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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 14, 2020 6:00am-7:01am PST

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homelessness issue but the unavailability of housing to so many people. before we get back to that we'll check in with mike for a look at our forecast. wet weather moving away from the san mateo bridge. this is sliding south. fremont it should be there right now if it's not already there and if it holds together it will be in los gatos. expect your commute to look more like this. you can see how wet it is right now. isolated showers and patchy fog. low to upper 40s. 52 to 55 with isolated showers and by 7:00 it's over mid to upper 40s. jobina? we are looking at mass transit updates.
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b.a.r.t. has 42 trains running. 80, lots of headlines moving to the maze and the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights came on at 5:14. richmond/san rafael bridge much smoother here. clear conditions. i do want to let you know we have had a few reports of swinouts but nothing blocking this morning. >> thank you, jobina. following some breaking news this morning, pressing to get more information on what had been a heavy police presence for hours in san jose. streets are open what we're being told is chp officers were involved in a chase along highway 101 that ended in that area for some reason. anser hassan will have another update in the next half hour.
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and developing news this morning in hayward police are investigating a deadly shooting outside an airbnb rental. >> neighbors say there was a party going on. surveillance video showed cars arriving and leaving at the time of the shooting. the mayor of hayward says the city doesn't have short-term rental regulations. >> i don't know very much about it right now and the police are still investigating but, yeah, we're going to have to look at that and see if we want to look at that area and see if we want to make any new regulations. >> airbnb says they have removed the guest from its bookings and unauthorized parties are not permitted on airbnb. we have not been able to reach the homeowner. these men are wanted for a home burglary. a neighbor saw them trying to break into a home over the weekend. they ran off after the neighbor yelled at them.
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police believe the same group broke into a house near san rafael. they are believed to be driving an older model black mercedes with tinted windows. rv dwellers will soon have a safe place to park. a pilot program to allow overnight rv parking at participating churches. they would have to apply for a permit. rvs would be allowed to park between 6:00 at night and 8:00 in the morning. the program will connect people living in rvs to permanent housing. governor newsom is currently on a weeklong tour of california in an effort to alleviate homelessness. he started in nevada county to promote his plan. >> $650 million of emergency grants, more money than ever, has been distributed to cities and counties in the region in california's history is going up as we speak. a homeless task force that newsom appointed wants to allow
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the state to sue cities that fail to reduce the homeless population. doing that would require amending the state constitution and voters would have to approve it. the tour continues with stops in the inland empire, los angeles counties, central valley as well as the bay area. your voice, your vote. tonight's final democratic debate before the iowa caucuses is coming with some drama. elizabeth warren is accusing bernie sanders of saying a woman can't win the presidency. the sanders campaign forcefully denies it. a separate report claims there were talking points criticizing warren for being a candidate for the elite. >> i was disappointed to hear that bernie is sending his volunteers out to trash me. >> we have hundreds of employees. people sometimes say things that they shouldn't.
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heading into tonight a new quinnipiac poll shows that joe biden leads democrats nationwide followed by sanders and then warren. a popular san francisco attraction that had to close down about a decade ago could be one step closer to coming back. today the board of supervisors will discuss a 50-year lease at broadway and the embarcadero. there were performances for more than ten years on pier 27 and 29. it was forced out to make way for america's cup and a cruiseship terminal. what went down at that royal summit with queen elizabeth, prince harry, prince charles and prince william. apparently duchess meghan markle was supposed to be on the phone call. the royal family decided it was not necessary. the queen issued a statement after yesterday's summit
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expressing her full support of their decision to step back from being senior members of the royal family. >> it's historic for the queen to send a message like this. you really feel it's coming from her as the grandmother of a family recognizing in this modern world that individuals have their own paths to follow. >> harry and meghan do not want to be reliant on public funds. they plan to split their time between canada and the uk. the canadian prime minister justin trudeau's office says there are many questions about the couple's security in canada. more coming up on "gma." the moms who have been squatting for a couple of months now at an oakland home are getting evicted. >> sky 7 got to the scene. we want to show you live right now what's happening. you can see so many people gathered as alameda county
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sheriff's deputies are at this hour. they are there to evict the mothers and their children. the group moms for housing has been in the vacant home since november. they were served an eviction notice last week, i believe on friday. they had five business days to get out. yesterday there were so many people there in support of the women but the sheriff's office said all along they plan to enforce the order for eviction. >> they even had support from some local politicians including rebecca kaplan who heads the city council in oakland. it's interesting to see this is all happening so early in the morning. they have been promising to protest and have a show of support every morning this week. and then this morning we saw some of those women come out. apparently they had plastic ties around their wrists. we'll see what happens to them. our reporter amy hollyfield is on her way to the scene
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grade. sunnyvale, 6:25, san jose. the entire south bay will get wet over the next half hour to 45 minutes. a look at the peninsula. 42 at santa rosa. isolated showers the rest of today after this morning. we're going to be dry mainly during the day if you want to go out exercising and breezy on the bay. a look at the north bay. 11:00 we're at 50. from 1:00 to 5:00 50 to 54 degrees. big soaking rain on the way for thursday. more on that next. here is jobina. good morning. a commuter alert. because of this rain, this
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should be the last time for the manzanita park and ride closure. however, because of the storms that will be coming in we will check on this and see if anything changes. mass transit here, no delays. b.a.r.t. running on time. a 14-minute delay this morning. metering lights came on at 5:14. we have a high wind advisory. you can see we certainly have a slowdown for people heading to the peninsula. check out the drive times here. i want to get to a crash quickly in san jose involving two cars. one lane is blocked. one lane blocked before tully road. speeds are low but t
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we are staying on top of breaking news. this is of the moms who have been squatting in an oakland home since november. they are getting evicted as we speak. as you can see sky 7 is over the scene and showing you where this is, magnolia and 30th street. a group of people has gathered as they have been gathering to protest their eviction. they knew it was going to happen but it happened earlier than expected. a judge order it had last week. >> said they hd five business days. there was concern it may have been happening yesterday. we saw people come out to support them yesterday. now here it is happening today and we see just a lot of people out there again this morning supporting them. the deputies got to the house this morning. the plan is to evict the mom and the kids and this is such a huge story that has a lot of people divided about housing and issues
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with vacant homes in the bay area. and so we'll continue to watch this and see what happens and hopefully get some more information about what happened to the children who were involved and the moms. we are concerned about the kids' safety. more on that as we get it in. an uber driver in pennsylvania says he has been suspended after he pulled a gun on a rider. he says he did it because the rider tried to steal his car. he says the man got mad after a window malfunctioned. the rider started yelling at him, then spit in his face when he said he was going to can sem the ride. >> he's kind of stunned at first because obviously he has a begun pointed at him, and he does get out of the vehicle. >> do you regret pulling the gun -- >> no. >> you would do the same thing? >> i would 100% do it again. >> uber's policy says riders and drivers are prohibited from carrying firearms. the rider's access to the app has been removed, arrested for
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public drunkenness and disorderly conduct. amazon ceo jeff bezos is getting a lot of flak for his donation to victims of the australian wildfires. he's pledged to donate about $6930,000 u.s. dollars. keep in mind as of 2018 bezos made about $230,000 per minute. he's worth $117 billion. critics scoffed at his donation saying it only equates to three minutes of his time. in comparison other celebrities have donated a million dollars to support relief efforts. shaming is real. >> i wonder how he came up with that number? >> that's a good question. >> if everyone else is giving $1 million, why $690,000. >> something tells me he is about ready to write another check. >> he needs to explain himself, huh? live doppler 7. the dumbarton bridge, the
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showers heading through and heading to 237, 680, 101 all wet as you head from the east bay and the peninsula into the south bay. about .37, one of our higher totals, partly sunny with isolated showers the rest of the day. much cooler inland and that soaking storm thursday morning. our temperatures today from about 53 in san rafael. morgan hill, santa cruz warmer. 30 in santa rosa. some of our cooler spots inland. mid-30s to mid-40s into san francisco. a chance of thunderstorms with that next storm coming in. it's a two on the impact scale. you see light rain and some embedded showers moving if. and then the heavier stuff, that is a steady clip of moderate to heavy rain and even thunderstorms. some reds showing up, almost our highest intensity level moving
6:20 am
through at 4:30 as we head into the morning xhus. by 7:00 it's in the south bay. by 9:00 it's start to go transition over to lighter showers. we'll talk about my storm concerns coming up. friday will be okay after some fog. sunday will be fantastic. near 60 and another chance of wet weather monday. jobina? we have some new crashes to talk about. those reports of slick conditions, we are seeing a multicar crash there past the summit in the santa cruz mountains. one lane is blocked. you can see that slowdown on our maps. that should impact people trying to make their way in to san jose. we do have a two-car crash.
6:21 am
once you approach the scene of the crash these are down to about 16 miles an hour in that area where things are moving smoothly right now. the golden gate bridge. i have not seen any problems in that area and where you are going to experience a slowdown is on the san mateo bridge if you are heading westbound. no issues coming in from the chp but it is slow. "good morning america" coming up. >> and ginger zee with a look at what's ahead. >> great to be with everybody this morning. coming up on "gma" live in new orleans after that thrilling national championship game. lsu dethroning clemson led by joe burrow. what he is saying this morning. also the latest on the royal bombshell and the emergency meeting with the queen. why duchess meghan did not join that call. we're going to have all the
6:22 am
information on that. ashley and j.p. are opening up about a frightening health conditions he has. the rare illness that left him temporarily paralyzed. and then the funny nash talking about her new role in robin's movie. an incredible story ripped right from the headlines. you'll get some details on it and you're going to want to see it coming up on "good morning america." >> reno 911 is so good but this movie is so different than that. >> it's a very different role. you will not see the same character. >> it's the mom who stole a baby from the hospital and took it as her own. >> and raised it as her own. >> looking forward to that.
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hi, everybody. a look at the last several storms we've had, the air has been saturated from the ground to 5,000 feet, about a mile. this will be saturated up to 22,000 feet. that's four miles of rain that's going to fall on us. here we are on a thursday morning already a third to an inch in the north bay. the rest of us will get
6:26 am
two-thirds to three-quarters of an inch of rain. that's why we'll have a big issue with standing water. at the live desk just now receiving brand-new video of a bus, a sinkhole situation, in china right now we've been following. the footage of the collapse here i want to get you to. authorities say at least six people are now dead because of the situation. more than 16 sent to the hospital, four missing. some 1,000 emergency workers and 30 vehicles were sent to the site. the bus has been raised from the section of the sinkhole. the cause is still under investigation. it is now 6:26. next at 6:30, breaking news in the east bay. a live picture now from oakland this is where the mothers who have been squatting in a home have been evicted. there is a large crowd gathering and deputies have moved
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6:30 am
home since november. they were served an eviction notice. that notice was on friday. they had five days to get out of the house. they have been calling for people to stand in support with them starting on monday. we've seen a lot of people coming out to support the women including right now, as you can see a lot of people are out there filming this, there as a show of support as deputies are evicting these women. haimy hollyfield is at the scene getting more information. >> good morning to you on this january 14th. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from the accuweather forecast. 680 out of pleasanton, as you head into the south bay, 237. 82, 101, 280 all wet now as we have a light shower rolling through the south bay. san jose in about six minutes. here is what it did to the
6:31 am
bridge. you can see it's still wet. we're going to have patchy fog and a stray shower there. possible the rest of the day. the best place would be the north bay or near the coast. it will clear quickly this evening with temperatures in the mid to upper 40s by 7:00. how is the commute, jobina? >> we do have a delay for ace 1. b.a.r.t. and the ferries are running on time right now. 54 trains -- excuse me, 56 trains running at the moment. a live look at king street. a nice, quiet start for 631. 101, things are getting busy. i do have some updates on the crashes we've been following. the issue northbound 17 past the summit. three cars involved here. one lane is blocked.
6:32 am
moving over to san jose, 101 before tully road. that has cleared. we are giving you the thumbs up. expect a slowdown. back to our breaking news this morning. women evict who had have been living in a house illegally. >> amy hollyfield is live at the scene where a pretty big group has gathered, amy. >> reporter: a loud group but peaceful. i haven't heard of any injuries or physical confrontations. the crowd has been yelling at the sheriff's deputies, yelling shame at them and no justice, no peace. a lot of people recording what happens here. a spokesman tells me the house is empty. they have cleared it out. i haven't found out if anyone went willingly or was taken under arrest.
6:33 am
it sound like they're still trying to work out their numbers and how this ended. he said the house is empty. they did bring a heavy presence, the s.w.a.t. team is here. some are walking around with their guns drawn, the crowd not happy to see that kind of force taken or that presence when we're talking about moms and children inside this home. they've been in the house -- at least one mom november 18 and others joined her. and now they're shouting we love the moms. all the people here who had promised a presence from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. every day when they heard that eviction order had been issued by the judge they would do what they could to keep sheriff's deputies from getting in but they made their move early this morning. so i'll continue to follow this and try to get you those numbers as to how many arrests or if anyone went willingly or if they
6:34 am
went by force. that eviction oer has been served and sheriff's deputy spokesman tells me the house has been emptied. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you, amy. another look at what's happening there from sky 7. it really gives you a sense of just how many people have gathered there in support of these moms who have been in the house, as amy said, since november. it's been a little bit of back and forth with the judge deciding if they would be evicted or not. the judge ruled they had five days to get out. if it was friday, this might be day five -- we're trying to figure that out. deputies are there evicting them. >> yes. and remember the company that owns the house said they would house these women for a couple months, and the women said that was an insult and rejected the offer out of hand.
6:35 am
it has led to this. they refused to leave and now are being evicted. we'll have continuing coverage as we get more information we will post updates for you all morning long at and our abc 7 news app. also breaking overnight we're learning more about what was a heavy police presence in san jose. >> the streets are now open in blossom hill road. anser hassan is there gathering more information. good morning, anser. >> reporter: we're now learning this may all have started with the chp chase that began in gilroy and ended up here in san jose. chp opened up rielly court around 4:45 this morning. it had been closed since 11:00 p.m. last night. some video from a few hours ago this as officers taping off the small cull desan. there's very little information. late last night chp officers
6:36 am
were involved in a chase along highway 101. that began in gilroy. what led to the pursuit is still under investigation. i spoke to a neighbor. she didn't want to talk on camera but said it was pretty quiet last night. san jose police were called out at around the same time. you can see a huge police presence overnight. even a k-9 unit on scene. these two incidents are probably related. police was involved but sergeant garcia tells me the investigation is being handled by chp. we are waiting for more information. reporting live anser hassan, abc 7 news. breaking news right now, officials in iran have made arrests over the ukrainian airlinerhat killed all 176 people onboard. a spokesman says several were
6:37 am
arrested but it's unclear how many people or what their roles may have been. iran add minuted its military accidentally shot down the jet saying it was caused by human error. the president of iran says a special court should be set up to investigate and, quote, punish those responsible for shooting down the plane. thank you, jobina. a effort to crack down on car burglaries. they are forming a task force to crack down. they've seen car burglaries explode in the last year. oakland saw a 25% increase over 2018. each city will provide two officers a month. the program is set to start next week. 6:37 this morning. we're checking in with mike. hi, everybody. a light shower just moved through the sunol grade. as you come down 680 out of the east bay hills you'll run into as you head down to milpitas,
6:38 am
across 237, 101, 82, 280 and it stretches all the way back into the santa cruz mountains. this is the last organized area of wet weather. mid to upper 40s and that's pretty much the temperature everywhere until you get to alameda and fairfield at 42. much colder tomorrow morning. a look at 87 where the rain hasn't quite made it here. definitely damp and that's the way your drive will be today. otherwise better as we head throughout the day. the peninsula, 49 at 9:00. 50 to 54 as we head through the afternoon hours, down to 48 under the stars at 7:00. for the east bay, 48. 50 to 55 this afternoon with increasing sunshine. 48 and clear at 7:00. in the south bay that wet weather through at least i'd say 7:30 at the latest and then increasing sunshine and 54 this afternoon. a big storm for thursday's morning commute. more on that coming up. here is jobina with this
6:39 am
morning's commute. hi, jobina. rng go, everyone. a crash that we're following right now, a new one in oakland i want to get to. 580, i understand this is a crash between two cars and a dump truck. we were checking it out. expect delays f you're approaching that area now. northbound 17 past the summit we have three cars involved here, one lane is blocked at the moment. this has been the case for a while because there are slick conditions out there because of the showers. take your time if you're taking 17 this morning. a live look where things are beginning to slow down
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for that. low to mid-50s with partly sunny conditions this afternoon. our best chance of showers will be from about ukiah northward to eureka, snow up in the mountains but nothing like thursday, one to two feet up in lake county and up to three feet in tahoe. we desperately need -- we're about 75% of average. that's the heaviest of the snow. you'll be skiing on fresh powder. it will get better in the afternoon. thank you, mike. back to our breaking news, sheriff's deputies are at a west oakland home. they have evicted the moms living there illegally. a large group has gathered there, amy. >> reporter: hi, kumasi. i spoke to a spokesperson with the sheriff's office. he is inside the home. he says they've made about half
6:44 am
a dozen arrests and he believes half of those are moms. some others he believes did vacation willingly. it did go peacefully. there was officers in riot gear with helmets and the bully sticks because there was a large crowd here -- is still a large crude here. they were prepared to have to use force or for some kind of resistance. that has not happened. we have seen a peaceful scene. the only thing that has happened are protests. they are saying they're with the moms shouting shame at them. but nothing physical. i've checked in with the sheriff's office and the protesters who said no one has been hurt, but there is still a large crowd here even though the sheriff's deputy tells me the house has been vacated.
6:45 am
a large crowd still watching over the situation, videos it just wanting to bear witness as this happens. reporting live, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. joining us now on the phone is sam singer, a spokesperson hired by wedgwood, the group that owns this particular property. thanks for being on the phone. did you know this eviction was going to be happening this morning? >> no, i did not. the sheriffs act on their own time line and so they chose this period of time to go in and repossess the house from the squatters. as far as wedgwood is concerned, is this a satisfactory >> we have asked the women to leave peacefully and voluntarily. we were happy to watch amy hollyfield's report just now that this was a peaceful end to this occupation of wedgwood's
6:46 am
property. it's just not right to steal other people's property. we take no pleasure in having the sheriffs enforce the order to convict the moms. we urged them to leave voluntarily and peacefully and were pleased that this got a peaceful conclusion. >> do you feel this is the best conclusion? i know the ladies were hoping to purchase this home and there were some other options thrown around. do you feel this is the best solution? >> it is the best solution. this home belonged to wedgwood. obviously the solution to oakland's housing crisis isn't having people stealing other people's homes through illega break-ins and seizures. what would happen if anyone left their house for the day that would make it vacant in the eyes of the moms and the squatters broke into their homes?
6:47 am
this was a violent, dangerous, and unsuccessful path taken by this handful of activists and supported by several members of the oakland city council and the oakland community land trust. the city councilmembers have to take real steps to address oakland's drug abuse, mental illness and homeless issues. the good news is that wedgwood will use a shelter 37, which is a nonprofit. they're going to use at-risk oakland youth to rehabilitate this homelong with professional carpenters and crafts people and split the profits with shelter 37 so that other at-risk youth can benefit as well. >> why not work with the land trust as suggested? they said they were interested in possibly buying the home. >> well, it's never a good idea to break into somebody's home and then offer to negotiate with them. i hope that makes sense. i think, also, that there seemed to be collaboration between ace,
6:48 am
the group that set up moms for housing and created them and actually employed two of the squatters during the occupation of this home. the oakland community land trust and three members of the council created the land trust. so why would one negotiate with someone who stole their home? >> what is the goal for the house now? >> wedgwood's goal is to restore it and sell it to a first time home buyer using a nonprofit that will put at-risk kids to work, provide them with job training and then split the profits on the home so other at-risk youth can benefit as well. since you are in the news med yeah business, you can't live your life for photographs and video. you have to do the right thing.
6:49 am
all of western civil dags is built upon a body of law. it's built upon,a certain sense, the ten commandments, thou shall not steal. you can't give in to people who have stolen things and who don't act in an honest, forthright manner no matter how wonderful or good the visuals are. the reality has to be taken into account. >> all right, thank you so much for joining thus morning. we appreciate your time. >> thank you. 6:49 this morning. we're checking in with mike for a look at our forecast. live doppler 7 down to street level showing you along with the usual 237, 82, 680, 280 all wet. your commute will get wet. like we're seeing it's starting to move over, you see the spray coming up off the cars and look how slow things are. good to see people slowing down
6:50 am
in this condition. isolated showers the rest of the day. a moderate storm thursday into friday. i'm glad i'll be here. i'm sorry you'll be there but we'll get you through it. sunday is looking really nice for the nfc championship game. tonight much colder with some frost and fog could be anywhere. you can see gray all over the bay and out to the coast. a chance of thunderstorms with this storm. it's a two on the storm impact scale. 5:00 wednesday evening. showers moving in with the heaviest up in the north bay through midnight. yellows, oranges and reds. the heaviest. that will cause the urban flooding and the standing water you'll be driving through. look at 7:00 just starting to move in. by 9:00 it's still lingering.
6:51 am
ponding on the roadways. my biggest concern for the commute. saturday light showers, it's a 1. sunday a break and monday light showers, also. jobina? >> thank you, mike. good morning, everyone. a live picture, metering lights came on. a hit-and-run reported just past the toll plaza. expect delays this morning. also it's still slick and there is a high wind advisory. we have a slowdown that will take you 27 minutes to get across there. the dumbarton bridge 15 minutes to get across. we're following this crash involving three cars blocking one lane past the summit. the backup extends more than six miles.
6:52 am
thank you, jobina. happening today in san francisco a first of its kind policy for teachers is set to be adopted. the board of education will announce its vision for prop e at its meeting. it allows housing for teachers to be built on land owned by the school district or city college. educators say the historic policy comes at a critical time when teachers are losing their homes to evictions and rent
6:53 am
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so we have one more update this morning on that breaking news we're following out of oakland. the moms who were squatting inside a west oakland home have been evicted and here is a live picture from the scene. amy hollyfield has been on the scene and says that two of the moms have been taken into custody. a large crowd has gathered in support of the moms. amy tells us everything remained peaceful. we have a live look from sky 7 to give you a view of what this looks like from above and how many people exactly are hanging out there. this has been what they planned to do, to organize and keep watch over this house ever since that eviction notice came out on friday, keeping watch of it did not stop sheriff's deputies from going in and removing the women
6:56 am
who remained. we just spoke to a pr person who represents wedgwood communities. he said he was unaware the eviction was taking place this morning and it was necessary because the moms were in the house illegally. wedgwood hopes to sell the home to a first-time buyer. we asked if wedgwood was satisfied and he didn't see another outcome. that these women, basically, were breaking the law and they want it had to end in a manner that would force them out. >> we asked about their offer to purchase and you can't let people come in and steal your property essentially. even despite what we're seeing here on air, he was not swayed by that. can't be swayed by these videos and images and they stand by their decision and the decisions they've made since the women have been in the house since november. >> there was an opportunity for them to work with a nonprofit in
6:57 am
oakland which offered to bip the home and he said they were unwilling to negotiate with people who participated in illegal activity. >> much more on this as soon as we get
6:58 am
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good morning, america. as we join you this tuesday morning, the lsu tigers are waking up national champs. roaring to victory, lsu crowned king of college football. >> lsu sits on the throne of college football. >> capping off an undefeated season with a perfect ending dethroning defending champ, clemson, led by heisman trophy winner joe burrow and his record-setting golden arm. >> it was pretty damn perfect. >> what the champs are saying. impeachment showdown. nancy pelosi meeting with democrats behind closed doors this morning paving the way for a senate trial as the new report shows russian hackers targeted the ukrainian company at the center of the impeachment controversy. debate showdown.


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