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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  January 3, 2011 8:00pm-8:30pm PDT

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>> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. good evening. it is monday, january 3. i am gasia mikaelian, and this is bay area news at 7:00. we begin with developing used on the south bay. that is where traffic has slowed to a crawl after a truck overturned on a busy highway. our chopper is live over the scene in san jose were a garbage truck overturned in the southbound lanes of highway 101. the highway patrol tells us the entrance is closed for the time
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being. it's pretty southbound lanes are blocked and he as you can see traffic is moving slowly in the area. at this point there are -- is no word on what caused the accident. a victim's stepmother, a trained emt ended up treating him. jana katsuyama is live at the crash site. >> reporter: the 17-year-old boy is in the hospital with severe head injuries. his mother says he was here in the middle of monterey highway where they found him bleeding, and the driver sped away. today friends gathered at the regional medical center of san jose where they 17-year-old has spent the first days of his year barely conscious. >> it was the most horrifying,
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terrifying nightmare any parent could go through. >> reporter: they say that he and what happened just minutes after his car and another vehicle collided on monterey highway. they were driving home from jack-in-the-box when a car made a u-turn in front of them. >> we are light, a half a block from my house. >> reporter: it appears that cayden went to exchange information with a third vehicle hit them. there's no description except for is a dark suv >> he was unconscious, bleeding with head wounds going into shock basically. >> reporter: cayden's stepmother is a trained emt and she ran to help. >> it was difficult to look at your son lane of the road, you
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know. >> reporter: tonight the senior is recovering with ashes on his head, metal staples, and a boost long. >> knowing that the person hit him and left, i cannot comprehend that. >> reporter: it appears that cayden will recover from his injuries, but his parents hope someone will catch the hit and run driver in that dark suv. federal investigators are looking into the deadly pipeline explosion in san bruno. among a series of recommendations, the national transportation safety board wants pg&e to identify all gas transmission lines that have not gone under safety testing could they want the utility to establish a maximum pipeline pressure which is considered safe. they are also asking the california public utility commission to make sure that pg&e follows through. these recommendations come four months after a gas explosion killed people in san bruno and
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investigators said that the pipeline had a seam weld that made it vulnerable. >> address into question -- it draws a question of the reliability of pg&e. i am not willing to stay here and put more californians at risk. >> the ntsb recommendations are not enforceable but they typically are followed because they create a liability. we talked with pg&e late today and they said the utility is doublechecking its pipeline records already. >> we have started a thorough and exhaustive review of our pipeline records. we have gone through thousands of documents. we will continue to do that as part of this overall confidence a program to ensure safe,
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reliable equipment. >> the ntsb cited record- keeping problems than they have continued to to unseat pressure levels. what is old is new again at california state capitol. jerry brown was sworn in as governor this morning. an evening reception is just wrapping up and claudine wong attended the swearing-in and has this report. >> reporter: among the crowds today, voters who won a lottery had a chance to watch the inauguration. >> there is some optimism. i know the state deficit is pretty terrible. >> reporter: the keywords of the day are low-key and low budget. gavin newsom walks to memorial auditorium today and joked about the cost saving an aberration hotdogs served on the capitol lawn. >> geewhiz, the bar is set. it is not the right time to be
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ostentatious now people are struggling. ♪ for the land of the free. >> inside the choir began festivities. jerry brown was introduced by his wife moments before taking the office. >> no mental reservation? really. [ laughter ] >> reporter: this is a jerry brown's third inauguration as governor and he says experience matters. >> i have not come here to embrace delay and denial. there is no other way forward. we have to learn to work together as california's first, members of a political party second. >> reporter: the question is can and will there be unity across the aisle? outgoing governor arnold schwarzenegger looked on today as brown took the oath of
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office. after hearing the new governor called for a leaner budget he says, hopefully the democrats listen to him more about spending than they did to me. schwarzenegger plans to give speeches and possibly write an autobiography. kamala harris is now california's new attorney general. she was also sworn in today and sacramento. >> i kamala harris -- >> she's promised to be tough on crime and go after polluters and protect gay rights. she also vows to change the state's prison system. >> when we spend twice as much on prisons as we invest in colleges and universities and when we have organized violent criminal gangs continue to present an expanding threat across borders and prison walls. it is time to recognize the need for some drastic repair.
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>> her swearing-in breaks a number of barriers be she is the first woman and first african-american or indian- american attorney general in california's history. oakland has a new city mayor tonight. jean quan is the first female mayor and first asian-american mayor. she outlined her first priority. >> the first thing i want to do is put the children at the heart of the politics and the business of oakland. >> she started today with a walk from chinatown to the fox theatre accompanied by a large number of well-wishers. she hosted an open house this evening at city hall. a political tug-of-war -- tug-of-war is underway. some on the board are upset that newsom has delayed his swearing-in as lieutenant governor. he likely will not step down
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until the new more moderate board of supervisors has picked his replacement and that happens january 8. he is planning an outgrowth party for january 10. you can find more coverage of the inaugural events. click the tab on our homepage at the mother of a concord college student stabbed to death said arnold schwarzenegger was cowardice when he reduced the manslaughter sentence. so -- he pleaded guilty to participating in the 2008 killing. nunez was originally sentenced to 16 years in prison and schwarzenegger reduced it to seven years. the family is furious. >> i think it is despicable. i think it is a breeze and injustice to luis and our family. >> schwarzenegger called the 16 years excessive and that nzñez did not stop the man.
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sheriff's department discovered the body of two people in a home on walbrook drive yesterday afternoon. they were responding to a call from a concerned relative who wanted someone to check on the couple. it is unclear what led to the deaths but there is no safety concern for the public. paulo alto facebook is growing so large so fast it is preparing to move. right now facebook is headquartered at the stanford research park. facebook has informed the city that the campus is too small and facebook is eyeing the former son microsystem campus. >> facebook is going through the roof and they will need
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over 1 million additional square feet of additional space. they are not that many places in this local area that can accommodate that. >> according to published reports, goldman sachs is going to invest about $500 million into facebook which will help push the company's value to $50 billion. a neighborhood in the san ramon hills is on alert following several mountain lion sightings be the most recent was this morning. a couple said they spotted a mountain lion sitting under the same tree on these three times in the past week. experts say that mountain lion attacks on humans are rare but advise people not to approach the animals. it may be against the law but police say their hands are tied. a proliferation in one part of san francisco and what neighbors plan to do about it. blog is the story this week
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in the weather center. the rain is gone for now but dense fog is in your forecast. i will show you which city will be the foggiest.
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>> as the gators a faulty wiring in an attic could be the cause of the house fire in oakland. it started about 3:00 this morning near market street. a woman and her three children escaped without injury. the woman says she was watching tv when she smelled smoke. damage is estimated at $75,000. work to repair and improve one of san francisco's historic cable car lines began today. it shutdown of christmas eve, more than a week earlier than planned when crews discovered
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an underlying cable was severed. for the next six months they will replace electronic system onto the track. the buses will run along the route while repairs are being made a. residents get a great highway in san francisco say they have had enough with a number of people camping in vehicles. investigators say right now there is not anything neighbors can do about it. >> reporter: neighbors complained about what comes with car camping. >> it is the problem that comes with it. littering, jumping, drug use, sales, aggressive panhandling. >> reporter: neighborhood watch group y more than 1200 suvs stretch out along the highway and is against san francisco law to sleep in the vehicle but there's not much officers can do except post warnings that the rvs must move
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within 72 hours. >> a week or two later they would be back here again. >> reporter: one rv owner says he drove here from arizona. >> it was either sleep out here or in the bushes over there. the ones that do sleep in the bushes, they are the ones that will leave the trash. >> a lot of these guys are decent people trying to keep a roof over their head. on the other hand, some of them are irresponsible. >> one of the things people talk about is whether we could explore a permit for oversize vehicles. that is something we will be exploring. >> reporter: supervisor to says it could take months to enact any new legislation and she says other neighborhoods seem to be attracting car campers. california farmworker advocates say they are suing to
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block the use of an aquaculture pesticide. it is on the state's list of cancer-causing chemicals spewed regulators took emergency action to oust aubrey growers and other farmers to use the fumigant. they say they failed to sufficiently evaluate the health risks. wall street had a big boost to start the new year. manufacturing growth in december helped feed the jump. the dow rose 93 points and the nasdaq grew 38. conception after recently died at his other film credits include the usual suspects and the constant gardener. johnson & johnson announced today it is getting a consortium $30 million in an effort to bring a cancer blood
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test in the next five years. it can detect a single cancer cell among a billion healthy ones. researchers and a call to save the test does work it can be given when treatment of cancer is started. the tests used a microchip and identifies tumor cells in the blood. police are investigating one of their own but the officer under scrutiny tonight is a dog. he was involved with a deadly attack. allie rasmus explains what happened. >> reporter: this trail is where adam lavelle and his dog crossed paths with another family and his german shepherd attacked this dog chloe. in a matter of seconds that german shepherd grabbed his dog by the tail. >> i said, get your dog off of
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my dog could he said, i cannot control them. >> reporter: the german shepherd's name is. >> and he has been a san leandro police dog. it was a family member joaquin ergo on the -- walking ergo on the trail that day. >> he should be in control of someone who has been trained as well. those dogs are lethal. >> he rushed chloe took emergency vet -- to an emergency vet and two days after the attack she died from her injuries. >> we would be looking at all aspects to make sure that this does not happen again. >> reporter: police have ruled about who was allowed to handle off duty police dogs but he
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cannot discuss them. ergo and his him to continue to work. -- and his handler continues to work. there is one of the largest lottery jackpot in u.s. history and tomorrow strine would be worth a lump-sum payment of $208 million. only six jackpots have been bigger. the odds of getting all six numbers right are one and 176 million. how a glitch on new year's may be cause for alarm. if there is no tv nearby, you can watch bay area news at 7:00 on your computer. web at live on the
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>> traffic is finally slowing again over the stretch of interstate known as grapevine. the main thoroughfare was closed down for 24 hours,
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stranding hundreds of drivers. caltrans says that a high wind advisory is still in effect making travel dangerous for campers and trailers. here in the bay area we are about to enter a stretch of whether -- i cannot remember the last time. >> a five-day forecast without any rain. let's go outside and i will show you what we had. this is going to come in and the los angeles area. we get a break from this one. as i talked about earlier this evening, valley fog is hanging out. the sun came out in san rafael for a wild. the fog comes back tonight and you should see some sunshine around 10:00 or 11:00. ride along the coast, you will find 60s in the santa cruz
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area. a cold valley fog. you know which areas will have the fog, if you have it this morning, you will have it again tomorrow morning. this is coming down the coast and working its way towards the west. this is going out towards the west. it will kick in underneath a soaking wet weather of past is gone and high-pressure sets up again and gives us this valley fog especially in the central valley. i think from fresno to bakersfield, fog will be a problem. and over the next couple of days as well so look for some patchy fog. visibility will be down to a quarter-mile in the worst
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spots. if you have early morning travel, do it at 7:00, 8:00, 9:00, a little bit later. 50 in fremont. there's your five-day forecast could we have not seen one without raindrops in september. >> see you at 10:00. for the third straight day the alarm clock feature on the iphone is not working. many say that the clock fails to operate properly this morning. an apple spokesman says by phone owners can fix the glitch by deleting and re-entering the
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alarms. that is our report for tonight. i am gasia mikaelian. our coverage continues any time on and with our 10:00 news. "tmz" is up next right here on tv 36.
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