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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  March 24, 2020 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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all hands on deck. a different kind of front lines for the national guard, now called to duty in the south bay to make sure no one goes hungry. >> this pandemic causing more closures and layoffs. the gut-wrenching decisions now being made. plus, from clothes to hair coloring, people are living on the edge. the economic anxiety for people who are self-employed. what does this outbreak mean for real estate? just how tough is it to put up that for sale sign? a snapshot on a y social distance when you live in an apartment and have multiple roommates? one expert has some very good advice. and it's like home schooling on steroids. the bay area high school that is in the right place at the right time. >> now, your health, your safety. this is abc7 news. >> good evening you. i'm dan ashley.
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>> and i'm kristen sze. thanks for joining us. a couple of grim milestones today with the coronavirus. the state of california has well over 2,000 confirmed cases. >> the bay area topped the one thousand mark this morning as the virus keeps spreading that includes a san francisco police sergeant with the special victims unit who worked at the hall of justice. the sergeant has tested positive. >> a second oakland police employ plo has tested positive and a fourth santa clara sheriff's deputy has been infected while los angeles county reported the first person under the age of 18 to die in the u.s. from coronavirus. >> now here is where those cases are in the bay area. santa clara's case count went up today by 54, pushing the total to 375. there were three new fatalities there reported within the past 24 hours. the south bay continues to be the most impacted county here. alameda county reported a second death today. its total case count is now 135. and san francisco's total has increased to 152. >> there are now confirmed cases
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in mendocino county. 134 tests have been conducted so far. mendocino is waiting for the results from 42 tests. lake county is reporting no cases. > now the loss of jobs from the lockdown could be staggering, as you can imagine. a one think tank says the policy could lose about 600,000 private sector jobs by this summer. that's more than 4% of the workforce. the restaurant business is getting hit particularly hard. abc7 news reporter liz kreutz is live with that tonight. liz? >> dan, that's right. and that report says a quarter of those 600,000 jobs toe inospility a small that ma fabric of our cities and our neighborhoods. it is so heartbreaking to see these businesses struggle, and many of them saying they don't know if they'll even be able to reopen once all of this is said and done. at trick dog in the mission, the usually packed cocktail bar is
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boarded up with fly wood and shut down. >> it's very emotional for everyone. >> owner josh harris last week made the tough decision to temporarily close trick dog and his second restaurant, bon voyage, laying off all 50 of his employees. >> they are all collecting unemployment, which really feels just like a consolation prize that's used to justify the situation we all found ourselves in. >> is it fair to say you guys are at risk of potentially closing forever? >> absolutely. >> that's the heartbreaking reality for so many restaurant, bar, and small business owners across the bay area. you can see it here. page after page of san francisco gofundme campaigns set up to help struggling businesses. the one for trick dog set up by the former manager, now unemployed. >> it's the entire industry in the most expensive place in the world to live now have lost their paychecks. i don't think i can do unemployment for much longer. > lauren borden set up one for the san francisco flower market,
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open since 1912. they had to abruptly shut down last week, forcing them to discard thousands of flowers. and now the 300 employees out of work. >> unfortunately i feel because it's such a high expense to try to maintain payroll and all the losses that occurred with having to shut down, it's going to be hard for people to bounce back after this. and some of them might not make it. >> and the thing about bar markets, cocktail bar, they're not really set up like restaurants or some restaurants like here on the embarcadero to be able to do delivery services. they're trying to try different ways to stay afloat. trick dog is going to offer a bottle service, kind of like a wine club for fine spirit,h. thbout what you love in your neighborhood and your that if you can.y to donate t live in san francisco, liz kreutz, abc7 news. >> thank you. california's stay at home order is devastating nonessential worker, especially freelancers like hairstylists. abc7 news reporter luz pena
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shows us how they're trying to adjust to this crisis. >> should i use the comb? >> yeah, use the comb. >> split it down the middle. cutting her husband step by step while he dyes her hair. she is not getting paid for her expertise. >> it just is upsetting to know that you've put a lot of work into an 11-year salon thinking you don't know if you're going to be open next month. that's what's hard. >> and she is not alone. many in the beauty industry are freelancers. individual workers who are losing money every single day. >> i lost at least $10,000. i work very close with people. so that's definitely i would not -- i'm going to be out of work. >> according to san francisco's chamber of commerce, there are
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more than 175,000 small businesses in the city. many of them are freelancers or individual workers. not getting paid right now. >> we need to make sure that they are also included in what we're providing to the public. >> you have ways to g help from? >> yes. >> what happened? >> so there is this small business resiliency fund application for covid-19 for small businesses. >> but she doesn't qualify for it. in order to qualify, freelancers would have to form a business of their own and hire at least one person. and even then there might not be enough money from the city. >> because that pool of money is limited. and so by the time you apply, there might not be enough money left for everybody. >> in san francisco, luz pena, abc7 news. lt i s place orders in san mateo county. today all five county
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supervisors approved $3 million in emergency funding to start the san mateo strong fund. the fund is designed to help self-employed people who cannot qualify for unemployment benefits, nonprofit organizations that need to cover operating expenses, and to prevent small businesses from laying off workers. members of the national guard were on the job today in the south bay helping distribute food and emergency items. >> abc7 news reporter chris nguyen is live in san jose to explain why the national guard's help there is so vital. chris? >> there has been a lot of talk on social media as to what the national guard would be doing once they were activated. well, today we got a firsthand look at the difference they're already making. for soldiers with the california army national guard, the novel coronavirus crisis has brought a new mission to the forefront. >> we're here on a humanitarian aid basis. we're here to help out. we're not here to scare >> 80 members of the wasn't 15th
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regional support group are now serving in san jose after being activated last week by governor gavin newsom. >> i think a lot of news the national guard, we joined in order to support our communities in this way specifically in situations like this. >> today they're at second harvest of silicon valley, helping to sort fruits and vegetables for families in need. >> we're all here for the same reason. we're all here to do the same task at hand. we really focus together in trying to get everything done the best way we can. >> the food bank typically has 100 vol attorneys a daily basis, but has seen its numbers cut in half over the past week. >> we feel like we're at the front of the tsunami of need, and that is why it's so important that we really ramp up our services as we know more and more people are going to be finding themselves in need of foodan. >> services that for now are being supported by soldiers like lieutenant cameron quach, who also works as an auditor for ernst & young. >> being able to help out in a community hands-on, that's
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something i'm really proud to do, and i know a lot of other soldiers feel the same way. >> these soldiers who have answered the call to live. >> we live in alameda county, and we're civilians just like you are, but now we're here trying to keep the food moving throughout the state and getting people fed. >> if you'd like to come and volunteer, the food bank is posting all available shifts online at its website. we'll link to it at our, for now we're live in san jose, i'm chris nguyen, abc7 news. >> thank you. covid-19 is already changing the way buyers and sellers are doing business, if they can do business at all. here is more from abc7 news reporter wayne freedman in marin county. >> they're the signs of a hot market, or what used to be one at least until a microscopic invader made the scene. in such an environment, matt hughes would love to have a crystal ball. >> i think it's going to go market by market. i think certain price segments are going to be hit harder than others. >> the woman behind the glass of this novato home is a
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by-product. do you feel safer there? >> i do, actually. >> her place went on the market saturday, but not one potential buyer has toured the house because real estate is not an essential business. this agent has this video to show and nothing else. could the timing have been worse? >> no, i don't think so. >> we're actually lucky that we actually got all the work done prior to all this happening. you know, whether it's the painters or having contractors come in your house to finish little odds and ends. >> coronavirus is already impacting real estate sales in the north bay. for example, if a person has listed a house and takes it off the market, the all important clock stops. and if a person listing a house soon, that has been extended to 100 days. >> my bigger concern for the marketplace is loss of jobs. >> since march 1, owners of roughly 20% of homes for sale have taken them off the market in marin county, that in what should be the hottest time of the year. it could have long-term effects. or -- >> i think it's just going to
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delay our market. so instead of having a big march roll-out, we'll see april, may, june, or maybe may, june july, and the summer may have been stronger than it would have been otherwise. >> taken together, they're still first world problems, but very real for players in the real estate game. >> people are going to need to buy and sell. so i'm hoping that things do spring back. >> in marin county, wayne freedman, abc7 news. spending a lot more time at home can be a particular challenge for roommates. abc7 news turned to dr. brooke armstrong of the relationship therapy group for tips. she suggests starting with an all important house meeting. >> the roommate meeting, like they would a business meeting. they set a a a through the topics at hand and everybody needs to go around the room and say what's important to them and how they want to solve a particular problem. keep in mind some people are hoarding and stockpiling lots of
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food and some people are very blase about it and really don't care. so if you have those people in the same house, you really have to be clear about who is doing what. it's really important to be explicit. you want to say -- have everybody say what their approach is and negotiate. everybody wants to watch tv. and they don't always want to watch the same program. so a lot of people are actually scheduling time for the public space. so that's one thing. it's very important to be intentional about it and not just let it kind of haphazardly happen. so people are getting really inventive around how to hit a phone booth. so they're creating a phone booth in a closet or bathroom. or actually moving their space around, being able to say what you need in the moment, how you feel in a moment, and make important.
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>> dr. armstrong says routines also critical topics for that first roommate meeting, as is building trust and essential support. in the east bay, it's tough for students to keep up their studies for classroom. it's especially tough for high schools with college prep work that is on the line here. this high school in concord is running a full school day online and attendance is taken for every class. abc7 news reporter leslie brinkley has the story. >> it's rise and shine for school for these high school students. the first bell is still at 8:30 a.m. >> i wake up. i eat my breakfast and i sit at my desk, ready for the zoom we' system that allows the students to be in class with the same hours that they would if they were actually at school. they just log in remotely. >> ecological balance is also being thrown off in these areas. >> this is a marine biology
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class meeting as usual. the teacher instructing the students and the students delivering the reports they were assigned. >> any questions, concerns? >> attendance is taken. >> the teacher chooses how they connect the class, whether it's via zoom or an assignment through an email. >> surviving the fire, smoke and power outages in the bay area motivated administrators at this all-girl catholic high school to up their technology game over the last few years. they said they were ready for this moment. the student council is still meeting. trainers offer conditioning classes. >> our wellness counselors are reaching out to students to give them support >> it's been a week now. the usual school day and dnt strategies for watching them take the test on video to administering the test through and locking the device so that they can't wiggle.
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there is a lot of ways to do it. >> every student has a school issued ipad or laptop, and officials have even gone so far to make sure families have wifi at their homes, have helped provide it for them. so everyone is included. in concord, i'm leslie brinkley, abc7 news. car insurance and the coronavirus lockdown. 7 on your side's michael finney looks at paying your bills during a lockdown, next. plus, the canary in the coal mine. new york's governor with a blunt assessment on the future of california. and a modern day block party in the age of social
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new york's governor cuomo says californians should pay attention to what is happening in his state. cases there are doubling about every three days and andrew cuomo says it does not bode well for our future here. >> california has s 2800 cases. washington state, 2200 cases. florida, 1200 cases. massachusetts, about 800 cases. new york has 25,000 cases. it has ten times the problem that california has. new york is the canary in the coal mine. where we are today, you will be in three weeks or four weeks or five weeks or six weeks. we are your future. >> that is a call to action. cuomo says the numbers are
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asronomical, dramatically increasing the urgency for hospital beds and ventilators. >> now the coronavirus is having such a dramatic effect on every walk of life. that includes the rates we pay for auto insurance. and we're going to turn our attention to consumer news. 7 on your side's michael finney is working from home and is live with that. michael? >> here is a question being asked. are auto insurance companies making an unfair profit off of the coronavirus? we're not driving as much. there aren't as many accident, and yet our premiums remain the same. when you look at these empty streets, you see a pandemic in action. when consumer advocates look at those same streets, they see a social injustice. motorists forced by the state to buy auto insurance, and then forced to stay home. >> no fault of their own are not commuting to work. we've got college students. they're not communicating to college. we've got parents. their kids' schools are closed. so they're forced to be home. >> president of the consumer
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federation of california. >> we're calling on insurance companies to voluntarily notify people and start initiating premium rate reductions immediately because people are hurting. >> i reached out to california's two largest auto insurer, state farm and geico. i have not heard from either. the consumer federation of california has filed with the california department of insurance, saying if companies don't cooperate on their own, the state should step in. >> when you're not driving, your rates should go down. the number of miles you drive a year under california law is the second most important factor in determining what your auto insurance premium is. >> what do you think? i want to hear about that. go to my facebook page or go to looking for the 7 on your side page and leave your comment there's. back to you guys. >> that's interesting, michael. thank you so much.
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a little rain out there and chilly too. >> that's right. sandhya, how is it going? >> hi, good. just working from home, dan and kristen, as you both know. we're turning back the calendar, from spring to winter, which is what we're dealing with right now. a cold storm. so let's get to live doppler 7 right now. i'll show you where it is wet.
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we're seeing pockets of moderate rain around alamo, diablo road getting pretty wet. so be careful if you have to run out to get some medication or go to the supermarket. as you will notice on the peninsula around highway 101, redwood city, 82. el camino definitely seeing some of that wet weather as scattered lighter showers around morgan hill. we take you up towards vallejo, benicia road seeing pockets of wet weather. the mountains, sierra nevada and up around northern california, we're also seeing some the snow. there is a winter weather advisory until 11:00 a.m. tomorrow for the sierra above 4,000 feet. up to 16 inches over the peaks. travel is going to be difficult. temperatures right now, you feeling it? 40s and 50s. it's cold outside. here is a live look. rain, as you will notice from our golden gate bridge cameras. some blue sky trying to peak through. scattered cold showers tonight.
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possibility of thunder and hail tomorrow. and we are looking at frosty cold mornings the next two mornings. as we check out the storm impact scale, today, showers briefly. our highest peaks will be looking at a light dusting of snow. 6:00 tonight, scattered light showers. 7:00 p.m. in the south bay, there is the heaviest focus. tomorrow morning, there will be a little more widely scattered. not as much activity, around 8:00 a.m. we continue with a few more waves of showers for the afternoon hours. some of that turning to snow around the lake county hills, as you will notice there. in my 10:00 p.m., this is winding down. now rainfall estimates are all over the board, depending on where you are, and if you get caught under one of these heavier showers. we're looking at anywhere from a few hundreds to a third of an inch of additional rain. tomorrow morning the biggest thing is you'll need your winter coats, your jackets. it's going to be cold. upper 20s to the mid-40s. and we will have some slippery spots around tomorrow illy conse
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in the low to upper 50s. and as we check out the accuweather seven-day forecast, cold morning, level 1 system mix of showers and snow showers. possibly some thunder. as we go into thursday, it will be a frosty cold start with a slight chance of a few early morning showers. friday is dry. over the weekend we get another light level 1 system. it's not going to bring us any heavy rain. but monday and tuesday, you will get an opportunity to enjoy milder spring-like weather with 70s inland. dan and kristen? . that will be nice. >> all right. take good care. i feel like you're close, even though you're so far away. >> thank you. you too. >> thanks. the sound my money should work as hard as i do. so i use my freedom unlimited card to buy all the latest tech stuff. today, i'm earning on a charger.
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so, just the charger then? ummm... ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ casticnttic. earn 1.5% cash back on everything you buy with freedom unlimited. chase. make more of what's yours.
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i'm dr. jennifer ashton. it's normal to feel anxious over the coronavirus outbreak. remember what protective steps you can take and what your community is doing to stay protected. for more go to finally tonight, we want to share with you a few moments from a garage concert. >> maybe you can dance while social distancing, of course. just like folks in sonoma county did. ♪
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♪ >> the musicians usually play inside restaurants of course, but they're unable to do that right now. >> and yesterday the band transformed a petaluma neighborhood into a concert hall for about 90 minutes, all at safe social distance that is fantastic. >> a happy neighborhood there. i think you should do the same, outside on your street. >> i should try. that's fun. governor newsom is getting ready to give a news confernce shortly. we'll have the latest for you on abc7 news at 6:00. world news with david muir is next. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'msz fo of us here, thank you so much for joining us here tonight. >> we'll see you again at 6:00.
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tonight, what the president tonight, what the president is now saying about his own guidelines from the white house to keep social distance. now saying he wants to restart the economy by easter. president trump's words going against what many of his own health experts have said, that the worst has yet to hit. that social distancing is imperative to give hospitals a chance to keep up with demand with intensive care beds and ventilators. the president saying we lose thousands of people to the flu but we don't shut the country off. the president talking moments ago. meantime, his own team pressed. do they support this new messaging? how they answer. across the country, the number of cases of coronavirus rising dramatically. in new york city alone, the number of cases doubling every three days. and tonight, new york's governor asking the feds, do you want a pat on the back for 400 ventilators?


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