated, anne is devastated by this tragic accident and would like to meet with mr. dunn's parents so that she can express her deepest sympathies and apologies for this tragic accident. >> it's nearly seven weeks now since we lost our boy. sorry just doesn't cut it. it's not really quite enough. but i'm still very, very open to meeting her as are the rest of
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us. i can't promise what i would and wouldn't say. but i certainly won't be aggressive. >> police say that sacoolas was driving on the wrong side of the road when she collided head on with dunn's motorcycle. time now for a look at the weather on this monday morning. at least 35 people are dead after a massive typhoon slammed japan. more than 100,000 rescue workers are searching for victims and survivors. that typhoon has moved out to sea but more rain in the forecast. back here at home, here's a look at the high temperatures we are expecting today. new york tops out at 71. washington, d.c., 77. atlanta hits 79 while dallas reaches 82. chicago, detroit will be in the low 50s while denver's high will be 74, warmer than los angeles.
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coming up, the most popular halloween costume this year. but first the woman with a history of trying to sneak onto planes at a major airport gets caught again. what they've done to stop her. a little girl is killed
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we're back with the surprising sight for shoppers at this strip mall in wyoming. a herd of moose came wandering through the parking lot and they walked within 15 feet of shoppers. no one was hurt. and this morning authorities are investigating how a young girl fell from an amusement park ride at a festival in new jersey.
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fall festival. the 10-year-old died from her injuries. one witness at the festival in deerfield township spoke with a child who was on the ride at the same time. >> kids coming off that ride crying in panic, shocked. she fell off the ride and that then hit her from one side and then she was on the floor. that's when everyone started panicking. >> police say the girl was on a ride called extreme which rotates and spins. those rides were closed on sunday. police in raleigh, north carolina, say they are not sure how this car wound up dangling from these utility wires. the car had collided with another vehicle. three people in the vertical car were under the legal driving age. no one was seriously injured. chicago police have arrested a homeless woman for violating security at o'hare airport. it's the 21st time that marilyn hartman has been arrested at one of the city a airports. last year the woman known as the serial stowaway managed to fly to london without a ticket.
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officials say a new biometric system will prevent these kind of security violations in the future. meanwhile hartman is spending the night in jail. well, the video game fortnite appears to have left its fans in a dark place. the entire map was wiped out leaving players staring at a black hole. playstation issued a statement assuring fans that the game isn't gone for good. a new season may launch today. well, halloween is approaching and this morning, the results are in. the top halloween costume this year is pennywise the clown from the movie "it." that's according to google search trends. last year's top fortnite remains in the top ten. well, coming up how pope francis may have secured a win for a football team here in the u.s. but first the medical headline about marijuana use by men and a woman's miscarriage risk. up next, the urgent search overnight at the scene of this hotel collapse in new orleans. what we're learning about this deadly disaster.
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well, we're back now with the search overnight for one person still missing after the deadly hotel collapse in new orleans this weekend. >> one body has been removed from the site but the body of a second victim remains in the rubble overnight. new video shows fire crews helping to rescue workers. authorities are warning the entire building may not be stable. abc's marcus moore is there. >> reporter: a desperate rescue effort under way. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: a missing worker trapped inside the rubble after this shocking construction collapse caught on camera. >> there is reported to be a building collapse at hard work cafe. >> reporter: the hard work row tell under construction in new orleans at the edge of the historic french quarter crashing down on saturday morning. the famed canal street closed. officials warning people to stay away from the area fearing the entire building could give way. the rescue mission a dangerous one with an unstable structure. >> safety is top priority. rescue, absolutely, but we cannot overestimate, you know, the structure being unsound,
4:18 am
unstable right now. >> reporter: the building crumbling in just seconds. you can see this terrifying video workers running for their lives. >> look at all those guys running. >> reporter: a cloud of debris engulfing bystanders on the ground and people on this trolley narrowing escaping. fallen o'brien in that trolley watched in horror. >> when you stepped off the trolley car you couldn't see 20 feet in front of you. there was smoke and debris everywhere. >> reporter: at least two dead, one body still in the wreckage, 30 more hurt including one person working on the eighth floor undergoing surgery on his leg. and officials have brought in a third crane to try to stabilize one of the remaining cranes you see in the distance there. they fear it could fall if they continue this desperate search. marcus moore, abc news, new orleans. >> marcus, thank you. a developing story from alabama where a 3-year-old girl has been kidnapped. kamille mckinney was snatched while playing outside during a birthday party in birmingham. police have located the suv and
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the man seen in surveillance photos. he was found about ten miles away but no sign overnight of the kidnapped girl. >> i want to beg and i'll do anything to help my baby and it's going to get deeper than this. the city is already locked down so y'all need to bring the baby back. >> police called the man seen in that surveillance picture a person of interest but would not elaborate but they did say the kidnapping is not related to a custodial issue. in medical news a new warning about marijuana use by men looking to become fathers. a new study finds when men smoked marijuana at least once a week their partners are twice as likely to experience a miscarriage when pregnant and the risk for miscarriage increases for couples in which the men smoke marijuana and the women do not. the new study looked at 1400 couples before they got pregnant. in sports the american league championship series is e in th11thnng to give the
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astros a 3-2 win over the yankees. game three tomorrow. on sunday night football, james conner got the steelers off to a fast start with two pittsburgh built a 24-0 lead and then held on to win, 24-21. a new world record set at the chicago marathon, brigid kosgei destroyed the previous women's marathon record by just 81 seconds. well, up next in "the pulse," the first beer bottle made of paper. will beer drinkers accept it? also, a new law requiring schools to start later in the morning. plus, 12 years later, how a missing does was reunited can with its owner. clearer skin that can last. most patients who saw 90% clearer skin at 28 weeks stayed clearer through 48 weeks.
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♪ and we begin with some divine intervention for one of the nfl's top teams, the saints. >> it seemed they were blessed all along because just hours before kickoff pope francis tweeted this, today we give thanks to the lord for our new #saints. well, that hashtag on twitter brings up the locate going of the new orleans saints. the. >> saints replied, couldn't lose after this. #blessed and highly favored. i would say so. pope watching out for them. >> absolutely. if your son or daughter is always asking for another five minutes in bed, this next story is for them. california has become the first state to require public schools to start later in the morning. >> the law signed sunday will eventually require middle schools in california to start no earlier than 8:00 a.m. and high schools to start no earlier
4:24 am
than 8:30. >> supporters say it will improve students' performance and their overall health. >> okay. a long lost dog that wound up a long way from home has been found after a very long time. >> yes, duchess vanished in south florida back in 2007 but last week the fox terrier turned up outside pittsburgh, 1,100 miles away. she was found under a shed. workers found the dog there shivering. the microchip it turns out is what led that dog back to the owner. >> they were just reunited. no one knows how duchess ended up in pennsylvania. duchess was gone for like a whole obama presidency essentially. just gone. well, finally beer drinkers are voicing their skepticism about the new idea of beer bottles being made of paper. it's being developed by
4:25 am
carlsberg. >> they're made from sustainable sourced wood fibers. the bottles have a so-called inner barrier allowing them to hold beer but for some they might not take that long to hold the beer. guzzle it down. >> paper, hmm. more news after this. ha! there's nothing new. 'fraid so. new mucinex nightshift cold & flu fights my worst symptoms so i can sleep great and wake up human. so, you don't want to be zombie. no, i've gotta work tomorrow. don't eat me, i taste terrible! new mucinex nightshift cold & flu. uniquely formulated to fight your worst symptoms so you can sleep great and wake up human. and your mother told me all her life that i should fix it. and now it reminds me of her. i'm just glad i never fixed it. listen, you don't need to go anywhere dad. meet christine, she's going to help you around the house. the best home to be in is your own. from personal care and memory care,
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don't change or stop them without talking to your doctor. so help heal your skin from within, and talk to your eczema specialist about dupixent. making news right now at 4:27, a suspected drunk driver leaves a trail of destruction in san francisco. five people are hurt. one of them critically. vandals deface statue of christopher columbus in san francisco as the nation celebrates h holiday. and governor newsom putting the brakes on a bill to charge tolls and create a reservation system to straighten out congestion on lombard street. the question now, what's next. it's monday october 14th. >> happy to be with you, ladies day here. >> yeis. >> taking care of business. a little cold this morning. not a lot of fog a little fog
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returned to the shoreline out there. as we look at live doppler 7, it is moving into the marin county coast, the san mateo coast. most of you waking up to partly sunny conditions. 50 in san jose. 45 in sunnyvale, upper 40s on the coast. cool 39 in novato. 53 in san francisco. as you head on in this morning, grab the jacket. we have a sunny day on the way. some really nice weather for today and tomorrow. plan on 60s and 70s for the noontime. 80 inland. good morning, sue. >> good morning. it's monday. here is your monday morning commute. already four lanes in the southbound trek shun, just watch the zipper truck going across the golden gate bridge. fog-free there. a good commute for the san mateo bridge, a 14-minute drive from the toll plaza westward towards the high rise and over towards foster city.
4:29 am
in davis, a big rig and a pickup truck, the purple there, they have temporarily shut down all lanes westbound near richards until they clean this up. hopefully it will be open by the next time we talk. developing this morning, police in san francisco are trying to find the vandals who spray painted the christopher columbus statue near coit tower. >> graffiti covered the base ahead of the controversial federal holiday. jobina fortson is live at the statue with more. good morning. >> good morning. today, october 14th, is nationally recognized as christopher columbus day. you can see the statue behind me here near coit tower. it was vandalized over the weekend and donned the words kill all colonizers on the base. red patient completely covered the face of the controversial colonist. the words destroy all monuments of genocide was also put on the
4:30 am
statue. in san francisco, christopher columbus day is not celebrated by italian heritage day. supervisor aaron peskin represents north beach, home to many italian-americans, he says he appreciates history but calls the paint an act of hatred against the community that is celebrating right now. >> there are surveillance cameras up at coit tower. the cops will see what they can find off of those videos. if somebody can be apprehended and charged, they will be. >> the san francisco police department has confirmed they're investigating the vandalism. jobina fortson, abc7 news. you probably recall the other controversy over a columbus statue that sat inside san jose city hall for years.
4:31 am
in 2017 an online petition demanded that it be removed. the city council agreed and it was moved to the


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