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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  March 7, 2016 7:00am-9:00am MST

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good morning. itititmondnd, march, 202 welcomomomcbthis mng." aatnonors thehe rererkle life of influential first lacyreaganan w wl talk to those who knew r, about her love a legaga. thebs ns investigation into trump ununersityty what former sdents and teachers reve. . . > and hilliamss a her crew cacaht in th cha i i aq a b b bee againiv sis. egeghis u@rning with a look at totoy'y'"eye opener." ur world in 90 seconon.(( >open your e es to life. to see it in the vivid colors that god gav us, a a precicis gift t tenjojolifeo ththuls fullllt. remember america's eadfast first lady.
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heheependedn you. >> well, that could be. voted against he mon that ended u savininguto industry. >> the gloveveme o i i the demoatdebate. >> y yr friend destroy this econony >>- >xcusme,'min >> marcoouxub major@ victory ininuerto rico. . >t hahato be head-to-head. >> ^ wou l to take o ted, >> deadly storms sitit the weses ast and ergency amsad t t t rescue team. >> lightningnd damagingind gusts. >> the endndfdan er in n e nfl. peon manning i imembering. >> onef fhfh g gatest nfl ayers of a a time. >> a day te gun eist caut on camer and f fr thievev g away with handgdnsnd colltible rifles. >>llhat.t for thein!
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>> john kasich in i i i got this endorsemenrorr arnd schwarzegger. >>hen he wenento washington, kicked some serioususus butt. >> and all thahamaers. >he electric music group led by dipl playe to a a b crowd in havana. >> sop muchh preseseatiotime. >> preseingg tititi >> like a time cacaule. >> my joy isng mrs rald reagan. does she e er seeersese as a separa person? no, i i never always as nancy reagan, she ntinues, mlife began with ronniend p%pple chuckled. >> t ty ucuced butut it did.announce ts poion of "cb this m mningngsponsod by toyota. let's go places! welcomomto "#bs th mornrng." ncyea bei membed f f h fe votion t her husba and for
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lady. nancy aonald reag's more thalf century partnership helpededreshape americann cs. she s a stysh a sometimeses controversial first t and the popur esost usted adviser. >>gh patti davis itesesquote, death alway feels like a sur just a a whenenyatatated. there is comfort in feeling surrounded by gele t tughtht and kind whes and oftenent out by strangs. >> naneaganied yesrday at 94 os angeles atter home congestive het fail >> t you for y yr love a thank you forusteing u. >eporter: more than h hffff nancy reagan's$s 94 yearsrs were enbebe her beloveve husband, prididt naldldeagan. >he fst l l the u ute ststes, nancdavis reagan
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loyal. she was his protect andost trusted nfident. ananrancnc dav was bornnd took her stefather's name to bebebe nanan davav.inin hololwoodhe m r rald an theeadthee rs guild. in their52-yeariage th starredn a filmher "hellcatof navy." beforeeaviviollywood to the polilical age. as sng as t first f fily in liforniaiaiaer h hbandon the ident. bobocallijo f fst met t couple in 1981. >> he kekeke everybody. made suree h good people
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she was really the personnel dictor of f e whqte >> reporter: theyndured a a sassinatiwa a mpt on the priden andultipl controversrss inch first lady washerget. she on#camam under f fe f ring 0,000 white house induri a receceion. esidint t me t her defense. thehe hasaseen no newhina for thehite house since the truman adadniration. >> reporter: m m. reagan famouslyly lauauaudu a c cpaign agaiait drugugabuse. >> jus say nono rorter: follolong thehe esident's 1994lzheheer's diagnosis, she contrtrersialalal advocatedd for s smm celresearch and in 2002 s(eke about ei bononithh "60 minutut" mike wawmace. h h depepdeddn. .@ >> well, that could be. but iasn't a politician,, ke. rell, nancnc >>ut - -
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thartnershsh br an ncy h how to answewe a repo's's questi. doioi everythin we can.n. >> d dngd everyrying w caca >> reporter: at the presidentg 2004 funeral she emotionally kissed his caskeke and d divered s s ave every yeye aftftftft at e ronana rean prpridenal library. e, too, will be l l t t t res along husband. >>hank you fororhe bottotof my heart. >> reporter: athe 199696 reican convention, the firstst lala reflectet onheped li t leded tothererer >>t s sting, it t ss chleg, iwas fascinating, it was sometimesfrererenin there were times itmedhat e sun forgot toshin but ose dada h he dimmedn
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complishmemes at nowow glow brhtly. arrrrgements are b bng madad this morning to honor nancy reagan's life andnd to l h ho . moners have en placing ower andndardst en reagag libryryry simivallll buried. bebetracy is the right nono n, g gd morning to o you. repg9 gd monoinof course, sbemorning here at the rgaresidentialliliary. we are stagh in n massisi ar that housesir f fce@ e, plahahasidede and s.gan usedh@ravel e rld w wlele hwas i i offici. and, y kw,w,rs..eagan has been so ded to this presidential library as aayay of sasaguarng hhusbsbd's legacy. thfolks here at the library tell@l they have fe boardrdrdrd meetinvery yearndnd uil her health fafaed, s s had attendmd nearly everyingle o o as tuner detetls for the former first lady, those are still being worked tareeold the publicc wiwi havav a c ce to pay the ec to the former first dy before she iaid to restt reret thee presidential brary.
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the sasatt right next t b bught back here and id to rest justt as the sun set in t t west. he`wanted to fac west toace the paficioceaand on alear day, you can see itrohis hillto >> beautul. thk you,u,be gs atathee united s s catoare flyingt half-staffonororf nancy rerg. prest ama a f f f fy michelle obama paitrtrute frfrfre whithohoe. they said our former f f lady redefineneheherolelen her time ear here. >> peggyoonan was apeh wrirer for p psisieagan and s news c ctributor a awall jou" columnist. th us is "6060inutes" correspoplentesley ah who vet rere white goododmorning.c
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>> oh, she hadlenty of influence. is was the rond andancy reagan were notnlyy areat loveffair andreat marrgede theh w we a greatat partnership. she oked out f him. spe mamaureee hadad time to think, t te to do what he hadddo and made se people didn't take advange of him. she also was somne who bluntly ld her huhband her shsh didn't try to be, you u ow, ragginaway at him, but boyoyn big things, sheold him what sh thouout. >> you know she ragged away at him. you knonothah. >> no. i me in an irritatingaynd ewod to the t ttut wnn she ha a b b o her bonnet, did shehstay on the subject?t? ye she did. >> s ste in owner bioioap fofoeighghgh y yrs i slept with the pridenenan ifhat doesn't veou speci acacssss don't know whades. >> thais exact it >> sh areatne. talk about the aess andow she used it.
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greadeae of influence on reigigpolicy. >> k k somethin first ladies, genellre n n n appreciaand d lebred. i i n't mean for their influence t their ability to help hold the countnt together. presidents don't trust anybody cept theiririves. they are the p p pe theyo hometotond bad t tngngng arou. honestst,hepasery power d not j jt inho he hiselectct in terms of the staff, but in ter of policy. >> bub he clearly relied on h too. that clip was very tellinghehe e sasa we are doing the best we can and then heee repeats, we ardog -- he r rllyy r ried on r -- ores theredency went on and he began to falter a litt bit. butcoulul notr a a there were times whe@n s litetelly was thentereretf the world in his r. >> i'm str b how she wanted to make surereigig peoplpl
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>> s. if sheidn't t someone aroundim wasroteingis rptectg- ptectinin hihiasaswe,hen she fouou a way -- t getetff scene. if she gha c cef of f waso longe useful? gone. >> he m a a mistake. i think he hung up a phone on hewhen s w talking t him and that was s stf -- >> ttawas the d of it. . >> that was the endn good-bye. she als felt h%h wasn' - - that h h wasn't propping ronald rereanpn the way shehought sulhaveveveen. trying toake toouch power for himself and letting it be known. >> there iwere some go ces o much. >>heran contntversy. >> t gre luke cannon the
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toeggy noonqn ad ncy edim t apologiziz on he finallyisis to her,@, beginning. >> his numbers went up. >> his numbers bounced right back up. >>he had a better sense, i hate ty publicicrerelatis. shehhadd better@ sense thi wasn't woing, we hao do isisnd i ihini h did and she vered th plala f him. yoth reay kwher. peggy, i you'll start us with this. can you tell us somethihi about thatetnow thatt you fe c cfortable s s s s >>h. i saw a great deal o her in the pasten years. i got in the habit o -- she was veryryct member@r@ of the reagan f fndation andeagan library boards. so, wn we would go outut there for a a b brd meeting, i wouldleeee her and i got used to going t t her house@ and talking with her and this was -- she was s such
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raraer sly her obseseations. shshwassike a girl/girl. she loved ssipip nancyeagan ssed? we aove gossip, pegggg >> is ver unnd and nev judgntal. it was part of the historyf humans. know s s loved gossip. she e ve seeing whos seeeeg on who and who looks great a what d he do?( i uld sa unfortutetuturies foher and hahf the t te she would sasasahaha is fou but the othehehalflfhe w w w i know that. yououaw a f fny se her? >> i did. i o ly sawhemage when startetevering thehitete usu. theyen onheir first european trip and peggyasas a ve i iluential sech writerr at that time writi for him. it was a triumph. itas a triuh. on the flight home, i ias in the pool andnd weere invitet bac from ann off-the-record sip of@ champagne e d i i saw a a raucous side of n ncy rerganever dreamed was in there. funny, hilarioususus
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toast. thenent to t t and intvi r. i sasa to her,r, press secrcrary, we have tohow the public ts loloe n nancy reagan and they agreed. gave ma& interview. the minute the camera went on, up wenthe masksk >> thankououermuch. >he public neve saw it. >> goodo se you. >> great to ve both of you here. ank you. former secrerery of@stst colin n well will b b witit us in ounext hour as we r rember ncy anan th is ahead. >> the m m whohoant bth xt republican presidentre also honoring mrs. reagan ted cruz teted@she will be membered for her deep p p n for this nation and loveor her husband. mamao r rio@o@o called herer w w idible gce a stngng. kh scscheheas tataclac donaltrump tweeted that e waan ang woman. majogarrett in whihihi is trackinihisp year's repubcan campaign. majo good moing. r>rorter: g gd morning. history echo c be h hnthe tributeso the reagan famimi.
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tablisenennot@ once but twice and backing barry goldwater in 1974 and rning againsterald ford in 197676 so it is ain wititvery different chararaers andunting for new w legatiti andnd n n degeneration of f e republican rty. >> i need yr rereesent. it's c chhimee now. . eporr: marco rubioio swept puerto rico's primary a welcome victory after r super saturday rout>>theesld of puerto rico i wo70%f tha voto a ahe imary a the 2delegate reporter: t t win near hours donald d ump adved rio quit. >> ihink it'mee dropsps out.hh i wod love toake on ted one-e-ne. >p r rter: t tmp andndndnd tedruz lirdrd'stest and ump won narroynentucky dd louisiana and cruzz swamped trumumansasa and maine.@. >> hshou dellnaine beuse itery yloseptonada leface it. >> reporte cruz c ctured a majority of the delegates at
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now trails trump by jt 81. >> we eeeeegomeogethe beuse`theyey recognizing th their canandatete weot in a pososion t bt ld. >>epororr: onfahe natiti," cruzzaidrump was loomentummndnd procte would ortake t fronrunner, avoididi a fightt theparty's conventiti. >> the bunch of washington almakers try to step i i a okered convention andndte the nononatiti? i ththk weweill hav a a manifeses upupsing. >> reporter: trump defended mself as afier and strongererpponent for h llaryry clintnn and again sought t@o clify his posion on hate groups likik the ku klulla i i i't'tike any group of hate te grororoare e t fofo. t i'veaiai t ts re. reporter: tru also argued for changigi the law to allow for the use o extreme meaeares tonterroga terro suspects. >> we have to beathe savaging. reporter: by being savages? >> no, well, yououave to play the game the w w tar ing g e meme >> reporter: f fr contestsoo tomoith ig pri
7:17 am
pol shows trump lngngh39% ananru in sesd 24 a a folledome disncey rubio d jn kasich. >> thank you, r.r. >>ur battlegroundrack sh hillaryrylilion leading rnie sanders by 11 points in michigan's democrati primary race.. sanders won susuay's caucus vote in mainin he also tped kansas and neaskaauauaus on turday. hillary clinton wo saturday's louisiana primary. eds the delegate count 1,0 toto 476orernie sanders. nay coes is in flint, michan, where the candidates arguedhey areh -- >> it is rainini lead in flint. >>ple e e no paying water bill for poioin water! >> rorter: clinton and s sde courted d d hometown ltight king big promiseso an audience tstililcan' dnk its wawar. >> i got bill for trillion
7:18 am
jond rebeilding flint, michan, anan helelng communies all over the country. >> thankhyou, senar. we will commit withiniviv ars toememe lead from evevywhehe. . reportetehen n e debatat rned to e ecomyndade, sanders pound. >> secececry c c con supportet virtually every one o these distst trara agrereends, writ by cororrate america. >> reporter: clilion argued it wasandererwho ababaoned miiganan wororrs at aricaca titi >> i votve the ao indudu he voted a ainstst the monen tha industry. i iyouure tatkiut the wall strtrt bailouououhere som of yr feids desoyed thi economy y >> you knoww -- ->> excususme talking. >> let him finish. >epororr:t t s one of a fewew pesky exchans. >> the nr can i i nishsh ease. >> reporter: thehettacks didn't get personal,, at least n n thehe tackon eachher. >>e are,f elected pren goini to ies lototfoney
7:19 am
you know why! >>ter:nt i goi on t ttineffff attackutut the au bailt.shreleased a new radio a this morning here and an a aroach thatbamasedd effectively agagnst romney in theeneral election in 2012 andinnini inn michch despite the fact that mitt romneyegrew up here. >> the debes a never dull l ersididid e hly willis on the front linene oututde of iraq's sendargest city.y. >> isi is thoht thave sevel t tusand f fhtsn mosul.l. nothey areretoppppg cilns from leaving the city and it meansffecvely tha y hamo thamillion hun shields. >> hollyly is itheiddle chances for showers this afternooin t pikes peak ruononelsewhere y with higig fire danger.
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and colethen dininback out announcer: ts s,rtn of "cbs this morning" sponond ntas.
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with highs in n e 40s and 50s. iks be partrt clcudydynde will see better chchces for some light spottshowers in the aftereoon and evening. wsday w w w similar t tsdsd wititower chanans anancooler temperatures. by thuday, condititis y out allowing sunshin mild w wther to return for the d of the work week. . incrcbsi volole on all of our @ mpjors this mornin buwe a s iident free!@ here's a live look at nevada ave end cimman street this mororng. we e still seeiomomslowowg onon powers blvd d academy is
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tie. we're acking an 11 breing news alert... deputies wthe el pasascounty shererf's offifirereinveigatg bububury. it happphing on couch place in security... near highway 85. here live lookokt the scene ririnow. here's'shat we know: we are told one person is hurt... three suspects are invnvved. they gotway in a siljlr r. we have a crewscene e rkinin to get mor
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bye.. their r ee concm drew more than 1000000 people. >> wow, wow, wow. and there'e' charl rose. guess whatatee did thi weekend? enenthe e ekend inn cuba with diplo. shsh you what happens i their me tetheromorrow on bs this rnrng." w wt normall reet close together. at was for the caeera. >> it loooo likik a bidf a bromomce. peopleer wondering. that defl falal on --- >> ty said it looked better in the camera sho >> ye >> think of charlie ro list ofofofl things to do u were going t tbe there ts rnininbut t cause of the bpeaeang news w)wh nancy you're
7:31 am
>>t's areontho be i havana... plo's there, the president's coming, rolling stonesear coming. >> charlie saide was going to be dancing all weekend. ve bn waititi for hose ctures.. >> i was r rdi about@ that. >> duty calls. >> can'tait to see. >>ndut can be hardd too. d can be alef n too.mi upn thisalf hour, trump university, w we t ty encouraged toax out tir r creditards? ahead, what our cbs newsss out andndnd h t t repeplica identialalrontunnenene defending the school. cbsews cameras captuted guire in nhe latest btlee ainsns isis. cbs news r rorterolly williamss was there. hls
7:32 am
the globe. "the new york times" reporlr north koreapreemptive nuclearar attackckh nortreha mad similar threatatbefore. >he "atlanta journal-constitution" reports on former presidentimmy carter annnuncici tha he no l lr needed cananr eatmtmt. he shared theery goodod newst s regur sunday school class in g grgia afafr ththlawing lasasgust, heeveuled he h melanoma thaeedtotois brain. aa s stem is hitting northern california now andill hehe southt firefighters i i lososngeles scscd four people stranded yesterday sging water along the a. river. isisi is claiming respspsibility this s rning for a masasveve scide truck b/b/bng
7:33 am
it kled more than 60 pepplee ndnd inorth , t t united ates ishelping local troop p for a newff against isis in irir's secon rg.. hollwimsmsnd herre got caught up in the middle of the chaoao holly, goomorning. reportete goomorning. iriri andmerican leaders hava been talking about recapturing mosul for@ver a yfar nowow 's still not clear when the tong-awaitededate will actuallyhappen. but we visiteded kurdish troops outside thehe city who were alady puttinuphe ofofnsiv twenty miles frommosul,urdrsh ldierspenedfire. ey hspotd what they ththk are twowosis guguenovov totords their post a it's no wonder they are nervousus he. the dadabefore o vit,@here was a coordinateded isis tack. the kururshsh solers fought the
7:34 am
that issisi oveve there. mile awayayay we crossed int noon's ldoo inecececec afafrmath.this is all that is lt of a humvee detetated by a suicide bomberer blown smititreens. theyl likely use the same ctics against mosu isis is havavghtererern mulaw stoppinhe nearly two years any people eererereeir cooyoy the @ stet.. but@ thi generals preparations for theul offensive told us he is counting on the help off civilians. i think about -- p pty or -- from thee pple in mosul,l, the support us
7:35 am
you but 20% still supporting isis? >> yeah, withis. repororj:eneral told e e ghghor isis` c cldldld lasas several months. iraq says the recent battle to reclaimi left 80% of f e citytydestroyed.d. gaylyly >> h williams reportiti in iraq.. i'm gladadou areay.. she needso call home immedididianddet themnow at ne. that was sca ststf. >> b b important reporting to know what`is g gng on in iraq and certainly what they e doing in the fight to retake mpny o othose towns from isis. they had in the paper t ty have recaptured 4 4 off thatost rritory in isi - - -r from isisisrather. >v holly,hanknkyoyo ththth nfl's peyton mannnng will nousannounce his retirent later toy. the star quarterbacks retg one month aftere helpepe lead the denver broncosls to superowl win. is the le's's record holder in cararr touchdown passessnd passssg yardsnd ctories.s. jamebrbrn has hos t "n
7:36 am
behind hisdecisisi. a a t of people want to ar what he haha say.y. good morning, j.b. >epororr: good rning, and welcome babkbk gayle. no queuen that peyton mannnng was a major factor in@ his decision. ( ththbroncos were al, q q frankly,y, unwilling to guarantee his 19 million dollar salary to lace up his sho one more yr. but unprecedented ve-league mvp awards durg his 18 nfl seasons, n n dot, manning is among the bestsfve to play the gagaga >>o o oncos! ror withis secon super wl title, peyton mning put the finishing touches on a storyredcareer. thetime therere was specececion super bowlw50 was the 39-year-old's finin apter. >> what is thehe m m m reaean y wod decide t t c ce baba the love o othe gaga? >> charlie, likiki said haven't gotten that far yet. i'm trying to enjoy thismoment. >> reporter: on n turdrd, he tolo tigignd tamme he
7:37 am
teammates for seve seons, they remn close friends. >>haha exchanged texex messagesutt and told him how happy i was for him. >> reporter: manning has what i i rhhetr singlee season e e elay a quarterback. >> there is the rececd for pepeon manning shra! >> rorter: w wn hehe passed f 477 yardsnd 55 touchdowns in 2013. he was also a very successf tctcanan d di reaook like this ortete manning plalad 14 ononithhe indjanapopos coltltleading the teamo victory@ inn super bowl xli.he w relead after neck surgy forced him to sittut e entirere011 season. as a bronco, manning wonourr ht division tititit and madedewo super bowl appearances but his final season was marre byby foot injuryrnd contntve st momoh, allions of sexual assault, w wle he was a quarterback of theniversity _@
7:38 am
in december, an al j jeera documentary acacsed himf doping. >> it's notot b pur nk i ietco that stigigion. we t realnow yet what occucued in eitr r r hose inststces and we mayever know. i do think his a lock for the hald ome.. reporr: well, mamains big rival, patriots quaerbaba tom brady said you chang the forever and you made e eryone arou you better, end quot j.b., thank you. congratututitis toim on eaea grgrt career. how does donalalatrtnp's puic claims a aut truru university compapa toha he e sasa behddd door that is xt. if a a ading out the door, watch us o o ourigitall all-a-cesssspp. ilbe right back. ntntreat whitening w whout the mess? ink outside the e x. lgatatwhihe totohbrush plus whitening pen
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coming epublicansns groups figiging donald trure doing
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univevsi >> w w trumpedtrumum wa dupedyydodold >> the progrgr sold nearl 7,000 students on learning the billionairs al eate winding down 2010. more than 0meme stuntss lugegegege a fraud. ree lawsuits have be filed. 40 millioi dollar case by new york'sttorney gegeral l d two sstion cases ingi. jujuanna goldman.n. gogo morning.d >> reporter: trumpmp university began in 2004 w w online ses n 2007 offingigg seminars in hotel ballrooms. three-day 15 cours where udents were urged to sign upp for a mentor pra in a tet yesterday defending the scol,, trump pointed to98%%
7:44 am
documents sewha nearlrl 40%f >> >is pmises aorthss as a degre from truru university. f fmer student say t tmp unuverertyasscam,, costi up to$35,000. >p reporter: donald trump critics sas the nexth is critic to stoppppgg the repu front-runnernd they are betting trump university is their beststweapon. >> that is shy trump universy is s relant t here. and the people owe all of this money now a they got nothi in return for it. >> i could have settd it j think pret easas dot like s stlinse repter: by refufung to cile dald trp has openene the door t the peak of his esidentialbidid and distractions o ohe camamign trail like ten hours he spent inn os door depositionsor the two class actionts >> at trp university e te ccess. >> repepter: court documentsp veal that attorneys for the
7:45 am
proceedidisal l deo that he chose allf the instructors. confrontet with questions about ininctor's lackk of exce trump acknowledd he loed at resumes and thingss and didndn pick the kers. was iressed onne structct we told yo about ck inseptember, james harris. ump said he didn't know who heewa iasn'tunngngngit rrrr tol cs he wass momomotional speaker paid on commission to sell additional trump aining. at least 17 students complained d >> trumpmpnirsityyy is sometng i've t tught a aut for a lonon timend i didn't want to put my nana on anything t tdo witheducation,nlessst was gogog to be thebebe. >> reportere inj othth court doments, formervents marc careen summer wrote in h experience, the focus of trump university was on makg sales, rather@tn on p pvidingngna ucationa svice some consu had shohod w
7:46 am
rd thfeminarar y i overheard trump university rereesestatives yings okay, max out the credit card. >> t ty said cll tredit cardand makeke request and, you know, try not to take no as an answer. >> reporr:ormer student gary smith s sold on t 353500 llar package and initially gave p pitive reviews and now says his investmentt i trump university w wet ss. >> trump's namemeyou u ow, iss onethat, you know, you kind -- at leasasup until lthen, i kind ofugug that he was reputabl reputable. >> reporter: trump's attney said they are looking forward to defefeing trtrunivsity at tria aywhen the evidedee comes out, it will sw thehe wasas siifant value andubance in the p v vam andreri@ w wl b a lot ofofeoplovenenwron of the california c ces could b broughtht to trial during the campgn and, gayl trump' attorney also tolo us if and whenenhat happens, donald trump
7:47 am
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7:52 am
and he said, nope, stopping t t bat. evybody is okay. we will talal t t t former seseseary of stata colin pell about thee lovetotiesetween ncyyeaeandresident ronald reag.. colin powell is ahead on "cbs this m/mning." we will be right back. ok, the wolf was huffifi andpupfing.g. ke you do sometimes,s,randnd? wewe, whwhou have copd it can be hard to breae. it can bhard to r ou whiccan make it ha totoet air in.
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the ooat ihealalisis.hello. happy monday! tempe this morning. 40s for most sts with a few areas in n n 3030 a pa oulumomoay w w w w pararar ou w w whighs the 50s d s. w wds will breezy eecially on thselains whe there will be high fifi dange a& red flagarningngs in place from1a1a- 6pm for puebeb cououy and eas to the s s and se. teller cntmtananeqs st of i-25 will have the st chance for a lighsptyxyhower the afteoon,n, best chance for rain sys n o el paso co and the
7:57 am
t-stor. tuesday will ing coolernd more asonable temperatures th h)hhs ithe e s and 50s. skies s ll be partly cloudy and we willllee betttr chanfor some light spottshowers in the afternoon d inin wedneayl mimitouesday with shower ancececed d d tempererurururur byrsday, contiondry y t alalwingusshine mildldth tretuor the end of the work week. increaeaea v vume e all o o or majojo thihimorning, but we are still incidentntree!ere'e'a ve lk atthorngngwe ati sengnge edinin we banacademthis morning...anot her update c cing upupup825 dave or katie
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itmonday, rcrc7th,h,h,6. welcome back to "cbs this morning.16. e back t "cbshis morng." there's momo real ws ahead includingancy reaganan r re in shaping husbans presidency. how selped h h overcome a majorrcrisis. neral col powell wbe with us totoy. but first herers day's eye ener@8 >> a somberrr morning here at the rerean presidential brary. the publicill lbve a chance to pay thei respects to theormer firs lady. >> ronald and nancy w we not ly areat lovov affairnd marriage but awewe great partnership. e wasser powerfu not just in who she helpepehim select. >> reagan remadthe pub cab rty du/-- replican partyn
8:01 am
>> clintonlns going big on the line o o4aack on the a bailouou the e released a aio a a ad this orning aboututit.( >> that isis isis theyeyreileaway. >> they ar slking civilian which mea they ve more t tn million humanhields. >> precedented fivnvp league awards during his 18 seasons manning was among the bestt ever to play the gameme >> charlie se gus what he@ did thiseekend spent the weekend in cuba. she wrotete jn her biography "my tutu" eigig y ars was sleeping w wh theeresidentnd if t tt doeseses give youpecial access i don't know what does.s. >> iharlie r re with gayle king and nor o'donnell.
8:02 am
legaga o nancicycyyean as a ulransforoate lady. she is remememd as a force both inublic an bind the enen at thth white house. >anan r rganaidd "myy life really beg when married my husband. the adoring way sheheooat her husbd me knowns the gaze. bill is joining u u at the table. >> during her fetime,, nancycy reaf pa of roles, an actres mother, advocate for alzheimemes resear but byy h h own acccunter most imptant was the @f ronald rerean's fe and fierce protector. during their 52 yrs oj marriage, their connection to ch other was deniab. th m in llywood whve ories are made y vis, then@he hlywood arlet contacted r rga w w was
8:03 am
for help afterer name miakenen poppeddp on a a lis of communi syupathize. >> at thatoint iust wananan toeetonald reagan. >eporter:r> reporter: mrs. reaganas accused ofneddling in the white hoe as when t t orchestratete e firing ofonald reagan. e was criticized forr wearing signer gowns and h signature reagan d. herhusband alway sodod by her.r. >> fof all@he ars s avavrried,t's bnwe, n you and i. it wouod benconceceable to go my ownayy without he >> the fst lady focuseder enerezezn the hlth of he husband afafr leaving the white house. >> very short in thehe golden years. >> reporter: she spoke to 60
8:04 am
sease. mories. we had a lotf memories. >> reporter:he r r would ce@rarad d e 64th wedding anniversa last friday.0 on the 31st versararathe presidenenwrote her, me than love you. i'm not wholwiththt you. you arlifeelf me whehe you ar, i'm waiting for you to return soo i can srt ving agai nancy be bie at t t rere psisil libraryryn lifornia. . bl, you covereded theean presesency. what y y she like? she was invveve in repor arers' ves, too. >> she was involved evevhi. haa reception, i s sdoer thiss my almlmt fiance a a she lookokokt me what stupid thing tosay,hich of f urset was d she saido mymyow , when is your birthday, dear
8:05 am
geher a ring. >> it is soo sad thatheaid we had soany mememies and no e toto shareem wiwi. >> h he never seen a couple closere it was real. general colinowell served under presint a r rgan and witnesesd reagowful lee storynhe polital partnershi i is now from washingtonon gogo morng. >> goomornrng. >>et's begin w wh memorie o o time you w we the white adviser. howid you her? n all f@ you, was she a friend? how did see r? >> rememeererer i came i at the last two years ohegan admininiration.. the presidenen wasas in trouble. wasnnrouble becausef iran contra. e was determinedd to hppp t s whoame inin self, t t
8:06 am
chief of staff offffe and she s an all andnd couldlde a a adversary if hdidn't like what was going . >> c c youivesn example. >heheas a a d dant presence %he w wte use. a good example iss -- the don reagan case is a a classic example. she knew that head to beed ons cef o sta and bri in howd baker. she merely leaked it t t the prs and the press h h it on cnn.n. i i s the deputy natio curity adver andsaid have you seen televisisi, andd heesaid ir if don knows. was f that went to dododo office, don, did you 'resign? it's o tchlgts h h looked up bewindered ande immedtely wrote his lez resigigtionon letter ananleft the whitehouse. that i hardball >> if sheheas gone for too long those of you in the white h hse
8:07 am
back how muchididepd onn her >> it w w l.l. aiddddd the s s up ece.. wiwiwitt t@ was no complete m.whevev she went toew york shop a visitririds and o oer interests, we knew aftft about to 48 hou he sed to bebeme f ftfulnd stcted d on trd day w we had a meeting, somebodyy call up ll cherhe has to come home. it was thahadirect.. yoyocould see. it wasvisiblf. he was incomplete without her presence. i saw it t toughout that two-ar periodod e was tough h t heroughghss alal releled to takinin caree o her man, heronn touched us l deeply. after they left the whous and i left t wte house, wetayeye ouch andhee mellow inn the after pio wewepent some pleasast timeithh
8:08 am
neverorget visititg them at their hohonel-air whehehe young soldier w had driveme there and wewe up to thedoor, knocked te door, presidede reagag a awered itt and the soldier saluted predint r rgan and reaganalut him back thaha soldier ce b bk and said okay. idd preredentnt d't't stopop nancy waseaea and smililg. sh c cpleted the n. >>hat was it a h h? you kno hims s aii did,rlieut wit p p pdent reanoulwayay had someo who had a clele setet o goals.% he knew whatt h h wanted. cocounism is bad. wewee good. ifnly i c get gorchev t t co to my ranchnaliforni all be wewe. so believed in americand createtean imagege o amamica, in
8:09 am
toheall americans a a touched@our r reignallies, as well. soso mayayay that margaret thatcher ormut kohl k momor gororchev had g gater ntroroanddetail, president reagan had us on hitaff for the dedeil. but what he hadad the spirit off america. that is what tched allll of the leader i'm prejs i'm prejudiced. he wasasasblbl to lookeyeyd todada l lk beyond today" one e ort stor 1988 whennhe japave w we buyingeverything, you'll recall they bough@kekeller ntnt, even the pebble bebeh g gf cour. spared nothi. >> hollywood studios. >> hollywood studio anthth cabinet mched i i to complain tthe e esidt w ha to do something. the cgrs is mad, a arican people are mad, japese e e
8:10 am
he ask couplpl o questions d heheood at thehe ae said well, i am glala theyy think amerera is aood invnvtment.t. the meeting was ov >> good imitation. thahawas hihi ourse the japapes lost alll t y.>> tt rdse t said)of h husbaba he washe most optimistic man she had ever me that's how he governed.. to k abouthe statete of the campaign. reagan was credited for yiyi thoi ha notpeak ill another. what do you think of the campaign? >>he campaign has gonen to the mu the comment t tarchch other. the nastess, it's runningng in to the grou. the foreignersp of theorld looking atathis are distract. iust cameac frommoverseas. i was in afbj.
8:11 am
what's gng on? n't t eyebate the sues? politicss arguing andhere e debas, buthisastiness thth havtopp. iphope withrs. reagan's death and the mourning per forhe ne few day it may influce the gentlemeno stop with the nastess and get onith the issues. the amicananeoe want t h h about the issues. let's not make a r rlity ypu know you are i i dle whe rrpringerr thihis it isis o o o the top.>> wee have heaea you s s you dorsed barack obama the last two campaigns but i forgott who youowere esing this campaiai. ususyou said you are s sll a pub kachblp missed that news nference. >> you can't misseseything. i haven't had n nc conferen. as i aays do, i will watch the aigns and conventns fold i wa vote for t pwhoo i thinin is bt formerica att th timeme
8:12 am
with thi coury and the litical parthas to be aside when i'iecidinin who i will vote for as president of the united states. >genenel, thank y yor joinus$ aaysz good toee yoyo nunuitioiolupen may sbbota yououhealth care we see howow chemothapyynd hermpmpmpnt treatments can be chances for showers this afafafoon in the pikes peak rereon, elsewhwhe dry with hig fire danger. better shower chans torrow and
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8:19 am
on the lel it says whatt interas ut non t tt have is out there for these sulememes. you just don't know mo of the time. what are some o ithe dangmgous inractio could d occu >> w wl, lots ofthth. soou can go downhe list.echinacea everybody takesor cos chchges the level of cancer drug. ifou're on a drug g r canr and yoak hinace the drug dose may tooigh or calcium. it coms withings l)le antibibiics so ty artt absorb. you tantibticor serious infection taking calciuwith it andt doesn't work that . you cago down the list. mama have welll intecaions. tell you d dtor as soonons you get there, tseserehepplentnti'mmon d im o o sheoo and makekeure therer iso interaction with the d yoy're takiki. >> how do weno isisis this is very scary to me because i take calcium and i i think i ing a goog thinin >> calciums a w w wth y. yet positiv story showing
8:20 am
>> but you don't als have cancererright? >> notothahaha i know of! >> i tnk the importantoint is you m m he se colictct betwtwdrugs you're taking to make sure you g somebod who knows. >> exactly. >> l lk at tm and tell yoyoyo >> the pharmacists check things wiwi your prescririn drugs bthey don't withhe suppppment y u go there youroc or pharmacist, , ll theere is what ee i'm taking u know, supplements, therere is no dataetet thathe les aenit theyay thstud hhot ntial dodoside, not yet significant upsidede we need d have these y rererere >> yeah. >> whatb would you le to say about hehe today? >> she is a hero i. theedical community. sheheh one o /thth most prominent republicans out she aounced we have to c c cetance onemstem cell and change thehe ome alzhmer' >> >oooo to see you, doctor. >>hahahaou. >> up xtcialreat for
8:21 am
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prince william andis falylyust tooheiriririr s s ip t ty eeharingngng wiwi t t tworl these phphosrom the f fncncnc pspspswwwrincnc geoeoeo and prprcececehahahaha. is s e first timeeeee sno
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hay monday! temps are mild thisisorning. 40s for most spots with a few areasn the 30s. aewasng clouds. monday will be party oudy with highghinhe 50s and 60s. wds will be b escial o the se plas whe there ll be high fire danger. a red flag war is in pce from 11am - 6pm for pueblo cnty d areas s and se. teller cnty and areas west of i-25 will have thbest cnce for a light spotty shower qn the afternoo best chance for rain stays n of fl paso co a a the denver area could see some stormstuwill and 50 skies will partlyloudy d will see beer chaes for someht s0oy shers t t ternooood d ening. w wnesday will be similar to tuesday with shower chances and cooler tempererures. by thurs cgntions drou allowi sunshine and mi
8:26 am
incr volume all of our majors this morninin but we are still incidt ee! here's a live lookokt this morning. we are still seeingngome slowing powewe bd and a ademy this mog..... katie or tave. we have upde to an`n` breaki news@ererwe first kati dave. we havavan uate tototo11 brng news alert we first told you about last night at
8:27 am
thr homes after be forced to evacuate. th as s vestated a suspicious device incanon city. policeceells u usomememefound it in t t arkansas river and brought it home. officerse concmcned and evacuated d out 19 homes in the arere the ca record d s s icture on their ge of what t pearartoth dece that wafoun we'rtold,it tbbebe taken anisclosed area to detonon. infoation inin t newsroom this morning.g. a 17 y yr old, and 11 y arld are missg t no ce say m mguire andn matthew adler-gergel left over the weekend to go ur-by-fouring.g. / ththpa has n m me any contact@since saturday. . / th are known to gogo off-in el paso, teller anpark couie right now, ,l foul pl is spected... but the i concern r their well- being. ey are likely iving a red 2000 jeep angler with coloradodo cense atqno-045. we're being told by an
8:28 am
e jeep hasaseen found outsid of woodland pa... and we're wog to confnfnfthat with law ent. thisisa a cture of the bs. ifou s%s t t t c cl police, that numr is on your screen 444-7000. thisisas a l of brbrcos s ns talking th morni-- peyton manning is retiring. later r isning, we're going to hear from manning about his decisioi. e 39ear old is expected to ta at a news conference at dove valle\@ter thisisorning he i ithe only quarterback to win super bowls wi two different teams. we will be at the news conferce, you wi hear from manning himself about why y y s t cong back to the nflit's expected t t tararound 11. goode..
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> > okokt t m! he i iss going at@ it! i'm going to lick thisnhe center. >> eaea breathe! talkin about ted cruz right now! >> long time chicago blackhawk announcer edddd olczck loo hi youngoy w focuses onthere ahe w a ung man ieating this ice cream m coco. >> hasis total tentntn. >> he does seemo havetem therer >> sheer joy. >ooks good. >> i wasas going go sait looks good tom >> w wcome back to "cbs this morning. e next half hour, the nex big g for your home. we will take you to a giant house ware sho to blenderndndnd machine m pancakes are work of@ arts. >> womomomaking the first move a search for love.
8:31 am
foundmr of f e dating app bumble is right here in ourur toy een room whitnenewolfe e ows usshaha else e companan pla to offer aheaea time to show yououome e the moing's headlines from around the globe. he san francncco conicle" reports on the death of a man crited with invenng mern mail. ray tomlinson deviced personono-person messaging in 1971 on the precursor to the intetmet. hihi use of thsymbolol in the didi madad it a culturereicon. he showe his ideand reportedly said, don't tl yoze. this i n't what we aret ssed totoeorkingon! ralinsonas 74 yeaold. wha gt left us. the hospital today is na dunnhahaha
8:32 am
we are cerinly s sding h good w whes todada >>ood d shes ed. crashandidi of a small plane rr a a aot andisis daughter the plane went down inong island, new york, on s q qda a a a the t returne f touring a coegee in rhode land a parachute was deployoy the ple missed a buildldggyy te feet. g suffered a scratch on his head and his daughter was okay. >> amazing. new yoyo dai news reports the irg that sank e titicas me than 100 years ol ientists say it s formed by centuriesf glaciers neaea uthwt t greenld. the i ibergrg was a fracture of its original size when it was struck by the titic 12. >>he new york k mes"or on the sies finalef "downtown abbey." ey were asked to provide
8:33 am
the s d dma ended las nit. reports say the ow's creator waeded warm endndg tha left nowersrshappy. recorordt s i haven'teen n n it yet. 2> i henenenththth >> once e 's airee canalkk about itut no, no, toy. >> i i i to mene poi about it, though. yes, ye inow mee who is thinking about you should he watcd it! did you seseit? yoyocouldn't tecause you were treling. yes i b soer crie of help! >> 4ryininto get out. . you did n have aood nighgh d we are glad you made it. >> yes, , are! now i i i t show y y this. "usa today reports o the discery of an unusualocpus.scientists spotted it deep in the cific near waii. they think it's arerejusly y ununn specieie it's's ghostly apppprance prompted someonen on sociaiamediao call asperfterhe cartoon ghost. creepy. i don't le itit it gives mehe creeps. okay.
8:34 am
feeeeng c cr either, by t t tay.. any wa mov onon! lookt ateye! >> who l les grill octopus? thing i'i' trying! thohoands o industr ofessionalwillllllen thehehe international l l nd house ware show. it b bngs in 3 3 bilon a year. the event is closed to consumers, butnnananrnrnrn got inin shshss in chigot thd largest cocoen centerhe united ates where some cnies are using chlogy t makak pliaia smarter. i i keke thihiidea an, goodmorning! hello! >> reporter: good morng, gayle. i think i is safefeo sa anything you mht want for you is re. coee pots@ andnd tea pots a watete bottles. a new way tooachn egg. th is ae huhuiver for a
8:35 am
you sew water bottle onp. say you don to to t grore to pk u t ie chkekeke a home! whatathow wou be c c thwhwhthe pocket fierma yeyeverything you want i iall l herere want a blender with ann app that iminat the needo memsure ingrednts? ion't have too any asuring cu >teteter a macne tha purinkwater froe ayr. how out ay to make that exes drinknkn your own kitche if it's someg youan f yo h he or didn't know you ed d dit, chancnc will appear re fir at thnternatial home and house ware . >> once a yr shshsh eporter: perry reynos is wpwpwp the international housese res associatatns which putut on the . >> all of the needs that we serve areehe kinds o thing that we all doo every day. oklkeclean,e oanize pr homes. it's going tocontinue. the qution i - - - whatre the kind of products that will win or loss and i ththk you're goihgo see some otoday.
8:36 am
its kindnd in the wod.0 vendors f fm 47 c cntries owd the floor. exhibiting the trendndoday and tomorrow. it's herethehe c cpanithat me homeoo meeee and ma dea with the railers selling them. ininvative technology,old design, andnd functionality are onn splay ththear andnd seems coumers, e eecially miennis, h he been asking for. >> the millennials a a aing for things t tt hpefefem and my senhey wantnt ll-d-digne ucts. >> it has rersrs room. >> reportete marye owns e kitchen suppes stos in atlanta a a sh hasasn cimg tohoanan wchgrends emgeheince 2003. >> whehe a of tse te bus andnhuds of thsands of products and whittle itown to th7,50 thatre in my store.e. >> reporter: howo y ysibly through thi entire show? >> it's reallll ha. i tid i i out ce,think.k.k. yoyocanend18.5 seconds a
8:37 am
whole e ow! >> reporter: t salesitch is here are eneness. this is a lilitutut lollipip. >p>phis mu willl k your coee hotr for longer. it wililototipo matterowow hahdhdt' hit! rter: i a c cnceor atteteion andin company notitis it. allison brought hera tidy snapbpay to keep cthes neat. y/y knonot night, you picic your clothes upheextay and kids a slingngglean c cthes on the oor. i l lt!i ca dow a aband is an engineer i said fixthis >> he did and now the whole family are2pr >> do all off yr homere th lng like this >> well, not my momnd dad's. >>orter: reall so ye neneer tn mom and da and they invend it! >> well, yeaea >> reporter: the family's inventioisisetting a atiti
8:38 am
this pancacaakin macne tha draw pankes i i osos any emagina from e eiffel to to bernie fa. >eoeo aalkingng aut ving it i tnd homedtaantstsndllll tor andndndoo we e ee excit abo sooe eoined by miguel. hiuger l l lho wasashe inspiratn for the e che. she td herad s s wantedd a lego m mhine that made pancakes andacacally, he inventedititit so, by the c make ny design you want agayle! i'mhringg bac t "cbsthis mor oh,y gosh that is aw look at that! >> charlie said he wants a dozen of the gaylelecakes! getm ore!! he wts a dozen o othe gle pancakes! >> and shipper! >> that isscary. fun, ououou that is r ry cool
8:39 am
>> t youou go. or t t c eyeye >> thank y y. is fun! >>re y ychokg? thehehtitipp that seeks to empower women is mmvingg io eefriendzonene bumbleeohitneyohllfe is in our green chanans for showerthis afternooin the pes pk region, , sewhe drwiwi higig fire danger.r. bebeer showewechances tomorrow and
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8:41 am
ths something to be id foexplpling the world around you. for seeking out the new; foying the unted;
8:42 am
why shou snackinin any diffent? discscer all nine flavors oururcreamy chee and d p p p p ououcucuosity. the ughing cow. reinventntnacking.
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> e last few hour 162 women have read profiles.w mumu haveeent us messages? >> combinede >> yes.. >> z z z >> dudud this isruta >> i don't think i'v everelt sosoejecte d had a r rcudog o ran ck to d. >ot goodod >> n noooo at all. >>d line. s on "thth biganggtheory" founundating a w wan can be rd. once@women make a move i innhe bumble p, m m he 2 to t a conrsn. bule lnched at the tendenof 20141daiaing more e an 3illion moveve andomen me themove re times and bumble i hdi
8:44 am
unr and ceo whitn wol iss rp a athe tae. good mng! ood morning! tete greatato ha you here. ^hank you favingme. >> thahaforrei hehe. what i i be >> it stands for bumble b frieies. ound we ha a incrcbible urbase.. so manan ofmmere ungiend and d ey have been reque a foey'm@ bumble still want to be able to use it.. i st movedew city. i would love tirlfriends n arereto go doh thehe thin tt i ve. so we listened a a nowe haveve leased a new frere for both wo >> a men and womom makin it hard tmakeends and do wete want to meett frienen as adults? >> we alwssan to et friends. we ce out ofof these vironmentshehever we were and tting to a n%n c can be daunting and ittan be lonely. it's almoseasi fdd daten fririd and you n n
8:45 am
so we rerlly wantbeouou g g for connecting you to anyone in your life if that is a friend, new bess coecononon aoyfriend o o girlirnd. >> hows this dififrent from other appears o o o herebout fifififrieieie other than bumble bf >> we are not not h hhly tuned witelriend finding appears. we are the first to mke@ a a datingpp tke andcall itnd sa nowarar here to help y y find a rlfriend.go grab somet to with and do t thingsou love. anot's r rllyexciting. a aually think is a goo ea atestresesofryinate lash thauea wa ju wto h outith you and get to k kw you t t really don't expt itgo here. wi bmblele you areoongor love, right? >>yeye iike tt is won... liketh >>ivounpportunity thate itti. exalyi ke . itney, we e rd at glsls d girlrlrln' m the
8:46 am
>> wn i was in college and my gifriends wod say that guy is so te we woulday,no, let him com over t tywy. it's a backwds w o o lkingng at it. so,y! wereuacallg it o ng, go ! if t h@s cute, say . >> charlion youindt atacve w wh wo mak the rst moveve>> absbsutely. noeason m w w n like yobeuse you come over a take the itiative >> i thinkouet him mnow.w. he doesn't take t t bait after ten times, then you stop trying!>> i think tis a a of thum kethat. where d dbl cfr? thname, whwhe doest come om i thk it cute. >> nam is increbly gorlow ythihi. lele, quvbee, womom makehe first move. it's kind off this perfect mixix and ddr ned itanlt j pepe cofounded tinder, athererer dang app that a lot of people knownd you left. hahassment suit against the
8:47 am
so can youalalal about that? and what made you want to get back into ttamece?@ >>o i can'tment o aside fromm sang, you , tinder is l dovery wel and d is them nothing but be ani ho thek continu success. >> are you gritting your fiji? >> no, mn it truthfully i think i is intesting y y ulwa to get bac iha business again. >> certainly, t i dn't. rydi't. ororinal, i was goioi unch an app tha wou reducenlinin bullng. e i a lotf bad bavioio place. when i was a 13-yr-old girl, if there wasad thingss going on at school, my mom would pick up and i didn't have t t think about i4 uilex y. they get picked up andhee on thehones uilhe next ing. soou can'tape that, right? and ao weeally wanteddto
8:48 am
seri othgs paayed intnt atip.uspartrtr sd i tnk theis incdidie but er a nd g as well >> cururusut bule stands onhesesera things -- traditionhings the guy should alwaysay on a fit date? >> i'm torn. if i ask a m out to dier, i pip e ta >> wwor th t ca a a d >> n ayto ifeeu,u,u, i'm llg. notepng la-minut d offer,r no goor >> i le it!>> go afterit. feel confidence. >> ,hitntn e, we thank you. >hanknkou. nancy a ronaldl reagan's ve story sped the courseef
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8:50 am
8:51 am
weweill real apl hav s s s you isisng the intse and puicobd sd b by nancy and
8:52 am
their love was also appppent in theiei private accordan. nald reagashowed his devotiti in handwrien a a manticichrghtheir day i mean m dab womain world. the future president wro i li inn a ptututuar g caus yo om the bf my heart, i thank u fobeing m . >> years later,r, he wrote the following. she said ieithf u er ft theome bh felt lonely. llinthe lelinesand compleng weach o !shwt mntnt uso usba a awife. she said she was theasn't g gl inhe world w the became we on thr wedding da
8:53 am
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we will see llo. ppy nday! templd morng. for mo spots with a few areas in the 30s. a few passisi clds. monday wl be p p ouithighs in th50ans. windsl bree especially on selains whththwiwi be high re dange red flag wararng is in place fromom1am 6pm for pueblo county and eas to t s and se. teller county and areas west of i-25 will haha the sthanc
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rnoo be chance for rainintays of paso co a thehenv areulseme t-storms. tuesday will ing g oler andndore e asasable mperatur wiwi highs yn the 40s and 50s. skies will be paly cloudy and we willee better chances for some lht stty owers s tn ening. wsdilsir tueth sr chances s d cooler temperaturur thursday,ondions dry t allowing sunshine and mild w wther treturn for the enebof the work week. we'rtracking an 11 call for ac art. applegatatfarm recalling i i
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chicken nuggin 8 ounce paes because there may be small eces of plastic in the product. the packagesave a a est bete or 27, 20. you can returnour paage toto the where u had itull refund. happing totorrow... we're pecting to get a better ideaf how major construction project will affect your ive. specificalal... the inhange project at`t-25 and cimarroncololodospspnpthiss veof th ongogohere. c-t ivthmediok t xpas ase e e begins phase one will bring nightly lala restricons for the several mons. we'll be sure to l l you know what we len at tomororw' eting. log g d. one untytslic input on a propoped rule to rate marijuanan acrdinto tan dadareco. ththordidi suoundg cuatiofor rson and medic cagiveve. it's all happening in fremont county.
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sis cde t reinof propo ornche meeting wl adess rererictns on both indoornd outdoororultition ofarijuana. right herif gagais going . natially... ththerage has gone up by seven cents i ithe e past two weeks. / putthe natial age aut-84 . thtx sti 70 le expepeive an one year ago. / in coloradadrings, a galaln of gas will cost you sshan the avag at 1-6. n lo, expe tpay about 1-79 peralaln.
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now, from your breini news leader, this is kktv 11 news at 9. snk peek of yoororng athehe in just a minutes we'll a look fost wi mrogi ehlf dada ncarr and i'sarah schwabe.


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