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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  November 23, 2020 11:35pm-12:37am PST

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we hope to see you again tomorrow. right now on jimmy kimmel, >> announcer: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight, amy adams, jack huston, and music from jewel. and now, jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: hello. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for joining us on week three of our election night coverage. it is now day 20 of squattergate. and we still haven't seen the president concede. we've barely even seen the president. on saturday, they had a virtual g-20 summit with leaders from 19 other countries. instead of participating, trump was busy tweeting. thirteen minutes into the summit, he took a break to write, "the fake news is not talking about the fact that 'covid,' in quotes for no reason, is running wild all over the world, not just in the u.s. i was at the virtual
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g-20 meeting early this morning and the biggest subject was covid." yeah, no kidding. saying covid is the biggest topic at the g-20 is like saying, "i was at the oscars, and the big subject was movies." and then, he skipped the session devoted to pandemic response to play golf again. there's the caravan of carts. and there he is, ain't-doin', jack nicklaus. as graceful as a dumptruck. he golfed on saturday and sunday this weekend. i've never seen a guy try so hard to keep a job he doesn't even do. this is his schedule today. no public events again. just some eating and private screaming into a mypillow. on friday, he did do something. he attempted to personally interfere in the election. he invited the senate majority leader and speaker of the house for the state of michigan to the white house.
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for some bigly buttering up. that didn't work, because today, the michigan board of canvassers certified the results, officially declaring joe biden the winner. trump had another big loss in pennsylvania too. trump's so-called "elite strike force" of lawyers has been striking out. "steal team six" is now 1 and 35 in court. nbc news reported today that trump is concerned that his legal team is made up of "fools that are making him look bad." yeah, they said the same thing about you. one of his new characters was introduced last week and killed off this weekend. her name is sidney powell. she was pushing a conspiracy theory that said the governor of georgia, who is a both republican and big trump supporter was bribed by the voting machine company to throw the election to biden. i guess that was too much even for trump. because a week after he welcomed sidney powell to what he
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described as a "truly great" legal team, the campaign put out a statement saying "sidney powell is practicing law on her own. she is not a member of the trump legal team. she is also not a lawyer for the president in his personal capacity." trump put together a real crackerjack team of attorneys, in that he appears to have actually found them inside boxes of crackerjacks. the lead attorney working for trump on the recount in wisconsin, a guy named jim troupis, says he wants all in-person absentee ballots to be thrown out. which is interesting because he, and his wife, voted absentee ballots in person. when reporters asked him about it, he refused to answer. this is incredible. this is no longer just hypocrisy. this is the hypocralypse. this election is over. trump should concede and get on with the transition. everyone knows that. after his gsa administrator finally signed off on the transition today, after weeks of dragging her feet, the president
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opened the door a crack to a transition. at this point, trump is like a dog that is afraid to get in the car, because he doesn't want to go to the vet. so how do we get him out of the white house? i think i know how to handle this. let's here it. we trick him. we send him to a city that specializes in building replicas landmarks. the eiffel tower, the pyramids of egypt, the circus of circus. what we should do is build trump his ow right on the strip. it's not that difficult. first, we build a white house. quietly. then, we swap out his adderall with ambien. the minute he conks out, we put him on air force one, head straight to mccarran airport. he wakes up, he's right there in the oval office, but even better because this oval office has slot machines!
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he'd love it. the weather would be better. plenty of golfe elevator ride a from strippers, hookers, the whole thing! the white house hotel and casino! if ever there was a workable post-presidency plan for donald trump, this is it. introducing siegfried and trump! think about it. thank you. we need to do something. i don't necessarily believe in "signs," but at the same time that trump is attacking the foundation of our democracy. there was a mudslide in south dakota. a big mudslide. and you can see, george, abe, teddy, and tom are not amused. there are more new covid cases in trumpsylvania. andrew giuliani, son of rudy, and a special assistant to the president has it. and this guy has it too! you may have seen it by now.
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but apparently "i got the rona." 4 why do bad things keep happening to good people? if you refer to it as "the 'rona," you might not deserve the virus, but you do deserve it more than anyone else. djtj will isolate for 14 days on his favorite stump. you ever read the book, "the giving tree?" that terrible boy has come to life. it's interesting that donny j got it because just last month, hs "almost nothing." which also happens to be the title of his autobiography. "almost nothing." meanwhile, trump son number two might soon be the first lady of north carolina. eric trump's wife, laura, is said to be mulling a run for the senate in the tar heel state. lara trump, if you don't know, is one of these women. no one is sure which. lara trump is from north carolina. it's weird because i never
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considered her to be "from" anywhere. i just assumed someone left a bunch of parts from broken bratz dolls in the playroom of a megachurch, and she came to life. but this is exciting. senator lara trump! what american citizen wouldn't want to be represented in congress by the wife of the only trump son who still wets the bed? we are now only three days away from the strangest thanksgiving of our collective lives. last week, the cdc urged americans not to travel. that is the scene in chicago. this is phoenix. what do they expect? we're the same people they had to tell not to eat tide pods! here's what's so crazy. every year, we look for an excuse to get out of spending thanksgiving with our families. now, we finally have one and everyone's complaining. embrace it! how much cranberry jell-o can you eat?! the safest way to celebrate,
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obviously, videochat with your family. zoom is even lifting their free 40-minute time limit on thanksgiving, so families can talk as long as they like. great. please don't anyone tell my family about this. we need a time limit. otherwise, it could go on until christmas. guillermo, what's your plan for thanksgiving? just stay at home with my wife and son. >> will you be cooking? >> no, we don't like turkeys. she will be cooking chicken. >> oh, she will be making chicken. correct me if i'm wrong, did you go to boston market to get chick espn. >> jimmy, it's out of business right now. >> out of business? >> yeah, they close it. >> i wanted to ask, and i will tell you why i wanted to ask,
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last year, i asked if you were going to go to boston market and you denied ever having gone to boston market for chicken. >> no, i did. one time i went. >> oh, how fast can we get that tape last year? also, i know guillermo has special christmas decorations on. >> oh, yes, i put it on last night, i put it on yesterday. >> this is a video that guillermo texted to danny, one of our writers here. let's take a look at it. >> hi, danny, look, i have my baby yoda over here and baby yoda over there, and r2d2 and r2d2-2 and i got, i don't remember who it is, but it's from star wars. look at the guy and text me who it is. thanks, danny. >> that's yeah, that's my yard.
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>> you put all that stuff up? >> yes. >> who did it. >> my wife andre star wars craz. >> thanks to my son, and my good friend danny. >> he got you in star wars? >> he got me to watch the movies and everything. >> i think my wife paid like lie like what? >> $400 something. >> we looked up the prices for all of those items. quite a bit more than $400. >> you sure? i text her, i swear to god. she say like oh, like $450. >> i believe that she lied to you. that i'm not, i'm not questioning that. >> does she love star wars also? >> actually, right now, yes, because of my son. yes. we watched all the star wars movie, mandolorean and everything. >> yeah, i would hope so.
11:46 pm
>> we love star wars. >> you remember jesus, the christmas guy? >> yeah. >> what happened to him? >> no, i got to put him next weekend. >> okay. >> step by step. >> r2d2, yoda, jesus. >> no, jesus, i spent the whole day doing that, i the did not have time for jesus and santa claus. >> what we are trying to say is please be safe this holiday season, but if you're looking for an even more high tech way than zoom to make thanksgiving festive, you might want to take a look at this. >> tharngs -- thanksgiving without your family is tough, but thankly there's a solution. uncle rental. >> oh, tofu on thanksgiving, what is this vegan crap. >> it's like uncle dean is
11:47 pm
really here. >> he is here to make thanksgiving great again. with 6,000 ignorant sayings. >> oh, this is that mr. rodger's movie. i love tom hanks. >> tom hanks is a pedo, drinks children's blood i, read it on facebook. >> adjust the bigotspigot to adjust the racism level to the level you want. >> i say nuke the -- and let god sort them out. >> okay that, is way too high. >> in this country we speak english. >> perfect. >> how is that perfect. [ burping ] >> what is that smell? >> your uncle releasing
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m mimicing an original uncle. available at walgreen's. >> you should put hose on your lawn. >> in two weeks. we have a good show for you tonight. jack huston is here. we've got music from jewel. and we'll be right back with amy adams. stick around. ♪ alexa, tell roomba to vacuum in front of the couch. experience clean in a whole new way. now roomba offers you personalized cleaning suggestions and vacuums exactly where you need it. to know you and your home, roomba makes cleaning easier than ever before. so say goodbye to cleaning and hello to clean. hey google, tell roomba to vacuum the dining room table. roomba and the irobot home app. only from irobot.
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♪ >> jimmy: welcome back. tonight, from "fargo" on fx, jack huston is here. and later, this box set is the 25th anniversary reissue of her monster album, "pieces of you." from the sheridan opera house in telluride, jewel.
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you can join jewel and crown royal to save america's favorite bars, clubs, and stages by going to tomorrow night, kristen stewart and josh duhamel, with music from the great james taylor. please join us for that. our first guest is a multi-oscar nominated, golden globe winning actress. her newest movie, directed by illy elegy." it premieres tomorrow on please say hello to amy adams. hi, amy. >> hi, how are you? >> good to see you. >> good to see you too, wish i was there. >> are you really -- >> i'm really bad at the zoom thing, we will see. >> have you been quarantined or locked up or whatever you want to call it? i worked a little bit, but more or less, really just hunker down with my family since this all started,
11:54 pm
yeah. >> jimmy: how is that going? >> it's going okay. i'm kind of a home body, so, i mean, it's, it's taking some getting used to be home this much, but i'm social. i do a lot of zoom things. >> jimmy: you have become more social than you usually are? >> way more social, yeah, i have a zoom mom's group that we get together and sort of talk about our concerns and cares. and then, i do something called facetime roulette, where i randomly facetime people in my contact group to see who will answer. that's fun. >> jimmy: really? >> yeah. >> jimmy: is there somebody that does not answer? >> my sister. >> jimmy: your sister. >> my mom. the people that do answer, it's fun. i got jack mcbraer, he will hel answer randomly like next to his
11:55 pm
pool and i do a movie night once a week. we watch a movie and do a quiz about the movie. >> jimmy: wait, who does the quiz, you and jack? or is it -- >> no, no, different people. like me and a group friends, they invited me to it, which i'm grateful for. so every week we watch a best picture nominee starting from 1960, we are in the 80s now, so it's been a while. >> jimmy: i bet you didn't think you would be this far in to it. that's a good idea. >> it's really fun. >> jimmy: you get the best picture nominee or winner you look at? >> winner. yes. >> jimmy: okay. so what movie was 1960, best picture? >> well, i was a little late to the game. >> jimmy: oh, okay. >> the first one, why can't i remember the name. i realize i have not seen movies that i really should have seen. so it's been great for me. like, i saw "the deer hunter," and "godfather i," "godfather
11:56 pm
ii." >> jimmy: wow, you have not seen "the godfather." i'm jealous. c did they hit you? were they what you imagined they would be? >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: they were. >> yeah, they were amazi and i realized that i have a retroactive crush on robert de niro, turns out. >> jimmy: what does that mean? >> i have like a crush on him in the '70s, not that i would not have a crush on h now, but i'm married. >> jimmy: in the 70s not in his 70s. crn the 70s.'m open to having a i think that could happen. there's something about him in "the godfather" and "the hunter," i was like, wow, turns out, massive crush, yeah. so that's what i'm getting from movie night. not like a deep education from cinema. just like robert de niro is really hot.
11:57 pm
yeah. >> jimmy: i wonder how he would feel about that? i wonder if he would be flattered, or he would say, why didn't you think i was hot before, you have seen me in movies. >> i think i was his talent before, i was distracted by his acting before. >> jimmy: that's a good way of putting it. what are other movies that everyone has seen that, because everyone has the movies. i don't think that we expect that from somebody who is, you know, who has accolades for acting like you do. i think we imagine that you would have seen every smovie. what is one that really sticks out for you? for me, "top gun," i never saw "top gun." >> you never saw "top gun"? >> jimmy: yeah, people get mad and start yelling at me. >> i will not yell at you, but i recommend you seeing it. isn't "maverick" coming out? >> jimmy: i should catch up. i kind of feel like i know
11:58 pm
everything. i feel like so much has been told, it's ruined. >> i felt like i had seen those movies because i had seen so many scenes i think i thought i had seen them. >> jimmy: for me, it's the "mad" magazine, when they did the magazine version of the movie, i felt like i had seen those. >> i liked the folding pictures. >> jimmy: and they never spelled anything that made any sense. it was always a stretch. >> it was always can -- >> jimmy: what other movies have you seen that were maybe not aacademy award winners? >> i don't know, that's a really good question. i'm trying to think. i know which movies i have seen a lot of that might shock and horrify you, but no. >> jimmy: have you seen "star wars." >> i have seen "star wars," many, many times. like we will do "star wars" marathons. >> jimmy: if you want to see it
11:59 pm
one more time, drive by guillermo's house. >> i love your baby yoda lawn ornaments, those are amazing. >> thank you very much, thank you. >> those are great. >> jimmy: his wife lied to him and told him it cost less than half of what it actually cost. >> i mean -- >> 450. >> jimmy: she told him less than $450. >> i will google that tonight. >> jimmy: yeah. what is your plan for thanksgiving, just the family? >> yeah, just my husband and my daughter. myself. so, i'm going to do, i will really miss my family, but, you know, we will make it work. >> jimmy: one of the last times you were here before the world closed down. it was christmas or thanksgiving, one of the holidays. as i recall, you are from a very big family. you had everyone staying at your house, you had air mattresses all over the ground. >> that sounds right. i type
12:00 am
situation. >> any time i have guests, it's like a triage situation. >> jimmy: are you going to do a zoom thing where you are all interacting while you eat? >> um, probably not while we eat. it will probably just be us. i'm still trying to figure out dinner. although, i'm very excited. i was not sure what to do about the turkey, because i was the only one in to the turkey. i did find a little petite turkey. >> jimmy: you did? >> i did. >> jimmy: those are called chickens. >> no, no, it's like a little -- it's dethawing in my fridge i'm excited. >> jimmy: how many times is the baby turkey you are eating? >> oh, no, you called it a baby. i thought it was a miniture, uh oh, that makes me think about it differently. >> jimmy: they don't hit them with a shrink ray. >> huh, uh oh.
12:01 am
>> jimmy: maybe it's a special pony turkey or something like that, that you are eating. am i making it worse? >> i don't know what to say, i'm having a dilemma. my daughter is definitely not going to eat it now for sure. that's for sure. >> jimmy: when we come back, we will see a scene from "hillbilly elegy" with amy adams, we will be right back. >> portions of "jimmy kimmel live" are brought to you by paypal. download the paypal and venmo apps to shop safe with q-r codes at cvs. this is panera's new chef claes. chef claes insists on fresh clean ingredients. the richest cheeses and a mouth-watering sauce. so when chef claes makes a pizza, he doesn't just make a pizza. he makes a masterpiece. taste our delicious new flatbread pizzas today. panera.
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i changed my mind. >> i begged them to let you stay here. >> well, nobody asked you to. not a charity case. >> why am i here, mom? >> feel superior, maybe. >> how can you be so -- selfish? do you care what you do to lyndsay. >> j.d., shut up. >> you leave lyndsay out of this. >> you did the same thing from mamaw, you took and took from her until she was practicaleah,. >> all she did was bail you out. it mattered. >> jimmy: this is based on a true story, this really happened? >> yes, it is based on the book, same title. it chronicles his life in ohio, with ancestors from applachia and kentucky. >> jimmy: they interviewed the women you played, and the
12:07 am
woman -- oh, boy, i wonder what she thought of being portrayed that way? >> i'm always very, hm-mm, sensitive to what their experience must be. i was lucky enough to get to meet her and talk through what we were doing. she read the book, so she knews the a rough time in her life being highlighted. i was really, really nervous and intimidated. >> jimmy: i would think so. >> yeah. >> jimmy: you met her after the film? >> before. >> jimmy: oh, before. >> as part of the research. the family invited us in so we got to meet a lot of the family member-s. >> jimmy: if somebody seems really scarey and you meet them before you shoot the movie, would you reel itad -- it in for safety sake? >> what are you say somethingin? it depends. this is a specific time in her life where she is going through a lot of struggles. >> jimmy: i assume it's a wig that you are wearing in that
12:08 am
scene? >> no, that -- no, yes, that's a wig. i had two different wigs. that was her when she was older and then i play her and her 30s as well. >> jimmy: do you like a wig? is a wig something that helps you it's, yeah, i love a wig. and i like that it takes a lot of time off the prep in the morning. you just get to put the wig on. and -- yeah. and the wig in this. i nicknamed her because it was hot and it felt like i was we wearing an animal on my head it was beaverly instead of beverly. >> jimmy: glenn close plays your mom in the movie, had you met her before? >> we met each other back and forth. i call it a red carpet friendship, where you just kind of wave across. i bow to her across the red carpet. it was great meeting her.
12:09 am
she is such an amazing woman, and speaking of the real life counterpart to the role she played, it's uncanny. >> jimmy: seems that you hit it all. i have a video that glenn posted to instagram. tell us what we are going to see in the video? >> is this a video of me on a bicycle. >> jimmy: yes. yes. it involves -- yes. >> oh, my god, so funny. >> yeah, i'm feeding a goat. >> jimmy: uh-huh. this is called goats on the roof? >> it's called goats on the roof. it's in clayton, georgia. there's goats the roof. it would be very disappointing if it were called kboet ed goat roof and there's no goats on the roof. you put the food in i and you ride the bike and it wheels it up and you feed the goats on the ro >> jimmy: the people at goats on the roof must laugh hard. not only do they pay to feed the
12:10 am
animals they get on a bike to make the food go up to the roof. >> i had a lot of fun at goats on the roof. i did. >> jimmy: well. >> they are so sweet. >> jimmy: why wouldn't you. thank you for being with us. have a great thanksgiving and i hope that tiny turkey comes out and you don't shed a tear. >> i'm so upset about the baby turkey thing. i cannot tell you. i have a lot of thinking to do. thank you, sir is. >> jimmy: we will mail you spaghetti. amy adams. "hillbilly elegy" with premiers tomorrow on netflix. we will be back with jack huston. ♪ ♪ could be a sign of irreversible joint damage. every day you live with pain, swelling, and stiffness... you risk not being able to do the things you love. especially in these times, it's important to keep up with your rheumatologist.
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>> jimmy: welcome back, jack huston and music from jewel are on the way. the holidays will soon be upon us, but with the virus still out there, shopping has become a challenge. no challenge is too clalg challenging for our resident shopaholic, guillermo. >> hi, i'm getti shopping down at cvs, how am i going to pay safely without touching a bunch of stuff. >> well -- >> i have an idea. >> sir, you don't, you don't have to do this. sir. >> okay, here. >> okay. >> sir. >> i got a bite, i got a big one. >> sir, we don't. >> quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, you don't like ducks? you going to love this.
12:17 am
>> sir, n of this is necessary. >> oh, okay. >> paypal and venmo qr codes are available. scan the code, pay and go. using the scan to go feature. >> that was easy, safe and touch free. >> i guess i will not be needing this. >> download the paypal, and venmo apps to make touchless payments in cvs stores today. everything changes.
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>> jimmy: welcome back. our next guest is a talented actor from a legendary show business family, you know him from "boardwalk empire" and season four of "fargo" on fx. please welcome jack huston. [ cheers and applause ] re you?y: how are you doing >> jimmy: wow. we should just go with the bow.
12:23 am
you know what? in squa pjapan, they had it rig. the bow was acceptable. like on "the tonight" show, they always had a bow. it's very old school. how are you doing? >> i'm good, how are you. >> jimmy: i've been can doing well, i'm watching you on "fargo," one of my favorite shows. >> it's a good show. >> jimmy: we can talk about your character. >> why is. >> jimmy: i'm going to say something, first time i saw you playing this guy. i felt sorry for you. i was like, this must be an absen absolute nightmare to have the ticks and knocking and all the stuff and to summon that and to put it in your psyche. >> my firsts meeting with noah, a genius, he is amazing. the only tidbit about my character before i signed on was he is a kansas city detective
12:24 am
with ocd, that was it, that was the end of it. i remember it was my first day of work. as an actor, you constantly try to play it down. the subtlety, the camera is right there. i had been working on this. and my character, you know, he does everything in fives. i was doing these with my fingers and my legs going and all the rest of it. i think i'm going to go in and start slow. and i'm going in with my first scene, and i go out, and i was like, go a little further. okay. i go out and my leg starts going and i do, this and he cut canca- he cut and he said, go a little further. and every time he would go, go a little further. by the end my eye was twitching and my face was twitching and i was doing the fingers and moving things on the desk and then he goes, okay. good, now pull it back.
12:25 am
and i was like, oh, i get it. because what he wanted me to feel and experience was, he wanted to get all of these things out of me to know what was actually happening inside, if you have ocd, what you do, do is only a fraction of what you want to do. so, you know, if i'm knocking five times, i'm probably wanting to kick something 50 timesethin everything. so, it was sort of a really good tool. but i -- >> jimmy: yeah, do you think that he went in to filming that day, knowing that that was how he was going to handle it? that he was going to fill with you as many ticks as humanly possible and then tell you to try to pretend you don't have ocd? >> it's interesting, it may be the genius of noah, like you said. it was the best direction that i ever got. keep going, keep going, go further. you can always pull it back, but you don't know how far you can go until you are given the sort
12:26 am
of -- but that was. >> jimmy: did it be stressful for you as far as maintaining that goes? >> i have so much simple is thi. -- i have so much sympathy for people. >> jimmy: i have that, you kind of do a bit of counting and yeah -- >> yeah, totally. >> jimmy: it's frustrating. >> it's funny when i speak to people about it. what i developed from this, was i drink a lot of couffee, and there's a line where a guy said rough night. and i say, every night is a rough night. i developed a weird facial tick that -- >> jimmy: yeah. >> it suddenly starts going. and my face started going and i realized as soon as they said action, my face would go, because i was holding so much in. and then i offered specifically sort of hard core, i had just
12:27 am
broken for christmas break and i was on the way to the airport and i finished and my face is just going and i cannot stop it. i am like, calling my partner, shannon, and i'm like, this is me now. i have, i have developed a facial tick and i truly believe it took me three days to lose it. >> jimmy: wow. >> i had gone so far in to it. >> jimmy: wow. >> it was insane. it was a mess. yeah, crazy. >> jimmy: that is disturbing. could be worse by the way too. >> i know. >> jimmy: what will you doer for thanksgiving? do you visit the huston family? do you have a congregation of some kind? >> yeah, we go to my aunt angelica. ant jelly, my kids call her. we go to her ranch. >> jimmy: is it a real ranch with animals and everything? >> it is, a lot of an mimalanime
12:28 am
wanted and some unwanted, i will be honest. i have the worst father of spiders since a child. i see a spider and you think it was my daughter screaming. >> jimmy: really? >> i have it horrifically. and subsequently, i have now managed to place my fears entirely on my children. i have a 4-year-old boy and a 7-year-old daughter. and they, when i think i shriek at a spider now, because of daddy every time seeing a spider running out of the room, they take it to -- >> jimmy: that's how it goes. >> it goes insane. >> jimmy: i pretend i'm not afraid of anything with my children. my son, we went to idaho and he was holding a snake. and i'm like -- and it's also, when you realize a 3-year-old is more man than you are. >> all the time. the whole time. my kids the whole time, it's so funny you say that about your children. because i remember last time we went, it was in the summer and you know, every sort of day,
12:29 am
20--30shrieks, mainly from me, some from my children. seeing a little spider and i remember it was the last night and i was sitting on the porch, and i hear this blood curdling scream, and she saw a spider and i was like, okay, i took it too far. come on, this is ridiculous. i walk in the bedroom that i'm sharing with my daughter and my partner is in another room with my son. and on the wall, i'm not joking is a tarantula side spider above my bed where we have been sleeping every nighim >> i'm like, that is a massive spider. we have to get out of here. so, obviously i get shannon, my partner to come in and take it out while we all ran away. >> jimmy: really? wait a minute, how does that work exactly? >> she knows me better than anybody. >> jimmy: she got a tarantula
12:30 am
out of the room. ? >> yeah, she just puts it together, she is like, you guys are ridiculous. i said to my daughter, we are going to auntie jellies for thanksgiving and she is like, i'm not going there. and i was like, is it about the spider? and she was like, i'm not going there. and i go, um, listen, every night before we go to bed, i will pull the bed out, we will go through every drawer. i was trying to be cool. if my daughter was not there. i would be doing it anyway. i would be pulling the bed up. i was checking, i was trying to be like, listen, it's ridiculous. i cannot act this way about spiders. >> jimmy: don't worry, if you hear daddy screaming and wetting himself, then you will know there's a spider in the room and you should run. >> exactly. it's true. take your cue from me, honey. okay. >> jimmy: have you thought about immersing yourself in spiders. would you play spiderman if they wanted you to? >> you know what? it's funny. i had a lot of weird run-ins with spiders. out of nowhere, i have almost
12:31 am
sat on a red back spider. i slept under a bush of tarantuals in australia. and once in uruguay, a spider flipped something on me and gave me a swollen eye. >> jimmy: you are being chased by spiders. >> spiders plague my life. >> jimmy: you have spiders and ticks. it's good to see you, the show is great, it's calls "fargo," season four. thanks, jack, we will be right back with jewel. you're con the clock,the go, and on your way. hang on a second. what's the rush? know the speed limit,
12:32 am
go the spe and slow the fas. go safely, california.
12:33 am
take a quick break,ite, jump on a quick call. next time you take a quick trip, how about this? take a second, take your time, and slow the fast down. go safely, california. >> music on "jimmy kimmel live" is presented by crown royal, who is helping support bars, clubs and stages in danger of being lost forever. visit "" to learn more. i want to thank amy adams and jack huston, apologies to matt damon. we ran out of time for him. "nightline" is next but first, celebrating the 25th anniversary of her album, "pieces of you" with this box set. from the sheridan opera house in telluride, colorado, jewel!
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this is "nightline." tonight, fostered and forgotten, we are with some of the most vulnerable. >> you just got to hope for the best. >> in the past six years i have been to five houses. it was tough. i don't like moving. >> waiting longer to find forever homes, how they are transforming pain in to purpose. plus, fighting the failures of the american foster care system. >> she said, i was luck willy to have a home. >> why shaquille o'neal is on a new mission. >> i'm not a foster kid, i always had my mom and dad, whatfy didn't. how does that feel? >> how the basketball legend plans to put children first. >> and the boy with the big little heart. making sure no


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