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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  October 28, 2019 5:30pm-5:58pm PDT

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althier braie. tonight, the state of emergency as we come on the air. the major new fire erupting in a well-known part of los angeles. at least 10,000 homes and buildings in danger. several homes destroyed already. the fire along the 405, shutting it down in one direction. flames coming close to the famed getty center. mount saint mary's forced to evacuate. lebron james among the famous names leaving their homes. and in the north tonight, nearly 200,000 now forced to flee. our teams on the front lines. also tonight, we have new reporting. inside the final moments, the takedown of the world's most wanted terrorist. the raid on the leader of isis, al-baghdadi. theiercau. scial force o
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ilenwitho y to escape. and the president tonight with this new image of the dog the impeachment inquiry tonight the breaking new headline involving democrats. now the full vote set in the house. the vote on the impeachment. and the key witness who did not show up today. the former college student charged in her boyfriend's suicide. they went to boston college. prosecutors say there were 47,000 text messages from the girlfriend, they say, telling him to go die, go kill yourself. authorities say she was there when he jumped to his death. theisies nighng." o
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odveni.ou wit to anothereeas gohis is a very busy one. first, california in a state of emergency tonight both in the north and the south. 200,000 people evacuating their homes. more than 2 million without power. and in a well-known part of los angeles, homes burning to the ground. thousands threatened, and famous names forced to flee. this major new fire raging before dawn in the western hills of los angeles. many families forced to get out in the dark. fire burning alongside one of the nation's busiest highways, of course, the 405. college students escaping in the middle of the night. this is mount st. mary's. the students there driving away amid the flames. in the north, the kincade fire, doubling in size over the past 48 hours. 66,000 acres charred already, and containment falling to just about 5% as we come on the air this monday night. matt gutman leads us off from los angeles. >> reporter: that brush fire ngs
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overnight, turbocharged by the seasonal santa ana winds gusting above 65 miles per hour. it's being called the getty fire because in those early morning hours it threatened the getty center in brentwood. i'm just beneath the getty center, one of the most famous museums in the world. there are helicopters in the air. fire crews pretty much everywhere. burning some of the most expensive real estate in the country. you can see this fire behind me is completely consuming this home. in fact, this whole street is on fire. you can hear that crackling behind me. it is very intense here. the fire raced through the canyons here, filled with dry brush. you just said earlier that this is your worst fear coming true? >> no question. we're seeing this every single year, the fires get bigger. >> reporter: up to 25,000 people ordered to evacuate in the middle of the night, including rnold hwze and lebron and his family. today tweeting his best wishes to the first responders.
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students from nearby mount st. mary's university racing out too. >> this is too close to our school. >> you have several hundred teenage kids that have no way of getting out. >> reporter: some ferried to safety in ambulances, reuniting with their parents. >> well, it was pretty scary. i mean, you know, 2:30 in the morning, you don't expect a phone call from your daughter at school. >> reporter: by daybreak, squadrons of firefighting aircraft out in full force. ta 405 shut down. >> there is nobody traveling south. this is one of the most traveled areas in our area, in the country, and to see nobody on this roadway is almost a shocking sight. >> reporter: in northern california, the kincade fire, now more than 65,000 acres. the fire destroying nearly 100 structures. >> let's get to matt gutman. reporting outside los angeles there. matt, you and i have both covered the wildfires in california. this unfortunately is the time of year in the north and in the los angeles area the fires hitting this particular coins hou rig down to at that h
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there. that brush hadn't burned in decades, and that created this supercharged fire. like gasoline combined with the winds. those winds have subsided some, but we are expecting the worst red flag winds of the season coming up in a couple of days. >> matt, thank you. >> you heard matt mention the winds. it's all about the forecast. we know where matt is, in los angeles, the winds are really supposed to pick up tuesday night into wednesday. let's get right to rob marciano also live in california tonight. he's got the forecast for northern and southern california. rob? >> reporter: good evening, david. the smoke hanging in the air over the bay area as we get set to recharge the wind setup over the next 24 hours. already we have high wind northern california beginning tomorrow morning for a critical fire danger setup.
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later southern california, wind. rob, while we have you, there's also another winter storm moving across the country, feeding in to the santa ana winds. where are they dealing with snow and falling temperatures tonight? >> reporter: back in the rockies. the cold air feeds the santa ana winds. and winter storm warnings coming in. could have another 6 to 12 inches in denver. this one drops in again tomorrow into wednesday, could have another 6 to 12 inches in denver and points east. and the cold air is coming in, that will last through the end of the week. invigorating those winds. david? >> thinking about everyone in california tonight. thank you, rob. now to the other major headline tonight. new reporting this evening on the daring u.s. raid in syria that took down isis head abu bakr al-baghdadi. the man responsible for a ruthless campaign of torture and beheadings, including americans. tonight those new details about how they found him, how he died
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and what the u.s. forces took away with them when they left. and there's also news tonight, another key figure is operation over 100 miles away. an air strike taking out the al-baghdadi's right-hand man, the isis spokesman. the president today celebrating the death of the founder of the islamic state. >> he was a sick and depraved man. and now he's dead. >> reporter: 5:00 p.m. saturday night, on orders from the commander in chief, eight chinook helicopters flying fast and low from kurdish-controlled iraq arrive at al-baghdadi's secret hideout in syria, taking on and returning fire. once on the ground, the special operations forces blasting the frdoor booby-trapp.
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inside, they discover their target, al-baghdadi, fleeing with three children into a mita k and commandos in pursuit. >> he died after running into a dead-end tunnel, whimpering and crying and screaming all the way. he died like a dog. he died like a coward. >> reporter: al-baghdadi detonating a suicide vest. the call coming in to the situation room at 7:15 p.m. 100% confidence. jackpot. over. >> the thug who tried so hard to intimidate others spent his last moments in utter fear. >> reporter: before the raid began, the u.s. obtaining key information after the arrest and interrogation of one of al-baghdadi's wives and a coteor and tonigh wrernthg i
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men, associates of al-baghdadi, were captured. now in u.s. custody. in a secure location. among the victims of al-baghdadi's gruesome campaign of terror, four americans captured in syria -- james foley, steven sotloff, peter kassig, and kayla mueller, who he repeatedly raped. the mission, named in her honor. >> those men and women that put their lives on the line, we owe them our sincere thanks. >> martha raddatz with us live from washington tonight. i know your sources are telling you that this baghdadi raid has been planned for some time, needed to be moved up because of the president's order to withdraw u.s. troops from syria? >> reporter: that's right. the raid had been in the works foofr weeks, bficial telling met because of the withdrawal of u.s. troops they had to do it now. and our kurdish partners who we are essentially leaving on their
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own in syria, were key players in the success of this operation. david? >> martha raddatz covered this all weekend long. thank you. and one more note tonight about that raid on al-baghdadi's compound, president trump tweeting an image late today, this picture of the hero dog, injured while chasing the terror leader down the one-way tunnel during the raid. the dog's name has not been declassified. the pentagon says he's fully recovering and is already returning to duty. of course that's good news tonight. and there's a major development in the impeachment inquiry tonight. nancy pelosi setting a date for the full house to vote on this impeachment process that many vote is now set for thursday and it does include a plan for public hearings now. here's abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl tonight. >> reporter: in chicago today, president trump sounded off on the impeachment inquiry, nd aions tt to the case of he was
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>> reporter: meanwhile on capitol hill, former acting national security adviser charles kupperman refused to testify today. >> dr. kupperman had testimony we believe would corroborate the allegations of misconduct. >> reporter: congress had subpoenaed kupperman, but the white house ordered him not to testify. so kupperman asked a judge to decide between the, quote, competing and irreconcilable demands of both the legislative and executive branches. it comes as speaker nancy pelosi today announced the house will vote thursday to affirm the impeachment inquiry and outline a plan for public hearings. republicans have been pushing for public hearings and a formal vote on whether to authorize impeachment for weeks. >> jon karl with us live from the white house tonight. jon, that former national security aide is now asking a judge to decide whether or not he should testify, as he feels pressure in the white house not
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to and tngress to show up and t. and this could have far-reaching implications. >> reporter: it sure could. democrats for example are especially eager to talk to former national security adviser john bolton and bolton is represented by the same lawyer as kupperman. they believe bolton is both a witness and a critic of the president's actions. so this court case could determine whether or not bolton testifies before congress and others as well. >> all right, watching it closely. jon karl on another week oh white house. thank you. next to the former boston college student charged with involuntary manslaughter tonight in her boyfriend's suicide. prosecutors say call it unrelenting adduce, sending him 47,000 text messages, including messages like go die and go kill yourself. he did take his own life, 90 minutes before his graduation. here's eva pilgrim. >> reporter: the girlfriend of a former boston college student tonight charged with involuntary manslaughter after a grand jury
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found she encouraged alexander urtula to take his own life. >> ms. you made demands and threats with the understanding that she had complete and total control over mr. urtula, both ntally acurs fellow student inyoung you was physically, verbally, and psychologically abusive, sending thousands of texts, some urging him to quote, go kill himself. go die. >> in the 47,000 text messages, yes, there were many, many instances where she instructed him to do so. >> reporter: just 90 minutes before urtula's graduation from boston college in may, authorities say his girlfriend allegedly tracked him through his phone to a parking garage and was there when he leapt to his death. >> ms. carter will now be taken into custody. >> reporter: the allegations echoing the case against michelle carter, the young woman convicted of involuntary manslaughter after sending hundreds of texts urging her boyfriend to act on his suicidal thoughts. what complicates this case,
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david, is that the young woman is back home in south korea. prosecutors are cautiously optimistic she'll return, but if she doesn't, they say there are a number of ways to extradite her back. david? >> eva pilgrim reporting tonight. thank you. and new fears for a missing 14-year-old girl from virginia. authorities saying she's in extreme danger with a direct appeal now to the suspect. here's linsey davis. >> reporter: the desperate search for 14-year-old isabel hicks is now a nationwide amber alert. >> she is in the company of an individual that has been reported by his family to have some suicidal ideations and he is in possession of a 9-millimeter handgun. >> reporter: police saying the eighth grader vanished from her bumpass, virginia, home a week ago with 34-year-old bruce lynch and could be in extreme danger. tonight the fbi is urging lynch to do the right thing. >> you know isabel should be home safe with her family. warm, rested, protected.
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i'm sure you want what's best for her. please return isabel to a safe location or contact us. >> reporter: authorities are asking the public to look for clues like a missing rear passenger door handle on lynch's blue 2003 toyota matrix, and a camouflage tarp that might be covering the passenger window. david, authorities believe lynch is traveling with camping gear. and they have received tips from multiple states including one sighting of a vehicle matching the description of the one they believe he's traveling in. david? >> lindsey davis, thank you. and now to the resignation of a rising democratic star. katie hill facing ethics allegations that she had a relationship with a member of her staff. that news coming during a nasty divorce involving nude photos posted on the internet of her. hill releasing a video today explaining her decision. >> i'm hurt. i'm angry. the path that i saw so clearly for myself is no longer there. i never claimed to be perfect, but i never thought my imperfections would be weaponized and used to try to destroy me and the community
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i've loved for my entire life. for that, i am so incredibly sorry. >> hill says her new fight will be to protect other women exploitation of images like those used against her in this bitter divorce. still ahead on "world news tonight," the major airline sued by its own attendants. pilots placing a camera in the bathroom. and news about the young american prosecutor shot and killed. suspects have been arrested in the murder. and mail scattered all over the highway today. the eye-opening mail truck accident. where was this mail headed? hopefully not to your place. what we learned about it all. as the news ues. an proseshot a killed.the murder. and mail scattered all over the highway today. the eye-opening mail truck accident. where was this mail headed? where was this mail headed? hopefully not to your place. otlas associated with... increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla
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skip to the good part with alka-seltzer plus. now with 25% more concentrated power. nothing works faster for powerful cold relief. oh, what a relief it is! so fast! i'm working to make each day a little sweeter. adp simplifies hr, benefits, and payroll for magnolia bakery, so employees like sarah can achieve what they're working for. now to the disturbing claim by a southwest airlines flight attendant accusing two pilots of placing a hidden camera in the response. >> reporter: tonight, a flight attendant on a southwest flight claiming she was shocked by what she saw, acc privacy. >> when i walked into the
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cockpit i noticed that his ipad was located on the window. it appeared to be a live streaming video of the captain in the lavatory. >> reporter: in the cockpit so the captain could use the restroom, steineker says she saw that ipad, with video of the captain in the bathroom. she's alleging in a lawsuit that the first officer said it was a new streaming system, and the camera was hidden so that no one would ever find it. on the ground she reported the incident, but says she was warned if this went public, no one would fly the airline again. >> it's just not a joke at all. if you think you're being violated and someone is watching you in a lavatory, no, that's not a joke. >> reporter: southwest in a statement says it was a false video reference. an inappropriate attempt at humor. and says there was never a camera in the lavatory. southwest says it will defend itself vigorously against the lawsuit. both pilots and the flight attendant are still flying for southwest. david? >> david, thank you. when we come back,
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♪ to the "index" of other news tonight. the arrests in the murder of an american prosecutor working in mai comicroknee sia. multiple suspects now arrested. she was shot in front of her home. no motive released. robert evans has died. one of hollywood's most successful producers. his list of classics includes "the godfather" and "chinatown." his roller-coaster life detailed in his memoir, "the kid stays in the picture." he was 89. and thousands of pieces of mail all over the highway in in. the truck crashing into another big rig, leafing that trail of mail. this was not a u.s. postal truck. it was what many consider junk mail. you're saved. when we come back, we needed this on a monday. the 6-year-old, the coach, and the surprise in the bag.
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finally tonight, "america strong." finally tonight, "america strong." the 6-year-old and the letter he wrote to his coach. you can hear the coach ask, what's in here? >> what's in here? >> reporter: 6-year-old jayden with a surprise for his football coach, richard nelloms. >> a good coach can change the game. a great coach can change a life. aw, man. >> reporter: a simple mug with a powerful message. great coach can change a life. jayden is in the first grade at charles ana. and justisn to the letter he wrote to his coach. >> dear coach richard, you have been the greatest coach of my life. i love you, richard. >> reporter: and jayden goes on. >> you helped me love football again. thank you for being my favorite coach.
5:58 pm
love, jayden. >> y'all are so sweet. >> reporter: the moms watching, overcome. >> aw, that was so sweet. >> reporter: that young coach saying, i held it together when jayden was reading to me. but after i watched it, i couldn't hold back my tears. this was something that i felt so lucky to have an opportunity to do. i felt blessed with the chance to be myself and teach my players how to have fun no matter what. and tonight, jayden's family saying, our hearts are overwhelmed. jayden and his coach. coaches making a difference in our children's lives. it is the biggest fire burning in california right now. but there is good news for people living near some home. the smoke in area. we're monitoring. as power comes back on, pg&e
5:59 pm
is planning the next power outage, which could start tomorrow. good evening. i'm dan ashley. i'm dion lim. with so much going on, let's get to what we know now and the newest information. the company is preparing for yet another power shutoff tomorrow. it would affect 605,000 customers. >> pg&e has restored power to more than 375,000 customers. however, some customers may not have their power restored before the next power shutoff begins. >> pg&e is holding a news conference right now. meioned, is was just announced t motimes. wit. transitions to offshore northeasterly wind. the winds start in the north valley, upper end of the north valley near redding early in the
6:00 pm
morning and then progress down the valley floor. and they impact the sierra foothills and they impact portions of the north bay on each of the west and east sides of the sacramento valley. >> pg&e also announced the death of a contractor who died in a road accident in humboldt county. in lafayette, two fires sparked around the same time around the same place. sky 7 flew over the burned area today bec>> a


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