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tv   8 News Now at 5 PM  CBS  January 9, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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waiting in for hours.. for their chance to win millions. how much the jackpot is up to now! now, nevada's first choice for news, this is 8 newsnow, weekend edition ((sharie johnson)) > powerball mania has hit as many people hope to win tonight's powerball jackpot. thanks for joining us for this special n-f-l pregame edition of 8 news now... i'm sharie johnson. ((patrick walker)) and i'm patrick walker. it's the largest jackpot in up to 900-million dollars. we've seen people are dashing to the state line to buy their ticket before it's too late. ((sharie johnson)) that's where we find 8 news now's mauricio marin live in the middle of the madness. how's it going out there? ((mauricio marin)) ((mauricio marin))
4:01 pm's the traffic
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is it bumper to bumper? ((mauricio marin)) on our way out here it was pretty smooth not much traffic. so if you're thinking of heading out here for a's probably the time to do it. back to you?//// ((patrick walker))
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action ---- you are looking live at the westgate superbook --- a lot of excitement going on here and throughout the valley this weekend. the kansas city chiefs and houston texans going at it ----- chiefs lead 27-0 early in the 4th quarter --- the pittsburgh steelers are at cincinnatti --- right here on 8 news now --- coverage begins after this newscast. one interesting note this weekend --- all the road teams are favorites and the bettors have put their money on the road teams ---- so the sportsbooks would like to see all the home teams win. ((jay kornegay in recent memory i cant ever recall remembering 4 road favorites during the wild card weekend. i can tell you, it's a little scary because all the percieved better teams are the short road favorites and i can tell you, every book in town will be rooting for the home teams )) ((patrick walker)) > back live at the westgate superbook --- the crowds there getting ready for the steelers- bengals matchup --- so settle in for a
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ron futrell is coming up later in sports with more on what we can expect for n-f-l wildcard weekend --- and the latest on the rebels game at wyoming tonight. /// ((sharie johnson)) ((tedd florendo)) >to find any rain you have to go to california for now. there's where we're seeing the precip at this hour.. ............................... ............. radar showing next system hitting the coast and showers already in california. drifting towards us. this time not a lot of rain, and it's looking like the sierras giong to get most of this right now. we're dry and expecting more clouds to thicken more late night. ............................... .............. temperature trend this week we've been mainly below average
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yesterday and another day last week. it was a wet week for sure though. ............... so here's the forecast for this evening. cool with mainly clear to partly clear skies. winds stay light. patrick? ((patrick walker)) > the driver of a scooter is in critical condition right now after a crash involving another vehicle. metro police tell us they just cleared the scene on bonanza and clarkway drive... that's just west of martin luther king.. investigators say a car collided with the scooter about 11-30 this morning. the scooter driver was taken to u-m-c. no word on who was at fault. ((sharie johnson)) > metro police are investigating two deadly overnight crashes that happened just a couple of blocks from each other. the first happened just after midnight near flamingo and dean martin. witnesses told police a 26 year
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slid into a light pole. he was taken to u-m-c where he later died. the second crash happened a couple blocks south on dean martin and tropicana. police say around five this morning, an r- t-c bus went off the road crashing into a bus shelter... killing a woman. the woman was taken to u-m-c where she later died. right now it's unclear why the bus driver, 22 year old jamal nichols went over the curb. these are the third and fourth traffic fatalities in metro's jurisdiction for 2016./// ((patrick walker)) > police have made an arrest in connection with a deadly stabbing from last month. 30 year old brandon olds faces one count of murder. he was taken into custody yesterday near paradise and twain. olds is accused of killing kyth johnson on december 16th near harmon and boulder highway. police believe the stabbing stemmed from an argument. ((sharie johnson)) >a shooting at a pahrump casino ends with a woman injured and 2 people behind bars. it happened at the pahrump nugget just after midnight.
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daniels fired at a woman at a cafe after they got into a fight. police say daniels left the property with a female accomplice, 36 year old desiree lewis. they were arrested a short time later in las vegas. daniels and lewis face several charges including attempted murder and firing a weapon inside a casino. the woman shot suffered an injury to her leg. she is recovering at u-m-c. ((patrick walker)) > spreading awarness of human trafficking. that was the goal of the event held at the fremont experience this afternoon. local artists put on performance art routines that enforece the impact human trafficking has on our community. and our very own paula francis was there as a guest m-c. organizers talked to us about they're getting creative to show their support. (( sarah walker/breaking these chains live free, "so, what we've done in our organization, we've created this very ugle braclet as an awareness braclet because it's an ugly act. so we're trying to bring education and awareness to our community.
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the united states for trafficked victims. so, what we've done in our organization, we've created this very ugle braclet as an awareness braclet because it's an ugly act. so we're trying to bring education and awareness to our community. we're the second largest hub in the united states for trafficked victims." )) ((patrick walker)) advocates say human trafficking is a 32 billion dollar industry. /// ((sharie johnson)) > one of the most notorious drug lords is behind bars ((patrick walker)) w authoriti re able toack down the man kwn as "elapo" d why authories may have me probms getting him on u-ssoil to face charges. ((patrick walker)) > the most
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custody once again. ((sharie johnson)) > "el chapo" was recaptured in mexico friday... nearly six months after the second prison escape of his career. he's also wanted for crimes in the u.s. ((patrick walker)) cbs's omar villafranca has details from dallas. > mexican authorities finally got drug kingpin joaquin guzman back in their grasp. the man known as "el chapo" was arrested friday in the city of los mochis. (chopper) mexican marines were met with a firefight - that ended with five of el chapo's men, dead. marines seized guns, a rocket- propelled grenade launcher and two armored vehicles. law enforcement sources tell cbs news the united states provided the key tip. (nats prison vehicles) ((narr-2)) both the u.s. and mexico have been looking for
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prison break last july. the brazen drug trafficker slipped out through a hole in his shower stall....and into a mile-long tunnel, equipped with a retrofitted motorcycle. ((arturo fontes/former fbi agent)) (already fonted) "it was unconscionable// there was so much embarrassment on his second escape there was so much pressure both from mexico and the us at least to apprehend him." the nickname el chapo means shorty....but guzman's sinaloa cartel is worth a giant three billion dollars... and controls nearly half of the illegal drugs funneled into the u.s. guzman is believed to be responsible for as many as 34- thousand deaths. u.s. officials will likely push for el chapo's extradition - to face justice on american soil. omar villafranca, cbs news, dallas./// ((sharie johnson)) >if you're looking to start the new year clear of your unwanted clutter... we got you covered. ((patrick walker)) up next we'll tell you about the event happening this month...
4:11 pm unneeded medication and electronics./// ((sharie johnson)) > how about starting the new year free of it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by over a million small contributions, people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message.
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((patrick walker)) our 8 news now living green super recycling event is coming up later this month.
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23rd in the parking lot of the thomas and mack. it goes from 8 am until 3 pm. you can recycle all sorts of electronics.... get rid of your unused and expired medicine, and bring paperwork that needs shredded. goodwill will also be collecting household items. for the complete list... head over to las vegas now dot com./// ((sharie johnson)) brian brennan
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............................... ............. low to mid 50's regionwide by afternoon. colder in the central and northern part of the state already. milder in death valley and laughlin. mildest spot is in california. ............................... ................ cold across the west coast with temps already in the teens in wyoming and look at the negative numbers in bismark and the twin cities a 0 by afternoon cold in chicago and k-c. this afternoon with the colder air stretching down to dallas. ............................... ................ the upper midwest is where we're seeing the snow from chicago to the upper portions of the michigan penninsula. rain from the southern secion and and indiana so far. ............................... ............... back west another pacific system coming in off the coast. gettin some mainly light preci from this and snow in the mountains. we expect some of the raindrops could make their way over and down to our region, but chances aren't too high and rather than rain, mainly light showers or sprinkles. ............................... .................. right now more clouds in coming from the west. staying dry this evening though even though more clouds expected tonight. no radar echoes reported right now. ............................... ................. futurecast shows shower chances
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snow in the upper terrain here and in mohave county. then drier air by afternoon and certainly in the evening. ............................... ..... tonight expect a low of 38 and partly clear with chilly conditions. light northwest winds overnight and tomorrow. the high 53 with clouds early, then sunshine. showers slight chance mainly morning and nothing too measurable. ............................... ..... mount charleston expect a high of 34 and partly sunny. red rock 48 by afternoon. chances of snow up to 20 to 30 percent. ............................... ......... lake mead 57 partly sunny with slight shwoer chances as well. mainly light winds. ............................... ........ extended forecast shows sunnier weather early week. more clouds by midweek with slight shwoer chances again by thursday with some breezes. temps stay in the mid 50's near average all week. but chilly mornings in the 30's.>
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saturday in sports ((patrick walker)) we will go back live to the westgate superbook to check out the latest with the nfl playoffs this weekend and professional drone racing is in las vegas this weekend --- ron futrell has sports coming up next. now, nevada's first choice for news, this is 8 newsnow, weekend
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do i need to remind you this is a pretty big weekend for football??? the nfl wicard weekend --- the fun has already begun as we look live into the westgate superbook ---- so far --- fans are excited, sports books are now --- kansas city is covering the spread in the first
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over houston --- midway through the fourth --- of course ---- coming up here on 8 news now --- pittsburgh steelers playing at cincinati --- at last check, the favorites. --- jay kornegay at the westgate is fired up about this matchup --- and one between seattle and minnesota tomorrow. ((jay kornegay this is gonna be the best game of the weekend, i think. i alreayd know its the biggest game for the books because everybody in town who works on this side of the counter will be rooting for the vikings. we got a lot of support for the seahawks, expecially the last few weeks of the season. )) a special congrats to randall cunningham -- being elected into the college football hall of fame ---- first time ever for a unlv football player ---i covered randall when he played here and there has none better ---- on or off the field. glad to see this happening for randall ---- he was all america as a punter for the rebels --- led them to a bowl game win over toledo --- first ever bowl win for the rebels. off the field ---- his ministry here in town is inspiring people and changing lives --- so just had to throw this in here and congradulate randall on this
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((ron futrell)) the rebels are hoping to win their first conference game at wyoming right now --- rebels were up by 17 early in the game --- wyoming cut the lead to 4 at halftime --- they are early in the 2nd half right now --- rebels have lost their first two conference games --- close loses, but in both cases they had the lead with a minute left and lost it. highlights of this game coming up on our newscast after the seahawks/viking s game. --- next home game for the rebels is tuesday against new mexico. the best drone racers on the planet are in las vegas this weekend competing in extreme drone racing --- they have this crazy course set up in the zappos atrium --- remember, this is the old city of las vegas building ---- i paid a lot of traffic tickets there, back in the day. 15 of the top racers in the
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rings of fire --- crazy set up they have there. the guy to beat is shaun taylor ---- he's an emt from albuquergue during the day, but during his off hours --- he flies these little critters through the obstacles and is one of the main guys helping to build this sport. (( shaun taylor it seemed like it was a small deal at first, and almost a year later, you could see that this is turning into something really big and spectacular, im just really glad to be a part of it and i hope i can stay for as long as i can )) he's 35 years old --- so no reason to think he cant do this for a while --- racers use these fpv headsets ---- that stands for first person view --- that allows them to see the actually flight of the aircraft through the course --- yep --- sort of like a video game, but there is actually an aircraft flying around the course that the fans can see. finals are tonight 5-9pm at the zappos atrium --- no charge --- public is invited. lets go back live to the westgate ---- cheifs about to wrap things up against the
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--- fans getting set for the ... bengals with a bakc up quarterback ... aj mccarron --- bengals have lost 7 in a row in the post season. steelers have won four of their last 5 to make the playoffs. deangelo williams ((sharie johnson)) > it's not just any saturday... today is national law enforcement day! to show their support. this is police memorial park. they played host to the second national law enforcement appreciation day. kids made thank-you cards, vehicles on display mounted horses and nearly everyone wore the color blue. (( "we're here showing our appresciation on what the do in the community & knowing how hard they work day to day going out and not knowing what's going to happen they have familkies just like the rest os we really appreciate them" )) the las vegas honor guard, emerald society bagpipes and law enforcement police protective
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