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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  January 22, 2020 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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we take on the biggest challenge in history, we save the world and do it together. we hear from a bay area research hospital. >> there is a new front in the war on wildfire safety. one town says it is still in a state of emergency. >> a new look at the legacy of president trump's impeachment. a local expert said it could permanently change federal law. also ahead, fire satisfy in fremont. you can buy this for a buck but there is a caveat. >> how would you spend this money? and a marine on a once in a lifetime trip. we begin with a major city in china virtually cut off and
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living in fearful observely 9 million live in wuhan. at this point there are no flights in or out. no trains in or out. no buses or ferries. >> all of this as the city tries to contain a serious outbreak that has killed 17 people, affected more than 500. and the world health organization said it will decide tomorrow if the virus is a global healther message is. >> people in the bay area are starting to cancel their flights to china. >> melanie is live with the latest. >> travelers say they are following the news closely. they're eager for information. >> reporter: the centers for disease control and prevention said it is testing several people for wuhan coronavirus.
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there is at least one reported case in the united states. a man in his 30s who lives in washington state. he is being treated in a biocontainment room, in part by a robot. until the cdc says he is safe for discharge. the cdc says it has received specimens for he is thing who have traveled to wuhan, china, or have been in close contact with someone with the virus. they warn the transportation will stop running. they are going on lockdown to contain the spread turk the peak travel period. >> we met had this woman at the international airport. she and her family are visiting china for the new year. >> reporter: in addition to china and tuesday, cases have been reported in south korea, thailand and japan with suspected cases in australia. chris is visiting from korea. >> we do hear some news about
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this disease. >> it is still very small news so far. >> the virus was first identified in mid december. the strain has been linked to a market in the city selling seafood and live animals. here in the bay area, a doctor from the university of san francisco is taking a big role in the fight to battle the virus. >> my lab develops diagnostic tests. our interests is in developing sequencing based tests by which we can not only diagnose coronaviruses but virtually any climbed of virus. >> he says they don't have a respiratory test which would be what they need diagnose the infection. a spokesperson says they are monitoring the situation and has begun preparations though the immediate risk to residents is
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low. >> in the north bay, some people woke up to a s.w.a.t. team in their neighborhoodful police were serving a search warrant. they were looking for three people who ronald and assaulted a man at the local hotel. the three were arrested of efforts to relocate homeless people off the trail in santa rosa have been postponed. they'll be moved to the temporary camp. they delayed the move to sunday because the site isn't ready. on the peninsula, you can see the demolition work on floating homes. the city manager tells abc7 news, the city is legally obligated to end residential boats in docktown to allow public access to the area. residents were offered money for moving expenses. 11 of about 70 tenants refused to move and are now suing the
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city. meanwhile, a fire house is for sale for $1 in fremont. >> reporter: well, we've heard from time to time how buildings, especially historic ones can be moved. the only thing standing between this former fremont fire station and the wrecking ball is $1 and someone with a deep pocket filled with hundreds of thousands of dollars more to move it. >> it looks like a typical fire house on the outside the wide roll-up door. it hasn't been used in 12 years. someone could make it into a museum, a gallery or even a home. the builders in sunnyvale offered two versions of the project that will take up an spire block. one with the fear house left in place and one without it. a dozen community members were held and ultimately the city council made a decision.
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>> at the end they dthdecided. >> he is skeptical the building will hold up if moved. now it's a memory. soon it will be gone. >> the fire house appears to have attracted homeless people. the cost to move it has been pinned at $500,000. old buildings are being replace bid new ones. renderings show how it won't be forgotten. there be a wall of old photos of the fire station with the brass poles. the floor is low maintenance. wall to wall concrete.
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the window to put in your bid is only 60 days long. live in fremont, abc7 news. >> all right. thank you. the raiders are now officially the vegas raiders. >> a day to remember. >> the team relossed this new promotional video online. a ceremony was held in vegas with the owner, current and past players working on a league to the stadium. he says the gear will be unveiled at the draft in april. happening now, president trump's impeachment trial. this is a live long at senate champion betters. over the next three days, they will make their case he withh d withheld -- the secure his foreign help with his re-election.
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in other words, to cheat. democrats slow he abused his power and obstructed congress. >> as you can imagine, the impeachment trial is full of teachable moments. >> we watched with a yop of future lawyers to see what they think is happening. >> reporter: for students at golden gate law school, it was a medaling of legal education, historic moments and political theater. >> i'm really surprised by this, by the speed at which everything is going. >> these president of the had student bar association. she says many are struck by it. >> they aren't allowing any new witnesses or any new information to come in. >> it seemed like the chief justice who was supposed to preside over the trial much of a say in what's going on.
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>> what is frustrating, it is a quasi trial where the result is predetermined. but i look forward to the american people being the real jury. >> still, others argue that it should transcend any sense of political spectacle. >> a lot of things, the supreme court has talked about what the executive privileges are. >> i don't think that people realized how important this is. >> the trial's limitations may spark a debate about the core of federal law and how it applies to the president. >> what i think will happen is a great strengthening of ethics laws and oversight, congressional oversight of the executive branch laws.
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an expansion and strengthening. >> potentially, legal history in the making of the. you can imagine the load that those at the law school have. >> a knew of them told us they stayed up late to watch the opening of the impeachment proceedings live through the conclusion. >> what a learning opportunity. two big automakers recall millions of cars. find out which ones and why. plus the breakdown. who gets to buy super bowl tickets as demand, destination makes it a hot spot. >> it's, the iconic mascot getting killed off during the super bowl. it is a breath taking sunset tonight. i'll let you know h
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one fan is lucky enough to go in person.
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abc7 news south bay community journalist justin dorsey breaks down exactly how fans get their hands on those tickets. >> these my original candlestick seats that i sat in. >> they used to be his favorite seats. soon they'll be at hearted rock stadium where he'll watch the 49ers take on the kansas city chiefs in super bowl 54. >> this will be my first super bowl that i've gone to out of seven super bowls that they've been in. >> i'm going with my younger brother and my really good friend drew. it is like a dream come true of the. >> worth it to him. the actual cost. >> for the three tickets, it was $18,000. >> a pretty penny but about the going rates for seats on the retail market. they held a lottery for the season ticket holders after the championship game. like the previous six times, the
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participants -- >> i bought the tickets before the lottery. i thought my chances of getting the lottery would be nil any way. i was going no matter what. >> the chances are slip becauson 75% of the tickets are distributed to the 32 teams. it breaks down like this. 17.5% of the tickets to go each the nfc and afc champions. 5% go to the host team. and the rest is split between rest of the 29 nfl teams. the remaining 25.2 is controlled by the nfl. >> i've been to a recalled woulder suies. i've seen the warriors win the nba championship. the niners are closest to my heart. this will be extra special if they win and i was there. >> all such good stuff. meanwhile, the former panthers superstar is making sure the marine are get to watch in
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person. mccaffrey tweeted that he was proud to get to go to the super bowl. leyva has been deployed in iraq and afghanistan. he is currently station in the north carolina. share your niners pride with this team badge. you can find on it our facebook page or go directly to news. not so great, some major car recalls top today's consumers news. honda is recalling 6 million cars. the recall covers 2010 through 2019 models. the computer failed to signal the bags to inflate during a crash. while honda's recalls involves mod hes from the early two thousands, and is due to flawed
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takata airbag inflaters. here's a list. accords and civics, crvs, odysseys and certain acuras. the toilet involves carolla, carolla matrix, avalon, both are in the process of notifying owners. if you have one of the cars, they'll get ahold of you. today is the last day on file the claim against equifax. they reached $700 million settlement following a data breach in 2017. do you remember that? those affected may be eligible for reability, for expenses and losses. free credit monitoring or cash. now, the cash. was expected to be $125. sole people have filed, it is now expected to be $6.
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people can file a claim online at equifax breach now if the breach did did did dd lot. > okay. let's check on our weather. it was a little nicer today. it is a beautiful sunset right now. as we check out the temperatures, they came up today anywhere from the upper 50s to the low 60s. it was a milder day. 60 in santa rosa and petaluma today. look at this gorgeous sunset from our emeryville camera. 59 in the city and in redwood city. 61 in oakland and san jose. and half moon bay at 54 degrees in the morning, expect some
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dense fog. temperatures in the 40s. a mix of suchb and clouds in the afternoon. a pretty nice looking day. the clouds are adding more color to the sky as the sun is setting. sow live doppler 7 is tracking the rain and we do need the rain. on oakland, san jose, just above 50%. you're at 80% of where you should be. we need the rain. we will be getting it but not immediately. look at the view from our exploratorium camera. it is a glassy view as we look toward the bay. the fog will be thick again like this morning so be careful. 62 in santa rosa, san francisco, low 60s from oakland toward ant
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i don't know. 62, livermore. palo alto, 65 degrees never san jose. by the way, fairfield did manage to get to 65 today. it was definitely milder. as we head into saturday morning, the showers will shift outward. going into sunday. and some lingering wet weather for monday and beyond as well. the eight to 14-day outlook is showing drier than normal conditions. when we get the rain, we have to take whatever we can get. friday will be mild as well. a mild system for saturday, sunday, monday, still a chance of showers on tuesday. then the best chance will shift northward on wednesday. >> the
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one north bay school system changing up its calendar because of power failures and shutoffs. it was voted on last week. according to the napa valley register, next school year, the district will avoid scheduling classes on three days in april and may to serve as back-up for canceled days. a new board will help the california public utilities commission learn more about wildfires. and hopefully protect residents who are in fire zones. >> reporter: on a code and rainy day in colfax, there is one overarching concern. >> we're still in a state of emergency. >> reporter: the councilmember says colfax is trying to engineer massive evacuation plans in case of a wildfire and to avoid the pan pick hit paradise when thousands tried on flee the catch fire with limited
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escape routes. they are still reeling from the shutoffed. we had half our cell phone carriers out and all of our land lines out. >> that's one reason why california is launching the advisory board. >> it will offer advice and insight to make the best decisions. >> it will provide wildfire expertise for the public utilities commission. until now, it has never had a division of wildfire safety. >> it has scientists on it, experts in utilities and thinking for california about what it is we should be doing in the future to mitigate the risk of wildfire. >> paul runs the colfax market and is worried about the power shutoffs. >> we lost so much products and being open five to six days. >> paving railroads for a paster
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escape is part of the plan. commercials will continue, of course, to be a big part of super bowl. >> and one spot
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in 2016 i warned thatt donald trump was a dangerous demagogue, and when the republican congress wouldn't hold him accountable, i went to work helping run winning campaigns in twenty-one house seats. it's time for the senate to act and remove trump from office, and if they won't do their jobs, this november you and i will. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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coming up, oakland's historic vote. supporters say it is simple. >> while people living near san mateo fair ground are so worried about the major renovation about to begin. >> we noticed it started to fall apart and we didn't do anything about it. we didn't want to complain. >> he didn't complain about his shoddy sofa but he should have. michael finney explains how we
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can all learn from this situation coming up at 6:00. finally here, copies are beginning to release sneak peeks about their plans for the so about. >> the super bowl is one live tv event, still guaranteed a large audience as tv stations aim to keep up with streaming services. >> and one company is seeking to make an historic change. >> you let go. >> no, you let go. >> hey, mr. penanut. don't let go! >> he's so selfless! planters has killed off its 104-year-old. >> a separate commercial featuring mr. peanut's funeral. the 49ers take on the kansas city chiefs. >> i feel like there will be a twist. they can't just do that.
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tonight, the deadly outbreak growing. the patient here in the u.s. quarantined. the death toll now from the coronavirus that started in china worsening. at least 17 patients now dead, more than 500 sickened. all trains and planes out of that city halted tonight, while right here in the u.s., two more major airports now screening passengers. and that american patient in his 30s now being treated in isolation by a robot. also tonight, making their case. the impeachment trial of president trump. the managers from the house up first, saying the president tried to use his power to cheat in the election. and they tell senators they will hear from john bolton, among others, if they allow a fair trial. the major winter storm brewing tonight, from texas all the way up to michigan, then


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