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tv   KTVU News at 7pm on TV36  KICU  May 1, 2014 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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we'll see you for the next edition of "rtm." now at 7:00, two loose dogs terrorize a neighborhood even putting a school on lock down. the lengths officers had to go to subdue one out of control k9. record heat here in the bay area but changes coming. we'll let you know when the cooler temperatures move back into your neighborhood. new pictures tonight of some tense moments at one may day rally as people come out to support workers rights. the news is next. other dogs and their owners. good evening. a top story tonight, a black lab, one of two dogs out of
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control. terrorizing a quiet east bay neighborhood. two dog walkers were attacked today, less than 0 minutes apart in present wood. police say the first attack happened along 9th street at about 9:30 this morning. the second about one block away. we're live in that neighborhood tonight where you spoke with one victim who was being bitten while getting away. >> reporter: that's right. and it was a terrifying or deal for both victims and -- lock down until those dogs could be contained. even now it's creating a strain between neighbors here in this area. >> my wife was just coming out the front door to walk the dog and they attacked her and the dog. what's that -- >> reporter: one bite victim's family returned from the hospital, his wife surfed injuries to the face, hand and legs. >> i understand and feel for your wife. >> my wife is having surgery right now. >> you don't know the whole story, mister. when they first got that dog as a puppy, it was a beauty.
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>> reporter: the family doesn't know how that dog, a sherry pay and labrador pictured here got loose this morning. the two also attacked this man as he was walking his two dogs. >> put him on tom of the truck here and that's all i could do because these dogs were coming up. >> reporter: he surfed bites to his leg and hand before they ran off. the police were able to grab the labrador. the sherry sharpie was more challenges. they hit him. >> the pit bull did charge our officers. so we believe that dog was a danger to the public. >> reporter: the dogs are now in the custody of the animal services pending outcome of an investigation. >> the dog that was tazed is getting medical attention. >> reporter: neighbors say they don't want the dogs to come
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back but they feared this would happen. >> they headbutt the fence. i knew one of these days they might get out. >> reporter: investigators will now try to determine whether these dogs should be designated as dangerous animals. if so, the owners could face fines. live in brentwood. this is new video r yo we're about to show you from san francisco where police have detained at least two people during a may day celebration. our crew says there was a peaceful gathering there in the plaza then a splinter group broke off and -- on both 16th and mission, that's when police moved in and separated the main group from that splendor group. more arrests we're told are possible. right now the buses are still stopped in that area. people all around the area marched for workers rights. the events -- >> reporter: peaceful, but
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passionate. and it has taken place here at fruitvale plaza and still going on right now. behind me this again started at 3:30. and after a march around the neighborhood they are back to listen to speeches. hundreds carried colorful signs and panthers to celebrate this day of workers and immigrant rights. those marches including families, union members and students. they say this may day celebration gives them a voice to fight for fair paying job, reasonable housing costs and the freedom to live without fear of deportation. >> it's just awareness that people are people and people need to be treated with dignity. >> somebody next to you is being affect bid injustice, you're next. (drums). >> reporter: organizers say may day is also a celebration of the bay area's diversity. there was a strong police presence but we did not see any trouble. on tonight's 10 o'clock news we'll bring you more about the passion behind this movement. live in oakland fruitvale's
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neighborhood, amber lee, channel 2 news. in san jose, hundreds of marchers are holding a rally outside city hall. they marched across the city starting at the church on east san antonio street. they're calling for workers rights and an end to deportation. and for a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. another day of warm weather. you didn't have to look far at all to see people in shorts and t-shirts. mark, tell us about some record setting temperatures today. >> that's right. the information just coming in from the national weather service. more records to report. temperatures easily a good 15 to 20 degrees above the average. here's our live camera look out towards the bay where some changes are happening right now. change in the wind direction will bring a change in temperatures for tomorrow. but today though day two two from the record heat. san francisco topped out at 84 degrees. the record as you can see in the boxes in red out --
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oakland, downtown, heyward and concord, even san jose and morgan hills, 96 degrees. i was talking about changes offshore. few high clouds approaching that. will usher in cooler air that will impact the bay area forecast. coming up, how much cooling you can expect from your friday forecast and the big-time cooling over the weekend. i'll have all of that coming. >> mark, thank you. this one the white house announced one in five college co he said are sexual assaulted. now berkley is under investigation. berkley is on the list released today by the federal department of education. it's one of 55 colleges and universities faceen an investigation for alleged inadequate handling of sexual assault cases. the university issued a statement saying much has been done to strengthen the campus' handling of the issue. >> oakland police announced the arrest of a second person in a
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man killed over a minor traffic accident. police say they arrested 25- year-old carde hunter. douglas was also taken into custody. the victim was charles butler, a recent graduate of the merchant marine academy. accidentally brushed another car while trying to park a car outside of 2011. butler's terminally ill father talked about his son and asked for tips on the killers. police say the man's please helped lead them to the suspects. a south bay man accused in two separate kidnapping attempts went before a judge today. on the charges and gives a chance to hear from one of the victims and the suspect's distraught father. >> reporter: cameras were banned inside the courtroom in palo alto today where 23-year- old kenneth middle brook was charged with two counts counts of kidnapping as well as burglary, robbery hand assault with a deadly weapon.
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the charges are for two alleged kidnapping attempts on sunday. one a 61-year-old woman and another 19-year-old woman who told us she agreed to drive him to his father's house and then suddenly he tried but failed to put her into the trunk of his car. >> he like attacked me. so he like holds my arms really tight and then i start screaming obviously and then he starts choking me and then i'm like -- i'm screaming louder and he's like -- he puts his hand on my face and he squeezes really tight and says shut up and get in the trunk. >> reporter: is this going to be a complicated legal case? >> too hard to tell at this point. we just reviewed the police reports. there's still further investigation that needs to be done. >> reporter: kenneth's father told me by phone his son is a traumatized iraq war veteran and wants the court to get him psychiatric care. >> my son is sick. he's mentally sick. he needs help. and my fear is that they're going to send my son to regular
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prison where he will become worse than he is now. >> reporter: he's being held on $331,000 bail. he is due back in court on may 7th to enter a plea. a somber ceremony was held at the state capital today to honor cal trans workers killed on the jobs. each represents a caltrans employee who has been killed on the job. 183 in all since 1921. this annual memorial is to create more -- for drivers to slow down in the cone zone and move over. >> we want to recognize everyone in that agency today for the skills and commitment that they commit to building and maintaining the backbone of this great state. >> statistically, highway work is one of the most dangerous jobs in the u. s.
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the bay area's first case of west nile virus was reported this past week. the season is here. it started earlier than usual. crews in concord are working abatement one month early. they say the mild winter never truly got rid of the mosquitoes. one week ago a dead bird tested positive. you can proceed yourself and family by removing or draining any standing water near your home. the bay area is off the grid food truck program expanded today. one lunchtime food truck set up near the transit village. the taste of the world market plans to open every thursday offering a wide range of items. at portion of the proceeds will go towards building schools and creating educational opportunities in other countries. 900,000 gallons of drinking water gone, like that. the bay area water district has decided to drain the tank, even though after testing the water, they said it was fine.
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>> security questions surrounding the airport travel all the way to washington in the wake of a case that made med lines everyone. and authorities on the lookout in parts of the bay area for pets who may be in peril real. what they're asking pet owners to do in these extra warm conditions. female announcer: sleep train's interest free for 3 event
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a natural gas explosion overnight at a jail in florida killed two inmates and injured 180 others. it happened late wednesday at a county jail in pensacola. three inmates thought to be missing have been accounted for. two inmates and corrections officer are still hospitalized. at least one mate says there was the smell of gas before the explosion. >> we're hearing more about washington's reaction to an
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internal document showing san jose airport is pleading security requirements. that is before -- on a airliners. barbara boxer questioned the tsa chief about the finding. >> you cleared them and that's troubling to me. why didn't you know that they didn't have the dogs -- there's something wrong here. i'm very are very worried about this. >> the fencing was in fine shape. but one prior secretary said show me a 15-foot fence and i'd aisle show you you a 16-foot ladder. >> they agreed to meet at a later date. demanding something be done about security. a group of airline pilots went to the office of house transportation chair bill shoester to to know why a bill that would require a secondary cabin door is stuck in his
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committee. airlines are against the legislation. they say the decision should be the decision of individual air carriers. we're learning there are things that consumers can do to try to stop the water rate hikes. under california law if a public water agency wants to raise rates for any reason, written protests from more than 50 percent of its customers would kill the increase. but water aggies are not required to say that in black and white. our survey showed about half of them don't. more dire news about california's -- state water officials said the snow pack now measures that i dez mal 18 percent of average for the date. there was more dry ground than snow today as the department of watery sources conducted its last sierra snow survey of the season. officials say the results reaffirm california's critical need for conservation. the snow packs are about a
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third of california's water supply. and with water really at a premium today, a lot of people are wondering why nearly a million gallons of drinking water were drained. >> reporter: the country cluck club, sleepy quaint requirement community, water conservation on the minds of many. >> i cut all my hair off so i'd take shorter showers. >> reporter: standing tall above their home, the massive tank filled with drinking water. but three critical locks were cut early one evening. >> the locks were cut on the hatch at the tom of the tank. >> reporter: an alarm sounded, the operator were arrived, they arrived and tested water. >> there were no bacterial contaminations. >> reporter: the district says as a health precaution, they
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decided to drain the tank. 900,000 gallons of water, gone in just four days. >> they shouldn't have drained, it no because they're on our butts about watering our flowers and stuff. >> i always hate to second guess the experts, but they did test it and say it was okay. >> reporter: the district's gm said the district did try to recycle the water. but because of the late winter rain, there was nowhere to put it. >> we had just received a lot of rainfall. nobody was using recycled water and the of the tank was full. >> reporter: right now water customers here are asked to conserve 20 percent. they have say while conservation is important, in the one priority is water quality and that is why the tank was drained. >> microsoft said it is releasing a security update and in fact has done so as of 10 o'clock this morning. it was for a -- that affected internet explorer. the company reported be --
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versions 6 through1 were affected. the cyber security company says that hackers exploited the flaw. users with automatic updates don't need to take any action. microsoft also issued an update for windows xp, even though it stopped supporting xp last month. linked in released first quarter reports. its revenues jumped 46 percent. but its outlook for the refuse of the university disappointed investigators. linked in shares were down about four percent in extended trading. markets though were mixed. do you jones fell 21 points after hitting a new record high yesterday. positive economic reports nailed to inspire buying. the nasdaq though did gain 12. tesla has been fined 89,000 for an accident last -- occupational safety and health said they were burned with hot
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metal when an -- a press failed. they said the men were not wearing protective gear. they have not said if they will be appealing the fine. >> high temperatures we've been experiencing this week have the police force keeping an extra eye out for pets left in cars. they've stepped up the patrols to protect pets from temperatures inside closed vehicles. it can get extremely hot very quickly inside a car that is parked in the sun. >> the law itself is there to, again, protect the animals . who is going to speak for the animals? just, you know, the caretakers of them and obviously the police. the police say the -- enables or passers by about a dog in distress as well as looking for people who leave their dogs in vehicles without enough ventilation. well, temperatures have been soring over the past cup am of days. lots 690s out there.
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things will begin to change tomorrow. more of an on shore breeze that will bring the temperatures down friday but really kicks in the ago trend by the weekend. on the maps, you can see a few high clouds just offshore and as fog tries to redevelop as well. but most of the area in the clear at last check. we started out the day with winds but over the past two hours, the winds are now on shore and the coast beginning to cool off. san francisco pretty still. 83 in san rosa. across the bay, here is -- mostly clear skies, forecast headlines, clear and mild this evening, we're going to cool things off for friday. but the real cooling moves in over the weekend, saturday and sunday. probably about till 1 or 2 this afternoon, we had more of an on shore breeze, sea breeze making come back back. if you're looking up toward the bay this afternoon, you noticed a little bit of shop out there,
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a reflection of that on shore breeze and with that picking up, we're talking about that cool down into your bay area weekend. high pressure -- really strong high pressure basically for tuesday, wednesday and today. this begins to relax. we'll have more of that. still temperatures inland can be right around 90 degrees. the biggest change moves in this weekend as cooler weather moves in. major cooling for the weekend and possibly a few extra clouds for sunday and monday. in fact, cooling trends into monday of next week. forecast model, patchy fog first thing tomorrow morning right near the immediate cost line and then partly to sunny skies. upper 80 to near 90 degrees. the beaches biggest change instead of 80, we're thinking 60s for tomorrow afternoon. forecast highs, santa rosa, 84. oakland maxes out still pretty warm in upper 70s. few 90s out towards brent wood and livermore. san francisco, instead of the
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80s, we're going to go to 70s, 73 degrees. here is a look ahead. beginning to cool things off for friday. but really kicks in for saturday and by sunday gusty windows developing by sunday afternoon as well. >> big crash causing problems forever morning commuters. it spilled a load of dirt across 680 in fremont. this all happened near the auto mall parkway. traffic was shut down for more than an hour. no other vehicles involved here. the cause of the crash is under investigation. a neighborhood suddenly becomes a chaotic scene. find out what happened to most of an entire city block to give way just like that. >> talking about a bird house. one home a hot spot now for hundreds of birds.
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heavy rains may have caused a street to collapse wednesday in baltimore maryland. several cars tumbled down the slope, a 120-are-year-old retaining wall gave way -- the cars to vanish. officers say no houses were damaged but people who live across the street were evacuated and may have to be
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kept out of their homes for longer than one month. wow. it's a scene similar to the birds a california woman says since last week, hundreds of black swiss birds have been swarming outside her home. happens every night at 8:00. last friday dozens of the came down her chimney and into her house. ms. brown said she spent several hours getting the birds out of the house. she believes they'll move on soon. and equal access to baby changing stations. california laws are changing a law that will require them in members and women's restaurants. and they say it's needed to -- new construction or renovations that exceed $10,000. if passed, it would take effect in the year 2017. thank you for making us your choice for news. we're always here for you on the web and you can follow us on facebook and twitter. our coverage continues with 10
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o'clock news tonight. as we just showed you in this newscast, there have been a couple of arrests in san francisco as a result of may day demonstrations and protests. we'll have a complete wrap up on may day on the 10 o'clock news. tmz is up next right here on tv236.
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> donald sterling, he has enormous balls. went to a restaurant in beverley hills that is the hub for the entertainment industry. >> did you apologize to the players and staff? >> the funny thing is that he went out with two members of the minority community. one of them was the driver. >> we got t.i. he thinks all camera guys are snitches. >> he was calling you a snitch. >> if it wasn't for the camera guys we wouldn't know about the fight. >> at the time they thought they would bust the l.a.p.d. when they realized they were not the bad guys -- >> w


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