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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  October 10, 2020 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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usaa registered nurses are continuing a five day strike. tonight they are remembering fallen front line workers from covid-19. >> after a cool and cloudier start to the weekend, we're tracking sunshine and cloudy weather making a comeback. abc 7 news at 11:00 starts right now. >> building a bet b are andece . this 7 >> teresa lacoco. 68, registered nurses. >> nurses say they're still
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facing tough conditions on the front line. in the east bay tonight nurses honored their peers killed by the virus. good evening and thank you so much for joining us. the comes as nurses are demanding better protection from the virus. abc 7 news reporter lauren martinez has the story. >> natalie johnson, 70. registered nurse. burling ton, new jersey. passed away may 25th. >> reporter: names of registered nurses across the country who lost their lives due to covid-19 were lead aloud. each one of them had somebody that loved and cared for them. >> reporter: mother. >> i don't think they should be making choices about whether to
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live and work safely. >> reporter: before the vigil, registered nurses from alsp con strike. their lack of trust with the nurses, locking up ppe, we filed numerous cal osha complaints and it just didn't bring them to the table, didn't make them understand how serious we are. >> reporter: they said, quite, while we are disappointed that the unions called this strike at a time when there are already extraordinary strains on health care providers, we encourage them to return to the bargaining table where we can reach agreement on a fair contract. nurses say they do not take the decision to strike during a pandemic lightly, but it is for the protection of their patients and nurses who
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have lost their lives to covid-19 in california are filipino. >> it is hitting our community in a very particular way. it is not just hitting individuals. it is impacting their families as well. there are families that have been lost because of this pandemic. >> reporter: lauren martinez, abc 7 news. here is a look at where the pandemic stands in california. there were more than 4,100 new diagnosed cases. that number is well above the seven-day average with is about 3,300 cases. there were another 73 deaths from covid-19 reported and the positivity rate is at 2.6%. that indicates the transmission rate of the virus. now president trump hosted his first in person event since testing positive for the coronavirus. hundreds of supporters gathered at the white house for an events
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slogans, law and order. abc 7 news reporter has the differing messages coming from the candidates. president trump rallies hundreds of masked but tightly packed supporters with a campaign speech from the white house balcony. >> i want you to know our nation is going to defeat this terrible china virus. it's going to disappear. it is disappearing and vaccines will help. and the therapeutics will help a lot. >> reporter: and as he and dozens connected to the white house battle the deadly virus. >> i'm feeling great. i don't know about how. how is everyone feeling. >> reporter: the president's physician releasing a memo saying he's no longer a risk to others. the president pulling out of next week's canceled debate after the commission turned it virtual in the wake of its positive test. joe biden will join abc news for a town hall thursday.
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the president will appear in a competing event on nbc news. both men trading attacks during a campaign event card. biden speaking to union workers. >> america deserves a president who understands what people are going through. we are facing real challenges right now. the last thing you need is a president who exacerbates them. >> reporter: trump's event targeting black voters. >> if you think he can run this country, you're wrong. >> reporter: the president likely to face tough questions about new revelations in two new york times reports. one saying the white house blocked the cdc from requiring masks on public transportation nationwide. the other claiming president trump reinvented the so-called d.c. swamp and allegedly profited by using his own hotel and resorts. abc news has not confirmed those reports but reached out to the
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white house for public comment. >> we sent out this push alert on our abc news app when trump's doctor released his latest letter tonight. if you would like alerts like this in the future, you can download in the app store. hundreds of armenian americans marched today in protest as armenia agreed to a cease fire today but leadership from both countries accuse the other of breaking the agremt. the issue is important to many in the bay area community as it is estimated 35,000 armenians live in the region. >> reporter: as mentions between armenia, turkey intensify, the armenian-ameressivy attacked, started a are bombing there, and we're very concerned
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that they're -- what they're trying to do really is finish off the armenian genecide. >> reporter: in los angeles earlier in the week, pro-armenia protesters shut down streets calling for peace. tensions were renewed on september 27th when fighting broke out. it was the largest attack since the war between the two countries that ended in 1994. >> we see everything that's happening and the young kids that are dying and it is our -- it is our duty to make sure that our voices are heard, their voices are heard. >> reporter: in recent months, the bay area's armenian community has been targeted with three hate crimes, vandalism and gunshots fired at an armenian school. they have a different take on the conflict but are also drawing attention to it. the cultural society of northern california has raised tens of
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thousands dollars for war victims. marchers in san francisco hope the day's actions send a message to leaders. >> we are altogether becaus united we will make a huge >> reporter: all right. shifting gears now. ptake a look at this rain. certainly a welcome sight with all the fires, but it doesn't look like there is any rain in our future. hey, drew. >> earlier today we had a couple of light sprinkles, a little bit of drizzle in san francisco, even some frizzle reported in the east bay as well. rain fall amount is very minimal, very light, less than a tenth of an inch. but live doppler 7 showing a fair amount of cloud cover ahead and still not out of the question. not only some dense fog along the coastline but also some pockets of drizzle very likely as we see our marine layer
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enhanced. we have a cold front moving into the west coast. much needed rain fall. what we're looking at, high pressure off the coastline. it is going to strengthen and bring about a warming trend over the next couple of days. we will have those numbers coming up. >> drew, thanks. cal fire is making more progress on the glass fire. containment is up to 86% tonight. the fire has burned more than 67,000 acres in napa and sonoma and nearly 700 homes have been destroyed by the fire. cornell bernard was in the north bay today and he shows us outreach and s being offered to those impacted. ♪ >> reporter: the saturday farmer's market is back in down town. >> it was scary last weekend, but, you know, thank god we're back. >> reporter: it was canceled last weekend but most of the town was forced to evacuate due
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to the approaching glass fire. luckily it never made it this far. just about everywhere you look, people are giving thanks to firefighters. >> they are incredibly resilient and they have been faced with this time and time again and they do pull out of it. >> reporter: in a town dependent on tourism, others hope wine country visitors will come back soon. >> as locals, we can only do so much. we need that other million people coming here every year to help the economy. >> yeah, that's got. >> reporter: at the resort, staff is packing up boxes for a drive through food distribution sunday to support more than 300 hotel employees impacted by the fires and power outages. >> nothing speaks to the family more than a meal. we felt this could be an effort, a gesture to just extend that family hospitality to our team members. >> reporter: here in santa rosa, those impacted by the glass fire are getting help that they need and some answers at this local
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assistance center. frank and penny have a million questions after their home burned down on saint helena road. >> they want to find out from red cross about how to safely go back to our homesite. >> we love that area. we love the people around us and the intent is to build back up. >> reporter: from ruin to recovery. this community getting back on its feet yet again. in the north bay, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00, pleasanpleasanton is wee. if they weren't allowed to move things inside, they may not last much longer. and the sun is setting on the sunny doughnuts in the south bay. why the owners are retiring from their american dream. and how bay area residents still got to take
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well, as the bay area bounces back, the economy is one thing we are focussed on as we try to build a better bay area. restaurant owners in pleasant ton are pushing back to delay reopening inside dining. they say outdoor dining may not be successful much longer and they may not survive. here's laura anthony. >> ten miles away, you can drive down the road and have a meal. >> with their counter parts now allowed to offer limited outside dining, restaurant owners in pleasanton are not happy they're
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not granted the same privilege. >> well, i think we've gotten drug into what's going on in oakland where their numbers are quite high for the coronavirus. >> reporter: delaying outside dining four to six weeks even at 25% capacity. they stated having different households together while they eat and drink for an extended period of time in an enclosed space eliminates the protection wearing a mask provide. in june, pleasanton closed its main street here to facilitate outside a dining that certainly helped. it ends november 1st, and the weather is changing. >> especially for the wife and just the cold. got to bring a jacket and this and this. being inside makes it easier. >> reporter: these folks are from michigan where limited outside dining is allowed. >> reporter: i don't feel unsafe. i feel cautious.
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you have to use your common sense. even with outside seating, business is up 85% compared with last year. and the owners had to lay off 40 people. >> there is going to be a lot of businesses that aren't around if they don't get this fixed. in the south bay, customers lined up for one last treat at sunny's doughnuts in san jose before it closes tomorrow. they decided to retire after 33 years. they said on facebook their decision is due to covid-19 and a drop in sales. the owners came t t area in pressive communist regime in cambodia. they worked at fast food restaurants and saved their money to launch their own business in 198 p. the pandemic forced another bay area tradition to go virtual
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this year. you can still enjoy the festivities from your own home. you are looking and listening to the navy band coming online to play anchors away. it is the fight song of the u.s. naval academy. people have enjoyed tours and ships of the blue angels. this year the coast guard provided a look inside monroe. the monroe's captain also shared this greeting. >> i'm sorry that you are all unable to visit monroe this year during fleet week 2020 due to the global pandemic. >> the monroe plays a key role in many vital missions and that includes launching small boats to stop the movement of illegal drugs from around the world to the streets of the u.s. picking back up with drew tuma and the weather. a warm-up is in the forecast. >> yeah. over the next several days, you
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will feel these warmer temperatures move back in for an extended period of time. today, it is all about the cool comfortable temperatures, the cloud cover, a little bit of drizzle and the fresh air as well. look at the air quality across the region. no matter where you live, where you are watching us from right now in the bay area, you have good air quality. you see dreen dots around the world. meaning your levels are above 50. it is a refreshing night we have tonight. over the day or so, we will find some changes. tomorrow we're going to find air quality mainly in that moderate category, that levre beten 51 a 100. it is for that reason that we do have a spare the air day in effect for tomorrow. but still all in all, tonight you can enjoy that fresh air out there. live doppler 7, we have quite a lot of fog along. even some pockets of drizzle. and that drizzle chance will continue over the next couple of
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hours. by sun up tomorrow morning, any drizzle will be out of here and our clouds will begin to break down. we hang on to a fair amount of cloud cover. in the upper 40s overnight tonight. on the bay shoreline, more in the mid to low 50s. again, we have that locally dense fog along the coast as well. tomorrow it is a day of transition so to speak. in the morning we do have some cloud cover that will quickly break down for sunshine in the afternoon. but all in all tomorrow temperature-wise, it is another comfortable day. a nice finish to the weekend. and 69 in the city for a high tomorrow. about 75 in oakland. about 80 in concord. so it is warm. but not too hot for this time of year inland. 82 that high for napa. but things will begin to change as we head boo monday. track your temperatures. high pressure will begin to take over. it will begin to strengthen off our coastline. what that's going to do, it will
11:21 pm
help to pump in warmer air. you see 70s and 80s. our warmest spot likely getting into the upper 80s for monday. then as we head into tuesday, that's when we will likely see a return of 90 degree readings in our warmest spots. getting close to 9 degrees. even along the base shoreline, it is warm with temperatures in the upper 70s to lower 80s. it is thanks to an offshor wind that will be developing midweek around here. that will drag in warmer temperatures. that's a wind le be watch very closely in the coming days. morning cloud to a lot of sunshine. it is a spare the air day. that warming trend really gets underway. that's when we see 80s and 90s make a comeback. we are watching wednesday and thursday. you can expect dry and gusty off shown winds to drop. magnitude of 20 to 25 miles an hour. we'll keep our eyes on that. otherwise, by friday we're
11:22 pm
talking 80s and 90s across the bay area. so october will finish out the week ahead. >> still not done with all of that heat, drew. thanks. still ahead, basketball legend shaq admits he just voted for the first time. he said he expected to be roasted for the
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and invests in schools, small business, and firefighters. and when the big corporations pay more, your tax bill goes down. that's right. a savings of a hundred twenty-one dollars a year for the average home. give homeowners a break. vote yes on 15. shaquille o'neal is admitting he just voted for the first time. shaq said he may get roasted for the admission, but it's played out differently online. many pple are thanking shaq for setting an example. shaq has been participating in vet out the vote campaigns and says he didn't want to be a hypocrite. he did not reveal who he voted for. in california it is not too late to register to vote. we have all the information at our website,
11:26 pm there is also information onering you will find on your california ballot. >> speaking of shaquille o'neal and basketball, let's kick it over to chris alvarez in sports. the 49ers in search of their first home wi plus home grow
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if you're living with hiv . . . . . . keep loving who you are. and ask your doctor if biktarvy is right for you. now abc 7 sports with chris avarez. >> the 49ers didn't lose their second game until december 1st. entering their game tonight, the 49ers are 2-2 overall. matters have been designated by
11:30 pm
injuries. jimmy garoppolo will start at quarterback. there is no such thing as a must win here in week five, a victory over the dolphins would serve as great momentum as the schedule continues to get tougher. >> i was excited to get the group out there that you envision and just to really stack days together. stack days of the same group going out there, whenever we can get guys healthy and get guys back, it will help everyone. >> we're excited to get back to work. i think the dolphins are a great challenge for us. they have in a lot of tight games. we have to make sure we get back to executing at a high level like we know we can. >> antioch's najee harris was the answer for alabama. in the second quarter down seven. five yard score here. his first of the game. harris breaking three. down the left side. 33 yards and in. 28-21 roll tide!
11:31 pm
later in the third, we're tied at 35. harris just powering his way, three yards and in. it was reviewed and upheld. his third score of the night. keep it ongoing. tied at 42 in the fourth. it is harris again. his fourth touchdown and he's not done. one minute to go. still a close game, but get it to harris to seal the deal. 39 yards out. his fifth score of the night, ties the bama single game record and alabama wins it 63-38. you saw clemson hosting miami. final play of the first half. clemson lined up a long field goal and it's blocked. ivy grabs it and he goes 48 yards the other way for the hurricanes right at the half. clemson fans can't believe it. the hurricanes though never threatened in the second half. travis etienne somehow going to stay inbounds and tiptoes down the sidelines.
11:32 pm
clemson rolls 42-17. the bank is closed. that's good news for the sharks. sn jose re-signing kevin la bank to a four year deal close to $19 million. he played just last year on a $1 million deal hoping he could cash in like this and that. he had just 33 points off his career high 52 two years ago but scored two fewer goals in this season. they see him as a key piece in their rebuild. that is your look at sports. back to you. much more to come an abc 7 news at 11:00. the storm may be gone, but there is a lot of damage left behind. a look at the aftermath of hurricane delta on the gulf coast. deputies are
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this is abc 7 news. once again, good evening. in tonight's headlines now, president trump hosted his first in person event today since testing positive for the coronavirus. he delivered an 18 minute speech from his balcony to hundreds of mostly masked supporters. tonight trump's doctor released a memo saying the president is no longer at ritzing of spreading covid. the bay area's armenian-american community marched today. one of the latest attacks since 1994 happened just a week ago. and containment is up to 86% on
11:37 pm
the glass fire. the fire has burned more than 67,000 acres in napa and sonoma. nearly 700 homes have been destroyed by the fire and hundreds of other structures have been damaged. developing news along the gulf coast now, hundreds of thousands of people are without their electricity after hurricane delta roared ashore making land fall in louisiana. delta brought heavy rains, winds and flooding to the region. abc news reporter with a look at the damage left behind. >> reporter: delta pushing heavy rain inland after roaring ashore late friday slamming southwest louisiana as a category two storm. 100 miles an hour winds knocking out power for hundreds of thousands across three states. in up to 17ncsf driving rain, pummelling storm worn
11:38 pm
louisiana. in lafayette -- >> i didn't think it was going to, you know, fall on us, but i just had that feeling. >> reporter: strong wind gusts ripping out trees like this one. >> this is a living room. >> reporter: duane and presis la were at home when a tree crashed into their den. now gone with nothing left but photos of their children. >> this can be replaceable, but we are not. >> reporter: this could have been so much worse. >> yes. yes. it could have been a tragedy. >> reporter: 50 miles west, barely clingingn to damaged homes. the pelican state once again in recovery mode. >> tens of thousands as we spoke are in a very difficult situation, and we are going to do everything we can. >> reporter: the clean-up here could take days and possibly weeks.
11:39 pm
they have moved out of here and are threatening parts of the mid atlantic. lafayette, louisiana. again joining us with a look at where the hurricane is now. drew? > yeah. and as we loo satellite, delta has lost all of its tropical characteristics. meaning it doesn't have wind anymore. it is really just a rainmaker. look at the track. it is racing off at 14 miles an hour. so we take a look at live doppler 7. it still has a lot of moisture associated with it. now post tropical storm delta will be a rainmaker for much of the east coast, especially up and down the i-95 quarter. take a look at the projected rain fall. all the way from wilmington up through new york city. we are expecting 1 to 3 inches of rain over the next 48 hours and the cities will still have a
11:40 pm
little moisture to deal with by tuesday. >> drew, i didn't know you had your own sirens to prompt you for your weather. the joys from going broadcasting live from home. drew, thanks. >> working from home, right, yeah. well, a woman drown after falling off a boat and a man is in the hospital. he is being treated for severe hypo thermia. six children were aboard that boat that drifted to the center of lake tahoe. a fire boat rescued all of the children, all escaped unharmed. officials have not released the names of the people involved in last night's tragedy. and new at 11:00 now. a car crashed into a 7-11 store in san jose just after 10:00 tonight. this is the store on the 600 block of blossom hill road. we are not hearing of any reports of injuries and no word yet on how the accident happened. you can see there that car is completely in the store.
11:41 pm
so quite lucky no one was hurt. a man as been arrested accused of a paint ball attack on an 18-year-old pregnant woman. the sheriffs county office says the woman was hit by 30 pounds and was taken to the hospital to have her injuries treated. it is not clear if the victim and suspect knew each other. investigators say since last month there have been 20 incidents with young adults recklessly discharging paint ball guns. in the north bay, protesters gathered to demand justice for a man shot and killed by a deputy this week. >> eight shots did not >> 47-year-old juan garcia was shot during a traffic stop monday night. the sheriffs office said garcia got out of the car and approach
11:42 pm
add deputy with his hand behind his back. when garcia was asked to show his hand, he didn't. the deputies say he shot first. garcia was a chef and leaves behind a life and three kids. still ahead, is it too early to start holiday shopping? some major retailers are hoping nt. what you need to know before shopping some major sales this
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amazon's prime day eve i ppwe,ll back bf e ndic. reta offering some pretty big deals in an effort to compete, starting with walmart tomorrow. becky explains what you need to check before adding items to your cart. >> reporter: amazon prime day. >> an epic day of deals on
11:46 pm
everything you are into. >> reporter: has been turned on its head. normally in summer, the coronavirus causing it to move to next week over the two days of october 13th and 14th. significant deals expected on electronics, especially anything amazon branded. not many specific details announced yet. but discounts disthistoricallyay the gamut. and it's not just amazon. >> it is called the big save, and it is going to be going on from october 11th to the 15th. target, they're calling it deal deals, and that's going on the exact same days as prime day, october 13th and 14th. >> the website retail me not estimated 250 sites offered competing deals on amazon prime day. that's where price comparison is crucial. google shopping and price gabber show you which sites have the best prices and the browser add
11:47 pm
on pop cart sees you shopping and automatically pops up any better offers online. but for shoppers who usually focus their deal hunting on black friday sales, this year is different. >> it is thrug supply crunches going on all year because of coronavirus. >> and in supply chain problems, covid related warehouse shipping delays. more than ever, retailers want you to do your shopping really, really early. so for serious deal hunters, that begs the question buy now or later? >> this is a really easy answer. you should buy early. there is a strong anticipation that some of the best deals will be happening around prime day as opposed to black friday and cyber monday this year. >> abc news. just got permission to shop. san francisco is celebrating italian heritage weekend. the pandemic is limiting some of
11:48 pm
the fun, but not all of it. you can see here many restaurants are serving guests in outdoor seating areas near washington square and online celebration will take place tomorrow to replace traditional parade going through north beach. and the oakland zoo has taken two more mountain lion cubs. the zoo says in a twitter post their lost their mother in a fire. the same fire that or fanned captain cal and burned his paws. both female cubs will be introduced to him soon. all right. one last check of our weather situation. hopefully no sirens this time around, drew. >> right. no sirens. we're talking fresh air tonight. and tomorrow it's a bright and comfortable day. so tonight we see temperatures currently in the 50s to low 60s. fair amount of cloud cover overhead. hang on to partly to mostly cloudy skies. patchy, dense fog along the
11:49 pm
coast and coastal drizzle. mid-50s around the bay shoreline. upper 40s in the north bay. tomorrow it is that day of transition. in the morning we have the cloud cover, but in the afternoon nothing but sunshine. and temperatures respond very nicely. that's 77 in freemon. 78 in san jose. about 77 in santa cruz. so the seven day forecast, our warming trend gets underway here. it is warm around the region for october. we are tracking those dry, gusty offshore winds. it looks to be about 20 to 25 miles an hour. so we'll keep our eyes on that as we get
11:50 pm
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the niners haven't won at home yet this season. they will try to change this
11:53 pm
this afternoon. jimmy g. is back and the niners are inching their way back to help. one of dennis allen's four wins in his first year as head coach. remember him? he kicked four field goals in that game. jon gruden's last win as a raiders head coach came back in september 2001. derek carr is 0-6 all-time in arrowhead. limited fans in k.c., but both coach and quarterback, they're ready for it. >> in pregame at arrowhead, when it's not full, it's loud. it really is. like how do they make it this loud? you know. give them credit, their fans credit. >> i miss the fans. the away games and certainly the home games. but my son is going to be at the game and stands. he goes to the university of kansas. he still can't explain why he's going to kansas to me. but he'll be out there with his mom and his girlfriend, so i'm anxious to see them.
11:54 pm
college football, cotton bowl. a showdown between texas and oklahoma. oklahoma blows a double digit fourth quarter lead. am eling ler. tied at 31. we go into overtime. skip ahead to the third ot. the field goal attempt is blocked. oklahoma can win it with a field goal, but completely shakes the 31 yarder and now texas is excited. fourth overtime. spencer rattler finds the son of the former coach. uo finds the lead. back to pass and he's picked off by trey brown. sooners win quadruple overtime. college station number four florida, number 21 texas a&m. kyle trask a perfect pass to tony.
11:55 pm
gators up 11. here come the aggies. kellen mond finds ka leb chapman. we're tied at 38. aggies get the ball back as a lot of fans there at college station. seth small comes up big. 19 yard field goal as time expires and texas a&m defeats florida. >> warrior fans know only one team in nba history came back from a 3-1 deficit. that was the cavaliers that came back in 2016. but now he's on the other side with the lakers trying to hold off a miami heat team that refuses to hold. a winner take-all game seven. right here on abc 7. butler and lebron went head to head last night with an epic fourth quarter trying to will their teams to victories. ultimately, his 30 point triple double effort wasn't enough to spark them to a win. >> we came here for a reason.
11:56 pm
nobody's worried thinking about going home. we got two more games to win. we know that we can do this. so nobody is worried about going home. we're worried about getting better and getting another one. >> you have to live in the moment and prepare yourself each and every possession. if you start to wander, you make a mistake. one thing about this team you are playing, they make you pay for every mistake. it is the same as when we were playing against golden state all these years. we have to understand that. >> french open final, fourth ranked sophia. st the first set and had to take a medical time-out in the second. in the far court took advantage making her run all over the place. eventually she slams it home. match point now. just really bothered there. doesn't go after it and she wins and becomes the first polish
11:57 pm
tennis player to win and the first teenager to win the french since 1997. and that's it for tonight, everybody. i'm dion lynn. abc 7 news continues bright and early tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. for drew and chris, our producer emily, our director douglas, really all of us here at abc 7 news, thanks so much for joining us. take a live look outside where the heat is returning later on in the coming week.
11:58 pm
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