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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  March 4, 2016 7:00am-9:00am MST

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captning funded cbs good m mning. it is friday, marcrc4th, 26. welcome totocbs thisornini." blisteringttacks d dinat a gopba. weskalumput the backlash to his cacaaign. t t woundedarrior project is losing support from big donors. new developments in abs n ns investigation. >she lolo her leg in the bobo mhonha snlowe h wnwn weiletethean prerito run this year's race. we bin this mog with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 secondsd he referred to my hand o basket, something else must all. g%arananhesp no problem. >>nother gog slug fe.
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cked everybody with personal attacks. >> this little guy hasas lied so ch. >> he we go. >> about my rod. >> not what t u said -- kit h notoinrrupt but just y. >sot what you said. >> breathe, brthe,breathe. >> don't worry about it,ittle marco. >> gtlemen! gentlemen! >> you want to chill out?t? >> gegelemen, have tdo betthan this. you sayay ewhere i go souto the adult on the stage. >> others arehrowing the suppppt behind apple >>hee e e t n enandatriot quartck tom ady. >> we are back indeflategate! >> i wasn't thinking oh, my god what have done? >> if thattxpression means yoyo happy,henife@ w ti wn i forgot hehe birthday!>> contrtrersy over singer nina simone.
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prosthetic nose and darkened skin. >> the speck that was hanging fcr's ipwhe, people wonde what is that? >> he r r i io sometng he didn't't quite expect. v thth was pulling upup a thief ran iooit. >> march madness is just getting arted. >> tt'ino do . oh! >> and all tt matters. >>ond trp is a > man who cried t baton for thpublicans is not ing it.he ihitting him over the headdwiwit. he was b my dorsemeni coulve said, ttttro yourkns, he ulav droppeto hees. he wgigihr o"s tmorning"ee a huge businessuess? he dsn'tw wh tatag abou no, he isn't aedon't. >> true,ruruas p hise som tbl invevement r exame,e, fyears s o,o,e rseditt eyor presid announcer: tportof "cb is mor" sponsored by
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snowe . welcomeoo "s is rning." ylylking is off. ledao'ien is w . >> onef the mostulous ys iepublicaarty hry d aitterrel bate.lastig tono w fier ince. onru dond p fed nstantttksro hn valsnd t queiorom ththdetorsrs>> h hging over theebate w w a atngechmit mneye st gop nomi o llededmphony and a frd. r gaet i iouide e theater roithe h verereastnighte. jor,momo >> reporter:r:ood rnin tht atmospsprq wasse and rontatiowas bateines veveereeneharply n. dold trump aisulaceeme and aop eablishment
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fromheinig waon. >> he refre toyands of basketll. methinse mt t sml.l. i anteu, theo probm.ntntou r t1thhepcatait ad se fro dalumum a new w fofoaded t aw thi leuyas lieo ut myreco. hererere gohe we! s. >> it's minorivilca. >> d dd,earnot t t interr 'sotcocolicacoto do, cou >> i hava policstioor u, si et see hensit. i wiworrabouit, marco.donot bobo,, little marc ntntmen! gentlemen!n!>> repte a defefve tru selawsuits ae cddeto attttd hiwefunrump unirsityy easent h conned those people
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poons. >>'sp flcreenmb olllngut s stistic@cfter atistic. >> theguss bubu was d s. la pclyevle rati y f tes and tax g besy ff erery. >>ut mr.rumrtrump, your numbers don't . >>mpas al presso aner a scag speecher in t ty 2012in mit roey. >> donalumis a phon a fraud. his omises are assorthlesss a eerom tru ivivsisy. >> heeaileddd merably and it t was anmbarra t erybody,lu the reblicy. >> rorteelsarco rubio aned c attttked relely trd f-t-record mtiith h he k." if night you teework tyree a twiotnd wee wt
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migratio>> tru refu may havssss meg t tt wit "e w tesbut ild ne r off-e-rero sations. >>eporr:ontextxttrump edededs hi wilngnene to ace comprom >> ine a ccessfulern who wasn't flexible. >> reporter: cz and rio declaredhat proroha trumums coervative fhetotoc won't matc his presidential reality. >>donald, plse, ino it'haootet,uttr >> not whatou s sd. >> eae. >> lyin' ted. >> wn they are done with t yogaca hope weonee yoga on this age. >> he is very flexibleo you never know >> even after thatomaustexustitiannonoy jousti theyll sa thewowoduppo nominee eventhatal trtrp.
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hehealp's nnal secu poti quot informedednd ngngou after last night'sbatete major garrett asked trump about the gop estabshment pylon.>>iffeoou tay t ddenlyave romney and ccain comi after you? no didn't know mccainame after me. he better -- i'mure -- >> repororr: ed hegreed with at romney dd? >> oh, he did?d' wethats nonind h toveryrycaful. >> reporter: why? >> i will -- he'e' finin out. but romney is a failed candidate. he made a fool out o himself. he shod have beaten barack obama and feels badly aut it.thee f isittomney hhed as bads i i ever sn anybody choke otheh%than marco rubio when he e s gried by chris chstie, hoked but i wl tell you, mitt romney isar. hehehesomeininwe wro wh him m and i wasn't happypy aboutt and people >> reporter: does a conversation aboutrump university hel you ororurt yo >> well, it's a smama d dlndnd
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g de. don't t t aut t buildings i've built overthe world. >>epr:r:hey trtro make it pe something reesentative of your lararr image. >> my larger image is buildings all over the rld. we are working on hundreds of deals andng tmenes work l ov t deals, m bigger tha that. here ithe thing.g. >> reporter: when u'reki about trump universityyou're t talking about other thin? i agree. they will take one deal owo dealaland out of hed hundre oalst yand they will try to make you look bad. trump univer, i'l end up winning that in court. as sure as you'uetanding there, il win that in @t.t. i co settltlut'mot a settler. >> john dickersonon is in washington, moderator of "face the nation." you t unleashing of al thesettacks against dd trump.p. will it, in fact, have adent i hisopul sply emen his supporters deepepe eir own commitment? >> it's possible that it does both. it's possible it's both a out mechanism fll of
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disappntith the eshmt anit n looks ke t estshnt i ing tototeal their candidatewa om them. it also mht focus the mind of someublicans whoave beenenind d wondering oruning ou ttomney t s the stakak forublican vote. >> john, what about the attacks onrump iversity? he`ealled it a minor civil c c%c but there ar5,000 w wkesug hiand it n j main topic ithe debate last night and main part of rubio's attackbut now the main topic of superer pacadad do you think that might have a dent inn- >> welt gtis profesonalism and b bndnds in t midide of t ttt so it might wk a l ltle bi better rather than some of these more childish atcks. it goes at competency and it go to this thing of st o sa&ehi aoi anr. mao rubio's argent thiis a mplate whae will do for the voterst gets in the weeds pretty quickly so i'i'sure
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jo t w arguments afteargument against trump's candidacy and then at the end of the nht all of theolks o o e e e said they would support m if,@n fa,e were ninif aee to rc an entiray they were tryryg to work again that exact point. >> i thinkhat is right andnd think it swallow tttack they are king. if they are sing he is going to ruin th country and ruin the icanpa theheyort steedkmt they say, well, but i'll endorse him any way. so it doesn't seem to be that ctive. pt thispopocs. ditook f mar 15thor >> welele are a little bit a wa away. marc15th is theay everybody is focusininon becau if the establhment is goio stop donald trump, they are going to ve to do`o i floridand ohio which votnhose days, er te l contts the tegy iss b of a long shot at the ment is t thave ruo win in f fririda and to have kasich win in ohio. that would deny trump the delegates or soen him
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then hopefully they wouldldld able to work it out there. but right now, it looks like trump is still i i pretty good shape in thosewostates. s there oneehinin the enesunhese attacks ainst donald trump? no. thank you,u, john. >> multipedtt inhis paf ga everyby is trying takeim down. john speaks with ted c cz th sununy on "face the natn" on cbs. >> ristststnsred h ctics yesty. >> , i wasn't being held hostage. no i wasn't sitting up thehe thking wt have i done. was standing up the supporng tern w beevhe b person to beat hillary clintononf t
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d it's why i endorsedd m. and pridential race la month ter orwin w hampshutth republicanace lastonbftera poooophohong in n hampshire. apple a a i i fht with the fbi, google, amazon, microsoft among dozens of companies on ay tfid friend o e cot brie. they argue the court order to help unlo the san bernardino gunman's iphone threatens prpduct security a a conmer privac relatives of six attack victims anw enrcemenoups fileded thei own brief opposinapple. new airtrikes outside of damasc could threaten thepartially ceasfire in sea. theek-o tru doeno includisis. rebe backeby the united states are making gains against isis and holly wliams just visited a town on e front lines in norea syr. lly, grning. >> reporter: good rning. tru her in northeastern syria. where the syrn democratic
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u.s.s.ave justnched a newew campai agasts.s.s. gae al dadidi w werererer syria laswe. buildistl s s sing are donned with isislogans nowowow thth group i i indndndtrtrtr ofofhe s siannnememememc foror d arabursh alliae cked by the u.s thisas t is police slamic police station. this comomereekakani t tdd us%% that u.s. coalition air s s s s s hts s at textr butomaia aerrible price fothe victy. this wowon's sonzas jt 20 when he s kilild inl jada.
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young martyr the syria democratic fce are a litite me thth a rag tag army b they havep aptud rritory fr isis and t grouou nowic most feivpartner on t t g gun in syriaia colonel taylor solo told us hisis fighrs he been ghund t o ammunitn by the u.s.-led coalition the last six monthu a he said they have also askedor an-tank missiles and machine guns. has the u.s. given you any of the weapons at you aedor? nohe. sofar, a we have had are promises. onof the rsons the u.s. be reluctant to give weaponso the syrian demococti for theare a cused o coordinatititiith russisind a longstanding truce with the syrian pgime. but they fought courageously againstsindndn amica' mososmporta ptner inside sysya. rah?
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syria,olly wiwiia. thank you so much. the u.s. navy t ts morning is reportedlai aar stri gronispu waters sououeast ia. the "uss john c. stennis" is in thsout chinaa. ey had t tir smallest i irease mility reporter: goomornrng. delegates are meeting herer for the meeting of t rubr s papaiame.the isp aair share of pageany. so everythinin is refully oreographed. in the opaque world of chine policssuai a the tional people's congress offered aeek at what leaders & haveven store. >> chinese lawmakers will bin their -- rorte a it get pnty of coverage.
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urssaiti t to gntththprs conference. e chinese government leaves very little up t c cnce ahead of this press conferenc w wwere asked to submit questionopic area en received t`xs eail fmm thnt wch sai that we shoulddtten the p pss conference and raisehe question about the south china thth added, we hope you'll stick to the questionnd make i i e e d sh ce selte images sho litarynstallations in the dispsped waters of the@oucha despessurances from xi jiping it h no plansnsto militarize. >> thank you. reporter: last summ we red a smsml boato t tee osertificial islds fst handnd it a aostt looksike a cit in the middle of t t se the u.s. has beenatrollinin the area as tensions have escalatetodadadespite hundreds of journalists gathered, we had
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china had pleed n too militaze its islsldsn t sochin s s wasas chi deploy surce t# airissile batteries and why is it trucucng milary grade airfrflds on those isldsds ta a look at the pnes and vesss cocong in and out of the south inasea. th're mostly erica's, the spokesperson id th ueployed its navy to our region. n'that litatazizatiti so c c c i poiinthe fi amamic we went to f fr separate meetings ahead of today's press coerence just to be able to ask thatat question. doin beijing a hint of his family pn oncee the ne presidedt's take fice
7:18 am
head to col ie f but young daughter sasha will b in gh school and the psident saidhis is m mn fafaororf deciding what to dnextyear. >>ve to stay in d.c. a uple of years because sash transferring s sething in the middlef highchool tough. >> presint obama in rare company. the last president to stay in washington after finisnghis term wasoodrow wilson bk in 19. t wod bear meee sasha in t midst of high school. hardor anybody. interesting to sese how they navite the waters of wawawagton, having two identstsn the same city. >> oh, yeah. rlly intertingdeed. aathe wt it r s uguger. >> indee > an actoror will portray black singer in upcomininovie d thal mild tay, highs in the 60s t 70s. miland dry
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tuday will be cler with chances for
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and dry into the middle of next we the ceo of wounded warriors prpris b qstioio abt the charity. >> i ion't know an organization atas many veterans w w value honor and svice andhain of command cabe led by a guy like that. ewew delopments in& the cbs ne iestigati. the news i bacin th moinght t ren "c this morning." >> aouncer: this ption of "cbshis momoing" snsored by brookdale.
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refugege ini5 >> ynothis sic, chare.e. chk out this tweet from d.j. d dipl who wtesff to cub the weekd and bringin thehe homeharlrlro chare wi belying havana this morning ana monday he will join us from cuba with the highlights frohis m sic wit dio. >> i w b be dancicill ween >> i want video on that and i
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>> a a rigig, weill have it. >>loca llo. happy fridayaytemperatures are starting out in e 30s to near 40s thth morni. we ha clolos moving througugas well today.e'lllle warmrm and breezy this afrnrnn. highs willllchchor thehe drconditions... there's a sligig chae for a ssing showr two through thpikes peak region mid afterno into thevening. overall it
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sooutsf high clouds, we'll ay mil and dry, t tough the weeke. this should be a great stretch days tonj& timtdrs. we'll start to see some changes toward the beginning of next work week... retug anfor rainnd snow shors, though no major storms appear in the next 7-dadang with ololn. rmer temnd drier itionsns retu fororheecond lf of next week. crea volum farsome g rough me
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traffic movivi smooly to denver andue. dave o okati new this morning... police arere talklkg to someone... about an early inasre itrtust ter is morning near i-25 and woodmen in colorado springs. w sent our crew thererto check gs oute ied abouou100 feet if we learn more about the fire, or the person detained, , 'll let you know.
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dancfrom the themed musifromcharlie rose. > connor o'malle doing the theme music to charlie rose. >> and g g g b a better! >> i've nevereen thatil
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>> it's so good! so good. holongngave you had that music? >> 25 year e onln,musiweweererhaha some say we should op! i thininthat ist seth is trying to tell me please, get some new@w m m. >> mbeap celpn that this weekend. >> i'll try at. >> i i wish i could dance like that. welcomback to "cbs this morning.g. cocong up in this half hour therhas enoutre o or the casting in a newovie about icic singerrsimone. ead, theckckrom th ng'stata. > w developmentsn a cbs news investigati of e wounded warrior pject and clms of lavish spending by ard memeers on themselves. we wilarrom a dor sanan aft sin our reporting. he launcd a new missionor answs. that is ahead. time to show you some of the moing's adlines fromround globob wall street journal" repos on h korea'a'lead
7:32 am
ready to use nlear weapons at any time. this follo thenited nations seserityouncilassing tough new onon thertrtou mart brennan r rorts the unitedtatedoes n/v believe north korea has tbility to launch its nuclear weapaps. thththreat comes aheadne week ek's mililyyxexeises i soutkorea. an opinion piece for "new york times," vice president joe biden ss it's's cotutuonaly cder a supremeourt nominatio b prident t obama. in theiece biden d dende his speech in 19 wre he called for waitingng until after eleioio figou restore a consultive process beee thehiouse and te. >> > meayakin small
7:33 am
lowersverall rof colon cancer. no benefit w w fou against breast, lung or prostat cancs. he bn e" repor th tom y'awyer i feeling new heatat in t deflflegate case. a feralal appppls courtnnhatn ireviewing the onon are wonringhy h destroyeisphone. thcourt could reinstate the four-game suspenon of bry. >>a new mic about one of musis momoconic b singers ha sparkededwi contrors ni simime w ceremony asshe high priest of soull and alslsa civil rights aivist. peop are upset who is going t poray her in a upming momoe. >>oror thehehe napepe xtmonth. zoe saldand the production company have been undnd fire sishe was cast.
7:34 am
tered an'shing ba cting charactcts of color. and i'm feeng good >>eporter: wit@ h voice, nooen that simone struck a chcxd. throh her activism, she exessese wt s som cm an a aauthenticlack -- >> what i do all t time is complete be myself. at's is what iopopamam>> n se was absolutely ologetallyack. >> reporter: sime isis gettg the ywood treatment.ninini soeoena, , actress with box offic mojo but nsher acting ability being in estiti. 's herosic it's sacrctious..
7:35 am
>>ter:te anntie r "eny" gazine.leaving sick and breathle. @ >> zoesaldand tout a blacacmakend ho dekeono thaner raskin colorornd wearang a prososetic nosend i findt insultg.g. reporr: saa has b battasngricsince shede theoln 2012. >> i'm doingt f my sists. i'm d dng i f my brotofr. and i don't care w tells me i am n thihi a a i amot . i ow who am. it didn' feel like t t tost tural chchce in oflook. >>ter: thefilm's distributodefefefe salda' performasaying, creatity or quality o performcehod ner be judud otheis o loloor ethnicir psical ness. >> makeu was udoooarken her in. want to looat the charact playing nina s s se and fl keking a atin simo. >> r rorter:his ctroversy
7:36 am
lloole than whatwascscbed he-w oscscs and s s s fee iric a ofofho isslangngng anher nf colo. uptdf t$- up hadt been tter, mae we won't b h abo l thisis >> debes a t-s-snned bck womewho d't get a l of rolehenec rocomes , undstanbn the de arod this. defely. i he t t botto lili,t inop t l l lor abou nasimo. ho amazing.>> ttte. h, tt ice. ank yoyo chelle 4>> canadaectl ectedprnister jusn udea ll mt withreside oma athe whi houseexe week e tr mar the fir sity a cania prime
7:37 am
ra lan ske wittrtru in 0 nu" heas start hcaai. welcing syan fus. atime whenhe u. tann@ ler 2,000 regefromsynd gornnts mecerned thanboecurityrisks.>> we were able toctually d and cosos and scree angve t peoe we che antesh gr l l oftrol and tentioiooverhos a auay gog to in. repepr:re youay er nisk or d knledgat tre iti sk? timee toustr an immit rewsp ineruny, t t a si riri,nd i amore thomomle thahang what
7:38 am
ghh the s sety of canadianssnd byheals tt fines asti repteteldeee jt clef w rrist ckut by o ca tough as a fuge& tititelyng openndnd ec towardsh o ismu me ul aayo fuatatatnd anananan, yoknowayingon, u , g s oppreive policies sunday on mes udu taououro u a sonf bed pri mimist piee trudeath iser cbs oda niat:00. > wililri ybss
7:39 am
quessbo howhe ceo and ard ofirrs som nodollsn tou iopreceo ths ne > i you'redd outing t door, tc u t tgh y y digitadedece andnd y y y cbsapp.&
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it h h bee more than a a month since cbnews brokehe oror of lavishpepeing by the prect w wndnd war proj ip has newdevelopmts >> reporter: the charity'seo st nard iet to reond. we satown withwowo major donorsho are demanding accountability. >> reporter: with two ss serving in iraq, raising money foroundaror proje was rehan m auau for fred and
7:44 am
since 200 two's charity tee off for a cause raised money for thee wououed arrior proct throuoh gogo tournaments i i rolina. they honor fhn ararajaj a vip nor. that is a big al. >> yes. >> reporter: youereroud of that >> i was very proud d it. 2eporter: but learning that only half of donations came to he wouou vet came as a blow >>hen hearing ere s s is waste of money in donor dollars that should have bn going to thrvrve m%n and women that were injured and it was spent on their having a gd time... it a real disapintment. >> reporter:t gerajjdtredkakacancelled ye's gol tournament andhoug steten
7:45 am
not be involvede you lead frorothe front, good oror bad. i i said you don't hide. i dot dersrs h annitiont hak manyy veterans who value, honor,nd rvice and the chain of command can be led by a a guy lile that >> reporter:r:bsews b be has leard d is o o ofeval dono whohore eg theisupport. should the board of directors have been keing a closer tch? >> well,absolutely. don't t`ink there is any doubt. >> reporter:ources with direct knowledge of the arity's erionsaiheoardns f on allf thcharies majojoj spendingngncludidi expeive staff retreats. those soces alsosooldds the boardd haspent donorollars on iti own meetings atveta te,ncnc the beverly wilshire hotel in los angeles. and when thehe queionnd cisiondcuviar their concer were ignored.
7:46 am
board member i person,ut they declined. i believe that these will be a foreicic audit, not j jso ewash ca-i-i sod we are paying and have t fm kdf put a rubber stata on it. >>eporter: are you donon with woundewarrior project? >> yes, except for my new mimiofryg to ce f the. ortete the brd st't' orderea review by indepenennt ditors and that it would be inapprprate to awer questiononunl alalof the facts are known. full disclosurere aaewor executi sen bod. thoa't't tell us if its revi will be made public or ether thboard's spending is under reei as wewe. the b has alsos hired legal counsel. >>hip, thank u. i thit's'sredibl impoananthrriewe trananarent and made publicic >> doesn't sound like it necessarililwill be, though.h( how do they not h he a fululti cfo o r an o oanation of tt si itmsyodd. k k t t wed wri prects have done a lot of goodd things for our veterans.
7:47 am
should tighten the screws howow they spend t monene o o ear's mi today, highs in the 60s t t s. mild andry rouguge weekend. monday y d tuesday will be cooler with chances for shshsrs. w wwill warm and`dry into the middle of next week ed togetr, they prid 2x the nourishment for autiful healier loloinskin.
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isist wowowog for yoyo k your gastroentolist aboutntyvio. enenvmo. relieieand missiothin r rch. rmal for astnaut s stt k kly cluding hi height. now/he i iback on eah.. t this. he grew about two incncs durinin his 340 days inpacend lack of gravity can cause a person spe t stretchutut his enticalatwin mk tells cbs news that rth's g gvivi shrunk his brother back t itstsororl size! apped in a a day! scset lly is enjoyingg timet aftning t t thehe u.s stday. heheook a diven his pool and shared a meal with friends and fafaly. n't t at incredible >> amazing! the comparisonde-by-sisi too. many repeplin voters wantt donald trump but rublinn
7:52 am
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heheo. happy friday! ! ! atates are arting out in the 3030 to near 40s this morning. we ha clos movi through as well today. we'll be warmer and breezyhis afteteoon.n.ighs willlleach for the 60s s d 7070along with mainly dry y nditions... there's a slht chancfor a a passing shower or two throh the s pe
7:57 am
into t evening. overall it will bmainly d d. asase from se bouts o high ou, we'll stay mild d and dry, through the w wkend. this should be a eat stretch of days tonjoy me time ouours. we'll start to see some changes toward the beginning of next t rk week... returning chances for rainnd snow showers,hough no major storms appear in the next 7-day, along with a cool down. warmer temps and drier conditions return for th second half f nent t ek. incrcrsing vume so far. soso slowing ththugh h h othe construction s zones. traffic
7:58 am
smthly to dedeer and pue. ve or katie new w wb morning... cecere invnvtigatingn assault anrobbery.y.t happenedd juster midnight.t. polili say two ran up behihi anher n, and stted ditting him. e papr took a bag ananran f. this happened near 21st and sheldoon the wesside of cado thrst t spect esesed as a hisnic man his twenties with short dark hair, with a hea build. heheas wear a rkored shir the second d n isdescribed as a hisnic man n his s entiti with shobt dark hairirwi a thin builil he e e aring a green shirt.f yoyo know anything, call police...
7:59 am
8:00 am
i idarch 4thth, 2020. welcomombackcko cbss moing. momo real ne ahead includi new attacks against donald trump. plus, how the froro r rner flip-flopped on key i rig in thehe mdlofast night's debate but fifst here's t t eye openen. >> thehehekes s e high, the nomition, presidency and future o o the republican party. >> from this beginning, the fight was onon >> i see hillary -- >> hold on hold on. >> att the ohenight all o the folks on the stageaid they would ppppt him if he were he$% nominee. >> it swawaowowthe attack they are making.
8:01 am
demoaticorce launcncd n caaign >>t 0000 degeges are ering here in beijg. so erything arefefly choreogrgrhed. hecharity'seo has yetet to co in publly on e chchges s s he has overeren a period of exssive speing at wounded wawaior project. the production cpanyz und fireince she was cast. >> he wiwi join us from cuba with the highlightsdomis ekend. >> i wl be danng ekend. so goodod >ow l lg hava you had t tt pjc?c?>> 25 yeyes o oyusic w he everhad. wehould stop and get some new w sisi >> i'm charlie rose with norah o'donnl soled o'ien. gagae i i off. ld trump lt nig date fifititi off aacks and
8:02 am
he wassked whyhyeoldnene intervrewing the war in afghanistan s aaiststs a a ldldnother heveraid that >> truru said hmisspoke thehe first me and gave e new reason why e u.s.eede to invade. >> on afghanistan, i did mean iraq, ihink you have to stay in afghanistan for a gle cause e fact u are next to pakist whi has nuclear weapons and w have to protect th. nuclear weaponshae the game i was always against gng i ioo iraq. in f ft believev me i was always against itit >> mododatoror asked trumpp to exexain othe cflicti ements, toto >> within ove day -- et m mexplain. that you are right. let me explain. the fit time the question had en put to me it w early on. migration had j!st started. i waveve much like okay, by thtime i went back and studied it and they were talkiki aut bringing thohohods and thousands i changed myy tunes. i'm a big supporter of the
8:03 am
but in 2 20 wrote inouou book i generally opp_pe g coctrol bubu supuprt a ban on assault weweons. >> i d d not supuprt ban o o o assaulul inerer w w immratioind almost a athing else there has some t pull and dealal yoy have to haha some gotiation.n. mave discussed something like that withthhe "neneyork times" but i wouldldeverelelse off the air convsation i don't thinthats fair to dodo to anybody. sdplou flexibl you ohihihi issue. >> veryy flexie. >> you caepaign too this dad arares more visasor h hhlyy skilleleworkers s uld decimate americanankeke atthe debate you spoke in favor of these vis. which isit? >> i'mchchgigi. need highly skikied people in this untry. >> s syou are ababaoning the potionn yo weweite. >'m change aing itnd softening the`poon. becacae we h too have@alendd
8:04 am
>ou are n reasing the discussion with the "new york timeme behind c csed doors t tt will havsomeme asking on your immigration policies if you are pling to pele's fanta which is a a tactic y y praisisn yourur book "the artrt of the deal." >> i'm not playing tanyone's fafaasyies i'm playing to thee ca our country is inhh troue. > h said the visa deal onis website was not the one he was asked about last night. >> befororthe debate thee lasas gop nomeesenounced t vmppp ying he was a p pnynd frbudand john mccainin calald his national sesurititviews dangngous. >> ds s otr you to h he romney andccain coming after you?% no i didn't know mccain came ter me. has t tbe carerere
8:05 am
>> with us is the pololical coributor for ourigit network. john main's presidential aign manager i i 20000ning >>ood moin arlie.e. we askedohn dickersonn the same queseion. yoyoyotctc the debate after listening to full assault on donald trump from mitt romney, john mccain and others. last night thehesay t ey srt e nomine >> talkibout letting the air out thehetire. big day. teterd as`yo sasa vivious attack onp the former nominee which aost never happens. these gugu don't getnvolved i i campgns after they have beea nononee ee, espsplly if they havest. it wasextraoinarar tht debate tack, attack, attack onump. kas on defense allnight. e k k moment where t ty said are you pparedd to support donald t t if he' the nominee. everyone cavalierly said, sure, at's the problem?
8:06 am
>> it is wrapped up. someon neeeedknockoko p pch and didn't look likehey came to box. >> chris christie said ifou ienana the voters, , y y tel tpemheir choice is wrong, isn'thatat why they say -- >> the real risk k nominating dona trump because he'sphe leleleikely person to win the electiti. but we have seen voters don't carebout electability. they wanto t tow brick at the asaswall of washgtgtgt i think t tt'sthe esesblishmt ofofhehehe replicacaca parthas to start too gsed the idea thatfnaltrump wiwi be theiei nominee. >> youp talked about a knockout punch. he p pt ifandate sai i' chanaingbndoftening my posititi thaha would have b bn usususy y oughgh >> donald trump's candidacy is nobased on iologyr any sition. it is basd on i'not one of them. everyone on the stage w w the establishmenand the people
8:07 am
they did is they gave him ne monthss to solidify his base. he has the mosos intntsesesupportetetet t ts eleltitiwhou look at theerer his people aren't gling anywrere >> does yo party des this candidate? i t it isphat we created. when you spend y yrs saying the institutions tha you he built, the republican party, the coss, t white house are all corrupt d evevevithin your own party, when youhrhrhr peoplee under the bus consntly, w gt do you tnk the v vers s ll get the mess age on. >p i it to show you one point donald trump madabout his t blgt and his ability t/t/t featilla clinton. he sayss the polls show he would bebe hilla clinn. if you look at real polol avavage he is thehenly o o on the stage that would not defeat hillary clinton if the e ect were held today. >> leaea likely candidate tdo ll.
8:08 am
thirterm of barack obamis not ananttractiviv ncept. she'e'ta thata as part o her campaign. >> to be clear, donald trump saidisne pollllll th is t age tls anahdona t ump fairs the wors >> i don't think i iis a a issue. en y y lookt thth e e e polls, is s12,2% o the voters thin electctilid is the numbe one issue. we h he seen from john mccain, mitt4romney and other repubuicans, they don't think he ualified to bebe president. they seemm to beaying we nuiny wowry about the f furur the cououryry if donald d um ispresident. >> i thinknkheirrns well found andlegitite.. ey c ce at it wh an open mind. they know poticscssn't a bean bag d you don't always get thehe candidate you want but this can day raiaisi c ccerns wther he wod administerr t t nation. >> and secondly, wl he destrtr the party? >> ihinkhety is in the process of ting t figurur out hoto do that emselves.
8:09 am
police it is in this. ey h he let donond trump grgr. d cruzto next dal trp nemp akem e ti >> a nor sai we veobyto but urutlf. >> iidtaythat. >> i didn't say that ot>>t the c cditete t party deserves. okok. thanyou. >>ypleasure. the bostsn marathoho bombing claims part of aallroom dancer's l but shes running a ra. . i think runununun a marathoho is ararimpossible >> yeah, i agage. hehe the ld today, highs in t t 60s to 70s. mild and dry ugh the weekend. monday and
8:10 am
be coolewith c cnces for owerer we willarar and in mdlof nt @
8:11 am
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rosie'my best friend. elyn likes to dae. harriett wts her`rried rimpwewe.
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8:15 am
t evev igine how issibly ge thememha gme. >ithe worlrls olst annualarathon. what happened in boston on aprpr 15th, 13 c cnged the h htori ent forever. three peop wer killed and 260 hurtfter a pair of bombsebt natd near the finish ll.. amononthe most severel woundnd that day was adriaiae hasletedavisis ofessional ballroom d dancer who lost part of herer left leg. her three-year recovery haseen inful and d dcult@ but relience and determination mean she can stand andve dance aiaiainextxtmonth, adrdrnne plans to overerme what she saysss her biggggt challenge yet -- completing theac never dreamed of running. >> the mestones s at you hav ma running. >> yeye. >> w w was that mean reporter: adrianne haslsl-davis is making good o a promise.
8:16 am
long. >> reporter: to complete the boboon marathon. >> ias l l li can rn. i'm f f f rorr: so you are g gng t ruthe bosnn mathon? >> i am. >> reporter:r:re you a r rner? >> i am now. running fofome wastoure, i would run a block, , w wdednd elelike i was going tdie. >> rorte now you are missing part of your leg and going to run a a marathon. think of that. >> yeah, bizarre. >> reportere we are here on ballon streeherethe finishh lili is. he birdsre chirping, beautil day,imilar to that day.y. >> reporr:r:he stood on the street here threyeyeye ago tc the r%rnersshey crcrsed the finisis ne. adrianananould not be abab to walk away. n i ask a aut that day? whwhe were youou on that
8:17 am
the finis lins behindm.i hehed a loud blast and put my ngs in m m ears and i don't owowow i@t i k kw it was errost and i knewewnother w w going to hi next tng i knew i was o o o t ground i thought,t( well, i don't have any experiencen this. there's s way you can live through something like this. >>eporter: after her l ler leg was putated, adrianne@ begeg a ng,, difficult receserry. >> i feelic i can stay asositive as possiblbut it doesn't mean the e tside world won't hurt me. >> scaca looking? > notot a a >> i thankful it was as raws it was andd i capred the raw momonts. ow! >> i wanted toe emotionlyly nest a a asible.e. >> repter: what was it likee t
8:18 am
>> gosh, tha moment was amazing. i remembmbtainin up and thenn st as anye would, had both hands free. yoyocould e emotion buildldp. d i lost i >te adrdre's difffffft dadadaixed with lestone s. e prpressional dcer madadher way back on stage, but with suess cameme haship. >> it affffted yr marriage. >> it did, , ah.. t -- yeah.h. >> reportete adrianne and her husbandh adam davis who w also injud d ring thehe bomomng began their recovery together but have sinceepated.% e toto us, they agreed not to didiuss their split publicly. how has your life changed? every way possibibib look at life so d d&drerere now. i'm more patient with people. ip didn't t tnk i w tienen fore b b i'mhh more patientnt with peop.
8:19 am
>> yeah, i am. i will alwayay feel that i'veearnede r rningleeallll helplpututith thatatn a go way. i bebeeve e f flingng e eit of that a notot bying it s so yon realat enjoyy t good days. >> caller: like repepter: like thatatou said my life is t defined by hapapned to me. >> want my life dened by w i live i4iand not just an amtete and marathon survivor. nonef usuare.e. i think it is importrtt to rememberow far you have come, as well. i have days whwhe i think`i haven't comehatarar at a,a,a which sounds crazy to say butut you u t in thesese min sets a it's imptant to see,e, youow,to seeeeee howowave come >he's comeery far. she is also doing it to support e efforts o o lbs for li,
8:20 am
li-c.ainrosthetics f ffeowmputssn neededulululfi oore aboulis fofet c thi mornrnrncoco where a aiannee talksks out testiin in front of a ma sentenced to death n for er s m in t teers wt sheasas been througug and t t try to f fdometetng sitive o o of that experience. >> >o a marathon. to those t tt have bh of our legs it is hard to dond she is doing it with h prosthetic. >> i love that youou said, she learned patience.. and number two, s issot going to let a athing like thatdefine who she . >> she's remarkable.. grere story. >> we areootingoryou. >> ablute.. adpnow. w th cemem s srtrttfe idod d r re in aa wilil bebend that's up next on cbs this rning.
8:21 am
spsore winws upgrate gradtodaand doreat t wena-business. s 10eaus gegethe e rd obout hra gre day d thi@ grady and d g tngug grade day and do gre thingnginine
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>> tomorwtaed thedirod g ra ik ockhas to a train. seven frei cars f fd witht snow arrived in ancrage yesterday. the cici has seen only a third of thee@ average snowfall si november.
8:25 am
ed fm cup goodbye.. hello. hay friday! temperatures are startingngut in the 30s to near 40s this mning. we have clouds momong rough as well today.y.e'll be warm and breezy this ternoo highs will rereh for the 60s and 70s along with mainly y cocoioions...... ere's a slight chae for a passing s s er or two throroh the pikes peakegion mid afternoon inin the evening erall it will be maiy dry. aside fr some bouts of h hh h ouds, we'll st mild and dr throughhe weekend. this should a great stretch of days to enjoy some time outdoors. we'll start to see some changes toward the beginning of next week... returning
8:26 am
pear in n e next 7-d-d, along withtb cool downwawaer tps andrier conditions return fofo thsecond half ofofext week. increasing volume so far. some slowing through h me of the coucti s zones.straffic ving smoothly to denver a a puebo. katie or dave.
8:27 am
for the firstptime... . udents in one s sthern cololodo school district will buckle up on t t way to schoolnl school distric11 showed us one of theses that w wl get at-bel. e distct says parents haveexprsed concerned@out betls f/r years, bud it t until the nationalalafy council endorsed t tm last year that a seriousonversation veloped. d-11 wiwl ususthe three at-b-bd equipped busses for standard bus routes, and for all schoolol field trips.s. the beltltwill very similalato whwh yousesen a car. cher weaver, transportation mar, d11"7ararexcite about and st awering p pents qutions about why we don't't ve eeat belts. but to i thk this sill be a v vy positive thior district t and thstudents diststct1." ririt now- dtric h the instatat beon three schbuss in the ne three monthth in t t fure,nyrand new bus will have the e lts. we arerenjoying a few waer temperatures lately. colorado springn police ho eryone will visit our r ails ananparks, b add a word of
8:28 am
your car at lol rks. poli say sometimesn ding items ononhe floorardr or r the trunk isn't t oughghthieves will l lk under coats and blankets. detectives warn crooks can do o lot of damage if they can steaeaa edititard or drivers lie. we talked to polici abobo an incrcrse i i break-ins. 2u:54:00 pmpmle a going outnd joying our parks ourutrails and d r didiert hiking areas, theyeyve their cars`st thar!as d we're seeing t tse cars broken to. they encourage all of us to never leave thosos r keys in yoururar.
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8:30 am
goolbye.. welclme back to "cbs this morning." welcome back to cbs thihi rning. coming up ififhis hour hour,, brandi chastain's ever lasti goal. her pled to o ience. we will looook at how she could helplpop close a gender gap when it comes to concussion research. and how hompapas himsese asp the on demand car gigigis numbers soar it is time too show you the hehelineround theglobe. business insider says the united statesovernment agcy is claiming a breakthrough in batttty techchlo thisechnolooy would apparently leapfrog r rrch pushed byyill
8:31 am
they say it could rereke auerica's power grid within a decade.e e seatt times listened to sound from theepepe s on effort. rfcorded seven miles benth the 0 ocean i i guam. scientistst at would be quiet, but this is what they heard. th sound isved d be the call of a wha or dololin. passing ships wererso heard byy rerearchers.s. the recording mighthte the f fstst at sucucle th heprs owtheirirrail f f f th comimihost sters" reot. >> it is a clala f fr t aberraraoa. >> thahas okay. she seems peaceful.
8:32 am
movie willring back the fun of the 1984 original all the new ghost0bustete are wome sony i i lanninina release t ts summerer we will oi toooat that movie. >> definitely. >> forovne reportsp on boeing's efforts toake the bathroom the cleaeast spot on the plane.the company has sf cleaningg lavatory and i iuses ultravietetet lighto clean germrm no w wd on whent wil stalonaneses g gdd f f t tsese inn the m me high clul5 >> what do y ynow about the mile high club. . . >> i jt heard about it. just . new york daily news reports on how a -- teamed upith an -g to create play list for
8:33 am
just treathe is one, don't panic,er pssurend with or withoutu. d. >> retirere soccer great andi asasin has a new contribututn n to ort.t. she plees donatee her brain fofo conssssn reseah after she dies. wpwpwp how she could be a role model for women asoccer. >> noo oneneill l er forget andidichastain's g geinni penanay kick at the wld cup final and h h sportbrbr celebration seen around the world. but that's n n thenly way she wants to be e memb. >> i'm compell to d more if ican. >> reporr: rered from soccer d nowworking a a coa at santa cla universrty, chastainn
8:34 am
she s known fororeanghe ll o o key plays. sheelieves she sufferereat least two c c cnsutasas noh lalaing symptomsns scientists s exang former athletes brains, sh asashass chtainin couldelpo diagnose and treat ct >>hereotnongh formatn canan lookk to see whetheheeang c a f dage. rep she h hes t research leaeaeao sic guguelin for kids, includi raising the e e tha kid c c head the ball from 11o 14$% and greatat i i in tototo concussisiaffefe women. i xhink everyes talng aboutoncuions. yewe werer only talking in t male specific category. >> r rorter: the sports coussion institute sayocce the numumr one cause of
8:35 am
the307 brains examid o o seven were frorowomen.n. >>e don't underd the long-term effects ofin trauma of temale brain. >> reporter: after reachg the pinnnnle of the socrworld, thei goals areuseded aren mal field. fee mononibutiono sooue m mhend re lonr lasting and this is one way for me to dothat repr:or cbs ts moroing, s, s clara. >> goooo for her. real great. >p>> uber r o o of the world'd' most d druptive companies. the ride sharing service celebrates itsenth anniveary.y. sisie 2009, the growth has s expled. ubeb has more than 160,000
8:36 am
h a aideangi cotindxpd drivesesis ingeit >> you havavdedeloped a p pfile of aoungan -- >> ihink itss- how should i i put ? we looat a a of@ theities and e hundredsf millions of binsnspeoplennnitieie around the world and know transportiononystems therere noterving everybody's needs. even in new yorkith a grere@ ssns system, there's still 5 mililon cars er t tseseriesry day. weelieve w can helhe city bter i mos successful entrepreneurs are n waiting for success and n niing for ogogss.
8:37 am
ardeaninghen i icomes to tryingo o o progress happen. >> y y have become, i ink, i ve with thedeaa thatou havep been parar of, and you can't wait to push the edgdg o&owhat it is. >> i think whaha is, f f , itit about problem solol a loving solveprprle. if you are psiate abo lvg prlems- set i like t descre thi asmagine lly greatathross wi no proble to lve. right? a great math professoso somody o wants theardede problems who wants tooolve thehee an loves solving them, thatat how ieel abmy work. it is noabout a manin a hurry.itits more about interestingng problems in thehe world and how u leann to them aolve thingsgshat people thouohtht ret ss t sve a's f f. . . >> $65 bil cocoanhangnnggg
8:38 am
he's's thehe second biggest c cpany that'sone inchina. >> thehe sayometes the most successful tech companinin cheha. >> with all kinf ibilities and d 's a ha-driving guy. more with him tonight. that tononht on the ram. aysrylong aeautudud hi iai ho e enesshe dth of a oumother.( the yfendhaed wh murder a halff mild todod, high the 60so 70s.ild and y througthe weekend. monday and day y ll be cooler with chahaes for owers.e will war
8:39 am
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8:41 am
8:42 am
> the come la river gorge is a gagaorikers in the nonoes in009, the t tstinrrow mountainououtrls attracted a aspiping model and her yfrid. tomorr night p per van st lookhat' young motherer bizarre predicti how her hike could end. here's a preview. >> fm theirst mom he@et onon cas he kneee m thehe gi his drea >heirhon,, notng cod compar i was beyond smitten with her. when our daughter was born meant everythi to her. beme the focus ithe center theheare e fe.. likikr ment.
8:43 am
>> when theiei dter s months old, rhonda@eturned too her ototrpassio modelelgn neneo loloweig. >> shehehee up wite idi e go let's hekhe m mouss in or. sosohat tas our goal. >> reporter: as rhonda and even madededheiriray upp this trail, they had somechallenges it wasbout 40 0 grs and the wewer was spotty. there were chlengeses by theimimheyeade this ,, t weather had turned suddenly rhonda slipppp ofofa trtrtr >> a m m saidhe fell off he clifi&st nit. >> traracacacdent. >> her bnd jessica callllanminono conversation ababt that hiki.
8:44 am
>> what t ulul s s s t y y y >> she sd h eithe@rr@ pposese to me@rill me. repororr: nhols was estioned but with lititit phal evidedce collected by detectives a ahe sce a n eyewitifsses no crg w filele rhonon's motr julia simmons kept preingnvestigators f sws cvi sphen nichols pushed herer daughter off th trail. >> i asked whyothing was happening. >>icls movov on wit his life,ovovg to chinaor work and to r his dahterer tperss e en roe. >> i v vy much in lovovwith m m m chinese fiance. ter: five l lg years passedednt g jy wa ll to o reviewllf the circumststtial evidenen. their decision, ann inctmeme nichols had no idea when he stepped off a plane in february
8:45 am
arged theheururrr of rhon ca > peteranantsitit u us mor what led theheestt all of ose yea lar? >>vidence winoin bu early 2014, best-sellingngruimim a ahor evenenackson sent an e-mail to e precutor saying i'm going to wriri a akbout this case and jusce doesn't't seem toave been srveded the e xt dby the procutor wreses back and says is titi t t put it be@ the people and a grand jury is call >>s e any evidee that@ h puedher? >> ,here's p pcal l edencer yeyeyeyesesesese thtt day. ave beent thahaha very spot. it was` rainy, , ipry and according g sphen nicho, rhonda was skippin down the path when she slied and fell. in thahaa thelo about ur people a year o falls. >> congraralation laweek's shoheighehe tete t teason hour es. ppy.
8:46 am
you can watch peter's full rerert "trai tearar torrow niniat9:00, 8le:00trtrt re onn c@bs. > > xt, ththbeptimof the week. will look at all that mattedhis s week. the kirevisited. >> o
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
mornin" that does it for us. ourhanknsoedad'brien fofosittininin for gayleking. gayle will beack onmonday. . >> i appreciate that. thank you. >> i wille reporting from cuba. a live coverage of this weekend's primary and caucus elelti watch our 27ig nwork cbsn. let's look bacac at w wt happened
8:50 am
>> look tho has. he referredd tot my hands att basketball a a saall hahas. i guarane you, t tres no probleletherer >> winner take all. winnene takes l, this thi is over. >> w wt aauper tuesday. >> cleaned ulast night. >> s s won tononon g. >> instead off buiuiing walls, w are going to brbrk down rriers. >> republicacarivals remain the odds. . onald trump isis c cartist! >> if donalds nominated w lose the presidency. >> you seemo o sayg hillary clintowilleat donald trump. >> i'm not so be singg at. i am saying that. >> this ishere the thiev bashed their waynto the g g e.e. >> firrms eyey tomit thimes. the nude vid rememns on n e inteet. >> it was all ov the internet!
8:51 am
>> the soyuz spapaship brought scott kelly backo earth. >> >'m here at thth academy awards, otherwise e ney as t the white peoplele chohoho bwards. the oscaroes to "spotlight." >> thank you all for this azinawardd toninit. >> i'm a danish girl! ththe are good, girl! >>uper tueueay super tete. >> super! >> charliend john willl be back in just a very few hours. >> we hope! >> the s sen states that trump $ naldldrump won@^ere shock, dedial, guilt, anger, bargainingdeprpron, , d alabama!
8:52 am
mimi in the aitonight >> swe might seeou play agai >>es! damn! id it! yes. u mit. >> i can ruan! i'so fast! >> youe going r the boston marathon? >> i i >> arereou a runr? >> im no >> i'm so reaea to g g in shape! will getshshe! it gets better aner! >ow did you find out about esday cupcakes? >> fack. the cupcakes`oo aming! >> i've never been a fan of cupcakes. >> youikikwe thinin. >> i d. >> i know you lik sweet things. >> moving on!
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tay move hello. happy friday! temperatur are ststtingngut in th30s near s this morning. we have clouds mong through ell totoy. wll be rmrm and breeee thiafternoon. higig will reach for the 6060and 70s s ong with mainly dry conditns.... therers a slsnht chance for a papaing showererr r& two ththugh the p)kekepeak reon m afternoon tohe eveningoverall it will be e inly dry.
8:56 am
any, through t weekend. this should be a eat stretcof ds to enjoy some timimoutdrsrs we'll att to see some changes towawa t t t t bebebeinof next work weeee.. returnin ances for rain and s sw showers, though h major rtorms appear in the n nt 7-day, along w wh a cool down. warmer temps and drier conditions returnrnor t sececechalf of nextxteeee looking ahead... for the first time... students one souern colorata schl district will l ckle up on
8:57 am
scho district 11 shohous one of t t tusses that will get seat-belts. the district says parents have expressed ncncned about the betls s r years, but it wasnt until e e onal s s sy uncil endorsededhem last year that a serious conversation deveped. d-1will use the threseat-b-bd eqeqpp busses standard bus routes, and for all scol fie trips. the bebes will very siuilar to what you use ia car. cheryl weaver, trqnsportation manager, d d"we aretcited about and juju answering pararts quesons out why y don't ha seat belts. buto i think t is will a very positive thing for district 11 d d e students odistri 11." right now- distrtrt 11 h the s to install st lts s three sool busses e e xt thrhr month the futurur a brara new bus will have the belts. new this morning -- bigger planene more flhts and fefecanceleltis helped bump ssenenr traffic thehe colodo springs airrt i i jajaary. that'sordingur partrers at tpe gazett dung j jury traffic was at the`highes
8:58 am
years.s.he airport credits t t traffic imovememe-to the qoute "continunu strength of our marketplace." righw-- the u-s honoag is s s do. . ilil d d dayeded for hours todaye e ur f f facyear falle corporal nate carriganan served. jeffern n unty depepities got the flag yesterday and d esented it his momoeryou'll recall carrigan was killed in the line of dutyty while sean eviion noce. a memori will l held fofo carrig on march 14th and fafah bible chapel in arvadadait is at 11 a-m. happeniniptoday -- you can now buy this collectctctct stamped envetopeperom m e post offifi. it's celebrating t t brononsupur bowlwlin. areavailable post offices herin sssshehe colororo, but can order it by y il. it cosos 1 1 dpllars. we've post that information on
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it goodby.
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without havi to deal th cle. yes and? and...there's whole home dvr. plpl tons of o odemand options so you canat whatever, whenever.yes and? why you g g g epepaying th? it'she f f f r re of`yaying "y"y a," we accepthe e ality eated by oururomedy papaners, paul. yes, rigig, , know do you? e a a llywd ininder@ rism tv fromomenlinknk now, froroyour bakakg g ws leader, this is kktv 11 news at 9. a sneak peek oyour m mning ather. ininust a minutewe'l'lhahaha lolo at your forecect with teorogist t ily roehle hell i'm dave nancarrow and i'm sarah schwabe.


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