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tv   8 News Now at Noon  CBS  August 15, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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just northwest of lamb and sahara. (( edward myles // witness: it was pretty big. literally almost as tall as the palm trees. )) (( francisco martinez // witness: we just saw a house on fire -- like from far away and we were like -- let's go check it out. )) ((michael stevens)) francisco martinez got it all on camera. (( francisco martinez // witness: there was a lot of smoke. it was kind of hard to breathe. it got to the point where i thought the neighbors house was going to catch on fire too. )) ((michael stevens)) the clark county fire department says the it started in the back of the house... and grew quickly. neighbors in the area described waking up to heavy smoke... and fire crews running inside. (( witness: they hurried up and rushed to see what's going on. hurried up -- got all the fire hoses out -- went inside to see what happened and basically put out the fire. )) ((michael stevens)) homicide detectives... and arson investigators were also called out... after a man was found dead inside the front room of the empty house. detectives believe the man was a squatter... and are still trying to determine if he is the one who started it? (( lt. dan mcgrath // metro police: we want to know about squatters. we have an initiative to address the squatters. it's becoming a bigger and bigger problem -- especially when something like this happens in a
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it could have caused more damage to this area. )) ((michael stevens)) >> brian, we are still waiting on official word from the clark county corner... on who this man was? and if any foul-play was involved in his death. ((brian loftus)) clark county fire crews stayed busy earlier today... as they were called to another fire just after 7-30 this morning. the 2-alarm blaze started at an apartment complex near twain and in all... 4 people were displaced. one resident was taken to umc for smoke inhalation... and one firefighter suffered minor injuries when a roof tile fell on his head. still no word on what caused the fire./// ((brian loftus)) just when we started getting used to the drop in temperature... the heat wave hit us hard over the weekend once again. sherry... is this what we can expect for the rest of the week? ((sherry swensk)) it was a hot, hot weekend for us and the fires are not good for
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................ temps are heating up now into the hot 100s already around the valley. right now 105 already at noon. ..... high pressure keeping the heat over the desert. the dry gusty winds prompting fire weather warnings over northern nevada and northern not much rain for the desert with the monsoon pushing farther east. and we'll keep it hot...and we start off the week really hot at 110 and hotter today. .......... we'll stay dry and sunny... with temps sliding through the week and we'll see just how low they will go in your full weather now forecast coming up./// ((brian loftus))
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will make his first court appearance this week.. officer ruben delgadillo was arrested on friday. he's currently facing charges of one count of possession of child pornography... and one count of distribution of child pornography. metro police says joined the department in july 2015.. and is on unpaid administrative leave. /// ((brian loftus)) there's more rain in the forecast for southe l killed at least 6 people and left thousands in shelters. don champion takes us to baton rouge... where there were more than 20-thousand rescues over the weekend. three days after the water started rising, there are still homes submerged in baton rouge. the day family lost everything. (yoshema day/flood victim) it looks like an island. things are just disappearing. the cars are disappearing under the water. flood waters overwhelmed
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storm that dumped about 20 inches of rain over the weekend to a hurricane without wind. the deluge kept coast guard helicopters busy in the air..while national guard troops helped stranded victims on the ground. in all, crews rescued more than 20-thousand people volunteers in small boats also did their part. l: i am so glad you are doing this. are you firemen or something? v: no maam. l: just good guys. (don champion/cbs news/baton rouge, la) "peoe flooding before are now under water . this area here is a meeting point where boats are carrying victims to dry land." the water came within six inches of flooding walt zweifel's home. (sot walt zweifel/baton rouge resident) "it was very anxiety producing to say the least" 10,000 people spent sunday night in shelters across baton rouge. concern now grows in communities to the south of the city where voluntary evacuations have been
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rouge, louisiana. ((brian loftus)) >> the federal government has declared a "major disaster" in the areas under water./// ((brian loftus)) the flooding hits home for our extended 8 news now family. this is a look at baton rouge at the front yard at the home of one of our producers. thankfully, her mom made it out safely and is now staying with another family member./// ((brian loftus)) the national guard has been called in to milwaukee... as the unrest there continues following a deadly police shooting over the weekend. investigators say 23-y- turned toward the officer with a gun .. after being told to drop the weapon saturday. as protests began... officers were deployed in riot gear. so far... vehicles and buildings have been set on fire.. and stores are being looted. two officers were hurt when protesters threw rocks and other objects at a police car. some protesters say they're getting their message out the wrong way: (( protester- we need to understand that what we are doing is not going to make a difference. it's only going to make things worse because we are doing too much, we're burning stuff down."
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blaming communists from chicago for the spike in violence over the weekend. the mayor has announced a 10 p-m curfew citywide in light of the unrest./// ((brian loftus)) this week, republican vice presidential nominee, mike pence.. will be making a visit here to southern nevada. the indiana governor will hold a rally inhe no word on what he will discuss.. it will be a town hall style event at the henderson convention center at 2-pm. it's open to the public, but guests are asked to r-v-s-p through donald trump's website. this is the second time pence has visited nevada this month. /// ((brian loftus)) 8 news now is your local election headquarters throughout the campaign season... on air and online at las vegas now dot com. /// ((brian loftus)) coming up on the valley's news leader... olympic swimmers... making headlines for the wrong
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to him in rio over the weekend. plus... it's another countdown on the strip. what you need to know about the implosion of the final riviera tower this week./// ((you're watching the
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this is 8 news now at noon.)) >> it's been two months since the first part of the riviera came down. the monaco tower was imploded in seconds... and now we're getting ready to see the monte carlo tower bite the dust. /// ((brian loftus)) tomorrow, we say goodbye to the final tower of the riviera. the monaco tower implosion was process to renovate and expand the convention center. the plan from the l-v-c-v-a will create a mixed use facility and parking space. it's expected to bring in thousands of permanent jobs. of course we'll be bringing the implosion of the monte carlo tower live at 2am./// ((brian loftus)) a las vegas local is bringing home more gold from rio. cody miller was part of the winning usa swim team... who took first in the men's 4 by 100 meter medley relay. the swimmers led by michael
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the win was phelps 23rd gold medal... and the icon says these are his last olympic games./// ((brian loftus)) and there were concerns over security at the games .. and team usa swimmer, ryan lochte confirmed in this tweet over the weekend that he and a couple teammates were robbed at gunpoint sunday morning. he said they were safe and unharmed./// ((brian loftus)) up next... a california wildfire rages on. destroyed... and what's giving firefighters trouble as they battle the blaze. the valley's news leader is back after the break./// ((you're watching 8
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california are having some trouble putting out the so-called "clayton fire"..
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so far... it's destroyed more than 100 homes... and forced thousands to flee the area. it's burning about 90 miles north of san francisco. about 90 miles north of san francisco, has scorched nearly 5 square miles. fortunately no injuries have been reported./// ((sherry swensk)) dry, gusty winds and a lot of heat today.
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record yesterday at 111 and not much cooler today! ......... winds are already reaching up near 30 mph... and they will stay gusty couple of systems slide by. .......... afterwards... the temps fall back to normal and slightly above 100 degrees by the weekend. .............. that high is strong and responsible for the heat. the areas of low pressure passing by to the north are responsible for the wind today and tuesday. ...........
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that have to be fought. ........... there are heat warnings, air quality warnings and red flag ...... flooding continues over
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............ temps will eventually drop for us to the low 100s for the weekend.///
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((brian loftus)) p-t-s-d affects more than seven million adults every year. many of those affected are military service personnel who've returned from combat. there is no cure for p-t-s-d, but as martie salt explains... a new drug currently in clinical trials is looking like the best treatment so far. "i wanted to lead marines. i wanted to be in the f every single day, it was like they were trying to blow us up." (:09) mark bratton's service in iraq and afghanistan was a time of great pride, but also great stress. he returned home with p-t-s-d. it affected everything, from how he lived "not wanting to be around large crowds of people, have a lot of anxiety about things that were happening around me." to how he slept.
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sleep." there is no cure for p-t-s-d, but a new drug called t-n-x-102 s-l, a new formulation of the muscle relaxant flexeril, is now being tested to treat it. "it not only helped sleep, it not only helped anxiety, it helped with arousal symptoms, it helped with negative thoughts and emotions." doctor croft explains t-n-x-102 s-l is taken sublingually tongue, and not metabolized through the gastrointestinal system. it's the metabolic breakdown that causes side effects that sometimes makes p-t-s-d seem worse. this new delivery may eliminate that issue. "it's exciting that at least we're looking into something that has promise." mark bratton was in the trial study. "i started feeling better about myself, feeling that i could accomplish things, feeling that i can move forward in life."
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and hopes are high. "yes, this would be a big deal." i'm martie salt, reporting. ((brian loftus)) >> the phase three trial starts in 2017. once they are completed, the f-d-a still has to approve the medicine as a p-t-s-d treatment. it could be up to three years before it's available to the public./// ((brian loftus)) the valley's news leader will be right back.///
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((brian loftus)) coming up today on eight news now at four... 30- thousand people floated the colorado river. but not everyone thinks it was a success... we show you the mess left behind after the all- day event. >> and the riviera is
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we get a glimpse of the history that will go down with the tower... from a man who rubbed elbows with some of this city's most famous characters./// ((brian loftus)) attention elvis fans... graceland is set to get a major upgrade in the coming months. elvis presley's former home turned museum is getting a new entertainment complex. the 45 million dollar project will include exhibits that highlight his life and career. the memphis tourist attraction will also get a new 450-room hotel... scheduled to open in october.// live at noon.. the valley's news leader. remember that 8 news now is always available at las vegas now dot com, facebook and twitter.
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>> ridge: are you serious right now? >> rick: bringing quinn back to the company is the last thing that wou >> eric: the jewelry line is suffering. we need to resolve that. >> pam: but quinn? >> eric: quinn's talent took us to great heights before and will do it again. >> steffy: granddad, that isn't the issue. she's using you. >> ridge: whatever sweet nothings she's whispering in your ear can't be enough. your whole family is opposed to it. >> rick: it's so obvious what she's up to. >> eric: obvious to everyone but me. >> steffy: she's a liar, and she's a manipulator. that's who she is. i've learned from bitter experience. so has liam. you stole both of our lives.


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