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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  October 18, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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last week a wildfire forced this neighborhood to be evacuated. we'll explain what firefighters say they did to protect these homes. in san francisco a neighbor is asking the city to change this intersection and make it safer for pedestrians. in san jose, the spooky season is upon us. the the heartwarming story behind this horrifing display. abc 7 news starts right now. >> announcer: now news to build a better b nbc >> the werlgt patterns change, there's more fuel and more dead trees. >> the ceo of know the heat risk is not going
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away. >> the public utilities commission demanded the top pg&e officials responsible for ordering last week's black outs for handling their execution testify at this emergency hearing. >> i can attest that no one gets into this line of work with the dream of having to turn the lights off on customers. it runs counter to our nature, it's not in our dna and it's not what our customers expect. the black outs called punl safety shut auts affected more than 730,000 customers in 30 counties. >> i'm hearing we're going, have a play book by the end of the year. you gave a very nice speech or a few words on anticipation. i can tell you you guys failed on so many levels, on pretty simple stuff. >> reporter: pg&e was criticized for order such a widespread blackout instead of targeting the areas at highest risk. for it its website that crashed several times frustrating rate
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payers looking for information and phone calls that went unanswered. >> i acknowledge we were not fully prepared to support our customers to the best of our ability given the size and scale of this public safety shutoff event. and i'm firmly committed to fixing those gaps. >> reporter: pg&e also criticized for failing to share information with state and local officials and failing to provide up-to-date blackout maps. to move wires underground and do a better job of clearig trees and vegetation from around power lines. >> seeing a path to getting to the point where these widespread events are not necessary is i think where we all need to be. so how are we going to get there? >> this is probably a ten-year time line to get to a point where it's really ratcheted down significantly. i think item be better every year. i think everyone gets better at
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event. >> reporter: the city asked about that letter last week, two days of wine tasting for pg&e's biggest gas customers at the biggest sonoma winery. >> we've taken appreciate measures it will not happen again and there will be no customer funds to replace what took part there. >> reporter: just one of the many issues they're addressing as they try to work their way through bankruptcy. for the i-team, dan noise, abc 7 news. >> another pg&e rate hike will go into effect at the beginning of next year. the a electricity bill expected to jump by $9 a that money is supposed to be used to upgrade the infrastructure and clear branches from power lines in fire prone areas. >> keeping our neighborhoods safe from fire is a major challenge and we saw just how
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dangerous it can be during a wildfire last week. >> live where the fire department is using a new technique to keep people safe. >> reporter: dan and ama, good evening. excuse me, it's all prepositioning. it's not new to california. fire officials say we'll likely seeing it being used more as fires get more intense. this technique helped save homes and likely saved lives. in the early morning of october 10th as a wildfire burned in the hills of murogga, a family friend poupdnded on the door warning the family to get out. >> we could see an orange glow in the sky and knew we were in danger. >> reporter: country costa fire official steve hill says the fire came within 40 feet of some neighborhoods, threatening more than a hundred homes and prompting mandatory evacuations. hill says prepositioning extra staff and resources is why the
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neighborhood is still standing. >> on the 10th of october we experienced the most dangerous fire weather we've had all season and could have turned out a lot different if it weren't for this concept of prepositioning. >> reporter: fire districts already do what's call up staffing, but prepositioning means setting up additional strike teams in areas under threat due to red flag weather conditions. >> we stood up a strike team of five fire fighting apparatus. >> reporter: the extra strike team provided the fire department with five specialized fire engines, water tanks, bu battalion chiefs to help out an contained it to just 50 acres. >> we were able to dodge a couple of really dangerous bullets. >> reporter: county fire officials say better weather
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forecasting helps them predict where to preposition their crews, and it's all thanks of millions of dollars of new funding from the state. >> clearly effective. >> new at 11:00, flames shooting out of a condominium block in oakland. the 2 alarm fire started on the second floor of a portobello complex. this was just before 8:00 tonight, it spread to the floor above. the red cross is helping two people who were displaced because of it. no one was hurt, thank goodness, and no information yet about the cause. santa cruz police arrested a woman for a series of fires this morning. she's identified as -- officers were called to five garbage fires this morning. police say she admitted to setting the fires and was booked into jail for arson. b.a.r.t. police arrested a man in connection with the
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random stabbing of a woman in a train traveling through the tube. the man got onto the train at the montgomery station and threatened passengers going from san francisco to the east bay waving a box cutter for the entire 8 minute ride through the tube. the man slashed a woman's hand. she was scared and in pain, but she's recovering at least. b.a.r.t. officers tased the man on the west oakland platform before putting him in hand cuffs and taking him away. making our street safer is a big part of our effort in making a better bay area. just yesterday a driver in san francisco was just inches from hitting a woman and her dog at hyde and pine streets and now she's taking action. >> reporter: it's a neighborhood where the majority of people can be seen walking to the nearby super market, shops and school. davis has lived here for 13 years and yesterday she had a close call. >> inches from hitting me, and
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he was going quite fast. he had some choice words for me. >> reporter: davis posted her experience on social media and asked her neighbors to e-mail their supervisor. in less than 24 hours many of her neighbors said they wanted the same change. >> to get more enforcement and eventually to get a no turn on red sign through here. >> reporter: the supervisor confirmed to abc 7 news he did receive her e-mail and reviewing her request. right now we're on hyde and pine trying to see how many people are crossing the street and if they're close to a vehicle making a right turn. we saw at least five cars making a right or left turn on red just inches away from pedestrians and that's what davis hopes to stop. last year a 58-year-old was killed at an intersectionbloc. >>ar aren'tldingo on zms total of
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14 pedestrian fatalities this year. davis hopes her petition saves lives. >> i'm san jose. >> and the historic flight in the air right now testing the limits of human endurance. a late october warmup is coming our way. first, here's a look at what's coming up tonight on jimmy kimmel live. >> hey, we made another show. i could not believe the invitation you sent. >> very much wanted to go but it's a long story. >> i have a kids camping weekend -- >> i
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in the south bay a haunted clown carnival is catching the attention of many in san jose's willow glen neighborhood. >> and tonight we're learning there's plenty of heart behind the elaborate halloween display. >> amanda del castillo live with a look tonight. >> reporter: she was not messing around when she started on this display back in september. take a look at it, it is massive and today i learned that shelly is a mom on the mission to create memories and also to bring the community together. a display so scary we're starting at a distance. the hemen ezfamily an jaes clowns.uyit bloodstain
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grin getting a lot of attention. >> he's pretty murderous looking. >> reporter: murderous lookinge. the clowns aren't scaring this 8-year-old. >> no, i'm not afraid. >> reporter: it's these clowns and the company keeping christopher hemenez's spirits high. >> he breaks out into the laugh you just heard, and it melts my heart. >> reporter: his mother shelly says christopher and his twin sister were born at 26 weeks. at 24 years both have var yg disabilities. christopher is terminally ill. he suffers from brain damage, cerebral palsy, lung disease and his vision is worsening. reason she started on this display and specific theme in september. >> i'm hoping when that last little part of his eye, the vision is gone, that he can remember the colors and the lights, something he's always enjoyed. he's always enjoyed bright,
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bright lights. >> reporter: she says christopher's condition keeps the family inside their home these days, but this halloween display brings out their neighbors. >> it shows the love and heart she has for her son. and to do something like this, it's pretty awesome. >> reporter: awesome indeed. and the display will remain up through halloween. and the family will be handing out goodies to the kids every day until then. if you find yourself here, be sure to look for the clowns. abc 7 news. >> all right, amanda. thank you so much. if you are looking for more halloween atracks you can find the best pumpkin patches, hunted places and haunted houses on our rls fem space walking teen made history tonight. the nasa astronauts stepped out of the international space station to fix part of the solar power network. nasa wanted to conduct the all
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female space walk last spring but it didn't have two medium sized space suits ready to go. >> you need those. well, some wall greens customers can now look to the skies to get their goods. testing drone deliveries. customers ordered cough and cold medicine and a drone also delivered a fedex package from dick's sporting goods. come aboard for the largest commercial flight in world history. it's called project sunrise. 20 hours nonstop. onboard 50 passengers and crew. the boeing 787 dream liner will be a laboratory really to monitor the health effects of long flights. instead of dimming the lights passengers will be kept up for at least six hours.
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they'll eat peppers and spicy food to help keep them awake. pilots will wear brain monitoring equipment to test alertness. the jet will carry 101 tons of fuel. total distance, 10,200 miles. and the plane is called pretty cool, isn't it. you can see coop s flight on its way to californiaorniaora now. squaw is planning to open one month from today. get those skis ready. snow is here. >> can you believe it's just a month away? ho and the bay area. forec i >> no snow headed our way but we might have a sprinkle or
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the good news is the wind has calmed down significantly. and that high surf advisory has expired. here's the view. pier 15 in san francisco looking back at the skyline. oakland 56, redwood city, 66. and 48 in half moon bay. a nice clear view in petaluma, 50. and the view of the golden gate. look like it's dry at the moment but we might see some wet pavement there in the next 12 hours or so. clouds will increase overnight. a chance of early morning showers mainly in the north bay. but one or two sprinkles may hit the coastline. overnight look for mainly clear skies early. beus aeady getting to sayarly late, isn't it? overnight lows will be mainly in the upper 40s to low 50s. notice between midnight and
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about 5:00 a.m. some high clouds will sweep in, a few low clouds as well. by 10:00 tomorrow morning probably see some light showers. by noon they'll pretty much be over. high clouds will continue pushing through the area in the midafternoon. put it'll be a bright sky after those morning showers. highs tomorrow will range from mid-f 0s at the coast, near 70 around the bay shoreline, low to mid-70s inland. and here is the accuweather seven day forecast. a bit of a warmup on sunday but much more robust if you will warmup beginning on monday. and for all of next week look for high temperatures inland in the upper 80s, low 80s around the bay and 70s or higher on the coast. and that's late october. >> summer's back. >> feels that way. >> all right, thanks, spencer. well, hospitals and nursing homes have emotional support animals, right? >> and
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who's a good girl? she's the 49ers emotional support dog, the first in the nfl. the little frenchy helps to support the mental health of the giants player who's rehabbing from an injury or reducing stress before a big game. although the niners are 5 and 0 with a ferocious defense, so it might be the washington redskins quarterback who will need that chill sport this sunday. >> they can borrow her, maybe at halftime. that's actually a really progressive neat neatigeenemiol. na
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good evening. before the warriors met the lakers in their final preseason game tonight the dubs made a decision. chris is on the team, alfonso mckinney is out. warriors versus lakers at at ata chris making his presence felt with authority. but the warriors were down early against the lakers. team minus lebron. look at deangelo russell, shove off against the defender, get off me and lays it in. draymond green pushing it offwe.
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just before the half chris, steph playing beat the clock. and then steph, a little meet and greet. hi, how are you? hope to see you back here at court side. warriors play 16 at the break. defense going to be a challenge this season for steve and the warriors win 124-103. they'll open the regular season thursday at home against the clippers and we'll be there for that. the 5 and 049ers visit the redskins on sunday. last year it was 27 per contest allowed. the defensive line is playing great and that really helps the secondary. for richard sherman the key is one unit with everyone connected. >> it's a very unselfishfense.y. you c you've got to get them within
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scheme, but if you do that you're going to let ten other guys down. i think that's a great testament to our coaching staff and players is they're playing very unselfishly and that's why this success is coming. >> rangers at green bay on sunday. alcs game five, the yankees needing a win. houston scored in their half at the first. off justin verlander and we are tied. seventh lead off homer in yankees post game history. watch it fly. three run shot off the foul ball. 4-1 yankees. other than that verlander was phene but it was too late. high heat for george springer. astros 0 for 6 with men in scoring position. game six is tomorrow in houston. abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. cal football homecoming against oregon state tomorrow at
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11:30 a.m. and warriors over under is set at 47 1/2 wins this season which is pretty low given to what we're used toe expectin the past five years, i might take the under. >> really, that's where we are? >> well, it's a work in progress. >> we'll be right back. >> abc 7 news don't forget though continues online, twitter facebook with
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all right, that is our report. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> for the entire abc 7 news team, thanks for joining us. on jimmy kimmel live coming up right now is tyler perr
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dicky: from hollywood -- it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- tyler perry. from "the view," sunny hostin. and comedian gina brillon. and now, for the first time tonight, jimmy kimmel! [cheers and applause] ♪ >> jimmy: thank you. appreciate it. hello, i'm jimmy. welcome to the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. please, relax. thank you for joining us on the 8th of october, which that day might not mean anything to you right off the bat, but it's a significant day october 8th. on october 8, 1871, a wildlife killed up to 2500 people, the deadliest wildlife in recorded history. also in 1871, the great fire of chicago killed 200 people,


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