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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  January 19, 2020 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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deploglory. >> those are army fatigues there. that's tonight, breaking news -- the fbi now on the scene of a deadly incident. two police officers killed. the gunman still at large. the scene of chaos in honolulu, an active shooter at a home. at least two police officers killed. the home going up in flames. new tonight prince harry speaking out, saying his and meghan's decision to take a royal break gives him "great sadness," but there was no other way. it comes as the queen is seen going to church, and meghan's father out with a stinging criticism tonight. the president's defense, calling impeachment "illegitimate" and "dangerous." his accusers calling the president's conduct the founding fathers' "worst nightmare." the famous defense attorney hired by the president, previewing his case, why he says the house went too far. new images of that massive winter storm.
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thousands of flights cancelled or delayed, hundreds of accidents on icy roads. a terrified dog rescued from a frozen pond. now fresh snow. temperatures plunging and the new cross-country storm on the way. dozens of new cases of that mystery virus confirmed, sparking outbreak fears across the globe. screenings at major u.s. airports. our bob woodruff in the country where it started. collison at sea. a boat slamming into a speeding jet ski. the rider knocked unconscious, plunging into the water, and the young deckhand who saved his life. the spacex rocket exploding just 84 seconds into its flight. why company president elon musk says he's, quote, fired up. the escape drill that could save future astronauts. and, the hidden treasure in a thrift store couch, more than $40,000. and one man's decision to give it all back.
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good evening. thanks for joining us on this sunday. we start with some breaking news tonight. a violent rampage in honolulu involving gunfire, at least two police officers have been killed and the fbi now on the scene. the alarming scene as ambulances rush to the area, speeding by a public park. black smoke seen in th distance. a suspect reportedly stabbing one person, then setting a home on fire, several homes engulfed in flames there. police taking up defensive positions near the scene, weapons drawn. the tense situation under way for hours. abc's marci gonzalez with the images and the new details just coming in. >> reporter: tonight, those raging flames consuming homes in this honolulu neighborhood. just a glimpse of the chaos unfolding there that left two officers dead. local media reporting it started when the suspect was served an eviction notice and stabbed his female landlord. first responders rushing to the scene met by gunfire.
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the suspect according to our affiliate kitv, shooting at least two officers. >> they were doing cpr on the police officer and then there was a loud bang. sounded like a shotgun, and it was five or six gunshots, sound like pistol shots. and then they brought out another officer on a -- on a stretcher. >> reporter: the suspect now believed to be dead inside the landlord's house after setting it on fire. the flames quickly spreading out of control to other homes with firefighters forced to stay back because of the ongoing danger. tonight the landlord and at least one officer are hospitalized and the fbi is now on the scene in hawaii. tom? >> marci gonzalez with that breaking news out of hawaii tonight. marci, thank you. we're also following major developments with the royal family. prince harry breaking his silence after that agreement with the queen, saying it gives him great sadness to step away from his royal duties. there was no other way for him
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and meghan to live a, quote, peaceful night. tonight new details on what they agreed to. lama hasan is outside buckingham palace. >> good evening, everybody. >> reporter: tonight, prince harry opening up for the first time since the queen's new announcement that he and meghan will no longer be working members of the royal family. >> it brings me great sadness that it has come to this. the decision that i have made for my wife and i to step back, is not one i made lightly. >> reporter: an emotional prince revealing how difficult this decision was. >> what i want to make clear is we're not walking away and we certainly aren't walking away from you. >> reporter: today the queen putting on a brave face, following a consequential week that rocked her family. attending church this morning with her son, prince andrew, still dealing with his own personal battles. harry will soon be flying out to canada to join meghan and baby archie. buckingham palace announcing the blueprint for their new role. the couple will no longer be
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representing the queen in any capacity, nor receiving public funds. and the uk will not be their permanent home. >> a lot of people will feel that this is a huge loss to the monarchy moving forward. >> reporter: harry and meghan also pledging to return $3 million in public funds spent on refurbishing their windsor home, frogmore cottage, which they plan to keep as their uk residence. this new chapter in the couple's life will begin this spring. but precisely how this new role will shape out remains to be seen. there are still questions over how the couple will earn money, who will pay for their security and where in north america they will live. meghan's estranged father weighing in on the announcement. >> this is like one of the greatest long-living institutions ever. they're destroying it. they're cheapening it. they're making it shabby. >> reporter: but the queen herself acknowledging the "intense scrutiny" the couple had been under, constantly in the papers, much of the coverage
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critical. the couple themselves saying they struggled to cope with life in the royal spotlight. >> lama hasan joins us live now from buckingham palace. lama, this was the first time prince harry addressed the announcement in person, that he and meghan will no longer be members of the royal family. >> that's correct, tom. in this emotional speech that prince harry made he talks about taking a leap of faith and not wanting to disappoint the queen, who he calls his commander in chief. this new arrangement will come over review in a year's time. that could potentially mean they're leaving the door open for the couple. tom? >> lama hasan in london. lama, thank you. back here at home to the historic week in the impeachment of president trump. the trial set to essentially begin on tuesday. tonight the president heading back to washington after his lawyers released their legal argument. calling the case against him illegitimate and dangerous while house democrats were preparing to make their case, meeting in speaker nancy pelosi's office.
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abc's david wright is in west palm beach, florida with more. >> reporter: president trump's made clear his disdain for the process, but this weekend trump's lawyers filed his first formal response. this six-page letter blasting the house impeachment effort as "poisonous partisanship," "a lawless process," arguing "nothing in these articles could permit even beginning to consider removing a duly-elected president." >> is it your position that president trump should not be impeached even if all the evidence and arguments laid out by the house are accepted as fact? >> that's right. >> reporter: former harvard law professor alan dershowitz just joined the president's defense team. his past clients include jeffrey epstein, o.j. simpson, and claus von bulow. dershowitz claims that abuse of power is not grounds for impeachment. >> half of american presidents have been accused by their political enemies of abusing their power. the framers didn't want to have that kind of criteria in the constitution, because it
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weaponizes impeachment for a partisan purpose. >> abuse of power is at the center of what the framers intended an impeachable offense to be. the mere idea this would have appalled the founders who were worried about exactly that kind of solicitation of foreign interference in an election for personal benefit. >> reporter: one major sticking point at the start of this trial is the issue of witnesses after the white house refused to cooperate with the house investigation. >> and if my argument succeeds, there's no need for witnesses. indeed, there's no need for even arguments. >> reporter: senate republicans plan to postpone the witness issue until after house managers present their case and the president responds, as was done in the clinton impeachment. >> i'm going to vote against calling the four witnesses requested by senator schumer. they're all covered by executive privilege. they're part of the national security team of the president. they could've been called in the house. they chose not to. >> if senator mcconnell prevails and there are no witnesses, it will be the first impeachment
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trial in history that goes to conclusion without witnesses. >> david wright joins us from west palm beach where the president was spending the weekend. david, the trial begins tuesday, but they still haven't announced the rules. >> that's right, tom. one of the first things we can expect is a fight over the rules. democrats are determined to hear from new witnesses and they want to see additional documents. republicans are pushing back on that. they want a quick trial and they're eager to get straight to the house's case. tom? >> david wright for us tonight. david, thank you. abc news will carry the historic moment live, team coverage of the impeachment trial beginning tuesday at 1:00 p.m. eastern on the network and streaming everywhere on abc news live. we move on to the storm and the bitter blast under way. fresh lake-effect snow in erie, pennsylvania today. take a look at that, causing this multi-vehicle accident on i-90. and the cleveland skyline in some parts hidden by the snow. the forecast in a moment.
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but first kaylee hartung on what this storm has left behind. >> reporter: tonight, lake-effect snow pounding parts of the great lakes after that deadly winter storm wreaked havoc for millions. at least two people killed, more than 1,300 flights cancelled, and hundreds of miles of highways closed as that massive storm kicked up high winds and blinding snow. cars flipping over on icy roads. in erie, pennsylvania, dangerous road conditions leading to a chain-reaction crash involving move than a dozen semi trucks. several people seriously injured in this 15-car pileup in new york city. police believe icy road conditions caused the crash. officials in minnesota say they've responded to more than 600 crashes since friday. the storm dumping more than a foot of snow there. in michigan, heavy snow burying cars, forcing drivers to shovel their way out. >> i shoveled for -- probably took me about two hours. >> reporter: and take a look at this video from massachusetts.
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first responders carefully trying to rescue this terrified dog from a frozen pond. tom, with all the melting snow and this artic blast sweeping in, officials are warning to watch for icy roads in the morning. tom? >> kaylee, thank you. meteorologist greg dutra from our chicago station is here. a lot of treacherous driving ahead in several parts of the country. >> that's right. with another storm system arriving, we'll talk about that in a second. that lake-effect snow machine has been churning all day in the great lakes creating hazardous driving conditions on this sunday. there is cold air behind it. temperatures across the u.s., very cold wind chill dropping into the teens in atlanta all the way up the east coast. yes, we are watching another storm system. not much relief in sight. the next cross country storm gets in the west on tuesday and arrives in the east by the end
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of the week. that could bring a whole new set of driving hazards for us. >> greg, thank you. now the mystery virus sparking concern around the globe. china reporting thousands of cases of the coronavirus as millions set to travel ahead of the lunar new year. several u.s. airports are screening arriving passengers. bob woodruff monitoring the outbreak from hong kong tonight. >> reporter: tonight chinese health officials confirming 77 new cases of the mysterious new strain of the coronavirus that has now been linked to three deaths. authorities say 201 people have been infected, and with the busy travel season for the lunar new year approaching, there are serious concerns the wuhan outbreak could spread. >> i think it could probably, possibly easily spread. there's a lot of people going back and forth with chinese new year. >> reporter: health officials in china taking no chances. these are all people coming from wuhan, landing here in hong kong. health surveillance team comes and gives them forms to fill out. they have a device, they can point at their head, and measure their -- their temperature.
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the cdc deploying 100 health experts to three american airports, jfk in new york, l.a.x. and san francisco international in california. they plan to screen thousands of passengers arriving from wuhan, checking for symptoms like cough and fever. but officials warn, the virus may have the potential to spread from person to person. the world health organization says even though there are additional cases right now, they're not recommending people to restrict their travel plans, at least not yet. tom? >> bob woodruff monitoring that outbreak from hong kong. bob, thank you. next, the state of emergency in virginia ahead of a gun rights rally slated for tomorrow. the event is drawing people from across the country, and law enforcement is on edge after what they say are credible threats of violence. already, three men linked to a white supremacist group under arrest. abc's victor oquendo is in richmond tonight. >> reporter: tonight richmond, virginia bracing for potentially dangerous protests. thousands of gun rights advocates from across the
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country expected at the state capitol monday, fighting new proposed gun control legislation. local, state and federal law enforcement on high alert, fencing now surrounding the capitol, security is tight. >> violence will not be tolerated. and if that is your group or your intention on monday, then you are not welcome. >> reporter: fearing a repeat of the deadly violence in charlottesville two years ago and citing credible threats, virginia's governor declaring a state of emergency. ahead of the rally, seven alleged white supremacists with ties to the neo-nazi group "the base" have been arrested. authorities saying at least three of them had been planning to attend monday. >> we're seeing threats of violence. we're seeing threats of armed confrontation and assault on our capitol. >> reporter: the governor also banning all weapons from the capitol grounds, that move enraging gun rights advocates, some taking legal action. but the state supreme court ultimately siding with the governor. in response president trump
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tweeting in part -- "your second amendment is under very serious attack in the great commonwealth of virginia." security will be tight. only one entrance point here at the capitol and everybody will be screened. it's not guns just not allowed -- it's knives and bats even baseballs. tom? >> victor oquendo, thank you. and from puerto rico tonight, outrage after a warehouse full of emergency supplies was found to have been left unused for two years. the food, water, diapers and baby formula dating back to hurricane marina were uncovered as the island copes with another crisis, a series of powerful earthquakes. people tried to carry off the supplies, but police came in to stop them. the governor has fired the director of emergency management. he's calling for two cabinet secretaries to resign. and there is much more ahead on "world news tonight" this sunday. riot police slamming an elderly man onto the ground. the renewed clashes in this city. plus the boat barreling into a fast-moving jet ski. what a deckhand did that may
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back now with the rescue after a collision on the water. a man on a jet ski slammed by a passing boat, knocked unconscious into the sea. here's abc's trevor ault with that video. >> reporter: tonight, the terrifying collision caught on camera. a fishing boat barreling over a man on a jet ski at full speed. >> i knew that there was gonna be an impact, that it was unavoidable. and my last memory when i lose consciousness, is about five feet out right before impact. >> reporter: mike higbee was on vacation with his family in the caribbean. that violent crash leaving him bleeding and unconscious, face down in the water, but a nearby deckhand rushing to the rescue. >> this kid, ryan, amazing. he jumped in and jumped in the water, didn't hesitate and did everything he could. >> reporter: ryan rivenburgh was working on a yacht docked nearby. >> i took my phone out, threw
5:49 pm
the hat off and dove down in the water. >> reporter: he jumped on a jet ski of his own, racing over to help pull higbee to shore. >> a couple people i remember seeing had thought that we were fishing out a nonliving person. >> reporter: higbee was in shock but survived. he thanked ryan for his life-saving response. >> it's sort of fun to think a kid half my age saved my life. he's my -- he's my hero. >> reporter: higbee's recovery will take months, but he says he's lucky to be alive. tom? >> trevor, thank you. up next the new tensions building at the mexico guatemala border involving migrants on the move. stay with us. ht and staying active? on it! audrey thinks she's doing all she can to manage her type 2 diabetes and heart disease, but is her treatment doing enough to lower her heart risk? [sfx: crash of football players colliding off-camera.] maybe not. jardiance can reduce the risk of cardiovascular death for adults who also have known heart disease. so it could help save your life
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so skin looks like this and you feel like this. aveeno® skin relief. get skin healthy™ time now for our index and the new clashes in hong kong. police cracking down when protesters at a pro-democracy rally started marching through the streets. police in riot gear using tear gas and then making arrests. a man described as elderly wrestled to the ground. the movement protesting chinese leadership and promoting democracy and human rights inho month. and the crowds building at the guatemala-mexico border. take a look. hundreds of central american migrants reportedly aiming to cross into mexico en masse. officials in guatemala say at least several thousand people have entered their country from honduras since wednesday. the influx testing mexico's resolve, under pressure from the u.s., to curb undocumented migrant flows. today's spacex launch
5:53 pm
passing a crucial safety milestone. elon musk and company celebrating the successful test of the falcon 9 rocket's in-flight abort capability, simulating an emergency 84 seconds in. you can see the rocket there blowing up. the crew dragon capsule breaking away to land in the atlantic ocean, showing nasa spacex can jettison astronauts to safety. if something were to go wrong. human spaceflight may come this spring. and when we come back, the man who bought a used couch at a thrift store and found a hidden treasure. what happened next, when we come back.
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my bladder leak underwear.orried someone might see so, i switched. to always discreet boutique. its shape-hugging threads smooth out the back. so it fits better than depend. and no one notices. always discreet. finally tonight, imagine finding buried treasure in your living room, or in this case your man cave.
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that's just one of the surprises in our next story. it's "america strong." >> reporter: when michigan resident howard kirby and his daughter-in-law were watching tv one night in his man cave, he says he noticed something strange. >> the footstool was always uncomfortable. it made my feet ache. >> reporter: the retired father of six paid $70 for the sofa and this foot stool at his local thrift store outside of lansing. they decided to take a closer look at one of the cushions. >> she unzipped it, and there is two envelopes that had $43,170 in the envelope. when she pulled it out she said, "dad, money!" >> reporter: you heard that right. more than $43,000. howard had hit the jackpot. he started thinking about how he would use that money. >> everything ran through my mind. now i can pay off my house and put a roof on my house and retire real good. >> reporter: but after thinking about it some more, he decided to find the rightful owner. so he went back to the thrift store.
5:58 pm
>> i know how it is to lose something and never get it back. >> reporter: the thrift store reached out to this family, the newberryies who had unknowingly donated the furniture from their grandfather's house after he died. >> i was hoping for pictures. >> reporter: but howard was about to shock them. >> $43,170. that goes to you. >> reporter: keeping that money just didn't feel right and remember that's how this story started. howard was a little uncomfortable. he ended up keeping the furniture and now feels just fine. >> it was something to see the surprise on their face. i think that will stick with me for the rest of my life. it was so beautiful. >> we hope howard enjoyed watching that story from his recliner and he's now comfortable. thanks to wjrt for their help on that story. i'm tom llamas in new york. have a great evening. good night.
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tonight on abc7 news at 6:00, new details are coming out about a deadly tesla crash in the east bay. and a grassroots efforts in oakland they know homeless find a police to live. and a change on the b.a.r.t. sk schedule. and how it will affect the commute. the super bowl is in sight and the 49er faithful are ready. >> one more win and it's off to miami to play for football's biggest prize. thank you for joining us. >> this is first time the nfc championship game has been played at levi stadium. it is also the first time 49ers have hosted the game since 2012. >> the faithful are more than
6:00 pm
ready for a potential trip to miami and super bowl liv. now all the frenzy down there. cornell? >> reporter: the faithful are really more than ready for the next step here. check out the crowd inside levi's tonight. they are on fire. they are electric. the niners are on fire. they're leading the packers in the fourth quarter. the super bowl is in reach for the niners tonight. >> the niner gang is ready and pumped and ready for the next game. >> right here. it's right here on our finger times. >> banco man sings that catchy tune sure to be a hit. >> very excited. we're going to beat the packers
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