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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  October 30, 2019 3:30pm-3:59pm PDT

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extreme red flag warning. the urgent effort here in simi valley to protect the reagan presidential library.lames erup leading up to the reagan library. the urgent efforts on the ground and in the air to keep the flames back. thousands of homes in danger. families told to get out. seniors evacuated. horses on the side of the road. hurricane-force santa ana winds not seen in years. the first time ever, what's called an extreme red flag warning. more than 70 miles per hour. super tankers struggling to hit their targets. in other news tonight, a deadly plane crash right into a neighborhood. the horrific damage on the ground.
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at least two dead tonight. new video just in tonight, the takedown of al baghdadi. what the pentagon has just revealed. the phone call between president trump and the president of ukraine. tonight,ewueho edited the transcript, after the national security officer who listened in testified he alerted authorities about key parts that were missing. why were they not added back in? the images now of el chapo's son, the shootout in the streets. they thought they had him, then his own escape. tonight, a new lawsuit alleging 1 million contaminated vaping pods were shipped out. late and this evening, the stormy halloween forecast for much of the east coast. why some communities are now moving halloween. we'll track the storm tonight. and good evening tonight from southern california. and we are here tonight because
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the national weather service has issued a warning it has never done before. what are called extreme red flag warnings tonight and right into tomorrow hurricane-force wind g fueling the flames, and the new fire tonight coming within 30 yards of the reagan presidential library. it was before dawn, that fire broke out in simi valley, about 40 miles to the north of where we are tonight. the so-calls easy fire, tripling in size in just two hours. the flames racing toward the reagan library, coming dangerously close. we were there as they worked fever ishli to protect the perimeter of the library. part of the fire line seen through the window, air force one inside. and then, another fire, east of here. mandatory evacuations tonight, including seniors. the air difficult to breathe. and just moments ago, take a look at this image. the easy fire jumping the 23 highway. firefighters coming dangerously close to the flames. it has been an extraordinary day here. the fires in the north, the kincade fire, 77,000 acres. the getty fire here in los angeles, you can see how quickly
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it ripped through so many homes in these neighborhoods. and what we witnessed on the hills today leading to the reagan library. tonight, the historic santa ana winds. the national weather sndotee he firefighters work to keep the flames from shooting up the hills in simi valley. coming within 30 yards of the reagan presidential library. this newest fire, called the easy fire, erupting early this morning north of los angeles. this fire has been moving very quickly. it broke out in the middle of the night here in simi valley. they're trying to protect aboutn and of course, part of the overall effort, the effort to protect the reagan presidential library. the stature of ronald reagan on a horse right out front. a firetruck and thick smoke just
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behind it. this is where the former president and first ladies are buried. fires racing up that side of that hill. the fire just 30 yards away. helicopters dropping water. inside the library, air force one. smoke and fire seen through those windows. one of the workers there, melissa giller, telling abc news tonight there were as many as a dozen people sheltering inside when the fire broke out. she described what those firefighters are working so hard to save. >> we have an actual air force one airplane on display that served seven u.s. presidents. every speech ronald reagan ever gave, every handwritten note, every memo, every photograph ever taken of him. there's so many priceless items within our walls. i couldn't even name them all. >> we witnessed the air assault all day today. helicopters and airplanes dropping water and fire retardant, dousing the flames. you can see the urgent effort in the hills here because of these santa ana winds. they are flying overhead. they have wind gusts up to 60, 70 miles per hour already, and
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you can see them dropping retardant as they try to save thousands of homes now in danger here. families trying to evacuate. thr are being rescued one-by-one. some of the owners here saying this is the first time they have ever had to do this. some of the horses blindfolded to keep them calm. >> rs. aotf oer been able to get out yet. >> they are trying to cut down as much as they can to keep the flames from coming any further up the hill and now the assault from up here, as they douse everything they can to stop these fires. in neighboring jurupa valley, the fire raging out of control. today, patients and seniors being evacuated outside this senior living home, wearing face masks to shield them from all of the smoke in the air. >> i got you. >> holding hands as workers desperately try to wheel them out to safety. some still in their beds. all of these fires forcingtis at
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parts of the 101 shut down when a truck is blown over. and in los angeles, the getty th is a part of los angeles at hasn't fires since i believe it was 1961 with the bel air fire. but i mean, something that the residents here it's a new reality. >> reporter: the firefighters are aware of the historic nature of the santa ana winds. >> we haven't seen this since 2007. just to give you an idea how unusual this santa ana is, it's been 12, 13 years since we've seen such a strong wind event. >> when you hear about that critical warning, what does that say to you? >> it says to me, winds are going to be so high and so fast that the fire is going to with wind-driven and goinghan what we've seen. >> tonight, this team saying they're ready to keep going, knowing the path of these fires are impossible to fully predict.
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>> we try to save them all. we can't always be in the right place at the right time and we do the best with what we got. >> which explains you can have a home standing here and the one behind us gone. >> absolutely. some of it is timing and some of it is what we can't account for, when the fire generates its own weather. >> i know you could wish you could save them all. >> we do. >> we've met so many dedicated firefighters across this state, not been seen in more than a decade here, blowing over that big rig. and the super tankers up above, in 50, 60-mile-an-hour winds, it's not been easy. abc's matt gutman and his team had to take cover today at one point. take a look at what they witnessed, the force of these winds here. >> reporter: tonight, the strongest santa ana wind event in years. we watched as the easy fire roared out of control. there's nothing they can do with that wind. this is a firestorm. we're going to the other side of
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the car. take shelter. you can see the embers cast right there. with winds gusting over 70 miles an hour, it makes targeting the fires from the air extremely challenging. right now, we're about to get dropped on. you can hear that plane coming through. look out! the winds are powerful enough to fires miles away.s. and you can see how fast this wind is moving, just picking the smoke up and whisking it right off the ground here. on the front lines in simi valley -- the heat is intense, the wind is enormous. and it's fueling that inferno. it moved so fast we had to take cover behind a fire truck. oh, my god, you can see that wind. these santa ana wind events form when strong high pressure over the rockies pushes cold air westward. when it moves through the mountains and canyons in southern california, it compresses and heats up, super
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charging the wind speeds. >> so, let's get to matt gutman, live with us in california. he is in moore park tonight, and mat mat, we can see the pink fire retardant all over the road there. not a good sign tonight, that fire now headed toward a neighborhood? >> reporter: that's right, david. all this happened just a few minutes ago. multiple planes dropping this wet, sticky stuff, both to protect firefighters, us, and to try to stop the forward progress of that fire. but we watched as that fire just leapt over that wall across 50 yards, igniting on the other side. there's concern that homes there may also be on fire. david? >> all right, matt gutman, i know you'll be watching this all night long and straight through "gma." our thanks to you. meteorologist rob marciano is in santa clarita, california, and rob, i know there's still at least another day of these hurricane-force winds. >> reporter: yeah, we're about halfway through this big wind event. what makes it so unusual is the super cold air that's over the
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thisral part ofhe untry.ero todn buwetill h fg warnings posted for northern california. the smoke is still filling the central valleys and we have the high wind warndiings up across call. tomorrow morning, we focus more towards riverside and san diego, but still, 60, 80-plus mi 80-plus-mile-an-hour wind gusts. these are explosive conditions and something we will likely see go away, finally, we'll see this pattern break down next week. david? >> all right, rob marciano with us here in california tonight, as well. rob, thank you. and to the other news this wednesday night now, and a deadly plane crash right into a neighborhood outside atlanta. just after takeoff, the plane plummeting. pieces of the plane scattered among the homes tonight. at least two dead. and abc's steve osunsami is on the scene. >> reporter: authorities in this suburban atlanta neighborhood are searching through lawns tonight and picking up the
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pieces of a single-engine plane that crashed into a townhome shortly after takeoff. >> you could hear a boom, oh yeah, you could feel it. >> reporter: the plane was headed to north carolina f crashed here this morning, about a mile from the runway. >> we're looking for an aircraft. >> reporter: it hit so hard, most of it is jammed into the crawlspace of this building. two people onboard are confirmed dead. the unit with the plane now inside it was empty, and they don't believe anyone on the ground was hurt. just yesterday, a pilot was killed in new jersey when his twin-engine plane crashed into a home and set it on fire.ngnvtig incidents. we don't know what caused either crash, but the weather here certainly hasn't been great. it's been raining all day. david? >> steve osunsamight. steve, thank you. we do have remarkable images coming in tonight of that daring u.s. raid that took down isis leader abu bakr al baghdadi in
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syria. the video released a short time ago from the pentagon and shows the remote compound where he was holed up. and the bomb blast as the compound was leveled by those u.s. special forces. here's abc's senior foreign correspondent ian pannell tonight. >> reporter: tonight, the pentagon releasing these images of the moment u.s. special forces fly in on the hideout of isis lead eer abu bakr al baghdadi. hostile fighters shooting at them. in a second video, the delta force commandos move in. later, a massive blast, as the compound is leveled after he was killed. kurdish fighters recruited the informant who identified the location of the hideout, providing critical information, including its layout. now, a senior state department official saying that individual may receive part of the $25 million u.s. bounty placed on the isis leader. but tonight, a fresh warning. >> there's no question that the
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losses over the weekend were significant to isis. at the same time, it's a deep bench. >> reporter: the acting director also saying there were 14,000 isis fighters here in iraq and across the border in syria and he expects them to announce a new leader in the coming days. david? >> all right, ian pannell in iraq again tonight. thank you, ian. next, to capitol hill tonight, where all eyes will be on the house tomorrow. the full house is set to take its first impeachment vote tomorrow. and it comes amid new questions tonight about who handled the transcript of that call between president trump and the president of ukraine. after the national security officer testified yesterday that he listened in on that call and alerted authorities to key parts of the call that were not included in the transcript that was made public. and there is word tonight former national security adviser john bolton has now been formally asked toc ch thtestify, but wil comply? mary bruce on the hill. >> reporter: tonight, the president's former national
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security adviser, john bolton, is is being summoned to testify in the impeachment inquiry. multiple witnesses have testified bolton was deeply frustrated by the campaign to pressure ukraine to investigate trump's political rivals. according to a top aide, bolton once described the president's personal lawyer, rudy giuliani, as a "hand grenade who's going to blow everybody up." today, deputy secretary of state john sullivan said giuliani was behind a smear campaign targeting the former u.s. ambassador to ukraine, marie yovanovitch. >> you were aware that there were individuals and forces outside of the state department seeking to smear ambassador yovanovitch, is that correct? >> i was. >> and seeking to remove her. >> i was. >> did you know mr. giuliani was one of those people? >> i believed he was, yes. >> reporter: it comes as there are new questions about the phone call at the center of this impeachment inquiry, between president trump and ukrainian president zelensky. trump insists the white house released a complete transcript. >> word for word, comma for
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comma, done by people who do it for a living. we had an exact transcript. >> reporter: but lieutenant colonel alexander vindman, who was on that call, reportedly told lawmakers that crucial phrases were left out. according to "the new york times," vindman testified the document released by the white house did not include comments from the president that there were recordings of former vice president joe biden discussing corruption. "the times" reports that vind man said the ukrainian president also made an explicit mention of the energy company where biden's son hunter served on the board. that's not in the transcript, either. vindman, who works on the national security council, says he tried to add these details to the official document, but according to "the times," his edits were not included and it's not clear why. >> mary bruce live on the hill tonight. and mary, john bolton, as i mentioned there, has now been summoned to testify next week and of course, the big question tonight, will he show up? what are you learning? >> reporter: well, david, the president will likely try to block bolton from appearing, but we have just learned that bolton's legal team says that
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bolton is not willing to appear voluntarily but his attorney tells us, david, that he is ready to accept a subpoena. david? >> all right, mary bruce tonight. mary, thank you. and now to the deadly gunfight between mexican police and a narco militia, protecting el chapo's son, who is wanted in the u.s. authorities say police had detained his son when cartel operatives ambushed them, turning the streets into a war zone there.the ce forced to ret. at least eight people were killed. the mexican government tonight now defending that decision to call off the raid, saying they did so to save lives. back here at home and to your health tonight and a new lawsuit against juul alleging 1 million contaminated vaping pods were shipped out. former executives are suing the e-cigarette giant saying the company knowingly shipped out mint-flavored nicotine pods that were con tam nated and he was let go as retaliation for being a whistle-blower, he says.
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juul firing back tonight, calling the claims baseless and that the company determined the product met all applicable specifications. there is still much more ahead on the mass shooting at a halloween party. three people killed, nine wounded. we'll have more on this developing story. also tonight, actor kevin hart breaking his silence tonight, posting new video as he recovers from that crash that left him badly injured right here in california. why he says the accident was a sign. and the stormy halloween forecast for much of the east coast. while some communities are now moving halloween and we'll track this major storm. a lot more news ahead tonight. - [woman] with shark's duoclean, i don't just clean, i deep clean carpets and floors. so i got this. yep, this too. even long hair and pet hair are no problem. but the one thing i won't have to clean is this. because the shark self-cleaning brush roll removes the hair wrap while i clean.
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3:50 pm
that happen to you end up being the thing that you needed most. >> reporter: posting his journey on instagram, from the hospital through rehabilitation, and sharing his new lease on life. >> god basically told me to sit down, you're moving too fast, you're doing too much. sometimes you can't see the things that you're meant to see. >> reporter: hart suffered severe injuries, fracturing his spine in three places, when his vintage car careened off the road. his friend, who was behind the wheel, injured, as well. tonight, hart is thanking his friends, family and fans for their support. >> don't take today for granted because tomorrow is not promised. >> reporter: david, the california highway patrol determined the cause of the accident was reckless driving. david, they also said nobody in the car was wearing their seat belt. >> kayna, thank you. when we come back here tonight, the deadly mass shooting at a halloween party. the search for suspects tonight. and the severe storm threat in the east. many communities moving halloween.
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and we'll track the storm.
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finally tonight here, america strong. it is always important to remember the brave men and women who are fighting these fires. we were there today as teams of firefighters work to protect the reagan presidential library in simi valley. in los angeles, the getty fire, too. >> the first deployment, we were up for -- how long was it? >> like, 26 hours. >> something like that. >> 26 hours straight. they have not been home since sunday. you all have families? >> yeah. >> what do you say when you leave to head out on multiple days now, this is what, day four? >> i think that they handle it very well and i'd like to thank each and every one of them and i think my counterparts here would also say the same thing.
3:58 pm
>> for understanding the job. >> yeah.hink they understand th families around here know that we're important to them. >> they say it's part of the job, but they go days without seeing their family or facetiming their children. >> i think my family finds solace in the fact that i work with great people. just tell them you're not going to be able to facetime the kids at night. >> going to be trying to keep each other safe the whole time. >> and you're coming home. >> exactly. >> thank you, guys. >> thank you, sir. >> appreciate what you do. we cannot wait until they go home, but another difficult night ahead with these historic livein newsys afinwith o of thr homes, people are finally being allowed back into their neighborhoods this afternoon. this is a live picture from sky 7. you can see residents there
3:59 pm
being greeted back to windsor. >> it honestly looked pretty scarey last night. >> i think everyone around here was on edge. it was a very scarey situation. >> in lake county, worried residents stayed up hoping to avoid the worst as firefighters fought against the flames. >> our gratitude is deep and our appreciation strong. i just want to thankuny. that w afternoon, thanks for joining us. we'll start with some good news for some of the people forced out of their homes by the fire. evacuation orders have been lifted. the county residents were among the 185,000 ordered to leave their homes as flames crept closer to neighborhoods. >> today firefighters are reporting some progress against the gigantic fire that has been burning for seven days. an aggressive attack by both land and air. the kinkaid fire has burned
4:00 pm
nearly 77,000 acres. it is now 30% contained. it has destroyed 206 structures and half of those were homes. more than 90,000 structures are still being threatened. full containment expected next thursday. >> take a look at this map. it shows just how enormous the kinkaid fire is relative to san francisco. the footprint of the fire is larger than the city itself. wayne is in sonoma county with the latest for us. >> reporter: you normally see a few rvs in this parking lot here. but those new rv evacuations from the fire


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