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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  April 8, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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cases at this facility, and that includes patients and also staff members. as i step out of the way, you can look off and see this facility here. we have seen employees going in and out of this location all day long. as you look at this facility, keep in mind, now according to family member and one family member in particular of a patient, those stays here have been in isolation for a week and three days. 59 covid-19 cases, 35 of those cases involve patients, and 24 involve staff members. six of those who died were patients here as well. we spoke with jaime pitino, who is a union city councilmember. his grandmother emma is a patient here. he came to visit her after he learned through the news that six patients had died, not just one. here is what pitino had to say. >> it's just hard because i want to know who the hell is running the place over here. because no one's told us. we had to find out through you
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guys. and thank you for being on top of this. no one's called our family, and my grandmother is going to be 85 years old. something like this we should have been made aware of right away. it is a trying time right now because my grandmother is up in age. she doing well. she doesn't have a fever. just the regular aches and pains a normal 85 would have. >> i have reached out to this facility to get more information. they have not returned my calls. the health department is only giving out the numbers here. the health department has notices up on the doors as well only allowing certain visitors. now as to the time frame on when these patients had covid-19, that is unclear this evening. i did talk with the maintenance worker here who didn't have any details about what happened, only saying that he has been wearing gloves and also a mask. it is important to note that we have been wearing masks out here as well, but have taken those off for this report. we'll continue to follow this story and have new details tonight at 11:00. live in hayward, jr stone, abc7
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news. >> all right, very good, jr. thank you. elsewhere in the east bay, at least 49 people who work or live at the orinda center have tested positive for coronavirus, and one has died. the abc7 news i-team got exclusive video of crews deep cleaning the facility this past sunday. the i-team also found a history of violations in this location, a total of 25 staff and 24 residents have contracted coronavirus. here interest latest coronavirus numbers for the bay area and santa cruz county in just the last few hours, alameda 44 more than yesterday, now at 674. and solano county increased to 112 cases. santa clara county reports three more deaths, now at 46. total cases there are at 1380. farther nor, lake county today reported its third case. cases in mendocino county are holding steady at four with two of those people now recovered. every day we are graphing the number of cases in the greater
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bay area so we can see the shape of our curve. this includes data from 14 local counties. the state of california is taking a major step forward in its effort to acquire personal protective equipment or ppe to help in the fight against the virus. >> we're very pleased that we're able to formally submit to the legislature yesterday a request to utilize money from our disaster response emergency operations account. that would allow us to invest over $1.4 billion in to ppe of all stripes. >> governor newsom says the money will go toward the purchase of 200 million masks, which will be distributed statewide. california is also getting technology to sterilize up to 80,000 used n95 masks per day, which w ptective equipment for health care workers. so far, the state has obtained 4.5 million n95 masks.
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but millions of masks thought to be located for california health care workers won't materialize after all, and now federal law enforcement is investigating this suspected case of fraud. abc i-team reporter melanie woodrow has that story new at 6:00. >> the number was staggering, 39 million critically needed n95 masks for california health care workers. millions of them going to health care systems right here in the bay area. tonight a spokesperson for the union that located the supplier says the suspected fraud is very disappointing. for weeks health care workers across california and right here in the bay area have been calling for more personal protective equipment as they battle the coronavirus pandemic. >> what do we want? after launching an exhaustive search, service employees international union, unitedhealthcare workers west announced two weeks ago it had done the near impossible, locating 39 million n95 masks for hospitals and government agencies. in an emailed statement to the
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i-team an seiu-uhw person writes our role was to connect those who needed ppe with a potential supplier. on the list was the state of california, dignity health, kaiser permanente, stanford health care, sutter health, and santa clara county. once the connection was made, the union says it was up to those who needed the equipment to work out details like quantities, payment, and delivery. in a stunning turn of events, health care systems quickly learned they would never actually get their hands on those much needed supplies. kaiser permanente telling the i-team we placed orders for 6 million n95 maks. despite multiple requests, the supplier repeatedly failed to provide reliable information about where we could verify and inspect equipment. kaiser withdrew and no money exchanged hands. we learned shortly afterwards the supplier never had possession of the masks. sutter says they didn't finalize
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a transaction with the supplier either. stanford made the decision not to pursue. a union spokesperson now says we desperately wanted to see the purchases come through, but the fact is that this situation cries out for government action. the union gave the supplier's name to the federal coronavirus task force looking into problems with ppe. kaiser permanente says they are also cooperating with federal law enforcement in their investigation of suspected fraud in this case. the union says they'll keep trying to do whatever they can, including connecting hospitals with supplies. still, the union spokesperson also says the supply chain for this type of equipment is fraught with problems. in the newsroom for the i-team, melanie woodrow, abc7 news. today the santa clara county public health department issued a new order asking individuals and businesses to report if they have large inventories of personal protective equipment on hand. the announcement comes in anticipation of a forthcoming shortage. abc7 news reporter chris nguyen has the story from san jose.
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>> santa clara county officials say there are signs that our collective actions have helped slow the spread of covid-19 and enabled health care facilities to prepare for a potential surge. but that doesn't mean we're out of danger. >> the order is about protecting the people who protect us. >> wednesday morning, the county issued a new order calling on individuals and businesses to report large inventories of ppe and any amount of ventilators by april 15th. >> while all this is going on, those first responders are out there. they have left their families to be out there to protect those most in need. >> ppe, such as gloves, n95 masks, surgical masks, goggles, and face shields only need to be reported if minimum thresholds are met. we put the amounts on our website, >> getting this awareness will help us know what supply we can source here locally so that we're not as reliant on scarce
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state and federal supplies. >> silicon valley has been one of the hardest hit areas in california. the order comes one day after county officials confirmed nearly 1400 cases and 46 deaths related to covid-19. >> most likely all of us will be impacted by knowing someone affected by covid-19, and so through this collective effort, we can all achieve a better state together. >> the county says information collected will be kept confidential and will only be used for public health purposes. >> we must continue to prepare, and we must continue to do everything in our power to prevent additional hospitalizations and deaths and to protect our community. >> in san jose, chris nguyen, abc7 news. >> and over the past month, practically every public event was canceled because of the pandemic and the resulting shelter in place orders. but conflicting messages are circulating now about whether the san francisco pride parade is happening in june. as of right now, the parade
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board of directors is still making plans to go forward with it. abc7 news reporter stephanie sierra has the story. circumstances loud cheers, massive sign, even champagne showers of celebration. it's a sight we likely won't be seeing at the sf pride parade come june as concerns over covid-19 continue, there is legitimate fear whether hosting a large scale event drawing in more than a million people is realistic and safe. >> we're in a different reality. and i think it's important first of all as dr. colfax said, we can't predict the future. we don't know what's going to happen here in the city as this progresses. >> mayor london breed pointing out it will take time to get the city back to some sense of nrmalcy. >> it may not be possible to expect that we could launch a large scale event with millions of people descending on san francisco. i just am not sure if that's
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going to be realistic. >> but if you ask carolyn wysinger, the board president of sf pride, there is still hope. >> right now all the options are on the table. we see so many things with this situation changing every day. >> sf pride's executive director fred lopez released this statement tuesday, saying the 50-year anniversary celebratio will look very different, different as in downsizing. it's just unclear how significant the changes will be. but as wysinger pointed out, safety will be the priority. >> remember how many of our community is vulnerable to this particular virus. when they say people who have existing conditions, that means so many things, not just hiv and aids. i mean people who don't have proper health care. >> again, the board president could not confirm if the parade will be canceled, just likely postponed at this point. we'll hear a final decision by tuesday of next week. in san francisco, stephanie sierra, abc7 news. chronicle insider abc7 news contributor phil matier says he
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agrees there is a lot to consider when it comes to whether the pride celebration will actually happen. here's what he told us on abc7 news at 4:00. >> question is, is it going to be a smaller, is it going to be something symbolic that says we are back, but we're not back in the way we were before? >> phil says the mayor's office will play a major role in the final decision since the city issues all t events. you can read phil matier's columns in "the san francisco chronicle" every wednesday and sunday. today on midday live, oakland mayor libby schaaf told our kristen sze that helping the homeless during the pandemic could have long-term benefits. >> our hope is to find hotels that would actually be willing to sell us that asset so that once this health emergency is finished, we might be able to continue using that building for our homeless or as permanent affordable housing. >> mayor schaaf says the city has acquired some 60 trailers
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from fema. they're being set up near the coliseum and officials hope to have them available by may 1st. in san jose, a homeless man was arrested and taken to jail on monday where he told staff he might have coronavirus. a test came back positive, and he is now being quarantined. there are a total of 11 confirmed cases at the santa rita jail in dublin. that's eight more than before. one of the inmates in that jail, ghost ship defendant dirk al er almena. a judge will consider friday. it's part of an overall effort to reduce the inmate population. almena is awaiting retrial on 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the warehouse fire. like so many other spots, businesses in emeryville are bo . abc7 news was at the emeryville public market as reporters put up plywood on urban outfitters. stores at the nearby bay street shopping center are closed as well. more families in san francisco received laptops today as the school district hopes to begin online learning by monday.
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but the biggest challenge has been providing internet service to families. abc7 news reporter lyanne melendez explains what they propose. >> reporter: with a new chrome book came orders to return them once schools reopen in the fall. in the meantime, these devices will be a student's entry into an online classroom. >> for nicholas, he is excited to get that computer and connect to the teacher and his classmates. he is super excited. >> san francisco unified has distributed 8,000 devices and is still trying to reach out to families who need them. >> so we're sending phone calls. we're sending emails. we're sending texts to let them know where they can pick up a device, how they can get one for their child. >> on monday, when phase three of distance learning begins, teachers warn there will be a few bugs. >> it's not going to be perfect. we're going to be problem solving as we go. >> getting a laptop in the hands of families has been a huge
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undertaking, but the biggest challenge remains providing internet service for all. so here is what they are doing to bring that gap. the district has high speed internet companies that are providing either free or low-cost service to the neediest families. the second plan is to place superspots in some neighborhoods. >> that allow for multiple connections at the same time. >> finally, 1500 of these hot spots have been given out. these are routers connected to a cell service. 5,000 more have been ordered. the district says private companies have stepped up to donate or pay for most of this equipment. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. here's how coronavirus is affecting other schools. berkeley unified school district won't hold online meetings until after classes were disrupted both by inappropriate students and by zoom bombing. the dorms at sonoma state
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university will be used as an alternate care site in case a surge of coronavirus patients overwhelms local hospitals. they want to be ready there. san jose state is going to hold a, quote, online recognition experience for the graduating class of 2020 this spring. graduates will receive their diplomas in the mail. they will also be invited to walk across the stage at commencement ceremonies in the fall of 2020 or maybe the spring of 2021. only on abc7 news tonight, we take you inside the lindsay wildlife experience in walnut creek. the museum is closed to the public, but the hospital for injured and sick wildlife is just as busy as ever. i'm spencer christian. it's still a bit cool and breezy rght now. but will things warm up for easter weekend? i'll let you know
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jetblue is suspending all flights at several airports, including mineta international, which you're looking at live.
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usually jetblue flies 19 flights a day out of san jose. those flights will be consolidated into its operations out of sfo. the suspension begins one week from today on april 15th, and will last into june. the other affected airports include burbank and ontario in southern california, as well as la guardia in new york. passages who are aboard the grand princess cruise ship are taking action tonight. they are suing princess cruises, claiming the company knew the ship carried the covid-19 virus and still let 2,000 passengers aboard. three people have since died of the virus, including one crewmember last week. in a sta abc7 news, as you look live now, princess cruises says while it does not comment on pending litigation, it's focused on the well-being of its guests and crew given the evolving medical understanding of this new illness. that's the statement. now let me show you a live picture. leaving dock in san francisco, you can see this live picture. it's a little hazy, but the ship is still there. it arrived yesterday in san
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francisco in order to restock supplies. beginning at midnight, all santa cruz county beaches and parks will be off limits for the next week to reduce the spread of coronavirus. this means no surfing. here is a live look at the beach in front of the boardwalk. you can see it's pretty desolate. just a couple of people out there walking on the sand, although it looks like they're keeping a social distance. the sheriff's department has already issued more than 80 citations to people not following shelter in place orders. fines for breaking this new rule will total up to a thousand dollars. >> stop surfing, stop grouping up. they're going to have to stop going to the parks. we're all making sacrifices right now. and this is just a temporary thing. >> hopefully everybody behaves so that we can still enjoy the privilege of being this the fresh air and the ocean. >> the the order is currently set to end on april 15th. in an attempt to keep people away during spring break, as well as easter weekend. there were quite a few people out at the shoreline recreation area in san leandro
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today. a lot of those people we saw were wearing face coverings. playgrounds are roped off, and there are signs noting that all park amenities are closed to the public to prevent the spread of covid-19. an iconic east bay wildlife center is remaining committed to its mission and its own survival, despite the coronavirus pandemic. the lindsay wildlife experience in walnut creek has served the community and injured wildlife for nearly seven decades now. abc7 news reporter laura anthony takes you inside lindsay in a story you'll see only on abc7 news. >> we set up a drop-off area out in here that allows people animals. >> at the lindsay wildlife experience, it's all about adapting to a difficult situation. >> he had a wound on his neck. >> the patients lindsay serves know nothing of the pandemic that's affecting so many humans. that includes this young bald eagle treated just this week for a broken bone in his chest. >> for so many years, you create that culture of caring for wildlife. now we feel the obligation and the responsibility to maintain
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that. >> the intake process has changed dramatically, moving completely outside. once an injured animal moves inside, it gets the same care, always delivered by lindsay. so while the hospital side is still humming with activity, the museum side, the one that hosts thousands of visitors each year is mostly quiet, except for those that make it their home. >> you know, enjoy a good nap just like the rest of us right now that. >> that includes woody, a 26-year-old woodpecker and 73 other ambassador animals being cared for by lindsay staff. >> we have an amazing, dedicated core of animal keepers who have been coming here extended hours to work tirelessly to make sure all the animals get what they need. >> like regular exercise for the likes of lord richard, a 45-year-old vulture. >> richard has been adjusting to our closure here. he still comes out to hi every day. >> with its museum closed and
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revenue stream cut off, an emergency fundraiser has been launched called love for lindsay. the goal, make sure the 65-year-old center can still serve its community, animal and human, once the pandemic has passed. in walnut creek, laura anthony, abc7 news. >> they care for such amazing creatures. after days of rain, we are finally enjoying a stretch of sunshine. look at all that fog rolling in. spencer christian has the seven-day forecast next. and it's a major night of television tonight here on abc. starting with the series finale of "modern family." we've watched the cast grow up after a hit-making 11-season run. they say there are no cliff hangers tonight. they're going leave it all out there for you. don't miss the two-hour finale starting at 8:00 p.m. on abc7. and right after that the premiere of brand-new "who wants to be a millionaire." jimmy kimmel hosts this time two decades after regis philbin made it a worldwide sensation. this time celebrities are the ones being tested.
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you can watch them in the hot seat tonight at 10:00 right here on abc7. and then
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that was a neat shot we had before the break with the fog just rolling in. >> so dramatic, isn't it, ama? and spencer christian is here to let us know how much more of that fog we'll see, and how much more sunshine. spencer? >> the sunshine is what we're waiting for, i presume. but we'll see a bit more fog and some clouds overnight. right now we're looking at temperature readings a bit on the cool side, especially near the coast and around the bay. only in the 50s there. we still got some 60s inland. let's move along and take a look at the forecast features. during the overnight hours as clouds increase, we still may have a few showers moving around that storm center that we had earlier in the week. it's down to southern california but affecting our weather. brighter and milder weather. sunny and warmer for easter weekend. here is a look on radar image. that upper level low in southern
6:26 pm
california still kicking some showers up in our direction. wide circulation around that storm. so forecast animation going into the evening hours and overnight hours shows more showers likely to move through the bay area, mainly the the south bay and over to the santa cruz mountains. but a stray shower or two could hit other regions of the bay area as well that will continue into tomorrow morning before it starts to become more diffuse. and then by the end of the day, we'll probably not see any more showers coming our way. don't expect to see bright sunshine until around friday. overnight lows will be generally in the upper 40s to low 50s. tomorrow's highs mainly in the upper 50s near the coast. low to mid-60s just about everywhere else. we'll have to wait for friday for some warming to begin. here it is on the accuweather seven-day forecast. highs getting up to around 70 inland. and over easter weekend, the true warm-up begins. we'll see high temperatures in the mid- to upper 70s inland -- on sunday, monday, and tuesday. and mid-70s around the bay shoreline for part of that period. a warm-up is definitely coming our way. we have to wait until the weekend brings that wonderful
6:27 pm
weather. dan and ama? >> thanks, spencer very much. nice for easter. coming up next, break do you think coronavirus cases by race. does the color of your skin make a difference when it comes to who gets sick and who dies? plus, meet the team trying to predict the future. you can help identify the next coronavirus hot spot through crowd sourcing. we'll explain how that works as abc7 news news continues
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now your health, your safety, this is abc7 news. >> the number of coronavirus cases worldwide today topped 1.5 million. >> more than 400,000 of those cases are in the u.s. the nationwide death toll is approaching 15,000. effective midnight tonight in miami, florida, both workers and customers at essential businesses, places like grocery stores and pharmacies must wear masks. similar rule will take effect in los angeles on friday. the pentagon says there are
6:30 pm
2,000 coronavirus cases among the military. the number as doubled in just the past week. nearly 300 sailers on board the aircraft carrier uss theodoros vet have now tested positive for coronavirus. the ship's captain, santa rosa native brett crozier was relieved of duty after he publicly raised concerns. crozier has also tested positive for coronavirus. [ closing bell ] >> stocks surged today after reports that coronavirus may be nearing its peak. the encouraging news rallied wall street to a 3.4% gain. the dow climbed 780 points. the nasdaq was up nearly 204. and the s&p gained 91 points today. new at 6:00, house speaker nancy pelosi is weighing in on racial equity in the federal response to covid-19. in an online town hall with b.e.t. and naacp, she says
6:31 pm
legislation and support for businesses has to be equal. >> i think we have to see everything as an opportunity, and this has to be an opportunity where we just break ourselves loose. break ourselves lose of the disparity and access to credit that is out there and is a detriment to so many of our people who have small businesses. >> on the health side of things, federal health experts say black americans are being hit disproportionately hard by coronavirus in major cities across the country. but what do the numbers look like here in california? abc7 news anchor jobina fortson has more. >> health inequities in this country are long-standing, pervasive, and frankly, it's deep. the coronavirus is magnifying that, and health experts need data to address the problem, but it's not that easy to get. >> health disparities have always existed for the african american community, but here again with the crisis now it's
6:32 pm
shining a bright light on how unacceptable that is. >> words from the white house some public health experts had been waiting to hear. black americans are overwhelmingly dying of coronavirus at much higher rates compared to some other cities. >> we're outdated, flying blind. that's not acceptable. >> dr. domingo is chair of the department at ucsf. >> crises always exacerbate the existing racial dissparts. >> has been pushing for data on race and coronavirus. right now it's all over the place. >> it wasn't actually required reporting when you get tested that everyone list their race ethnicity. we have multiple types of testing sites. >> we're seeing that in california. the state has only been able to analyze 37% of confirmed coronavirus cases. of those diagnosed, 30% are latino, 6%, black.
6:33 pm
14% are asian. of the deaths 29% are latino, 3% black, and 16% asian. >> i caution you the data is limited to that current sample size. we will get more of that information in. it's one thing to have that data. it's another to do something with it. >> we know the front line clinicians taking care of patients have been reporting that they're seeing more monolingual spanish speakers for a while. >> so why are we seeing this in marginalized communities? dr. monica macklemore says it starts with access to health care. but there is history too. >> when you think about poverty and the association of poverty with people of color and communities of color, that's also explained by structural racism. >> she says what's important now is to think ahead. >> how can we rebuild our infrastructure? center the people who are most vulnerable and most at risk and
6:34 pm
be able to ensure better health outcomes for everybody? >> jobina fortson, abc7 news. now to new technology that could have life-saving predicts of the future. researchers based here in san francisco and boston have created a tool to help show where these covid-19 hot spots o are developing before they happen. but as abc7 news reporter david louie explains, it requires everyone's help. >> as patients get admitted for treatment and as more testing is done, public health officials are able to see where the hot spots are. that enables maps to be created, such as this one created by johns hopkins. the next is to try to identify emerging hot spot, possibly two weeks earlier to warn hospitals of a possible surge in patients. eight years ago a site called flu near you was created by the nonprofit group ending pandemics in san francisco. it asked the public to check if they're well or not. that has now been transformed to covid-19 near you. >> the idea of bringing the public into early detection and
6:35 pm
rapid response is how worry really going to transform public health. >> if you're not feeling well, you're asked to check off your symptoms. there is a process called crowd sourcing. 350,000 reports have been submitted so far, allowing boston children's hospital and harvard to create a new kind of map to track. a lack of reports of illness could be an indication that sheltering in place and social distancing is effective. >> some systems only ask people to report if you're sick. well, if you get both, it gives you a better idea of what's happening over time. >> regular check-ins are important. so reminders are sent out. broad support is needed to create usable data. another goal is to collect phone numbers for follow-up. the site is covid-19 near >> let's go for 10% of the u.s. population. if we could get 30 million people to report into covidnearyou for the next six weeks, that would have never been done anywhere on the planet. >> it's an example of innovation to advance knowledge of the pandemic. david louie, abc7 news.
6:36 pm
wine, whiskey, rum. they are on hold because the distilleries are making what we all need right now, hand sanitizer. you'll get a tour, next. but first, we're excited to tell you about this. a bay area contestant competing on "jeopardy!" tonight. alistair gray is from sunnyvale and a sophomore at uc san diego. he will be proudly representing on "jeopardy!" college ch
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senator bernie sanders made it official this morning. he is suspending his campaign for the democratic presidential nomination. he addressed his supporters in an online video from vermont. >> i wish i could give you better news, but i think you know the truth. and that is that we are now some 300 delegates behind vice president biden, and the path toward victory is virtually impossible. >> sanders thanked his supporters for their help and pledged to continue the movement
6:39 pm
they helped create. he congratulated now presumptive nominee joe biden and vowed to work with him going forward. because of the coronavirus pandemic, santa clara county is considering sending all voters a vote by mail ballot for the november election. no decision has been made just yet, though. that's actually what new york state is doing for its upcoming election in june. new jersey is delaying its primary by a month from june to july. virginia is postponing its primary by two weeks. well, the stay-at-home order is changing the way we all do business, right? today we highlight three bay area spirits producers who pivoted away from making wine, whiskey and rum so they could make much needed hand sanitizer for health workers and first responders. we're highlighting their work as part of our project thanks, showing our gratitude for everyone helping out on the front lines of the covid-19 battle. ♪ wavfu whiskeys out
6:40 pm
there, and all of them have won at least a gold if not more. and we stopped making the whiskey so we could make hand sanitizer. >> we had a lot of uncertainty, like so many other businesses when we heard that we were going have to close our tasting room. so we saw a great opportunity to keep our employees employed by producing hand sanitizer for first responders and anybody on the front lines. >> we are the makers of molecular wine and spirits. we have a lot of alcohol and can use to it make beverages or hand sanitizer. it feels good to be able to contribute. >> my name is eric larimer. our big things are whiskey and 's 100 to glass. i'm a paramedic before i was a distill. >> and one of my other business partners is also a paramedic and owns nor cal ambulance. and we started early on running into supply problems with getting hand sanitizer. we'll rielly really excited when
6:41 pm
the fda allowed distilleries to manufacture hand sanitizer. each batch has a little different flavor. we've taken some of our bulk bourbon, we've taken some gin, we've taken brandy to convert into it hand sanitizers. what we're distill right now is wine. we had a winery who donated 3500 gallons of wine that should produce about 350 gallons of hand sanitizer. i don't see how we could not produce this. we're actually helping to save live here is. >> i started the distillery with my partner michelle. i want to make a great glass of single malt whiskey. when this stuff hit, i went to look for some hand sanitizer, and you couldn't find any hand sanitizer. we have a lot of high proof alcohol. we wanted to get it out there for people who need it. we definitely need it. one of the things that we've been lacking is hand sanitizer.
6:42 pm
it's going directly to our first responders that are out there today that are burning through hand sanitizer, firefighters, police officers or other essential service workers. >> we looked at what can we do to help? and there are people actually protecting lives every day who are going out and if we can do that and support that a little bit, that helps. >> i'm alec lee. i'm the ceo of endless west. we are the makers of molecular wine and spirits. we make without grapes or fermentation or aging. we scan the molecular profile of wines on the market and source each of those molecules independently from other plants and yeast, from other places in nature and recombine them in a much faster and more sustainable way. neutral alcohol, that's sort of our blank canvas, if you will. we diverted some of our production to start making some of that hand sanitizer. everything is medical grade and ready to go out to the hospitals. we've donated a lot of to it the
6:43 pm
mas office. we donate a lot of it to local charities. this is a time of great need. so it makes us feel really good that we're able the do something to contribute to the public health effort. >> good people doing good things. we invite you to join better bay area project thanks and share your gratitude. use the #better bay area to show us how you're saying thank you, and we'll share the love as well. tomorrow in partnership with feeding america, abc is staging a day of hope. join "good morning america" for the spectacular kickoff. we'll share local food resources to help feed the bay area during this pandemic. we'll help you find food, connect you with opportunities to help neighbors in need, and if you can make monetary donation, great. tomorrow is a good day to do all of that. tonight marks the beginning of passover, and many families are having to celebrate in a nontraditional way without big gatherings. a bay area-based rabbi shared
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tonight british prime minister boris johnson is spending his third night in intensive care, receiving treatment for coronavirus symptoms. >> his condition sim proving. i can also tell you he has been sitting up in bed and engaging positively with the clinical team. >> johnson has been in intensive care since monday. he first went to the hospital on sunday. well, now to a covid-19 survivor story you may be one of those people still underestimating the seriousness of this illness. for a lot of people it's deadly. abc7 news reporter wayne freedman spoke with people who may know, and they tell different stories. >> even if you don't know someone directly aflicted by covid-19, you've certainly heard of others. john prine, who died last night. actor tom hanks and his wife rita wilson, who recovered. and british prime minister boris johnson. they're all public figures and
6:47 pm
proof that covid-19 can attack notable people, even locally. >> i underestimated how serious my illness would be. >> today a video from dr. matt willis of marin county public health. he is finally fever-free after weeks. >> i'm relatively healthy, but i've needed help for almost everything at home. >> which leads us to another class of victims, the home caregivers. carmen basurto of windsor can tell us all about it. >> i had shortness of breath, the fatigue, very tired. >> after all after 10 of 12 family members became sick after vacationing in new orleans last month. carmen's husband had it the worst. he is retired police chief who remains two weak to talk after a week on a ventilator. carmen had been caring for him until she said goodbye outside the emergency room. >> you know he is getting intubated. you can't talk to him. you're at home, thinking the
6:48 pm
worst, because you can't talk to him. knowing that your partner is sick, and you can't be by his side. and knowing that other people have died from this. >> her husband of 29 years had been relatively healthy. in three weeks, the chief has lost 20 pounds. >> he is very weak. he still has a lot of pain in his legs. he's having to do physical therapy just to walk again. >> carmen talked today for one purpose, to deliver a message, that if you're one of those people not social distancing, take covid-19 seriously. before it changes your attitude. >> we are blessed. we are -- god heard our prayers. >> in marin county, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> powerful to hear those survivor stories. show you a live picture now of the grand princess cruise ship. it has just sailed under the golden gate after coming into port yesterday to restock.
6:49 pm
there is about 600 and some crew left on board this ship. and now some passengers who were aboard the grand princess are taking action. they're suing, laming the company knew the ship carried the covid-19 virus and still let 2,000 passengers on board. but again, it's sailing back out to sea with the remaining crew on board after restocking in san francisco. all right. let's turn to the weather now. sun is out. although the fog is here, ama. >> yeah, a little breezy out there too, spencer christian is live at home with the latest for us. spencer? >> right, ama and dan, it's a bit breezy, becoming foggier by the moment. let's take a look at our satellite radar image. you can see the storm that brought us stormy weather earlier in the week is centered over southern california right now. it has a very wide circulation around it. you can see it's whipping some showers up in our direction. so during the overnight hours, as we look at our forecast animati animation, we might see some showers. it looks like the best chance will be through the south bay. and some of those could be heavy
6:50 pm
downpours, but brief. and then they'll move through the south bay and the santa cruz mountains. and maybe a few isolated showers widely scattered will move through going into the daytime hours tomorrow. look for lingering clouds. overnight lows will generally be in the upper 40s to low 50s. fairly mild. not very cold overnight. and then tomorrow, chillier than average. breezy conditions, especially at the coast. highs will range from upper 50s at the coast to mainly low and mid-60s just about everywhere else, even in the mildest inland locations. however, we expect a little bit of a warming trend going into the weekend on friday. it will be a bit milder inland than tomorrow. on saturday, look for spring in the air with highs in the upper 60s the low 70s inland, and even warmer than that on sunday. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. the warm-up really begins in full force on saturday. and as we go into early next week we can expect to see high temperatures in the upper 70s inland.
6:51 pm
mid-70s around the bay shoreline. mid- to upper 60s on the coast. and not much change as we get to midweek. finally we're getting a stretch of mainly sunny and warm days. and you know what? it's about time, dan and ama. >> it is. >> yeah, definitely. thank you, spencer. >> all right. let's turn our attention to sports. sports director larry beil is here, am marks with some news about tom brady tonight. >> he goes in-depth on his decision to leave the patriots. plus we talked with the best women college hoops player in the country who hails from walnut creek, sabrina this is our home. we've never seen it look quite like this, but there's no mistaking it. and it's our job to protect it. because the best people to fight for our communities are those within them. so, if you've just bought a volkswagen or were thinking of buying sometime soon, we're here to help with the community driven promise.
6:52 pm
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prevagen. healthier brain. better life. ♪ no matter how far from home ♪ i hit your phone to tell you te extrano ♪ hey! i got your note! ♪ besitos from mis litos ♪ and some oreos de mi hermano hola! ♪ ja ja. bam bam bam ♪ stay playful every day, yo puedo ayudar ♪ ♪ ja ja oh oh oh thank you, brother. ♪ stay playful, spread it 'round like an oreo. ♪ ♪ now abc7 sports with larry beil. >> good evening. revealing interview with tom brady today. a couple of hours with howard stern on the radio, where the san mateo native revealed he knew heading into last season he was probably going to leave the patriots. after months of speculation about his plans, the six-time super bowl champ, the pride of serra high, signed with tampa
6:54 pm
bay. now brady says there is no animosity towards the patriots or head coach bill belichick. they had a great run. it's just time for a change. >> probably knew before the start of last season that it was my last year. our time was coming to an end. the fact that you could say would i be successful without him the same level of success, i don't believe i would have been. but i feel the same vice versa as well. >> we'll see how he does with the bucs. next week sabrina ionescu will be the first pick in the wnba draft. her game is so good, steph curry calls sabrina a legend. how impressive is that? right now sabrina's in walnut creek at home, denied a chance at an ncaa title with oregon because the coronavirus shut down sports. she spent some time today with curry, and then later with us and talked about it on our with authority podcast. >> he has been my favorite
6:55 pm
player for ten years now since he has been in the league. me watching him as a rookie. now we're both kind of on the scene, basketball players from the bay area. it's been cool. he comes to my games, i go to his. we talk often. we could be potential business partners if i sign with under armour. i was with him today talking about that, six feet away, getting some shots up. and our distance, but it is cool to see how our relationship has grown. >> did you outshoot him? be honest. it's okay. he won't mind. >> i'll never outshoot him. >> sabrina is so awesome. as soon as we t podcastupe will. and then the video. she did confide in me, even though we had a great time on the podcast, she said once this is all over, we're back to normal, if i come out and we play horse, she will take my money and feel no guilt at all about it.
6:56 pm
she just said you probably should leave your wallet at home if you're going to come out. >> a beal betdown. >> nice. >> thanks, larry. join us tonight for abc7 news at 11:00. after drastic service cuts went into effect. tonight what the transit agency is saying. and observing passover during these unprecedented times. a look at how celebrations around the bay area have changed this year. and coming up tonight on abc7 at 8:00, it's a modern farewell. a look back at modern family followed at 9:00 by the modern family series finally. then at 10:00 catch who wants to be a millionaire. and then stay with us for abc7 news at 11:00. >> abc's "nightline" will air at 11:35 with stories of health care workers from around the country who are descending on the coronavirus hot spots to help save patients' lives. "jimmy kimmel live!" will air at
6:57 pm
12:05 a.m. look for news on the abc7 news app. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. for all of us here, we appreciate your time. we'll leave you with this beautiful shot from sky 7 flying over the bay area on a really nice night. the fog rolling in. stay with us for abc7 news at 11:00 tonight, interview a good evening.
6:58 pm
you may not be thinking about blood donation, but blood is needed to save the lives of people who are sick with a range of illnesses. it's easy and safe to give. if you are in good health, please donate. we need heroes now. visit red cross blood dot org to schedule an appointment.
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♪ this is the... here are today's contestants-- a senior at penn state from mclean, virginia... a sophomore at the university of mississippi from perryville, missouri... and a sophomore at uc san diego from sunnyvale, california... and now, here is the host of "jeopardy!"--alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny. thank you, folks. do sophomores rule? well, so far in this college championship on "jeopardy!" they appear to. we have two sophomores waiting in the wings. they have qualified already as semi-finalists, representing yale university and the university of texas
7:00 pm
and we have two sophomores competing today against a senior. good luck to all three of you. here you go into the first round of play, one daily double awaiting you in one of these categories... how appropriate. next... followed by... we want you to... and finally, you get to deal with... alistair, start. book title animals for $800, please. - alistair. - what are fish? yeah. title animals for $1,000, please. [ beep ] "the time of mute swans." back to you, alistair.


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