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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  December 6, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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sierra for days found alive. relatives describe one person's efforts to find here. the cash concerns now en containing --. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7. good evening. it's thursday december 6. this is bay area news at 7. it was a seemingly senseless and brutal crime. a woman gunned down. friends and family in mourning and police investigating an unsolved crime. outside middle school in berkley. >> i want to show you a card that was left by good people. they tried to hold this woman's head up. we called for help. the family wants to send a thank you out to them as they gather
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here by the candles balloons. >> family and friends came to pay their respects to pamela. >> i hate it had to happen to her like that. she loved her family. >> these are recent here. >> 50-year-old was gunned down last night. the crime scene only a block from her apartment. she was likely riding her bicycle home from a trip to the store. >> people were saying she was arguing with a man and a woman. and i hope they catch whoever did it. that was wrong. she didn't deserve to be shot and her head left out in the rain. >> she was well known to everyone. >> she worked as a care giver. neighbors said she'd only lived here a few months but was well known. >> i have a child with special needs and her and my daughter
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got on well. they clicked. >> she was a dresser. she loved to dress. so somebody just took someone's life that was worth a lot. when you take somebody's life, you're taking the life of the ones who loved them. >> police did not respond is to our questions and our calls asking about new developments or arrests so far have not been returned. san jose police looking for a hit-and-run. investigateors say the driver took off. still trying to notify the man's family and is not releasing his name. a homeless man behind bars on suspicion of homicide. called to a homeless camp last
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night. 47-year-old gerald died at the scene. authorities say he was strainingaled. three men in custody. authorities say start not guilty late 2011 robbers would pull out a weapon and demand money. ten toll both booth robberies were reported. the robbers used stolen cars which helped lead to the suspects. >> i figured out who was the car thieves and was making sure i figured where they were and i figured out who was who. ends with a big splash and spifk. san francisco. there is yet another twist
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tonight in the strange -- he's now hospitalised in -- shows him being taken into custody yesterday for entering guatamala. he was removed to a police hospital -- they say they will not give mckee --. a nevada woman has been found alive. suffering from exposure. a hunch by her brother helped bring her to safety. >> last night -- i couldn't without hurting her. >> her sister said they found that she was alive from her brother who went to search for
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her last night twice. >> he just had this feeling. we all thought -- we can't stop him. we just knew -- let him do what he felt he had to do and god help him. he did the right thing. and to hear him say i found her, i found her, i can't explain it for you guys. >> the brother found her off burns road where her and her boyfriend had become trapped in the snow. her boyfriend left the vehicle for help, but she realized he was not coming back and she left for help. doctor treating her for the most mild form of frost bite. >> she was one lucky person. >> hinted at the way she stayed alive saying that a stop that they made before getting stuck proved life saving.
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>> they had stopped by family members houses. they got tomatoes. so that's how she sustained herself. >> she was malnourished. he suspects her to make a full recovery. she may be able to go home by the end of this weekend. scenic highway 1 will remain closed until at least noon tomorrow. a rock and mud slide prompted authorities to cloegs a 5-mile stretch of that highway. storm washed away earth. drivers advised to look for other routes. a cherry picker over turned. the accident happened on airport boulevard. painting a building when the equipment toppled over.
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ft worker was taken to hospital with head trama. arrest the operator of a nursing home. of nevada was charged with committing fraud, identity theft and elder abuse. an 80-year-old woman living at the facility noticed a number of purchases the woman could not have made. police are investigating whether other people are victims at the nursing home. fishermen remain on strike. 125 fishing boats are in. the president of the association said fish brokers want to lower the price. fishermen want it to stay. >> we're losing money. we have deck hands that need to feed their families and we need
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to feed our own. >> talks are on going. talks the strike could end by next week. >> judge leaning toward a -- apple against samsung. it appeared jurors had miscalculated damages. samsung wants to new trial. this case is almost certainly headed for a federal appeal court. move production of one of its -- the effort will cost apple about 100 million dollars. coming under criticism -- you can go to -- learn more about
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that story. special tab we posted at our home page. between the transportation secretary and congressmen. >> not going to get it funded as long as there's bills that say it can't have money. >> i've been hearing this story for many years. >> among those who say the federal government should pull the plug on funding for the project. republicans say the rail line is too expensive. transportation secretary says building it is a priority for the administration. introduced its new football coach. >> i believe that the team is ready to go to work. they had a good look about them. i had a fabulous visit with
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them. >> 43-year-old comes from louisiana tech. talked about improving the football academic record. 49ers celebrated a topping off ceremony at their new stadium. >> here we go. the highest point of the stadium going up rather quickly. >> construction workers joined staff, players, city leader to finish the construction of the stadium. the workers got a chance to sign the beams. stadium set to open for the 2014 season. the effort to help struggling home owners as a movement marks a mile stone. if you're looking for fresh fruits and vegetables, this is
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the only place you'll find it. weather, clouds floating around the bay. dense fog first thing tomorrow morning. and the one part of your weekend we could get gusty winds.
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. it was quite auto mess this morning in san francisco market district. it started about 3:30 a.m. when an officer tried to pull over a driver for running a red light. the driver was injured in the crash and taken to the hospital and then taken into custody. oakland leaders were quick a deal to keep the police department --. >> this is in my opinion will even tie the hands of our police
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officer men and women to do their job. >> city member spoke out against the arrangement. that opinion was not shared by the rest of the city counsel or the police officer union. the deal would bring in a director of compliance to guide the department even the right to fire command staff. helping bay area home owners. why woman says she's proof these types of actions are effective. >> one of several dozen people who rallied in downtown oakland today. she says she's tried unsuccessfully 17 times to modify her mortgage. >> me and my husband were like,
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okay, we've done everything we're going to do. let's just walk away. >> what do we want? >> in june of this year -- and she was successful. now she's taking part to help others. >> taken low income or moderately middle class and gotten us together as a community. we got sold out. >> this man tried to push the security guard out the door. members put up yellow tape around the bank. a movement the group says has helped several dozen people to save their homes. >> we get attention. i think it embarrasses the banks and they start looking at okay
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we better do something. >> wells fargo released this statement -- helped more than 800,000 people. granting 5 million dollars for home owners who qualify. president obama took the debate over the fiscal cliff to a school teacher's dining -- visited them at their home. the president said the potential is causing people to stress as the end of the year approaches. said that the lines of communication are open. the labor department says applications fell 25,000 to a seasonally adjusted -- claim spike following sandy. analysts say the effects of the
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storm are still being seen. ahead of tomorrow's -- hundreds of same sex couples got licenses 400 marriage licenses in seattle alone. washington has a three day waiting period. earliest will be sunday. it's considering closing store is having a ripple effect. the concerns are running especially high in one neighborhood where there are few other options. >> it took years to get a high quality grocery store to come here. now less than 18 months after it opened, fresh and easy may be closing. >> we fought hard to have it hard. >> the company who evens it announced that because of poor
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financial service it's looking to sell the chain. all 200 stores in california, nevada, and arizona could simply shut down. >> it would be disappointing. >> disappointing because it has the highest of -- fresh and easy is about the only large grocery store that sells fresh fruits and vegetables. >> the food in the neighborhood is not healthy food. a lot of processed a packaged food. >> the prices are good. >> the ground breaking was a major city event. >> we start something that's supposed to help our community and then it leaves. >> if it does close, community leaders will try to attract
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another quality food store. easier said than done. oakland center for environment help suing. the center says it tested baby mats, changing pads for high level of cancer causing flame retardants. california law requires to attach warning --. duchess of cambridge left the hospital. stopped for photos with prince william. catherine will be spending time at home. said to be less than 12 weeks along. prince charles is thrilled to become a grandfather. the extra miles people went to have their craving --.
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. people got up pretty early for a chance at free sour doug bred. it was part of the grand opening. the first 100 people got a voucher for one free loaf of bread every day for a year. people came as far away as sacramento. i need sourdough. >> temperatures dropping off and with that, fog. not everywhere, but where you do have it, it will effect your visibility. right now, the snow, rain fall. rain has been topping our weather head lines. way up north right around the
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pacific northwest. partly cloudy skies. current temperatures as we deploy -- they are dropping off back down. 49 degrees. it's a recent change. nappa currently 50 degrees. numbers have been coming down a bit. that trend will continue. you can see those readings down to 40 degrees. lots of 40s for san francisco. friday morning in the lower 40s. forecast dead lines for tonight, we do have this. partly cloudy skies. fog will continue. the weekend, no rain clouds out there. dry forecast this weekend. winds kick in as we head into first thing sunday morning. here's the weather set up. we will track some patchy dense fog. as we head into the afternoon hours, partly sunny skies.
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into the weekend, high pressure strengths. temperatures will warm up. winds will crank up. so we could have stronger winds. first thing sunday morning, a few gusts approaching 25 to 30 miles per hour. low cloud cover to the east, i suspect a few patches right around the north bay valleys and the bay itself. into the afternoon hours, high clouds will pay us a visit. a partly sunny forecast because of that for your friday. temperatures for the afternoon, not a big change. here is a look ahead. your five-day forecast. with your weekend in view. temperatures go up a little bit. will track the northerly winds. no rain costs on this forecast. some special students got
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surprise. hard of hearing and deaf children met a signing santa. some younger weren't sure what to make of santa. president obama and his family flipped the switch for the lighting of the christmas tree. coolige started the tradition. we'll see you the next time news breaks. our coverage continues at the 10:00 news. health officials issuing a warning about gay men about a disease.
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