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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  October 15, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>> reporter: here is a look inside a liquor store close to the autozone. you can see merchandise fell but you don't really see any bottles. the owner said he has prevention measures in prk. apnend quickly everytng. chico and tahoe, the 4.5 quake hit late. it was 10:30 last night, woke people up. we haven't heard of major damage or injury. we have, though, had some reports of minor aftershocks reported. the strongest was a 2.1. reporting live, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you, amy. and mike will join us now with a look at where this earthquake was felt. fires last week. earthquakes this week. have those emergency preparedness kits ready if nothing is giving you an idea
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this is the actual hello, let's get things together. here is 680. north main street. you may know that area. there's a chick-fil-a there, a 24-hour fitness, a burger king here. some of the businesses along there just happens to be food and hobbies. you can see that's pretty much where the epicenter was. so far we've had reports of up to 16 with that one being the strongest so there have been some aftershocks. notice where some of the strongest shaking was right around mt. diablo, the area in yellow where some of the shaking was the strongest. everywhere else it was weak to light to maybe a little bit of moderate, some of the green you see around the immediate area of pleasant hill, concord, walnut creek and alamo. we'll take a greater look in your forecast. kumasi? >> every earthquake is a reminder for all of us to get prepared. >> having an earthquake kit is critic critical. it should contain battery
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operated radio with extra batteries, have a solar charger if possible and an extra cell phone battery that you should keep fully charged. it also helps to have a manual can opener. >> you and your family should have an emergency plan in place including the escape routes out of your house and a location everyone will meet up if everyone gets separated. make sure your home and contents are as safe as possible and investigate quake insurance. get a quote on with a repairs might cost. >> abc 7 can help you prepare for an earthquake or natural disaster. get more tips on the next earthquake. it comes just three days before the 30th anniversary of the loma prieta earthquake that was a 6.9 and caused a part of the bay bridge to collapse as well as the cyprus freeway in oakland.
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thousands were hurt. abc 7 will look back at the past and a glimpse into the future in our abc 7 original documentary the earthquake effect. you can watch it anywhere you get abc 7 including amazon fire tv and the abc 7 news app. we'll also bring you a 30-minute commercial free special broadcast right here on the anniversary of loma prieta right here onbccooters on the streets of san francisco after an 18-month ban four companies will deploy 2,500 scooters. this morning lime is holding a safety workshop to teach people the proper way to ride a scooter. it starts at 10:00. san francisco transportation leaders will vote on a plan to close market street to cars. you're looking at renderings of what could happen if the plan is approved. there you go.
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market street would get wider sidewalks and dedicated bike lanes. supporters say the change would make things safer for bicyclists and pedestrians. >> i think it's a good move. i really do. i think it would open up the congestion and all that feeling we feel of just oh. >> they would be able to drive across market street but not turn onto it. commercial vehicles are still allowed. if approved a car-free market street could start as soon as january. you have to see this video. it shows the moment a into a vi hit-and-run. this happened saturday night. police are still searching for whoever was behind the wheel of this car. abc 7 news reporter amanda del castillo has the story. >> reporter: the first few seconds of the video show two groups getting ready to go at it. you see the man in the dark shirt adjust his jeans.
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others in tow as he walks towards two people. because of the graphic violence we're stopping the cell phone footage here just before a bmw suv speeds through the crowd. the impact sent him across the intersection and under a parked truck. >> bam, a car just came in and hit that poor behind the camera. he figured he was just capturing a fight, something he says is a common sight in downtown san jose. what he caught was a felony hit-and-run. >> he decided to go and made a turn right there and somehow he just found his way out of there. >> reporter: he posted to twitter with the caption normal saturday night in san jose. byad gone viral. >> it's pretty unexpected but not that big of a shock. >> reporter: hills was in the area and says video was proof if you've dodged a late night fight you have to keep an eye open for late night drivers. >> the drivers in san jose aren't the safest and a lot of people leave bars and start
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driving off. >> reporter: the victim was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. those who live nearby say they hope this isn't a normal saturday night in san jose. >> i think that san jose's up and coming. i don't see this being a problem and reflecting anything on san jose as a community. >> reporter: the vehicle involved is a bmw suv with tinted windows. that driver ilarge. in downtown san jose, i'm amanda del castillo, abc 7 news. it's a story we have been shining a light on for weeks as we work to build a better bay area. some neighbors taking things into their own hands to try to keep nearby homeless from taking over sidewalks. first there was a back and forth with these boulders placed in the mission delores neighborhood and then one neighbor set up this. take a look. a barricade blocking one alleyway towards ocean avenue and sf state. neighbors say the alley is frequently giving them problems. >> we've had violence occur
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there. i'll call it mental illness on mental illness violence occur there and it scares the neighbors. they hear the screaming at 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning. >> the man there and other neighbors didn't agree with fully boarding it up. some cam the city approved construction for a private gate. a group of bay area immigrants from six countries say their time and protections are running out. one community is telling them we have your back. a bold thief makes off with a pricey dali. the art heist caught on surveillance. all of that is ahead but it is 4:37. you're never more than seven minutes away from our accuweather forecast. here is mike. let's take a look at neighborhood temperatures. in the east bay we had the rattling last night. it's much calmer and cooler now. mid to upper 40s through the tri-valley, all the way up to concord. we have brentwood at 48 and low to mid-50s around antioch and pittsburg. we have some fog elsewhere so be careful out there. we have temperatures from 43 in
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novato, san francisco and pacifica. 51 in san jose. notice up in the hills los gatos 60. today is going to be our warmest day of my accuweather forecast seven-day forecast. 50s as you come across the western span of the bay bridge into san francisco. caution through the morning commute for those foggy spots. cool this morning but mild this afternoon. if you're on the bay a little foggy and a light wind all day today. let's take a look at some neighborhoods. peninsula starting off at 50 this morning, a few clouds. you see them tapering as we head towards 11:00 getting to near 60. low to mid-70s from 1:00 through 6:00 when that sun is setting earlier mid-60s at 7:00. we'll have temperature around 70 in the south bay to mid-70s during the afternoon hours to down around 70 at 6:00. 51 this morning. our last stop will be our east bay valleys, from 46 this morning to near 80 this
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afternoon. temperatures in the mid to upper 70s from noon through 6:00. day today. it's going to get a little cooler in the forecast and slight chances. i'll show you that coming up. good morning to frances. >> good morning, mike. >> you didn't feel it, the earthquake? >> trying to go to sleep early because we have to wake up early and be here. i might have woken up but i can't remember. >> you're not sure if that was the trigger. >> i'm not sure. >> not everybody lives as close as some of us that were woken up. >> i imagine you felt that jolt. >> i heard it more than i felt it. i guess the jolt woke me up and i heard everything else in the house rattling. kind of interesting. how about the roads this morning? it's actually gotten better in the last ten minutes. >> fantastic. >> an accident ten minutes ago and now they're all gone. there's some road work going on in novato. you're detoured on to atherton avenue t. should be reopened by 5:00 this morning. so far traffic looking good on 101. also on the peninsula near sfo
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the eastbound 380 section is closed from 101 to south airport boulevard as you make your way towards the back area. also near the united airlines employee parking lot, and that should be reopened at 6:00 this morning. here's a live look at 680 and walnut creek. southbound traffic is on the right. there was an earlier crash and just a minor wait to the end o
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you hear loma prieta wasn't the big one and we're overdue. i can't wait to see that special. a typical fall day with temperatures running in the low to mid-80s with dry air in the central valley. a few high clouds rolling into tahoe. 75 in yosemite. 83 in l.a. we'll have some clouds along the coast, but they will decrease as we head throughout the day just like here in the bay area. now the average high in tahoe is supposed to be 63 degrees. look at these temperatures, 54, 49 and 57 for the weekend. a little cooler than it should be. thanks, mike. marin leaders could decide to consider raising the minimum wage in the county. it's up for discussion at the board of supervisors meeting tonight and if that passes, it would pay employees in marin county at least $15.25 per hour. the county's current rate of
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$14.80 is already the second highest in the state. california is requiring a full jump to $15 an hour by 2022. in the east bay one city is rallying behind immigrants who have been legally protected for decades by the u.s. that protected status is about to run out. abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard has the details. because we're fighting for our families. >> reporter: this rally in berkeley is shining a light on some immigrants caught in legal limbo. >> my time is running out, so i'm here supporting everybody. >> reporter: claudia came to the bay area 25 years ago from el salvador and granted temporary protected status or tps, a lifesaving immigration program that allowed residents of six countries to remain in the u.s. >> we are doing what everybody does, working, payinge cherish t a big proportion of those
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immigrants must come in through merit and skill. >> reporter: over the summer president trump ended the tps program, but ramos, a citizen from san pablo, sued to stop the government from deporting her mom. >> i am in this fight because i want to keep my family together. i want to keep these families in the same situation together. >> reporter: an extension was granted until january. the city council he can inspects to pass a resolution in support of immigrants protected under tps. >> people are living in uncertainty not knowing if they're going to be deported going back to a country they may never have visited. >> reporter: the mayor says it will urge the u.s. senate and the president to pass the dream and promise act offering a pathway to citizenship to immigrants who have spent much of their lives in the u.s. in berkeley, cornell barnard, abc 7 news. san francisco police are hoping you recognize a man in this video in the blue shirt accused of a brazen theft at an art gallery on geary street t.
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took him just 32 seconds to enter the gallery yesterday and walk out with a salvador dali etching valued at $20,000. the etching is entitled the burning giraffe. it usually sits on that easel. >> usually actually locked down. i'm not sure how that happened, how it was not fastened to the easel. we're thinking it was sort of a group effort, someone came in to distract my co-worker and then ran off -- >> wow. here is a picture of the etching. the dennis rae gallery says dali created it during 1966. at 67 years old -- in 1966 and 1967, they say was a key time in his career. >> that is bold. >> walk in and steal a dali. >> walk ond enhato you do witay. >> don't people track that? >> i think so. we'll see how this ends. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast.
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hi, mike. let's see what's going on in the north bay. in you weren't with us at the top of the show, there is patchy fog in our north bay valleys. we're seeing stars from san rafael so we look northbound to where the thicker fog is developing and north of there we have thicker fog, also. 46 degrees so it's chilly. mostly sunny once we get rid of the low clouds in most neighborhoods. a few high clouds this afternoon. if it makes for a gorgeous sunset, we'd love to see it on social media. today is our warmest day moving forward. a lesser chance friday and both are during the overnight hours into the following morning. it will be quite breezy thursday, also. but right now it's below fire danger threat. so we have mid to upper 70s in the south bay for just about everybody until you get to morgan hill and gilroy. mid-80s there. those are the warm spots. 72 in millbrae. everyone else 74 to 77 on the peninsula. along the coast clouds will be stubborn today, mid-60s for you. we'll get to 68 to 70 downtown south san francisco and
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sausalito right between 69. clouds pretty clingy along the north bay, mid-60s there. as you head inland, upper 70s to low 80s. about 73 to 76, along the east bay shore. as you move inland. 79 to 83 degrees. a look at tonight's temperatures back into the mid-40s to low 50s with even more cloud cover than this morning. so a slight chance of rain wednesday night. thursday will be bright and breezy. a slight chance friday night and then saturday and sunday looking like fine fall weather. frances? >> it's already feeling a little bit like fall this morning. but traffic has been great. it's been quiet right now and it's just getting a little bit crowded on the westbound 80 ride through berkeley into emeryville. we'll check out the south bay. looks great out of morgan hill and gilroy, up t peninsula, that's 880 right across your screen and the san mateo bridge also a nice ride this morning with westbound traffic on the
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right-hand side. leaving hayward heading out to foster city and san mateo. the slow spot is, of course, westbound 580 tracy to dublin now 38 minutes. westbound 4 still looking good antioch to concord and no delays for the north bay commute. southbound 101 to san francisco. >> harley-davidson pausing production of its electric motorcycle. >> and google is unveiling its new pixel 4 phone in new york. here are "tech bytes." harley halts its first electric motorcycle. >> it has now halted production after discovering a glitch during final quality checks. no time line on when production will resume. google's new smartphone will be unveiled today. >> the pixel 4 is expected to have some form of facial recognition as well as motion technology to control content or stop incoming calls. you can expect to see multiple rear cameras and porsche will
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work with boeing on a flying automobile. >> likely to be used for flying taxis. the company says they're developing an electric vehicle that can take off and land vertically. >> will you buy one? >> sure.
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that means one mile and it's no. that fog is going to be around through the morning commute. it's only going to get worse for travelers as we get deeper in the commute and the kids head back to school. >> governor newsom signed a slew of new laws and one is probably more unusual than the others. it will allow drivers who hit certain animals -- why are we trying to bother bambi in the video? >> let him be. >> if you hit one of those animals you can harvest the meat. >> what? >> deer, elk, antelope, and wild pig. the endangered species act is off limits. collisions in california every year involving deer alone. >> how did this come about? did someone just say we really should do something with that deer i just hit? >> as my dad would say, good eating.
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about almost anything. >> really? even, what is it, pronged horn antelope. he's one of those. >> okay. so he would be happy about this. >> probably. well,less than a year a standard driver's license is no longer going to be valid to get on a flight. californians, you have to have a real i.d. issued by the dmv. the deadline is october 1 of 2020. the dmv director says you have to get in now to avoid lines and last-minute changes to travel plans next year. >> for people that have a passport or government i.d., a military person or military spouse, they have a good i.d. they can get in. for the people that want a real i.d. we want them to come in now versus in august of next year when the line is expected to get quite long. >> now earlier this year some californians needed to update proof of residence and that's since been sorted out. sfo being oakland and san jose airports will post reminders at
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tsa checkpoints. >> i don't know, mike, i prefer to wait until the last possible second. >> you're one of those kind, huh? >> you're getting kicked off the plane. >> i have a passport. if you have a passport you're good. >> we're fine. >> you should still get one. do not listen to me. get ahead of it. >> about three weeks ago i tried to make an appointment -- >> and? >> the first appointment in fremont, pleasanton or concord was christmas eve morning. >> perfect time. >> no one will be there but you. >> i work that morning. i couldn't even do it. here is a look at our forecast going to move ahead 7:00 tomorrow morning. we wake up to cloud cover. high clouds, mid clouds streaming in ahead of our cold front. our chance of rain 7:00 tomorrow night. while most of us are sleeping we'll hear the pitter-patter of rain drops.
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this is what it will leave behind. some slickness in the form of .01 in santa rosa and while the rest of us are sleeping up to .05 to .06 and that could make thursday morning's commute a little difficult. we'll keep an eye on that for you. >> thanks for the heads-up, mike. okay, you've been warned, thursday morning could be a little messy. and of course you heard reggie and kumasi talk about road kill. there's a dead cow on 101 -- >> stop. >> i'm not kidding. it came in. >> you cannot say that, frances. you're trying to get our attention. >> a cow on 101. it clearly did not moo-ve fast enough. >> i'm done with you. >> petaluma boulevard north, a dead cow in the center divide they are trying to clear it now. don't know who killed it but they could eat it possibly if they wanted to. also in novato road work going on at atherton. this one should be cleared at
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about 5:00 this morning. guys? >> she's just going to toss it back like that was no big deal. >> like it was normal. >> no, frances. okay, well, next at 5:00, two powerful earthquakes jolt the bay area. we are live with the damage that it caused. >> thousands of new scooters are hitting san francisco streets. what you need to know before you hop on. and new this morning investigators rule out one culprit in an east bay wildfire that forced people to evacuate in the middle of the night
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good morning. welcome to tuesday, october 15th. >> you are never more than seven accuweather forecast. here is mike. let's start off by helping
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those about to head out the door, look at the visibility in napa and santa rosa down to less than an eighth of a mile so that's dangerously low especially more so when it's dark and petaluma is one mile. a little bit of fog around santa cruz, also. if you're heading that way, watch out. you're going to descend out of the summit. you can see the marine layer is so compressed, the clouds are hugging the ground. look for this to increase as we head through the morning hours. dress warm. we'll be in the 50s and 60s at noon. 60s and 70s warmer this afternoon and 50s and 60s at 7:00. hi, frances. good morning, everyone. we'll start off with something different this morning. there is a dead cow on southbound 101 in the north bay at petaluma


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