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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  May 7, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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. ktvu, channel 2 news in the morning. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu, channel 2 news at 10:00. gunfire in a quiet north bay community leads three people -- leaves three people dead. what prompted the violence between roommates sharing a fairfield home. good evening i'm ken wayne. >> hello again, everyone, i'm heather holmes. a fight over the rights to that house is just one possible mow if i have for today's killings. john sasaki reports now from the fairfield house where ten hours later the police remain
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on the scene. >> my son who was next door told me that he heard a few. actually, we were upstairs and i was changing him. mommy, i heard all of these gunshots. >> reporter: that gunfire erupted on the house on venus drive around noon. a man and a woman were shot to death. jason iesenburg was airlifted to a trauma center where police say he died from a self- inflicted gunshot wound. another man was shot in the foot. >> is it fair it say that you believe that one person shot the other people and then shot himself. >> in the circumstances that's what we believe happened. >> i don't believe it was a love triangle. i honestly believe it was moreover the title to the home. >> reporter: that's where it gets confusing. the alleged shooter owned the home. the female victim who may be his ex-wife was also on the title but also moved out. neighbors told me she moved back in and was even trying to sue the owner. the father of the alleged shooter, who also lived at the home, got out quickly when he
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realized something was wrong. >> they were up there sleeping. and i was downstairs and he followed me. >> the bigger part to me is just the loss of life because it just seems so unnecessary. there were, you know, could have been other ways to handle it. it is just so sad now that all of these people are gone. >> reporter: police also tell me they tasered a resident who would not obey the commands when officers were approaching the home still thinking there was a shooter on the loose. that resident is now okay. back out here live i want to show you that the house, the officers are still in that house combing for evidence. and just about five minutes ago a coroner's man arrived here on the scene to remove the bodies. this is john sasaki, ktvu, channel 2 news. there was more deadly violence in another bay area neighborhood. this time in san jose. police say two 31-year-old men were gunned down in front of this house around 5:30 this morning. a 17-year-old boy was also shot but is expected to recover. the neighbors tell us that six shots were fired after they
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heard people arguing. witnesses told the mercury news that they saw a white car drive from the scene. and that the assailants and victims may have known each other. tonight some energy experts are make bold predictions about a big drop in gas prices. as much as 50 cents a gallon by june. but not everyone's convinced. ktvu's eric rasmussen is live in oakland to explain how high gas prices right now are making mother's day more expensive. eric? >> reporter: right, ken. if you bought flowers for mom this year there is a good chance a few more of those dollars are paying for the gas to get those flowered delivered. and some struggling business owners here in the bay area told us they are not expected a big break from these prices at the pump any time soon. this small shop in downtown oakland is packed with flowers ready to go out on mother's day. >> a busy day travelling. >> reporter: and this year he says all of that travelling has forced him to pass along the
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rising cost of gas to the customers. >> i can't absorb, you know, $5 a gallon, making runs or 45- mile runs. it's impossible. i would be out of business tomorrow. >> reporter: expensive gas has been a double whammy for his two pronged business, flowers and errands. like so many others, he has cut back on how far he can go. analysts say that reduced demand plus the increase in supply could bring gas prices down soon. as much as 50 cents. but he isn't buying it. >> i don't see 50 cents. you know, i don't think the gas, you know, the oil companies are that generous. >> reporter: you will believe it when you see it? >> i'll believe it when i see it. >> reporter: this stop cost bob higgins nearly $100 to fill up his suv. self-employed he says he spends $500 a week on gas. and if the prices don't cool off soon he says flowers won't be the only thing getting a lot more expensive. the good is going to go up. i mean you've got to pay fuel for the tractors and on and on
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and on. it's just we're going to pay for it. >> reporter: and despite all of the talk about a drop in prices coming down, a local analyst did tell me world-wide demand for oil is still high. and that means we could see less relief in the coming months at the pump here in the bay area. live in oakland, eric rasmussen, ktvu, channel 2 news. by the way to find the least expensive gas in the area where you live, go to and click on the business tab and choose consumer from the drop-down menu. well, gas prices have stretched finances for some as more americans are now using their credit cards and keeping a balance. the federal reserve says consumers added $6 billion in new credit card debt in march. the 6th monthly increase. credit card companies say few people are defaulting on their payments. and while some analysts say this rise in card balances might be linked to those higher pump prices, others say it may be a sign that consumers are more confident that the economy
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is recovering. there are new images out tonight painting a picture of osama bin laden's life behind the walls of his compound in pakistan. and as katherine harridge explains tonight, questions remain about just who was helping hide the wanted terrorist. >> reporter: the u.s. government releases new video showing osama bin laden inside his compound in pakistan. one of them shows osama bin laden wrapped in a brown blanket watching news coverage of himself on t.v. and this still photo shows him reading a script in front of a blue background with his beard dyed back. >> there is another part of this which is important which is the strategic relationship that osama bin laden had with other people. i am eagerly seeing what kind of information we are going to have between osama bin laden and those who protected him. >> reporter: intelligence officials say the clip today are only a small part of the intelligence removed bit navy seals in the raid. they are hoping to track down
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other al qaeda leaders. the material found in the compound only further confirms how important it was to go after osama bin laden. >> certainly there is some information on the inside of that bunker about who is protecting him. and certainly it's not the taliban. there were no militia of taliban around him, visible at least. so it must have been some part of authority. >> reporter: the compound of the al qaeda leader was located in a town about 35 miles from the pakistani capital islamabad. three of his five wives were taken into custody by that country's authorities. and the senior officials say this. in washington, katherine harridge, fox news. the fall-out in pakistan from the death of osama bin laden continues tonight. there are new calls from the streets of sam -- islamabad this evening for top pakistani officials to resign. pakistanis are angry that the
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army and the intelligence officials say they had no idea osama bin laden was living there. meanwhile pakistan has raised the security level in major cities for fear of possible revenge by al qaeda after the death of osama bin laden. al qaeda has recently threatened to launch large scale terrorist attacks with pakistan government agencies and the united states as the primary targets. there are also reports tonight all citing unnamed highly placed u.s. sources that the target of a u.s. drone aircraft atrack in yemen this week was anwar al alaqui who is the american board leader of al qaeda in the pens is a. it is the world's most active terror corral. he is said to recruit the man known as the underwear bomber whom u.s. authorities accuse of trying to blow up a plane on christmas day in 2009. he is also believed to have exchanged e-mails with the army psychiatrist accused of opening fire at fort hood texas in 2009
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killing 13 people. well, during her commencement addressed to at the university of northern iowa, first lady michelle obama praised the courageous navy seal team who attacked the osama bin laden compound. >> just imagine a small group of brave men dropped by helicopter, half a world away in the dead of night, into unknown danger inside the lair of the most wanted man in the world. they did not hesitate, risking everything for us, for our freedom and security. [ applause ] >> well, the theme of the address was the value of service to others. this was mrs. obama's first speech of the 2011 graduation season. and her first visit to iowa since the 2008 presidential election. we have continuing coverage of this story on our website click on the osama bin laden tab near the top.
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it will take you to a special section that includes more of those newly released videos. delta airlines is investigating an incident in which a pilot on one of its regional airline partners refused to fly with two muslim american imams. the two religious scholars had been cleared by tsa for the atlantic southeast flight from memphis to charlotte yesterday. however, the pilot told security he wouldn't leave the gate with the two men aboard. the clerics took another flight arriving nine hours later at a conference on religious tolerance. here at home san pablo homeowners are saying no to a plan by the city to shore up a hillside that collapsed during the spring rains damaging four homes. four of the homes are on ywman street the others are on hillcrest home. the homeowners have backed at the city's request that it be released from liability by any damage caused by stablization work. the city manager says a proposal by the homeowners
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without that liability release would put the city in severe financial and legal risk. test results show a dog found dead after an alleged teen party in the north bay had marijuana in its system. but those tests were in conclusive on the exact cause of death. the marin humane society started investigating the death of the 15-year-old female pug back in march following rumors at the high school that the dog had been fatally poisoned with both alcohol and marijuana at an unsupervised party in mill valley. well, the investigation will continue. lawyers for an ex-con facing deportation to china are celebrating a recent court ruling. we first brought you the story of ed zhing last year. at 16 he was convicted of a home invasion robbery in san francisco and sentenced to seven years to life. well, he served 19 years and was paroled in 2007. so immigration officials argue he should be deported because
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of his felony convictions. his attorneys appealed and this week the 9th circuit court of appeals ruled that the man who now works with young people in chinatown deserves a new hearing because of his value to the community. a man is under arrest accused of stealing 31 vehicles across the bay area. the highway patrol arrested 33- year-old denard thursday evening. his arrest follows a two-week investigation by the chp and the con extra costa district attorney's office. they learned he was operating a chop shop. two men convicted of robbery and the manslaughter death of a san francisco police officer have been sentenced to 15 years in prison. officer nick thomas ito burco was killed in a high-speed chase in 2006. the two men were in a van driven by another man when the van struck and hit his patrol
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car. police say the men were robbery suspects fleeing the police when the crash happened. the van driver was sentenced to life in prison after a jury convicted him of first degree murder. lather and smith leaded guilty to lesser charges back in february. [ music ] stolen and then found. only ktvu was there as a young musician is reunited with an extremely valuable instrument. hundreds of classic cars and motorcycle are on last bay helps these and reaches out for clues into an unsolved killing. and a unique culinary battle is brewing right now in oakland. what's at stake tonight in the
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. in a story you will see only on 2, a san francisco musician finally has her beloved violin back after it went on a cross-town odyssey at the hands of a suspected thief. as ktvu's mike mibach tells us the recovery is all because of the determination of the police and the classmates. >> she is a caressa france owned and played by emily cox. >> it's everything. it's the last eight years of my college education. >> reporter: priced at $23,000 the violin and its case were stolen april 26th from this rehearsal room at the san francisco conservatory of music.
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>> my stomach just went to the bottom. i thought somebody was playing a trick on me. >> reporter: and like that, the caressa was gone. but not before two of cox's classmates saw the suspect walk away. >> one of them had the guts to follow him down oak street and that's where we lost him. >> reporter: cameras on muni soon found him and the police released this video to ktvu showing who they say is 27-year- old stack sill vester with emily's violin and case. the possible motive is cash. >> we are hearing that the pawnshop had the violin and that the suspect feeling the pressure of the news story went back and paid to have the violin taken out. >> from the conservatory of music to a pawnshop the well traveled violin was on the move yet again this time to one of the holeiest places in san francisco. >> he dropped it off at st. mary's cathedral with my business card. >> reporter: sill vester was arrested thursday night. police found him sleeping on a muni bus.
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today at the police station the inspector reunited emily cox with her violin. >> i was thrilled actually. i never thought i would see it again. >> the classic was a bit damaged to emily didn't did not feel comfortable to play it. mike mibach, ktvu, channel 2 news. hundreds of car enthusiasts came out to the east bay for and an newly car show that honors the memory of a homicide victim with ties to the ktvu: the classic motorcycle show in memory of rick davecki was held today. he was 31-year-old when he was hit in front of his family's business back in 1998. his brother is a long-time ktvu photojournalist. they decided to hold the car shows to honor his brother's memory and to raise money for high school sports. >> we have raised approximately $100,000 over the course of those ten years. and the money stays in the high
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school for keeping people participating in athletics. >> the killing of him remains an unsolved case. there was a $50,000 reward for information leading to a conviction. well, it can soon cost you a bit more to climb onboard an ac transit bus. the ac transit board is considering increasing the basic bus fare by 10 cents bringing a single ride to $2.10. they are considering raising the price of a monthly use bus pass from 15-20. they miss facing a projected deficit of $21 million for the fiscal year ending in june of next year. >> caltrans has ordered trains to slow down at a rail crossing where a woman in indiana was killed last months. judy died when a northbound train slammed into her rental car at the charleston road crossing in palo alto. caltrans continues to investigate that deadly crash. witnesses say the vehicle got trapped on the tracks during a heavy traffic period. the slow down will affect all
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trains passion charleston road including express trains. it is not clear how long the slow down will last. people here in the bay area may pride themselves on living in a pedestrian-friendly place. but we didn't make the list of most walk-friendly communities in the u.s. seattle rated number one for its efforts to encourage people to walk to work, to shop and to play. ann harbor michigan came in second for its efforts at pedestrian safety. arlington, virginia came in third. the only california city is santa barbara which came in fifth place. states and the federal government have filed lawsuits stemming from the gulf spill in the gulf. but what about the gulf of mexico's eco system filing suit. claudia cowan tell us about mother nature taking its own suit. >> reporter: some environmentalists are seeking
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equal protections for mother nature by giving trees and animal humans rights, in particular the right to exist and not be exploited. >> does the river have a right to flow? yes. if it doesn't have the right to flow we don't have any more water or fish or the plants and species that we all depend on. >> reporter: newly formed activists groups are promote ag declaration for the rights of nature that would allow environmental lawyers to represent eco plaintiffs in court. it is just a political power. >> the idea that trees and rocks and ponds and fish should have resources is really a cover so the lawyers and bureaucrats can extend control over other people. if you extend rights to nature you will diminish human rights. >> reporter: the campaign is now getting support from jones the obama administration's former green jobs czar. >> people listen to van jones and he is one of many, many leaders that are going to be coming to the very same
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understanding about what it means to be changing our relationship with nature in law and in culture. >> reporter: a few u.s. towns and even a couple of small countries have bought into the concept. but with trillion dollar deficits and a 9% jobless rate it remains unclear whether americans are in the mood to give plants and animals the same legal status as themselves. in san francisco, claudia cowan, fox news. a disabled couple from berkeley is spending this saturday night in this freshly painted house. elbow grease and teamwork was in large supply. safeway employees joined with the organization we build together. that group tackled more than a dozen home improvement projects of that berkeley couple, including repainting the house, replacing a broken window and cleaning the rain gutters. the first annual battle of the taco trucks is underway
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right now in oakland. the food vendors normally seen on the streets have been brought inside the oakland convention center. the taste puts this mom and taco shop against some of the bigger restaurants. whoever wins will get cash prices and the all more than bragging rights as the taco truck. it all continues until midnight if you are hungry. >> and who is not? a luncheon for blue star moms takes a surprise turn in san jose. the reason why this woman was moved to tears. dramatic pictures from libya. what started this fire and why it's raising concerns. a cool weather system is currently moving in
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. it was a very, very special and emotional lunch for a group of mothers today in san jose. [ music ] [ applause ] >> this blue star mom received an unexpected mother's day gift. well, that's her son walking in. army specialist johnny marin came home from brook army medical center in san antonia today to surprise his mom. in 2009 he was injured by a roadside bomb while serving in iraq and lost one of his legs. during today's lunch he described that it was his mother he first thought of after that blast. >> the first thing that came to my thoughts was mom. what is my mom going to think? [ laughter ] >> oh, man. she's not going to be happy. [ laughter ] >> the -- they want to honor all military moms in the north bay. it is to help the women cope with their daily fears of having their sons and daughters
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overseas. a new purple was unveiled at the new purple heart hall in new york. the purple heart is a medal awarded to service members wounded or killed during combat. the new stamp, well, it's a forever stamp which costs 44 cents and can be used with first class postage and when the rates go up. a campaign to create a forever plant bearing the purple heart began nearly ten years ago. >> this medal is important about connecting to the american people about connecting to service and sacrificing so that we never, never forget. >> the purple heart forever stamp is only the second forever stamp issued by the u.s. postal service. the other one features a picture of the liberty bell. in news of the world tonight, in afghanistan the taliban attacked at least eight government buildings in the southern city of kandahar after seven hours of fighting government and nato forces were able to repel the attackers. the taliban claims many of the militants were former convicts who escaped in last month's bold prison break that freed
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480 prisoners through an underground tunnel. from libya this amateur video reportedly shows a massive fire caused when moammar gadhafi's forces fired rocket into a fuel depot in misrata. there are no reports of injuries but the attack is now raising fears of fuel shortages. the rebel leaders say italy has agreed to arm the rebels. the italian ministry category include denied the report saying italy will only send non- lethal instruments such as satellites and radar systems to aid the rebels. from egypt this video shows a church on fire after fights broke out on the streets of cairo between muslims and christians. in all six people died. egyptian police say an angry group of muslim fundamentalists attacked the orthodox church on reports that the church was holding a woman who allegedly converted to islam. egypt's military rulers recently ruled of strong
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measures against anyone citing sectarian strive as essentials between muslims and christians have increased in the last several months. >> at cape canaveral today. >> zero and liftoff of the united launch alice. >> the at les five carried the first of four to warn of hostile missile launches. the military launch had been delayed a day because of poor weather there in florida. >> marine mammal crews are working to save a group of pilot whales that are stranded. some beached themselves completely. 23 whales were stranded 14 of whom died. today two of the pilot whales were loaded on a boat and taken to the deep water and released. five more whales are being cared for in the hope that they can be released when they
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regain their strength. mothers day not how one mother planned to spend it. bryan stow's mom
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. bryan stow's mother will spend mother's day at his bedside in the hospital. he remains in a coma tonight five weeks after he was brutally beaten outside of dodgers stadium. >> very odd. i was looking at his eyes to see if there was any movement, like any dreaming or anything. and there is just nothing there. the son that we knew, the brother that they knew, the daddy that my grandchildren had, he's basically gone. >> brian's mom isn't giving up
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but she is trying to be realistic. doctors have told the family that the longer he stays in a m they he will recover. >> when bryan comes out of this, we are going to have to create new memories for him. >> reporter: police in southern california continue to circulate these sketches of the men who attacked him but so far no one has come forward with their names and the police have made no arrests. >> we walk in and he is in a bed with all of these feeds come being in, you know, for feeding him in a tube in his stomach, his tracheotomy. and it really shocked me the other day because it was the first time i had seen the side of his head, the left side of his head without his skull. i could not believe it. >> they don't know when they will return to the bay area, but say they continue to hope for the best. >> i'm looking ahead for the mother's day where the big miracle will be. i am not expecting that this sun -- sunday.
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would it be nice? oh, you bet. you bet. >> doctors are reducing the level of anti-seizure medicine being administered to stow in hopes they he will come out of the coma on his own. well, the fate of the proposed gang injunction in the neighborhood is now in the hands of a judge. the injunction is for oakland's fruitvale neighborhood. the lawyers for the area say it will make it safer. the lawyers for the gang members say it is rages profiling. if the injunction is approved 40 alleged gang members will be banned from hanging out with one another, loitering and possessing guns in a section of that neighborhood. a similar injunction was approved last year in north oakland. the next hearing on this issue is set for june 24th. but the expect is expected to issue a ruling before then. dozens of bikeists rode from oakland to the state capitol to raise money and awareness about the plight of local schools. 110 riders took part in the third annual ride for a reason event. and they raised $3,500 for
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local schools. now, the event has grown from just four riders who participated the first year. organizers say state funding for local schools has fallen 30% per student forcing many schools to drop arts, music and other elective classes. >> at claremont middle school we, the pta, is funding all of the elective programs there this coming year. if we can't raise the money we won't have those programs. >> organizers of the race are calling on the legislature to allow a vote on an extension of the current taxes to prevent further cuts to education. it's a night of song and laughter in oakland at a black tie fundraiser for youth programs. [ music ] >> that sounds very nice. an evening in the secret garden got underway late this afternoon. there were appearances by
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comedian red and some models and these. it serves foster youths who are getting too old for foster homes. the police in louisiana are investigating the discovery of human remains found inside a chimney. the remains were found during renovations at a bank. and the town of abbyville. the police are trying to determine the identity of the person and just how long those remains have been inside that bank chimney. the remains will be sent to lsu where a forensics team will test the dna. >> parts of tennessee are on the brink of disaster as people brace for widespread flooding. we want to show you pictures of the town of millingtown north of memphis already dealing with heavy flooding and the mississippi river hasn't even crested yet. water has partially submerged some neighborhoods making it very difficult to get around. people living in low lying areas in memphis have been told to evacuate. the river is expected to crest on tuesday at 48 feet in
12:06 am
memphis. [ music ] >> sharks fever is building in the bay area as fans lineup early this morning to buy tickets for tomorrow's big game. >> sorry, mom, you might get a ♪ ooh baby, looks like you need a little help there ♪
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♪ ooh baby, (what) can i do for you today? ♪ [ female announcer ] need help keeping your digestive balance? align can help. only align has bifantis, a patented probiotic that naturally helps maintain your digestive balance. try align to help retain a balanced digestive system. try the #1 gastroenterologist recommended probiotic. align.
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[ music ] well, the temperatures have certainly dropped off over the passed two to three days. remember on thursday we had the warmest locations in the lower 90s. today only in the lower 70s. and the cooling will continue as we do head into mother's day. right now on the maps you see a little bit of activity on live stormtracker 2. most of this not reaching the grounds. just some clouds out there. a few sprinkles especially to the north and east of the bay area. as we do head into sunday
12:09 am
morning, we will bump up those chances just a little bit. this is not a rain event. but maybe a few sprinkles or some drizzle first thing tomorrow morning. for tomorrow clouds and sun. temperatures continue to cool off. the extended forecast we will scale back on the clouds and the temperatures will be warming up. overnight lows first thing tomorrow morning showing you some 40s out there for santa rosa and napa. san francisco right around 51. livermore is 49 degrees with some scattered clouds out there. here is a weather system the view on the satellite. still have some moisture up here to the north and the west. it will actually have to work its way into the bay area. in fact, here is the eventual track moving to the north and the east. but the cool air will be a big factor in the forecast. as a result the temperatures for tomorrow only in the upper 50s to the upper 60s. winds do pick up in the afternoon. could be approaching 30 miles per hour. some morning clouds. the possibility of some drizzle. and just a chance of a few very light sprinkles. that would be just for tomorrow morning. in fact, our rainfall forecast model is not showing you a lot tomorrow at 7:00 in the
12:10 am
morning. just some clouds out there. maybe a little bit of a few sprinkles. basically anywhere but at least some drizzle showing up coastside. into the afternoon hours by 12:00 partly cloudy skies. as the clouds move out, the winds do pick up. and the winds could be from around 25 to 30 miles per hour. we are still talking about winter weather advisories in the sierra. this begins tomorrow morning at 5:00 until 5:00 monday morning. snowfall not a lot here. but around 1-3 inches and snow levels coming down to around 6,000 feet. for mother's day first thing tomorrow morning for the forecast here it is. at 7:00 upper 40s to the lower 50s. the chance of a sprinkle or two. and then by 12:00 a sun cloud mix. 55 right around 60. gusting winds into the afternoon hours. remember just a few days ago 90s and 80s. no more 70s even for tomorrow. mainly in the 50s and the 60s. san jose tops out at 63 degrees. half moon bay is 58. and here is a look ahead with your five day forecast. partly sunny skies into your monday. temperatures are up just a
12:11 am
little bit. not much. and that will increase the sunshine for tuesday, wednesday and thursday with temperatures bouncing back up. the warmest locations are approaching the low to mid-70s. but for heather and all of the moms out there for tomorrow. >> yes. >> scaled back on these chances. probably just some clouds. and notice the gusting winds for tomorrow afternoon. >> mom could go skiing if she wants. >> skiing down a double black diamond. >> set up the agenda. >> thanks, guys. >> tomorrow the san jose sharks face off against the detroit redwings in game five of the second round of the stanley cup playoffs. the fans started lining up at 10:00 in morning to get tickets to tomorrow's game in san jose. tickets are available at the shark tank and on the team's website. on the website tickets range from between $115 to $392. the puck drops at 5 p.m. and, of course, if the sharks win, well, it is on next to the western conference finals. that's what we're hoping for. >> yes. >> coming up next, the largest crowd in kentucky derby history
12:12 am
with the big upset. we have the highlights. >> also for the second time in a week a pitcher goes for
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[ music ] >> good evening, everyone. welcome to this saturday night edition of sports wrap. sometimes a baseball team just seems to have another team's number. in this young season, that's what the giants have to feel they have on the colorado rockies. if you couldn't be at churchill downs today, at&t park would do. giants graped a 1-0 lead on colorado's clayton mortonson in the first. added to it here in the fifth. fred sanchez with a solid shot scores miguel tejada at third.
12:15 am
the giants had the 2-0 lead. madison took that lead to the 7th. he had had nothing but bad luck so far. he contributed to his problems when he threw away this come backer at second off the bat of troy. he has the bases full with nobody out. the rockies took advantage of the error. todd hilton took one the other way for a two run single of. but ramone ramirez came in and got the rockies out with no further damage. it stayed 2-2 in the bottom of the 9th with two on and nobody out. mike wants to bunt but franklin morals let's loose a very wild pitch. that sent rowan to third and sanchez to second. he swings away on morals' next pitch. a homerun and just about 30 major league ball parks. he settles for a walk-off sacrifice fly. the giants celebrate their second night in a row that they put the rockies away with a 9th inning rally. win this one 3-2 and have pulled within two games of first place colorado in the
12:16 am
national league west. a strange game for the as tonight in kansas city. but the final result was something the royals have excel at this season. oakland starter brandon mccarthy had nothing to show for an impressive effort. some nice defense behind him courtesy of josh willingham. he flattens out a hit from eric hosemer and was looking for his first major league hit and certainly thought he had it. they broke through for three runs in the second. cabrera slapped the hit that scores matt trainer for the first run of the game. royals took the 3-0 lead to the 8th. but the as put two in and cliff passengerton got the pitch. his second homerun of the year. it tied them. but in the 9th mccart any loaded the bases with nobody out and pinch runner jared dyson beats a good throw by willingham. curt suzuki throws it into third because he thinks dyson
12:17 am
left too soon. bob guerin thinks the same thing but doesn't win the argument with plate umpire bill miller. the sixth walk-off win for the royals this year. the second complete game loss for mccartny as the as go done 4-3. further evidence that baseball is evolving into an era of the pitcher. detroit's justin verlander in toronto. david cooper leads off and verlander gets him to pop out for out number one. next up is john mcdonald. he grounds to scott sizemore who handles it. taking care of the first two outs of the inning. verlander is one out away. threw a no hitter four years ago and when davis struck out he had his second career no hitter, just the 7th in detroit history. the second no hitter in the major leagues this week as the tigers win 9-0. well, the first saturday in may is reserved for an american sporting event that today was
12:18 am
run for the 137th time. good time they don't ice roman numerals for this one. the event is the kentucky derby with oakland mow scratched. no clear favorite in the 19 horse field at 29-1. animal kingdom qualifies as a long shot. the big field with the challenge in the derby as the horses break from the gate as they made the final turn. shackleford had the lead on the inside but animal kingdom and the jockey are about to find another step on the outside at exactly the right time. >> this is animal kingdom in the middle of the races. and shackleford. but it's animal kingdom. and he wins the derby. >> animal kingdom had never before run on dirt only turf. the winning jockey was a light he had -- addition after the regular jockey rocky suffered a
12:19 am
broken nose. he was scheduled to ride uncle mo who was scratched. animal kingdom paid a healthy $43.80. the boston celtics were more than a little stunned after they lost the first two games of their nba playoffs series in miami. the series in boston for the first time tonight with a familiar form making his first appearance in these playoffs. shaq o'neal not the only force that he was. rondeau goes to the floor and disslocates his left elbow. he was forced to leave the game. the injury occurred with 7:02 left in the third quarter. before the quarter was over rondeau came back to the bench. before the the game was over he managed to be a factor. two two on the break and with his left arm dangling would get another hoop. he ended up with six points and 11 assists. he said after the game he would be ready for the game on
12:20 am
monday. boston wins this one 97-81. and the memphis grizzlies beat oklahoma city 91-103. the grizzlies lead that 2-1. game four set for monday on memphis. still to come on sports wrap the
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. the four game sweep didn't happen. but for the second year in a row the san jose sharks will have a chance to finish off the detroit redwings at home and move into the nfl's western conference finals in the stanley cup playoffs. no rest for the sharks today as they were back on the ice this afternoon after losing to the
12:24 am
wings in detroit 4-3 last night. for a while, game four looked like another patented san jose comeback. after following behind 3-0 the sharks pulled even at 3-3. early in the third period on a goal by danny heatly that formula led to sharks' wins throughout the playoffs but not this time. still tried tied at three detroit's helm got passed niemi. they still trail the series 3- 1. sharks would like to wrap things up at home tomorrow evening. but would like it if they don't have to dig out of a big hole this time. >> i think we have certainly been outscored by a ton the first period. it is not for lack of being prepared. you know, we know what we have to do. >> we will be back into it. it is important to come up you know with energy but also controlled energy. you can kind of lose control a little bit when you are so excited. >> you can't put your foot off the gas. got to go, go, go until the final buzzer rings. so, you know, it's fun to be a
12:25 am
part of. and every inch matters like you said. >> reporter: in playoffs action al -- vancouver's roberto luongo. a pretty fisher from joel ward. one time got it passed. and predators are out in front 3-2. predators then built themselves some cushion. they can't clear the puck from their end and that's trouble. ward bangs it home. nashville hangs on for a 4-3 win. the canucks still lead the series 3-2 as it heads back to nashville on monday. well, they call him the best pound-per-pound boxer in the world. tonight in las vegas manny lived up to that reputation. he retained his welter weight over sugar shane mowsly. he knocked mosely down just the third. but when it was over manny won his 14th straight fight, an
12:26 am
8th division champion who is now 54-3-2. >> you can always count on something out of the ordinary when the nascar get together in darlington on the track known as the lady in black. they have history and once again kevin harvick and kyle busch were mixing it. as they straight ebb -- straighten themselves out clinton boyer spins out and his night is over. the reaction was crushed. smith had been trying to do this in 104 previous races but he hold up carl edwards. wasn't over for harvick and kyle busch. he gets out of his car and forgets to take his car out of gear. the driverless car comes to aso. he doesn't get a punch at carl edwards. they both meet with the nascar
12:27 am
officials. the golf world lost one of its iconic players. he has been described as doing for european golf what tiger woods did for the game as a whole. at this spanish open today fellow spaniards mourned the fact that he lost his battle with brain cancer. the 50 -- 54-year-old man underwent multiple surgeries to remove a mall i national tumour. he was known as one of the most creative shot makers. 50 wins on the european tour, still first on the all-time list. his five majors include three british opens and two masters. he won his first masters in 1980 at age 23. he was at that time the youngest winner in masters history. and that's it for this saturday night edition of sports. we will see you again tomorrow at 5:00. >> thanks, joe. >> sure. >> before we go we want to tell you about some breaking news in
12:28 am
oakland where firefighters right now are on the scene of an apartment fire. our crew is just not getting
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